Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1928
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

...» » „ t, i n „„.„, ' *«•*•; « '-r* r - *• i -->?) t*,f ?«'h '' if-:!, from • • ('-;,( K>,",t-o!.a stvl M'.'Hn n^' ! P , 319 BS>«t Thlrr! R IMiWH- ->r, t'>- ' J«M« in &<ir..w!.!n A" ft " I * V f A O A f • f IT YORK rH«»n! r » O.-r S ..ft" P i. . to 20*i 1 -2. ft. r«-*? -Tit.-, r-f) r;8s! jrfuyMr-r, M*r-H Trur** «u>rt Hupp «M j rc*.«.ir-n<»h1<'. KflS tVrrmrt AVP 871-.J. WA1KR " l'C<V;f~H ' Cr-H nt fi!3 W. Fo-urti) fi't.. any 1?, t<r, THE MARKETS him!* ist 3) ' . . . ... <-.f »1 3 point" i mfllte ' (Minotjt healthy «HM*S, for the childr«n nr;vrf . . -r A. P. !-••!*» >] trxlft tO rr hrfor". Arrl\'»l» of r> 7 rin fpof. 17 1-2: j fmrUrmaHy. grmmng w!!h •«ji!tpnwnt. Try u*. . fjrjng, 331 Fsjst Third St. TKXACO "oil," for winter— try" I F. Vlfring, Tesooo R*rvlr» 400 Firs!. Are.. Rock Fulls. No 3, 21 1.3., VK.TROLA wi!h <-,i-?t F»O, jt'. r f,Of? ElRhth Av*>., RI-K-K Fnil* 114P-.T. IR the h!i--lnr*>) of (li mlt. All t»hjp>r!lnn? In sr.tft iomr day. and may ppp»t>r Tfink? tliflr <\i<ftr,fe. nt Ppck r.'.iH. IIlln thlid df.y of O-tolxr A A. A. \V . C. ft Frrrt rt A. Board of J-c't/il Imnrovptnr -n'« of DIP city of Hm-R MEN'S ~wr>rk p»nt*,""»'a value' nt $i.7S B. .T- MurJIfr, 310 t^xrti't R! , bust- Oattrry txud Electric Co Fourth St. BVICK OFFERS FUTJ..T OUARANTF.PD— JP2S BUTCK ! fully ii««i by condition in every BW HAJ»H «p«!»l <r.«l!vn. Hot R tn»r or blftnMh on H. Inferior like TIPW. lo* ml'fsc^. priced £?OO b»5ow nc'unl 1S21 BUIC1C touring, four of Uirrn from *300 to $400, two •Kith winter These values are .*~» *?K'W^sI f ^-^IWTI t!r^!* 3lfep n**.. ntw top. extra ROO.-I mechanical condition, RpcrlRl at 8323. JEWETT DeLuici* wtjsn, lowmllf- _-,,j, tires llfee new, 4S-wIie*l hydrou- llc bmkfs. beautiful interior, mc" rally perfect, A Tcry nttractire .„,, ftt fBOO. . ..'O FOttW touring*. Mollnc Rniglit touring, nuick touring, two Dotino coxipe*. Bulrk sport roadster. Buhfc 4-eyltnder touring. Priced nt $20 to »276. ARE badly crowdrfl for space and nrmrfi roavB thews cnrs regRrdiew tit price. Oct acquainted with the won- {ICItUl bargains om-fM here. Your e»r BcceptetS ns psrt pnymcnt. ' CITY MOTOR CORPORATION Bulck Sales ana Service Itusinass Service $25—$25—925 ,, .' every day this week un> til sold on all need care. Thi« week ; only at our new "used car" location ', and service department, 1307 East 1 3"ourth St, ^27 CpTfKYSipER CO roadster. •yil CHRYSLER 70 ecdan. f'Sf NASH Advanced fl sedan. JjB4 REO 8 eadcn, i*3G OAKLA1W Landau eedan. INTKBHATIONAL JtJ ton Ul SUk,e «U5 BBO 6 cab and ehaatls. Rebuilt vtpJmrugtLCFtlt. OTH^t. All prices. Zaoy - 0004 tndsa. Open Monday. wedne*t»y »nfl ifeturday nights and », BJ, HIIS(II»?«J* H^rvlr*si OfPcffNt 18 AUTO (H,AS3. WP have pt«te glftMi in pfocfe for liny style c*r. W« Install Rift'*'*, with factory ground edge, not Uie rrmkrsbift edge ycm have been accustomed to. Sterling Auto Body Rppnlr .Shop. 412 East Third St. NOW 18 THE" TlMl to EftVB your v.-sndows cleaned. Wo fclso clean wall« nnd wnll paper. Also have an e5setr!r. floor polisher and can take cara ot your tloor waxing. Call City Window Oranrrs. phone 372. A! 3mlth. EI.ECTIUCAL "repalrlng~oT'all kinds", rnllrtt for ivttcl delivered; nlno wiring Job*. It. M. Wltmcr, 1000 E. Fourth St. Phone 1227-84. TYrewiUTKttt* Jor~r«>n*.r*aui or"«T»> eh«r>g«J. rippnlring a epeclsity. Col- orrd Coronas, fOO. ilrvlleU's Book tetore, UAUIJNO wYth"duinp~truckr~Junk cars bought. Dsed parta for »alo. Knapp, Rock Falls. Phono 1028-W. WfB SPECIALISE in" acetylene ^&n<i cJectrlu arc Welding. Bogotfc Bepalr _Shop, rear or Sterling Oarage. "J^JUrew'making ~'*aa Millinery 21 ?Ati COAT3 reltncd~and rej»iFedf. Dreissmaklng. Mrs. Ostcrhouilt, Hotci Oalt Bldg. Phono 1215-W. Employment CASH FOR DEAD Phono Ilothells 458 Rcrerse charges 0KAD ARIMAt DISPOSAL 3Z JANITOR, thoroughly comp^tentToie who understands steam and hot water plants. Olv* full Information and referent In letter. Writs H.O.-83, care Gaisette. • * Ss to $50 weekly time selling Distinctive personal Christmas cards; engraved designs. Sample book free. Distinctive Card Co^, Ahron. Ohio. MARHIED __ wltn smtOl OT no family to work on farm. Steady work thitniRh the Blister. W«it<j "¥." care '-, BEU. UOTOB SALES fchryalcr. Chandler and Diamond T *2« LCX3UST BT. AND 1207 E. «th ST. ~IT'B~a"-Tfrx A FEW OF CUB SPECIAL USED CAR BAEQAXMS "JD3'8 DODC3E Mdan. leather uphclstcr- Jng, balloon tires. Entire car la In A. No. 1 shape, J937 OAKLAND Landfill coupe. An exceptionally good looking cutomo- feile iti exceptionally good condition. .1024 HUDSON coach, balloon tire*. At ttje lowest price we kave ever offered & Hudson. 5fVB HAVB a number of cars Including IPofd*, Onkland, Kash and others— »t Itw than »100. X ! OLTMAN MOTOB CO. -. OS3TER M. OLTMAN. PKOP. COMPBTEHTjcoaid Tor genemritQuae- work, Pftaae raralah refe.r««iC(M. call 1713 or write Mrs. D. B. BogMtrti, 203 CASH for tlfacl Aniro»!s. pjionfli"TlM-,' or H25^W. Bchratlrr'^ Hondcrlnt Work."?, Blrrllng. no rr. GRAIN DUMP."jncob "umff H<x;k Fnlln. Tnmplco phonr. Rooms and Hoard Kooms with BoarS (;•; IIOOM nnd board In private homo Very rrapnnnljlp, 7i4 ElKhth Ave., HocK Fulls. Phone B72-R. Rooms without ftuara "fif TOUR17! AVIS.. 601~—I'wo'eingle'rooirii In quiet modem home, close In, for gentlemen. Kooms'for rioHseKeeplng ~~' TWO" MODERN Turnlshed " roomJlor light hotwekeeplng. 301 Fifth Ave Phone 1294-J. TWO furiilBhed~7wnriB~fn~«i~modern home. 109 Seventh Ave. Phone 1217-J. THIRD AVE., 601— Light housekeeping roomfl, modern, private entrance. Can HB8-M. light housekeeping, close In, front en trancfl. 3 1 FURNISHED mortr-ni room* for light Ji°u»eke*plng.jn8_W. Third St. _.___ PIVB BOOM apartment, . with gwaga. at «)7 Ave. C. Phone 1086-W, S'arins end lASfl (or Bait ____ KXPEIUEKOED single man to work on farm. 2j*rK Tyne. iu mile* wast of l&xJ'M'frUa- ...... - ..... .-..---.—.- - - - - : ^-__-—- fiOU8K-TO-HOOSE salespeople to tell Edtaon Maala lamps. Apply at frtse- man'8_Electrlc Shop. FOOR~experlenced" "roqfers, at once! Apply at 411 East Third St. or phone 625. St. or phone 634. HOUSEKEEFJER wanted. Write P. O. Box 08. Hock Falls. WIGHT CLERK. imi<Sdl» agad, Lincoln ^ COMi'ETTENT "youHig slde work, baa elpectrtcal experience. prefers to work In groereT store. Call 1287-R. A60 . ,, wlttr.ampla B. O. pectur«~ tutul bay- Und-fe-r stcek. Very reasonabla rent and, term lease to right party. W. S. McCloy. agent. modern bungalow, f ^ completed, one-half block from Central school. H. M, Broderlck. Phone 1941-J. ,ncon Highway. »15 per montli. Qoulrmpp and FlocS. m:\iu.M CMTK f>F KI.VAI. C 'OMI'I 1.1 KIN AM> A( -CKPT.IM'I-: OF «'OKK Notice Is hereby rjlvrn to nil persons lntcrr»tc<! that tho Hoard of kocnl Improt'emcnts of 1hr City nt Itock Falls, Illinois, hnvln.T j r | n, c rontract for the construction of rclnforcexl conereto pnvrmrnt with concrete h'.ur<i <-;<*rrt vir- 1-8 c*n«. muterla! Wlirat, etart»tt 1-* to but liubsfqueutly te- (>i u-fio firm. i) f>n \!tivvfird trend. iinport»nt In ?'K> wr-st reporting Inability ru-,y uli! corn In their territory. iMi <>lrl corn hrlnpt »li)ppf«l hr» '- v. '••-! from hfre. swllprn of rorn fu'uir deliveries found th*fnR«lVM at n <lc, H!"<1 (llpstlvBntnKB much of ttn-o t«i(l(ty. In this connection. It wn* prilnlcd out B« n!gnlf!c«pt that frc.if i , urrn taking new corn st prices much nbovp tcrmlnnl mnrkct bid*. . pnvn evidence of rjympRthy with rnrn rrmrfcrt rtrc.h^tifi today, Inil fnilrd id hold p-ntni wpll in the 'RCC of rixin reports from India, where pre- drought has been »o »everp -.., |,,..,,,,. , , j. ...vii i.u»iv»t.n-; * i i /1, n i > Itltlll^flli ItnH Ut Til t Btl At* VI comblnrd curb Rtul gutter, straight I that wrlls an<$ rlvrrn throughout « curb nnd nrrrrsnry rtorm v.-atcr caU-li liu^r p.irt nf tbe country were drying basltis ndJUBt«d for dralnnsn purpose* ' up. On thp other littnd, Canadian sd- on West Fifth Ktrcrt from the westerly line of Eigiuh Avenue to tne raBt- erly line of Eleventh Avenue, all in the CHy of Hock Pulls, In Rrcortlsnrc with the provisions of Local Improvement Ordinance No. 4, Brrles of 1928, and the same having been completed and accepted by the wild board on the 24th day of September A. D. 1938, and the said Board of bocnl Improvements having filed In tho County Court of Whitesldo County, Illinois, on tho first day of October A. D. 1U38, a certlflCAte (showing that the Bj&Jd .mprovement conforms nubstontlally "- the requirements of the orlRlual Ijiance for the construction of the same, tha cost thereof, tho amount eatlmaiod by them to be required to pay the accruing Interest on bond.*! or voucher* Issued to nntlcipnte the col- ectlon of the aarpcs-iment for eald !m- >rovemcnt, a hearing will be had on aid certificate aa to the truth of the act* Btr.ttd therein, at the County Jourt room in Morrison, in said Whlteslde County, on the 23nd doy of October A. D. 1028. at 11 o'clock i. m., or aa soon thereafter a» the bu«lness of the court will permit. All Mreona desiring may file objections , vlcen todny tol dof frost ditniage be- ciiiislng more npparcnt a* Inter fields ai<! ihrt'hhed, dnniago to quality isnd nlm to yields br-tng grcBter thnn wae lo(jkcd for. UVE STOCK OIICICO MVKSTOCK (U. S. Department of ARrlculture) Chicago. Oct. 3.— (A.P.)— Hogs receipts; market steady to 10c lower; top (11.25, pnld for a few loads of choice 190-280 Ib. weight*. Butrhers, medium to choice 3BO-3&0 Ib., $10.25(» 11.25; 200-250 Ib.. 810.25 (•'11.23; 160-200 Ib.. 610.OQ@11.35; l;)0-100 Ib., $0.50ml 1.00. Packing sowfc, *0.25 « 10.25. Pips, mrdium to choice 60-130 Ib., 98.76 <,r 10.25. Cnttle 2.000; calves 1,000; steer trade *leady; no choice offerings here; bulk atale and fresh offvrtngg wiling »t $14.00 down to 811.CO: cuttera and common kinds, $8 00 (,* 10.60; dull. weak trade on low cutter cows »nd bulls of light weight*. Btocrs. good and choice 1300-1500 Ib., «14.00(,f 17.60; 1100-1300 Ib,, $J«.00 r „ —, —,,„ „, 17.75; C60.UOO Ib., • 14.00017TT&- in said court before said day, ana may J common and medium. 860 Ib. UP 09 00 appear on the hearing and make tbelr @ 14,50. v ^ defense. J8ulla. good and choice (beef), »0.BO f urnlslicd modern home near business district. Writs I^i,., -care FIVE ROOMS^ mtxlern and"~garaie'. about one block from IPl^n club In-y^-—-^^^^^ 1 I^ocust St. BKVEN ROOM modern Financial Business OpportuulUt*' -U - P 8 -3- N B - S -8 - B - X |fEW BARGAINS IH U8SD CARS— 25 OAKLAND Laudau aedan. OLDSMOSHJB " LTJNCH ROOM at 238 First Ave., Koei PallB. Fully equipped and ready tot hi mln oft* Oct. J7th. Phone_1282-R. FIVE ROOM~furrUs jno^ern.-Inqulrejit 1007^ Fifth Ave. SIX ROOM modern~hottse~with~~ga7^ _a§e- KaU ^ Myers. 507 Sixth Ave. A. A. Thome A. A. Woodyatt C. C. Qrady Fred Henderson Tomas A. lianuidcll Boiud of Local Improvements of the City of Itock Palls, IlllnolB. Oct. 5. 12 Instruction 2-door sedan. Cheap. PONTIAC 2-door eedftu, very condition in every way. ^824 POSD coup*. touring, tlt&t CABS are priced way below tactual worth. If in the market call jand &c * w. MCDONALD THIRD AVK. i"HON« 1489 -W Paaclng. Dracuttlc 44 BANJO, mandolin, guitar, piano »o- -cordian, Jiarrnony Had compoglUon Utugbt by Louis BeHon. artist of national reputation, over Kciford 1 * every Sunday afternoon wwl Monday. umT=luiH~ . 813 from. State, Chicago, Live St&ek . Catcle, SALE OR tRADB^ waight 1400 Ibs- Sound, good workers. 306 Ave. A, Roctc falls. _ _______ ~~\\a utedjtojitenl TWO OR llai^"furnJiaae roodern home, downstair?, bfuet be a nice place. Can fumlah reference. Phpne'County 984-13. Real Estate For Sale ____________ Homes tor eate 84 COZT. COTTAOE. 5 1-ooma andlteith', hot sir heat, screened in porch, garage. Lot 50x75. Nintli Ave. Wenger Realtor. SEVEN RC.<)Ml5r6dTrnniouaOoFs»le or will «iciiang» for emoiier property. Phon* 1133-R. PIVB Seventh Ave. Price *2200. I. B. finave- ly, Lawrence Bldg. Legah and Super Col. breeding, v. w. Om- die. Phone County 827-23. CANARY bird and cageT singer. Phone |C«,SVROJU,iT13 U8KD CAKS— 8 CHSVKOfcKT coach, slightly A Cl^fHOHHitjrjtttJj'. ll^ £HU*fecfc condition. Wnilted—LUe Stacit" ~ go SHIP WEgKiY—UjftlBtock ariioOar- Uiy'u feed etore. Phone 83S-W or Tamiilco phone. Shipping Asau. Merchandise Articoa fur Bale Si tiMI'X'H double iwimnerless 12 _ _t, fcutoaiiiUc ejector, field grade. Aa SSO gun Ui> per ccut tiew for $83. A. W- Coumyw, i«4 K. Third St. sUoli«sr, cheap 408 13lU Are. with " plow " ttwd owe. Ali tit, good toudlUou. A, Q. Jwrfect. FORD tudor sedan, good 'i'JSLLia^UOKE -SMITH 6JS-S15 I*OO06T ST. . For" HKAJRINU ON ..„„.„.- CA'JCK OP HNAt t'OMPLKTION A»il> ACCKPTAXCK Of WORK MOUc* is hereby given to sU persons Interested that tba Board of Local improvements ol the City of Hock BWla. Hlluoi*, having Jct^fa* contract *** _*^* cwMtructloa «f reinforced i*vcin«|it wjth concrete curb »md gutter »ni curb on West Fourth. @trc*t from the westerly Hue of first Ave. nua to tiw easterly line ol Third Avenue (except tiie iuterseeUoM o Beeojid Avenue), &U lu tiis City e Rock Fulls, to accordauc* with the provisions of tfflcal Improvement Or- dina^c* No. 3. Serte of 18M of wild <aty, and the mme liavtog been completed and accepted by the *ald board. on the 24th day of 8*ptcwbtr A. D 1928. a cettlficate showing that the aaia lmpiiiv#ini'jit conforms eufasten- tsally to the requirements ot tlw ori- giml cttdtaAttc* for the ctaMtruction Ql the same, the cost thereof, the aiaoiuu e&tnuaat«ii by them to to required to pay the accruing tou-remi 011 bonds or vouchers teuea io anud- l»*4t<; the colleetioa of i for mi& impirovemeut. _ ba luai on "mia e«tiUc»te truth (jf ttu! iact* «t*to th# County CouiV rooBt CATE OF FINAL, COMPLETION AND ACCEPTANCE OF WORK Notice la hereby given to all persons Interested that the Board of Local Improvement* of tho City of nock Falls, Illinois, having let tlie contract for the construction of reinforced concrete pavement with eoncreu- combined curb and putter and neees- sary tilOrm "wafer dVulHage on We; t Fifth Street, Fourth Avenue, Cult Avenue and Eighth Avenue in the City of Rocfe Palls, in accordance with the provision* of Local Improvement Ordinance No, 1, Series of 1828 of said city, and the same having bean completed and accepted by the eald board on the 24th dny of September A. D. 1828. and the said Board of Local Improvement* havfog filed In the County Court of WhUeelde cour.ty, Illinois, on the first day of October A. D. 1838. a certificate showing that the »id Improvemeot cottforma subnun- Vealers, mllfc fed. good and choice. . JS.OOfl 16.50; medium. H3.00-3l6.00; cull and common, 88.50813.00, Stocktr and feeder steers, good end choice, all weights, »ll.&0«t 13.60; common and medium. In order to settle the estate of the late Win. G. Watson, I will hold a Cloning Out Sale on the Mrs. Cyrus Bushman farm, formerly known as the Linroad farm, located 2 miles south and 1M miles west of Colcta, 12 miles north-west of Sterling and 3 mil<?3 east of Malvern, on KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (U. 8. Department of Agriculture) Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. 5.—(A.P.)— Hogs 3,800; opened steady to strong, closed weak; top $11.60, on choice 210-225 Ib. i Cattle 1,000; calves 300; killing classes »carc«, steady; atocker* and i feeders firm; good yearling Bt*er«, *1500. Heifers, good and choice. 860 ib. down, «ia.OOi, P 16.36. Vealen (mills fed) medium to choice, 88.0Qfcjl«-OOj cull and common, ee.oo ^ e.oo. Btocfc- er and feeder steers, good and cholc* (all weights), »10.75« 13.60; common nnd medium, $7.78 1» 10.85. Sheep receipts 2.&00; killing clauev wean: to H.60 lower; top range lamba. »ia.oo. Lambs, good and choice. 03 Ib. down. 911.75u 13.00, Chicago. Oct. 8.— (0.P.)f—Tomor row's estimated receipts: Cattle 500. Hogs a 1.000. Cheep 5.000. Sale to start at 1 o'clock 4 —HEAD OF HORSES — | Black team, mare and gelding, 10 years old, weight 2940 !t>s '•' black mare 12 years old, weight 1400 Ibs.; 1 gray gelding 8 years years old, weight 1435 Ibs. n — HEAD OF CATTLE — U 9 milch cows, 6 Holsteins, 5 of them milking and 1 sprin^r 3 shorthorns, all milking; 4 heifers, 2 2-year-olds and 2 yearlings. This is an extra good herd of milch cows. 28— HEAD OF SPRING PIGS--28 15 thoroughbred Duroc Jersey and 13 thoroughbred Chester Whites. 8 Tom of Good Mixed Hay in barn. 12S bu. of Barku 650 bu. White Oats 25 acres good Reid's Yellow Dent Corn in 2 fields FARM MACHINERY One 8-ft McG'annlck-Deerlng grain binder: 1 McConalds-Dwrinff side raise and ted-. fr/ir;- £s^^ tinss/s ?ra2a Detour corn plow; 1 John Deere 9»9 corn planter with m rod* of wire; I ll-h HooSer ' seeder with grass seeder attachment; l Great W«sten manure spreader; 1 Wpteboi ?t£°£ : M"^,^ 1 w^ ruck wa80n: l spring * a « on '' 3 wu of narness. l breeching and 1 back pad with breeching; I set of fly nets; 1 Economy King creamleparator- 710-sa^ ion milk cans,' palls, strainers and stlrer; 1 milk cart; 1 grindstone; 18 galvanJ ' COOJK; l Sterling tank heater; 1 wheelbarrow; 128-ft. new hay rope* trio row wire stretcher; hog troughs; shovels, forks, and other articles too numerous to Terms Made Known Day of Sale Agnes B. Watson, Admx. .Col, H. L. Harrington, Auct Car! Bley, Clerk CHECKERS to the et cS October'" A7"l}. o'clock A. U.. or u fctxiu thefMiitsr of tuu csiurt ytw AH ttwsiiiis dtiii-LuH uuty file More Eggs-Less Cost! t tie! j- deft ii«;. st Roc* JPsOls, Uilni day ol Ocwbtr A. D. A. A. Tiiome A- A. Woodyatt C. C. Qrady" A goad &iClDSK~A»ttXB. 4 oouutj aa'f-at. ««.'», you feed Porina Poujtry Chows, expect more eggs in the nest., ./or Purina will put them there. Expect also to get eggs at a lower cost per dozen.. .that's exactly what Purina Poultry Chows will do. Naturally, you can expect to pocket more profit, |oo.. .for you have more money teft etfteryoupayfar the feed. Bow many bags of Puiina* today? "" Bley & Wanier The Rbur, Feed and Man fhafelteaed in ta* fai «rf tbe tuxcwn ol 80S WAItNKH, editor Buturday we asked a friend of ours if ha had been wearing glas&ce and he said no, that the mark on his nose hud been caused by drinking grape juice out of a fruit jar. We can't help -on- dsring what "Ol* • 'ck- '•'feddy" BoftteveH would nav« done with a ¥OU C No matter what kind of »"r*Ue.&y6ir*re fe«d-" yuur h*iis or huw per hun- the iuml , the Ust word, and i« f^ct Ui* very af $h« poultry twaw.ICN.lay is. "What «aot ta- jjj^uce ft ^«w «»." A pa'til* d* i» that if egg production increased only one egg a week from each hen, Uwt egg will pay for all the feed the hens eat. The rett ia clean nroflt. Chowder literally makes eggs. DISCRETION Silent contempt is the kind you fe«l for come- »xxiy you know you can't Sonia merchants argue that it; isn't good business to advertise prices. When we know thut we can save you money we 1 i k e to t«!i you. B-K pnces a* iulluws: 1 ijt . Jl.20; 1 gal, 1300; 5 gal.. $1X00. Iis our opinion what this cotnraunity needs is some more peoule just like the one*" we" " now. Cqn.tic(ei)tiAUy—-and to be real honest about st— w« kuow other conatrns UtAt.c«jrry just- &s good isa m we do, merchant to say" "Ul* biisl" i dhig himself. The public knows tetter. But you can depend on this —the merchandise you buy here has to U exactly as we represent it. And we believe you appreciate that more than a lot of extravagant claims. AT THE ZOO "Little girl, why are you so interested jn these birds?" "Well, I just learned that there airyt no Santa Claus snd I'm here to investigate this stork "guarantee" is o v e r worked but it certainly Isn't in tliis case. We'll nmke good il you gay Made Rite ekmtft. Next Fridsy. ths llth» is Columbus Day, and a friend of ours says the more he learns ahou& women the more ha wonders how Columbus ever persuaded Queen lsab«lU to da Tiiers's & r«wl reason for using ground feed In fall and winter. Farm ttuUjqriUea ««iy it daeaa't use up so much «nergy. which makes more pouiidt- .. We-c*».- gt-Uul your feed on ninon notice! A only to a. Every sack of _Ms,de Bite Ftouif te 'kiid"uiukr Ym we thai tb» Actual tests hay* proven tliat 'dairy' co»-3 give mart* milt and stay fresh ; longer when fed a balanced ration — W. i Cow Chow provitkas & baUnced ration w b e u iliixrd with horns feed lifee oil It we told yoa ttwi »r« in Isusiuess for t steppiuj . and you would have rtgbt to

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