Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 11, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 8
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 11.1944 Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Focal Point Of War In Italy Is On Adriatic Coast (ny United lTr.i»> The focal point of tho war In Unly shifted to the Adriatic coast today. Polish and Italian troops of tho 'Eighth AnrijV have rolled two miles on a six-mile front to CMpfiiro hills dominating the Cosnno vnlley find three key rail and high. way towns. Only small pockets of German resistance n<iw remain south of Cosano river. Elsewhere, the Italian front i.s 'compiirntlvctv quiet. However, p/i- trol cliishcs arc reported from the pocket south of Arno river cast of .Florence, The American sector on the west coast was quiet under a deluge of heavy ruins. Loading of revenue freight for tho week ended July l.'i totaled fiO-t,- SO-l cni-x. an incroasn of 3.1 per cent •nhovc the total for the correspond- •ing week In 19-13. Coroner's Finding Is Expected Soon In Murder Case NL-W London, Aug. 11—(UP)—A coroner's finding is expected to b< issued within 'the next few day, in the siaying of 23-year-old Id! IJIiwihetli Sienna of P 0 r t I a n d whose hody wa.s found bclii-iitd billboard at Sound View beach las won It. Coronar Edward G, McKn says his inquest has been complct oil, and tic may release Ills verdic oui'ly next week. State polli'e claim that 18-ycur old Sonmn.ii Frank Higgins of Bos ton has. cor,foiled tlm killlivg. Hig gins, stationed at the New Loncloi submarine- base, also is suspcctet Local Soldier Is Reported Killed (Continued fi'om Pago 1) altnckltifi 1 Mra. M.iry SkcdprH B(i«lon on July 2Gth, at Boston .Mrs. SkcdKutt said she recoprnixec' '11i an -i iia us her assailant when hi picture appeared in the newspapers after his arrest In No\\ London. Total income payments to individuals during May amount to $12,277 million, as compared with 511,202 million for the same month a year ago. ENROLL NOW! 1944 Summer Course of pri- vale and individual lessons on the Accordion. All lessons personally supervised by Dnmcnic Mecca, assisted by expert teachers who have been trained to leach the Mecca System of Accordion playing. Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY MItt.NK 4-1-12; ^nr Appointment n letter .to his brother Anthony, dated July 24, and written from .11 fox hole in Normally tokl his M'clutiv'c not to worry about him, anil that from his fox hole he could sec American planes bombinp and straffing the Germans, to pnve the way for the udvnn'cc of the infantry. The local soldier wrote that the American air superiority was making it much easier far the ground soldiers, and that nothinK could stop tho Americans from marching Into Paris, from there to Berlin nnd then-on to Tokio,' and the end ot the war, p. F. -C. GrabowskJ -was a graduate of St.'.Hoclwijr's schools and a member of .that parish and nttcnd- ecl. NaiiKiituck hiKh school. He was an employe of the Eastern Malleable Iron Co. at the time lie cnterd the service. A Year Ago World War August 11,1943 (By United TrcsN) In Sicily, British forces take Gardia; American' 7th Army moves toward the Cesaro-Kiindoz/.o Road toward RandaKKo. British cruisers and destroyers steam into the Gulf of Naples night of Aug. D to bombard Castellam- iinro dc Stabia, naval shipbuilding :ind ropnir base. Red army • captures Gcr'man se of Alchtyrlcn. 62 miles noi'th- west nf Kharkov; Russians al:;o idvnncc on the Bryansk sector. Heavy British bombers raid Ger- niin city of Nuremberg. President Roosevelt confers with th'o Pacific War Council on "Cu- ure strategy." UJY WAR IIONDS AND STAMPS "Wotcrbury's Friendly Department Store" "Be Smart About Clothes and Money in Augtnt CHARM m*g«xin« "Exclusive with Howland-Hughes in Waterbury' LEFT .... Campus classic in wonderful, crease - resistant rayon flannel. Rows and rows of stitching on neck, fly-front effect and pockets. Colors: Luggage, Maize, Aqua and Red. Sizes 12 to 20. CENTER . . . i Dicky Dress in Alson's CHEVRONSPUN rayon gabardine. (Crease-resistant, of course). White pique bowed- dickey. Colors: Aqua, Spice, Kelly Green and Grey. Sizes 12 to 20, -RIGHT .... Contrast embroidered button-back with jaunty . skirt pockets. In luxuriously warm, weightless wool-and-rayon quality fabric. Colors: Natural, Purple, Melon and Kelly Sizes 12 to 20. $10.95 $10.95 FASHION FLOOR Japs Claim U. Bombers Did But Little Damage <Hy "Unltod Piww) The Japanese radio' 1 is. b'uay .try ing to belittle the damage caused by .American B-2D .Superfortresses at Nagasaki and Palcmbang. ' The olllci.-U IDomci News agency admits that, several thousand flro bombs foil on Nagasaki at ,thc southern end ,of Japan'w homeland Hut. Domci claims that .only two fires were started—and -that none of the bombers actually reached the great Nagasaki industrial area However, ' Allied, 'reports, rcyea that huge fires were'left: in many parts of Nagasaki—including the ahipwnys and the Drydock, also 'at heavy 'industrial, and ordnance plants', . . • ' As for the Palembang 1 raid 3,000 miles tiwny in Sumatra, Dome said six Allied aircraft making tho assault were-chased off immr-diato- ly and the enemy claims.only one oil tank was set afire.. Actually .Allied... dispatches say It'll take the enemy, at. least one year to get his Palembang. gasoline refineries back .into production.; Our oillcial accounts say more 1 than 1(> big bombers took, part in . tho' PalombaTipf raid. The Navy 'announces today that three B120 Superfortresses , were: lost in the raids, but that the bombing results were good. A fourth Superfortress, one of the Nagasaki raiders, 'made .an emergency landing at a forward base in China and then,was strafed by four enemy lighters, At least two of these enemy lighters were shot down by Allied fighters. Aiili-iiircroft opposition was . reported meager to moderate at both targets. Fighter opposition was: moderate or weak. Over Nagasaki 1 the bombers clnimud one enemy plane destroyed. Both of the raids, were carried out by "medium forces," a com- funique from '-the 20th '.Air Force stated. Thu raid on Nagasaki, important ccntc'r" of Japanese heavy Industry, proceeded -for one and one-half hours, 1 ,. The news that the opening blow has been delivered in General MacArthur's air offensive against the 1 Philippines is quickening American troops throughout the Pacific.' MacArthur's Liberator bombers have been hacking away at Davap on Mindanao and a throe-day as- 1 sault ending Tuesday is believed to have spread destrucUon'.among tho enemy's airdromes on 1 the powerful base. Aboiit 10 per cent total ;.irc;i is water. of Quebec's Americans In •,,'• (Continued from Pngc 1) at the cathedral town of Cbartres and at Chatcaudiin..- .Chtu-trcs is only CO miles, from Paris, and Cha- teaudu'n in,' 70 miles southwest' of the French capital. An. Allied radio transmitter in ..France says Cha- .caudun is uwdcr direct .attack, j Allied supreme he.-idquar.tcrs does not confirm these reports. London newspapers* .are banner- ing unverified dispatches that the Yanks 'arc •.'just 1 outside- tho dc- fohae zone of tho French cn.pit.-il." The London Daily Mail .'.prints nn unconfirmed report clanging Char- trcs Jwis already, -been taken. . • To the rear .-in .Brittany,' the •Amerioaiiv columns have captured. the Loire valley-industrial.'centers of Nantes a.nd Angers. i Tho Yanks have also tightened their ring of steel around the German U-boat base of Lorient. ' As for the fighting. i'li' Normandy the British and Canadians captured Vi'mont — seven miles of Caen. The Canadian First army's thrust down the main, -highway from Caen to Fal.iis.e faltered in the face of a powerful German bombardment. The'Nazis attack- 1 cd';.with.88-;mi-llimctcr guns ruslie into .'the; line five miles above Fa fuse.-' -. .. ; The heaviest fighting along til entire French const is raging- the Virc-Mortain sector cast of Av The Germans still firmly hoi vlortain,. 19 miles c;LSt of Avr.'in dies. But th,c Americans pushqc wo and a half miles into thci lank in an advance- down tin chief highway from V.frc.,' thi's Nazi bulge be 'woe'n^Lc.-Mans a-nd Caen is deadly' peril. General Eisenhower's hcadquar ers rcveais that .'in Amcr-io-in col umn' h'as rounded 'the tip of Brit any—and joined other u-oopK ar •ayed cast of Erc^t. ' The' two fore s are poised for ;L firKi! assault on Brest—formerly the main Atlantic lasc -of the Frencli fleet.- American heavy bombcra ranged ivcr a wi'de area of France today One formation battered oil stoi: .gc depots at the French towns of it, Florentin and Pack'-, oh the; -A-'r- ma-ncon rivcr-7T~5 miles southeast f Paris. Another. 1 -attached • r.omcs and a. third mauled rail- vay ynrds-in two cities'in Alxicc Lorr.iine. . ' '.-.. •. . . • • The German'.Radio says A.llicd ombcr Viqii-Adroiis 'arc over south- vcstern G-ermanyl ' ' •'•• Big Change In Aircraft Building Program Ordered Washington, Aug. 11—CUP)— Sweeping changes have been ordered in-the natlon'o aircraft building program. The War Department has announced that it is culling down production of Liberator bombers, Commando transports and possibly Thunderbolt fighters At the same time, aircraft manufacturers, will concentrate on majc- ing Superfortresses that arc needed to. bomb Japan. The drastic readjustment will release some 120,000 workers from the aircraft Industry by the end of 1944. This labor supply will be made available for other vital work. Tho Texa.s -Panbandlc n ai-ea than Texas.' : •is larger ROSESHOP SUMMER'S PRETTIEST VALUES TO $10.95 A Comploto. Si/.e Range For MisHCs' and Snve ji) to! $7 on these Kiim- nier highlight dresses n« wo offer our entire stock In a dnitniitlc clcarnncc. Select yours today before the host numbers in yniir siy.c arc gone. • Bern l>c rg* • CotUniH • Sheer Silkx • I'rin(cd .Icrsey» ROSE SHOP 87 South Main St. — Waterbury Local 45, URWA May Support Hiffffins For Congress, Report Democrat congressional candidate Peter B. Higgins of Torrington may receive the support of Local 45. URWA, in the coming election, according to a report this morning. The report also said that George | Froelich, president of Local 45, aided in "the obtaining of two and a half votes of the Naugatuck delegation at the convention for Hig- Mr. Higgins' opponent in the fifth congressional district is Cong. Joseph E. -Talbot (R> of Naugatuck, who had had a great deal of success with the borough vote in the pust two congressional elections. The borough is normally a strong Democrat town If the t/ocal decides to support- Higgins. it is expected that the vote here may be affected by the union's influence. A DOBBS STRAW HAT IN THE TAN I SHADES OF PANAMAS—OPEN MESH^ CHUNGS^ OR CHIN FOO BRAIDS-^ IS SOMETHING TO WRITE H~ ABOUT. Dobbs with their priority on style leadership and Dobbs craftsmanship — form an alliance of head and hand that means much to that man whb has a yen for artistry and appreciates it when he sees it — Dobbs straw hats $8.00 to $12. Giant-Midget Team Solves Mail Problem Champaign, .111. —(UP)— Whc postmaster A. C. Parris hired Don aid Sudkamp, former Champaif;" hiph school basketball player her recently, he was soon in a dilcmmn Sudkamp, who stands six fee seven, inches tall, presented a prob lent • because he overlooked pick inp; up the mail at some of th collection boxes. The boxes simply were below hi line of vision and. he didn't so them, Although Sudksrnp help fully offered to "keep on doubling up "like a jack knife," addinp h wns "sorta used to it anyway,' Postmaster Parris wasn't satisfied He finally teamed .his 18-year old "kiant" carrier with the midpro of the staff, five-foot four-inch Charles Dahl, age 61. Warranty Deeds Filed At Town Hall According to n'arranty deed filed it. the ofllcc of Town Clerk Raynond J. John. Rudolph and Aug •'cnskc sold a house and lot on May street to Francis and Marion 7oncs. Another deed records the ale of house and' lot on Hunter's Mountain road to Daniel and Mary Roach by Irving and Ida Sinccr- iOX. HKAVV S Namuckcl, Mass.. A-ug. 11—(UP) —The vice-chairman of the War 'reduction Board reports that the United States now is shipping as much war material overseas every wo wccks-as in all of J918. Charles C. Wilson made the disclosure to >apcr salvage • workers at Nan- uckct Island where he is on vaca- ion. Said he: "In the fourth quar- cr of this war we are producing al- »ost a half-million tons of am- iiunition," Class I railroads as of July 1 had 1,326 new freight cars .on or'd'cr. On the same date in 19-13 they ad 3),7-M on order. IVY WAR BONDS'AND STAMPS For Dependable Auto Insurance Sec Union City Insurance Agency Joseph'V. Roiiko, ABcnt It Union Street Tel. 4ft2S-2!)52 NOTICE District'of Naufratuck. ss. Pro- ate Court, August. 11. A. D. 19-H. Estate of Joseph O'Mcnra. aka oscph .O'Maru, late of Naugatuck, said District, deceaiicd. Upon the application of Bennett Vclssman, praying that an instru- icnt in writins purporti'np; to be ic last will and testament of said cceoscd may be proved, approved, llowed and admitted to probate., as 'per application on file more fully appears, if te ORDERED—That said application be heard and determined at. the Probate Office in Naug-ntuck. in said District, on the 28th day of August, A. D. 19-M, at 30 o'clock in the forenoon and that notice be Riven of the pendency of said application, and tha time and place tho same once In some newspaper of hearing; thereon-, by publishing; having .a circulation in said District, and by posting- a copy thereof on i.hc public sign-post in the town of Naugatur.k, i.iv said District and by sending, in registered letters, .postajre prepaid, ii like notice to each of the known heirs residing outside this District, and to Thomas Ncary at. 203 Church street, Naugatuck, Conn., as attorney f Of. Howard ErviT'g of the j U. S. Merc.ha.nt 1 Marine, at least 14 days before said day' assigned. .STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, I Judge., Rccordsl Councous Service ROAST BEEF THERMOMETER $1.50 Taylor HCMIDGCIDK For Health and Comfort TEMPEETON'S XEMI?MSTON'$ WATERBCBY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charge) LOVINK KI.ECTR1C CO. '•""' g Church Street i SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Kock 'n' HI* Bock; and Kyc Bnyn and Sweet Music Bill Lulmck Polka Orchcstrm 5 to 9 s>undayn White Eagle| Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Rc«taurant Association ; HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant '' '—- ' "^ Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 lb. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag; for that picnic before they " : are gone. ~ i • T The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236 \>

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