Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California on September 4, 1964 · Page 27
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Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California · Page 27

Pasadena, California
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Friday, September 4, 1964
Page 27
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Youth, 20, Wounded in Frat House Fight J'asadcna Police Jail ' POLITICAL NOTES One youth was shot and another held far investigation of al-teiripled murder Thursday following an early morning dispute m?er cigarettes at a Pasadena "'fraternity house.'-' iln St. Luke Hospital with 3. -.32 caliber bullet wound in his left" shoulder is Monfe -Ray Edgci'-tun, 20, of 4S3 Wickliffe Drive, an unempl'bye d electronics worker.' :'l3ooked- in Pasadena jail is-'I'lwmas Henry Ranoiich,-.. 25, also flti electronJcs'warker, wild gave his' address as H10 N, l-os Roblos Ave. The 1:15 a.m. shooting occurred at the Los Robles Avenue address, listed 'as the home b! Sigma. Epiilon. Chi, reported by police to he a "reriogade" fra. icrniry with no official standing. jt'ired Twice ;;.-'Raiiczu'ch told. -Pasadena detectives R. H. -Smith and Rus-sell Hill that he fired rwo shots yyhen Edge'rton threatened him With a crowbar' in the living room of. the fraternity house. ' One shot was fired into the ceiling as a warning, Ranczuch .said, the other when .Edgertiin came at him with the crowbar, 'i Police said Edgerfrm was struck in the-back of Hie lefti thoulder. land '-'let's go find a partv."' Iln awaken The bullet broke a rib which; Edecrtou was. reouesled tola cnuch. in turn partially punctured a hve, as he had heen manyl Hanmii'h said he followed lung, hospital-spokesmen told times in the past. RanczuchEdgcrlnii downstairs, tellln? h! police. sajri. , to" "gel uul nf here." SE,dgerlan's condition was re-; ilsead, the victim went to "Monte came at me wilh the SHOOTING SUSPECT Thomas H. Ranciuch; le'ft, t Pasadena deletliv of Monte Edqorlo deno' "frai houn during .' On.ri i for questioning ,hl Detective Rus: Hill. deeping i iibrted as serious but not criti al. The slug was removed by surgery I nursoay. Asked fo Leave ' Ranczueh told detectives the fight started when Edgcrlon came to his room at the frat house, .'sat on the 'edge, of 'his bed, and invited him to gel up' another room to "hum dps- crowbar raised over liis head," rettcs, and picked up (lie crow-; ;1clectivcs reported ltnnr7iier as bar from a shelf on the way.; saving. "I fired over his head, It was then, Ranamvli said, thai sr..; he turned around and called he not his Clin out of a drawer) for belli, then came at and stuffed i; under' his belt, the crnwbar." Finding no one upstairs who Ranezuch told lichee lie might erton went, flown, lo Hie H vliir I thil remnmuer tor sure, uuiy room still carrying Hie crowbar,! two empty sliells wore round. Opponents of Pasadena's Urban Renewal Code Map New Strategy Thursday by opponents of Pasa- elly genera .elect irin, April 2, dena's urban renewal and hous- laK' ing code enforcement programs. The strategy was. aimed at preventing the approval of an ordinance adopting the i'epner Urban Renewed Project and get ting the city to. check signatui No Validnlioi City Attorney Wendell Tlium,i on an initiative petition calling i vote on-urban renewal and code enforcement .son advised the city clerk's ol- II e tins week nal to spend lime or money validating the 2,HT Bisnalures on the peltilions tiled by representatives of 11 Big Money Sought by 2 Parties , Price of 'Dinner Plates' !Vou. $1,000 By LU SPEHR i Political campaigns cost money, lals of it, and bolh ma- jar parties as well as sponsors! n.d opponents of controversial1 propositions on the Nov. 3 bal lot are in the throes of fund- raising efforts. The time - honored S100 - plate dinner is being upped to 51,-. 00(1 a-platc for a real donaiii by which the Rcinibli- cans hope to raise from $2 to million for the G o 1 d w ater- Miller campaign, according b Henry SalvatDri, state GOP finance co ordinator. ' The gold- plaled dinners are lo be held Oct. 1 in 30 or 40 cities throughout the country and al- ready at least 200 tickets have been sold for the affair to be held in Los Angeles, Salvalori said. Vnlunleers from more than aOO Democratic dubs in Southern California are planning a door- to-door canvass Oct. 3 and 4 to get small con tribj liens id Is Democrats. Tom B. Carvcy Jr., president of the California Democratic Council, said that 15,000 volunteers are exacted to ti'riioipuit In t!i i two-day program to set a dollar ir lso fruui every Democrat m very block and precinct in the Southland. Half the total collect- d will be retained in the local districts for I heir campaign iivitics ana the other half will bp used in the campaign fo eleel the .Inhnsoo - Humphrey ticket and: in supper! ol Pierre Sahn gri's. Kenaie race. Carvey an- nnunced. llabcrl II. Welch Jr., founder and president of the John Birch1 Society and one ol the most con- I figuies on the Ameri can political scene today, is to! renewed at h p.m. iiun- day en I he Meet the Press tele vision urogram, Lrannel Questioning him will he Frank McGee of NBU News, Kowland Evans of the New York Herald- Tribune, " Elnlmes Alexander of McNaught Syndicate, ji t e n c e Spivak, perman- euI member of the Meel-the- Press panel. Edwin Newman! will be moderalnr. 3,459 IV TRAINING County to Work Welfare Clients A lot of rond improveinenl will be done by welfare recipients In a county integrate public works projects Willi Presidoni Johnson's war on- poverty. . A report by L. ij. llolliiiger, the county's chief adminis-tralive officer, points out that 3,159 persons were assigned to the Community Work and Training Program during July. Hnilinger.sald that was the latest month for which complete figures have been drawn up. The ohject ol the program is not merely to put people lo work hut to train as many as possible in new skills. Three new projects are under study wilh this in view. "One of these," Hollliiger's report states, "Is of particular interest to the Board of Supervisors. It would use public assistance clients as crossing guards at school intersections." Also under consideration are enlistment of those on Bureau of Public Assistance rolls -as nursing aids and for mare complicated Jobs In road improvement. Initial projects involve street repair and cement svork, painting ol strccl and barricade signs, washing cars, flagman traffic control and fork lift operation. The crossing guard program is in the pilot stage. Two-other agencies are cooperating the California Highway Pa-ti-ol and the County Crossing Guard Activity Committee. That could save taxpayers dollars. "This program," tlallingor said, "will allow qualified recipients to supplement and reduce aid payments with actual earnings." The nurses' aid project gets under way Sept. 15 In Los Angeles Caunly General Hospital. This also will be a pilot program, bill it is different from must others in Uiat women will he used. "They will be trained," Hallinger announced, "for a period of eight weeks, after which they may be hired by County Hospital or other employers. If successful, the project will be expanded " l;'air Oaks Businessmen's audimembe Clive Graham, former president ol Ihe California Real Es- laic Association bid now, as '2 HOLIDAYS ON TAP Californians to Get Extra Long Weekend Property Owners' Assneiaf: t the next I'1 rIlc Home Owners' Protec tive endeavor (HUlJK). Thompson said the wording of the petition was not entirely legal and advised that no signa tures should be validated '.ir.Ll; the question was settled by court iment of Ihe fair Employ- ractice Commission, ipponenl of Proposif 14 which the CREA is sponsoring, will discuss the proposition I KNA radio siaoon hl j.jj Sunday. His talk will be carried on 10 other radio sta tions throughout the state at different times on Sunday. Takes Dim View Howe to ra1c-nresidMl ' ",c hi l?r.n Glen l.inscamb. H-24tli James n. 4ibne'., n.siric:. has paired Clemen 1. California's working mail will have many reasons to cole- ' - ' , . he''x'1 iomona civn. iuuci, i iTaVlCHUsr two holidays fall during thai period-Mori-;of Thompson's opinion and an-. my 0f San Marino, of his day is Labor Day and Wednesday For many workers il will mean a long weekend, Sa tin-day . Sunday and Monday, day Tuesday and another day off; Wednesday. The observance, of Admission1 Day, Ihe date California was admitted to the uninn. will be Ihe 114th anniversary of (lie historic date. A(1nij:o. I Day. Rnsh Hashanah is the hegin nine of 10 davs of penitence and ! prayer and ends Sep!. 1fi with (lie observance id roni mppur, the solemn ' Day of the Atone ment. Brace fur Visitors nounced he had ordered h attorney, Floyd H. Norris, Tis Angeles, lo seek injunctions to prevenl adoption uf an ordinance approving the Pcnpcr Proiecl and lo Inrce the (rily lo honor Ihe! 0 Sail .Voir. -However, there is mark t h e nnte, Ihe holiday; close ot summer vacation i o r school youngsters, who return In classes Mondav. Sent. 14. Labor Day will be a generalj rinsing day fur federal, state, county and city bodies. This includes, courts, department of mutor vehicles, libraries, banks, post office, city offices, department stores and most markets. Commemorating Admission riav hv closine will be banks. city offices, libraries and de partment of motor vehicles. Ttemainine onen will he post of fice, and markets and depart ment stores. A majority of the department Stores will remain open Tues day night until 9 for tie venience of shoppers. Jewish Holiday Next week also will find 1.400 San Gabriel Valley wnr-shiriDcrs ioinins: Jews through out the world lo mark the 5,725th observance of Rosh llas- hanah, the Jewish New Year. Devout Jews do not creel new year with wild revelry. It Is an occasion for prayer, se!f-examinalion and a rededlcatlon! to the service of God and man. . . Locally the High Holyday season will begin with a special sacred worship service at 8:30 fi.m. Sunday at rnsai.cna jew sli Temnle and Center. ' Other special rites during Ihe! vcek will include a young pen-: Tile's service at 10-30 a.m. Mon day." cimin tii for re-election, inns- comh is chairman oi me t-au- Renublican delegation Congress and is seeking re-elec- Him tn his seven in '.erm in m firn. Neibel is a member of the. e' Ifinuihlican State Central C He said one of the poinls. hisjn smi ;s linsnce chairman attorney would investigale to!o( Je Rcpublican Coordinating hali adoption ot Ihe I'epper P:an ouncil n Pomona Valley, ng-lby tlie Hoard of City Dire dors isl ' , ,ltbe fad lhal federal funds might tl- , uj V0f be cut off for the project If. No. 1, United 1hE Pros!! M on lhe Novcmbe,, California, has Cahternia ballot passes. Jw 5 am The proposition seeks Id nul.ify .,, n nn bj nn9H Ihe P.nmford Fair Housing Act Arcad; Gor(ion nrownine mli Meanwhile, U.S. forest r ers braced llicmsclves for expected 2(10,00(1 visitors the Labor Day weekend ir Angeles National forest. Forest supervisor William Dresser snid most large camp grounds will he filled laic Fh day afternoon but many small back country campgrounds will be available for the weekend. He sueffcsted campers contact U.K. forest ranger stafiuns in the forest for information and maps to these areas. Dresser also asked everyone to be careful of fire in Ihe for est, reminding visitors, open fires are prohtbitcd and smciK-Th(, yltrA prohihit permitted In approved I I.awrcnro W. Vklv-.r 9t-var. areas only. . i ni i,iLiu hki i . u od !onneT cdiDr of the usc riena residents couio not pro- .. . , , bibil" state redevelopment IwlJ'' 1rt,mcdl from doing anythmft. but acdedi , " . ' lhal the word "prohibit" Is rot c f ( ,a lB C""" Commit tee in this initiative f S,uthc"1 California, according . . . .. .'to Mrs. Carmen H- Warsehaw. The initiative declares ins chflirmim n( ,e rommiltce. Thc . lJ". , ' '"'j 'Cll icommillee will coordinate t h Offices of the liutrpendent ,sihvM rrmtnrfprf. "is. t),r kev foic,mPaiBn efforts of the local andj $3 Million Tab Put on Airport By BILL MAYER If the county is goine lo buy ;EI Monte Airport, the .chances strong that the 76.32 acres which it sits won't come cheap. ndependenl learned Thursday that the facility has hnen appraised at a wliopping million. icic were rumors, wl ile, llial the rriunt;' i bold up action, possibly to lake r look. appraisal of Pasrl Robcrl Wanamaknr's private! flying field in El Monte was dei-ed hv the board of supc ois Auj. 4 to prevent sale ot tlie land fur ral estate. Wana maker had annnunced1 Ishorlly bclore tliat he was pre pared to give up the airixirt but Stanford ttoscarcli Institute reported-it served a vital commu nity r.scd At thai point Supervisor Frank Bonelli slepped in and painted out thai federal funds could be obtained tor part ot the cosl il tlie county bought thc held. But l appraisal was required. The cosl estimate is lo be pre. sentcd lo supcr'isors Tuesdhy. 1 i:f .,11'ilnrn KP:-i-ari il ;epurl slated that small, private airports in liOs Angeles Counly are used by businessmen and indus-! Irialists rluetly, and alien tigurci closing lucrative deals, con-luently, they promote pros per jy ano emplDyment. lionelli believes it may be pos sible for tltc eminty lo buy andj run three small flying fields 'without tapping the general fund. The others are Campton Airport and Wbilcman Airpark. Al. three were headed tor sate arlier in the year for subdivi-l sion or industrial development. H :n?..i'i );vx",!ii!.l:or. s'iowj thai 54 per cent of Ihe cost could came from (lie Federal Aviation Aeency. For the rem! suggested a new law to im-. nose a Ux on aviation fuel users. County Coimsel Harold Kennedy is arranging now for presentation el a gas lax bill lo Ihe lepsialiire when it convenes January. WanamaHer now is waning for the county's next move. h,ar- he said he was fed up with harassment hy the El Monle Cily Counci" and others who want his airport operation hulled. f)e Snbepenbent C-l PASADINA. CALIFORNIA, fKIDAT, SEPT, 4, 144 Education in State Making Sharp Turn, "Says Rafferty By WANDA TUCKER ling was moved from- a smaMcrprimary goal of education slwuld .room. all he colored the same watm, The enthusiastic 'audience at friendly, harmless, gutless shadn the meetine sponsored hy the of gray, the state superintcn- Alliance for a Betler Con ty made it plain' that llicy liked Californians, "for good or fori ill, have . hilclied their wagons v philosophy of educa tion in depth," rather than lo the old "pragmatic, permissive philosophy," Dr. Maxwell Rafferty, state superintendent ot public instruction, said Tlnu-s-day night at Monrovia High hclinnl. llio Inllr mi "R.lHPallno 1llP Yniill. nf nalifnmia" broiipht- a i former era of the "lite adjust-! standing ovation from almost.'1 ou"- II the .700 persons in the main Seliool administrators who be- auditorium, lo which tlie mcct-'lieve that life adjustment is the the controversial superintendent and agree with many of his jviews. Education, said Dr. Rafferty now undergoing a "piiouom il ISO-degree change from the dent declared. Today, he said, there is a rev- olulion in education "against ttns gray flannel tastelessness " Sailing into one of his favorite themes, Dr. Kafferty stressed iportance of pinnies . in leaching of reading and spelling, Iplus the importance of reading" jin all phases of school work id m preventing dropouts. -"If a revival of the field of phonics in the lower trades is sweeping thc sclsools, and I.hupe il is, 11. lias nothing to do with politics at all," the superintendent said as he. decried effort lo Jink stress on phonics wilh po litical elements. Dr. Ernest Clare Bower, 14. noled Altadena astromomer and N' R'8llt nr Mi research engineer, died Tuesday alter heart surgery in i Los "ln education, there is no Angeles hospital, .... such thing as right or left. Dr. Bower, Altadena Astronomer, Dies at 74 Born in Leonidas, Mich,, Aug. 21, IS!W, Dr. Bower attended Pomona College from IEH17 lo 1909 and received his B,S. rte- tqren in aslrononiv Irnm 1 1 lUnivcrsiiy of California, Berk eley, in 1912. In Ohservafory Newspaper Circulation Phones Open iEiation. Sibbet noled that al- torneys for the federal Housing and Home Finance Agency have indicated that if the proposi tion passes California might be- enme inelispblc for federal urban renewal aid. Sibbcl said he felt that the sec- lion of his initiative that Thomp son feels is illegal is really legal sneak r ac Politics. Larry Papp is chairman of thc committee i harec of Ihe evenl. On lh committee arc Dr. Fordyce Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. C Frahm, Mrs. David Goode, Dick Slirens, Mr. and Mrs. George Workman and Harold S Reservations may be made h y calling Papp at 44E-5ib'J. Si ii dent Ends Hospital Study David El. Lehman, 20, son of Dr. Lester Lehman and Mrs. Ruth F. Lehman, both ot Pasadena, has completed a siimmer probing into the worm ol mot-oev 'at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He won me opportunny m iludy with Dr. William Bach-I ach of Mt. Sinai with a $750 gran; from Ihe Los Angeles County Heart Association. A graduate of Pasadena High School ana i'asaaena ury joi. ileee. he is a sludenl at the Uni versity of California at Berke ley, majnnng in cnemisiry. TVoyes Parents Plan Meeting A get-acquainted coffee hour for parents of Arthur Amos Noyes School pupils will be held in the school pergolia at B today. Mrs. H. M. Bird, PTA hospitality chairman and other members of Ihe organization will host Ihe event. Mrs.-Austin Weston, PTA president, will troduce board members and present the hndgel for approval. He was associated with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Wash ington, D.C. for 13 years, after which he taught astronomy and ;metnematics at Ohio Wesleyan University. He was research as sociate at Lick Observatory from Itm to 133R, during which lime he was awarder! his dnc-loralp. in astronomy by thc Uni ersity of California. He was astronomer-lecturer ; l,'v11: rvl,. Angeles from IMS to JIH2. Later he served as research an-alvst in encineering and aern- dynamicist for Douglas Aircraft Co.. and consultant in matnema- tics and astronomy for KANLi Corporation and Nnrlh Aniericanj Aviation. His work included visual and nhotoeranhlc eauatonal observ ations: orbits of asteroids and comets. He was the first to work Ihe orbit nf Pluto when it was discovered and extended his compulations to thi 2000. Altadtman He had lived for 11 years in Altadena where his address 2116 Lavlon St, He Irxik an five Dart In civic affairs mere and as an outdoor emnusiast contributed greatly to conserva linn affairs. Dr. Bower is survived by his widow. Lois Gertrude; a daugb' ter, Mary Dean Spelling of Ma dison, Wis., and a son, Mart; J Bower, a student at Funeral services will he pri vate. Interment will be in t h e family cemetery ir. Michigan. Program Priiiicr! Brochures describing the 20: nroerams In be offered Tuesday Evening Forum (or Ihe ISM-ua season are now avail able. Forum programs begin Ocl. 6 with thc documentary turn "Italy" to be narrated by Carl Thomsen. Season tickets for the forum also are now availahle and sell for S2 for Ihe entire series. Anyone interested in oi:i-s ol the brochures may obtain tn by calling the Pasadena City iCollogo SYcamore 5-6!, ex- Jfih u'- bv vlsitins Koom 1fjt in the main huilding of Ihe college campus. Motorists Urged to Turn on Lights Supervisor Kenneth Haitn urg- !ed motorists Thursday to turn on their headlights dayti as well as night over Ihe long Labor Day weekend. He said the lights arc minder that highways jcrowded and careful driving is essential. J here's only right or wrong," 3 added. Dr. Ralferty said that aeadem-: freedom "cuts belli wavs." Teachers, he added, should identify their personal beliefs as such and give both sides of is sues and not "promote a certain ideology instead of seeking !h truth." It takes more than money and good buildings to make good schools, he said. Schools which stress' life ad- justment, .discourage competi- iid disparage report cards blasted by Rafferty, who lumped them in the progressive icaticn category. It doesn't matter what you call II," he sajd, "It's progressive education and progressivi Education is bad education." and Star-News will he closed ' ihe wlwle thing." oniy Ainnoay. Commercial advertisers are reminded thai the deadline fo place an ad which will appear in thc Saturday through Tuesday editions must be placed by 4 p.m. today. Ads-. from private parlies will be accepted until 5:30 p.m. today and Ihe latest S p.m. Saturday. Those ads, too, will appear in the Saturday through Tuesday editions, Circulation telephones will he manned Monday from 7 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. state organizations with thai of lie said that fedora! and si a lei ,.,. . ,u ,!, u.,i. law says that a city must pass I ' . in Srii:lw c.'w. ordinance saying that a rc- . ' ..., saId ralopment agency "is needed"! for such a program to move d. Conversely, he said, if the voters of Pasadena approve Ihe initiative saying Ihe CUA is "not needed," then it can he disband ed without violating slate law. Further, he conl ended Fisher has been director of pub lie affairs of Ihe State Cenlra! .Committee (or the past three jyears. He resides in Manhattan! Beach. Courl action lo force Secre tary ol Slate Frank Jordan to! Pasadena Board of Dirrclors identify Pierre Salinger as never passed an ordinancCiCunVjenl on Ihe Nov. ,t ballot .saying a - redevelopment agency has been promised hy Hnger is needed. Thc hoard only passed Kent, Democratic stale chair-a resolution, he said. irnan. Morris Ankrum, Veteran Director of Pasadena Playhouse, Dies at 67 Morris Antrum, a director ofl the Pasadena Playhouse for any years and later a film character actor tn Hollywood, died Wednesday in Huntington Memorial Hospital after . a week's illness. He was S7. doctor said Mr. Ankrum succnmlied in his sleep to hearl attack while hospitalized in intestinal ailment. He had bad a previous heart attack. Sow In Danville, ill., he came lo California as a child and was graduated (roni Ihe University iof California at Berkeley, He made his Rroadwav dehut with George Arliss in "The Green Goddess." After several other plays he foundpd a thea-Irieal slock company in Taeoma Wash. ' His connection with Pasadena Playhouse began in 1330. Hi: work there led lo film roles. Anions his nielures were "Talcs of Manhattan," "Buck Bennv Rides Aeain," "Reunion! in Vienna," "nesire Me," "The' Harvey Girls," "Joan of Arc," 'We Were Strangers," "Colora do Territory," "My Favorite Spy," "Tennessee's Partner" and "Earth vs. the Flying Sauc ers." Mr. Ankrum leaves his widow. Joan; two sons, David, 17, and' Carey, 14, and a sister, Mrs. Charlotte Bertutci, Cedar Pines. Funeral services will be con- dueled al 2 p.m. Saturday in the chapel of turner and btc yens, 35 N. Marengo Ave., with the Ttev. Edward W. Mills officiating. Search ur Truth The real purpose of educa tion, the superintendent said, is tlie search for truth. "I believe," he said, "and there's pretty good evidence the people believe It too, that oiif schools exist (o leach Ihe good, :the beautiful, the true." Dr. ftafferly added that "ed- ucation has a mnral obligation and a positive charge laid upon her lo reaffirm the principles of decensy, morality and life n( country, taught to 10 genera tions of Americans. "For Education '64, nolliing lore than this is necessary, but lining less will do." During a question and answer riod following his speech,- Dr. Rafferty touched on aspect of education ranging from mod- math, which he favors in with traditional meth ods, lo overcrowding in Califor jnia schools, which he called "disgrace," Urge More Stale Atd Dr. Rafferty urged his listen-rs to work for more financial id for schools from the Slata .Legislature, to relieve thc heavy burden on local taxpayers. 'what we need, he said, n ithe adoption of a whole new concept aboul financing public education, one in which the state .and local districts are tandem partners." He slressed that he opposes fetleral aid to education, which he believes would lead lo federal control of education. The slate school superintendent also went on record as being strongly opposed to proposition No. 16, the lottery proposal, which he said would intmdura "a new form of gambling into California."

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