Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 10, 1957 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1957
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 105T tuss Accused Advice to 'emen Govt. LONDON (UPV- British orfi- ihls were reported convinced to- Iny, that Russia nnd Egypt are 'advising" the Yemeni govern- lient in tlie Iwrder war flaring Mong the frontiers or tlie Arab lingdomnnd the British, protec- orute of Aden, The officials pointed 1o the visit [o Moscow of the Crown Prince >f the Yemen last year and the jrequent So^'lel - Egyptian - Yemeni contacts in Cairo as evl- jiencc that Russin and Egypt are lielping to stir nev.- troubles in the \liri(llo East. Kt ports fix)m Cairn said the cnieii will receive modern arms )hortly. There were other reports jlic Yemen, would call for tor- ;ign "voluntecis" to fight the jirrtish, if necessary, A spokcsn\an for the Aden gov- nnienl said in Nicosia that Ad- H '^se troops under British com- 'land had crossed the Iwrder into lie Yemen in pursuit of Arab ribesmen and regular Yemeni illitary units. The report was not otifirmed In I,,ondon, The spokesman - said a policy of hot pursuit" had been adopted ) deal with the new incursions I'om the coffee-growing kingdom the Imam Alimed, :dens Now Must -ind Home and hen A New Job LONDON (UP)-One of the first isks facing Sir Anthony and Lady pden will bo that of house hunt- tig. ••• When Eden resigned as prime liriister lie gave up his official ;sidence at No, 10 Downing Street nd the sprawling country estate f Chequers In the Chiltern Hills. ThiU left him with but one home f his own, a .quaint little cottage •ith thatched roof and rose pink .'rills in Wiltshire which Lady ;den bough', some years back. It not suitatjlo for entertaining or omniuting to London. Ejjcn also gave up a $28,000 ,in- !ome when he. resigned. Hp is hot willhy, but this was believojd a tehur problem since he ican fake p fifk of a handful of ibusiness lirectorships if Hci wants j them. Buenos Aires Hot , BUENOsi AJRE.S UVP) •, ,The pliiperatur'e isov'rcd ito (< jhigh of llB il(>t;i (M >s in r. u' I' n o s Aires k'ednc.'iday-, and iveallieriiicn said |-ic worst is yet to cQine., They )recasl liiKl 'ir lonipcratures to- lay and Friday. Tom LyncK sez: Make 1957 your Plymouth year. Be "3 years ahead" of everyone else. Come in now. 1995 55 Ford Fairlane Sharp 55 Chrysler Wind- ^OQC sor Deluxe 4-Dr. AiO # 9 55 Plymouth I4-Dr. V-8 ^4 Chevrolet Bel lAir Hard top I53 Chevrolet |Cli)b Coupe |53 Olds Super 88 Dr. 0 Cadllac "61" Dr., very sharp 2 Chevrolet Door f SI Fontiac 8 Chief. Deluxe 4-Door jsO Plymouth |4-Door 50 Plymouth Club Sedan pQ Jeep "A" Station Wagon 150 International Vz -Ton Pickup |48 Buick k-Door 1495 1795 1199 1495 995 795 695 399 399 399 595 275 CHASE GARAGE DESOTO-PLYMOUTH 515 So. state St., Ukiah HO 2-3894 UIOAH CAILY JOURNAL, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA PAQEf THREEl BITTER ONE FROM BRITAIN— This political cartoon, which appeared recently in the Lon(Jon Daily Express, indicates British Cartoonist Cummings' attitude toward U.S. policy in the Middle East, as announced by President Eisenhowor. It shows the President leading a parade, carrying a banner bearing a parody of "Rule, Britannia." This version gpes "America, America, America rules the waves. GI's never, never, never shnll be slaves." Behind Ike marthffS Secy, ot State Dulles, garbed in a colonial governor-general's uniform. NeKt, Vice President Nixon carries a banner reading; "The battle ot Sue?, was won on the piiltir.g grfpri* of Augusta," lo t!ie side, at left, Sir Anthony Eden waves a handkerchief. The overaii caption Is "But we, of course, are strictly noncolonial." Egypt May Change Mind On Suez UNITED NATIONS, N.Y, (UP) —The resignation of British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden may change Egypt's mind alwut negotiating a settlement of the Suez crisis, informed sources said today. The General Assembly met today to debate a new AmericanT backed plan authorizing a sweeping investigation of Soviet intervention in Hungary, but Interest veered sharply to Eden and tlio Middle East, Secretary General Dag Ham- ninrskjol was expected to release later in the day a full report on the progress of clearing the Suez Canal under U. N. auspices, but it was not clear whether the report would deal with British-French efforts to resume negotiations with Egypt on an overall settlement of canal navigation. Up to tills point, Egypt has said it to sit down at the conference table with Britain and France. However, some U. N. delegates said Egypt may be willing to reverse its stand, in view of Eden's resignation. Western delegates saw pro.s- pecls of a vote today on the 24- nal ion resolution setting up a five- nu'nit)ur comniillee to conduct an Inquiry in Soviet aclion to crush Ihe MungErlun revolt. Bing 's Son Now 1 -A HOLLYWOOD (UP) Lindsay Cro.sby. 19-year-old youngest son of Bihg Crosby, has passed his physical examination for service in the armed forces. The youngest Crosby reported for Ihe physical Wcdnesu.iy. No date Wiis sot for his induction. LEGAL NO'nCB SUMMONS I MM". .Sfr. Ill" No. 2ilTS9 Dept. .Vo. 1 Til tlii> .'Jiiin-ilor Coiiil of the Stiite of Cullforiila. in and foi- tint County of .Mendocino. 01t.\cr: Plnlntlff, vn. DAVID .s. H.M^l,, nclcndanl. Action bnniKlit In tlif Snpi-rlor Court of tlio Ktati' of California, In and for {\\y Counl.v of Mi'ndoclno, and the I 'onipliiint filrd in Hut otllco of tlic Cli-rli of snld County of Mendocino. I'HIO.STON, KAI.K & ,IOHNSON Attorni'yn for PlRlntlff, The Poopli- of thf- Mnie of Californln Send C.riotlnKi! To: DAVID S. IIAI.L, IXfiiidant. yov Mil'. ni:iu;i!T DIKECTKD TO .^Pl'I.'AH, and answer the Complaint in the action entitled UH above, r>ronKl)t aifainst yon In the Superior Court of the .'itate of California in and for the County of Mendocino, within ten da.vs after the Service on you of IhlH ."^ununonH— If nervei within tills County: or wltiiin thirty daya if served ei »ie\N here. And you are notified that unlesB you aplUNir nnd u .'iHWer HH above required, the said plaintiff will take JudBiuent for any money or daninKCK oenianded in tht. Complaint, as arisintf upon con- traet. or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded In snld Complaint. 'Jiven under my haafl nnd the .Seal of the Sii)ierlor t^o\irt of the State of (California, in an.I for the County of Meiijoelno, this loth day of October, 19CG. W. J. BR0ADDU8 County Clerk. Ry Myrtle Turner Deputy Cierli. 11/25, Vi/6, 1,1, :ti. 27, 1/3. 10. 17 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITOf^S In the .Siipirlor Court of tlie Stale of »'allf(»fnia. in and for the County of .Mejuloeino. In llie .Matfer of tlie Kwtate of AN- •ru.NK .1. ItlOH.SOTT, iinown as and i-onietini.s eiilled .\. .1. III'.R- .NOTT. aM .WrUONV .1. IIKUNDTT, and an TOSY lll-.'UNOTT, I) ased. Noilre \H h,-V''l>y given by tbi- un- dil.^lKOed cxeeutor uf the e.state of .\itlone .1. It'-itnitl, also known as and .sonietline.s e;til,-d .\. J. Itemott. a.s .Antiion\' .i, II, -1-0011. and as Titny Her- noit. l »i -(.-e/i,;,-d. t«i itie er4-tlItor» of and all perHoi..K IravlnK el,'iioii< ai;ain.''l yaid d.i-i-d.-iil to fi Iin-ni M'ltii the necitn- aiiyy Vuueiu-in within .-ix ntontliH alter lio- publication of this notice. In tie- ofric- ol' llo- cl.-rli of tile above- iiained lourl. ur to tlo-m with the Hi 't-y^my voiK-liei-.-* within aix inonlli.s iifl,-i tie- dal.- of lie- first pub- liciltion ,tl" tlli.-^ notice, to ..:atd exeeutor at the oiVie, ol' Spm-i- AL- I'.ninipet- at 201 .\. .-;tate ,St I. I'kiiih. Calif.,I Ilia, Wtviell wnld ia,st naoit'd plae,- tbi* VMl- der.sii;iped ,'x.-i-uioi- ?.,-I,-ets lis tli»- piace el l,ohin.-.s.., in jiU Miutlei.-. mipeituin- iim t'l ol e ..nnet -t .-(i wltli the Hald tat'- of .\nt"n.- .1. liernett. ;il .-~.i known .-Ov and soin'! ito, , ;tll,-«i A .! l:.-i-- tiott. .'OH Antlioo> .1 |{,iie'U, .-tiid itn •rtiny lieiooil, d,-...-iH, ,1 . Ai!Ni:'r i:i(i',-;ii i-;v. i -oi .M .-I lie- i;,«- t...te i.i .Vot.-ne J. U, I letlt. ;<!.-•" l.or.wn ill' aO 'l M 'MO I ioie.K .all'.l A. .1 r ..ll -.i.|t. ii» Anllieoy .1. H.-r- n-itt. Hiei .'IS 'I'ony IJ.'in.'lt, l),-t e.,..,, .1. sfciiit .v- nnr .NNi :u 2"1 .N'. aviti- .St . I'Kiah. I ";iljf. Alt tilieys lot- I'lx.-t titor. I'J i 111. IT SF Police Wring Admission "rom Arsonist SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-A 31- ycar-old file clerk said today an 'irrepressible urge" citused him to touch off a spectacular fire in a downtown office building, his second and most successful arson try of the day. The suspect, Harold D. Eisert, 31, of Oakland, was picked up at the scene of the fire just outside the Hansford Building, At the time, the conflagration was raging at its height, Eisert confessed four hours later that he was the man who set a one-alarm blaze in the same building at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and the second at 4:30 The second blaze went to five alarms, the equivalent of a general alarm. It caused an estimated $200,000 damage and sent 2.50 persons fleeing to the street. The basement and a score of offices and; stores were gutted. .Some 60 pieces of equipment and 250 firemen battled for two hour .i; before they brought the flames under control. They poui'ed tons of water into the throe-story building bounded by Market, California and Davis streets. Twenty flic men were injured. » Thousands of office woi'kei's wciT delayed getting home and at least 10,000 spectator." stiiyed !t- roiind to watch, llio smoke from the f-'c was so dense at times tiiiil police ordei'cd many of them Ir) move to safer areas lest they bo overcome. The fire also ti,iggererl a colossjtl traffic jain. Hundreds of buses and nutos wore liopelessly trapped in tlie tlowntown area for several hours. It wiis the third ma.ior fire in downtown San FritncistH) in the past 10 days. A New Year's I've fire in a hai'dware store two blocks away caused S100.000 damage. Just before dawn Wednesday, a four-alarm fire in the Alice of Calitornia clothing manufacturing plant gaused $100,000 damage. Eisert was not iniinodiately linked to the first two fires, however. Oops—Norwegian Liner Is Tippled HOBOKEN, N.J. (UP1 — Norway's second largest ocean liner, the 17,500-ton Oslofjord, tipped over in its drydock today and crashed against an adjoining dry- dock holding another ship. Eight crewmen were injured. Two were hospitalized. Another '200 crewmen were evacuated after being trapped for more than an hour. The Oslofjord immediately developed a GO-degrce list, [xjlice said. "1 can assure you it will definitely sink if it hits the water," Police Lt. John Fihse told United Press. He said the vessel's sea­ cocks were open. The other ves.;el was not immediately Identified,. It was reported at a "slight li'st." The Oslofjord had been in dry- dock for repairs before leaving F'ridiiy for a West Indies ci-uise. It is owned by the .N'orwegiiin A'lierican Line. Motorist Coasting Fined for Speeding 1X)NIX)N (UP) A motorist coasting downhill lo save gasolini' during rationing was wined $10 on Wednesday for speeding. Its' a Bqby for ... ooaoopooooDOOoooeooQeo BO At Hillside hospital on January 9 the birth of a son to Mr, and Mrs, Earl J, Bates of Talmagc was listed. The baby, who arrived at 11:41 a.m., weighed 6 pounds, 2li ounces. He will be named Earl Jay Bates. Bids Are Sought For Dam Site Form Buildings The U.S. Corps of Anily Engt- neers is now ncceptins; bids for mbre builtlings on the Coyote Dam reservoir site. .Scaled bids in qundnipilcale will b(^ received imtil 10 a. m, Tuesday. January 29, at the heiid- qunrters ttf the district engineer in San lYanciseo. Bids may be submitted for one or ftny numl)er of items but a separate bid miisi bo made for each item, except as stated on the Invitation form. The structures are subject to in.spection by prospeetive purchasers. Invitation and bid forms may be obtained from the office of the district engineer, San Francisco, district, real estate division, 180 New Montgomery street, San Francisco 5, CnHfornia. The buildings are as follows: On the jiropfrty purchasetl from Harold F. Christy. Cunningham roiid off Highway ',^0, a dwelling .•md garage. On the property purchased fi-om Friink Sappingfleld, Cunningham road east of Highway 20, a dwelling and garage. On the property purchased from Ch.elsie Ilal Pir/.zo, Box 733. Route 2, Ukiah. a dwelling, barn, pres­ sure system In tlug well, and other buildings. The purchaser must completely remove the bulJUlngs and clean up al) debris. Removnl of concrete building founrtntlons is not required. S(»ciit»ti n <iwi( SALT LAKE CITY (UPi Asked by a local newspaper to sul'>mil recommendations for courses of study for public schotil students, a city scliool official Issued a stato ment calling i">r more spelling classes. A i-eporter reading through the suggestions quickly spotted thrw misspelled words. Uktah Dally JottMial Ottlel*! city Ntwipaptr B. A CODBR PnbUther D. D. IIAIX:K)MB . MHnARlng KdU II. M. n 'RV City Kitttor Published Dally except SMu' dfty« Buhdny and cortJUn holldKy* at 194 Rnst atanilley 6tr«nt, Cklaht Mendocino Ck>nnty. CtiUloriilA. Entered as Second Matter April 23, 1929, at the Post Ofttpe at Uktah, California, under the Act of March 3. 1879. Court Decr«* No. ttf7 Telephone HOmeatead 2-2991 SuhnoripUon R«t«a t>y Mailt One Year, (9 Sbt Monttia, W tl per Month Per oopy, 1 oenta l-iungory Workers Defy Army; Stage Protest VIENNA lUP)- Thousands of Hungarian workers are tiireatert- ing to flee to the West in protest against the return of Communist dictatoi-ship, reports reaching Vienna said today. Repoits from Hungary said workers at factories in .icattered regions of the country staged protest marches and demonstrations in open defiance of martial law. Tlic new blue-coated police force of Premier Janos Kadar turned out in force on several occiisions hut Ihei-e were no reports of violence. Workers cirried placai-ds liear- ing such slogans as; "We will flee o ihe West" arjd "Miiss Dismissal must end." the reports said. The Soviet-imposed puppet premier ordered some 200,(100 work- eis laid off frotti the nationalized factories idled Ijy the fuel and power shortage.^. • ; The 'levivetf tenor campaign coincided with a lightening of the escape routes from Hungary to | Austria. More than 150,000 Hungarians fled the frontier i since Russia unleashed its armored forces to crush the fi'oe-; dom-trom-Moscow uprising two I months ago. , ' i Forgery Charged John Quinland Billy, '2i, was certified to superi'ir court yesterday on charges of forgery. Billy cashed a check for $75 at a local bar on F.ast Perkins street on Dec. 28, police said. Joseph Cinquini, the bartender, who cashed it for Billy, believed it was "bogus" after he cashed it and used that word wlien he called city police. A car was dispatched and Billy was apprehended about 15 minutes later on Highway 101 near Ken's Furniture Store. The chock Was made oUt to Billy on the Bank of America, signed "Lewis Bartolomei," and endorsed with Billy's name. Giraffe Which Lost Baby Dies of Grief DKTUOIT (Ul Months of grieving for her lost baby ended Wcdnesdiiy for High Hat. a 11-foot giraffe at llie l>troit Zoo, when she died A n broken heart. Zoo officials said there was nothing organically wrong with Higli ll.if. Tlit\v siiid her death pi-obably w,is ciiused by the long period of grieving foi- tier baby which died in April. 1955. '"I lii'i'c's nothing yuu can do to hi'iii a liroken lieart," an olticial s;u(l. We Do "Slot";:"' NEW KING SIZE MATTRESSES • BOXSPRINGS Mattresi Rebuilding Pillows Recovered ALIENS' 340 N. Main Mattress Co. ' HO 2-5560 UKIAH PLUMBING & HEATING REPAIRS • INSTALLATIONS WATER HEATERS Gas and Electric State License PLUMBING SUPPLIES PROMPT SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES Phone HO 2-2015 DOM CRINELLA, Owner 444 McPEAK, UKIAH School & Perkins HO 2-3863 4 JANUARY INVENTORY CLEARANCE Oriq. $29.98 LADIES COATS Assorted Colors $25.00 Orig. $140.00 TRIPLE DRESSER WITH MIRROR $119.77 Special 7-PIECE FIREPLACE ENSEMBLE $49.77 Regular $1.98 MENS SPORT SHIRTS Short Sleeves 97c Reg. $249.95 9.2 CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR $199.77 Were $9.90 FALL DRESSES Solid Colors and Prints — Now $4.00 Reg. $5.98 BOYS OXFORDS Sizes 2V2 to 6 — Now $3.97 Orig. 5279.00 ELECTRIC RANGE Fully Automatic $249.77 Orig. $2.59 LUNCH KITS Pint Vacuum Bottle $1.47 Reg. $12.98 MEN'S SUEDE JACKETS Colors — Tan and Blue $9.77 Reg. S7.98 FULL SIZE CHENILLE BED SPREADS Now $5.97 Orig. 1.19 FINAL CLOSEOUT CORDUROY YARDAGE Yard 77c Wos $119.95 5-PIECE KOROK DINETTE SET $67.77 Values to $49.50 FULL SIZE MAHRESS AND BOX SPRING Now — Each $34.88 Orig. $319.95 12 CU. FT. UPRIGHT FREEZER $289.77 Orig. $7.98 MISSES CAR COATS Assorted Colors — Poplins $5.00 Orig. $59.95 VACUUM CLEANER Tank Type $39.77 Reg. $2.98 FLANNEL NITEWEAR Gowns and Pajamas $1.97 Were to $4.98 WOMEN'S CASUAL AND FLATIE SLIPPERS Assorted colors — Now $2.97 Reg. $189.95 21" CONSOLE T.V. SET $149.77 Reg. $47.50 BOYS bICYCLE Balloon Tires $39.77 Was $77.50 ROTARY POWER MOWER $57.77 Reg. $12.75 MEN'S MELTON JACKET Knit colcr» and cuffs $9.77 Orig. $2.49 STEP ON PAILS $1.67

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