Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 7
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Vosy Agents Turn on Heat In Chicago Police Scandal (Continued Pfom Page 3) oi the Chicago Tribiine, "Those thieving cops buried me so badly with their ishakedowns I never had a chance. They had no heart, no feeling for anyone. "They bleed you dry and leave laughing. I have ttiofe respect for a stickup noan or a gangster. At least you know where you stand with them." It Was Expensive He told of passing five $100 bills to patrolman Frank Greenwich (since convicted) in the washroom of the Austin headquarters; of how his customers were harassed with parking tickets and identification checks when he hesitated to come across with a payoff for a 4 a.m. license; of his eventual initiation into the $100-a-month club. "I cosponsored the Austin dii»- trict police Softball team," King said. "That cost me $300 a year. I cosponsored a setnipro football team on which several police played. One thousand dollars it cost. "I even got arrested for having a few cops in my place a few minutes after the closing hour —and I got shaken down $300 to square that beef involving drunken cops an4 theu* playmates." Thompson has said he does not automatically subscribe to bumper i^tickers which say "Support Your Local Police." Such a sticker, Thompson said, presumes "that local po* lice are worth supporting. If it reflects the atutude that the police ftre alweyi right, then the sticker is trofig." The prosecufiif. elaborated on the theme in an interview this spring. The city of Chicago, by the peculiar nature of its political structure, is partly to blame for what has happened to its police department, Thompson said. Single Rule "Chicago is one of the few towns left which has been under the domination of one pollt' icai party for 50 years," he said. "It really doesn't make any difference that that dohiination has been by the Democratic party. If the domination had been by the Republican party I dare say we would have had the same problems in the city. "But 50 years of one party rule breeds corruption, breeds cynicism, breeds indifference and breeds arrogance on the part of public officials. "You can't expect policemen to remain Simon-pure when ''The most important thing we'Jt ilg tgd«| Y Jf ^ifl your prescription!" ClARKDRUG 1440 N. Henderson 342-4169^ • they see ward coRimitteemen getting their shares and judges getting their shares and alder men getting their shares^but they turn around and say, 'But you policemen on the beat, at the bottom of the ladder, you can't tAke, you can't shake any* tNNiy down, yott cin't make an ettn few buck! tt week.' "That's not human nature. No Excuse TiNlay "If you contrast the life a policeman's had with the life a politician had 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago then you can have sympathy for po* licemen who, when they saw the fat cats getting it, they got theirs, too. "But there is no excuse for that today. We've reached the point in society where being a policeman is a decent, honor able job, well paid, well trained and it should be respected. But we're not going to have that latter until the force can demonstrate that they have on theh* own done everything tney can to weed out those who are corrupt and brutal. "It's only because I've worked in law enforcement so long and I've worked So intimately with the Chicago Police Department in my 13 years as a lawyer, because I've got so many friends on the force and I respect the Chicago Police Department that I want to do what I can to help it durhig its time of trouble. "And you don't help it by ignoring corruption or sticking your head in the saiid or looking the other way." Doesn't Want Job Nevertheless, Thompson professes he wants to get out of the business of putting Chicago policemen in jail. "Why should we have to fool around making interstate commerce elements do it when the state has adequate laws against bribery?" he aaid. "To the extent that we do it to the exclusion of local authorities we help weaken local law enforcement. We shouldn't be a crutch forever. "Integrity in law enforcement is primarily a local responsibility. You're never going to have permanent'reform of a police department until the leaders of local government say, 'We Want reform and we're going to insist on it. We'll demand it.'" EtuterRim DratD2fi00 At AUo Ptus ALto pm, fli, (tin) Seine 2,000 worshippers guided their cars up the winding^ tour- mile mountain toad in n bM mg raini («rm Sunday to attend the 37th annual Easter Sunrise Service at the foot of an Ill-foot croM percfied atop Baid Khob Mountain in the Southern nii^ noi^Ozarks. Carj« 8^ pfl the rain-slicked gravel road and monumenta traffic jams clogged the route from Alto Pass to the mountain* top. Many of the worshippers left their cars and walked to the peak, where they huddled under umbrellas or took shelter in cars that had successfully negotiated the road. The Rev. William H. Lairely, one of the fotiiadersof the Bald Knob Mountain Crois Prtject, spoke on the life of Christ. Worshippers were treated to a weather spectacle as they watohed two thunderstorms approach the mountabitop simultaneously from the northwest and the southwest. When the service was over, farm tractors Kaiiled out cars bogged down in the mud and Explorer Troop No. 200 from Springfield helped state police unsnarl traffic. 'Quixote'(Continued From Page 6) with passion and cold logic, by Alex Segal, lay the groundwork, through motivating incidents and character revelation, for the showdown we know will come when the husband discovers his wife's eight-year affair. Finally, there we are, in the couple's bedroom as the showdown unfolds, as -another contemporary dramatic walpur- gisnacht takes place between husband and wife. And, lo and behold, we discover that Bergman, at least in this work, has nothing very original to say on the subjects of extracurricular marital activities or false values in lifestyles. This in itself is not a dramatic failing—perhaps there is, in the end, nothing new to say on these subjects. But if that is the case, then a playwright must sustain and elevate our interest by putting some marvelous words in the mouths of the performers. This does not happen in the showdown scene in "The Lie." Qolesburfl Register-Moil. Galtsburo. III. Monday. Aoril 23i im f' KfoticC - - - Midwest Admiral Empjayees Si 'Mml SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION KAIN km CHERRY STREETS GALESBURG. 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