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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • 33

Raleigh, North Carolina
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THE NEWS AND OBSERVER RALEIGH SUNDAY MORNING JUNE 4 1939 oomeraogs and Blesses Booodoggli eluded Over 100 mnes or neeaea sa m'W" roads around Boone provokes mirth! Rivers newspaper publisher observed last week: "I have heard so much about WPA shovel-leaning I decided to find out about it for myself An excellent opportunity presented itself Across the street from my plant is a job being carried on JiiriteT rtrni tfwmlfflMt rimrn -fflMSSIi- rr lAmFn'f SSSl a Jwai x-" rJ 1 I At right of picture a few yards of the 102 miles WPA farm-to-market roads built in Watauga This one goes from the potate mountain section to Mabel Project -which raises and preserves tries making other jobs The money foodstuffs to supplement school paid WPA workers has been ttnred lunches fastest spending dollar ia the Clerical workers have Improved country All must go for food ren countv records and ianitorial serv- clothing and the like helping local merchants farmers for produce ice was furnished The most recently inaugurated women's activity has been matron wf 74 c- cvic- viff rt Ployables about 74 per cent are un service in school rest Athletic field stadium and boys' dormitory in background Appa- Mountain County Record is -quarried near -the town hauled a work program than to have a dole TTjTT to the strcet being repaired crushed system Many of our people have rYICThl' jflAr 1T wv and sPread the learned to be good rock masons and 'O KJfJXJl' II 1 rpA critics Win not derive much carpenters and will be able to stay "Boone-doggle" has become a streets and sidewalks have been fin- humor from another section of work on their feet in the future These peo-boomerane in Boone and Watauga ished in Boone Gragg the done in the town Avhich lent itself Ple w11 be better citizens and more County Remember "boondoggle?" town's mayor until last month has so readily to the satire The report independent than the men who re-The catch-phrase coining WPA work commented on the street work: lists the accomplishments on the ceive something for nothing program enemies could not resist the "We decided to start a project to im- campus of State-owned Appalachian "We are planning for even better pun prove the streets in the residential State Teachers College things in Watauga and we would be They thickly laid the jest on section which were in very bad There have been landscaping side- greatly disappointed if the works WPA in Watauga'i capital WPA condition Many of them could not walks and road improvements en- program should be discontinued" workers have been made the butt be traveled in winter-time and hancing beauty and usefulness of thia The most money spent and the of many jokes very dusty The project included sur- splendid educational institution most employment given on any work a nrt Et is-uprf bv facinS one and one-fourth miles The college's athletic teams dub- type has been the construction of McGnrs State WPA Administra" buiding culverts grading and build- bed the "Mountaineers" have a class secondary or farm-to-market roads girls high skilled Fitting the project to thi rooms labor types in Watauga is the reason to jobs at the only "trade" they why know Carefullv selected thev are ua3 IU4U lnn also accounts for higher sponsors called housekeepers' aides When funds on construction projects illness strikes the housewife in an The county is in WPA Area money there with which to hire 1 4- with Crutcnfiela area chief help to do the household duties vr-m engineer in command Crutchfield examined the McGInni report and commented "Watauga tor gives the jokesteers something WPA workers surfacing streets at Blowing Rock by a private "contractor The WPA is constructing a sidewalk which runs in front of my door Watching both groups carefully I would emphatically say that those receiving relief wages work as competently and as industriously as those on the private job" The work in Watauga has not been exclusively for men Nor has all of it been construction Worthwhile socially useful work has been carried on by the Professional and Service Division employing 86 women That brings up the essential differ has received its money's worth" rnt he continued "All of the accomplishments listed are the direct result of supplying jobs to the needy unemployed there The worker! have shown their appreciation by giving honest labor Moreover examination of any project will shor the workers have taken real pride in their work" "No doubt there has been lost motion in a program which developed so rapidly" stated WPA-man Mc-Ginnis "Imperfections are in the best organizations We have been constantly remedying them Judge WPA all in all good and bad lr to laugh off The comprehensive routine report shows WPA activities and accomplishments in Watauga County since the inception of the program in August 1935 to March 22 1939 At the latter date 446 men and women in" the county were working for WPA at the only jobs available for them The impressive total of one million two hundred thousand work hours have been provided the needy unemployed there entailing an expenditure of $796119 in Federal and sponsors' funds The endeavors disclosed by the report display a wide variety from bringing books to rural homes to the massive native stone high school building with a gymnasium and auditorium in Boone This building (see cut) is one of the 49 completed or now progressing projects in the iWi-SMajgaM' llfg 2CTTO3r li iZs'! us? Esffr rr ilrJtify -w 1 i 'N a Boone hospital Watausra Countv and vou will con- ence between the WPA work pro- gram and ordinary public work pro- public libraries have WPA assistants during tne wile incapacitation ine ciuce that 'Boone-doggle is now a grams The average work program In the book-mending unit discarded aides are sent to help "bridge over" boomerang" does not take into consideration that volumes are repaired and returned the distressed family do the cooking washing and all chores Maine to Mark Early Post The WPA "Bookmobile" now operating in Watauga pounty was one field on which to display their Pass over the humor in the high ing other streets The work Several noteworthy statistics are Augusta eurj-uxaou5niMci contained in Administrator McGin- the first trading post in Maine nis schedules Watauga has con- immediately after the Rrantin cf tha tributed 46 per cent of the total Kennebec Patent in 1628-29 pproxi-project costs The sponsors have so lately on the site of old Fort West-well considered the work which ern be memorialized by a brenza they selected to be done that they rk" whjch have contributed to it substantially Plans to Place there lts 1Mt Nearly 85 per cent Federal money spent has gone into the pockets of Chick Born With War Slg-n workers the balance for supplies and Tekamah Neb OJR) Charlia materials The major share sponsors' Buell hatchery owner here can tell funds is expended for materials and some wild-eyed yarns about hi equipment hybrid chicks One of his Austria This money has been immediately white hybrids was hatched out witri turned loose into trade channels a black on its back Some The material supply and equip- folks believe it's an ill -omen that achool building and look at some done speedily and we really hsve a prowess Naturally the main item is the other projects: good job and good streets which a 2500-scat steel and concrete A iLhool has been mentioned would not have been built hrd it stadium No the college is not an There is another one in Boone for not been for WPA After mature adjunct to its football team The that municipality's few Negro chil- thought and talking with a large sport is just a normal college ac-dren A school bus transports other number of people here we are high- tivity there Negro students from surrounding ly pleased with this project WPA of- On a hill immediately back of the rural areas There is another na- ficials have been very cooperative stadium is the nearly completed 65-tive stone school building at Mabel in helping a town that needed help" room boys dormitory Well de-stil- another at Valle Crucis and Water lines have been extended to signed rooms latest type heating a till another at Bethel and a six- sections which were not formerly plumbin" will place the brick build-room school addition at Blowing possessed of such facilities essential ing at par with the best student Rock to comfort and health Water project housing Here are excepts from a letter was in the "Boone-doggle" Unique is the manner in which Dr written some time ago by which stortcd the facts to show Dougherty Appalachian's pres-Walker surperintendem Watauga the costs much greater than they ident has taken advantage of WPA CourTv schools: actually were workers in the faculty's interest Al- ment money went to private indus- may bring war in the near future Watauga's new county office building Landscaped by WPA The mountain country folic have if women who are economic heads never had enough all-weather roads of needy families are not given work The majority WPA workers are un- the families become just as hungry skilled and live in the sections where as if male were the household the roads are built They have been head lifting themselves and their neigh- In return for economic security bors out of the mud School busses the women have worked and done mail carriers produce hauling to the following for Watauga: In a market may now go formed unlnter- sewing room women mostly trained rupted all year around on the 102 through WPA instruction have been miles of farm-to-market roads com- making garments with efficiency and pleted in Watauga The roads are at a productivity rate of which a of crushed rock quarried by other private employer might be proud WPA-ers Bridges and culverts are The 30000 articles made during If ill I I piacea wnere neeaea lnis enier- nearly iour years operation nave giXx 'L' -i prise sporisorcu uy me otcue xiigii- ureu uibiuuunu iu unucituivucu way and Public Works Commission families who have never had suffi- has used the best methods of road cient clothing School officials have building grading and draining in- said this has been the means of -a Mabel school Small white buildings at left are WPA-built "unmentionables" College WFA-built faculty homes Appalachian State Teachers to circulation A WPA "bookmobile" is making county rounds this month bringing books to rural homes and demonstrating the value of such Wvfl service Russians Utilize Music To Stir Up Patriotism1 WPA workers are now constructing sidewalks Our new school buildings of na- Also at Boone: The courthouse has tive stone are almost completed and been painted a craft industries shop i constructed Nearby helping to pre- behalf of the Watauga County Board serye the fish of Education and patrons of these harhprv ao nrima fri Ae JaHtat svi-sj In another important social fare branch 13 recreation leaders direct leisure time activities with a Moscow (Correspondence of The 1 Wmtf 3-228 monthly attendance teaching young and old the art of living to- I i ei a Associated Press) the striking pow velopment Relief workers have also repaired the county home and improved the public park With county functions becoming creater Watauffa founr? itself with tion for the splendid cooperation extended by WPA officials Only time can estimate the value of these modern structures er of the Red army much discussed and other handicraft is taught so that many may while away spare time interestingly profitably Still in humane practical trend WPA women workers prepare and serve hot school lunches to chil of late in London and Paris depends to some extent on the singing power of the Red army ensemble This musical-military organization full of inspiration pep and "Our new 20-classroom high school insufficient space in which to house building at Boone (sponsored by tne public health officer the county Appalachian State Teachers College) agCnt the home demonstration agent 12-classroom building at Bethel lhe pUDlic welfare department eight-classroom building at Mabel school superintendent and other six-classroom elementary building governmental agencies The new at Vslie Crucis and two-room ele- C0Unty native stone structure now mentary building for Negro children provides adequate offices A street- in Boone will replace 14 antiquated ipVPl basement in the rear besides rhythm seldom stays long in one dren who otherwise would remain frame buildings and will give about containing the heating plant is so r-1200 pupils use of school plants arranged to serve as a school-bus rquai xo me oesi in orm Carolina yi fa' 'J 1 IMuif lllilr v- The Boone high school keeping In school many formerly Inadequately clothed children Besides stretching lean family incomes morale and respectability have been maintained Sewing room by-products are equally important The women have been taught how to sew for their own families how to budget small incomes the rudiments of sanitation and personal hygiene the Red army ensemble made i self heard In the 11 years of its existence tha organization has collected and adapt ed more than 100 Red army swig Its repertoire also includes a can tata on Stalin various songs on Stalin and such stirring tunes ai "Flyers Strike From Heaven" "Many folk songs too have been collected and adapted by "members of the ensemble songs of the Far East the Ukraine Transcaucasia Yes they also sing the "Volga Boatman" Men drawn from every branch ct the armed forces are in the Red army ensemble It was just a small chorus when it was organized ia 1928 but now it consists of 250 pick ed performers drawn from infantry cavalry aviation tank corps artillery and the navy Wherever a soldier sailor or airman is reported to be packing 'em in the aisles at amateur performances he is looked over as possible material for the ensemble Professor Alexandroff ensembla director has trained the singera ia operatic choruses from the works of Verdi Wagner Gounod Kaydn and Tchaiowsky Foreign listeners ct course like best to hear the organization in its typical Russian numbers At the Paris World's Fair in 193T the Red army ensemble made a successful tour abroad performing not only in Paris but in Lille Lyon Prague and other cities Twenty-four members of the ensemble including Professor Alexandroff have been decorated by the Soviet government for artistic and atriotic Valle Crucis schooL Eight teachers on the Adult Edu- In dollars and cents these schools are worth more than the money spent about half of which was furnished by sponsors "Watauga's new schools are of native stone and native timber Relief worker went into the forests and cut out the timber into the hills and quarried the stone into stream beds and sifted the sand Thus unskilled laborers contributed in large measure to the finished project There has been no evidence of dissatisfaction among WPA workers assigned to these buildings All of my visits have found them in happy mood each taking noticeable pride in his accomplishments glad to have the charce of earning his living "Not only are communities with new school buildings being benefited by Works Progress Administration all other communities in the countv are being aided by the coun- TA trr fTncrin tinman m0rC Ul3n hkC fTOITl)? pj resources these teachers now have with empty stomachs Such a class enrollment of 427 adults tak- lunches by the thousands have gone ing advantage of an opportunity to nourish Watauga children The which for various reasons was not food is donated by civic organiza-had by them in their youth tions and local governmental bodies Also among the so-called "white Many certified as eligible for work collar" group 11 especially trained relief know how to farm but have no women are conducting various li- land to till They have been as-brary service units Four school and signed to the Gardening and Canning Women workers producing clothing for the needy place Highly mobile it is thrown into action at strategic points where spiritual support is needed a sort of shock-troop Americans will get a sample of the music produced by its chorus of 250 men when it goes to the United States in September or October The singers will appear first at the Soviet pavilion at the New York World's Fair probably also at the San Francisco fair and in many other cities When Soviet troops clashed with the Japanese at Changkufeng in last summer's vestpocket border war the Red army ensemble was on the job behind the Russian lines their patriotic songs mingling with the noise of battle They have visited army barracks in all parts of the Soviet Union taking music to naval bases and frontier posts The ensemble also serves where big construction jobs are in progress or where other important work needs pushing In the Siberian gold fields in the Donetz Basin on the Turkestan-Siberian building job tv-wide school repair project n-rorph this nroiert manv rural ara8e This needed facility was built ways an acute dwelling shortage by 100 Per cent relief labor' i5 uP-to-date brick or native out roofs ceilings and floor re- As a further contribution to pub- stone homes for faculty use corn-paired When this work has been lie health a thoroughly modern hos- Pi the project Nine houses are completed every child in Watauga Pital started under prior Federal completed Work soon commences County will have been helped in his work has been finished by WPA on the other six or her effort to obtain an educa- In the same trend many health President Dougherty evaluating tion by WPA It is not possible for hazards have been eliminated by WPA in Watauga including the me to picture to you in words the placing 310 sanitary pit privies school said "These buildings were deplorable condition of our schools throughout rural areas not possessed splendidly designed and have been before the WPA work program be- of sewerage systems Thus dangers built in the most substantial way gas None of the improvements to water-well pollution have been attracting attention and commenda-made would have been possible with- erased tion of all those who see them The CRASH BLOCKS FIREMEN JUST AS ALARM SOUNDS Amesbury Mass kUPJ A building was burning the fire alarm had sounded but firemen at the Elm street station were stymied For jurt as the alarm sounded the automobiles of Stanley Zelski and Allen MaeKenzie collided in front of the station They locked effee-ely blocking egress The alarm was relayed to another out WPA assistance" The famed resort Blowing Rock money that has been spent for these ai cf the schools mentioned in has obtained from WPA workers buildings will have a value for these tf "v- a- ruenacnt waiKers letter have besides the school addition a well- yet unborn Our people are greatly been completed planned playground and over two pleased Approximately three mile miles of streets surfaced The stone "It is better vastly better to have Bethel achooL station wiw mK.

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