Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1928
Page 6
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dinner prrs"W- to ubir-li rvrr prt«5i«}pn:, Mr. Fettled wn« nr.i j te to h*> r»rrw:f. Tbr audi^nr^ ; "Am.-ria«." at the, Mrs Ft s Ibrn rend thr minutes of Uir mff-tinc after xihtfh she the tirasniet-"?! rf-ji-.ff. After! it tca.s decided ihrl notify members of! by wndinn postal cards 1 OBREOON rONSriRATOfcS ASSEMBI4F.O At TRIM..—Thf> i povernmrnf t-l!h complicity tn th* s> r -*w*ssln?t!ton of Prf5kl::-r>t-f]M i were Eatherrd tngr'hfr the other til ft y for trinl. Thc arrow p-.m'^ i Mc*ir<m jjrnrral. mr-n n,nd womrn chanrrd by the » Al-.nro Ohr^gon «rp pk-twmi «s they in Jo-.^ Ix-on Torn*, the nwn who shot the Marlon Myers then favored wish n piano solo. rer-pondinR with nn encore, which numb"rs were vrry much J of this fruH «»•; discus-] YOUNG OBRIOON preferring one wny and •irnr I he other. Mr. nnd Mrs Hey exhibited grapes jot the J.urille run? Cnco varieties. election of officers resulted !n|' :nip f'ticillo har, a large. very com- fhe vior-prr.^Ulr'nt b^ine promotrrt tojl' 3 '"'- luirirh If is worthy of pro-j officr of president. Charier,! pagnti'iti. Tlic CHCO is a whUr grape ' snd prlrstc of ll» TEIED TO KILL SELF IS BELIEF M «.rim ri' Key was cha'-n-, vicc-prc.ildrnt nnd'^ avin 8 smnll bunches. Spray with to ....(u.r.i—Kt- 'Kiny to «ic- (termlnc the rral storv of t!ir r;1u>oi- Mrs. 8. S. Roxrr w«s rr-oloctrd '^ jHmc-flilphur to prrv^m funKuj.! 1 ?? ° f «'™b€rto Obrr R nn; SKyrar- ewtoo-ttrasiwr. Mrs. CharJcs licy | Knurlh which Is the ca«!* of rot »nd'° ld son f ' f thc laic AU " aro Obl ^°» WP.S chor-rn i»«; dr If gate to represent i fnl'«ng. was advice of the growers, the fioctrty n! the mrctinj: of the! Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lnrnbert. were Obroeon ) wsfh hi:; f Wen. .'•>hf% will) f man to tiif Obrrnun int. r-pcnt Uw ^o, senortt* nrr.. drove- the : i-r blnnca home,' A?i r motor car, aecortl- Northern Illinnw ty to t>e Ijeld in Mt. Morris, !>crm- bcr, fi-7. «t Vrhich mating t!w Mt Morris eollrpe. the farm bureau and the public «:hool will co-operate. All are urired to attend a r > n verv profitable meeting is anticipated. The members were urped not to liroduce a r.lump in the npp'.e mar- iccta as tl>c commercial arcliMdiits have but fifty per cent of a normal crop. Mr. Robbins of Mt. Morris gavp an instructive talk. Allowing samples of apples which are much more highly colored this jear thnn usual owing to thc umisiial weather conditions. Charles Hey rend a jK>t>m eulog- IrfriK the ladies for the .sumptuous dinner provided and Jor nil their other good qtialitie.".. Ilie di."iCUfiftlon then turned to the Culture of tomntoep. What variety .produces fruit which will not buna? It was decided that that^rariety did : not exist when there was an abundance of rain us in the present :,um- jner. Bonnie Best. John Baer and Burbank Best varieties were given preference. To keep a strain of to, matoes pure, do not plant any other i variety near as they mix very fiffil- j]y. Staking ver&es straw mulch in «V»i*'X.i"i_l Vote Champ members of the society. AUTO CAUSES TWO TEAMS TO RUN AWAY Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson, living south of MilledKeville, had an exciting experience Wednesday night. while returning; from Mt. Carroll. They were bringins home two wagons, each of them driving A team of horses, when an automobile bumped into Mr. Johnson's wagon. He was thrown out and severely but not seriously bruised, thc team running away and frightening the team driven by Mrs. Johnson, which also ran a considerable distance before ;,hc was able to stop it and return to help her husband. He is in a serious condition from! a bullet wound in the chest and police said there was e-vrry indication! he had attempted to take ill. 1 ; own) INTEItNATIOWI, PAPER CO. New York. Sept. 26th, S«38. The Bmrtl of Directors Have declared n quarterly dividend of sJjety '.Wei crnf. a share, on the i PtocR of thr, i i vember l.">th lf?!i to ftllrd 1hr rap»,-,l thnt ' 5ftx-lt1iol.I-r : , of record, at Obrepon had been r-hot in a duel with I of binlnc-'. N-nr'nlxr R deputy. Checks' io be" Hospital authorities .'.aid Ohrecoii j book;; will shot, himself on the .'.tcps of ilu home of FVrnando Torreblano i. : cn- 1st, mailed. !'ot clo'ie. O\VI-:N KHKPHKRD. Common fhe ciocc 1928. Transfer «V>-» .« wf •" CTn^Vi^?*-"-*-i "5 - 1 Half or Whole, Ib. Vice t'lr'.ident and Treasurer. William Porterneld, 95 yeara old, of St. Clalrsville, Ohio, claim* the voting championship of the United States. He hss cast 19 presidential votes, the first being In 1864. His eoth ballot vvill be cast for Hoover in November. RED COMET The All Purpose FUEL We have a car of Red Comet coal enroute. For delivery from car we can supply you at 10.00 per ton delivered. This is two per cent ash coal, nearly 15000 B.T.U. Highest test of any coal on the market. Plan to buy your coal from the car and save 20 per cent a ton. It's the only way. You get better service, and save the difference. Place your orders now. Telephone 637 C. 0. D. Coal Co. Chas. Yeager, Mgr. Office and Yards. 1 Block East of "Q" Depot, Rock Falls Are Properly Balanced CLOBE EGG MASH To to fed with scratch feed or grain. GLOBE EGG BALANCER To be mixed with ground grain. U00 Ibs. corn or corn and wheat, 100 Ibs. Globe Egg Balancer. This method ought to appeal to the larger feeder as it will surely lower feeding costs. PHONE 32 Anderson & Jacob Bring Us Ymr Grindi We have a jjrcat deal of argument and theorizing just at this time of year about the prevention of Colds. That is all its way, but it isn't much good to the man or woman who already has one. What a person with a cold wants is relief for that cold. The 20,000 and more American druggists have selected and recommended a «cold tablet to do the work, having the best combination of ingredients in a chocolate coated tablet, very palatable, easily taken and very effective. Put up by .the American Druggist Syndicate, Ask for A. D. S. Cold Tablets at 21c per box of 30 tablets. Get It At Geyer's Drug Store Your. Drug Wants 12 West Third SL Sterling CHILDREN'S We believe in selling solid leather shoe a for children and giving you the most in value for each dollar you spend here. $1.95 to $2.95 May we serve you?, SPECIAL! Children's Felt Bed Room Slippers 98c Sterling Bootery 332 Locust Street, STERLING, ILL. Shinner & Go STERLING, ILL. 21 East Third St. • t Phone THE BEAUTY OF FINS FURNITURE ENCLOSES THIS PERFECT MEATING PLANT- .' '. Hate i» everything tit*! tbc nwlcnt, uji-t»-d*te fe*Uii4i-«fH y r luu> ever tk- •iicd iu * flr»t Baur Jwsaltr. JJeauty oi lia* «uui f^r«*«^«itt Walnut tfee lUaiid Oafc tli^wlater a iii*«* ef Sac ifiSJjflHBJfeSHJi Sii€4v4B AQ w ftffijjj? Challenge Flavor Test baffles healthy young appetites. Agree unanimously that the most expensive spread-for-bread tastes exactly like J ..... S3 tt-tn i difference?" was mitx/. Net a $&utt ^Tow^^OiTmioHeJ^m tif« etin>r. Yet OfHP tasuiti/ifk tt'at fjtr&uf ttritb GOOD LUCK and sn* with an UK ttutt wlwa la fatt e ail i, it. a beaatiiul tt tbe U alt It Stop in and »f* it anytime. Hurdle Hardware MARGARINE •HEREVER the Challenge Flavor Test is made, always the result is the same, Neither the mi- spoiled appetites of young folk nor the educated palates of food connoisseurs can find any difference between Jelke GOOD LUCK Margarine and the most expensive spread-for-bread. The latest "jury** to test and fudge this Issue are the sixteen alert, vigorous and healthy girls comprising a Tro^p of Girl <> • --------------- - — ........... _...._ ...... _ .. ........ . .._ .. „ ........ __. ...... ...... But despite a sense of taste as keen as their sight and hearing, these young ioyers of outdoor life decided imoosiy that Jelke Goo0 LOCK Margarine and the spfead-fosr-bread were «^€fly »like M flavor. Challenge flavor Test reveals -&|ji City way to

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