Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1928
Page 11
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of Cftsimfrr* are tw (ton rftfi! f:r*dil ^riling This PUHTV is STinS.hrr s»**p in thf toward th FORD Mrsrt'M TO BE -ct>rr thr- cTi'rfll bijilrtm? of rhf trrrwp hind fhf hnilflinp-s. Fiv» HAM.,-. TT-,!-: if" JTrul fro fhf Fftrt! rr>?!r T fi 0 !) fit r:'*lv Find MiKfitm nf >'.<•'.r nrly Amenf.!) viiricr will h* . tie CommPTTT> Division of Mir- ?Jr- i pssrtownt (if Oomrri<"Tf ! " I* rrmlhnB '• (Kit (iuft?!rps So Hi" rrt-'iif<' i r t ; of tfss naUon. A Urt-t' Mipplv of ih"-^ tflWWrt-ionrmirrs arr available si thf ! lOCftl Assorts t ion of Cmnmr-rrr offier. ' The work Is Swing rarrfrd mi nn-' it*r tJw joint ftuq>kfs of the DC-- ! p»rtntf;it of CommPiT* and u»? Mm- 1 ' ttenal Retail em!H Association.: with a membership fhtrmehout ttip country of morp than 18.000. Mem- btrs of the National Retail Crrdit Aflnctatton «re ureirm the retailer's fill in the qurstlonnairrs as com- ns irm credit methods and their result'; is likely to Induce many bene- chnnpes tontrlbwllng toward living €o<=<s for consumers and « hrMer hal«nro for tradesmen. Ac- rordir.K to ,T. n. Hewitt, president , of the National Rp'ni! Credit, As- sorirtlioii, retail pairs now npproxi- rnnte §40.000,000.000 a year. GO per cent of which involve credit in some form. The survey h cau.vd by a serious lark of reliable information regarding credit, nnd consequently many concliision.s nn- Ijfln^ rrachpd xvhic}] mp t y b^ fnl.^f and^ rvrn Rrrou-i. H i.'. a!w> frit that inforrna- tioii of thi,.; typ*' should be collected by ,1 Bovrrnmcntal agency so that the nvnil!-. can i>r mndc rcadllv Availnhlp to fvpiy one on an Impartial basis with absolute n^r.tir- anrr thnl, tho wparnto returns of Hrni.'; and indlyidiials win br li")' 1 strictly confidential. <\n», — principal ., ,-.,,. ! ha«?d upon three major ; rush tTAnsuctionK, open cn*dii. snd ' at?" ( 3'.!».'<; ; deferred or lnst»Hnwnt p«ymrnt«.-. ', *s to i'^ roMmin^-."- »rr ; Other cruestlons rrl»te to th* 1 'month-''ip'in r-K-" r-:-:r : ,--:n I; : M I ?y Ij^lsncr, roIJpf*K*;n fc , b-^f! i?M7i^' t^*-- 7 . j and the detailed B^rniniM?niton nf. |» ;~ ^- u ] ,>,„. ., rrt _.,, credits. ,,f our ,„,.,, ,., ri .... 0 , |( . ci ' Inforrnntion of HIG frp" indicrtfrd ^''"(1 tinnvi (.!;i- rrt;>i! i ; if Hdeqttnte. returns can b° .^Tnrcd'' urf - ' ! '•> !!-''i' x >! that. j from the country as a whole. wiiS br, ''ondurtrd surir-y of rr :of mibntnntial JmiJortancf In «.tahi-''•onriiUo- on :*'» ^istJ.'H-;«Mi l«l IJnjmifRnCv [H STan',- * ' *' '^' - -•'i*'* i'flfl piru-JC'' 1 isjllrlnif business. It. will not only be 'h" b;r-;jK-i rnrn ii'lf-ju H Imtnimrntni in R<:M&Unic the nir'srls- *" !)n l j ' p ifirt;i to rren'-i'^ >'I ant. to dfcrPflf-e th? lo«.sr<; n r .,-'>ctnfr<i "f b»i.Mnr:t,«i wish t-ifrty d with n largf proportion of todav'-; '"wnrlv exp.indii'..- t»: cmdlt trnttsaction.*; but win tn?i!)! r ' C;1 "ii;l :unry «.! i},,< ; with n largf proportion of todav'-; t:in;niriv expand!!'..: credit trnttsaction.*; but win ct!?i!)! r ' C;1 "ii;l :unry «.! i},,< ; i him to pas-i on the resultant K.iin- • rr ^ r f!t; pro'-jv-iitv in :ir jto (he consumer in the form "f 'on-i --, er prices. " ; Th^-te nrc m~re th No r,ystcmatlc study h;j-. tvrrr, . nrrrr, of u*\-;nu'-: nrrirr made of the retail credit field in, in Ainmn,. ; I Judge Leech Shows No Mercy For Bootlegger ink" \Vi!lmm L. T.^erh of Dixon ' h'-l.-l r'.urt in Rrsck Island thr j foie pu! oi tin?. n-*>ek. fined William iWnkri.ind of R,x!S I.slnnd M(K) ami ••til ycnrf, Isj ens! , , in R liquor chnme. With a frw n carefully: linuvr ^tir-tum wotild -;oon \K TN tail credit'tlrd. - nill civf! _._. -^--,,1. 'u^p'^i"! Nibble a Roll At Bedtime !<> our con-! W'ifrJv people and those with le?- . ~;ti'-v«. /v'-fi'-d phyr,|rnl aetivlty should rat n 'lioukl B '" J ' Ii'xnfive fruit Roll nt In-d-' ; time They keep tho orpans of jrhniinafion flctinu in a normal way. 000000'^' at ' r l! " nl an old-time? prescription r-itt'i-nMnn i P y I:1IX! "'- toRetlier fsp.'. raMtis. , r.i|t,iw,lon|i ra , r ,. |, :ilks nnd corrcctivrs> ,,, rv l _J_ arr ;! lrf;lt ! " r:lt - DnKrpiKf.-?.—Adv. •'If! , U)(T. '•tl C WOMEN OFFICERS.—Out in the "wild and woolly west'' the'law is enforced by women in at least one Texas county. Above nre Sheriff (Mrs.) Matilda Stevens of Bexar county. San Antonio, nnd (with the gun) Mrs, Cecilc Newton, deputy sheriff. Trticy were prominent at the recent 50th annual convention _gOJi£ Tents fihenIC&-aaaociatlan— Vse WNSUME for SoreJIuaat Scrioua trouble may develop through neglect o! sore throat. Take no chances. Take a dose or two ,of Torwiline as soon as you notice irritation, inflammation or difficulty in swallowing. For over 30 jesr*. TmuiHru! has been recommended, sold and used lor thta one ailment—•nothing «?!»<• ~ted losr tibia pur PEW it has given Batisiaokax. At Tonr droff- -_- sfa&M. "\^c^nA rt£v- - _„ ". »*«f it*«». jx. mo WK, Hospital Society Jjraftd C/ot/ies IfeNatkmai _BW-iQMaajHi LINE Our Costume Jewelry Makes It Easy To Look Attractive Strictly New, Up-to-Pate Patterns so Reasonably Priced. Coslume Jewelry, Strictly New and Up-to-Date • • • --.-.-:•:•- r~.T. 35c, S9c, 69c, 7Sc yew barrings, i>endants and drops— 25c, 39c ' Ernad Necklaces, link chain and pendants, several colors ......... ............. ............ ,75 C Dress Buckles, plain and jewel set.^ftr, S9c, 69c Women's Belts— Fancy grains and bright colors are the vogue; narrow, medium and wide widths ; black, red, tan, green and gold ....... .29c, 59c, 69c Pretty New Collar and Cuff Sets ............ €9c Wonderful New Pouch Rml Leather Hays, priced -at- ...... ...... LOO, 1M SUk Scarfs, rayon, baronet satin, long or triangular shapes. These are very popular now. Priced ' !n L't * ' *** y * •**' S > 2 ^ s Children's Hats and Tarns, the very newest and pi-iced so very rea- S *! ter> * a ^ two outstanding num- Don't forget a* are hfadgaerter* far gifts tor ufdiltiiiji, showen and bridge. " .......... "''~''" Our Answer is—A Suit witli Jreak Lapels ~ ~ ~ When a young man approaches us witK troubled couuteuaace, am! says lie's tired of tkc style of clothes he's keen wearing, and wants something really different— we answer hy showing him the suit shown here. A "peak lapel" style (see diagram) which is becoming immensely popular tnia Fall. Trim, vigorous—-a splendid example of the Society Brand cut, © S.xiety Brand The suit referred to: a two- button coat; broad •boulder*t trim waist. Note tbe pointtsd or " peak'' chape of tbe Upcbi. In fuw, sturdy fabric*— $45-$50 Frwtklin Stare No, <*»*« Singly breasted, notch lapels, box back/Imagine beautiful woolens tailored into a top coat with all the distinction, the flawless cut, that Society Brand is noted for. The«e are the top coats we have here. 45.00-50.00 Frank Schohle' s Hats But it should be a Schoble. The "Downiim Street" is one of the really new styles. Step in and try one on— then wear it home. ULLIVAN Ak SCM> Our- 'Mem- Fall Mer l's Work Shirt A ., s«v -n^i 70^ *• • "? ' i- = i - •• - - - - «' * » * "A 4 .L r i j g . . fy 1 !' . to 17. -.•-•-,•- ...,.,• Men's Broadcloth Shirts ,. £1.00 (iennino brnarlrlntb, solid vvhifr or f nn A* ':><<}^ • } ,.,!!-,,. .. - -,, 'Sizrs 11 to 17, ----..-. Boys' Shirts ,... 5f)e and H r) c Fast color percale with collars attached. Si/f.: IH ;,, j f, ,\ real valnr. Boys' Knickers ^ f ,f {} Assorted i;rey and brown mixture. Two ..-id-- ]:•,-:-•• : ;-M, pocket, 4 belt loops. Sizes 7 to 14, ' EXTRA SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Super Rayon .-.. .$1.00 Beautiful, heavy knit rayon. A big assortment <>f woman's bloomers, panties, shorties, children's combinations, etc. A~- softcd colors. The values are way above the oniinarv. s--u these at Wunderlicirw Saturday. Your Dollars By Buying At The Store of Wonder Values Quality at Low Prices NEW is- ^£.Ji*sl'»" & Modem Coats i for the Modem Miss 'IPHE young Miss with a large outlook -*- and a small allowance chooses her coat here and achieves style and dignity on a limited income* »^ Our showing of popular priced coats quite outdoes all. of our previous efforts to give much for little. No less is it true of frocks than it is of coats. To select your frock at the Abbott Shoppe affords you style, dignity, quality, all that you picture f or yourself in contemplating the purchase of a coat or frock. Be prepared for the Autumn sports that are upon us. Be ready to go well dressed in coat and frock to those games which afford such added delight when you know you are^pprooriatoly dressed. t Be prepared for those Autumn parties by lu- ting yourself into one of our lovely transpaivnc velvets or lovely satins. In a word shop often here, where sina-Hiv, htisuiialir v ,•..„! a studied knowledge of the fitness of fasniims uiakos iis.'iir N>' serve you and worthy of the confidence wo have built Tip l'i u •<''*'* community. New things coming la every day—iu-w coals urn! n-jiv'fKv'-..^" Just waiting for you. 1

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