Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1928
Page 10
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1 4 *• & <%, - ,- •>- p r f m Johnson, Stiffen TV £< .Attack, Car Into R jn, or?. 5 .-r,p r . ris! >.-—Trumen .Tohn.^nn, ntrrcl ' 7-1 yrnr*. ft prominent larrnT rrstdinc' fwr> mtli»?s north nf Hi" r;fv jinti-rxl nway .euddenJr «f 3-30 o'r !(•>•• t rt> ThurprlST jsffprnrx-in from h*-s>rt rli«- th» rinf-kSr?."? nf the when take?) U) and Icwt control of his CRT. whirli era MTV! Into a tre-r. T^rn ^ifne^.T" to the srf-i^rf* Mrs. Frnnk OrwmwaH nnrf Mi*. Helfn Put ertmuRh. tmhed to the n*- Rtsta.rtce of Mr. Johnwn and found htm in a dying condition, Thrv summoned a doctor hut, when h* arrived Mr. Johnson had breathed, h! c last ami was pronounced dead, i Mr. Johnson had suffered from i heart dis?».s» for a number of ye<u<; hut his illnrns had never been ol a serious nature. Hr was ferlinc nil right when he left home Thursday afternoon to com? to town on pome business. The deceased was a prominent farmer in this community nnd farmed north of the rity for manv yearn. Recently he had retired nnd renter hie tend, aHhcwn ftr- f-on- tinued to live on the home nlarr > ,.,,.,, , ,, , ,, Mr. Johnson was the only surviving | ', „ , ° , /, ortll ™ m j[ n * *»nr«nl* Rovprnor's ball air pictured hrrc. At the upper left Is ? member of his family. A brother ~" " " nnd sister, Charles Johnson nnd Mrs. Ira Olmstead. preceded him in death several yearn ago, nbo first wife and a daughter'. The <>!>Jv survivor !K a widow. 'The funeral will he held Sunday rln tllnrs lr - hrlci nrrfl tonight, uov- of commander Richard E afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home cnior Harry Mood Byrd find five ex- ! Polar exploration fame two miles north of Millcdcevllle. ' " ' ,~cili IT >»-r ERIE Knc, !!L, Oct. S—'Speci&U —Mrs.! G-orgg Wli^eiock returned Tuesday 1 f.rnlrui from a visH in the home of! M--. *ml Mrs. Burl A. L&rig-don fit i w.tmetfce. m. While, there she at-j iriicJed Ibe marriage of their daugh-' trr Vcrxrta to Lyman p. Newton Risers Park, which occurred Sat- • urday evening in the CongrcgnUonal' ehurrh at Rogers Park, the brideV former home. Immediately after Uv»' icremany the bridal party which numbered seventy-, five irft for the. Langdon home in WilmeMe where a ; reception was held. • Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marvel left! Thursday for Wessington Springs, S. Dakota where they will visit in the home of the. former's brother. I Peter Meighan and Howard Bark-1 man returned Thursday from Bachtis. Minn., where they had been on a| n.Miinx ti'lj'/. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Finnicum and ron left Thursday for Osakls, Minn.,! will bo guests of Mr. i .. _ , , __ , . _ . ....... ........ Frank Echclbcrgcr. j :'V.. Oct. 5-The clock [ Perhaps the most noteworthy of, and other numbers of Colonial! Chicken thisves are again at' -Ms m be turned back 200 years when:" 11 thc Kuest.s will be Mrr-. William times. jwoik in this community. Arthur) fiisf : 'Kuu-rnors baH" of "mbd-t?:;?^ d ,' )f WfJ»mond.-who is the- Solw TrarntanT, ty uebutanlea w ii]j?.Tanin of 5piln« Hill recently had; follow, after which there will be n~' stolen. A year ago In Jury hcj of general dancing until early morn- a ' M) had a large number stolen. ; ins. ! Byron Smith has improved William r. Hyrd. E r,mbr,nther of Gov. Harry Flood Byrd a nd CommandVr Rlchart F" ByrdT Be O V irft to ThT lT 1Cft , Th ' art- MIM Kalhrrinp Lrr. "Old Dominion" beauty; Gov. Byrd; Lady Nancy Astor. * ^ whrrr U '^' «.,.i .t ..I, ^.. r- ~« _ . . .. ! niul ^irs. r 3 numbers of Colonial! . A. E. Ulrich, pastor of the Methodist church, will officiate and interment is to be in the Millcdpe- ville cemeterj-. SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR RALLY DAY AT CHADWICK CHURCH governor-; of Virginia will head the! Tne fivc ex-govemors of Virginia' Mrs. Charles P Le* president of list of honor guests. The ball has 1 ?, , are tobc honored are A. J. the Virginia League of Women Vot- lx;c 1Yln kle. ... , Henry ers. will head the receiving line, and Westmoreland Davis and her daughter. Miss Katherine Lee. n i typical "Old Dominion" beauty, will born arraiiRed by the Virginia Lea- Kue of Women Voters. i • The f rt ,iu)u.s folk who are to at-j One thousand couples will particl-'dance" ™*. P at * 'I 1 . the Krand Inarch - Th»s is to! Major Neals. thc grand if the ball, is the and r-plcndcr to V.rgmia's Colonial marshal f the —Preaching spsisr-a^f^jSM^^ evening at 7:30. Rev. j o EllerU~~ ~ ~^^~L ~~'^~1?^ -5^yS?^"-^- w ^4ANNOUNCTM[ENfW- "' Class of religious instruttlon on Saturday evening at 7:30. or- i aider., in- aJr corps officers of high rank and state and •lead a figure forming the tetter V. CHURCH SERVICES 9:30 a. m day program 10:30 a. «: preaching rally! and communion service. Rev. J. G. Eller will preach. 6:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor service, topic, "Workers Together With God." led by the stewardship committee. 7:30 p. m. preaching, sermon by the pastor, Rev. F. W. Deutsche. Sunday revival meetings will begin. Services will be held each cven- FAREWELL PARTY FOR RELATIVES WHO HAVE VISITED HERE!REPORT EXCELLENT Gait. 111.. Oct. 5—(Special.) — Aj delightful social affair was given at i CROPS IN S. DAKOTA Oct. 5.—i Special) announcements of the Pro- phet-sUHvn Lutheran church include Sunday school at 10'o'clock. Mor- - ..__ „..,.. „., ning services in thc Swedish lang-1 tlle Iwme of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Prophetstown, Oct, 5.—(Special) so much that the services of Miss Reed,' the trained nurse who has been in! attendance since he came from the hospital in June are no longer required. She returned to Moline Thursday. An all day meeting of the Sharon . Aid society was held Thursday at the home of Mrs. Charles Withrow with n pirnie dinner at noon. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hamplon and family and Joseph Petitjean left Wednesday on a motor trip to MU- Prlor to the ball, groups of guests *«uri. Allen Pratt and daughter. Mrs. Albert Miller returned Thursday from a week's visit in Oak Park, 111., in-thc-tiotntr-tjf-thc—former's—son Thurston Pratt. Marshall Maust and Mr. and Mrs. Will Grant and daughter, Gladys of Vernon, 111., were recent guests in the home of the former's daughter. f»« f r.* tri- Tn of tl-J- l rf with tmrt of had th« Kngiand, Hew York separation proved to b tlw from the Union. It thc party's swan son*. Opposition to She "Virginia dy- nse'ty" WR.S hotter than ever when Jefferson and Madison backed Mon; roe for nomination in 1816. It w*» 1 *" . 5 " t ^ nn) - for Wilar revolt ! against the power o f the New Enjr- i Innd clergy wn-; breaking up the la«t federalist strone-hold. Monroe barely teat Crawford of Groreia at the congressional caucus. »n Institution OT incrranine: unpopularity. There was no election contest Of 19 states, only Massachiuwtss, Connecticut nnd Delaware chose federalist electors bv lenislat.ive action THE BURR-HAMILTON DUEL-—Rival love for a woman—not political bitterness alone—Is blamed by (some historians lor the due3 between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr which cost the former his life. The hatred between these men was so great that Hamilton ones switched to the support of his arch political enemy, Thomas Jefferson, in order to defeat Burr's election to the presidency. Burr is showfl above, Hamilton below. v-y j« - t , - —• T. ,— «».« r o > <->h*jnr,« V* QhAVOVO Richmond debutantes will be received by the governor and will dance the minuet. Mrs. Byrd, at the executive mansion Johnson has prospered since j south. I uuge nt 11 o'clock. Evening services (Allen Tuesday evening. It was a in the English language at 7:301 farewell for Mrs. Leonard Hosford of Portland. Oregon, and Mrs. Earl McKerg of Auburn, Wash.. Who hava o'clock. . The Ladies Aid Society meets Saturday at 2 o'clock at the home of Mns. Martin Johnson. The aid has changed its meeting day from Wednesday to Saturday. The Luther League ing at 7:30 o'clock, except Saturday. „ V™ Llltl ! p , r Lc " gue mccts next Rev. S. G. Eberly, pastor of the f " day ,"' sht nt t8 o'clock at the llol>u ' of Johnson. Evangelical church. Polo. 111., will be present on Monday evening and will preach and will assist in the campaign. The rally day program at the Hope Evangelical church at 9:30 a. m. Sunday will be as follows: Soag, „ . TT , , Fcnton U. B. Church Kcnton. 111.. Oct. , r ).— Bible school 10 a. m : morning worship 11 a. m.. .subject. -riip IMHTOI of the Church's ,., v , Power:" ChriMian Kudcavor at 7 ? K , y , Arra 5" ;.of tne Ip. m.. topic. "Wos-ken; Together ' C«od." 1 Cor. 3:l-;>. consecration nicetinp. Pojuilnr evening service at Rev. J. o. Neal, pas- Young" No. 194. school. Recitation. "A Courteous Welcome," Jean Schreiner. Recitation, "A Happy Rally Day", Irene Gatrell. Scripture reading, Don Harris. Prayer, by Mrs. Deutsche, Mr Kamga.- Mr. Imel. Selection, men's chorus. Dialogue by three beginners-, Phyliss Harris. Pearl Deutsche, Pnu! Mackey! Recitation, "Don't Shirk," Vernon Bashaw. Motion tong. '-All For primary children. Dialogue, "God's Book', by four boys. Dialogue. "Interpreting Duty " by Hazel Halzelit and Frances sVhrti- ner. Song. "Rally Day Hn.- Come Again", by primary children. Diolague, "A Little Gentleman Calls,"-Vera Meikle, Allen Pont- nank. Exposition on Suiiday school Te.s- tson by Mrs. Chas. Spealman and Mrs. Albert Schreiner. I i :45 o'clock, i tor. been visiting relatives and friends in Sterling and this vicinity. There were several tables of "50Q", Mrs. Ralph Allen and Arthur McCue were the winners of the high scores. A delicious two course lunch was served by the hostess to the thirty relatives and friends who at- I tended. Both Mrs. Hosford and Mrs. | McKerg left today. The former for Long Beach, Calif., where she will visit her brother, Floyd Besse and the latter for Lima. Ohio, where she will spend u few days with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Hattie Hedger and family before going on lo New York to visit friends. — Pierce Moore and Mrs. Moore, who have Just recently returned from near Bismarck, South Dakota, report having a good time during their! they YiacTbeen Mrs. Thomas Carpenter. Mrs. Chas. Hoover and Mrs. Glenn Hiiggins of Albany were callers in the home of Mrs. Minnie Mason Thursday. The ladies were on their home from stay of some two weeks in that sic- j John Hahn and Erwln lion of country. Mr. Moore says j returned Thursday from that the crops near Bismarck are Springs, Mo,, where they had spent tlio t«i.c» tr» voarc nnrf *V,- („.,,« »_(.»._ t . . ""-J "*m aj^iit. ,, ' e , in years GALT AND COMO BRIEFS G:Mi and Como. 111., Oct. 5 — 'Hprcial.' —Mrs. Ernest George and Mr.v Oitsie.-;eii of Nelson were dinner KIN-MS Thursday at the Onno OFFICERS ELECTED BY MYSTIC WORKERS Hton home. Mr:-. P.ail MrDcsu-mon and son JCMIS." tersoa hoint 1 lor a \iMt ill moturrd to the Charles Patin L'htick' Wednesday a irw days, iix Aiidn-u- isumley from north su-r-mt; -spent the duy Tuesday at the Mr. to her home Wednesday after a two ' Shonl.s lann. C.anor 01 Chicago returned the home of Mrs. Fenton. 111.. Oct. 5.—The Mystic Worker Lodge elected officers at a meeling-JiLihe.- town- Jiall -Tuesday night. The Juvenile lodge met with them. The following are the officers elected: Prefect. S. C. Given; monitor. Mrs. Rena Barnhard; sec- the best condtion. He says the relatives they visited are in high glee and they have no kick coming. Mr. Moore thinks it a great country. He says .that the fuel question does not bother them as they have shale coal in abundance and will be for many years to come. He says that the coal is pulverised and treated and then made into bricks making it much more com- buitible and much more desirable for handling. in • the two weeks. FENTON BRIEFS Fenton. 111., Oct. 5—(Special.) — Edear Grossman, and Carl Walkms were business callers in Morrison Wednesday night. John Jackson sustained a painful blow on the head when a Jarge railroad spike was hurled through the ah- as a result of & glancing blow while Carl Watkius was attempting to drive it into a railroad tie. They 'Two of nature's pollen carriers are insects and wind, but in the forest wind docs by far the greater amount of the work. retary, Mrs. Maggie Florence; mar- were engaged in raising the track at Mrs. George Hall mo- j Barnhard. shal, Mrs. Francie Bealer; hanker, E. G. Forth; Warden. Albert Barnhard; sentinel, Floyd Black; supervisor for one year, Mrs. Beulah Black; supervisor for three years, T. J. Hogarth; auditing committee. Mrs. Nora Keegan and Mrs. Rena Recitation, -your Part." Harold Stone r. DHeruig and remaiks. Rev. F. Jieuische. Recitation. "God's Wonderlul Library." Beula Hartman. Selection, mu/s clion:-. weeks' \i Hobillaid. Mr. and toit-d tu New Bedford Sunday and! Installation of officers will bs .-pt'iit th? day with Mr. Hall's moth-!held in the town hall Oct. 16. At «-,-Mrr: Anna' Hall. ! the closc^of"the" mEettng-sandwich- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cassens and jes. doughnuts and coffee were served. dttughtt-r Margaret of Call mid Mr.! . and Mrs John Cassens und son of STOPS FOR VISIT Woodlawu motored lo Tampico Sun- V i day ' ; 1 Mr.* Surah Smith and daughter; Mu.s Ha^l motored to Morrison I INT PEOPHETBTOWN Prophetstown. Oct. 5.—(Special) dunday and visited at the Jo* Delp'— Mrs. Frank Johnson of Aberdeen, r-;;o:-HETSTOWN BRIEFS Prophetitown, IllinoS Or? ;i 'Special i- Mis. F. P. U,,<i!.,v ;.. a hospital in Clinton u!ur</ >hc taking treatments. Mr. and Mrs.'. V. U. Oin^u.u! < the time of the accident. Mrs. J. K. Likes fell Thursday morning, bruising her hips and arm and sprained her hand which causes her much pain. Estel Neal motored to Clyde Thursday afternoon and brought home his wife., who is teacher at , the Franklin school. Neal ii ill and uriabie to teach. Mrsr Carrie — Wright — and Din Forth motored to Clinton Thursday to see L. D. Wright, who is in the hospital. that 1 . , II!I '' H! - . jMiss.. well known in -.,.. , Mr and Mr.-, Ira Khont.s were din-j by many of our people, paid Uiis JUT riuM;, Sunday at the home of; city a visit on her wav home from Mi-.v Emma Partridge in Hume. i Rochester, Miss where she had been' -J-"^!:^' .Mrs. Miilmcia Wilkinson, who Siasjwith her son, LeRoy, who went 1 -x-t-ii in POM- hiMlth for some time; through the clinic at the hospital j Sterling public I Mrs. Johiiion left the son with 1 NO suca LUCK. WIFE (to returning husband at seaside resort): Oh. darling, I'm so glad you've come. We idiot had fallen over the cliff, and I felt sure it was you — tak(.-n la the ho-piUU Suiuiuy. Mr. and Mrs. James Deets and <i;tughu-r Venia motored to Gales- nd Mis-. Charles Hunt, re- Siuiduy evening. a mile yiac* irom Prophei.stown all' Hit- out buildi'iKs on ^u..u..»(5^ on i A t-,, L. j A. ttukson is out A P H^-d lo,- a elw d ivs i u,,;,, 1 ' , Lavuenir i>fi.!s rnoiort-d to .his i house from Piunt-ton lor OUT Kun- fromidav friends. Mr. Johnson at one tune operated a creamery here. The building he erected now forms a part of the Eclipse Lawn Mower factory. Mr. CANT PRAISE IT ENOUGH By Rodney Dutcher NEA Service Writer (Copyright 1028 NEA Ben'.. Inc) Washington, Oct. 4.—The greatest political leader in American history was Thomas Jefferson, author of jUi? DedaraliQiL of .Independence, Jefferson founded what is now the democratic party. He obliterated the powerful federalist party of Washington and Hamilton. He held the presidency for eight years and then obtained equal terms for his two lieutenants. James Madison and James Monroe, whom he once called "the two pillars of my happiness." He dominated national politics and national affairs from 1800 until his death in 1S26. Alexander Hamilton did not Jive to oppose or support him in the election of 1804. Hamilton was killed in a duel by that unscrupulous master political strategist. Vice President Aaron Bun. whose unfair election to the presidency he had blocked in 1800 and whose candidacy for governor of New York he defeated early in 1804. Hamilton's astonishingly bitter ». enmity toward Burr has been laid j j to their rivalry for the affections of a woman. Hamilton professed hatred of Burr's character and his shady political methods, but no ordinary explanation can account for the enmity which led him to prefer and accomplish Jefferson's election over Burr when the tied contest was thrown into the House. Hamilton had previously urged high-handed methods to rob Jefferson of the election on the ground that no LAST ML'SKETEEB.—BVar the second time in a month, Lieutenau Jrtine - Woodring—now the teat <* the army's famous Three Musketeers"—stood beside the open grave of one of his daring pals the other day. Tius picture was taken at the funeral of Lieutenant W. L. Cornelius, who was buried -at Port SmUh Ark. Woodring and Cornelius crashed in mid-air at San Diego Calif., but Woodring escaped by his parachute. Previou^y, Lieutenant Williams, the other musketeer bat! been killed while the three were stootiag at Los Angeles. Bruuu. uho Oil Special! Light and Medium PENNSYLVANIA ur m .if paj-tiiu, Mr. and MI*. B. Brown. .Ted aiiults wac Chicago ThurMUy ai>d Mi, RUJ.T Hi-nnes mo out nun, Ch ira ,o sViurla? to over Sunday at ihe hoaie ol to R}r. and Mrs. Pi-tt-r FOB rt,T. ,. Loodon.~Th« will of Col. Htftert ' «f • time Muijj.iift McCue lias bet>a coiilui- ed to her home smct- Turwiay v»uh a t*\t-je «»if throat. Her friends, will t* glisd to kuott that tlie is bolter kt tin tot tfao eaure of « »70 " BK1GUT \V1NUO\V. for th* I«IB and ts i...Jdu)ij' ' E. Sale on Iji barrel lots, Cet our special prices on more and less than bar» rel lots. Chapman Bros, Milter Street. Jmi Wmt of Cm Mo.—"I bave sot takca ! ttiytuinig but Lydi« E. t'iuLhatit's ] VegcUble Com- \ pound for IS' aud I praiwe it j i.I w«i, about 100 }.*i ftttd «ii* (iut to do smy of work." bout* wo j-k bv My Bi* Uows, . I lour bcdika (if t «wt lii-'W i |««t fiis*. i law tt> lili.a it I t'&ttuot fvtM it Uncalled For Suit* $14.75 Forty-five suits to pick from. This for ten days only. South Carolina and Rufus ICing of Now York, but realized the futility of a strong national ttght and made none. Victory Is Overwhelming;. Pennsylvania went lor JefTcrson M to 1, New Jersey 13119 to 19 and Oli!6~nr ~l(TT: Triefe~were~tloig contests in New England, but Pinckney carried only Delaware and Connecticut, with 14 electoral votes to Jefferson's 1G2. After that federalist leaders began to merge with the republicans, but feuds broke out in the republican ranks. There were serious fights in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. After his second election, Jefferson promptly announced that he wouldn't run again. His wishes regarding Madison were understood. This hurt Monroe and Incensed Clinton, who wanted to step from the vice presidency to the presidency as Adams and Jefferson had. Virginia's legislature had a caucus of its own. nominating Madison. Loud protests arose at the practice of nominating by congressional caucus, but one was held and noiniiiated Madison by 83 to three each for Clinton and Monroe, with Clinton tor vice president. Criticism followed, but harmony was gradually acliieved and Madison and Clinton defeated the renomlnated Plnckney-King ticket, 122 to 47, Pinckney carrying Delaware and all the New England states but Vermont. In 1811 a group of young con- Completely without opportttan nnd with few perrons eve.n botherIns: to vote. Monroe was re-elected 231 to l in the electoral college In 1820. nnd (he ciKd elector was Quoted as explaining h!« vote for John Quincy Adams by his desire, that no man share with Washington the distinction of a unanimous election. Sabbath comes from Hebrew, alcohol is Arabic, bosh is Turkish. sago is Malayan, tea is Chinese and skunk is American Indian. HI UNTIL DREADED MEAL Trying Medicines AH The Time But Growing Worse; Gly-Cas Ends All His. Misery "For over a year I had been taking medicine for stomach and bowel trouble, but instead of improving I seemed to get worse. I grew weafc and nervous and would think I stm- • ply couldn't keep up any longer. : BuTtaday I am_ actually a wall js#r- _ son and I colder Qui" new dly- Cas a wonder preparation," so says Mr. Bernard Woolridge, 320 8. Hennepin Ave.. Dixon, 111. gressmen 'scruples of delicacy and propriety" John C. should count against the task of preventing "an" atheist In religion and a fanatic in politics from getting possession of the helm of state." Jefferson's overwhelming victory over the federalists In ISM proved the collapse of the federalist party. The•.'1*0* election was held under the new law by which electors voted separately for president and vice president, preventing another Jefferson-Burr raixup. The republican congressional caucus, forerunner of the nominating conventions, unanimously "renoait- nated Jefferson in February and picked a nnrthgpiw, Qeorsp <^Pn<<?n of New York, for vice president Disgruntled federalists agreed to support Charles C. Pioctoey of including Calhoun Henry . clay, and William Crawford jtook controLM-the House. They pushed Madison and Monroe, the secretary of state, into the War of 1813. Madison was renomlnat- ed with Elbridge Gerry of Vermont for vice president a month before thje war was declared. Then DeWitt Clinton, party boss hi New York and nephew of the late vice president. George Clinton announced his candidacy. He was sure of New York and of a coalition with the federalists and hoped to make deals with republican leaders in other state* to beat Madison. It was shady polities. Martin Van Buren, later president, was Ciinton-5 campaign manager. Some federalist leaders refused to enter the d*aL but the majority did. ThatFit We aiieciause ou piate worfc Ctet «*«• adviae and our te^h atteodiMi to, Our {date iuva th*» liv« tooa, that eanHoi tw detected troci the mOmtd teeth. Ksamtaaai our wo* doc* at c*sr Saaitary, Itottora, PetteeUy «andp»ed or twvtoa .MK, BHBNARO WOOLRIDGE -I dreaded to see meaittme rome," he continued, "because of the bloating:, belching and burning misery in my stomach that would follow. Many nights sleep was out of the question for me. For tlie entire past year the medicines I took seemed to hurt more than help me. But at last I've found a remedy to reach my case. It is Gly-Cas, which has done me a world of good. After » month's use of Gly-Cas I've regained my appetite, eat any food without the least distress, my nervousness has sleep fine. bowels were once now a well person lieve a single medicine as good as Oly-Cas can b« found for the» troubles." . Gly-Cas eold in Sterling »t Hew- t dricka drug store and m Rock FalSa -f at Daggett'8. Sold Morrison, Don- t tehy's; Tampico, HL E. Cain; Mil« f tedgeville, Cfough's.—Adv. i Mr. Farmer We will pay the following- prices for your produce. disappeared and I my stomach and a misery. I am Y . I do not be- * S Kb. Springers and .27c-m W«*c or -wttiswit Kates . . . .-fSJ* to WM <-* »ta nm W^pfc fa Vwm Wtei if*** Ate -|1JN> Manfield TMr4 St., Twin City Dentists isei.-*? rmm ^ ON«« Bta^r. K<xn**i*. } £ud OH. A, S. i ft. M. •Mtt ftert A** f MM* W%, OK 4 ttw. Springers up to $&*.'. ....... , No. 1 Brown per dos. Jf us

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