Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 12, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 12,1044 i Predicts Era Of Whirlwind Air Commuting NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS nvu Sdllll Will fin- say nmki ,.«• York -U;P1—\Villmm I,L'nr ;ii-iu' president of Lear Avln Ijrlr.l (hat the /lost war world .si-n at least 100,000 1,-sliapi'cl is, or landing Holds, thi'oiigh- thr t'nited Statos and that niniiiuti-i- piano sofvlcu of tomor- w will bo soniC'th'ng ^ clial- Hi- Uic imagination." "I aai no one to jay them will Mum's In every backyard • yi-urs tu come, unysvay, \liat ar." lu- said, "bee-use for il In- (no expensive an oikllay hi- average :>ursott. But I will fliat al'ti'i- the war anyone ng S:;..'iOU n year easily could lo own ;md upurnte an uir- l,i-.-ir. who at tin; moment if .watiH'i'tl with orders for aecos.sor- ic.s for K--II Superfortfos.soM In his Pliint.-i ihi'oughuut the country, piidt.i hi.i own piano, n Keach A'i'- Is (advanced trainer) and thus, in ufyeet, is a commuter himself. In a typical day recently, ho took off firnii Pi\-|ua, O.. where tile .Loar Avi.i coi'.ivrn has its huudquai'tufs, iiiul flcu- to .NVu- York, 'Umcllng ;il t.aUimrdia l-'leld. he hurrlrel to M.iiihattan for a whirlw'pcl round c.f business conferences. Then In 11 i-;ilj tu LiiCiuirclia, and off again - to fli'vi-l.'iml for a luncheon cun- ,'i'i-uiiL-e and nicotines with hl.i us- ocutiVLS later in the afternoon. l'>iK-U to Now Yurk Toward evening, ho took off for Ni-w i'oi-k for additional confer- i-iiri-s, ."kiin/nirig throu.crh t h o rli'iids as 0,'n miles per hour. His mi-i-tim; lasted until dawn li:nke aoi'oss :he Manhattan sky- lit" 1 . Lour had a half hour's nap aril was up. hright and chlppi-r. ;imi u" again for Plciuu to bi-jrm aii-jilii-r ))iisy cltiy. "! wish I could tell you." he s.iMl, "a-'uiut some or the things \v:« :.n' v-'uiking on for post war pro- liac-tmn. Imt I'm not allou-t-d to ;'i-r n-.-i.xoii.s cilivuiii.i, Some of the , ihin-.s yiiu'll -,,.,, and oome to look i iip'm as eornmunplaoe are falm- i Hero 4t Home With The Folks Haek from Ilic war.s on an 23-duy furlough, Vfe. Alton. IV, Krinpt*'j)l><Ti,-i-r. ^1), "Hie tioi-o of Air/.in," is pictured with hiM innthcr anil stepfather, llurvcy Seiln-rl, at Springs Mount, ru, The littli- fighti-r—In- Mauds ri-font-t uml weighs J2II—holds the Congressional Mcilul of llnnor fur having htnppi-il an ciieiny cmiiiliT-allucI; at Air/.in liy Uilliii" till Na/is. He guvi- tin: medal to his mother, docl:ir- ing tlnil tin- i-iTfitiiiiiy H-lii'ii G,-n. Clar); |irrs<;n|i:d It tn- him in Italy wa.s a grriiler iirdiMl tliiin the fighting ilsrlf. (Inlcrniatiunal Siiiind- plidto) lulls.' f-i-ar, a major in tho CAP, finds film- in his l.ii.-ty schedule for one ."••ssion "on the wing" each week With his outllc. Often ho returns '<> his factory. *ut wearing hi:; iiail'orni to disappear into a lahora. toi-y where a i'cw houis later, liki: as init. (n- will come tif. with ti startling new idea, Kvcn Great-Grandpa Gets Himself: A Job fhil.'.d.-lf.hi.-i <i/p>—The shortage "i igniters doesn't WOITV the li-ii'Mdj, and neighbors of great- gr.irnlfath.-i- Rudolph \Vuliljcr, H3- yi-ar-olil I'hiladi.'lphinn. T.'i-- manpower shortage has 1'iuught Gri-at-graridpa 'vVchlici- tint ",'' I'etirenn-ni fur the duration. He r-tiivd seven year.-; ago because :-eani|,oi-ing up and down ladders was pelting "a init.e too tough." Hut. he says, "getting back 'Fill Her Up' Order Cost Farmer S10 I'arris. II. (lii't -An Kdgnr county farmer was iluterminoil to have plenty of lie-el- fur Fourth of July consumption. He took a live-gallon can to a local tavern and instrutit- oci tl'.e bat-tender to "lit! her up." The tiuverage diripenscr explained that he eoulil sell his Keg beer only at .10 cents a glass. "Tiier, giv'L- nto as many glasses as this cari will hold," ,;;aid tho thirsty farmer. and the dealer I'illed tho ilve-galun can. a glass ai .'i time, untii the farmer had $10 worth. irim .-sn't as hard as I v.-nulil IK;." in thought it Adventists Protest "World Calendar" .TOOK NAVIGATION • UP)--It .-..s.«ary tu I'"liri-nii-a , r:. i call and firemen to rJrmvt Savoie on a drunken charge. The suspect had be wedgrci between two bufifl I'lvllIK - 1 '' 1 "'""'' 1 ' I'lsP'-'Ctifi SKJtVICK Phone Us! ft *" Oligatiim Waterbury Heating- Co. ' >'-('Y A.VI) SAVI-; AT TII i; HIGHLAND GROCERY 02 HIGHLAND AVE, KOCC'n J£AOO, T'rop, the jJi-opusi.-U adoption of a "wurld cakr.dai-" as "a t)lu\v at the command of God for a I'.xed day of i-csi," Uii- Si'vcnth Day Ariventists hHVt- protcsti'd to the \S'oi-!d Calendar Association the "sinister dangers" of such a change. The Adventists culled upon '.heir entire ministry and cditoi-iai staffs to ''warn our people by sermons, radio addresses, by ai'ticles and by specially prepared publications" against, the attempt t.o break the "indissoluble relationship of religion and the week." The world calendar is divided into equal pfirts of throe months — J3 weeks or (it dnys--wiih the Nnw Year always beginning on Sunday, ;.-in. I. The Zfiilih day nt the end of every year, designated ^Docemhor W, is a "world holiday" — "the friendly handclasp of time," according to the Association, which claims the world calendar will. o "countless hours, confusion tnd rnonev." War Plant Head Assures GI's They're Remembered Spring Held. -V.ass.— -(UP) — Here's a boss who was worried whether his employes in tho armrd forces- were worried whether their boss had forgotten them. •He's George A., president, of the Package Machinery Co., here. Ho knows that two things uppermost in the serviceman's mind are home am; the old job. Air. ilohlmtm doesn't have time to g.-t around ip sec all of the families of the IfiO employes in the services so he has organized an intelligence section of his own to gather facts about the folks hack home and old friends' in the factory. He whips this information into personal loLt-urs'to '..hose i in uniform. "Dear Jim," he'll write. "Your Mom is line.-—" So now the boss doesn't worry about employes in the armed i forces worrying about the folks 1 and whether the boss has forgotten them. Soi-t of oases tension all around. And it gives Mr. Mohlman tnoro time to worry about the pi'o- ci-uciion of vital gy:-o-c:onipasses. torpedo pumps, shell loaders and similar war equipment which his factory makes. TIlir.K SWAI'S TIRES Toledo, Ohio (L'P)--It was a thoughtful thief who .sinle a tire from "Woodrow Wagp.-cr's automo- j bile the other day. He ropln.ccd the I stolen tire with a noi.-quffo-so- j good but u>'iblu tire, police said. ! Tan»-le Electrical Supplies Lighting- Kquipmcnt ''•o.Mli 'K.M tVlTH itOAIBS \'ietur ~ Columbia — Decc-a Krcords SWAN ELECTRIC CO. Summer Dresses • ;A VV CUYSTAI, OI.AS.SJC.'S } 12 for $1.00 •'*•**. I-iv. Hill ^"I'Klt ST. U1AI. 3-Ji7(i2 { *'^^i^f*'"*"-*-»-*~«-*~*~'-* '**" ff **+~'+*~r~*f*++fff+ff* ''•:tr. Survicc for i; will >oair homo It is butter to every way— reallv cheaper, too—ro use good paint*, like MurphvX They ate mote beautOul aod thev wear, aot) wear, and wear. Ash u* about them. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 l;i: v WAI; itoxns Axn STAMPS A U. S. jsi.'ji'iil Corps lineman cari'l'ull i-c.-i.-ra/iiTc.-; tlur wirns tliiit were liloifn acrn.«s ;i cnicl- ll.v al 1'oini l,'.-\lihf (hiring tin- fierce fighting in llwt area. Til's s ull in i In- (lay's work nf thi-> in-iny lim-man. \j. S. Army .Signal Corps pUotn. (Inlei-natinnal) IGREATOAKFARM) J O.Vl-'OJil) KOA.I) Tel. SIM!*} s .lurTT v "n/rio > j 'iullilV .kUrtrb J { Delivery To All 1'arts Of } » >':uigatuclt { Prompt, Kxjirrt WATCH &. JEWELKY KEPAIUING William Schpero tTowclnr 180 CHURCH ST, — 1 Flight Up — Page Five Mexico Issues New Rules For Foreign Money Florentines Fire On The Nazis Mexico City (UP)—Control of all sales of real estate or business to foreigners was recently placed I in the hands of the Forelg'n Minis- I try in a move designed to prevent ! a possible postwar internal .economic collapse. The presidential decree makes it mandatory that any foreigners wishing 1 'to acquire land, businesses or to become associate--members in Mexican corporations must first obtain permission from -the. Foreign Ministry. ' ";• The decree explained that duo' to the tremendous influx of European war refugees who wish to jnvest in Mexico now, but who might sell, out and return to Europe after the war, the government will investigate thoroughly every foreigners to invest money here. Forigncrs Investing here- will now have to comply with the, following terms: . ,' ;' 3. That the principal source -of the Investment be located'in Mexico 2. That foreigners shall'not hold more than -10 per cent, of the stock of a Mexican corporation. The ma.' jority of the stockholders shall be Mexican. • Foreign investors also will have:.o conform with other long-standing Mexican laws. The decree. Ilxccl as a penalty for evading the new lay a prison term of from six months to three years and a fine of as high as 10,000 pesos (about ,$2,000).' All requests for permission to invest foreign capita: here that-had not been granted previous to the publication of the nnw decree or. July 7 arc subject to the new regulations. ,.,,^.^.. ..*PSP J^p- m~" Idisidcnts of Ftoruncc, Italy, Uiu ccntiirln.s-ol<l center ol art :1 n<J culture, fire on German and traitorous Italian snipers on onr: of U)c city's ntn:i:t corner*. Uritisli jjth Army unltH have jirrisni-U slowly forward around Florence, Italy, In the fucn of fierce German resistance. Official'U. S. Signal Corps K:ulio|ihoto. (International Soiind- |)li<ilo) Builds Bar To Welcome Men On Furlough TOOK Kilisboro, N. H. (UP)—A jolly old m.atchmnkcr and one of Uic founders of this hamlet:, Col. .'John Hill said he'd give 300 acres of good farm land if the first gin nnd the first hoy born. in. Uie -new yillfiffo would wed and settle thcr.-:. T.hey may ho.vo been pecuniary, I but John McCo'.loy, the first boy | born in January, 37-t2, m.'irri.-:cl Rliiiibeth ' Gibson, tile fir-it girl •born in May of the .same year. NAZI SOCVEATK Connenut, Ohio (UP)—Bill Dom- bi'o'sky, 12-year-old Conneaut youth, is tho proud owner of ;.L German soldier's ovcrscas cap. He found cho cap along the New York Centra. 1 ! railroad traclu and believes it must have bc-e.'i discarded by a. N.'r/.i prisoner en route to a con- finc:iic;u camp. Tlicugh overseas, Bill figures the German won't need the cap. Fannington, Mich. —(UP)— Charles Arnold, n. Farminglon carpenter, is the town welcoming committee for servicemen home on furloughs, and Uic veterans arc glad of jt, When the hoys come home on furlough, a warm welcome ;i\vait.s- t.hfm in the Arnold home. In the basement he has built ix bar \vith accompanying tables and chairs, a bulletin board with Bl stars for neighboring boys in the armed forces, ,-i7id has on display souvenirs sent to him by the boys, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold also keep up an enormous correspondence j with servicemen, sending letters lo Farmington sons in 21 countries, and they keep a record and date of. evcj-y letter sent. The Aj'nolds also have, a collection of coins and bills from the 21 countries. NOTICE! TO OT3H NAUGATIJCK STOKIS CCSTOMKRS! Due l<> war time conifltlofiK, wr arc compelled to clou: wir >>*«• gal lick Nlofc. CAI-l, US For the. day onr Itaule Man wtli c on your 'utrccf. Free Telephone Service For Naiig;itnc:h Ciinlximpru Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX l.aiinrtcrcrn — Dry C'lc;incr» 28 K. Mafn St., XVaterl.iiry Main Office & Planl, ZZ Walnut St. Kxt. Watcrlown — N»uc«tuck Mlddlnhiiry Anti-Aircraft Trainees Squirt Water At Targets Camp Elandinsr, FI.-i. (UP)— Trainees at Camp Klandirig are taught to shoot down enemy aircraft, by squirting at moving toy airplane targets with super pistols. They use. regular anti-aircraft 50-culibcr machine guns, but Y,*en the trigger is pulled, the gun shoots a fine stream of water. The •water shows the trainee how close h« is to tho target, just as tracer (Ire will a few months hence when he has his sights on an ' enemy plane. Wanted Part or full ijmc help, mala or female, No experience necessary. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKL. .1678 VOCTl EYEGLASSES SHOP C. H. Tomliiiffon Ncary Building Xaupratuck, Conn. >TOni: CLOSED AU- DAY KACII MONDAY DUIM.NU .lUr.Y AND ACCOST Let these guys start it! '[ iierc's a day coming when the enemy will be licked, beaten, whipped to a fare-thee-well — every last vestige of fight knocked out of him. And there's a day coming when every mother's son of us will want to stand up and yell, to cheer ourselves hoarse over the greatest victory in history. But let's not start the cheering yet. In fact, let's not start it at all-over here. Let's leave it to the fellows who are doing the job—the only fellows who will know when it's done—to begin the celebrating. Our leaders have told us over and over again that the smashing of the Axis will be a slow job, a dangerous job, a bloody job. And they've told us what our own common sense confirms: that if we at home start throwing our hats in the air and easing' up before the job's completely done, it will be slower, more dangerous, . bloodier. Right now, it's still up to us to buy War Bonds —and to A-eep on buying War Bonds. Let's do that. Let's keep bearing down till we get the news of final victory from the .only place such news can come: the battle-line. If we do that, we'll have the right to join t 1 " cheering when the time comes. your Invasion Bonds Tod This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort bv The NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS

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