Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 9
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"7—"P-^ It I/lea By mum THOMAS WA8lrtN (}tON(Ut>t)^ BftckstMr* at the White House: "A night et Camp David'' a td sighity more and making of majot decisions by t^resldent coming more policy Nixon. WasUfigtoii Bickftairi Introspective and thoughtful, the President likes to weigh his options in the solitude and seclusion of hid mountaintop retreat before reaching major decisions. Hareiy do his aides explain a sudden decision —and never is it listed his published to the on schedule —to fly hideiaway for an overnight stay. Last week he went to the retreat alone, with a bare minimum of aides, his doctor and Secret Service agents, to apparently cogitate on the clamor for a sWitch in policy on the Watergate affair. His trip was followed by four days of strategy meetings at the White House after which Nixon reversed himself 180 and degrees on the case announced an apparent decision to let the chips fall where they may. He agreed to permit aides to testify befora Senate investigators and anparMitiy with some for^knowlMge of. things to come, he announced that anyone on his staff who is Indicted in the political espion^ age case wUt be suspended, and anyone convicted would be fired. His decision to btte the bullet could not have, been an easy one. It meant a complete reversal of previous stands, and it meant that loyal aides, acting in support of his re-election, may be ruined. paign and tWe are questions that have to be afiawerad/* he said. ''The {Resident Is aware of atMl omsistent with his the vietmi 6t safeguarding accu^ ... wants to clarify the questions to the satisfaction of .the American public." i The Watergate affair has led to the usual quips around town: In place of "peace with honor," wags are now saying "indictments with honor." White House Press Secretary who has for L. Ziegler, the line with Ronald been on the firing several months, mostly prepared denials to questions regarding the Watergate case, has yet to pull back from a single statement. His words "will stand the test believe they Nixonvonce said, *'I run my own campaigns." It is quite apparent that he did not foresee the Watergate case becoming a serious blemish on his administration, eroding major successes of the past. But his son*in-law, Lt. (j.g.) David Eisenhower, disclosed that the White House is well aware that the American people ''are now demanding an accounting of the government to prove to thciir satisfaction, the integrity of the process of!of the President during the government.* "So regardless of the size of the incident, it has assumed a greater importance now than it did during the election cam- of time," he says. But reporters will not. One phrase already questionable was his initial response as a White House spokesman following the arrest of aides of the Committee for the Re-Election of the President during the burglary of Democratic party headquarters, Ziegler, speaking from the White HoUse podium, dismissed it as a ''third rate burglary." 1) L " iPi Elephant Sniffer 0' 7. Sa ves By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) William Proxmire has 9 Sen. under- IIWJ taken a campaign to prohibit military officers from enlisted men as using personal servants. •J Ml The Lighter Side li I 'ii'i L , -1 kill .1 I*; you have been wondering why I asked you to me^et me here." '*Yes, sir. The rear of a doghouse does seem rather a strange place to be meeting a general, sir." "Exactly. That's why I picked this spot. The enemy won't be expecting us to meet here either." "The enemy, sir?" An Important Mission "I sent for you, private, because t need someone to handle an important mission. I 1.^',. I." 1| J Hi ll'lif^l' MM., I 'I, Ml 9 'I "'...III ti;'r] 1*^ The Wisconsin Democrat says enlisted aides are being required to wash cars, prepare lunch, do laundry, run errands, ,baby sit, walk dogs, tend,bar, make beds, grocery shop, wash dishes, weed gardens, clean - . . swimming pools and sculpt ice your country may depend on carvings for parties. Among how well you perf^^^^ other duties. i^eady to undertake such an Any GI possessing all of those "'^;«no "my ^ sir." well; here must tell you that the future of country I" P[l'lf|4| skills obviously is a jewel and someday will make some girl a good husband. But Proxmire , r;ou ;.'i;:ii ;H !j;:i;;!!Jid';i.:j(';ij ,; liiiit^ ' ••''ll "i!. '\ |.lJ ,;J |r liji! |i. I ' '•ji! II 'ii' "I ••, • "r • ,"1 |L -J I ¥ 1 - 1* says and this service admirals is to generals costing the i< I I taxpayers almost $22 mUlion a year. May Be Fatal Flaw He has proposed that **any order to an enlisted aide must be related to Which a ON THE AVENUE All decked out in Easter finery, this young miss stands out in yesterday's Fifth Avenue Easter parade crowd in New York. Coquettish already, she may read something like this: declined to give her name. objective.'' Which may fatal flaw in his campaign. Any general who isn't ingeni-'But ous enough to improvise aigrove, military objective for baby \ enemy, sitting, dog walking, car washing, etc., clearly is unfit to lead our troops into battle. They probably have three or four courses on that subject at phants." West Point. The field manual "Very well; here are youri orders: Walk my dog Hannibal around the post a cbuple of times a day." "Begging the general's pardon, sir, but I thought any order to an enlisted aide Was supposed to be related to a military objective." **rm glad to know you have the I reading up on military I been be a regulations, and believe me wouldn't have it any other way. Private Har- see here, what don't Hannibal isn't you, know any and the is that ordinary schnauzer. *'Hannibal has been trained to detect the scent of ele- sir?" "Elephants, "Right. If any enemy agents "Private Hargrove reporting try to infiltrate this post disguised as mahouts, Hannibal UNIFAX for duty, sir." , "At ease, private. Perhaps wiU sniff them out. IRA Falls on Evil Days By COLIN BAKER BELFAST (UPI) For the Irish Republican Army (IRA), underground child of the 1916 Easter Rebellion, these are evil days. There is no letup in Northern Ireland's murderous violence. But for almost the first time people see a glimmer of hope. Many of the IRA*s leaders, guileful masterminds of much of the violence, are behind bars. Nearly 300 officers have been replaced by men raw to guerrilla warfare command. Its ranks are depleted. "They're sending out kids as snipers without even teaching them how to use their rifles," a British Army source said this month." They're nothing but cannon fodder, and we're knocking them over like ninepins." The IRA's support is dwindling. Tips and facts from the public now break through IRA intimidation. An opinion poll this month in Londonderry's Creggan Estate, once solidly in support of the IRA, showed 83 per cent favoring peaceful methods. The IRA, fathered by the volunteers who rose in Dublin against British rule at Easter, 1916, never has wavered from one goal: To unite Northern Ireland's Protestant dominated six counties with the predominantly Roman Catholic Irish Republic. The forerunner of the IRA, the Irish Republican Brotherhood was largely responsible for the Easter Rebellion of 1916, was swiftly few street 1056 violent which a a rising crushed with battles and a series of executions and deportations. Politicians organized themselves as Sinn Fein (Ourselves Alone). The Volunteer Force, in January of 1919, reorganized itself into the IRA.- It waged war on the British, bitterly opposing a truce arrangement in July, 1921 which split Ireland's 3^ counties into two' parts—the Catholic 26- county Irish Free State in the south and the heavily Protestant six counties of Northern Ireland. Civil war broke out when this partition was made formal by the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1922. The Irish Republic emerged from the civil war as an independent nation, but the six- county north stayed part of the United Kingdom. For more than 30 years the IRA slumbered, its sporadic, its viqlence already-illegal activities underground. But in it mounted a campaign in the south much like the current one in the north, with the same aim: To re-unite Ireland by force. It bombed bridges and customs posts and attacked police cars and military barracks. Finally it admitted responsibility for the machine-gun murder of an off-duty policeman and his girl friend. Public opinion was so outraged it expelled representatives of Sinn Fein, which had become the IRA's political arm, from the Irish parliament. The IRA moved in the North after wild rioting prompted Britain to send troops into Northern Ireland in August, 1969. The first death of the current Northern Ireland "troubles" came that month. From then until the middle of last year there was no doubt who had the upper hand. These were the IRA's halcyon days. Britain, in desperation, took direct control. It installed William Whitelaw as head of government in Northern Ireland. As it had in Malaya, Britain's army began the slow grind of whipping a guerrilla force. 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