Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1928
Page 8
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-*•',;7 ;—-- KA pK^ *-. ?^ *ir> V.-.''» ^.^ ^..VJW^B.^.^ ^ £ *.,*,*, : .ii ^ ^ ~ ' " ?":" f^ 1 " " ? t* f"i * ip * J-V'1 T-": -^ '?••>. ^ I! ts til"-' YTioifrii of f^^,>1^ f-Uv^f^'^.v-p s in th? caifllos. 7'i^rp nrr- i>', "•*. """"' -I- flue hs< h twt nf f/wls ftnrt oth^r hf- ul Instrttmfn! 1 ;, books. If.' t!ia{ r.n »rx» tnnn*h in . „ '"* ''__''_"! VirKlniB - win ^ thp principal sprsfcn.jchocolate nut covered— I rj, i£-r- f.h')U!d i flit] ro~~3, franf] ITisM fhst nrp or Uv m hJidiy ^ •>f Vf rr-.rl, -nr- .,.,,( i n t! ',r, ch i. ; n('hrr sort'of'nii r-n.rn fs.r.i :hr :;,.- : ,-.(• ,.~r* !n {*, «;, n t hr m«tl. ' : '"'' "I '*'•'' ; im 'hiflwi In tit* pofxSs that, ' ' M|! ! " t! ' lf= i ti'inrrf off. and pr* writs int^p'i^-rl' ,..,•, r*,^.r, .», pvjr'nrs and ffiiik V.-FTP r^rvpr! ' ' if ;.--.'.--.-iv. (or fflmllir^ in Prnnryh-nnls or (''-}•• ! WO i OR TO MONROE, ! *'Tn «'M ho^ths wlirrr a dr-i ;' tiii; ft prn- j iforrnft probably flnd th"lr •R'av Into! WT r -5 FHI? r*u"If "Pr*tr 1 ri A ir 'Unner could b^ Iwri p.nri r '^< ! ; f!nr»-=. jhnmr, \ n Chicago or In citks "iir nr - ' v ^ 10 " '• un ^«*• r« 3 & DAY "•" I"; in niifl-liv. v. hi!<* thn prndrrs and tlir in- ' "" ' inr - ] j l! tMi^r! iTciplmlJi both wondrr w hnf - Mr. :•;>-! Mi ' \V. .1 M«IMIT oj ""' Tfimr of th« Cifti (hrif. wri<« Kc'k pn!]'. (if.-nK'- "!1'',riipvin of hut npvrr dcllvprrtL j Prnirlf.ii!" ntic! Mr. and Mrs. O^orRp niflrf! collection, wliish ri Havd^n nt"UiTrr| 1f> M«i!iro«. Wts, ay for thn day. fo ¥,'!tnps, 1 ; t!ir store, with the" crowd Rnthrrrd for rrlrbmtlrui nf rhpr=f day Therr vas ^rJ;;"!!.', ^ r ,','' 1 li;1 ' k | 1 " p ^<\^»'i-|MiP Buction. irmkc nn rxlilhlt that ! n hi? pn.|- : , ( |r v.hlrh hsird (wo hou'rV mrratt-d in thf f.itnloc jmd^if JKimuid be a striking object lesson 1 floats Trnn, thr niffnrntMore' that fii] linrne mqdo randy 3*011 -o much enjoy—-And liow nf.fl if: tspff>r- nl this time f year, Get your supply for • the week end, > Rant Imp. Candy ' S ' V3 """rrV^K^iwith cream centers and ll-i* 1 <v : ir IT.- li-!if!f 1"--, P nf xOil'')i i hv ;.'r, V.' hundrfrl f;if?r;rn' PrSirSr- Ttir. MilTlrirnt to Mock R Complete Variety of WelJ-Kncwn Quality Groceries Ahmys <& Money-Saving Prices, Introducing COME AGAIN fOUE STORES 30 West Third St. 202 East Third St. IS Kast Third fit 204 West Second St. R. P. "' | fOc ptr fb. «.c and msm- otii-i Almond Clmlers. with ""hr'^'d rr JntpiTsrinz Ifntuirs. A " Iptr- inJlk rhnnolafn 7rt* fft r- - r!.".-'.r. rro-*-r! gnthrml n' the puMir- 'n-^.ri !f ; HK ".nOCOlatO—/f/C /». jar noon wi-.-w JIPP rhrc.^ '. ;< nVi-j Filbert Clusters,60c IB. A'i/< Caramel. 40c /ft. Chocolate Caramel, 40c m. Peanut Cluster, -We fb. Azmrtcd Box Cavdieti, We to $1M per Ib. Chocolate Cherries, Caramel Apples and Assorted Chocolates Also Fancy Head Lettuce Celery Get your Sunday Papers here. I Bondi's j Confectionery 318 E, 3rd St. - Sterling S No. 2 can Blue Knro 6 Ih. Pail 25c 38c 29c Bacon £,£230 Preserve purc Frtrit r reserves : lb _ Jar Cocoa Coffee 38c ,„ It Is vital that the food you eat be — afl the time—<and that this goodness be not expensive. Our stores have the reputation for selling good foods at low prices. P& Q Crystal White Kirk'a Flaka j"" Sifted * Early Jane New Pack Solid Pack An Exceptional Value BIG Hazel Brand 11- RED CORN, New Pack, No. 2 Can JOIMS, Spiish Imprted, 4 02. Jar. , Pore TiSt'5% OE. Jar MAYONNAISE K 3^ WHEAT, Package e, CRACKER JACK, 3 Packages...... SALT, Morton's* 2 Ib. Box. ' PEACHES, SBccd, 8 OL Can YOUR CHOICE Satisfaction Guaranteed M ' Michigan Navies Great Northern WliJte or California Lima's Macaroni or Spaghetti Made of the Finest Durum Wheat. 49c Oatmeal Quaker Brand fci Quick, or Regidat* Brawn "4-X Ptowdened ; .OCTtSth MAKES EASIER HOTELS RESTAURANTS RAILRpAOS CHEFS ' HOUSEWSVES DOMESTIC SCIENCE than any'dther brand cf baking powder in the world. The choice of experts who demand the beat. There are no "just-aa* gonds'*and they know it because they have tried others and compared results. They selected Calumet and stick to it, year in and year out, because it ia "Best By Test'* LESS THAN S T it P«R BAKIN0 I5! ^ Our Red & White Store is at your sen Its with full lines of everything to eat. Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Canned Goods, etc.—the best to be bad. Free delivery. ' SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY CHOW MEJN NOODLES, per can BEAN SPROUTS, per can FUJI CHOP SUEY SAUCE, f A^ per bottle J-Vv MAYONNAISE, 3i/> oz. jar THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING, 3V'- 02. jar SANDWI.CH SPREAD, 3 J /> oz. jar BARBECUE SAUCE, 8 oz. bottle PICCALILLI, 4 Q'i, bottle MARACHINO CHERRIES, -| A^ 3 oz. far XVv PREPARED MUSTARD, 1 ftp A v v lOc lOc VANILLA EXTRACT, ' 3 oz, jug . .......... -:-. Many other articles too numerous to mention on our lOc table. I Van Drew & Co. Rack Full* Our Best Creamery Ib. 54c Pure CaneSug The White Naphtha Soap, 5 Bars Wrapped BACON SQUARES Best Quality, well cured, S^LOA' The New Bubble Soap of P. & G. Dissolves instantly. No soap stains. Extra largo package. 21c Shanklem PICNIC ffAMS Full Cured, and very wonderful value at present meat prices. 6-8 It), size, per ft Fresh and Delicious. Let the youngsters have all they can eat Quick Cooking or Regular package Regular, large Oil „ Al.\, Coffee, Ib. 49c Campbell's VEGETABLE o TOMATO SOUP Very Special, 3Cans ' SLICED PINEAPPLE Eight thick golden slices. Wonderful quality. 21/2 Can COT IK^U: or GREEN BEANS New 1928 pack. No ' 2 Can SEEDLESSor SEEDED RAISINS "Quality 15 oz. Pkg. OUB SELECTION OF FBESH FEU ITS AND VEGETABLES IS TUB FINEST Three Large Red & White Stores VAN DREW & CO. Rock Falls Phones: 4B8 and 499 Groceries and Meats STODDARD'S Quality Grocery 317 First Ave. 2 Phones, 359 H. J. CRAMER Sigh Quality Meats 2205 E. Fourth St. Phone 304 :3 West TUird Street, Sterling, III. Malt, Krogers 113 W. 2nd SU, KocJt Falls, Illinois $LQO. Flour, Country Club, 241 Ib. sk. $1.03 Oleo, Wondernut, per Ib- in iiiniiiniiiim ...... nun ............ •iiin»riiiiiiiiiiTiiiiiiiriniririiriii'iiiiiriimriiiiii..iii..iii. > iiii ...... minimmniiai.iii l |iiriiviiiiiiiiiii M ,,iiii .......... „ Sugar, Pure Gane, 10 Ibs. Sardines in Sauce, large can 12c Log Cabin Syrup, small can ....... 25c Avondale Syrup, 2 cans ........ 35c Sweet Potatoes, No. 1 Jersey, 10 Ibs Apples, Jonathan, 4 Ibs. Potatoes, U.S. No. 1 Ohio, 15 Ibs. ...... Early 25c Pancake Flour, Country t ^*» rinK 9. few A«Ji/ Club, 2 for Crisco, It), can . 25c Vanilla Wafers^ per lt> ,. 17c Grapes, Michigan, 12 qt. basket.... 74c Bacon, 3 Ib. piece or more, per Ib. t Brooms, No. i 4 sew, special , Cocoanut Bon Bons, per tb. ,,,......,;, 25c Butter, quart jar ,.. 25c Orandma Soap Powder, Cakes, large layer 35c i» popular brands, 2 pkgs. for 25c Kroger White Soap perpkg. •...,....,,. Good per

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