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I in in in in in in in a a a a a a a a Full Leased Wire Report NEWS OF THE WORLD United Press Daily Greenville Baily Aduarate VOL. XLIII-NO. 68 GREENVILLE, OHIO, FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1936 DEATHS TOTAL 150 AS FLOOD WATERS SWEEP 12 STATES: ROARING OHIO TEARS WAY THROUGH HEART OF MARIETTA ONE HOME'S TRAGIC END Tragic evidence of the devastation by the flood roaring down the Ohio river is given in this picture, of a shattered house floating down the swollen stream. Its roof barely visible in the tossing waters, it is seen as it passed Steubenville, Ohio. CUSTODY OF CHILDREN IS INVOLVED IN SUIT Pleasant Hill Resident Files Divorce Action at Troy Troy, March 20.

Suit for divorce has been filed in the common pleas court by Phyllis Janes, Pleasant HIll, against David Jaynes, Springfield, on the ground of neglect of duty an dextreme cruelty. In addition to the divorce Mrs. Jaynes seeks the custody of her two children and alimony for their support. According to the petition the couple was married in Troy Feb. 15, 1929, Henry A.

Carns is attorney for Mrs. Jaynes. BAND FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD AT SIDNEY Over Musicians Will Take Part In Programs Civic and business organizations at Sidney are now busy with preparations for staging an annual Western Ohio scholastic band festival on May 8. Program committees have already been named. The executive committee consists of C.

C. Crawford, president; William Amos, vice-president, David Shelton, secretary. Ten high school bands from this section will participate in the festival, with more than 500 musicians being united for a massed concert and street parade. The guest conductor will be Eugene J. Weigel, of the Ohio State University band.

Schools which will take part include Greenville, Springfield, Piqua, Celina, Bradford, St. Marys, Urbana Sidney, Troy, and Dayton Oakwood. SNOW FLURRIES AND RAINS ARE GENERAL Although spring makes its official debut in this area tomorrow, winter weather was still much in evidence today. Snow flurries and temperatures in the thirties were general in this section. Snow and rain were noted in all western states.

Weathermen claim that the new cold snap will be short-lived. "Fair skies and warmer." is the official forecast for Saturday. WOMAN IN RED LOSES DEPORTATION APPEAL Chicago, March 20-The deportation order against Mrs. Anna Sage, the "Woman in Red" of the Dillinger slaying, was upheld yesterday by the United States circuit court of appeals. COVINGTON LOAN FIRM CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY The Covington Building and Loan will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary on Monday, March 23.

An attractive program is now being arranged. THE WEATHER Cloudy and colder tonight, lowest about 30 degrees; Saturday fair, with slowly rising temperatures. PRICE TWO CENTS THREE SCORE LIVES LOST AS OHIO RIVER CONTINUES RAMPAGE Cities And Farm Lands Are Wrecked; Muddy Water. Swirls Southward STREAM STILL RISES Marietta Business Area Is Buried Under Nine Feet Of Water Early Today (BULLETIN) Boston, March 20. (UP)New rains today added to the flood horror in New England.

Six major rivers, at the highest flood levels in history, devastated more than a score of towns and cities in the northeastern states. Damage was described as "unprecedented." By C. R. CUNNINGHAM (United Press Staff Correspondent) Marietta, March 20-(UP)- -I The Ohio River, a turbulent yellow torrent laden with uprooted trees, the bodies of farm animals, the debris of wrecked cities and towns and countryside, tore through Marletta business district today and threatened to spread over the entire city. Along its valley from its source at Pittsburg it had left a frightful toll of death and destruction.

-five miles to the northeast, Wheeling, W. and its surrounding industrial districts still were under water and at least 22 were dead. Further on, the river had wrecked a half dozen river towns, including Steubenville, and Wellsville, W. Pittsburgh was coming slowly out of the destruction caused by its tributaries, the Allegheny and the Monogahela, which in their torrential descent from the mountains had taken 43 lives. This death total-65 for the Ohio and its tributaries, was believed be only a beginning.

Ahead of its raging flood crest was one of the most populous and wealthy river valleys in the world--scores of cities and towns and rich farming and industrial districts. Added to the cost in human life, a property damage that alwas" ready approximated $20,000,000 in Pittsburgh and 000,000 in the Wheeling district alone -and intense and wide-spread suffering. An estimated 50,000 persons had been made homeless and (Continued on Page Two? MUSIC CLUB PLANS TWO-DAY OHIO TRIP Greenville Artists Will Visit Washington C. H. Mrs.

Robert N. NicKnight, Mrs. Chester Selman, Mrs. Ralph Clark, Miss Lottie Leas and Miss Dorothy Holcombe, representatives of the Greenville Music Club, will leave here this afternoon for a two-day visit at Washington C. H.

They will present a guest conthere at eight o'clock this cert evening, and overnight will be entertaned by members of the Washington C. H. music club. The program is classified as one of exchange nature, with the club already preparing to Greenville entertain a Washington C. H.

delegation during the forepart of June. The local musicians will return to Greenville Saturday afternoon. LUTHERAN PASTOR IS PROUD PARENT The Rev. and mann Greenville, proud parents of Thursday, March will be christened Rev. Willmann John's Lutheran WILD WEST RECALLED AS QUICK-TRIGGERED PAIR GRAB $10.000 Lima Jewelry Store Is Holdup Scene; Owner Grapples With Looters PATROL TWO STATES Description Of Bandits Tally With Local Robbers Claws, several of which may prove I of great value are coming thick and fast in the probe of a recent Greenville jewelry store hold-up, as the result cf a series of bold, armed robberies in neighboring Ohio and Indiana towns.

Wednesday, a trio cf gunmen struck at Farmland and Hartford City, neighboring Hoosier towns, and yesterday a daring raid on a downtown jewelry establishment at Lima was reported. The latter crime yielded $10,200 loot in cash and diamonds. Three men also participated in the Lima robbery, and their deseriptions are said to tally with those obtained during the Greenville hold-up. Officers are further convinced that the same trio engineered the Indiana crimes. At Farmland a bank was robbed of $5,600 while over $300 was obtained from a milling firm at Hartford City.

Wild West The Lima hold-up was a carbon copy of one of the fabled six-shooter depredations of the old Wild West, with two gunmen firing at random as they gathered up the loot. While one bandit smashed show cases and mirrors with bullets to frighten employes, his accomplice rifled the vault. Bernard Brener, store manager, engaged the latter in a fistic brawl as the robbers were fleeing the scene. The fugitive dropped. his pistol and hat, but good his escape.

It is claimed that the pair pulled in front of the jewelry store in up a taxicab, but made their getaway in a coupe parked nearby. The third man remained at the wheel of the car. Radio news flashes are the authority for the statement that the bandit car bore Ohio license plates stolen in Preble county. The fact that the men had evidently been recent visitors in the Eaton vicinity, strengthens the theory that they were implicated in the Greenville hold-up. The crime here was perpetrated at the Wieland Jewelry store, South Broadway.

Loot included $400 in cash and diamonds and other jewelry valued at over $7,000. Dispatches from Lima reveal that the fleeing auto headed toward the north and roads throughout the Lima area were patrolled all night. Today both Indiana and Ohio state police posses were busy in attempts to uncover definite traces of the bandit car. WEST MANCHESTER CLAIM FIRM SUED Ohio, March 20. Three hundred and seventy dollars was asked by the Quick Cleaners, Inc.

Dayton, from the Siler Furniture Company, of West Manchester, for damages to a truck and deprivation of its use, in a suit filed Thursday in Common Pleas Court. The damage was said to have been sustained as the result of a truck-auto' collision August 3, 1935. Location of the accident was at a farm lane and U. S. 127 two miles south of West Manchester.

WHERE YOU SAVE IN BUYING WEEKEND PROVISIONS Dixie Queen Fruit and Vegetable Market. Priller's Market Booker's Market Clover Farm Stores Suter's Meat Market Morgan's Grocery Pierron's Kroger Stores BRADFORD PAIR WED RECENTLY IN INDIANA Newlyweds Will Make Future Home at Dayton; Groom Works There Of interest to their many friends is the annuncement of the marriage of Miss Audrey Shambarger and Kenneth DeCamp, both of Bradford, who were quietly married Saturday, March 14, at the home cf the bride's aunt Mrs. Warren Stead, of Redkey, Ind. The bride is the attractive daughter of Mr. Emery Shambarger and the groom is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Emmett DeCamp. The happy couple will establish their home in Dayton where DeCamp in employed at the Frigidaire Corporation. I NO FLOOD FEARS IN MIAMI VALLEY AREA; WATER LEVELS LOW Other Sections Of State, However, Sorely Crippled By Raging Streams The Miami Valley area, which during the disastrous 1913 flood suffered the loss of 158 lives and irreparable property damage, is in no danger at the present time despite the fact that raging waters are sweeping other lowlands in Ohio. The valley's conservancy dam system, centered in the Dayton region, is reported to be of sufficient capacity that even in event of traordinary conditions no cities or villages would be menaced by actual damage.

Ice in this section went out two or three weeks ago, without property losses of serious nature, and at this time there is no accumulation of ice and snow, as in the east, to even cause moderate high waters. A survey of stream levels yesterday disclosed that the majority were I In the Ohio river basin, however, severe losses are threatened as water levels are seadily rising. A thumb-nail sketch of the Ohio flood conditions follows: Marietta- districts boarded 1 up as city prepared for crest of Ohio river flood waters before dawn today (Friday). Martin's Ferry--Brunt of flood struck low business district late terday. Rampaging Ohio reached peak stage of 55 feet, crippling large industrial plants.

BELLAIRE Wide area of city covered as river reached 55-foot stage. Community threatened by water shortage. Steubenville- Stationary stage of 52.5 feet reached at noon. Entire population of nearby empire village evacuated homes. East Liverpool-River receded on Page Eight) 4 DEAD AND 100 ILL "IN PRISON EPIDEMIC Canon City, Mar.

20-- Colorado prison physicians battled an influenza and pneumonia epidemic last night which has taken of four prisoners and sent the lives 100 others to the 60-bed hospital. Two died yesterday. The prison has been under quarantine for 10 days. OPERATION REVEALS "TWIN" APPENDICES Kenton, Mar. 20-Mrs.

Irene Wood, 33, received more than usual attention in McKittrick Hospital yesterday after Dr. R. G. Schutte removed two appendices in an emergency operation. Surgical authorities said the presence of two appendices was very rare.

MAILS MOVE AS FAST AS RE-ROUTES ALLOW Washington, Mar. 20-Postoffice department officials said today that east-west mails, blocked by the flooding of the Pittsburgh bottleneck, are moving as rapidly as train reroutings can be put through. PARTY MUSICIANS PLASTERED FINDLAY, "Plastered? but not intoxicated musicians at a party, showered with plaster when the ceiling cracked, continued their song to the end. DRAMATIC RESCUE FROM FLOOD While swollen streams were sweeping others to their doom, this remarkable rescue scene was being enacted in the torrential Tenadaho Creek near Mechaniesville, N. Y.

Unable to swim, Nelson Campbell, (left), 60, clutches at brush as the flood seeks to break his grip and Allen Vandecar, stripped to underwear, offers a rescuing arm. FREAK MONSTER IS SEEN AT RESERVOIR Strange Fashes Traffic Lights On Tail The Celina reservoir's freak monster, which -for some reason or other is known as a "hoedag," has again been sighted. The following excerpt from the St. Marys Leader's daily edition of Thursday, March 19, should be of great interest to local fishermen: "Fred (Midget) Longsworth, New Bremen, who was among the first persons to discover the "hoedag" a few years ago, reported today that he saw this strange creature swimming in Lake St. Marys not far from the Lucky 13 cottage on the east bank.

When he saw it the animal had luminous green and red lights on its tail which extended far out of the water. The red light glowed steadily while the green flickered on and off, Longsworth said. "He recognized it instantly although several' years had elapsed since first he saw the strange creature which was discovered after the Hunters, Traders and Trappers club continued to miss food from its club house. The hoedag was making off with the provisions, they found." 225 IN ATTENDANCE AT CHURCH PARLEY Mission Group Will Elect Officers Late Today Approximately 225 delegates front 40 churches in this area are in attendance at an annual conference of the Presbyterial Society of Missions, which opened in Greenville last -night. Activities will be climaxed late this afternoon with an election of new officers.

Mrs. Paul D. Espey, Xenia, is now serving as president. Other program highlights will in-1 clude addresses by two guest speakers, Miss Gertrude Vint, New York City, nationally famous Presbyterian church worker, and Mrs. Homer O.

Moser, a missionary from Brazil. The Rev. Ralph Jennings, pastor of the Greenville Presbyterian Church, and wife are jointly serving as convention host and hostess. It is claimed that the gathering here is the largest assemblage of Presbyterian mission workers in recent years. FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY The Covington Building and Loan Association will celebrate its 50th anniversary next Monday, March 23.

Dr. Herbert, W. Kendell is the president, OVER 200,000 ARE DRIVEN FROM HOMES AS DELUGE SPREADS Property Loss Is Placed At 150 Millions; Scores Of Persns Missing RELIEF WORK STARTED National Agencies Rally To Help Of All States In Stricken Sector (BULLETIN) Latest flood developments in brief: Death toll crosses 150. Quarter of million or more persons homeless. Connecticut river floods Springfield, Hartford, and scores of smaller places on rampage to Long Island sound.

Springfield and Hartford without power. Ohio River flood engulfs Marietta, 0., as water begins to recede at Wheeling and other up river points. Pittsburgh drying, but face serious drinking water shortage. Susquehanna begins to recede, POLLUTION CASE MAY GO TO JURORS TODAY Arguments Likely To Start Early This Afternoon When the common pleas court opened its morning session today, there was every indication that jury deliberations in the $10,000 creek pollution damage action against Greenville city would be started before nightfall, Examining of witnesses was expected to end before, or soon after, the noon recess and arguments by opposing counsel will not extend beyond the regular court closing hour. The trial, started here on March 2, has been presided over by Judge Hugh R.

Gilmore of Preble county. The damage claim, filed by Harvey Estey, Darke county farmer, is identical with nine other suits instituted against the city since the summer of 1934. Collectively they involve over $50,000. The petitioners, all residents or owners of property immediately east of the local corporate limits, charge that the value of the lands has been materially lessened by pollution in Greenville, creek. It is specifically charged that the pollution resulted from the emptying of waste matter from Greenville sewers into the stream.

In view of the fact that no trial assignments have made in any of the other nine cases, it is very likely that the Jury verdict in the Estey suit will settle the entire controversy. $15,000 SOUGHT IN MALPRACTICE SUIT Lewisburg Physician Named Defendant; Assign Trial Eaton, Ohio, Mar. 20. Fifteen thousand dollars will be at issue Preble County Common Pleas Court Monday when the suit of John Skiles, living near Lewisburg against Dr. E.

P. Trittschuh, of Lewisburg, and Dr. W. H. Delscamp, of Dayton, is heard.

According to allegations in the petition Mr. Skiles' right arm was practically useless after treatments by the physicians. The injury, which was said to have consisted of broken bones, occurred July 5, 1933. Judge Hugh R. Gilmore will preside at the trial but evidence will be heard by a jury.

RFC STOCK IN BANKS EXEMPTED FROM TAX Washington, Mar. 20 -The House today passed a Senate-approved bill exempting bank stock held by. the Recenstruction Corporation from local and state taxation. CHURCHES PLAN SPRING FIESTA Greenville Program Planned Next Tuesday, March: 24 The Methodist Churches of Darke County, will unite in the "Spring of the Woman's Missionary Society, at the Greenville church, Tuesday, March 24. Miss Elizaben Hoge, a missionary on furlough, will be the guest speaker and several district officers are to be here.

There will be both morning and afternoon sessions, the first beginning at 10:15 a. m. COVINGTON GIRL IS DEAD; HIT BY AUTO Child's Head Crushed When Hurled To Paved Street Catherine Miller, 7-year-old Covington grade school pupil, died at the hospital in the neighboring town at 1:40 a. m. today from the effects of injuries sustained at noon yesterday.

She was enroute home for lunch at the time of the accident. The child, witnesses said, ran directly into the path of an automobile driven by Mrs. Ernest Anthony. The top of her head was crushed when the girl was thrown to the paving. The girl was the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Harry A. Miller. Mrs. Anthony was exonerated of any blame in the accident by Marshal Frank O'Roark, who investigated.

The remains have been taken to the Miller funeral parlors, Covington, but no funeral arrangements have been completed. Besides the parents, three sisters and one brother survive. WILENTZ MUM AFTER TALK WITH CONDON New York, March 20-Attorney General David T. Wilentz, of New Jersey, visited Dr. John F.

(Jafsie) Condon at his Bronx home today, but emerged non-committal on whether Condon will confer with Governor Harold Hoffman, of New Jersey, on the Hauptmann case. POLICE AND SAILORS HALT FLOOD LOOTING Springfield, Mass, Mar. 20-Policemen, U. S. navy sailors and National Guardsmen, joined in an effort to halt looting which broke out in Springfield's many miles of inundated streets here last night.

MRS. HEWITT DYING Jersey City, N. March 20- -Mrs. Maryon Cooper Hewitt McCarter was reported dying in medical center last night. Mrs.

McCarter has pneumonia and may not live through another day," Director George O'Hanlon said. She is very weak." leaving huge destruction in southern. New York and Cen- vanta. Epidemics in many. flooded cities; health precautions rushed.

Floods swept down the Ohio and Connecticut river valleys today, adding new terror and destruction to a series of floods causing to date 145 deaths and an estimated property damage approaching 000, In 12 states large sections either were experiencing devastating floods, were preparing to cope with them, or were lifting themselves from the mud and debris left by, receding rivers. Approximately 200,000 were home-. less in the vast area from Maine down through the New England states, New York, Pennsylvania and extending west into Ohio and south into Maryland. Cities Under Water Hartford, a city of 000 and capital and largest city ofthe state, and Springfield, population 150,000, were both under the swirling torrents of the Connecticut river, which had inundated scores of lesser communities. Marrietta, and smaller, neighboring communities were under the Ohio.

Pittsburgh, a city of 1,000,000 was left high and dry again by the receding Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, but its famous "golden triangle," the business and industrial (Continued on Page Three) YOUTH ENDS LIFE WITH AUTO FUMES Dayton, March 20. A suicide verdict was returned Friday morning by Coroner H. W. Harris in the carbon monoxide death of George M. Matson, 19, 43 Holt street, found in the garage at the rear of that address by his father, Dent.

Matson, shortly after 6:30 a. m. He was in the driver's seat of his car and had passed a hose connected with the exhaust pipe. through the front window. Despondency over recent ill health was assigned as the reason for the act.

Funeral arrangements are to be completed Friday, RICHARD HEINE WILL JOIN BAND TOURISTS Mrs. R. W. WillR. R.

5, are the a daughter born 19. The infant Eleanor Ann. The is pastor of St. church. Ohio State University's 90-piece singing band, which appears in concert here Monday, March 23.

has one Greenville member. Richard Heine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Heine, has appeared with the band in all recent concerts and will take I part in the local programs,.

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