Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 14, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, August 14, 1944
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• . . ' I Sfaitgafttrk "A Progressive Newspaper. For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Thundershowers Tonight Full Report On Vol. LXVIII, No. 189 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1944 Leased .Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent* Allies In France May Soon Spring Trap On Nazis _ ,— \ 10 H ^l^^ B ••••••. Over $200 Damage In Lumber Fire Nangfatuck Development Co. Field Street Site Had Tiro Saturday Admit SIM to $300 worth of clnni- ii^-i' was done to lumber stored on iiiinl (iwiird by Ule NaupaUiek De- vi'lfipni'vit Co, in the Cnf-'.tnut street-Field street nrcii. Siiturtl.-iy «iii'nii>i'i'.. it was reported this mortiim; hy nn official of the ,Uc- Co. were called out. Satur- S p. m, when a brush fi'-c control o:' the workmen clearing a r--u't of the fire spread to four piles and the fire depart- tho flumes from reach- in;; any om> of tile JOO-odtl hotifo-?. in the development, Chief John J. Sheridan said this niornirit; that the nearest hydiunt was on Quinn street, about 2,00c feet a way, and the department Palisades Park Razed In N. Y. Area's Third Disaster vrlnpau'at Kirvnieu day at I p". out o who wen: an-a. The (if lumber, ment kept (Continued on Pace 3) Naugatuck Woman Died Of Injuries Received In Fall Mrfi. Catherine ( Fcrrone> TVar- iMIo, 'til. wife of Lnui-s Nardfllo of •IPO South Main street, died In St. M'iry'K hospital, Waferhtiry. nt «:20 p. in. .Saturday night, three clays Jiftrr she WHS injured In a fall from n third .itory window of her home. Hr. I'M ward H. Kirxchbaum; Wa- I'-rhtiry. meclieal examiner, u'lio yaKi that che woman suffered frorx 'tn incurable disease, Is.nued a. verdict of probable accidental death He will forward t\ report to Coro- n.-r Stephen A .Homick. Mr.'.NVirdello was admitted to fit. Mary's hospital Wednesday at a ||. rn. with a possible fractured xk'ill. broken right I..-JT nnd lacera tinns of the lower left lei: aiul the foi'ehearl. .Mrs. iVajvlello was born In ft'ily uri'l had lived in Chicago. III., most 'if her life. She ha<| resided in .N'niiicafiirk for thr. pant year. She li'uves. besides her husbjinrl, three daughters, Mis. Mildred \Vlx- tiiult. Mrs. Carmen Auriemma and Miss Vivian Sasson-?; a son.'James S;isHon<;: two sisters, Mrs, John DiCivanna anfl Mrs. Anthony .He- ( I.uea; anil four brothers. Anthony i N'ii'holas, I'hilip iintl Joseph per-j "me. alt of Chicago, and three grandchildren. The funeral will be held Wednesday in Chicago. Thc BuckmllJer funeral home, 22 I'ark place was "U.S." Family Outing Here Fine Success Record Crowd Of Over 5,000 Adults And Children Attend Linden Park Event J'ollmviinj closely after disastrous firc.s at the llohokeii, >". •(. pier and the I.una purl;, Cuney Island, lilu-/.e, I'alisaili's I'urU, >". .)., was all hut wiped out, as a Sunday crowd made 11s escape u'ith some -'() injuries, aceordiiiK tu rarly n-purls. The :ib<ivo shot, .showing firemen,' futility fichtinj; the conflagration from tin- middle or :• swimming p<iol. was take i at the peal: of the fin;, (international) ...LATE ItKI .'OK'CI' K OM >' O KM A M > Y London. AUK 1-1 —( UP)—The Allied radio in Normandy says the Canadian Kirs',. Army has launched a full-scale attack 1.0 close the northern end of the trap around the German I'orees in Xormamly. The broadcast, says'the Canadians struck southward at noon toward Falai.M.' behind a heavy aerial barrage. oOo C:KI:MA,V KKI-UUT "pen for friends last nijrht. W|11 '"• in Mount Ciirmc! lery, Chicago, Burial come Welfare Meeting Tonight To Feature (icm Theater Issue Tin- welfare board will meet to- n>«h| in On. t,,wn hall for Its usual monthly rneetinir. The main husi- ii".s.«i will probably be a discussion "f and the taking of prcllmlnnry Mi'I'.'i toward making the Gem thc- "'ei saff for public aSMumbly, Tin- theater was closed two week* ;, KII iipon order of State Fire •Miirstial Mdward J. Hlckey, who '"riued it hazardous to public wifeiy. The decision of the welfare board i" awaited with interest, for 1C It "''(•iili's to leave the condition of On' theater as it is, Ralph S. Pasho, '"•"d n! the CJcm. will be without a. theater. ire ,-nrn firi< '"' built, and th thate,- ,|| (1 y j nv porisc. -ill be refill I rot! to remodolln^ of the ]ve consklrabjc u:<- Twenty People Witnessed This News Feat (n the presence of only twenty peopi,, assembled "to witncs« a feat never before H'tenipied" th'j flrat ])honccl 'I' 1 " nispateli HH sent • from S:| l"tn, Mass., to tnc Boston ('rlobe on I'Vbraury 12, 1877. l')ir.mii v THI3 .N'AUCATUCK 11AII.Y NKVVS nt 2228 Is a '•onimonplane today, but yuo'll linil thousands of witriessc.i to die effectiveness of ' Ncw.i Want Ads and the feats they c»n accomplish,'—Adv. I5y United IMV'S — Xay.j hn>:i(l- rasts shortly before IKHKI said American ho/nb'-r.s. pri!Mint;ilil,> from lirilaiii, had attacked several cities in tl'ie si'iithwi'sterii .Heidi. |{/\K lumbers struck at .Vav.i '.shipplnj; at I'-rest., at the western end of the Urittany pniiln.siilii. — --oOo -- . • rKOUL'CTION TIIKKATKNISIJ Detroit. AI.IW. 1 •! — (UP)— A walkout of J2(! interplant truck drivers threatened production at Chrysler Corporation armament plants in Detroit today. ---- oOo --- KK.STHICTIO.VS WITIIIUJAWX \Vashin[,'l<in, AUK. M— (III 1 ) — fiold aiul iialladiiiiu, >• certain type nf platinum, a^iiin will he used In (he manufacture of jewelry, The War Production Hoard has withdrawn restrict inns on the use of Ihese melals because they are no longer critical. " ..... oOo ---- siii-;i.;.i<ji> uv NAZIS Hover, Kn;;l!ind, Au«. .l.-l— (IjT'l — German loni: ran^'e ^run.s on the T'Yench coast fii'ei.l across the Dover si raits at southern ISnjj- iand tc/d.'iy. '/'he shells came ovt.-r i ntrrrttiitt.ent ly. .Barly reports any (J d to indicate., whether 'c had bei;ri done. Hugh Burns, Prominent Here, Dies Pleasant Avenue Resident Was State Department Of Labor Official •lu^h \V. "Burns of Pleasant av- er.ue, prominenl local resident, fifed this morning at St. Mary's hospital in Waierbury, where he iv.icl been a patient Tor the past .seven weeks. Mr. I'iurn.- underwent a major operation sonic time ago, and failed to rally, a:u! .his mime has been on the danger lisi at the hospital for the jiiiai several days; 1 . Thu local resident has bce,n an omployu of Hie State Department of Labor for 11 years, holding the post of factory inspector. Part, of j his territory included Naugatuck j where he made inspections reg- i ularly, j Mr. Burns for many years was ' u contractor in Nauga tuck and at one time was a. pow. er in democratic politics here particularly in the First Ward where he resided. He held the office of Dcmocrat- ic registrar of voters from 1917 to IOL'2, and also was a state reprc Lalivu from Niatigatuck for one term, and was Khcriff here for years. Mr. Burns often talked of the days when Democratic power Naugatuck was at'suc.h a low ebb, that it was a rca.1 jo'b to get enough candidates to make up ,hc ticket a.t the borough claclion here each spring. Mr. Burns would. ly-ivc been 07 .•ears of age, bis next birt-htlay '.-hioh conies in September. He was jorn in Naugatuck, a son of the 'J'homa's and Ann- (Murray) 3i;rns, nincl resided here all his ifc, lie wa.s very well known not nly in Naugatuck but throughout he state, ami had hundreds of rieiids in all wailts of life. Luck Comes And Goes In Family Of William Brennan I'xidy Luck, a fickle creature at best allcrnately has .smiled and frowned on the family of Mr. and Mrs. William Brcnnliii of Wolfe avenue. Beacon Kails, dnrinjj the past several years. .Several years atto, Mar- "jorie/a 'Hauf^litiir.'woii'an antiv mobile m :i contest sponsored b.v the >'aue;atuck 1'ost of the American l.f:Kion, aiul she also was a school scholarship winner, jS'ow her sister, Barbara, has won i\ four-year scholarship at. New Haven Teacher* college—and tops it off with huinj; select.eil "Miss U. S . Rubber" at the facory -family fulling here on . Sunday with an alt.eiidaiit priy.e of a .S'^o War IJinnl. On the other side of the ^m'.ture, however. Is the fact that both "Mr. and .Mrs. JJrennan have liocn hospital patients during the past several years, Mar.jorie received injuries in an accident, and the soldier-son of the family, Franlilyn, has heen mlss- ini; in ae.tion 'on t,he Italian front for almost a year. (Continued on Page 8) Local Soldier Receives His Wings As Gunner In Army Air Corps Bomber Sgt. Marcelonis Finished Twelve Flights Since Return Pfc. William E. .Dillon, son of Mr. and Mrs. .John J. Dillon of -121 North Spring street, was ffraclu- /ited recently from the Army Air Porcos Flexible Gunnery school, f^aredo Army Air l''ie!d, Texnx, n member nl' t h c A AT 1 ' Training Command. He Is now ((qualified to take his place as u mum hut' of n bomber combat crew. AlonK with his •Tinl'ima. be received ,'i pair of Aerial Gunner's .silver wlriKS" and a :)i'.-r!iotion in crrncle at brief KrHcluntioa exercises held here. He was prepared for his place in America's stcpped-up air offensive i by a course « weeks aerial comprehensive six in every phase o!' gunnery warfare. Besides learning to fire every typo of weapon from camera suns to the deadly caliber .f>0 Brownings, he studied turrul nmnipitla- tion. aircraft idcnt.ifi(;ation, strip- pin.:,' and reassembling of. .jnuchino guns while blindfolded, "HC cli- maxcd-the course b.v air firing on towed targets. Volunteering lo return to combat duty in Europe last May, Sgt Marcelonis, well known here, has completed 12 missions since tha time. About a. year ago Iho sergeant relurnccl to this country after participating in 25 combat missions. Me recently wrote his sister, Mrs. Luke Kune, Ward street, that he has received another Air Medal and'another Oak Leaf cluster. Sgt. M.'ircclonis, who has completed 37 missions now, had at- LCnipted to Act a transfer to thc :.ransport command at thc time of •(.-assignment. When he failed to get in that branch, he volunteered to •ottir.'i to England. He went through a refresher course and has reported stracing? enemy troops on Normandy. In a recent letter, Sgl. Marcelonis sa.icl tha.l there is loss fighting Lion now as compared to thc spring of .10.13, but the anti-aircraft lire is just as heavy ns it ever was Thc sergeant has been in thc Army for over three years and was one o'f the first Nnugaluck men to ! return from overseas duty. He has j bent: on active duty in combat i flights since the early part of June. j Prior to the latest award, Sgt. Mari cclonis h.-^id been awarded thc Air I Medal, the Distinguished Flyinp ! i Cross and two Oak Leaf clunters, i Gcncitiil Chairman Harry Ingram, of thc United States Rubber Co. Family Outinff held on Sunday at Linden Park, reported today that the event was one of thc most successful in the nine year history of thc local factory's outdoor assemblies-. Over 5.000 adults and children were on .'land for the outin-j; here Sunday and llicrc \\ |r ts something doir.p; every minule from t;he time bhc picnic started at 12 o'clock until it closed last night at 9 o'clock. Churle.s Hujvhw of North Main street. Union. City, was the winner of the Gnand Prize of a $100.00 War Bond, the highlight of thc !>ri/.c award division. Miss Barbara Brennan, 17-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Brennan of Wolfe avenue. Beacon Falls, was cho'sen winner of Lhc Pin-Up Girl contest, which carried with it the title of " United Slates Rubber." Miss Brennvin, the recent winner of a four-year scholarship at New Haven- Teachers' colleRC, represented Department 2S of thc "U. S." Warehouse in Beacon Falls, and she defeated fourteen other department winners to bo awarded the title in'the finals, witnessed by practically every person «u the outing-. Others compeling in Ihc Pin-Up Girl cpnicst were: Josephine Janik, Sylvia Smith, June Sellinger, Janet Lawrence, Josephine Suhicn- da, Kachcrine Mennillo, Mercedes Ayptte, .Anccla-..7-:rrlco r ..,Olg«. monat, Helen. Klciva,. Lena CiaJfi, Virginia Knig-ht, Joan O.stro,<Jtl and Winnie Krippb. Judges were: Harry Carter, factory manager;' Georg-o Frochlich. president of LocjU r 45. United Rub- •bcr Workers of America, Harold Barrett, Stephen Knapik, Michael San Angelo and Victor Pet arson. Miss Brennan received a ?25 bond for placing first :r. the pinup contest. The outing started with a dinner 'for pensioners of the company with more than 100 attending, Frank Weaving was master of ceremonies at this affair held at Stratton's restaurant. Factory Man- ngcr Carter and . Mrs. Carter, JWr. and .Mrs. Walter Norton and other plant officials and their wives attended. A vaudeville show, consisting of songs, dances and other acts, sponsored by the U. S. Rubber Girls' club, was the hip^Hght of the outing and another feature was the •odeo jamborclla with cowboys and cowgirls of Willow Chest ranch bowing their skill. Participating in the vaureville j how were: Larry Larrivcc, Lu-j cille Ran. Ruth Shopis. Lucille Do I larlo. Clarence D. Quackenbush. { \lrna Ingram, Donald Hormonal ind Carl Woodward. Miss Shopis emlcred a song written by Police sergeant Anthony Farrar with music by Mrs. Adolph Nelson and Sgt. Farrar was called upon for a Official Report Says Germans Are Close To Rout Or Annihilation; Gen* Eisenhower Gives Men Encouragement "Miss U. S. Rubber" Says This Week Can Be Made Momentous One la History Of Wax GERMANS, TRYING TO ESCAPE, TAKE FEARFUL BEATING MISS BARBARA HKENXAX -of-Mmind-Mr*.-' William Bronnun ofWoVci avenue,-Beacon Falls, w;ts the winner of tho. Pin Up Girl contest, held Sunday at the U, S. Jlnbher di. outing- at .Linden i>;irjc. There were fifteen entries in the contest in which Miss llrennan was retiirneil the winner while a 'record throne of more than 5,0(xi adults and children witnessed flu; finals of the .event. Another Local Boy Killed In Action On Burma Front (Continued on Page 8) Local Resident In California For Air Mechanic Study Algird J. Bubnis, son of Mr. nnd Mi-s, Joseph Bubnis of Myrtle" avenue-, hns arrived in Glcndalc, California, to lake the Master Aviation Mechanic course at Wright Technical Institute. . Curtisii-Wright Tech. he-aded by Major C. C. Mosoloy. nolcdj former Army flyer, is one of tho oldest nnd largest aviation technics schools In the world. It was the first bchool in the West to be approved h'y- the U, S. Army Ait Corps for mechanics training. Stu- IcnlS' .hero arc nlblc to obtain cx- ;ensivc end direct training- prior o entrance into the armed forces Hid at thc same time equip Ihem- elvcs for a major curoer of Last week's- Naugatuck service men's ilealh total reached fou over thc week-end, as Pfc. Hem-; Rykowsky. 20, son of Mr. and Mrs Anthony Rykowsky of 2G Lines Hil street, died ir. action near Myit. kyinn in Burma. The d-nio of hi-? death was Jul\ l^t, almost. t.u'o weeks after ihe dealh of his first cousin >ind close friend. Pfe. Henry S. NowocinsW of Gl North Hoadley strec;, who wa-s killed in the same battle. The death of Pfi\ was reported Friday. Both soldiers were in thc unit «:xl saw each other frequently, according to letters sent home. They were shipped to Burma last April. Pfc. Rybowsky did not .sny thut he line 1 , seen any action in Ictters. He had been, in thc Army for almost two years. Born in Newark. N. J., he cnn-.c with his pa rants to Xauesiiuck as> a boy. He attended schools nnd workocl at the U. S. Rubber Co. plant here prior to his entrance into tho service. Besides his ]>nrcnt-s, ho ' leaves five brothers, Bernard of Wat'or- bury. Edward of Ansoni.i. and Theoodrc, Stephen and Stanley, all of Naugwtvick: and four sisters, Ma:y, Thei-osn, Helen onri Cl.i.".i, all of Nauga.tvirk. Two Houses And Lots Here Are Reported Sold According ro a warrnniy deed filed .it tlic office of Town Clori- R-n.ymond J. St. John. Creslo Klinv aszewski sold a hoxise and lot on Prospect street to Mr. and JIrs John Kalir.oski. In another deed, it wns disclosed thai the Risdon Mfg. Co. sold bouse and lot on Cliff street to A'lde'.'son Funeral Homes, Inc. Woman Broke Wrist In Fall Sunday Mrs. Anna O'Donnoll of Cherry Direct suffered a broken wrist 'rom n fall on. Meadow street, yesterday morning. Mrs. O'Donncll VMS . returning from church serv- ccs. when she fell in some unexplained manner. She is expected o be discharged from Watcrbury ospitui' today. Albert Slavis, 2-1 Fail-view nvc- no, was r>'V-,i;ted lo the hospital I his mornin;;- at •!:3.'5, suffering! rom 'heat exhaustion. His cond on was reported p'ood by hospiu ulhorities this afternoon. He Tkon to the hospim! in' the com mur.ity ambviiance. Yanks Liberate Many Villages; No Major Actions Reported In Italy <»y Cnilod Press)'. . Allied columns 1 in France ara beating out the last link of a trnp around 100,000 or more G^rmaiij, a map that is expected lo spring shut momentarily. An official statement says Uic Germans arc close to rout or annihilation and General Eisenhower, pointing up the scope of the proscni operations, told fc:s men, in an older of ^!le day: "We can make 'this week a mo- mentous'one in tho hi^toi-j- of this war—<i brillianv.-'fruitfu! week for us and' a fateful one for the ambitions of the Xazi tyrar.ts." The Allied ccimrnander sajd the Amerioan columns n o w racing toward a junction with British, and Canadian units vverc developing their sTcaicst-victory yet.. The Germans who arc trying to escape uiroug-li a corridor 17 miles wide or less, are taking a fcai'ful beating again today - -from Allied planes. -Arid Allied 'artillery now has begun .to. sheU the: gap. '••_.... United FJ-ess- : W«.r Correspondent Richa-rd 'McMillan repoits fixjm the British section of Uic Iront' how a group of Naxi prisoners walked iiito' the AJlied lines.. The'Nazis cor)3plaine<i -they .couldn't stick it out anothar day. And from the American sector, another war correspondent says thc.comma.nding general, stressing (Continued on Page S) Outdoor Session Of Local Young G. 0. P. Tuesday The rcRular Aup-ust mcotin? of the Naufratuck Younfr G. p. P. club will be held on Tuesday evening at >:30 o'clock at. the home of, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Erk on the Xcw. Havon •oad. President Franklin Hotchkiss in announcing tho~ jueetins stated that ovcnt. had been postponed un- il tomorrow night due to tho recent Republican conventions in his area. Those in charge of Tuesday's 7icciin;j are Mr. and Mrs, Erk, and Mrs. Viola Volapc, President Hotchkiss Btntcd. Tuesday's meeting will be in the Orm of. a combined picnic-business ncetinj; it was indicated. in the he fu- —Don't miss tho hlj; savliiRH in t.hi; gust Sale of Kiirs now undenviiy nt Kajihael's, Naujfattick'.s Fashion Center, Cliiirch struct,—Aav. JIAVJS COMI'KTITION Faryo. North Dakota, Aug, 1-1— (UP)—North Xfikota's senior senator. Ocrnld U. Wye, will have stilt competition in the November race, Lynn Stambaug-h of Fargo, who lost the ,'Junc primary to Senator Nye by a small margin, still is in the running, Stambaugh says he will run in November as an independent. . mo'st promising industry ture — aviation. Located in 'the he-art of the aircraft Industry, the present civilian enrollment includes students from practically every state of the nation, Alaska, Hawaii, Central and South American countries, Turkey, China. India"; and oilier •allied countries. Naugatuck Gunner Wins Air Medal After 40 Combat Missions In Italian Zone —When your nppctito in n hit jaded, nnd you are looking for nonie- thlng different In food. Mop at Jeffs Boetaurant, Church St.—Adv. (.Special to The News) At it 12th AAF E-23 Base, Aug. 14—Having rounded out his 2-lth month of duty on foreign soil. Stuff Sgt. Michael Nome'., son of Mrs. Mary Nomct of f25 Aetna street, Naugntuek, Conn,, is entitled to wear four of the newly designated gold foreign-service stripes. A recent .-.>ct,ol' Congress .-juthoi 1 - ixes the stripe to be awarded to all men in the armed forces who have served outside thc continental limits of the United States for six months. An additional stripe is awarded'for esich .six-month period of overseas service. Thc stripe is worn on tho lower part of the left sleeve. The Xaugntuck soldier is scrv- ing as txii-ret gunner \viUi u veteran B-25'.Mitchell Bomb Group in thc Mediterranean Theater of Operations. His group has flown more than -100 bombing ;iltacK-s Ag.-i i list Lhc enemy throughout the Tunisian. Sicilian and Italian campaigns. He hns flown -10 combat missions ami has tjecn awarded the Air Medal. — Cash i>:»l<l for musical instruments, pianos, radios, iihonogniphs. Metro Muxlc Mart 88 Church Tel. 538T.— Adv. St. WAR BONOS Corps Piof» A demolition crew o£ thc Army Engineers clearing wreckage of buildings in France for tho safety o£ neon-ling troops. The bulldozer in ' he foreground needs pasolin'c y and plenty ol it. Back 'cm upftith War Bonds! V.S.TrfcmryDrf crime* H •IK

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