Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on May 27, 1923 · Page 22
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · Page 22

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1923
Page 22
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22 Sunday morning i THE DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT AND LEADER may 27, 1923 COURT RULING ACTS AS TONIC TO R.R. STOCKS Decision in Missouri Utility Case Has Bearing on Steam Lines. INSURES MUCH RETURN New York, May 20 Tho ev of the week of major importance to I the securities markets, received comparatively little attention. It was, however, of the utmost signifi cance from any long range standpoint, and probably' was tho unrecognized influence which initiated the recovery in the stock market. This is a sweeping statement but it can be justified. For months past, dread of political interference with the railways has held back both investors and speculators from commitments in railroad securities. Even after congress bad adjourned, the agitation j.ui iuwji raies on me railroads' and for lower valuations ah a means of securing lower rates, was , persistently kept up, and for that; matter, is still being kept up. Monday last, the supreme court of the United States handed down I a decision m the case of the Soutli- i western Bel! Telephone Co., of! Missouri which war. r.s th r.reaies'..-. significance to both the public util- Ity companies and the railroads !rhe majority opinion held that' present day reproduction costs I were an essential element- of termining whether rates are conEs-; catory and so unconstitutional. , Now. while the case 'tinder Bideration involved a public' ut! the principle applies to railroads as wen, ana it nas two vita 'consc iiuences. First, under this ririnei- ple of rate making the railroads of the country cannot be deprived of provided business and economic (conditions make the earning ot Such fair return possible. Second, it makes impractical the . taking bver of the railroads by the eov- prnment because of the almost pro- ;- Strengthened Confidence. i These, of course are -the con- .cerns of a layman rand it may be scfher interpretations. The best! fipmion. aowever. is tnat the supreme court in this decision lias ence in railroad and utility iniest-raent values than any ether development of the year, i; Tne action cf the niarktt con-Brmcd this view. This was narti- jjrade railroad bonds, obligations cf j Sngs but selling to give larse ti- Jturas. It is hard to explain thoj X'H-a Uir-ana. i anaa-aa .nnnr.. as vm as of sood railroad slocks on a'ny piner tiifcry. The explanation that the market .was beginning to ?fce cotice of in-fcreasing car leadings does not suf-ce. Car loadings have bec-n in-jcreasing for months. Earnings jitatemc-nis have been almost uni-lormly favorable but thft martcei paid no attcnliou to them. There mzs always the fear that some new Hazel Keener Chosen Queen of Hollywood THE most Such i of Dave MISS HAZEL KEEXEIt beautiful nirl in the Oitv of Beautv! Such is the honor that has coniH to Miss Hazel Keener, turt ; Davennort. who hats been selected as the nrettiest rirl of Hollywood, Cal., the "motion picture capital." She nas chosen to- be "Miss Hollywood at the annual musical comedy fete given by Holly wood painters, sculptors, writers ana composers. As a further tribute to Miss Keener it was announced bv Will Gentz, a member of the Xorse club and spokesmen for the judges, tin 111 nose for Finn Haakon Frolich the sculnlnr. The bust will be os! in usv rnnvHed m a r.T.nlmn t. ue dv.a for Mi. a K"i hit. :.' Ma- I, or l-i'fiiM Kra.n.1 u... wUvwius Cftmolion o: Us former local beauty is given: "Miss Keener is 5 feet 6 inches tall. jiri- ll'S Maaaa. ).a.' a "a iara ivaiat. intia a'a I'a.aiaa, and a.akk's inches Her hair is a rich chestnut brown and her eves crev. b.Me v.vims. times a car. is an accomplished horsewoman and is of golf. Altho the family has lived in Eos Angeles only a short she is an enthusiastic booster for Southern California.' form of regulation would be dc !: by tne radicals n congress! than the . This viiirli any business im has done much to relieve. All this is far from saying that tne railroads have all their troubles be hind them. They still haie to con-tt-nd with the ebb and' flow of business, the comnetition with other inns of tr.vnsportr.iion ana tnei cnanging iraue routes. A,; iar as ir.c Mil point, is coa- c?rned. the outlock is good. Motor Comoetition iiurts. There is every indication of an enormous treignt carrying Business in the fall. The competition cf the motor truck is still very sericus. particularly to such roads as the Xw Haven with their short hauls i large terminal cosis. me (is-rontineutal lines nave also to c the threat of a diversion of Do It Electrically! Investigate Our Electric Washer Club The Automatic will do a Washing For Four People for 2j2 Cents You Pay Only $1.55 Per -week Tri-City Electric Co. 316 Brady St. Tom J. Bice, Mgr. tc tli3 Panama canal. This hao rbeen a very serious matter to siaai a. :ai la a.... Paaih'-rn i'ar: fie - AH these, however, are prob lems that Another a importance ot nritne ouiciai announcement by J. P. Morgan & Co., of their intention to of fer to the American investing pub-1 lie a share in the new Austrian! loan. Net only is this significant oi connaenco on me pert ot tne bankers in the eventual rehabilitation ot Europe, but it indicates faith in the future of the securities arkets in general. Of these two points, the irtant is tiat relating to affairs i abroad. For a long time no outstandiue issues of fcreicn dealt in this market have been I firm to strong regardless of the dispatches from the other side. This favorable sentiment seems to be; growing. Many well Informed i American bankers express th-i! opinion privately mat a turn roi tne better in me reparations tan gle between France and German; is near at band. The concrete: facts on which this opinion is based ! ara not available and it :s interest-irg to observe that the only note here th. situation dots not seem' be viewed as complacenu: ; in New York. Incr-ate in Gold Resen Financially Lpcakinc the most: interesting event ot tne wrcK was increase m gold reserve shown in the nspklv siatement or the R-deral reserve board. For the v. eek gold ves increased sAHV-VW aai stand at S"."".?. "OO'CO. a jirv hi-h t?tal for the 3-ystern- ThiK tr.ccss supply ol roia mu-n .ct as a brake on any ;-noMantiai h.a !:a- in -irir s --..r. if it co-s nil "iiconrage inflalicn. is to the lat-! ler. ll-: warnings, oflicial and un-j iffirial seem jo haw bevn nrctt- -U hecced. In tact, it looks as Jt the wnm.ag icin.-s-; ?iad been overdone. Th"rc no doubt that th" hiin-f pac-as picTtihly slacken br all j w r predirtions of disaster unless j su"i. It nas nut tEly Ihe sloe lark'-; -shicli took cos-nt c ih- : 'SgT Mtnal. b-Jt mar tur.Vs I anij E-:inu1ati r' rs wn beginning 1o besiu;- and ;o ln-.ib1. Ant! mi ihe f-leral rtcrrc beard ndiiioTj- f-c-jneil at llv conclusion,) -.f u ann.ston mt-eiiuj: in-e oui- r ilav. annnuncd "l.tiri-nej."; is p,-r-. .Lr,a:ji 1a,s a ', than ;1 ! that --. 3aat ibrr h;iv Iwwrn dlwwfl an rti-riciel nr-ans '.I carbirg So grciat: fjtUiris-n is jrrp;reri1' Jin a too in-at TwcrmKm Sn flrjirf-vlon. HAVE VACATION CONTEST ATTHE PETERSENSTORE Annual Event Being En' tered Into with Much Enthusiasm. test has started at Hie J. H. C tersen s Sons Co. store and th. lployes are enthusiastically en ring into the plans for the bi; ent. A supper meeting of all the ston employes was held at the stor v night at which La for the event were announced together with talks by various store heads and department managers as wnicn tney none.! to put their candidate across. It will be a contest in salesmanship and viu continue thruout the month of lune. me prizes otierca ny tn irm are as follows: Grand prize Three weeks- paid .acation trip to Yellowstone nark. including railroad fare and 5100 Second prize Three weeks" n; vacation trip and SnO spending Third prize Three weeks' i-acation - trip and .$25 spending Fourth prize Three weeks' paid Fifth prize- The store has bpen divided into five divisions, each floor constitut ing a division and each floor has selected its own candidate. John liocn, assistant in. the basement salesroom, has been named as the vi eeks- candidate from that department, -urs. umw ram ot me jewelry department from the first floor. Mrs. L.' M. TVeaver in the linen department is the-second floor candidate. Miss Hannah Martin, assistant in the corset department, third llnnr. eries department, lourth iloor. rnzes win dc oased on what the division should reasonably be expected to do in volume of husmess during the time of the contest The division which reaches or in- es its quota by the largest ncr- centage will be declared winner of the grand nrize. The other divisions in their order ontiile thniT- candidates to the remaining prizes. Personal Solicitation Prizes. Personal solicitation i-arrls ri-ill be given each member of the or ganization: on these blank spaces are provided for the name and number. These will be handed out -aril imiivinual tn th.ai fric-H.it . with the urgent request to purchae 'r-t-rsen s. ta-Taciailv dnrinr- ;aa time of the contest. Blanks will be Yew Liberty Business Man Under Arrest for Stealing Canned Goods EARLE CLARK, 35, married and the father of five children, owner of a restaurant and barber shop in New Liberty, Iowa, was taken into custody early Saturday by Sheriff -William llreh-mer on a charge of stealing meats and canned goods from the 'construction camn of the Central En gineering company, near New Lib- He spent tho night in the county jail and will be arraigned, rrobably Monday, before Justice of the Peace Merle F. Wells on. a' large ot larceny. Five cases of canned goods. cheese and meats, including spare- and a quantity of canned fruits which had been removed the packing cases, were found hidden in his home. The rs claim Mrs. Clark dumped considerable goods into the cistern charge has been filed against the The sheriff's office is searching for a second man who is said to be implicated in the case. He succeeded in making his escape ves-terday before the officers arrived in New Liberty. Sheriff Brehmer refused to make public his name. Clark Says He's Innocent. Tho charge of larceny and having stolen goods in his possession hied against Clark by Otto Nobis, vice president pnd general manager of the Central Engineering company, is denied by the defendant. He protested being locked up' in the county jail and reiterated his innocenco despite the finding of-the missing property in his.posses- nished to the departments on ich there will be space for names, numbers and amounts. The' name of the individual shown on the solicitation card, together with the number and amount of the nm chase made by the customer, will be entereu on mis manic ai turned over to the cashier with the sales check. 1 Credit will be given from these slips turned in to the cashier, to ! solicitation cards presented and the amount of the purchase. The "one having tne greatest numDer ot sc licitation cards placed to the'. credit will receive three weeks' v ition -with pay. The following officers have been appointed to act as diwsion ers, each division having a nd two captains, with tee execp-ion of the first floor, which has three captains:- Fourth floor Mr. Eraaley. ma rt Harry Jonannsen. captain Mrs. Fannie Rouser, captain. Third floor Mr. Leake, majoi Miss Leach, captain; Miss Kilpai- rlck. captain. Second floor Mr. Hoover, mart Mr. Wilson, captain; Mr. Cridge. captain. MrHale. Mr. Bajer and Mr. Staf ford, captains. Basement Mr. Thee, major; Mr. KayW, , captain. Miss Kavensfcy, captain.; 1 be 3Dove contests ao not. m an-av interfere with the regular va cations of the store employes. Select Your Wall Paper and-Paints at MURDOCH'S Six hundred patterns to choose from at just the price you want to pay. Save on the paper to help pay the hanging. BED ROOM PAPERS A wide choice of colorings and designs Priced at - 44-61-74-10-121-15 LIVING ROOM PAPERS The largest selection in the ,West Priced at 71-10-121-15 - 25 - 35 - 50-1.00 DINING ROOM PAPERS Fine decorative patterns in new designs and colorings Priced at 121-15-20-25-35-50-75-1.00 Porter Nabbed When He Pulls a Gun on Wife A branished revolver figured in! the latest matrimonial rucus of: mi-, ana iurs. Alma Gamble, colored coupis formerly residing togethe at 727 Harrison street, hut Tim separated, it was brought out in' pwice cuurx sattiraay wnen. (am- ux. a porter m tne .Martin bUIiar; parlor cf the Davennort hotel. w2; arraigned on a charge of pe-.ce uis-turbauce broucht hv his wifiv Gamble, who is being suad for divorce, was arrested at the home of his mother, Mrs. Katie Green,; 1112 Gaines street, Friday night. authorities an exciting story. ' I -nas sitting in my room at 7 Harrison street, listening to the rauio wnen my nusoana came in, she stated. "He took out an army revolver and bolttd tiie floor be hind him. Then he pointed the gun at me, saying. 'We might as well have it out right now.' "Then he walked into another room and pulled down the wir i-ie saia ne was going my brains cut. but when, h saw I would scream he unbolted I the door and ran out into the eet. vrs. Uamble saw that : asked a pesser-by to take her the police station, where she - her charge. Gamble was ordered to ivav from Ms wife for 20 davs by Magistrate Harola Metcaii. DELICIOUS DINNER I Fair and Fancy Work Sale 1 ( I MEMORIAL DAY Ladies' Industrial Society AT - BLUE GRASS' Dinner Served, 5 to 7. Through an Error in the Ad for Woodlawn Groceteria Friday PEABERRY COFFEE READ 23c per pound. This should have been 33c per pound. Inexpensive gift articles I Suitable for Darty prizes. I HALL & MARTIN I MAN WANTED ON AUTO THEFT IS ARRESTED HERE Alleged to Have Stolen Ford Car and $300 at Quincy, Illinois. Willis Goodwin, ago 23. alleged auto thief, was arrested by Officers Dodge and Dietz last night on the charge of stealing a Ford car and ?300 at Quincy. 111. It was information filed here by the sheriff at Quincy, that Goodwin was alirehended. It is claimed by Quincy authorities that he left there Thursday for Davenport, the home of his mother. i Ho was arrested at Fourth and Marciuetlc while adjusting the engine on the stolen car. When apprehended bv Officers Lodge and Dietz. Goodwin had a loaded 23 rifle in his possession. He claimed that ho used the rifle to shoot birds. He will be taken back to Quincy today to face the charges preferred PARENT-TEACHER CLUB CLEARS $30 AT BAKE SALE The Parent-Teacher association of the Taylor school cleared over SiJO at a bake sale that was held at the Piggfy-Wiggly store Saturday afternoon. The money will be used for benefit work of the o Midhty-bttho . Di lap Chas. Naeckel's Sons PAINT HOUSE "M 405 and 407 West Second St. Davenport, Iowa Complete Line of Painters and Paper Hangers Supplies I It's the wonder worker for making your home and all the homes of your neighborhood Detter places m which to live. i IN MEMORIAM With the assurance of having the best; Memorial Day monumental work w ill be a source of satisfaction to all who had us beautify their cemetery lots. SCHRICKER WWBIE 8 GRANITE CO. Opposite Court House Corner Fourth and Scott Sts. Davenport Hemstitching Mable Parsons Shop Building FAMILY WASHINGS Washed in water as soft as rain water by our Perniutit water softening system. This means your clothes will last longer as we use nothing but mild soap and this soft water. Wet Wash, clothes returned damp and ready to hang on the line, Or Rough Dry," everything dried, fancy pieces starched, and flat pieces nicely ironed. Just call Dav.6423. BANNON'S WET WASH LAUNDRY 0m If You Could Take a Trip With Us to all of the 77 cities and towns served by trie United Light & Raiftrays Co. and could per.sonaly pcc ai of the great physical properties owned and operated you would immcdiatelv realize how secure and strong our 77 PRIOR PREFERRED STOCK is. DIVIDENDS PAID MONTHLY Here is a feature of tnis investment offered by few other safe securities a monthly dividend chrris :-r every shareholder. Oi-er 5,009 customers set them monthly now. Add your name to this list. No better way to save no safer way to biuld for future comfort A small payment down starts you. Securities Department United Light & Railways Company Care People's Lipht Co. Office

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