Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 11, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 7
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FRIDAY; AUGUST ii, 1944 , NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page 8«v*n Don't Forget To 'Phone Your WANT AD Before Your Week End Vacation! Employment Wiiutrd—>l!ili> or . |>.\i;T TIMM UKI.I 1 .VOK' SAUS' A GK I.-ACTORY. ARMOUR & CO, U'ATKKBURY. For Sale Sain 'Ol'li family IKHIV fur .tjili'. Crji- • j.i 1 , Uteaiiim, hi excellent coiuli- tion. .Bra's.* piping throughout; nit tmrnrr. frontage sufficient for extra lot. Priced reasonably. Aitilri'.is Box "J," care of. N:iu- utucU NVws. >'I,VK room, C-l'aiiiily /or s.-ili 1 . Lrar.'igi' «"d nice hai-n. Large lot, lug I'tunigh for 3 more houses, Piiuenti'ins 12rix.t70. Kacos on 2 i-nmls. Xii.v luciiiUin. Patsy Labri- n'.o, Fteiillor, 172 High St. Phone ,\-i.".| in 3-l.V. >'|NK nmni, tJiu- fumily UOUM* lo ciitocl on North Main street, ho vvntor furn-acv. hardwood floors Teli-phoni'. 2SU1 evenings. A Real Bargain! •for only A .'{-.Lino 3-.13ay Classified Ad Yon Got 10 • Words, Too Contractors rAVJCU HANGING W. JF. Cottt, 17 Tel. B-l5t>. uiul 1'illntinK Cedar Street Merchandise Fcoil And Fuel WOOD for snip for Htovc. furnace nnd fireplace. Harry Edwards Burton Rond, Bcucon Falls Phone Nfi.ugatuck -I'M?. Announcements I, Ullsllll'S* AlUlOUIlClMIKMItS MONUMENTS Special prices on All Memorials ft'. RICHAKDS 2GO 3o. Main St. Nuupatuck ,. KIOUT mom, i-fumlly IIOUNI-. All iniprovi.>r.n.-nts. in good condition, i-cur .wage and large lot. Price jri.TOO. Also 12-i-oom --family hoiisi'. garage nncl extra buildItii: l"t. Price $tl,300, A. Shupluy. •ivi. 2-13::. TWO futility lioii.-i: on lllictiUuul rtvt'iuto. Two family hou^e on Sco:t Mtiwt. Four room, onu family houye. 1 aero land on Wooster jifiTi't. Price S3.300, John Henly. Tel. i'OSt, TI'KKK yi'iir nlil four-rOdin nuid- (-,".•! for sale in NauKn'Uclt with <-oa,l furnace. Venetian blinds itii'l inlaid linoleum in kitchen and bathroom included. Price S.'.MW. Call .">10, Xaugatuci;. \VnnU-d 'To ISuy UN I 1 !, Two nnd iliri'i- fninlly lumws wanU-il. Also farms and lots. 'I'l-i. ;.fi:u. •\V!': 1IAVK ' Ul'YKlis! fur l-f-'f I'ftiuily houses. Jos. V". Kosko, 3 Union St. Ti-1. -t!'2S-2£iri2. Ilcnt Automotive 14 Autos For Sulo iDO.DGE — PLYMOUTH AITTHOKIZ.ED • Sales Service Parts, Accessories .Malcolm AY. Starr Corp', •ISR NS'atortown Avc. Dial 5-1MC Autos IViinted PACKAKD "A safe place to buy" P;ick:ird-"\V-;i(-crl)iiry, Inc. IS2 NV'utet'tou-n Avenue Dial -1-G109 Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN for Mr, Wall). These- arc busy duy.s ... It you have use for CASH to meet seasonal needs: Fuel, Clothings, Emergencies, you will find the telephone a. Kreat time-silver. A loan of $100 costs $10,50 when repaid in 12 principal consecutive monthly installments.. PHONE " 4-2762 Suite 229 Merchandise Household' Article* Canada's income taxes were increased by S70 per'cent'ln" r thc'"'pci- iod 19-10 to 19-13. Back the Attack — Buy Bonds OUR 33i-ii: MWUAL ' AUGUST SALE • • Is Now Going' On Here's Your Chances '"' • To Buy And'Save 1 Here wo go again with mor< .super values- for August! Whil< the.: supply'lasts some of you first comers will snatch up unbclievabli bin-gains in fine liVin;; room suites bedroom, suites and quality dining room 1 furniture. This comprises one of our biggest pur chnscs, a pre-war purchase tha IRS mnde our selections larger how him-ever before. Included in this groat eventi arc bedroom suites in , r reat variety . . •. period styles- modern, and Swedish Modern, ul- nost any kind of suite you cou.'d vish for . . . dinette suites Kaio . and H tremendous selection of ccasional pieces, kitchen furniture, ugs and floor-coverinjrs,. and nur- ery furniture. There ia furniture for every room and most ncer's. Sec these outstanding values r.ow at Albert's and SAVE!'.< Largest Fui'iiitnro Stove A-I^-B-ID-K-T-S . 2b'S South Ihiiu St.. Watcrburv- • - BABY—Cur scutM, I'lay puns, buthl- notts, cribs, high chairs, Kantwct mattresses, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand Sti Wnterbury ONE slnglo lx>d mattress and' ana double bed mattress. Both Red .Cross;. Slightly used. .$20.00 each. Telophona 2S-I7. Merchandise Artlcli2H COMPFJCTE .'Iionn! bought' tot- cash. Highest prices paid for electric refrigerators,, washers, and- stoves, regardless of'.condilion. • Merchandise \V:intcU To Buy Francis Furniture Co. 449 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 Wanted Buy BAN1C safe (Teposft' IfoxcH wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. Murphoy, Republic' (iOS'1, 830. Yeatman 'Ave., Webster G-rovcs 10,' Mo. DIAMONDS Arid Old Gold Bought. Watch repairing our specialty. GRAND JEWELRY 112 Grand Street Dial 5-0082 Education 31 I..OCH) And J'rivutc InslructorH . DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDIOS—WATEY. -I.-5028 003 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano —' Voice — Mandolin Ciiilclix-n, Adults, Advanced, 33egin- ners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults CRIBS — Vouthdeds, cliifforoljcx, cal-j-iages, Play Pens. Bustiinots. Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town, BTSA CO\ T KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. WOULD IIUo to K<:t .SOUK; tilings to- -help 'make up my 'auction, Labor Day, such as ,old glass dishes, clnaii-3-, small taljles, old vases or any old-thing's, especially small items. Fred Church, Nauga-tuck. • Telephone '1C-18. COOKJ'JRATOtt Htore Ice bov for sale. Good 'bargain for • quick sale. Apply 198 Meadow KlrneC. Services 38 1'rofcssional Servi 1'IIK-WAR. carriage and lii for sale. SCO. Mrs. Santiirsicre, SCO So. Main St. Nauy. C A. S H for Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, /lecca Music Co. 203 Bank JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP W« buy, sell, exchange, anil repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. GIIABOSKLK'S Ku<Jio Repair Shop. Radios expertly repaired, modor- ate Prices. Phone 5617. CUSTOM REUPROLSTEIIING — Special 2-pieco Suite SG9 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTJSrOKG CO. .1690 EXCELLENT ING and slip covers, low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Mastcrcrart artists. 1 Grand Si. Watcrbury. Dial t-Wrt JvJiM top jjiNiilating wool. All types. Installed if desired. T. J. Mon- t.-imbault, 530 Ko. Main St. Union City. Tel. 2G83. Services 3D Wanted To. Render Service* ELECTRICAL Kcpofrlnn 8crvlc« Appliances a specialty. Ray Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tel. 4000. ODD »OB PAlNTOfG- A. J., Call Naup, after 5 p .m. 4266 ATTENTION • KToctrofiix Owner* —Repair*, genuine p*rl« and Bervicf;. By bonded Electrolux Man. II Nisacn, 3 T»,r«K» A.V*. Teicphone 4*22. And KIKVMAX'S Great Dry denning Firm, offers its first class dry g not only in family Rar- monts, but bla.nkei.s, rugs asd other spec'ilties in /his field. KIEVMAN'S 70 Church Street One year after Pearl Harbor, air- plape industry increased production by""mo v o than 100 per cent, number of plants by 70 per cent, .and number of workers by 130 per cent. GREAT FILM IS HELD OVER AT THE STRAND NOW On The Air Today i'Ol/.VC; i'«ui|il>- recently i(i:irrli-d .seeks •! or ;"i i-uoin hou-ie to rent in central location. Telephone 32M. COTTAGK waiili-d :it the sliori-, fri->ni ^'5th or 2Kth until I^ibor Day. Call Si'iS. X Knnmx To Kent ,'! KODiM.s tu rent. Would like 2 mlult.t. [nciuiro at W Shi^'l'lcld I.-'tnt*. Sri 1 Victor C'hmirlinski, Announcements I.i'gal Notiej'S District of Naugattick, ss. Pro- btilo Court. August I'l, ID'l-l. Cnt-iU 1 ot' Kredcricl; Semrow, late (if Xaiigatucls. ir- -aid District. Thf Court of frribritc for the Diitrirt of -Vaugatuck limited and allowed six months from date hereof for the creditors o siiul ignite to exhibit their claim: fur settle rnrnt. Thusi; who neglcc In piv'unt choir accounts, properly H'.tfstcd. within said Unit', will b dr|i,-iiTi'i| a rccrivi-ry. All pei'nonf iml-.'li.'cd to .---iid ICslfitu Ufa re- q',ir"ii'fl tti make immediate- |>ay- iin-iit tu OTTILIA SE.MROW, 2-19 May Street Xaugiituck, Conn. Executrix, of Court. Pni- Onlrr Atlrsl : St.-pi J, NOTICK ASI1KS fnr the tuUltitr, mid Mift rt-ra I. Apply '' fnnn "I Ci II /'()('KI'JT flunk, Insl, CJus c,oll|i(ifl.s, fuitd ruKi.stratinn. driver's license, niuney. Call at 307 North Main • S I., Union City. Value fi-cin~. the Ifii.'ilerl .JI with SI.H month m jf murchiindist! exported i:nit<;d States in JTay .-I2] million, an compared .'I million for the same' 1TM3. All the thi-llls of "Kentucky:" 'All the magnificence of "Maryand!" "A simply wonderful pic tui-o:" That'? :he essence of the unanimous preview acclaim cominj: out of Hollywood * or. 'JOth Contury's- Fox's. new Technicolor hit, "Home in Indiana," the film based on the famous Saturday Jivcninf," Post •iorial, "The Phantom Filly," by George Ajrnew Chamberlain, and whicii opens another week in Waterbury today nt the Strand. Featuring Walter Brcnnan, Lon McCullister, Jcanno Charlotte Greenwood. June; Haver and an outstundinf.; suppoi-tiny cast, 20th Century-Fox's monumental trilogy of lllmw (of whom "Kentucky" and "Maryland" were the first two) depicting the excitinpr drama, romance nnd thrills of one of America's j:rcat traditions is | brought to a triumphant climax 1 with "Home In Indiana." I As in previous tllms. the studio ja^-ain captured breathtakingly heautil'til Technicolor realism anc full flavor and authenticity onlj hy painstaking research and exten- .sive location trips. The "Home In Indiana company roamed ovei three states, Indiana, Kentucky a.ncl Ohio—shooting against the "apple pie" backdrop of actual county fairs, Grand Circuit harness racing and the nation's most picturesque breeding farms. All in all, the making of the picture involved on<! of the largest loejition companies and one of the longest shooting schedules in Him history. "Koine In Indiana" telly an unusual stnry of a young love set against the background of flashing hoofs, pounding hearts and thrill- moments of Grand Cii'cuit The companion feature on the pre.-ieni. Strand bill is the newest n the Charlie' Chan detective series, "The Chinese Cat." Once Lj,'ain the role of the shrewd Orien- ial sleuth is portrayed by Sidney Toler. A totn.: of '1,7-11.97.1 aliens i-ejri-=- .nred in the U. S. under provisions if the federal compulsory rcgistra- ion law. Property Owners! JOHN c. KIERNAN Of Walter If. Iiu:-t, Inc. . WILL HUY OK SELL For Cash Yntir 1, 2 or ,'( Family HmiSo rlinnc Mr. Kicnian (Hi;.--idpntlnl 5707 Offioo) O MEADOW ST. NAUGATUCK- •4:00 p. in. WAEC—Broadway .Matinee WJE-W-ATR—Ethel and Albert WTIC-\VEAF—Backstage Wife \V"OR—Xcwi; R-ainbling- •1:15 p. in. WABC—Matinee; Xew.s \VJK—Nation's Monuments \VATR—Don Kormru; Show WTIC—Stelln. Dallas 4:30 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Nflwn WTIC—Lorenzo Jones VVOR—.Remembrance Music WABC—Off the Record 4 -.45 p. in. _ \V'JZ—Blue Cori-os,->o'h<ren"f..s WEAF-WTIC—Wicldcr Brown \VATR—Sustaining Music WAlSO—Kaymoncl Scott Sho\v 5:110 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl X-ar- ri cs WJZ—Hop HarrlKfin WOR—Uncle Dois • BC—Pi.-n with Dunn -\TR—Terry juul Pirates S:ir> p. in. WT3APWTIC—Love and Learn \VJZ-DicH Tracy W-ATR—Melody hcvuc WOR—Chick Carter 5::«) p. in. WABC—Three Sisters VVSAFMVTIC—Plftin BilJ WATR-WJZ—Jack Armstrong WOR—Tom Mix Show 5.--I5 J), in, WABC—Wilderness Road WEAF-WTIC—Front Page Farr'cil WATR-WJZ—Sea Hound' WOR—Superman »i:nri p. m. ALL St.'iUon.s—News (i:lo p. in. WABC—Lynn Murray Orch., Chorus WAT P.—.Music for Dining WT.IC—Victory is Our Business \V,rs, —Hop l-'Iarrifrnn WOR—News; I'nsiclo' Hollywood WEA'F—Serenade to America fi.'HO j). in. VVOR—News WTTC—Strictly Sport.s EA-F—Serenade: Sports (VJS5—Whoso War? Sports ,VATR—News; Sonjjs (i:-15 |). in. \VABC—World Today WATR—Pleasure and Profit WOR—Stan Lonjax VVTJC-WEAF—Lowell Thomas 7:011 p. m. WABC—I Love a My.slcrv WJZ-WATR—Blond ici WEAF-WTI—Music Shop WO.R—Kill ton; Lewis, Jr. 7:4S p. MI. WOR—Answer' Man WABC—We Who Dream. WEAF-WTIC—News of the World 7:,'«l p. m. WOR—Keep A'heac! WATR—Phone Your Aviswer WEAF—Rotii Orch. and Chorus WJZ—Lone Rarg-or WTTC—Quiz of Two Cities WABC—Frid-ay on Broadway 7:45 p. in, WATR—Red Cross Program WEAF—News S:00 p. m. WABC—Charley Ruprgles Show WJZ-WATR—W:iLch World Go By WOK— WEAF-WTIC—Cities Sci'vico Concert X:.'i(l p. in. WTIC-WEAF—Thin Man WOR—Freedom of Opportunity WATR-WJZ—Navy Prop-rain WABC—Service to the Front 51:00 p. m. WABC—Pays to be WEAF-WTJ.C—Fr.inlc Munn Show WATR-WJ2—CtiiiK Busters WINS^Giants vs, Pliillios \VOR-Gabriel HoaWcr 0:J5 p. in. WOR—'Screen Test !)::«) p. 111. WEAF-WTJC—People arc Funny WABC—Brewstcr Boy WATR-WJZ—Spollljrht on Pfima. \VOR-Doubli; or Nothing- 10:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Boston Biaclde '\VATR-\VJ2—News WOR—News WABC—Moore-Di;runic Show JO.-31) 11. in. WABC—StaKO Door Cante(/i WT1C—H. V. Kalt.-.T.horn VVATR—Firih Pond WEAF—Sports Ncwsreel \v"JkJ—Service Letter 10:15 p. in. :\VT'IC—From New York . WJZ—Continentals WJTAF—To be announced 11:00 p. in. ALL Stations—News ] 1:13 p. m. VVTIC—Haj-kness- of Washington >.-. 'JC—Shop Fields Orch. WATR—Eddie Oliver Orch. WJZ—Sons Team: Kobblers U::iO p, 111. VVTTC-WEAb'—Author's Playhouse WJZ-WATR^Van Cleave Variations WOR—Summy Kayo Orch, 43:00 MlilniRht WATR —Sijjn Off WliAF-VVTIC—News; Mr. Smith WOR — McGrano, Corrc-a Orch. KATHERINi3 HEi?iURN IN "DRAGON SEED" NOW AT LOEWS WALTER H. HART, Inc. 20 EAST MAIN ST. WATERBURY, CONN. IIKAI. KSTATK — INSIJUANCK l'XI:ilili.slirtl Over ;")0 Yi.-nrs Chrysler and Plymouth G..M. C. Trucks ' J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES • Repairing 1 Iflfi SOUTH MAIN ST. A new and even greater Katherine Hepburn in a dcmanainpr role which reveals all 'her superb dra- mmic ability has conic to the I-oew Poli theater, ir. a movie which takes its place with ail-time- great Hollywood productions, "Dr.iRon Seed." This is the -filmiKation of the Pcnrl Buck noval—by the some- studio that (limed the same author's "The Good Earth," "Dragon-, Seed' 'is even greater; a powerful: story, of China and the . valiant Chinese people in their . glorious struggle against the Japanese mill-; 1 tarist machine, bare- handed fljcht-- ci-s for freedom whosc-'place in history is almost unsurpassed. But-' "Dragon Seed" is magnificent movie entertainment above all. It, has in addition to Miss Hepburn' such outstanding performers as Walter Huston, Aline McMahon, Aklin Tamiroff, Turha.n Bey ,ind,_ Hurd Hatdcld, a'morig many others.' The picture is filmed oil epic pro-portions, n truly great achievement among motion pictures. Many months in the making-, "Dragon- Seed" has been masterfully .directed by Jack Command Harold S-." Eucquot and produced with rare taste and dignity by Pandro S.. Ecrman. . . ' The- entire cast is excellent, you- havo never seen Miss Hepburn turn in a- better, more moving pcr- : formance or Huston do a more' realistic ''portrayal'-'than-' -He does- ns Ling'Tan, head of 'the --Ling.^ family. • You'll greet Turban Bey" as L,ao 'Er, husband'of Jade-' (Miss 1 Hepburn)' and ^you'll. hatc'rTfimiroff'' as the-Chinese Quisling, who would-^ betray his own people. You \vill, Indeed, find yourself running out of laudatory Mdjecl.i\ r cs for everyone connected with the /liming' of "Drag-on Seed." ' BUY WAR BONDS AN'D STAMPS fUZ SAW-VKR WHY; HOW CAP.E^SS Of HIM. HE LEFT HIS PORTFOLIO TOO. YOU' KNOW. I'VE OFTEN WONDERED WHAT JAPS CARRY IN THESE THINGS. WELL, AS I LIVE AND 6REATHE.' A MAP OF HALMAHERA GUN EMPLACEMENTS •DISPOSITION OF TROOPS- DEPTH OF WATER.' WHY, is PRICELESS/ YES, 5IREE/ I'M JUST CRAZY ABOUT SOUVENIRS. ANGEL. I'LL TAKE THIS, DON'T VOO S»KE T.AKE MAJOR YAMASAKI'S- SWORO. PACT. nOBtXSON THEM WHAT KIN'D OF A MERRY SO-/2OUND iSTHlS?, NOW IN MY DAY."- •WHEN'A'60YTDO< A6IRLOUT-HE |OM."SO 17 YOU WHO WRECKED £ MY'FENCE.'« DIDNT6/2IN(S MEHOX5.' ' YOU OUT AST HIGI 0/DNT HE.' ByxROBERT STOBM /LSO CAUGHT .'N Th'S HAIL Cr LEA3 FROA1 BCTi^ SIDES,.. WO'JNEED, 5EV£E.',L Of Trie t/,Z3 RH A CA«..-Cr:!;E£,'J WIL5i.V CUT OF Trie VAK3... CF'THE CCNFUttCN, SLO£-JAW ..... •A* 9U'£-_WvV'S HENOWEN 0OUT INTO THE OPEN, i TW6V ARE «L'£HT IN A WITHERING SIAST Of F.B.I. /-.VSCKINE-GUN FIRE, ^piSgp.: 1 PAB.VEV GOOGLK AND SNC'Ftl" BILLV DE BECli CV^STOFER G-GOOGLE WOUJ DW5T NE AROUND \N TWEIYV SCAMORLOUS WOVJODV, ZEKE !! i <SOOO CL WOOT^J' i.SOVi \T "SURE IS GREAT TO i BE,e-fiGK IN VELU 6B TftRREO AN' PER SHORE \\ BRICK BKADl'ORD By WILLIAM KITT nnd CLARENCE GRA£ •WE'VE SEEN ENOUGH - NOW WE'D BETTER 1 SHUT THE WINDOW .' HEY, BRICK-AREN'T WE LEAVING' SCRAMBLING DOWN THE' OUTSIDE OF THE PROTECTOR'S E'D 6E 5P1C.UOU5 AS A COUPtE'OF- FLIES IN A BOWL OF CREAM.' COME CM, SON -HELP ME THIS MIRROR DOWN t>OrVT WANT TO'DROP IT UNTIL NIGMTFALL N»:.SKEETEB WALLY BISHOP I 1-iATE TO Ti-UMK OF " SAME ObO SCHOOL.' ILL BE CLAD WUEM I'M.OUT. Or AU USTKTOTUlKitiiO <SD»N'. ) " ' - ' INJ THAT SAMr OLD GRADE/ AU'LL: -SUO' 6E'-GtAD' TO: GIT OUT OF 5MOX! VACATIONS ALMOST OVER- A"FEVJ MOCE WEEK'S AMD'SCHOOL C7PEMS.

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