Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 12, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1944
Page 2
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 12,1944 Page Two DTCAD AT l)-J Jersey City. N. J.. Aug. 12—(UP) —The last member of the crow 01 the t'limous Krigntc Constitution. Jsbon V.. Scott. dU-d FrUluy lit the Joraey Ciiy Medical Center where h'i- had been conllned since'June 15 •with « Criicturcl leg. Ho WHS Oil yeura old. Scott hiul boon the sililp'.i writer <m the historic constitution mul kept records of its voyages. A visual imaK'- fades from the rot inn of the human pyo In iibuiit oni'-i'ortleth of a .second. As We WERE SAYING.. A man In Knifluml wus rcoi-nt- ly f.iiinil guilty "f forging r"il- xvii.v tinkrls. Says :-iiiu'.h: "I'rrs-- .•nt-duy traveli-rs arc :iiiiir/.«'il that ho .should have thought It worth while." .Army reguntlonx permit reji-c- tion of druftees for "extreme ugliness." A nuwl,v-coln«'<l ivuril hy C'hrl>- tli-'s 1'uiiltrv I'":ii-ins, Kingston. S. H.—.srr/y.KKINKTf.M: It Is'il to iKlvi-rlise u slni'm of poultry, anil mmm P''P, vitality, "t'onif lo the Original Source for, run.-, Sl'l/.y-KKINKTUM bloud," runs an ad. A womnn ordered six bottles of medicine from Soars Roebuck. Four wri-kM later she returned four with the explanation thut hi-r husband had dii-d before the cntliv lot could cure hlrn, The r.-onipany wrote bac-k. we are told by no less an authority than Marlon White in The Woman, '.'xpicsslnif dcfp sympathy in her and I'lii.-losiuj: u louib- :;torie oatuloy. •'Tin.- number »"'• MUi'slUm suli- mi.tti-d hy M-rviui'mcn lo I'-gnl aid group* throiighuut the HHIIII- try," .says MurKui'ritu H. tiari- lii'.v. Jj'gul Aid liiirruu, l/'nit<'d Cliurilli's of Chicago, "Iw 'How BEACON FALLS Fourth Brother Joins Armed Forces; Sworn Into USMC Tonig-ht Is The Last Night For 'St.Michael's Parish Carnival can I u ilivorci Today's anecdote; rmnnlnjrer. the "Muster Mentalist" of radio lame, has a standing offer of :.. ; ;;. '-.30 to iinyonc who can prove that In: ei-.iploys accomplices. Me -.-., :.ieu-iully of a woman In : :.:'..!.•; -."ho glanced hastily at :>.-• diuplay lino of a poster: I....: iiiiigcr. $10.000 Reward:" .In .., ..... k.rstfindable confusion of I.PI-. utilities. she exclaimed, ••',•,' hy f thought they caught ' that follow long ago." I'Dillln- gor was killed by FBI ton years ago.) Two-vniv radii, will In.- staniliiril lull ,.(|i'ilpiiifiif lifter tin- war. ft Is prrtllcti'il thiit "dcud mile- HCI." will he pr.'ictlcally i-llinl- tuitctl. JiUit try to start tho clny without thr: h.'lp "'' trudr marRs and bnind nanifs,' says Stnrli"!-' Diug, For instancr, "P.P.-K- I.NT;!" . . . That's \'.\K 'l : >'" '•'-"•*'' ing 7 t/c!ock; timi.' to get up. P.o yo" yawn, stretch and w.ilk .•|t,.'plly f.o tin- hrtth. Thi-rf you hang your KnultlusH I'fiji'mfi jacket nn thf dor>r knoh. rub Mollu on ymr t:lii'.'-ks ami chin, slip a new hlii'lf into tho CIil- Ifttf After Mhowi'i- yuu hru.-ih your' teeth with Dr.'s Tdutli fowtlff and a '.If. Went brush. You slick your hair with ,-i Ful'.er. Now on with your I'.VO's, Jntnrwoven socks. Tarls gurt.-rs. Knot :> [{'.•an Urunini''! tii. at the r.-i.llar of an Arrow •:hirt Then into your Hart Shnffener A Marx suit, your Walkover shoes, You drink your Simliist (ifJing'' Juifi", ""I your taiaki-r Oats, rend the Times. Yfiii glance ,-it ym:r CIrui'P, pick up yctir Stetson, hop into your lluir'fk, nncl away. One hour 20 triidi! rnarlis anel brand nanx-.-s. Ni-llli.' Tiiylur KUN'S. diri'i'tor of i;. S. mint. sii|ii>rvUi'<l tin- nr.ik- ini; of 2,"!>.l"tll," IH> nickels 'list year. Vet. she "".V. "' <-"" iii'vrr find a niek"! when I ii'-'d nlie." Be-nnuse we suy Nnugatuck National PKRSONAL LOANS are Mprclnly intended to meet I man- cm! emergencies, soninonu nuked u« whut we meant by "emer- gcnry?" We gavo him Wehstor s ilcfinition, "An unforeseen occurrence or combination of clr- cu.Mtnnct-s' which culls for lm- modiate action or romcc.y; pressing necessity: exigency. Add to this Webster's synonyms fur emergency, "Crisis, conjuncture. pinch (we irke "pinch >. straight, necessity," and you .can have UitlR doubt what our I I'-R- BONAL LOAN'S are for, So U you are In a "pinch." no onn has to tfll- you it IM rin i-mergoncy, i,nd that now Is the time t" apply lit N'augatuck National lor vdur PERSONAL LOAN. The cost;' Only SB per year per *IG° borrowed. The terms? You II bi< given u full year to repay the loan In. small, convenient monthly installments. Mow apply, ny i'otter. phone 22JSU, or personal call. thiit one >: "Tin- aks tlie loudest cet» the gre.-ise." TIIK NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Fcd^rnl Depoult Iiinuntncc Cori>onition Edward Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell of South circle, was sworn into the U. S. Marine Corps yesterday at the State Cnpltnl in Hartford. Jin is one ot four brothers now serving in the urmed forces. Donald is an iivui- :;on c.'idet in the Army Air Forces, und Charles and Tiusscll are third and first class petty officers in the U. S. Navy respectively. l.nst CiirnlviU NiRht Tonight is tnc last night for the cnrnivul .sponsored by Sit, Michael's ptn-ish. Tin; carnival has been running ;ili weelx wim a large attnnd- aiu-e each night. It is expected that since tonight is the fiiuil niglu. HI-. extfi-nu-ly large crowd will be present. The affair, one of the most successful in years, luis attracted nuiny out of town visriors. Plenty of automobile parking space near Noe's field where the bazaar is h,.-iug held, has been an aid in at- u-acting the large attendance. Put Out Urush Fire The Beacon Falls Hose Co. extinguished a brush fire on the property of Saturn Muleaky ol Cold Spring road yesterday. Fire Chief \ViIIiam T^ee. Sr., and his volunteers tool: care of the blaze in nhui-t order. Ilium 1 On Furlough I'vt. Joseph V'isuni. son of Mr. and Mrs. T.oilis i'isnni of Main street, is home on u ten-day furlough. H>: is stationed at Camp Blanding, Fla. Local Resident Official Of W.H. Realty Company John C. Kiei-n.-ui of Meadow street, well known Naugattick resident and former town treasurer, hi is been named a vice-president of Waltur H. Hurt, Inc., WiilL-r- bury realty firm that for 50 years lias" been active in this area in in- One Plane ^Wled;T() Return* Iflt hy Goniinn flak while on a recent tioniMiiK mission over the. oil ri-fine'ries uf Blechu miner; ',GcrmiUiy, a B-24 Liberator .of the V. S. Air Force drops, but of formation,Jn flames.. The official report slated thsit three'of the piano's crew hud maimci-d to clear the wreckage in .|>arac.hutos. U. S. Signal Corp Kadiophoto. (IiiU-riiiUloiial Siindpholo)- • ; Rev. Dr. Geisemann Speaks Sunday On Lutheran Hour .JOHN C. K1KKXAV and Some Relief From The Heat Wave Is Promised .sura nee. real estate, renting property management. Mr. Kiel-nan has opened a dentiul office of the firm :xt 230 Meadow street aivl at nil times places his services at the disposal of Naug.-ituck residents. The Hart firm is one of the most prominent in its field hereabouts a -id is a member of. the Connect!- j | SI. Louis. Mo,, Aug. .12— An ap- [ peal to c.npita.l and labor to "open its heart, to -the Spirit of Truth" wilJ be issued tobmoi-rou- !>y the Ri.-v. Dr. O. A. Gciscmanrv, piisilor of Grace Ltit.hcitun church. River Fo'res!., 111., over the Mutual Broad- e.-i'Jting System and affijinted sta- , .. tions. .It may -bo heiM-cl. over WTCC I t or WTI-IT at 1:30. Serving as smn- gunit spe.-iker on the interna- Three Americans Reported Executed By The Japanese . tional Lutheran Hour, Dr. mann says: "You men\and women who occupy positions of influence in the grea.t bu-oi nesses and industries of oil;- country, open your Irjari. !.o t.lie SjJii-il of God, the Spirit of Truth, so He may not oivly bring peace «nd blessing and ha.ppiness to your own souls, cut National and Water-bury real | bm also give you 'the capacity to es-nte boa-d-i and is .-ntitled to use behold yourselves in your rslntion- thn word.' "realtor" in connection -'hip to your;.,- through word, "realtor" with il-S advertising. Boston. Aug. 12—(U P)—There is n possibility of some relief for sweltering New Engenders late thii) arternoon or early tonight. The wpatho.r bureau predicted scattered thunduVshowers for most sections of the region, but forecast | quaint-inces tempiviiturt-s in the mid-90's for cinity. most "f the day. Near-record tem- pemturr-s for August were set in many ureas of New England yesterday. At Boston, the thermometer reached ?9 und 3-tnnthn degroen. At Burlington. Vermont it was an ot- llcial 101 degrees. At WQon.ioclo-t. r:hode Island, tho temperature sciimifd l.'i J r '-l degrees. And it probably'won't really cool off until Monday. The .wmUher bureau predicted slightly cooler v/eather for tomorrow, and cooler Monday. But New England hasn't seen the last of the heat wave. Tt is expected to return after the slight, iueak on Tuesday and 'Wednesday. At least four deaths have been reported in connection with the Mr. Kicrnan for many years was associated with the automcitivc industry n.iul his rtcw business connection and success is bound i.o be of more thnn passing interest to his hundredr. of friends and ac- in Naugatucii and nit Sailor, Who Eluded Japanese, Now Has Plenty Of Money Spirit of Truth so to administoi the a-.ull.ipie duties of your cx-ict- :i-.g offices as to ex.prc».* tho spirit of Christ who siiid, 'Th,-; Son of Man oumc n-ot to be ministered unto, but to minister.' You. men. and women who constitute the bulk of our tfreat nation and who man tho mighty machines i-r. m.idg- et shiipv and gi.".nt factories, open your'hoarts to the ( Spirit of God. Hi: will teach you how to give in a 3pii--it of love to ho.-u wave— directly or indirectly. In Boston, Frank A. Smith col- lapstMl and died upon arriva.l at a hospital, And David Swafty, collapsed at his Dorchester home, dying later at a hospital. The other deaths were due to drowning. Mrs. Klizabeth G. Salter of Brighton drowned at Rockport when a wave wAshod her into the siia. And I^oo X. Kennedy of Ames- hii-t-y drowned at Salisbury beach. Mr Routes Connect Chief Mexican Cities Mcxica City (U P)—Statistics compiled by the Mexican Department of Civil Aviation show this nation has 33.23R miles of. com- mei-cia-l air routes in operation. Mexico has 2fi companies, international and domestic, enp;af:cd in aerial transport. Gen. Muximino Axil.i Camacho, Mexican director of communications, said nil the chief cities of Mexico now are connected by air lines, Avila Camacho's odice has authorized many special flifrhts, in addition to those scheduled, both for Mexican and foreiRn companies. Portland, Orngon, Aug. 32—(UP) Chief Rndionifin Oeoi'ge Tweed didn't have any money troubles on Guam. In fact! he didn't have any mo ties'. The sailor who hid nut on Guam for the two-and-a-half years of. Japanese occupancy accumulated C|tiite a lot of back pay in his »!>- seno.\ So much in fact, that two San Francisco banks refused to cash such a large check. Tweed linrlly had to deposit his money in a Po'rtland savings accouunt: and wait patiently for tho check to clear. Tweed says his mother never gave up hope for his return. Nevertheless, she fainted dead away when a Navy public relations otll-" cer came to tell her thut her son was safe. Eight now'Tweed's main interest is food — especially watermelon. Says the man who lived like a hunted animal on Jap-hold Guam: ".I'm parking my feet under the table pretty regularly now." ANONYMOUS THANKS Fall River,'Mass. (UP)—An out- of-town couple found refuge from the famed 193S hurricane in the Union hospital. Now they have expressed their gratitude by do- , •- -•- nating a special Sl.SOO orthopedic | hour, table to the hospital, under the sponsorship of Mr .and -Mrs. Anon- vmous. tin: fulfillment of your daily tasks, so thiit they will take on- a new glory and meaning for you, .however bumblr: and humdrum they may nlh.-nvisi; appear to I'm. You will learn how to pursue your i}UCKt fur a greater measure of justice and for a more equitable oistributian of this world's goods in an ever wiser and more uf.fcc- ' Washington, Aug.' 12—(UP)—The Navy announces that three American prisoners of war were executed by. the Japanese On July 31st. niv, 3. The Navy said it had been informed by a report from the Tn- t.uriuition.-il -Pled Cross, sen! to the Si.ato department by Switzerland, that Seaman Frank Meringolo, Marine Sergeant Joe B. Chastain and Marine Corporal Vrctor Paliot- to, were condemned to de'ath and executed by tho JapaneKC- •J'ho thre'e had escaped from a prison camp in Manchuria, They an; said to have killed a police inspector later while posing as German aviators whose piano had crashed on the w»y lo .Japan. They were tried by a Japanese court-martial and executed. Funerals FiiMer:i.l of Mrs: Irene Flty.ger.ild NO I1OMBS 1'OH ani.r/KR Glenn Miller, pomikir Victor recording maestro who IB now a eaptnin in tho -Army Air forces narrowly escaped injury in Eng '.ar.d when a. robot bomb Htruck nfurhim. The entire band tssAiped being tho center of .-.i robot V- tack when they were ordered from the locution where they were billeted. The spot was later destroyed by one of tin; sneak bomb?. MIRACLE WAIL FINISH PER CAttON G. C. Murphy Co. Dr. Geisemann further calls for ineivnsed loyalty to divine truth on the part of our slatestr.en: You men in public offirc, 1" want t_b pkMd with you. open your hearts to the Spirit of God, so that Ho may teach you as poor* sinners to •accept Jesus a.s your pe'.-sonaJ Savior, to the end that you might be able to approach the solution; of our nutio'itnl aad international problems from Lho viewpoint of Christ's law of love and not froir liic- viewpoint of an undisguised .ic!fishne?s, which by tho retributive justice of the Almighty must necessarily prove costly and self- destroying." CHEM.ES YOUn ClTIAtE Spike .Jonas, screwball bandleader-drummer who ui-as cowbells 'as drums, was feeling morose arounci the house, every hour on the hour, which is when his antique grandfather's clock chimed the correct time. Finally Spike .discovered what made him unhappy. ..'not enough spirit to the chimes... so he replaced them with cowbells. Spike now happy on the hour every The funeral of Mrs. Irene (Doyle) Fitzgerald, wife of Edward' T. Fitzgerald of 2S-t Millvilic avenue, who died Thursday evening in St. Mary's lio---pital. VValerbury, will be held Mondniy at fl:30 a. m. from •t'l'.e |McCarthy funeral home lo St. Francis' church, where' a solemn high. Mass of retjuiem will bi celebrated in 10 o'clock. Burial will be in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at Uie funeral home this evening from 7 to n o'l-iaok and Sunday from 2 to'10 p. m. Funeral of Mrs. Nellie Brooks The funeral of Miv. Nellie (Hcf- fernnn) Brooks, GS), widow of Glen Brooks, who died suddenly Thursday evening at Grace hospital. Ne'w T-l.iven. will Via held Monday at S:30 n. m. from tho Buckmillcr fuaoral homa, 2" 'Park place, to St, Francis' church at 0 o'clock, whore a solemn high Mass of re- Many Connecticut Men Are Reported \. Wounded In Action Aug. 12—(UP) — •1'ho Navy dupurtmenl reports Hi-veil Connecticut men wounded in notion ,und another listed as miss- inn. ; The wounded nre: ' AsniKtiint Cook Homer C. Babcock, Jr.. of 327 Blue Hills nvenue, Hartford. Marine Private First Class George H Barton of 169 'North Quaker lane, West Hartford. Marine Private First Class Philip Begat* of 200 Liberty street, Mecl- den. Marine Corporal John C. Bunovsky of. l'!29 Pembroke street, Bridgeport. Marine Corporal Herbert < R. Carlson of 007 Broad street, Hartford. Signalman Third, Class Eugene Robert Godlin of. 02 Grove street, And Marine Corps First Lieuten- Slamford. • ant John M. McCreury of 1WO Boulevard, West Hartford. Missing in action li Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class Robert W. Kaiser, Jr., of 206 North Bank street. New London. And the War department has ina.dc public the mimes of 17 Connecticut men reported r.\>undcd in action. Wounded in the European area .-ire: ' • . • Second Lieutenant Erling A, Barsoth of 260 Starr street, New Haven. Second Lieutenant William H. C:ihle of 20 Hoyt street. Danbury. Technician Fifth Grade Vincent Dibianco of 190 Frank street. New Haven. Private Henry I. Dziedzic of Pc- Ouabuck. Private Joseph P. Esposito of North Mai nslreet, Branford. Private First Class Harry G. Gari-ity of 107 Co ram avenue, Sliel- vior. Private First Class John Mc- Monngle of s02 Orange streee. New Haven. Private Adam G. Mot.'kaitis of 19 Morris street, Hartford. Corporal Joseph P. Mozal of 91 Main street. Hartford. Technician Fifth Grade Harold F. O'Connell of Norwichfown. First Lieutenant Samuel L. O'Dess of 16 Grecnacrcs avenue, West Hartford. Corporal Byron N. Parker of 240 Sound Beach avenue. Old Greenwich. Private First Class John A. Tomaro of 25 Bristol street. Wilson. Technician Fifth Grade John Urdu of 791 Atlantic street, Stamford. Private First Class Richard J. Watson of 20 Fountain street, Norwich. And Private First Class Jacob YankowiU of 33 Dewey street. New Britain. Private John D. Gutoski of 9C Russell street, Middlelown, is reported to have been 'wounded in Ihe Mediterranun area. BECOMES CITIZEN AT 73 Northampton, Mass (UP)—After living in the United States for 71 years. Michael F. Fleming, a native of Ireland, has become a naturalized citizen at the age of 73. Approximately 15 per cent of shipyard workers on May 1, 19-M, were women, u.ccrding to Wai- Manpower Commission, 'Ave A Light Winnie? An .• iccr Fr,-nch civilian steps tip to li K ht the famed c.Kar of Mh,iKtir Wnslon Churchill di,rin c his u>ur of the Cherbourg »r«. Ho v^hed "vlUV^t intcr» K l the process n,:.d« by Amoncw a.* I*'* in the lAnch city's reconstruction xvork. (Inlorn^uonal Sees Problem In Postwar's Ignorant Youth St. Louis 'U P)— Tho postwnr world will face a "harvest of unintelligent new citizens" easily led by every "Huey Long" who offers them lifetime security, T. F. Pierce, of Los Angeles, outgoing president of Optimist International, told a conference of the service organization in St- Louis. Asserting that juvenile delinquency does not exist, but that parental delinquency is rampant; Pierce declared: "We face the disturbing fact that boys and girls are being brought up under neiv conditions, that the picture of the old-fashioned home in which parer.its talked things over with their children lulu changed. "A foremost post-way problem will be the harvest of unintelligent new citizens, young male and fe- mal-o adolescents whose formative years have been: spent in this wart o r r. world, untrained, undisciplined, tonally .JackJiig in family training or the training of the c-liurch. ••Remember, they will always have votes, and remember, t n.lw.iv.s are the first to follow leadership of those who promia- the most. Every Huey Long WTO mounts tho platform <and promises them pensions, security from cradle to death, will be their leador." Money causes family delinquency, the Ix>s Aivgolos man said. •'Families formerly enjoying as idea.! family life on an ir.come a! S-lO to $00 a week now are receiv-, ing doubl.-; and treble thai amou&t. The mother is on the swing shift, with dad on the graveyard trjck- and junior on Use loose withmor.«y in his pocliets." "We will continue." he said, "to get back to the old ideals of respect for parents." He praistd activities of tho Optimist clubs, which stress character, citiizenship and sportsmanship among boys. "We wil v-ontinue,' he ^lid, "t* work oJo!:,g the theorj- that it is tar better to build boys than to 1 mend men." piioun OF GAEL Boston, (UP) — Dancer Taila \Vei-muth is the proud possessor of the gavel used when the Un'i Slates declared war on Germany in 19-11. It was presented to her by house speaker, Sam Raybnrn in honor of her brother. "Uie one- man "army of Eataan." who ac- countt^d for 318 Japs single-handed and is now a prisoner in Singapore. Holland Furnace Co. Furance cleaning- with big: power suction machines. Also gas proofing and furnace repairs. — Telephone — Natgatuck 56Z9 Waterbury 4-1OO3 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. Salmon national forest in Idaho has 1,700,000 acres. . . • Robot Plane Blasted In Mid-Air fj ., - ..... .. 4 >n»r^—-j'-f-J J I > <" «-"< v This series' of photos show the destruction of a Gerinnii robot'Iwinb in inld-iilr hy u KAF fishier phine, as"It made its wily toward-EnK- l-ind The action wns recorded hy a hisli speed-camera fitted In. the plan;-. Um»er left, the bomb In flight. Ri e ht, Mie robot is hit. Lowur left it explodes. Kicht, n cloud of flame envelops the plane. -(Inter- tional) quicm will be celebrated. Burial will be in Hillsida cemetery. Frien-c! may ' nail -it the funeral home Saturday from 7 i.o 30 p. m. and Sunday from 2 to 10 p. in. .lUVKxrr.E Kroi-irs Oklahoma City (U P)— A juvenile has as much right to a trial by jury as an adult in Oklahoma, Ally. Gen. Randall S. Cobb ruled recently when a question of law was raised. He gave the opinion to Muskogce County Judge John Gullagcr. who wrote that a juvenile— -under 1G years old — had demanded a jury tria!. Juvenile cases .ire usually heard by the county judge without a jury. About 1,300,000 women, belong to AFL unions -and about 1.500,000 are members of C.TO unions. SI > It-il <Jlj; Mii.sU-r C run HIM i>n — Sulil -. ... . ll.v 1'IpriKiiiCii . '. . l^jE«:luKlvely ... In. -WntrrhiirT 1 . FIERPONT?S H c^ 1 h ( c rt'il J c \v L'l u rM, ^ Am«»rlvnn. Ciirni Socioir • -ir>».IIANK S'l'HI^l'JT r . "" Buckwiller Funeral Home ' . • , 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 k 4 ways speed t ^Ijj t\ a it o, R -'xlown,- ' •' Mary Ann: Save fuel, enjoy tho fifth f r«o<loni (frrMloni to pot). .O — Don't go harp- ' hunting. NVed- ICHS uccidcntH take, a greater toll of manpower than actual comhat. ~~ : i you can * Y> Day <y — Keep hlrdlCM out ** of your oar. (It's jjot to last; for repair service* sec tho W ant Ads,) A — Stiim|), S t a ni |>, St:im]> on the Axis. A Classified Ad like this will raise ojish for \var bonds and skimps. BENGAL Combination Stove. .1 oil, •1 gas. Silent Glow burners. Chrome pipe, copper coil. Liko now. Call 0000. RESULT AD To Order A News Want Ad Call 2228 V

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