Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 12, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1944
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Don't Forget To 'Phone Your WANT' AD Before Your Week End Vacation! vJ to Nothing 63c JS Xr.xi In iiulhini;' \vlicii vim ri'.-ili'/i' .-ill tlif money ymi r;m i;vt rdiii'ii t'l.'i 1 a ;•! ',', line \V;tnl Ad Sales Service 'Pun.-.. AccessorleH -M.'iUuilm \V. St.niT (Jurp. •ISS Wuli'i'town Avu, Dial 5-1140 WOOI> for .sale for Ktove, furniici! . and fireplace. Hurry KUwnrds. Burton Road, Bcueon Falls. , l-'liouc NuiiKiiUick 'M-17. u; "A siifi; piucc to buy" r;ii'kanl-\\'atorl)ui-y. Inc. 1S2 VValcrtr.wn Avuiuu- Dial -l-f.109 ICmployment \V»ii tcil—1' U'U.MtiX TART TTME ,\f, or 12:30 to 5:30 P .M. CLEAN BICNCHWORK I! M Sn. Muiii 2u Ili'lp \Vimtril — Millr or J-Vmiile Contractors •APKB HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 Tel. 54!JiS. mill PuIntlup. Cedar Street. Merchandise Household Arti(.'li>N DAItV — €ur HciifM, J'luy PIJIIN, liutlil- nultM, cribs, hiRh chairs, Kantwet mattcL'KsCM, toys. THK RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Watcrbury sliiylo Ixscl ni:il.l,Tfs.s iin/l our ! duubli; Ixul muLtn.-ss. Both Hml CrosM. Slightly u.sud. J20.00 oucll. Teluphona 2$.|7, Cruut Britain's t:n.;istline than 4,000 miles long. On The Air Today J-AIIT TI.MI: iiKi.r AI;I.: KACTortv. CO, U'AT KOI; SAUS- ARMOUR & For Sale Snlu M.VK roiiin, 'J-f;iinll,v hmisc fur .la!" 1 . IMI'U.HI' :uul nice burn. J<iiiXi> lul. Li;-: ciiuuxh for 3 inui-u huusrs, Duin-atnias Il'rixl7(/. [«'n<!i'S oti - rmids. .Vi«.'f lacatiiin. 1' Labri- jiiu. Ufiiltor, I7J l-rijih St, Hhonu uMiii. IHK» luinil.v hous*' U>- nn Nurih Mciin sti'i-ct. hoc (unvicf. h;irilwoo<l floors. 3-:i(iMT room. 'J-fuiully All iiiipvovt'iiietUs, iii ^ooc! condition. 'uriigu and lat'KV lot. Price Also IS-rooin 2-fumlly };n.ruf;o nnd f>xtra build- in;.- ;..!. I'l-iuc S'j.300. A. yhoiiley. Trl. 2130. TWO riinilly liuii!.o tin llij,'liliiiul ;iv»/nu<.. Two family house on ^oo;t stro'jl. Kour room, oni: t'tLm- ily house. I acre land on "Wooster strt'i't. Price 53,300. John Healy. 'IVI. 0031, I -.00 p. m. VVOR—Business Foruan \VJ5S--Trnr.satUintie Quiz WABC—Gruiul Cent ml Station WATR—New.--; Melody Time WTIC—Mews; Market W10A F—Here's to Youth _ 1:15 p. in. '.VTIC-'MarUet Report VVA 'L' K - -T ra nsa 11 a n I !c Quiz U'OR—Billle Itofc'era Oix-h. i::<u p. 111. WABC —Country Journal \VTIC- Iiulliiim Indigo WJZ -Swin>; Shift Frolic \VIOAP'^Ciu'otyn Gilbert WATR-WOR—Luneheon. with I_o- TtlllUK yrnr uld four-room moil- rrn house fov sale ir\ Xau^utuc!< With Coal t'urnuCf. Venetian blind* und inlaid linoleum in l'.i'icheii uncl bathroom included. Price Si.SOO. Call 5510. Nitusratuck. 311 Wanted "j'o Uuy ONK, Two and three family II..UHI--I wanted. Also farms und lots. 'I'.-l. .'031. \VK IIAVK Ul.'VliKS fur I-V!-H ['iii-.iily honsf.-). .TOM. V.( RosUo, ,'{ L'ni'.n St. Tel. -1',C'S-2y52. 7:i Wiuited To Kent 'li.-i -1 or ci'iiirul , rnoiu houst: to rotit lucution. Telophfiau (,'()T'l'.\(;i; wiilltrtl ill tln> filiorr. fiviu LT.ih or i'lltli until 1/ibor l>;iy. Call 3'..|8 or .1010. liy niiini n-iil nr to rent. Address Tin- News. Box inns To KOI i.MS tii ri-llt. Wnillil like ,'nliilts. Inquir.; at l'i Shi.'fl'li r.ani'. SIM- Victor ChmU-llnsUI. Announcements NOT I OK ASIU.'.S for tin: tuklnir, from hard :iml N<.ft coal. Apply 7-1 Ca^'r sirci't. Ti;l. M'M. Annciuncriiii'iit.s AIONI/MKNTS Sp«clnl price.-) on All Memorials t>'. RrCHATtDS 200 3o. Main St. -N'aucatuck Miin- ihan 70 pitr cent of tho wdrUi's .xuiiply of iodinu cornea from Chili... 1 :-15 p. in. \VATR-Cariiivnl WEAF-WATR—News VVTIC—John McVanc !.':(K) p. in. \VATP.~KeU Sox vs. Whito Sox \VUK -Lain Motnliro Orch. WT1C -[-[eiv'.-i to Youth WJ'A —News; Women in Blue \VI.;AF— rc. c, c. '[Vniii« IVABC—Or Men and Books '.;:HD p. 111. WOR—XH«V: Cy Walters WABC—Calling Pan. America WJZ—Scx You VV'TrC-WUAD"'—Sports Stories 3:00 p. in. WOR—This is Kiilloran WJ7, —News: 21 Stiit-s U'TIC—Minstrel Melodl-s WABC—Victoiy F. O. B. '.V'HAF—Tennis Championship.} 3:30 p, in. WOP- —'Bob StronK Orc-li. UTfC—Music on Display SVJSi—Jiizv. Concert WABC' —Visiting Hour 4:00 p. in. WOR—Rollini Trio VVJ2- -News; .i-leidt Orch. WATR—A ft e moor.' Rovue WABC—Boot Camp .Parade WTIC-WKAI-'—To b'- announced 4:13 p. in. WI5AF—Barbara and Boys 4:Hf> p. m. WABC—Tod llusinf.-: News WTtC-U'&AK— Khyttmi VVorltshop WO.R—Saratowi R>.ic«:<; Trio 3:UO 11. in. WTTC-WEAF—Your Amnrira W.IK —News: Concert Oruh. WOR--l/nclc Don VV'ATR—Saturday Concert \V-ABC—Corliss Archer !i:l, r > p. in. WOP. —Rollini Orcii. G:SO |), in. W1CA f-'—-Tunn-ls ChanvploriKhipt? WABC—'Mother and Dad WOR—Loe Castle Orch. WTIC—Cesar Sofirchineer 5:45 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Curt Massey \VJ/%WATR~-HeIlo Sweetheart OMKI p. m. WRAF-WATR-WJ'Z— News WOR—News: Prayer 11:15 p. in. WEAF- -I tolly wood Theater WATR-WJK—StoryUutcI Theater \v'f)H Nc-wsreel: .Bnti'e Nous WABC—People's Platfoorm WTIC—Jazx Gems C:;il) p. in. WOR—News: Stan WABC—Platform WTfC—Strictly Sports WJZ—Green Hornet ' ' WATR—Sports; Hits-Bits; News 7:<M) |). in. WABC—It's Maritime WEAF—T'.icy Q-iU Me Joe \VOR--Guess Who'.' 7:15 p. in. W J Z- \VATH- WEA i"-—N e wu T::H) p. in. WABC—Mrs. Miniver WATR—Best Loved Music WJSAF-WTJC—Ellcry Queun WOK—Conficlent.ia.lly Yours WJZ—RCA Proyram ":-IS 11. in. WOR-Answer Man. XMMI p. 111. WABC—Ki-nny .Bakor Show \VriC-—Al(i->'.s Irish Rose WEA F—Author's Playhouse WATK-W.I/—American Dance Music WOR-News »:15 p. m. WOR—For Renicmbrunoc WJ2—To be announced WEAF-WTIC—Author's Playhouse WOR—Cisco Kid WABC—Jnncr Sanctum WJSS-WATR—Tangly wood Concert H:(P() [i. m. \VABC—Hit Hrniade WOR—Talk; Air Theater WTlC-\VliAF—Barn Dunce !I:I5 p. m. WOK -Theater or Air WABC—School of the Air !>:;«) [i. 111. WATR-WJZ—Spotlifrht on CuRat \VEAF-WTIC-Cuii You Top This 0:45 i>. m, WABC—Saturday Serenade WJZ—Dance Orch.; Quick Qui:'. IIIUH) p. m. Wt:AF-U-'TIO—\Vood-Kelly Siiosv WOR—News WATR-WJ2 — Guy Lombun.lo Orch 111:15 p. in. WATR — KL-IB-inn Music '.VABC—Con-.;ci ion 1 'lease \VOH--Shady Valley Barn Dance IO:MI> p. in. WATR-WJK—Army Service Forces U'T;C-\\'EAF—Gi-nnil Die Opry 11): IT) p. in. WABC—Talks \V'OI', —Bob Stroll): Orch. 11:(»» p. 111. ALl^ Stalions—->.V^vy 11:13 I>. in. WATR—CM 1 i Corn ia Mftlod les WrrC-WKAF—Striiifr Quartet WABC—She-p Fields Orch. \VJZ~ Dramatic Sketch WOR—Now.?; Wcathoi- ll::t() p. in. W.17. —.Hoosioi- Hop \VOR-Slronff, I^npex. Orch. XVATIi—Tc.mmy Tucktsr Band WTIC- W ISA F—Train! ny Command "Band o'urt ;wn AUCMIST SALE 1's NIMV Going On Hero's Your Climico -To Buy And Save Here \ve fro again with mor super vulues for August! Whil thu supply lasts .some .of you.' first comers will .snatch u[i unbclievubl .I'ifaln.s in finu living-room suites bedroom .suites und quality dining room furniture. This furnitwc- comprlses one of our bifrgest purchases, rx pre-war purchase i.ha has made our selections larger now than ever before. Included in this fireat event are bedroom suites in K'reat variety . . . period -'styles modern, find Swedish' Modern, al- inasl. any kind of suite you; oou.'d wish for . . . dinette sultew galore , . . and a tremendous selection of occasional pieces, kitchen furniture, rugri tint! floor-coverings, and nursery furniture. There is furniture for every ruom ;,md most needs, Sec these outstanding values now at Albert's and SAVE! C'01')llOctiull(., ! S I'ill'.. J^iiniitiire Store. A-L-B-I^-R-T-S 208 Soulli Main St. AViiierbiiry COMIMJ'JT.JW Ii o in « /tiriijihiiiKN hoiiyht for cash. Hitfliost pi'ices paid Cor . glectric i'el'rijt,'ej';itors, washers, und stoves, reyardless of condition. Education 31 Local And IVivalc Instructors Francis Fumitnro Co. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRRET Telephone 3000 IC.IS }H>X.!JI ifood com! I lion for Apply 50 Coon St. To Buy BANK Kiifo iTcposIt !>o.ves wanted. 1-Ii^hcst cash prices paid. Wire collect, write at- phone you h:wc to offer. J. E. Mui-phey, Republic COSJ, 8113'' Ycfttmun Avc., Webster Grovus 19, Mo.' • VOUr.D lll;i; to K nt some l!:lnj,'H (.6 hclj) rrmka up my unc'J.rjn. Labor Duy, such as ,okl j;!as:i dishos, lihmii-ji. small mblos, old vsises or any old thing's, especially sm.iiII . items. Fred Church, N«ufs:.ti;ck. Telephone 4C-18. DIAMONDS And Oid fiulil Boiifflit. Watch ropfiii-injf our. specialty, GRAND JEWEL.RY 3.J2 Grand Street Dial 0-0082 C A' S H for Yoljr MUSICAL, INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 20:! Dank -1-1422 CRIBS — Voiithlicils, chifforohcs, cal'riujfos, Play Pens. )3:iasinctrj. . Lai'KO selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. . D),\ T A SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDIOS—WATEY. 4-0028 5. r ,3 South Main—11 \Vilson Struct Piano — Voice .— Mandolin Cliildron, AduIiH, Adv.-inccd, Befrin- nui's. Kupii) Piano Course for Adults Services 38 Professional Services GKAISOSKIK'S Rmlin Uep.-iir Shop. n.-idins expertly repaired, moderate ci-iccs. Phone JiGl?. J.'KE-WAJt reirrlii/je and hitfii-chai for sn.10. $50. Mrs. Sanlursiere, S.'jO So. Main St. TCaiis. Ulumcut JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP VV»' !>u,v, H<:l1 t ':A p ehanK« ( •'*'><! repair a]I kinds of iiistrnmcnts. Lowest prices in thu city. 3SO-282 So. Main St.. Watby, Conn. BUY WAK IJONDS AND STAMPS CUSTOM Special 2-picce 'Suite S-'J3 CrilFFJ.M UPHOLSTERING CO. tiick . . 4690 KXCliLUSNT RKUI'IlOLSTElt- IXG and slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Maslercraft artists. 1 Grand St. Walcrbury. Dial •I-OC-J.'j HKn ti>i> insulating wool. All t>'l>fs.;il)»<) if desired. T. J. Mon- tnmb'auu. MO Xo. Main St. Union City, Tol. 26S3. Services 39 Wanted To Kcndor Service* KLKCTIIICAI, RopuU-ifiK Service Appliances a «pocia!ly. Tiny Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tol. 400P ODD JOB A. J. Kudrjna- after 0 p ,m. I'AINTJNO Call Na.Uij. «2fiG ATTENTION jO.wtr.ifux —K'ipnii-H, genuine parl* and «ervic<;. By oonded Eioclroiux >l:in. I. NIsRcn. 3 T--,r<»sa Av«, Telephone 4822. •I!) And KIICVMAN'S ;<nij;r:iliick's Cre.-u Tjry Cleaning; Firm, offers its first cln/w dry cleaning not only in family gar- nenis, but blankets, russ and oth- spocinlties in .'his fiuld. KIEV.VA.VS 76 Church Street An Army survey shows that Army nur.s«=, who number -iO.OOO, uro marrying a^ the r.atc of 10 per day. Hartford Concern And 3 Officers Heavily Fined PRIVATE BUCK WKUUIXGK TI.ANNKll Hollywood. Au^. 12—CUP)—James M. Cain, the author, and Aileen Prin^I-.- 1 , star of tiie silent movies, will be married in SanUi Monina today. Cuiln. who wrote "TJir: Postman Always Rinf^j Twice," me: -Miss frinx'c l£u."t February. Hui-tford, Au(,-. 3.2—(U P)—The Connecticut Important company and three of its otlicers have plead^d guilty in Federal court to n charge of conspiracy to violate the government liquo!' lax regulations. The corporation was lined S'10,000 by JudKU J, Joseph Smith. The prusiflent of the linn—Mor- ris Brochin—was lirK-d 57,000 (uid sentenced to 18 ir.ont.hs in the Danbury Correctional institution. Seerotary-Trotisurer Sol j-labino- w!i7. drew n. tine of $7,000 :u ,d a sentence of a year and a duy. While the bookkeeper.—Miss Sally Robins—was lined $1.00 and given a suspended sentence of a year nnd a day. The corporation was one of sev- pral rocenUy indicted during a government clieckup o'.' t;xx %'iolations and alleged black market opera- lions. A ch;ir£e of violating OPA ceii- inj; pricen--also lodged ngrtinst the Connecticut. Importing co \^'a.s no.'lecl in view of the guilty pi i'a on il:« conspiracy count. TJie New lEaven Ilrm was with failing to koop records of Sales arnountinK t.n "nbout SSI.000. according to Special Pro.secutor Thomas Dodd. Gir! Saved Her Brother's Life Indianapolis, A up. 12—(U P)—Tt was more than just her t'ood deed for the day. For .12-year-old Carolyn Knjrlisli saved the lifo of her I'liir-months-olil brother by the Hi-staid lessons she had learned as a Girl Scout. When she had returned homo from her first aid lesson', Carolyn found her brother unconscious in his crib. He had been strangled by iiis bed clothes. , While her parents stood by not knowing what to do. Carolyn applied artificial respiration. .When u police emergency squad arrived ,thc little hoy was breathing normally. 'Victory Parade' As Guam Falls "Fivo-and-dime trinkefsl I hear these island natives are tort of gullible!" Shortly before c6mplete rociijrturc' of Guam w:is announced, U. S. tuntis and other vvliiolcx of the ,'inl U .S, Marine Division rollud ox'er tile i.shtnij roads, us Khuwn above, currying the Ainerlcmi flu(f from one area to another in n unique "Victory Parade." (International Soundphoto) AND WHAT HAPPENS? WHY. O1D SAWYER GETS THROWN FOR A TEN-YARD IOSS, BUTTU6NKS JUST THE SAME, CHUM. I CAN REAILY USE TOSMAPAKDSWOBI CURSLY, YOU'RE NOT LEAVING? YOU'VE TAKEN EVERYTHING EISE BELONGING TO MAJOR YftMASAKI. DON'T YOU WANT IIS DINNER WELL, BLESS YOUH LITTLE HEACT. HOW'D YOU KNOW I WAS HUNGRY ? • THIS IS A TRAP TO GET MB- STAY LONsra. I'M r. W1LL1NS VICTIVi. STRANGE, ISN'T IT? I HEARD YOU SINGING—LIKE MUSIC FROM HEAVEN- THEN I GCT A GLIMPSE OF YOU, OBOY.' SO I TRY THE EAGER -.BEAVER PLAY. PAUT. ROBINSON J'M STILL COMB ING PICKETS our OF -AND OOZED OFF-/! NO —'' GEE SLICK CHICK.', THEN SLEEPY 5EOUGHT YOU HOME LAST JALOPPY WHAT 1JUST GOTTA GST MY HANDS ON THAT SUS/r DOME 7WE CAR UP- MUCH? SOME LITTLE DECOY. ROBERT STOKM rig PCKCH ROGr, X-9 H/55 SrE.V BLL'e-JAW ESCAPE INTO TMc BRU5M ., .. HONE'S SPOTTsD /*= '. CAN O.N'LV ffSAC 35 «,VD £=T INTO Trie I'LL KAv's A CsOSD OP By Bir.r,Y me HECK LGETLE JUGHAIO'U 60V!! ANrt I GLP\0 TO FIND VOU !\ GEE , FOQ B UOWLE I TWOU6UT I VJJPVS ON TUE - SNUFFV'9 OC STILL, BUT NOOJ-- By WILLIAM UITT and CLARENCE GRAf EASY; EASY; THIS MIRROR-1& PRICELESS YOU KNOW.' NOW WE'LL JUST WR&P SECURELY IN THIS TAPE5TRY.'WMA.T OH, I GET \~< SO ITS LIGHT R/VVS WON'T BETRAY U6 WHEN WE rAAKE OUR BREAK,RI6MT; RlGWT BETTER GRA.B SOME 5HL1T-EYEJ' WE'VE tlX HOURS BEFORE IT WILL BE DARK- ENOUGH TO MAKE OUR WAY 1 THE WALL By \VALLY BISIIOl' TUE WOULD YOU GET IM A ~r &ARBEPSUOP? VMEPE ? OKJ ~TUE TOP OF voue MEAD? -^^.lC^__—rv-W>~£ ;

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