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Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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V-' THE tVEATHBIt. Washington. CtaMMM JUrtrttab to to of no IntaMttt fcuwtiifr to twicer. Dpa owHo tor New England Trtt elo4r tonhjin. Ko cow in Katurday DrotwbJy dhow.

Freeh, north to northeast wind. VOL. XLV. NO. 179.


TWO U. S. Navy Department Hears Unofficially 5000 Died in Halifax Disaster Injured Number Thousands; Eye- Witnesses Rec Building in City Damaged and Fires ReKef Being Huiried fr Many Directions and Camp Devens Stands Ready. SEN ATE UNANIMOUS GAflffltG GROUND WANT DOCTORS TO GOTO HALIFAX Borbank Hospital Mobilizing Local Physicians and Nurses for Relief Work. Doctors and' nurses of Fitchburg are this afternoon being mobilized Aasttomum Report Captive of More Italian Positions and Halifax, N.

Dec. 7.Up to nupn tcMy there had been no change in the police MtirJlate of 2000 iead front yesterday' disaster. About the same nuniber iu injured, two-thirds of whom are suffering wiUi cuts from flyinsr glut It was established today that it was 25 minutes after the collision between ships in the harbor before the explosion occurred. At the first shock houses rocked, vessels broke from their moorings, bits of shelb whistled through the air, build ings fell upon their, occupants, and-then fire broke out in a hundred places. Orders were at given that eyeryjiody should flee to the south of the brought the good word that the daer was urider cOTtrol, me crowds returned to find their homes a mass of wreckage or in Vienna, by- way of London, Ded 6, British admiralty per wireless press The Auetro-Hungarian central head quarters today issued an odlcial communication in which it said: 'The n- -as volunteers to go to Halifax, N.

hag Buffered a heavy defeat. Early Former Cashier of 0M Wachiuett National Bank Dies at Brook-line Home. Walter G. Corey, formerly of this city, died this morning at his home, 1482 Beacon street, Brookllne, aged 55 years. Death resulted from a shock, which he suffered on Thursday afternoon.

He also had a shock while he was cashier of the iWaohusett National hank in this' city, nine years ago. This was so serious that be was obliged to retire from that position and he was unable to resume business since that time. He moved from FItchburg about two years ago. Mr. Corey was the son of -the late David A.

Corey of his first wife and spent practically all his life here until to assist in helping the hundreds of people who were Injured in the Are and explosion which swept that city Tuesday, after powerful artillery prep Deb; MsHette leaves Chamber To arations, we launched ah attack against the mountain positions in Me- i and relatives dead or wounded, v. letta region and the stubbornly conducted defense was broken. The deep snow and severe cold rendered progress difficult, but the careful preparation for the attack and the bravery of the attackers overcame these obstacles' A message received at Burbank hospital this afternoon from Dr. Mc-Ausland In -Boston requested that all the available physicians, arid nurses be secured and the request was also made; that be held In readiness to answer a call' at- once: As soon as the call was received the officials at the hospital and the local chapter of the' Red Cross began to make a canvasB of the doctors. Many TERRIBLE SIGHTS IN RUINED CITY.

St John, N. Dec 7r Eye-witnesses pf the Halifax explosion ieaching here today told details of the horrors through which they passed. In the party were 14 young women students from Mt. St. Vincents academy, including Miss Gentians Take 4000 Prisoners, he moved, to He attended the Washington, Dec.

7. With less than an hour's debate, the Senate today passed the resolution declaring, war oh Austria-Hungary. The resolution was. adopted, by. the Senate Berlin, by way of Dec.

7. Four thousand, more Italians have been Fitchburg Public school including tho high' school and began work in rrtptilTf in the new Austrp-Qerman Catherine White and Miss Dorothy McKenzie ot borches- offensive on -the northern front brlrie- doctor have Th'ere seems to be a shortage of nurses in this city and none can be spared from the hospital. the total to according to today's official communications Mont Sizemol was captured by storm, the 1S78 as a clerk In the Wachusett bank, at the corner of Main and Day streets. He advanced through several positions to that of cashier, which he had held for several years when 1H health forced his retirement, after 30 years of continuous Berrtce in that institution. Mr.

Corey is. survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. "Charles B. Briggs of Ashaway, R. The.

funeral will be held- at his resldenoe in Brook line, Sunday afternoon, and- will be private. CLEVELAPWAT ter, Mass. Esmond P. Barry, a St John postal clerk, was at Richmond during the worst of the catastrophe. "It was terrible, he said.

"People were dying in our car like flies. Some of them came to the place with hoses shot off, eyes put out, faces slashed with flying glass, limbs torn and distorted. On one occasion while we were working aroumj a wrecked building, we could see a tittle baby 50 feet or more undeeaUi-a huiB: ing mass crying for aicL We could nc4 ge: witfutt 30 feet of ARREST REVEALS GERMAN DESIGNS Letteri Show Ezutence of Organizations for MUHaiy Defense in statement- says. 8now Would Help Italy. Italian Headquarters in Northern Italy, Thursday, Dec.

6, by the Associated- Press). The big operation which the enemy is attempting In the north is. vlrtuWly a repetition of the turning he' executed six weeks ago in the great offensive above Gorlzia. A that time he broke through the Upper end of the. line and thus endangered the lower end of the unanimously, 74 to 0.

Senators Gronna of North Nprris of Nebraska and Vardamann of Mississippi, who voted against the German war declaration, supported, the resolution. Senator La FoUette of Wisconsin left during the speechmaking and did not cast his vote. Meanwhile there was every indication that the resolution would pass in the House with only one dissenting vote, Rep. Socialist. Members were so sure of it that they deserted the chamber in droves to escape the speechmaking and returned Jaier fox the voting-: After the Hoase acts, the two resolutions willlse reeoncjjeil ot one substituted for thelother.

Senator Lodge ofTmssachusetts, ranking Republican on the foreign relations committee, gave reasons for favoring declarations of war against Turkey and Bulgaria. Conntry xne cnua ana naa ro wuui mwc wurnw ubouv Gordbn Clevelahd: son of Mr. and line. This is exactly rthe- MeW York, Dfecv aiyjj women and children Were lying on the taeets and huri Mrs. Robert Cleveland and Miss Joyce dreds must be buried beneath wreckage.

V. Bolllvar, daughter of Austin BolU-var of Lunenburg, were married Thursday afternoon at the parsonage of the Highland Baptist church by pvlgv. Samuel RIngrose. The ring service was used. They were attended by the parents -'pf the bridegroom.

The bride wore a traveling suit of blue with hat to match. After the ceremony, and Mrs. Cleveland eating the country "German military organizations for defense'' were seized' by agents of the naval intelligence bureau, today when they examined the effects of Otto Uerkel, a German writer and lecturer, who was arrested last night and interned on Ellis Island, on orders from the government authorities. According to these communications, Merkel was at the head of this German body. The Austro-Cerman attack on Me-letta not only affects the lines- in, that region, but if the enemy could plercel through and drive lis way southward to the plains; it might place him on the rjeft'flank of the Piave lines, much as the Duke of Aosta has his third army at Gorizia with the enemy on his left Hank.

It is this quite as much as the frontal attack that is receiving consideration. The. line east Aslago probably is stronger today than before the retirement yesterday, as, lit is now a straight line. Formerly it was like a long inverted letter with the Italians left on a honeymoon at the conclusion' of whieh they will reside at 47 Summit street. IJifltary Hospital Patients -Safe Halifax.

Dec. 7. The report that the military hospital at Rock head, close to the Narrows, had been destroyed and all, patients killed, proves untrue. Scratches and cuts from flying glass were the worst injury suffered by the patients with two exceptions, although the building was virtually wrecked. Pkut Farrell, "who Jeft Vfednes-day to join the army, hospital cdrps( failed" to pass, the physical examiria-tion at-Ft.

Sloeum and returned to his home in this Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament will be held at St. Bernard's church tonight at 7.30 o'clock. Confessions are also being heard this afternoon and. evening and tomorrow afternoon and' evening. EVERY BUILDING IN CITY DAMAGED.

Halifax, N. Dec. 7. Fires were still burning foday. in the sections of Halifax which were devastated by yesterday's disastrous munition ship explosion.

A heavy snow storm set in early this morning, seriously impeding the work of rescuing the injured and recovering the bodies of the dead. The snowfall, however, comes as an aid to the firemen in quenching the flames in the ruins. Special trains bringing doctors, nurses and medical supplies arrived here today from Moncton, Truro and Windsor. Other special trains have been sent with injured persons to Windsor and other places where there are large hospitals. There is wreck and ruin on every side.

Every building (Continued oh Pape Fifteen.) Tho Worcestejr North Savinfp Ib tUtuUon, 300 Mmln street, Depot Masses will, be celebrated at St. Bernard's church tomorrow morning at 6, 7, 8 aiid; 9 o'clock. The last, piass a high mass. The annual reception of new members into the Rosary and Children of. Mary societies square, is open ror pnBinen every (Continued on Page Fourteen) Saturday evening, from 6 to 8 o'clock, will be held in the- evening at 7.30 o'clock.

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