Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 23, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1973
Page 6
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Brashness ^ * HOatWOOt (NEA) - Miudft,^ ift^CBS comedy hit, Wii rei^flrsing. But it was more like a party than wdtk. i They JiAdprop cheese and crackWi iet out on the coffee table ai^Bea Arthur Maude — kept nibbling away at them as the day progressed. . siimid vit^ retited- mm thisia^ 6h m^m ^iMlte kfihe IMtesi Vbic^ «Sld ^ «itt;ell^kaf Mi s^rlhe Wea Ihe Mg, wall-busting voice for show itself. She and a couple of 0kt actors were sitting on the couch. Bea lit up a clgaret. THE VOICE OP th» Erector, Hal Cooper, boomed down de »ebiiiiiiial I fiijeahas a ci^ifet hand,V' tHe voice tiwiildered iys#'^4liflfittis she's nevfer done r i You I 4 4 IT ! 4 t > • i F I * 9 I" 4« Traveling Ut COMPLETE SERVICES - i - Sf0aniship "But Escorted or Indepondont Butinoit or PItasuro Intarnational or Domtttic Call 342-0104 Soon - No Strvict Chorg And therefore, when we dff the show she will not hayo to lean forward for the ashff and thus block the other actors as she is doing now." Bea smiled a little and gave the loud speaker a dirty look. ••You can mouth the dirty words you're thinking in the direction of camera two," Cooper's voice roared. ' Everybody laughed. It's obviously a relaxed set and takes its tone from the star. Miss Arthur works hard but <k)esn't appear to be^oing so. She is virtually uni and goes along calmly through all the camera-blocking and the other work. •'The public jUst doesn't know Bea," says Bill Macy, who plays her on-screen husband Walter, "They think of her as arrogant, mostly. But thire' seems to be no ego around. On most tV sets you find that little things are important — everybody has his own chair, for example, with his name on it. On this set, however, Bea was using an old chair that had the name of Vicki Lawrence, on The Carol Burnett SboW, stenciled on .the back. She didn't to give it a, second seem thought. They were taping the last show of the season and Adrienne Barbeau, who plays Maude's daughter, wasn't in it very much. She came to tiie studio anyhow and kissed all the crew good-bye. All vfeiy cozy; mors like & club than a television show. THEY WERte supposd to be drinking coffee in the kitchen set. The prop men had set out some empty cups. Bea decided that she wanted real coffee. She took her cup out to the hall, to the coffee she's such a pro. In all these machine, and filled it. PHONE 342-0104 THIS! BUY 4 ARBY 'rR0A $T BEEF SANDWICHES AT 89c EACH AND ONLY PAY FOR 3 (Good Tue..Wed-Thur., April 24-25-26) 4 1661 N. HENDERSON'ST WGIL • FM COUNTRY SURVEY LW 2 TouBtry Jim' Wy II 17 21 t% 15 16 17 18 19 DOWN TW TUto ArlUI ---Linda Cauady U Ural Albavt WHAT'S YOUR MAMA'S MAMC —Tanya Tuckaf SATIN' SHfiETS^ - —Jaanna Pnitfit Xr I NEEDED YOU . —Doa iT'MarU WaUoa THE EMPTIEST ABMS IN THE WORLD --Maria Haggard WHEN LOVi; IIAS OONEAWAY^ ^ ^ . -«Jaamila C. RUay SUPERMAN ^ ^Donna FaToo YOU'VE OOT ME < RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT ME) '•^Connla Smith WHAT MY WOMAN CAN'T DO—Gaorga Jonas 10 NOBODY WINS #¥ •* —Branda Laa 11 YELLOW RIBBON-Johnny Carvar IS SAY WKBN—Diana Tvaik IS ir YOU THINK YOUR HIS WOMAN—BlU Raavas BABY'S aONE „ -Conway TwMly • _Bobby Rara YOU'RE A BELIEVER OUT YOUR HAND at 14 u u 84 88 88 81 21 22 23 24 2S 28 27 28 28 88 DARNDEST THINGS „ «, „ -Tammy Wynatta -Stonay Edwarda :ACH OUT YOUR HAND —Sonny Jamas lOD NEWS —Jody Millar YOU ALWAYS COME BACK TO HURTING ME _ • —Johnny Rodrljuas CHEATING GAME —Susan Haya WAUCINCTPIECE or H«AVBtl -Marly Robblns THE END or THE WORLD —Skaatar Davia SUPER KIND OF WOMAN -Fraddla Hait COifE LIVB WITH MS WoSSwSS Vra'^^^SO BASV ON NY MIND —lob ^lp/m^ 87 40 82 88 84 38 88 87 88 88 40 Whool m-^y^f^. ^ ^,^^zs ^mim %9i^ Tanuny WrMilt THIS AIN'T NO GOOD DAVYOR LBAVnT ^^^^ asNO MB NO ROSES —Tomasy OvMOlraaft SVWPr COUNTRY WOMAN ^•Msy DHBOta TK^WTO.or OOOPiY»/THB SONG V S^XA&SV'liPRNmG ^7/^ TinnMiasoMBST tomioME NAVmUllO RUBY rEAT^ ALBUMS or THB WBEK FROM SSao If SUPER PICKER TAKE TIME TO LOVE HER Nat stuokoy PICK HITS OF THB WEEK FROM THE COUNTRY GIANT ^ „^ _ LnVE IB THB FOUNDATION —LortlU LYSB DOir T FIGHT fwB FEE WIGS OF LOVE -Cbwl^ f» 6«t your doy off risht. Country Muiie of 6:00 AM Mon Eytry Tufidoy Night ^1 * • i Laditt CecktaiU 1A from P.M ' Danes To The Sourido of DOMINANT FAMILY Smdll Brdzier Brozier ^. CHARBROILED Deluxe Brazier 70c QUARTER Super Brozier HALF Tenderloin Hot Dog— 30c • Chili Dog ^^^^ • - • ; ' • • , • w Bar BQ Dairq Queen Onion Ring Coffee Plu» . . . . . Our Othtr Tradft •UTft AU. 60 TP OMIty QUIW4 4 * Grand Farnnom 342-1970 Corp. • 1079 Am. D. Q. t»% EVERY TUESDAY ft Bring Someone You Love Bring Everyone Yoc Love 4 < Only ? YOU GET L ' -. 4 L jincy, tsndtr, rib sys ittak or sizzling hot chopped, stMk^.Wlth dfllcipui.baked potato, crispy groan ulftd/ ond buttary texas toast. Quixote By RICK DU BROW rtOLLYWOOD (UPl) ^"Th« dvantures o! Don QulMte/' a tetevision adaptation of the [eless Cervantes flovel, will be t^hour CBS-TV presentation with Rex Harrison tonight, starring as famous wim literature's most Television In Review Aire ady seen on British television, the story, of course, concerns a 17th century man who withdraws from reality into his ^r <E !nna1 vision of nore effective produetlon yet iltimately laeks total latisfac- tlon as dratna. It comes close, though, in this translation by Alan Blatr, which has an American setting. George Segal and Shirley Knight play the couple, and Robert Culp portrays the wife's longtime lover, and all three excellent* performers First Portion is fixceltent Everything, in fact, seems excellent until than halfway [)n. In we are through subtle more the cunningly and carried- (and (Spouse) • arrogant? Who, For the rest of the scene, she drank coffee when she was supposed to drink coffee. Bill Macy improvised a bit of business with an ice bucket. It was funny, but some of the crew accused him of being a method actor. is a perfect example of theatrical teamwork. He likens it to a lifeboat, in which everybody pulls an oar. ''There are no underdogs or upperdogs," he says. "We all work together. Teamwork." Everybody in the cast play- "personal vision - , chivalric times, dismissing the product plea, and n»ckerte, tlK»a fool or a bit of a madman. As a SL^SJ self-proclaimed knight^rxant, supporting players, du-ected he dreams his dreani, and lives inside and it, name of honor jousts in the and truth. He See ^Quixote 9 never "EVERY ACTOR has a ed around with the lines, to method," he said. ''There's make them sound smooth, that famous story of when 4 Sidney Kingsley was directing his 'Detective Story.' An actor was supposed to throw up in a closet. "The actor said he didn't have any motivation. Kingsley said, **ril give you motivation — put your left hand on your mouth and your right hand on your stomach and retch. If that's not enough motivation, you're fired." Macy says the Maude show YES Our Kitchen Monday Niehi - 1 M 4 ^ SPECIAL Rib-Ey $1.4? easy, lifelike, Macy, according to the script, was supposed to say, "The things that I mentioned." "LET'S MAKE that, "Tlie tilings that I said,' " he said. "The other way is too literary." They horse aTound a lot, but they say that they horse around less and less as ttie hour for doing the show draws closer. The tension builds. The adrenalin starts to flow. And, when they do the show in front of an auidence they are all business. exchanges "a foolish sanity for a "wise madness," and as he lives out his impossible dream, he succeeds in lifting the spirits and hopes of some who before had only looked ahead, or down, but inward. To spend two hours listening to some of the choice lines and satiric wisdom in the story of Don Quixote cannot^be a of time, but tonight's i lion is far less effective than it might have been. It has been handled much too reverently and with very little imagination as a film venture. (Continued ORPHEUM OPEN 1:1S SHOW TIMI CINDERELLA "CHARLEY"1 Inexplicably Sluggish While the occasional rich lines and the plot refuse to allow interest to wane Knotty Pine The Public some WATAGA, ILL. EVERY MIA FARROW TOPOL On* Show Each Night mt 7:90 CHIU>REN 60c — ADULTS $1.00 our permanently, the proceedings, for the most pace that is almost inexplicably sluggish. A good music score, with and humor poignance and drama in it, would not in itself have been able to salvage this teleplay, but it might have helped camouflage the torpor of the production. Unfortunately, the music by Michel Legrand is so sodden that it not only fails in this function but is actually noticeable on its own as a ^ dragging piece of goods. On Tuesday night, meanwhile, CBS-TV will present another major special, Ingmar Bergman's teleplay "The Lie," about an affluent married suburban couple who are forced to confront the false values in their life, and this is a much PLUS Open Shows NOW WED Tuesday AM Bonanza Sirloin r • « HINDIRSON -4? J' 1 • * 4 m -A'* mm V i « h * « 1 That's right.. Our original and famous Coney Dog only 15c every Tuesday. s a v\/iener/ golden .bun, chili, and chopped onion Coney Dog connbi' notion. What a way to put on the Dog I Over 2.300 * * iilir m^^ * 4 » 4 • i » - NOW SHOWING! 7:00 & 9:10 ITBnOO ZBFFirBlll HtS FIRST FllM SINCE "ROMCO k JUUET BroTHer sun sisrer Moon A PARAMOUNT PICTURE PLUS BP 015 & TECHNlcaORT R^NAVIStOt^ CINEMA & II NEXT TO ARLANS N HENDERSON ST GALESBURG ^SSSSS^ SHOWINGI come richard harris man wilderness' Wamtf 6ro«. way nee summer it t' f HI ^ * Show urry Ends Wtd Adults Only Ovtr ^_4 . F. Or restaurants LINCOLN 1135 IINCOLN ST. f- Tueidoy Night Speciol ^ J*'.'-^' • •J * * • *j French Fries, Tossed Sala Kitchen :^' * ' n 4 + _t t WATAOA^ 375 New Conee Eatin CHEESEBURGERS nNDER lOINS FOR FOR Prices FRENCH BURGERS FOR FOR (HARBROIIED imii -FlAItt HAMBURGERS OUTDOOR COOKING THRU THUR., APRIL 22 THRU 2100 MAIN I t

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