Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 9, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1964
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DON'T PiRg UNTlU^iOU WHITES OrTHQR EVK. THIS A PUSH-OVER, aK.tHose FaLow5 WERE OUT ICaEBRAHNS AND CW?DUaN5 AU- NISHT 1.0^^&. ' A14.0C-HT. MEN. UNHU^bU S^e -THE REDS OFTWBR EYES. DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY SIEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI AOCnON TOCW/ ELBeny MILLION THOUS^NDMIUJON DOLLARS.' ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN PRISCILLAS POP By AL VERSIEEB , COMEJN, PRISCILLA! tLL INTRODUCE YOU TO ' JOHANN SEBASTIAM CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER nkimavx BOKMED \ THE PAPER* SAID our. BUT UEUMP CAM UAO] ITHOUSE* MAMV l» THRU THE TO THE/ EK -PICKP0CKET5, FOUMPATlOH! -^r HOTCHECKAETtSrsJI SWINPLERS .ETC THEIR PAST \& NO COMCHtN OFMINE.LAPi TM AFTER MEM Wmi IMAeiHATIOH.AUD THE UR«E TO TKV our NEW IDEAS! m McKEeTKWKSHMlJii HIS NAME \ mS &llDeO A5S0C1ATEP WITH 5Ua «»KCBmac*J JlP- A HAVE TO ' SHATTERS H\» PU8UC IMASEl jfVK 0?mHS Of • THEMUmniDEl I A AMUNMOVEOB/ Kl* WHlMPERJU&i 14 - Thuri, April 9,19M Redlands Daily Facts IN HOLLYWOOD Oscor hen breiigfit seme edd qoiriu^ By Enkfne Johmoo HOLLYWOOD — "WiU Oscar Oddities Occur This Year?" The keeper of the files at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asics the question, tlien answers it with several of the imusual situations which conceivably could occur on the televised show scheduled for April 13. The biggest oddity, however, already has been recorded in the "runaway" nominees — 10 foreign-bom candidates among the 20 actmg awards, and a good chance that the filmed in-England "Tom Jones" will win the best film award. Nominee Lilia ("Lilies of the Fields") Skala has had only two acting jobs, both on television, since the film was completed a year ago, and recently revealed she has been worJdog as a file clerk in New York. "How about a job?" she's asking moviemakers. But this is hardly an oddity, since she not alone, even among Oscar winners. Rita Moreno, best supporting actress in 196X for "West Side Story,"' moved to England recently because of two years of continued imemployment in Hoi lywood. honored for achievements in both the best actor and best supporting actor categories?" The answer to both questions is "Yes." It has yet to happen despite double nominations, but will not happen this year because of the routine pattern in the nominations. But a look back at previous voting is always part of the Oscar lore. In 1944, Barry Fitzgerald was nominated for both categories as a result of his role in "Going My Way." He could have won both Oscars then, since the rule limiting a performer's eligibility to only one category was not passed nntil the following year. The honor of best actor went to Bing Crosby, also for "Going My Way," however. Barry wo^ for his supporting role. *niiis new fella Stanley in our car pool drives a real steamer!" But as the keeper of the "od dity" files at the academy was saying: "Can one actor win two awards?" Could the same person NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. M««7 On Thursday, the 23rtl cUy of April. 1364. tt 930 a.m. at the North entrance ot the County Court Hou«e, In the City of San Bemardlno, County of San Bernardino. State of CaU- fomia, riBST AJtEBICAV TTTLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY. Tnutee under that certain deed of trust executed by Catherine Carroll a married woman, as Trustor, to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE tc TRUST COMPANY, a Call, (ornla corporaUon. as Trustee, W. R. Buster and Hallie E. Buster, husband and wife as joint tenants as Beneficiaries, dated Aug. 21. 1962. and recorded Oct. 24. 1962. In Book 5790. page 14S of Official Records of San Bemartlino County. State of California, now the owner and holder hereof, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder lor cash or lawful money of the United States of Anjer-, ica, payable at the time of the sale, the following real property situated in the County of San Bernardino, more particularly described as: Lot 1. TRACT 3785. ALTA LOMA ESTATES, in the City of Redlands. as per plat recorded in Boole 65 of Maps, page 6, records of said County. Said Sale wUl be made, but without covenant or warranty expressed or implied regarding tiUe. possession or encumbrances to pay the remaining principal sum of said note, towit: $4.448J3. with interest thereon at the rate of 6% per annum from 11-1-63, advances if any under the terms of said Deed of Transfer, fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of Trusts created by said Deed of Transfer. The Beneficiaries under said Deed of Transfer by reason of a breach or default in the obligations secured thereby heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Notice of Breach and Election to SeU said property to satisfy said obligations and thereafter on 12-28-63 the undersigned caused said Notico of Breach and Election to Sell to be recorded in Book 6054, page 161 of Official Records of San Bernardino County, SUte of Calitomia. and mailed a copy of said NoUca by registered maU to: Catherine Carroll 1603 Alta Loma Driva Redlands. CallfomU Dated: March 28. 19«. FIRST AMERICAN TTTLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY By Edward Young, AssisUnt Secretary. First American Title Insurance tc Trust Company, 3Z3 Court Street, San Bernardino. California. OCR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY NOTICE TO CREDTtORS No. 33393 Superior Court of the Stale ot California, for the County of San Bernardino. EsUte of WALBORG V. HOLTANE, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the credi. tors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk ot the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at S'i Eart SUte Street. RedUnds. CaUtomia. which Is the place of business of the tmder- slgned in aU matters pertaitiing to the estate ot said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated March 17. 1964. VIVIAN HOLT.\NE SPENCER. Executrix of the WiU of the above named decedent EDWIN R, HALES, Attorney at Law. 5H E. SUte Street, P O. Box IBS. Redlands. California, Telephone: 793-5481. Attorney for Executrix. (First pubUcaUon Mar. 13, 1964) The second nomination oddity — and one that can still happen — took place twice, in 1938 and in 1942. Fay Bainter was nomi nated twice — for a supporting role in "Jezebel" and for best actress in another film, "White Banners." She won the supporting role award. The identical situation came in 1942. Teresa Wright was nominated as best supporting WASHINGTON U.S. gives Reds on edge in arms research field actress in "Mrs. Miniver,' award she won. She also was nominated for best actress "The Pride of the Yankees." Looking back at 10 years as the Oscar master of ceremo- Inies, Bob Hope found a number of "oddities" of his own. As he remembers them: "The best performances of the year are invariably given by the losers. Some conceited actors become remarkably honest and admit they don't deserve all the credit. "There also can be an em barrassing moment, like th Ume back in 1934 when Will Rogers was emcee. He opened the envelope and said, 'Come and get it, Frank.' Frank Capra was 40 feet from his chair when he realized that Will was motioning to Frank Loyd, the real winner for his direction ot 'Cavalcade.' Capra described hi return to his seat as 'the longest crawl in history." " OLYMPIC TOUR KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI)An insider's view of the sum mer Olympic games, and three-week vacation in the Orient will be combined with the opportunity to build strong international good will through the 1964 Olympic tour announced by People-to-People, Inc. Participants will travel under People-to-People endorsement for two weeks in Tokyo and an additional week in Hong Kong and Hawaii. While in Japan, they will be provided hotel accommodations and tickets to the major Olympic contests. Included in the cast of the tour will be admission to the open ing and closing ceremonies of the games and tickets to all track and field to be conducted in the main Olympic stadium. BUM DEAL ST. LOUIS (UPI) — The French Ambassador to the United States couldn't resist talking about the Louisiana Purchase during a visit to SL Louis for the city's bicentennial celebration. 1 have not come here to fry to re-establish French sovcriegn power, nor to ask that the Louisiana Purchase should be invalidated," H.E.M. Herve Al- phand said smiling. "It was one of the most disastrous real estate deals within the history of France.' WASHINGTON — (NEA) In attempting to build belter weapons, U.S. scientists are running into major gaps in their knowledge. Yet Defense Secretary Robert Mcffamara is making plans to slow the pace of military scientific research spending. Reports from Moscow show Khrushchev is taking a different tack. His military expenditures roughly equal ours. Although he lags in intercontinental ballistic missile output, Khrushchev is not investing heavily in today'; ICBMs. On the day he announced bud get plans for cutting his conven tiooal armies, he made clear he was sharply increasing the pace of Soviet military scientific research.. That increase may be equivalent to half a billion dollars a year. Under McNamara there h a been a growing tendency to can eel out research for which there is no clear, foreseen, strong military usefiilness. This is good business applied to the automobile industry. It is not good in national defense. This attitude, under a previous defense secre tary, enabled Khrushchev to beat the United States to the intercontinental ballistic missile. The Russians, on the contrary, are spending a good deal of money and effort in "way out" and "esoteric" research. Most of it will fail. But one success, like their achievements with the ICBM and Sputnik, could give the Reds a major advantage. Though Soviet military research is secret, the Russian approach can be seen in the Khrushchev space program. The Russians are concentrating their work in a few critical fields. They're letting the United States carry the bulk of the work load in communications, meteorology and navigation and taking our results "for free." They are launching more scientific satellites than we, with a comparatively high percentage of successes. In the area of planetary exploration, the Russian effort is clearly much greater than ours. Results of their specialized work are being kept secret; much of ours isn't. They thus have the benefit of much of our work and all of theirs. Their use of our results enables them to concentrate. It means their research ruble can go further. They can gamble large sums for a break-through in risky but potentially profitable fields. By Kay Cromley 2. Radical new methods of propulsion. 3. Learning more about the basic characteristics of electromagnetic waves (possible key to break-throughs in anti-submarine warfare and missile defense.) The thought is now being posed that McNamara made a serious mistake in canceling research on the Skybolt — an airplane - carried ballistic missile which could be fired 1,000 miles to target. If the United States should decide to go ahead with a sfcy- bome "Polaris," a hovering plane that could stay in the air for three to four days on constant alert, it would have to be armed with something like the Skybolt. But cancellation of the Skybolt research some time back, means such a plane may not be feasible in the reasonable future. An opportunity may have been lost. Air force officers would say more research is needed on a new type of long-distance bomber. Research is not cosUy. It offers huge savings by keeping defense production from costly blind channels. A few hundred million dollars more a year on such research could bring about revolutionary changes. The money could be acquired without increasing the military budget by slowing development and production. We'd have fewer but better weapons. Jlilitary men, in random examples, say McNamara is spending too litUe on research aimed at: 1. A revolutionary type of missile to replace Polaris and Minuteman. DOMESTIC WIVES CAIN POPULARITY NEW YORK (UPI)-Iraports represent a comparative drop in today's wine bucket — or 'only about T per cent in the total U.S. market, according to a spokesman from one of California's leading vineyards. 'Imported wine is no longer the requisite of fashionable dining, any more than a castle in Spain is needed to make a good real estate investment or the label of a London tailor is an essential to sartorial elegance," said Paul L. Farber of the Cresta Blanca vineyards. Livermore, Calif., in a recent speech here. Consumption of domestic wines has skyrocketed in the last 17 years, Faber said. WITHDRAWS TROOPS ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (UPI) — The Defense Ministi^r announced Tuesday night that Ethiopia has withdrawn all its troops from the disputed Somalia border area. A government spokesman said 1 delegation of Ethipian observers met with Somali officials at Ferfer Tuesday to start a peace-keeping operation. I don't suppose you'd b« inMrested in cominz in th« t">t'se to play dolls?" •"Oh, I faMwyoa dkbi'tMEMIto Fnternqrt BM, PM! YM MEANT to .tell the stoiy yourself from the bt^nir^"

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