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Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California • Page 26

Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California • Page 26

Pasadena, California
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B-a- '-am: sports BIG LEAGUE GOAL Seattle Baseball Drive Hits lOOGs Potthast, Pruitt Net Winners SEATTLE. Wash. fUPI) -I 'of. 313 season tickets. Tiie or-ganizalion hopes to" sell Seattle's drive for major-league baseball passed the JlOO.tMO dol Pasadena Girl Upsets Favorite tlcKels.tor tne l'Aa-sea-n.

i- The citizens' firouir released a lar mark Wednesday. Jubilant officials of the cllj-1 committee for Major Lea SoCal Scores in Gym lengthy report backing up. ils claims that Seattle gue Baseball reported al 10:54 a.m., deposits and ac part; major league ball. The'-re-irt detailed such Items 'as a Bab Potlluist ol ton-seeded in the SSth annual counts receivable for' 1365 sea- favorable mileage per gallon tickets readied SlOfJ.IXXI. Public Parks Tennis Championships this week, at the Arcadia Park Courts, easily advanced lo Ihe third round of tiie tourney! 1'lie group lias been offering cost lor fans hi the surrcupcuiii; metropolitan area to the eifect with a fj-2, 6-3, victory over unseeded Harry Brown of Ingli rickets for a big-league season of liot dog sales on farmers and Seattle next year -although -A, 6-S, -J.

Joan I. butchers in 1lie Pacitic Worth- Second-seeded Dick Leacli, also of Pasadena, advanced with a second muml sweep of Ronald Rouhana. C-C. 5 0, in his match. Wsu wSLaE JlJla, sftV'tarcl est.

the city has no official claim to a franchise and a park con-isidored too small for the attend- KINGS POINT, N.Y. (AP) -Makolo Sakamoto, 17-year-old National AAU champion Irani Highland Falls, N.Y., and Grego Weiss ol N.J., tied lor the lead Wednesday iti Hie ance needed, to suslalii a major-league entry. A bond issue on Hits fall's bal In the girls' action, most of the matches went according to (he charts, except for one tig upset. Valarie Ziegenfuss third seeded" in ttic 'distaff, division, compulsory cwreises In the lot will eive voters a chance to Olympic Gymnastic Trials at-the U.S. Merchant Marin? Aca approve construction of a large went down to defeat' at the hands of Pasadena's Slier'rle demy.

Sou I li Californiums scored heavily behind the youns new stadium, however, ano Seatlle has often been mentioned in speculation concerning moves of several big league Pruitt, 6-4, 7-5. Miss Pruitt was nriar to lite tourney whiz. Miffed Sox Will Make Press Wait Each scored 57.70 minis lor bul emerges as a dark-horse franchises. favorite on the strength of her the six events. The' optional -erciscs will be held Friday.

The city's existing Pacific win as the en-Is heart into Hie Coast League park could be expanded for a season or two Weiss took top Isonors in tlio floor exercises with 9.75 and the while the new nark is under parallel bar with. 9.80 and lied CHICAGO (AP) Cliirara quarter linals. Bob 'Poltlw dcf. Horrv construction, the group con White Sox players, miffed by with Sakamoto and Abie Gross-fpld nf New Haven, in the tends. several critical stories, Have Tiie $100,001) is tire equivalent rings with 9.55.

Sakamoto didn't score lower llian 9.55 in any ot voked a Ill-minute "cool-off period hefore talking to newilncn after each game. SMfA'Jt Vl. tl, 6-3. Horvev BotlHson, InalDWCnd, rjpl, Pc-ccr Wtird, GltiKKilt. Ihe six events.

Other ton scorers Ar- Columbus, Mobile Nab Babe Rulh Wilis The action announced by Vena; at AiharrtbrSi: ''Cal-! pitcher ta Hslicr, the plsyi representative, surprised 515.03 Roiv.B'arak, An- goles, Art fihnrbck, Ven- WOODLAND, Calif, fUPll- porters seeking diessing room Columbus, Ohio, eliminated Boonvilte, 2-1, and Mobile, aumissian alter lucsday nignt i Carbomblc III 56 l-u white Sox triumph over Mm hesotn. 5" ,1 1 defeated Nov Orleans, 3, Wednesday night in the 13th an Lurry Banner, Lakewobd 55.05; John EtckneVSludio City, Seward, State College, Pa 55.15.. and Fisher said Sox players voter nual Bate Hum League World inti so much Jo see ami tini Science: ti.SA Storybook Farm Art in Action 1 1000's of Exhibits E(fuca1icjisl eilelalning 'Ojs unanimously (or a 15 minute Scries. period. Mike Jacobean, Los Angeles, 55.10.

ifier Al Lopez Kl: 'Tiie player live Ten men will be selected for the training ajuad following the trials. Then seven will be selected to Uncle Earn in nil me and told me Ihe Miml Aff.iAti. Sonla Barbara, di i v- wwW.t.Yt.ilKiNi w.nncil a 15-minule cooli I Driftwood Paneling I I Sale Tokyo. Twentv-five women' will beuti made them cut' it down lo 10, Ralston Wins! can't held a friin al Iheir heads and make them talk lo renortei-s i( they don't want to. Horse Somebody got sore al for seven -berths a compete in the' compulsory round in Ihe door exercises, horse vault, balance beam uneven "parallel bars.

Marie Walthcr, 1he 1S6-1 With Rally SOUTHAMPTON. N.Y. (UP1) thing somebody wrote, I sup- AJir KCiPT SUNDAY jpose, hut it will htow over. Anyway, my office is always open Top-seeded Dennis Ralston of Bakerslield diopped the first to you champion from Lakowaod, Ohio, I Sidle olleqe lennis champ from' Co set nf his second round match BENDS INTO ONE Gary Johnson, national al L.A., goes low for backhand shol in sea championships at Arcadia. Eiajilh-jeeded Join is the 'leading contender.

Three former Doris. Fuchs la Canada's Keith Carpenter und oclion of Public Porks Tennis Sanla Monica beat Diclc Moody. jWcdtiesday In Ihe Meadow Club of Rochester, N.Y.; Muriel Grossfeid, Abe's wife, and Gail Snntearath of West Palm rallied to win, fHt, li-3, 6-0. Ralston, playing Ms first tin Beach. also are among the WBA Avoids Talks top contenders.

gles match since he injured his ankle at Newport, R.I. 10 days igo, drupped ins service twice ti the opening set to the Cana-; dian Davis Cupper. Sonny-Clay Bout on Alter receiving permission to spikes on the slippery Hurt, PCCGridder Exams Start on Saturday Ralston ran Ihraugh Cariientcr sc, losing only eisht NORFOLK. Va. (UPjl member of the WBA's 21-maniwas sounded onlv a few hours points in the final set.

World Boxing Association, was executive comniiltee, declared, i alter president Ed Lassman of Ralslcn, his sore ankle taped; heavily, was supposed lo play iwarned by its purlin retail of the heated opinions the WBA had announced that a chairman Wednesday to; Vnosi-- this way apd that among thCifloor vole would decide about Physical examinations and issuing ofequipment (or prospec Pvt. Bitsy Harrison of West Point later In the afternoon but delegates. to this convention lively avoid a convention' floor the VBA tight sanction. tive Pasadena-City' College foot open floor' argument might Lassman is a member of the 30-minute hail siorm forced battle -over whether to sanction a return Cassius Lis. Beach Commission and ball players will be Saturday, Aug.

2D and Monday, Aug. 31, the withdrawal of com-a from some, stales or postponement of the match and chairman of the executive ton ngnr. athletic director1 John Thurman countries." duck, speakin" hefore commiltcc. several others until today. Rod Susman at San Diceo, announced.

Tlic convention's first cxecll hastily-called 'special meeting of AIR-MASTER F-4 TUBELESS or TUBE TYPE WHITEWALL or BLACK WALL BRAND NEW When askei about Click's de-iriud lor a strong committee Team doctor John L. Eolen- the executive commiltee. live committee meeting original-i who upset top foreign seedcd Rafael Osuna of Mexico Tnes-' gauEh. D.O., will be on hand vised the commission to formu ly scheduled for 4 recommendaiion, Lassman day, won his second round match from 1 to 5 p.m. each day lor the late such a strong "recommeda- (EDT) Wednesday, but was hur- "There have been chaiiaes against Butch Newman cf ban riedly moved up three hours the siluatinn durinj the past fewj tion" olio way or the other about the proposed fight that-It Antonio i-i, l-J.

ho mat if" cnrnmitti a iccointnciiilatKin an- would flitni hra-fd examinations. Coach Don. Hunt and his assistants will issue the equipment. Twjva-day riraclVcs begin or ik could get me ana.parenlly is neerieil. Lassman declined to elaborate ons on the floor.

jiealize the-gravity of the situa- on th-3 subject. Frogs Whip Callech Club Tuesday, Sept. 1 on PCC's Inc. wishes to stage Ihe return Coincidenlally, Glick': EcTher. the WBA nffieiats had NATIONALLY ADVERTISED NYLON TIRES Smokestack Field.

planned to-have the floor vote taken late today but now a floor ngni jaie uetoucr at a suenng lo lie executive cominitiec to be named soon. apparenlly represented an alviut- Click, secretary of lite Miami face by the Miami Beach Com- During Hell Week, Ihe will scrimmage, against Cal ile has been postponed. The rasadena Frogs ended Lutheran ami BaJiorsficld. IBeach' Boxing Commission and nissinn hecause ihe warning their season with a 217-156 over Callech's summer swim FULL SERVICE GUARANTEE liM-n as Ivvo Hub records TRIKS FOR OLYMPICS Wednesday at Pasadenai I'm Nashville Finishes Second al Arlington CHICAGO (AP)-Koyal Gun High. Pasadena Kim Mikulka fablishcd a now record in giils 5fl-free will) a lSme of :2tJ.6.

Jan Sullivan set ANY SIZE LISTED 7.50:14 8XT044 ler dosed slrnngly in the ilrelch fo catch -I'm Nashville Ihe lasl strides fn win iiie QNlYmff mark' with a :33,7 clocking in ilhc.eirls 13-H M-vard Parsons Pedals for Games Spot 356,700 Futurity Trail by a ncck: at Arlington In the past few weeks the Frogs have defeated the City-of Commerce 201-140 and San Fernando 207-172. The Pasadena Umbrella Fella, slablemate of Ihe winner, finished third in the fuilong race. He was 2W swimmers have a final season llengths behind I'm Nashville and record of-11-1. Caltcch was th and the 20-year-old cyclist wan lengths ahead of Tom Eolfc only team lo beat Ilic Frogs. By STAN JONES Pasadena" and the nearby Ihe marathon race in four hours in the field ot 1U 2-year-old colts.

and 55 minutes. It was a tuncun plus tax 4 old tires off your cr: BUY 'n SAVE! EVEN IF YOU DON'T NEED NEW COOPER TIRES RIGHT NOW. We'll store em for you so you can take advantage of our special sate price. The time was 1:1715. has thousands of athletes and race for Ihe Olympic Trials tjept.

Royal Gunner paid f2.40 s-h in New York's Central Park. Candalila Nabs $81,050 Slakes as a result, dozens who ai champions and near-chamra, and JjZ.mj. rm Nashville re Actually, the race was a South turned $2,60 and J2. Umbrella Fella paid 52.GO. SARATOGA SPRINGS; N.Y.

(TJPI) Darby Dan Farm's Can-! Cowboy Boh Pins ern Cal sweep. Following the PAA athlete across (he finish line were Santa Monica's Bill Eunis and Granada Hills' Harry Morion. The latter pair reptc-. senled the U.S. Army.

dalila, given a superb ride by. Braulia Bacza. drew awav from 0NEW COOPER FULL. SERVICE GUARANTEE NO LIMIT si to mil., or road hanrdi (1) FULL SERVICE guaranteed for lif of original tread, (2) FULL ALLOWANCE granted on any unused fervica, St ui for complin doUlfi lodiy.

Mat Bruiser And from Ihis-sirnng" foundation' 'of active sports fans, erise nationally world-renown performers. The Crown City illustrates its broad base, from national figure skating queen Peggy Fleming (o national Junior champ Smith to Arcadia divers Pat Lane and Pally Klmms nn tn Glendnra's Sharon Stouder and the select with a sizzling any mine on to i Caivboy Bob Ellis and Georaei iJoi), a s-ii, iwj-pounder, rode And for: register a one-length victory ifthe Beatle) llingo thrilled over Marshua Wednesday In the winning the race, he won a Schwinn-Paramnunl. some 8719 wrestling patrons ai the Olympic Auditorium Wed Spinaway Stakes at Sara- Whafd he do with Ihe new nesday nighl as they pinned flandalila, who defeated al-: on 'to La Canada eouesl most Ihe exact same field last flfary Mairs on to bike riders like? He sold it and gave he money lo a competitor who' thus hit by a car in a' (lineup race. their opponents. Ellis whipped the Bruiser in Iheir best of three-fall match.

Wednesday in Ihe Adirondack1 Jeff Spencer, year-old from McKintey Junior High, and La as fast as she could Pardons also illustrated us BRAKE RELINE IMCL. MILE GUARANTEE Turn Drums, Arc Vnmg, Special $Af 88 Repack Front Wheels Ll while Ihe shaggy haired one lor as long as slie could in thei Canada's Bob Parsons. character while in the race. With inncd Art Mahalik in one fall. r-iuriong earure nolore tlrlngi 14 miles left in Ihe race, he was Ihe slrelcn.

in Mth spot, but when (he race was over, ho out-distanced Ihe mnnerup by a full 'seven The latter pair turned In topflight efforts recently in nalional competitions in New York. Spencer finished second In Ihe national bike track championships, winning two of three races, He adually'won all three, but was txitt jitf riHUovwand Hoi Olympic Trials in Water Polo WSTANT CREDIT BAKKAMERiURD Cokes-Pace Vie in Olympic Bout Bike racing Is not new to Par TOBIAS TIRE Rariev Ciirlis Cokes of Dallas disqualified in Dne on 'a -technical foul. HEW VO. the Olvr Ol-iijnlr v.ntcr DO'O IrTo and fast -improving Eddie Pace! sons, He recently returned from two months of comnetilion in Europe: -Bob gets in shape for these events by pedaling some 400 miles per week. e- ot Hawaii clash In an tnterestlne Parsons, like Spencer, a of the Pasadena Athletic As 393 WALNUT ST.

PASADENA SY sociation, nut ihe Crown City nn,iike WPi main event Tliurs-Lowhiir, y'mca. Ur York, a Ttoti l. 'iday night at the Olympic Atldl-vhca 8TeBi: witn that dedication, il won't 3 a surprise to find Parsons ar DAILY ANO SAT. 8:00 TO 5:30 Hie sports imp In a recent bike the Olympic Games, on a event. The La Canadari" entered Ihe 105-milp Nalic-nal Road Cham-I leading; the best in the world Feoinni yi.e, co'fff A Tom poiiai Boastinff an impressive rec- pork ord, Cokes Is peeled to reign Tlm am- las closa to a 2-1 favnrife In' thelrl Now Ooen Mon.

Fri. Eves, to 9 labout the countryside, bidding for a gold medal, BOB PARSONS a real champ InnthbiK at FJpmlnBlnn, N.J...

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