Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 12, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight .NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY. AUGUST 12, 1944 Rescue British Fliers Off France Engineer And Fireman Injured In Train Accident Lowell, Muss.. Aug. 12~<LP> — An engineer and llroman are sul- fi.ring from injuries sustained in mi accident in the Lowell railroad yards. And 12.1 passengers wore shaken up when several Ni-w ' i»v,-n railroad freight cars were .struck hv :i Boston-to-Lowell passenger train of tho Boston and .Maine railroad. Th,- pasHOiigor train and two others wore delayed up to an hour by the nccidi-nt, which occuriou when several cars of the freight train wen- derailed and swung noroHH the main lin". The ' n J lu '"| l-'rn.-st 1'" Wessen and Alfred Mo- q'uin'.bolh or Nashua. New Hampshire. Uoth were in the locomotive of the passenger train. Naugatuck Soldier Tells Of Pillboxes (Continued from Page D ['riviitc Slomdnski'H lutter is us follows: Somi-whi'i-f in Frnnre. July 20. '.'.f'-l'l- Saturduy, Nnucnttirk Dully News, pear Sirs: I bclii'Ve it.i time T wrote a letter ,hankintC y™ ^ s<M«li»>.' !he 7sa|.i- f-uturk Daily News to me ft sun Is a Kreat newspaper and .1 k|.M-p.-, be or, the know of things that h.ip- m-n in the homi; town. BisinK over !,.."« for over two years I K""»* ^' be in the Cots of what happens in the norm- town if I didn't receive the paper. As for r-.ieotmK an.v home town boys uver here, the only ,.,,,-H t m,t. were my hro the. Walter, and C believe he is -"HU •" • |-;n«larul. Th,: other lelluw vwis Alan MarDonald. Sure was funny how we met before comim: over I,!.re We were on board a I... L. i.,,„! waiting I'"!' orders to shov;: r.ff when another r. .C. I. lied up to ,n ,-md when f saw the division m- sitfnin on their sleeves I asUed 11,em if Allan MucrDomiU! wa.< on l,,,,ml and Miire enough he was. Ue had a li.nj,' talk In-fore our Sx.rus ...l,,,ved otT and I tried to <t.-.> mm ,,,.,.,. here but su far no luok. -V- voutu-er brr.ther Marion carne to knrland r,s we were K ,,H\n K ready ,,. ,,,,,ve to a port of embarkation. I ;MH'.-::( it. was one of them things • h'-'i- >i-r.'e in happen. I'd sure liki; I,, (,.|| you about Ihese different. rortillc.-ii'i'>nn and otistacles but I ,.,,,.*,.; I he eensors would black i- tint T" show vou how strong they •I'M it took rinirtccn hundred 'pounds of T. -V. T. and a wholo load ..r Oerman teller mines n> blow It il|>. I was on tha/. fih»rf;,. placing fn-w and that's the amount we used. The walls are y\x feet thirk ii nd reinfort'ed with :Ue<:l rods When you look at these pillbox.-M vou st'art lo IlKure out how we ever Ki't a beachhead started. Yes sir they really were built to Hike piinistiment. The other mistakes the riermans mttde was by hiLviri;; th-ir bitT Ktms facing the •,-n,MK way. So far our outfit had [,rettv >"••<><! luck and I hoi"; the Im:l; 'stays with us. We have been here close to two months now and Ihese slit-l ranches aren't so bad. What I don't like is when It rams. Yes sir even though they are our ,.nemy you have to tfivi.- them German:! credit as they sure know Ihei, warfare. Thanking you a(,-am I',,i- sending me The .N'ews. f.'orr'-R- lion on my A. f. O. :!r.O now, instead of l!IV. Vours sincerely, Sianley SloincinsUi. Forces Of Allies Close In On Nazis (Continued from PaKO^J U [_2 mile i south of Cam. The inaiM-uver elimin.-iled til" German Docket between the (Jrue-and I^-ii/e rivers. T Ii e r.riilsh thrust carried throiiK'h the Cinnlais forest south ,,,• fnen ."M.l lu'i-ra: -d the town of Thury-Harcourt, and two tuv.n- bv villages. 'Far lo the rear, Nrr/1 «'irriso!i ,,t Hi>l!,t,'d l-:re-t, St. Nature and reorient continue to hold out de- ,,,ite overwhelming odd-, Ma.-aud- i,r pianos of the Aim-near. Ninth Air fore • poured four mill.on leal- lets on the throe ports last night •• ui-KlnK tin- garrisons to surren- eilr to save u.-eless .bloodsheil. Turnim,' to t.h • air war Na'/.i radios report Allied bombers over isoulli western Germ'.uiy. !''.arber, l'i-iti-=h observers saw ;1 lui(,-e ar- rnadn of warplamv streak ncn>.-i.- tile channel. OTA'S KUI.IM1 London. A..JT"l^-(i; r>-T,and- U,rds can't keep their houses vacant in the winter in order Lo hike the rent during the The O Hoe of I'rice Administration says It has received complaints that landlords in some resort communities have tried lo evict tenants in order .„ qualify for the rent-co.uro exemption granted to seasonal dwellings. A new OI'A ruling Condemns the practice. ,,,„ lirlllsll „„.„ whose bomber u ™sl,«l <^> •'"" Local Soldier Back After 2 Years (Continued from Tage 1; (cans came on the isl cans now liavvn the washing and co.iking a day for this type of A Year Ag-o World War Aug-ustl2,1943 (IJy L'nili'd T'rcss) ;mcl. Ameri- mitivos do i PI! nay .51 a service. Natives also do a {treat deal n!' fishing and cultivate small farms on the sides of the single mountain on tho island. Weather- on Asf-nsion "-'-'as .nearly perfect Pfe. '.Ma-."inski stated. hiring generally so hot that only shorts wore v.-orn by tho soldiers the year 'round, hut, also f.-noled liy steady luvo/"s from tho ocean. Shr.wors" fell regularly hut fame rind v.-ent without causing particti- 'ar fli.M iirhaneo '.o anyone. Ameriei'n soldiers for a time ..nioyd -he oc-can I.rnhing off the island but v.-err- forced to stop this pa-itimi; when "evoral soldiers w.vv c-aught in "rollers" just oft the bi-ar-h and drov.-ned. Pfc. Maxariski roiatod. The.-:.- rollers came in from the ocean without warning : 'iul [•might the sv.'iramer in a typo ol undertow that was fatal, it was related. For nrnurom.-nts and diversion, the soldi'-rs on Ascension had two outdoor moving picit'.ro ihenters, inilicatcs. island is such a liny the groat Smith At- that aviator:; flying Axis ret, v.-i t troops cross reported in full : Si'-ait of MM-i "lh« sina: German orders declare: p-isspon to Italy is a gun." t.: 4 iro-'ps. in a sea-borne as- ,rniit,""land east of Cape Orlando, •it the mouth of the N'aso river; Rritish troops drive toward Randa::;'.o. Tn ]l:i::sia. the Moscow government annnunees ihnt it has not been invited f> til- coming Uooso- velt-Chiirf.-hill riieeting in C'tiebec, Canada. Allied bombers raid Milan. U. f;, bombers fly across the Norlli Pacific to smash at the J.".p- base in the Kliriles. Boro Court Has Busy Session This Morning In borough 'court this morning, Louis Becker oC Brooklyn, N. \.. i and Martin HiM of Bcar.on road 1 in Watcrhury received nollcs without payment nftor being charged- with viomlion of the rules ol the road The two were involved in an auto accident-near Sullivan's inn in Cotton Hollow. Patrolmen ' George Smith and John Hanlcy were the arresting "'llau'ri' TCcmbcrfi- of the Bronx, N. y was found'Siiilty on the charRc of driving while under the inllu- nncc of liquo,'. flu was fined MOO of which $20 was remitted. He was arrested by State Trooper Edward Hifi-ncy last nitfht. Charles Dub, oC Taylor street, Hartford, received a. continuance until Monday. Dub, arrested yesterday was aecvised oC stealing .^jO, .," S"0 war bond, and a suil oC clothes along with personal papers from Amie Lcguald who allowed Dub to sliiu-e his room Thursday ni-'ht -\ceordinp to police. None ot the stolen' goods was found on him when arrested liy Capt. Anthony Malono and Patrolman Harris Burlco. Dusty Tourney Has Rubco Entry Thf u S Rubber Co. will be represented in the Waterbury Industrial tennis and golf tournaments, it wa-. reported this morning. Henrv Cicslnwski. former Nau- .-itucl.-'ar.d Watei'bury champion, will ho in the singles, and will team up with Ray Doiron in the doubles. Dick Sweet and Fred Mall will also "Vtelui'pocOFki and Barbm-a Stone will'participate in tho Women's doubles with the former teaming up with Cioslowski in the mixed '''The f S. Rubber team which w ; ll participate in the golf tourney LO he held .MI. the East Mountain municipal golf course. \\atci-. hury, Aug. 20, .will consist ot: Chester Wojack, J-Ienry Cieslowsk , Crcslo Kiimasiewski and Joseph \Vojcik, with Rayph Hanson nnd_ Leonard Gessock as alternates. Another Local Soldier Is Lost Alcazar Sunday, Monday in Max.ansl; Ascension pin prick in lantic oe.-nn in had a suyiiig went like this "Miss Ascension and my wife gets a ponsnn." '*~<>X were very bad in I he area consistently, the N'augaiuck soldier relates, adding not. a hit to the peace! of mind of aviators forci'd to fly in that a;ea. Arium:: '.he local soldiers w'uh [.f L -. Ma/.-insl:i ;,-. nn'j time on Ascension was lh<> lale lieutenant .lami-s f.. Ashmfu-e, who eame hack to [he (i. S. to earn his commission at Officer's Candidate fchool , and thi-n go on to France whore' he V.TIS rrpni-tetl killed in action: only a few days; ago. Another sol- ; dier on Ascension was Joseph! Khi-mski nf !-:i'.-icon 1'alls. | 1'1'c. Ma/anski stated I hat it was really wonderful to got home again. He i» a former employe of the Xaupatuclc Chemical a:i;l a graduaie o!' Xaligatiick high school class of 1!W,. H" played basketball nnd hasehall at N. H. S. and also s captain of the first golf team tin- history of th.) local school. The ;".If toani wo'.i 10 ma'.ches before 'finishing fourth in the state hiyh school golf tournament a. Bridgeport. The 1'icnl soldier stated that he «;,w plenty of eqiiipment used on '•he war fronts marked. "U. S. Rub- |,,'-r Co." and declared that this familiar trade mark helped a bit Hi alleviate homesickness. Reds BreakThrough Nazi Defense Line <Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page toward the 'southe-ist corner of K.-ist Prussia. This gain brings Soviet, forces within .;"> miles- of the horder and near the Gorman fortress of :.,yek. 'Lyck. jusL across the frontier, has been .bombed ^by pianos of tho Red air force. Near Wars.nw, Russian forc.;s havu gained from one to six miles in .1 drive which may outflank the Polish capital from the •northwest. Tn sharp Lighting, the Russians inflicted heavy losses on several crack German division?. Below Warsaw, Russian troops have beaten off repeated German counter-attacks a.guinst the Soviet bridgehead on tiic west bank o!' the Vistula river. •n Chrislmns due to tho illness o'. his mother, who is still in very poor condition, and who has never herjn told that her son had boon :hinpcd overseas. T-To joined the Army Fe:>. '•;. 19-13. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Damonick jNowocinski. live on Prospect stre.ei, p F C Nowocinski was born in Nniigatuck and attended local schools. Besides his wife, the former Kvelyn Lindell. he leaves a brother," John, and four sisters, Mrs. Jane Radwick. Mrs . Alice Gnia'/.dowski. Mrs. Mary Tedesco. and Mrs. Hodwig Miller, all of NaiiKiHiick. He was an employe of the U. S. Rubber Co. before cnlcr- ng the service. J. P. Morgan & Co. And Others Sued For $100,000,000 \Vi:min K ton. Del., Aup. :2— (UP) —A suit for jflO million dollars hns been llled in Federal court nprainst J. P. Morgan and Company, to- r'ether with other defendants, Jhai-Kinf; that funds of the United Corporation were wrongly "s c<1 und wasted in deal- Downing charged that funds of United Corp, were "wrongfully, improperly and negligently wasted, expanded, diverted and lost. He ashed that tha individual defendants, of.iccrs and Uniled Corporation, . account for their acts a.i u conduct, and thai, they may he d reeled v.o ]»iy over and restore nl. .sums of money for which they account. _ Pres. Roosevelt Speaks Tonight Coroner Holds Mother Responsible For Death Of Baby A DOBBS STRAW HAT IN THE TAN SHADES OF PANAMAS-OPEN MJESH , PHUNGS OR CHIN. FOO BRAIDS,S SOMETHING TO WRITE HOME. ABOUT. • Dobbs with their Priority on style leadership and Dobbs craftsmanship - form an alliance of head and hand that means much to that man who has a yen for artistry and appreciates it when he sees it - Dobbs straw hats $8.00 to $12. 12-(UP)-A been found for the death (Continued from PJ.IKO i* believed under way aguiivrt the volcano islands, g u a r d i n g the threshold of .Kipan. Army Liber- ntors finm the. Marianas bnttored iwo island in their fii-ot heavy raid'on the cJiain some TUO miles south of Tokyo. Between New Guinen. and the Philippines, our .bombers again r-n'vc pounded onomy shipping nr.d nirdi-omo installations on Hnlnvi- hera island. The attacks sank or damaged seven Jap .nes;; freighters and several snv.-Jler vessels. KOUOT HO.MIJINC. Tendon, AugT2-(UP)~Germ.-.n ,-ohoi bombs fell on London and the South Knglnnd counties last night on the largest scale in some iime. The winged missiles were apparently launched over a new route from behind Boulogne. New Haven, AUK- young mother has criminally responsible of her baby. Coron-r James Corrigan announces he does not believe t!ie , nolhn ,._ Mrs. Brownie Joyncr — l.vld the truth when she said she intended to c:id her own life with <xu-bon monoxide without h-jrmmg tbc child. Mrs Joyncr was found uncon- sriou-- in her home last May, ar.d the two-year-old baby was found dead in an adjoining room of their homo. ' Tlio coroner says he does not believe' the baby could have received a woman dose of the received so as littl the V. F. W. Post Memorial Honors Living And Dead Brazil. Ind.— (UP)— The Brazil post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars decided to honor the livinc and dead of World War II by creating a tribute to both. They purchased a two-and-a-half story brick building with a. larRO vor- anda as a memorial to the £ oll -« star heroes. The building also will provide a meeting place, for the boys when they return homo. It is a 50-year- old.'structure purchased from Ens. Gen. Ralph Stearley of the Air Corps. Beautiful! HALL Fireproof CHINA COWI-S ....... .... IJUTTKK DISH CKKAMUR Sa!t ,K: Topper S<,-t . Casserole DKh TEMPLETON'S KMI'LETON'S WATEIIBURY DfAI- 4080 (No Toll Cliarcc) Outstanding mortfffWO loans in the U. S. at the end of 1.0-U !imounted to $3-1,372 million. The ArbucKIc mountains in Okla- hom.-i arc said by treclopif-ts lo be nmon;:' the oldest surface formations i:i the U. S. Boy An EXTRA BOND in the March to About 1.700 species of plants found in Uic Arctic. ISritlr* Orlight In (iifl* from <;lyne'.s ami sn do«:s everyone else. Drop in at CI.YNIC'S. Jus: a few steps from Exchange I'lace i- restful, leisurely gift sliop- ''CLYNE GLASS SHOP •«i HiirrUixi Avc. Wnlerl.ury 2nd THRILLING WEEK in,:.,™ \VALYEtt 15KEXNAN — LON MCALLISTER JEAX CRA1N — CiIAKLOTTE CKEENWOOI> -ADHEn FEATURE"CHARLIE CHAN'S CHINESE CAT" With Siilncy Tolcr — .loan Wootlbury BABY DIAPER SYSTEM Is At Your Service— Diapers Are Furnished Serviced and Delivered l!y Calling W:it*>rliiiry -1-S7M Buy 5 More 5 War \ * Bonds! The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON DINNER DRAGON Seed KATHARINE HEPBURN: Walter HUSTON* Aline MacMAHON TABIIROFF BEY DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenings Only After 9 P. M. A PETE SMITH MOVIE PESTS NEXT Fill. "SHOW BUSINESS" FLUS "NIGHT OF ADVENTURE" 10-JAR CANNERS $5.98 7-QT CANNERS $2.98 Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEAKY BUILDING Tel. 5212 LOVINK KI.F.CTR1C CO. g Church Sue« SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! • *~ 9 Friday. Saturday Johnny Rock % n' Hin Rock and Rye Iio.v» Polkas anil Swont Mu.slc Uill rollback I'olka Orclirat 5 to 9 Sundays White Eagle Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Koitaurant Association HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100-years this plant has continuously served out 1 nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. .. A UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since ^ the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag- for that picnic before they are gone. . . The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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