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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12

Raleigh, North Carolina
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ftilMoomomon 12 NEWS AND OBSERVER RALEIGH RIDAY MORNING AUGUST 12 1927 mmee Blanche Mc Cade Terror Of Police Dies in Jail Negro Shot as Officers Were Taking Him to Jail TAR HEEL HEADS NAVY RECRUITING WAKE HIGHWAY SUIT UP TODAY LINDY SEES HIS OLD INSTRUCTOR er and State Senator from Rutherford county Lt Mills entered the Naval Academy in 1914 and served three years on the New Mexico helping to put it in commission His last tour of duty was as Flag Secretary to Admiral Irwin Lt Mills and wife arrived yesterday and are living at 14 Boylan avenue Lt and Mrs Co lyear left last night on a visit to the parents of Lt Co lyear in Arkansas He will leave shortly for Manila and will serve under Admiral Bristol who is in command of the Pacific Fleet They have made many friende during their stay in Raleigh "We leave Raleigh with pleasant memories and hope to return one of these days" said Lieutenant Co lyear as he was leaving Raleigh People here reciprocate the sentiment More than 1500000000 government postal ears were used in thit country in the past year IMO Lieut George Mills Commands Local Station Carolinas Headquarters The new assignment by the Navy Department gives the Navy Recruiting station in Raleigh a native Tar Heel as its head He is Lieutenant George Mills who succeeds Lieutenant Co lyear who has been in charge of the Recruiting Station for two years Lieutenant Mills is a native of Rutherford county and a on of John Mills lorg Democratic lead Children 7 Nv 6 according to police one of the Negroes bad gone to a nearby house and obtained the shotgun He returned and unnoticed entered the rear of the house Re made his way to the front ot the house and taking aim shot Howard Captain Gargis at the aide of the house saw the man whom he identified as Rogers run around the corner of the house Gargle shot once at the prisoner's 'assailant and chased him for some distance The officer fired but once at the Negro he said as several Negro women were standing nearby and be didn't wish to take any chances of injuring them The man made good his escape but yesterday afternoon police were advised that Rogers could be found at Jolly's store on Haywood street He was soon placed under arrest but stoutly denied that be fired on Howard Captain Gargle however identified him as the man he saw running from the house gun in hand Police are now on the trail of other participants in the brawl at the Harris woman's home and expect to have them in custody shortly The Harris woman was only slightly injured the bullet barely grazing her neck to mount the steps to the jail Deputy Sheriff Bud Steil and another officer assayed to carry her up Steil holding her feet Several steps up the WOMAD doubled herself into a knot and let fly her feet at the pit of Bud's stomach They landed and that worthy offieer tumbled down the stairs But again Blanche went to jail and served her time She was in jail when she died but she 'was not serving time Destitute she was a public charge and the jail her haven Her last sentence was imposed July 5 for 30 days While serving it she became so ill that she had to be moved to Bel Hospital About three weeks ago she was sent back to jail after doctors had shaken their heads Jailor Hinnant and Mrs Hinnant administered to her and endeavored in every way to make her last days comfortable Death came at 9:10 o'clock yesterday morning Blanche dying was but a shadow of Blanche in her prime Associates said she lost a hundred pounds during her last illness Whatever opulence she acquired was lost in her declining years and actual want stalked her months before her death Jailor Hinnant said the woman apparently was forsaken by her old associates but that she was visited by a number of relatives and a spiritual adviser before the end Death was attributed to cancer Her body lay at an undertaking establishment last night awaiting some relatives to claim it If it is flop claimed it will be buried at the County Hospital cemetery Restraining Order Returnable Before Judge Sinclair In Wake Superior Court The restraining order obtained by the Wake County Commissioners against the State Highway Commission to prevent the Commission from taking over three roads in Wake county is returnable before Judge A Sinclair in the Wake county Superior court at 13 o'clock today Answer to the suit will be filed this morning Charles Ross assistant Attorney General assigned to the State Highway Commission stated The three roads which the county seeks to permanently restrain the State from taking over are the pro posed Durham-Wake Forest highway the proposed route from Raleigh to Creedmoor and the road from Erwin to Cardenas The Wake County Commissioners claim that the Highway Commission is not acting in accordance with the 1927 highway act which directs the commission to act in co-operation with road governing bodies of counties but charges they are acting in direct opposton to the oounty commissioners The complaint also charges favoritism to Durham the home of John Sprunt Hill commissioner from this district The Highway Commission is expected to take the position that the 1927 highway act did not take the power to locate roads from the Highway Commission and that the Commission must locate roads with a view to the welfare of the State at large and of this section as well as that of the county I 1 VA hi No Ks7-4 John Rogers Negro is being held without bond on a charge of empty Ing a shot gun in Arthur Howard another Negro while two members of the Raleigh police force had Howard under arrest The load of shot lodged in Howard's back Just above the hips The shooting occurred about 3 o'clock yesterday morning just after Howard had been arrested in Watson Field section The load of shot barely missed Sergeant George Glover who had the man under arrest 'Howard is in St Agnes Hospital in a dangerous condition -The shooting of the prisoner was a seqnel to a ght at the home of Mary Harris Negress in the Watson Field section Sergeant Glover and Captain A Gargis were patroling that section when sounds of the disorder distrubed the early morning quiet As they neared the house they heard a pistol shot They found that the Harris woman had been shot Howard was placed under arrest but other Negroes who had engaged in the brawl escaped Sergeant Glover started to the police ear with Howard while Captain Gargis gave pursuit to one of the departing combatants Meanwhile RUM RUNNER WAS AFTER COAST GUARD CUTTER Florida 'P ir at e' Planned 'Walk The Plank' System For Agents Fort Lauderdale Fla Aug century revival of the pirate custom of forcing his prisoners to "walk the plank" had been planned by Horace Alderman runner if his sea battle with Coast Guard cutter G-294 a days ago had been successful Weech Alderman's Companion has disclosed in an affidavit Officials who made the document said Weech charged it was Aldreman's plan to capture the Guardsmen carry them far to sea and make them "walk plank" in true pirate style after he was to return to sink the Robert Webster secret service and Sidney Sander line Guardsmen were killed instantly during the fight at sea which capture of Alderman's rum by the Coast Guard cutter A Lamby motor machinist today as a result of injuries in the fight while Jodie Holtinsworth another Coast is in a hospital here seriously clash occurred 35 miles off the Southeastern coast of Florida Thousands of opossum skins are sent from Australia to this this season When Baby Complains There are many ways a baby has of expressing any pain or irregularity or digression from its normal condition of health and happiness A short sharp cry a prolonged irritated cry Restlessness a constant turning of the head or of the whole body fretful In these and other ways a baby tells you there is something wrong Most mothers know that a disordered stomach or bowels that do not act naturally are the cause of most of baby's sufferings A call for the doctor is the first thought but in the event of any delay there should be ready at hand a safe remedy such as Fletcher's Castoria Castoria has been used for baby's ailments for over 30 years and has merited the good will of the family physician in a measure not equaled by any other baby's medicine because of its harmlessness and the good results achieved And remember this: Castoria is essentially a baby's remedy and not a cure-all for every member of the family What might help you is too often dangerous when given to'a babe To avoid imitations always look for the signature of aetttylf-----iatelvt: Proven directions on each package Physicians everywhere recommend it Mc Cade played in tough luck She never Nies quite wicked enough to attain big headlines but conetantly she was just wicked to spend many of her days jail She died yesterday In Wake county jail Her passing was an epoch in police circles where Blanche has been known for years She was one of the most notorious residents of the old vice section of East constantly at war with other women who aspired to leadership In the crimson colony She was known and she was feared by many a swarthy it used be a saying about town that no policeman singly would set out to arrest Blanche McCade True they usually went in a squad when the burly woman was to be brought in One of her favorite tricks was to open up the faucete in her cell and flood the jail She bore constant surveillance Blanche had a weakness for strong drink It worked to the extreme embarrassment of Governor Cam eron Morrison on onfi occasion Bo-cal police were attempting to take Blanche to the station louse In front of the Yarborough hotel she down upon the pave meat and refused to move A crowd gathered enjoying the spectacle and through it pushed Ills Excellency just alighted from his limousine Blanche spied him and immediately turned her wrath from the police to the Governor screaming unprintable epithets at him Finally Blanche was lugged to jail and was given another sentence for disorderly conduct On another occasion she raused soy BEAN MEN END CONVENTION Meet Next Year at Lafayette Ind Given Fine Welcome at Elizabeth City Elizabeth City Aug 11---Members the Arnericai Soy Bean Association tonight concluded what delegates and officials termed the most successful field convention in the history the organization At the closing meeting held In ChrJt Church parish house officers and the coovention place for the coming year ivere chosen subject to ratification the executive session of the as sociation at the International Live "itock show in Chicago in December The selectious were: raylor Fouts Camden Ind president Water Oatidchoux New Orleans vice president and Ayres Stoneville Miss secretarytreesurv The convention recommended that next year's field sessions be held at Purdue University Lanyette Ind Lecturee on various phases of soy bean culture and movitg picturea on the lierin and the Japanese per simmon neve being introdueed in the United States concluded the program ton ight The lecturers were: Dr Winters of Raleigh director of State Experiment stations in North Carolina and Prof Beeson extension agronomist at Purdue University Arriving here in automobiles early the afternoon frorn 17ashington over the Virginia Dare trail the visitors were entertained at a hincheoe at the Fair Grounds at which Latham of Belhaven president presided The association one welcomed by Ehringhaus of this city whom Mr Latham Introduced as a "future Governor of North Carolina" In the afternoon the delegates toured lower Pasquotank county visiting the principal soy bean farms Many in the convention body expressed themselves as having been impressed by the fact that the beads are grown snore universally here than anywhere else in the United States Mr Latham declared tonight that on his trip through the northeastern counties today he had seen the best section in North Carolina and probably in the entire southeast from the standpoint of intelligent crop diversification He stated also that he had observed abundant proof of the benefits derived from the soy bean in soil improvement in this section and in increased prosperity Former King George Attacked Vienna Aug newspaper dispatch Theresiopel JugoSlavia states that the former King of Greece George II while en route from Bucharest was attacked at Nagy-Kikinda Jugo-Slavia by bandits who fired several pistol shots at him but without hitting him The tissallants are said to have been arrested Genuipe WEATHER HOIDING rum the AIRPLANES IN PARIS Bleowbe Quarrel Between Levine and ritonifl Prouhin Breaks Out publi Aldr Again Coas Paris August 11 --(AP) out the local weather improved so much to- whici day that the aspiring trans-Atlantic cutte fliers began to talk during the after- Ro noon about the possibility of hop- open ping off for America tomorrow Coes morning Later weather reports re- stant ceived at le Bourget flying field folio however dampened the ardor of the vess( pilots with the exception of Leon Viet( Givon who adhered to his purpose died of taking the air early tomorrow recei in the "Blue Bird" if he finds the Holt weather improved by then men Neither the "Blue Bird" nor the "Ur American plane Columbia can take Th off before 8 o'clock tomorrow morn Soutl log it was stated because their Th baregrophs have not been properly beim sealed by the Aero -Club Surther- coun more the Columbia's barograh was found to be broken today and will 04 have to be replaced Meantime the storm is said to have broken out again between Maurice Drouhin French pilot of the Columbia and Charles A Le vine her owner who is to be a passenger on the trans-Atlantic Drouhin after a short visit today at Le Bourget where he look- ed the machine over returned to Pane for rest but was got out of bed by a messenger rom the airport who stated that Levine had had the contact points of the spark plugs removed from the Columbia THIEVES BUSY HERE THREE CARS STOLEN': rum the few Robert public Coast out the which cutter operator Coast followed vessel Victor died teceived men wounded The being country 10 aim SHERIFFS WILL MEET NEXT IN RUTHERFORD Hunt of Granville Re elected President and 0 A Glover Secretary Wilmington Aug 11--Accepting the invitation of Rutherfordton for the 1928 meeting place and electing officeis for the ensuing year high sheriffs of some fifty-odd counties of North Carolina adjourned their annual meeting at Wrightsville Beach this afternoon and many turned to the gayety of the "Feast ot Pirates" before starting on their return home The North Carolina Association of County Sheriffs convened its 1927 convention Wednesday morning and throughout the sessions discussed problems of great importance throughout the State especially in regard to the tax collecting systems being employed Institution for wayward girls in each county was a lively topic discussed and several endorsements were recorded Final disposition of he matter is expected to be made at the Rutherfordton meeting following investigation by a special committee Hunt of Oxford was reelected president and A Glover of Wilson was re-elected secretary and treasurer Other officials were also re-elected The president of Argentina was TP eently asked to arbitrate a strike of sugar mill workers Phone 571 4 and Watch This Paper 7-1r 'WM Mohair Suits Cry For eac ql Sunday Sunday! Bumps Into Bill Winston Wake County Pilot at Albany and Has Long Chat Colonel Lindbergh doubtlese is meeting many surprises on his tour of the country but one of the greatest was his unexpected meeting with his old army flying instructor William 'Winston at Albany The event was chronicled at length In the Albany papers Winston native of Wake county of late has been engaged in making an aerial survey of the Sacandaga reservoir basin at Glen Falls New York In addition to being greeted warmly by the noted flyer at the field Lindy spent an hour reminiscing with his former instructor at his hotel suite after the day's formal program was over The Albany newspaper men who were on the scene described the event did they atop with words and next morning the Tar Heel's photograph and that of his famous pupil were prominently displayed Tinton bad some difficulty in geaing through police lines until Lieutenant Love a classmate of Winstonts and now acting as escort for Lindbergh alighted from his plane He recognized the Tar Heel and "rushed for him The Albany "Knickerbocker Press" describes what followed: "'Hello there old boy what are you doing way up North he greeted him "The Southerner explained bia mission and added hopefully "Do you suppose I can get to see the Colonel!" "'Get to see him' the Lieutenant laughed easily 'Well I guess 'Slim' will be tickled to death to see you We've never forgotten all you taught us down at Brooks Field'" Winston according to the story then became a member of the party chatted and reminisced with the young man he had taught army flying and had not seen in the three years that followed Winston's last trip South was in a Curtiss airplane speeding motion pictures of the Lindbergh flight to Southern distribution centers He stopped in North Carolina at Pope Field as the Raleigh landing field had not been completed then ANSWER IS FILED IN FALSE ARREST SUIT Gamble Denies That Coburn Has Been Damaged In Any Sum Thomas Ruffin counsel for Gamble in the suit of Coburn against Gamble for ten thousand dollars for false arrest filed the answer of Mr Gamble yesterday in Waite "County Superior Court It denies all the allegations on the etragth of which the ulaintiff alt4c improper and unjustified arrest and denes that the plaintiff has been daningtd in sum It avers on the other hand that the defendant has been caused ireeks of worry on account of Coburn's aid and assiitance given to Alexander in concealing the automobile of the defendant The complaint recites in great detail the circumstances by which Coburn is said to have come into temporary possession of Gamble's automobile and to have exercised according to the answer remarkable ingenuity and perverseness in preventing (lam tile from getting it agaii1 the course followed by Coburn resulting in Gamble having hiin arrested The answer contends that Mr Gamble has been ill used all around as the removal of his ear from the garage by Alexander followed his going on Alexander's bond and keeping him from spending a night in jail TANGLED THREADS END IN DOUBLE SUICIDE Jack son Miss August The tangled threads of a sordid matrimonial mix up which led to the death of a mon and his bride of foul months after her later marriage to a third person were being unwound here tonight The two were found today in a thicket several miles from Jack-1 son The girl wife was identified as Ella Taylor 20 The man known I here as Maderis of Lexington Oklahoma was described in a note found near them as being Wade Smith of Noble Okla A brother of the girl said that the two had married four months ago and had separated After the separation he said Julius Sirmon had married tie girl leaving her the day after the wedding Records 'bowed that a marriage license had been issued for Sirmon and Ella Taylor Maderis MONSIGNOR DENNEN INJURED IN ACCIDENT Wilmington Aug 11 (AP) iktonsignor Christopher Dennen pastor of St Mary's Pro-Cathedral here was injured when the priest's automobile overturned near hers today At the hospital this afternoon at was stated that an examination showed Monsignor Dennen was suffering from a fractured rib and other injuries but that his condition was not serious Investigation of the accident by Deputy Sheritt-Louis Tindall showed it was announced that the automobile went off the pavement onto a sandy shoulder and skidded a tire coming off a wheel and causing the car to overturn Monsignor Dennen was pinned under the ear until passing motorists could extricate him A Negro servant received a broken ankle in the accident Monsignor Dennen was returning from Wrightsville Beach when the accident occurred Coolidge Makes Appointment Rapid City Aug 11--Nelson Johnson of Oklahoma was appointed tcday by President Coolidge 1 to be assittant Secretary of State la to of of at in Very Special at For Announcement Of Our 'to a wa THINK COOLIDGE AAY BE DRAFTED Secretary Work and Other Republican Leaders Visit President Rapid City 8 Aug President Coolidge intends to do next year regarding the Republican nomination a group of his friends including a cabinet member a Senator a governor and several congressmen who were his guests today predicted that he would run if the convention nominates him They all were convinced that Mr Coolidge meant exactly what he said in his statement that "I do not choose to run for President in 1928" but the opinion was held by some of them that the President would be drafted and they all agreed that if he were he would run The group which visited at the summer White House today included Secretary Work Senator Fess of Ohio Governor Fisher of Pennsylvania Representative William Hull of Illinois Knutson end Selvig of Minnesota and Brush president of the International Marine Association an old friend of Mr Coolidge William Donovan assistant to the Attorney General also was present but he declined to discuss politics To all of this group who expressed their sentiments to Mr Coolidge regarding his choice not to run the President replied nubstnntially it was said that "this is not a one man country" "Ten years is a long time for any man to be President There are several men who would make good Presidents" The most outspoken of the group were Senator Fess and Representative Hull Both predicted that the convention would deadlock and that Mr Coolidge would be named in spite of his statement "It is likely" Mr Hull added "that Mr Coolidge will be nomina14(1 for President in 1928 just as lv was nominated for Vice President in 1920" Amplifying this declaration he said that there possibly would toe no concerted effort to nominate Mr Coolidge but that out of a clear sky his name would be proposed and acclamation would result Senator Peas declared that the President could not decline to run if the nomination were forced upon him something he held likely Mr Brush the President's old friend said this when asked his opinion of the statements: "In the twenty-five years I have known Mr Coolidge he has always been right" Governor Fisher volunteered that the President by his statement has not put up a definite bar to being drafted" and Secretary Work declared that no one can foretell "what will happen on March 4 1929" $975 each Sizes Up to 50 aUdOkeP 1110 10 16 Sa Formal Opening Mulligan Furniture Company 1 41P' TP41 0 1 'tar '11111 111111 Automobile thieves were active in Raleigh last night and as result three ears were reported missing to the police all within a hour AU three owners had their ear stolen while they were attending picture shows There were two Chevrolet tourings and one Ford roadster missing Johnson of Hertford was the owner of the Ford Walter Rainer 3136 Stanhope Avenue and John Freeman 2 Dixie Drive each lost a Chevrolet touring car 112 Hargett Street On the and Exchange oLrecL5---wut ot Inn riign nein Lounx mt tr eN --moska-43133 -e ve mi te'--ii zer i' I 1 A WONDERFU LAY 0 1 mr34mw 7-zr-Nba14iz 11 Awarder! Ilighect Honor ii 1 1 0 Gold Medal Sesqui-Centennial 0 is L4ez Internatsonal Axposstion re i -r'--t I 4 is ritcNis'--77c-' 0 7- i1 ii Ii i it A 9 4 lit 1 at 'kilit-r--k 1 ii 'tIv 1 L' jtg' et ot l'-rt-1 it 1 -41' 441 0 '''rik or" i 01' PEANUT BUTTER 4-4tt 1 011 Ao 1 -7- -I I silt An 22c so 1 Iva 16-oz Pad -i 4 A Akapl 0 410 1 it 't 11 '1' 1 --44i (s4 7 1 1 IN 01 0 1 II )r 14- -k15711'---- el ct MAYONNAISE -e 10C ELGIN Quality 312-oz Jar 'p- I I 'r t----- w4t-- -------1- ri 11:: I it ik -7" sk (TIt' t14 i 11-----4! kaw I A 1 000 ISLAND DRESSING '1 4 ft ELGIN Quality 12-Pint Jar 26c eAGmDgrccer Look at ita ge Orang Pe6 the paev delights to yet Ie costs Delicious sell his customers Banquet Orange only a fraction of a cent a cup There's Pekoe Tea because he knows its won- no economy in cheap tea KAY Delcous For Salads I 11 And Sandwich Spread 26c dodol flavor will bring them back If your grocer cannot supply you Wonderful Flavor" Give name and ad- a' Good tea is the cheapest Ask for write for free sample and booklet "A I i BREAKFAST BLEND COFFEE genuine Banquet Orange Pekoe You'll The Good Kind Per lb 36C get an orange canister full of the dress of dealer selected hill-grown tea that brews Teapot coupon in alt packages (ex-OLEOMARGARINE 7 a sparkling amber beverage with cept 10c size) explain how you can Elgin Nut Just Like Butter lb- "A Wonderful Ft quet secure the Banquet Percolator Teapot fl Orange Pekoe The only Extra Fancy illustrated below it SUGAR CURED HAM licCORMICK oPe COMPANY Paitintore MI Cut in Half or Whole Per lb 28 PORK CHOPS l' Fresh and Lean Per lb 28 I Lrst Too hot to cook! You will find in our Sanitary Markets in all our stores Sliced Tongue Minced e1k A' range B1 1 I 1 am Boiled Ham Sliced Dried Beef Meat Loaf 9 y' d- 1 41 I 6 4' 1" Zit itt 4 4 I i Summer Sausage Potato Salad Cabbage Slaw I 4- 4 Pickles and many other ready-to-serve food a Tea a Adrertimed o'Contains High Grade India 1 1 Items or air twe sda or 0 0 "I's mak sh- 1 6 'pack eircK3Duccer Look at tre age orange Pekoe delights to it costs sell his customers Banquet Orange only a fraction of a cent a cup There's Pekoe Tea because he knows its won- no economy in cheap tea dodol flavor will bring them back If your grocer cannot supply you Good tea is the cheapest Ask for write for free sample and booklet "A genuine Banquet Orange Pekoe You'll Wonderful Flavor" Give name and ad-get an orange canister full of the dress of dealer selected hill-grown tea that brews Teapot coupon in alt packages (ex-a sparkling amber beverage with cept 10c size) explain how you can "A Wonderful Di quet secure the Banquet Percolator Teapot Orange Pekoe The only Extra Fancy illustrated below licCORMICK 61 COMPANY Pattintore 4744 area --rEhmt 'Frrl 4v IIIMME Awarded Indhee minor Gold'hledol Sesqui-Centennial International ivosition of the High Rent District PEANUT BUTTER 16-oz Pail MAYONNAISE ELGIN Quality 312-oz 1000 ISLAND DRESSING ELGIN Quality 12-Pint Jar 26c KAY Delicious For Salads And Sandwich Spread 26c BREAKFAST BLEND The Good Kind Per lb OLEOMARGARINE Elgin Nut Just Like Too hot to cook! You will find in our Sanitary Markets in all our stores Sliced Tongue Minced Ham Boiled Ham Sliced Dried Beef Meat Loaf Summer Sausage Potato Salad Cabbage Slaw Pickles and many other ready-to-serve food items Jar 10C COFFEE 7 I Butter 07 A Few More DRESSES AND COATS AT 1 11 and $1 All Summer Hats MOO PROTRN tuwEIIRINGP1110 I.

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