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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Friday, October 5, 1928
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\ r~V~*r- HIT HOMER WITH TWOON: CARDS GQT3INTHESECOND Old Grover Alexander Was Knocked Out Of The Box In The Third Inning- When The Yankees Succeeded Scoriog Four More Emis OPPOSIH0 TODAY By Brian Bel! (Associated PlfSS Sports New York. Oct. this Writer) S—(AJP.)~~The Louis C- 'rials today found 'iere they were at rp -f : orld's (series two 1 " • *'-.< *.:f- nigh the Red "•;•'' fl '"•'••• *a«cr now. thc "•i-•!•''- i <ii, . be thc Barnf! an ' "i r -.« old Orover Ctere- \:r has been summoned .-.•thing about it. thc Cardinals standing a as they wtrc behind In 1928 took La Karl's roller and tossed htm out. Tlire* Rons, Two Hits, No Error*. Swond Inning. Cardinals—The boys back of first Rave Oehrig the big hand as he trotted down to his position. Harper up, Ball one, outside. Strike one, called. Ball two. high and wide. Ball three. Ijiside. Harper got R base on ball??, the fourth pitch being; on HI the outside. Wilson up. Strike one, called. Harper scored on Wilson's double Into right center. Maranville up. strike one, called. Ball Z one. low, outside. Foul, strike two. Ball twcvJow,. RaU three. Inside and •n 1820, the McKechnle mind worked in the .name way the Hornsby brain- functioned - - -send old Pete in there to wave his magic wand of perfect control nt the hard hitting Yankees - - off to a one I si »8'e to center, Wilson scooted to !TE low, from This pitch Bengough. almost got away On Maranvllle's game lead in the series. third. Alexander up. Ball one, out- of the ancient i 5lde - Bal1 two. inside. Strike one, - - - The nomination A , lc £ and . er wn><5 madc bv Manager! call «J- Foul, strike two. Ball three! McKechnle nftfr he had seen his outside. Wilson scored when Laz- National League champions turned I zerl took Alex's grounder and threw back in the first, test, and It wag! wildly past Qchrig. Maranville went o revision only in case » weather bureau forecast of cloudy followed by showers, should pan out. Huggtns May Cross. Manager Huggins threatened to cross the advance calculations which named Qeorgo Pipgras as his choice for the second game by sending Tom Zachary, the rejuvenated lefthand- er, who can throw slow balls as slow as the slowest, The Yankees found themselves off to a good start in the series because Walte Hoyt pitched unbeatable baH *"£ *£*, Yankee cripples threw aside their crutches long enough to manufacture runs from extra base *-'*- Wee Willie SherdeLallowed -American leaguers only four safeties in his seven Innings of duty in the first game but three of them ws» doubles and the other a home run, accounting for three runs. Three singles came along later at to third, and play was halted while discussion took pfoce around Pipgras. Douthit up. Poul, strike one. ( Ball one, high and Inside. Maran- I ville scored when Douthit hit into a 'double play. Koenig to Lazzcri to Oehrig. High up. Foul, strike one. This was a long fly into the left field stands. Ball one, high, strike two. Ball two.outside. Bail three, outside. High popped to Robert&an. Three Rons, Two Hits, One Error. Yankees—Robertson ley took Robertson's and raced to the bag ahead of'the Yankee third baseman, np. Ball one, ousidc.Bainworoul- side. Ball three, low. Bengough got a fre ticket to first the fourth pitch El TRIP At Elixabcthton He Will Speak To An Audience From Four States By ,lBro»s L. West fAsrwiftted Pres.q Staff Wrlterl WnshingUni. Oct. 5.—f A.P.)—Her- rc Hoover made ready today for the srcond or his flying campaign rip*;, thir, one to Eiizabethton, Term,, tomorrow he will present his (MY OY'WDER Will Bo Death Sentence Monday For Kidnaping Death K'?w Tffi-lr—F. p. twin* "rirag-orrned'' by -Smith to nm Wft*h»n«rloti- thrift U>r Korbrrk. of South Dakota, visits Coolldjrr but do?s not go to see Boor? r. «4 AJbanr, N. Y.—Smith holds stsf«»<? wiven Banting prohibition should tx? permitted to remain dry. Ralrm. Mafts.~"Bo5Sv" OU1K fall- jti for nywrBtiHR fining «!snon.' j Wnphlnjrton -— U. 8. tjrcilnet to j participate in I^sgxie's central board •set up by opium convent Son. Honolulu—Japanese kidnaper con- Honolulu, Oct. 5--<A P.) — Mylei Vntaka Fukunagn, studious young Japanese who kidnaped and 'killed, vi( 'ted of murder of Jarnieson boy. Gill Jamlesfin. son of Frederick W.j Miami, Okla.—Four kJIied In mine ca»?c to the voters of democratic south, although he will speak in a rrpubllran stronghold, Accormi.inlcd by Mrs. Hoover and their POD, Herbert, Jr., nnc! B number of newspaper correspondents, tho republican presidential candi- , date will Jrave Washington I a IP to-|*. * ed nlijlit for UK.- tnouriialns of eastern j Tcnnrwteo. Before his return Sun- , day, he will havr made at least three I Jamie-son, Honolulu banker, was a step nentrr the gallows today, having; own found Ruflty of llw murder by n circuit court Jury. He wns ordered brought into Cir- accidcnt. Los Angf>.le» cnwlty in FTtlit. J!m to Tully denies wife's divorce cult Judge- Alva E. Steadman'* court next MondRy for sentencing death, made mnndatory by the Jury's verdict. The 19-year-old killer no emotion , Mudlfd Hlckman. *•»»> «-wd the to I Edmonton. A1U.—Hudson Bay Steamer Distributor unreported, eight, days overdue at Port Smith. Vera Cruz—Port workers call gen- PrT»l 'StrTk'c'iln sympalTiy wllli striking school masters. Home — Popo creates pontifical : the crime, which occurred Septem- I . Portumna . lris ^ F r«* State—Evi' ber 18. Thc young Japanese, said he ' f rnr ,f of ncendiarlsm uncovered af- of Johnson to Jour> but Wee the scene thea. ones. one w hita they would be a- best was three hiia -Jim being wide, sacrificed. Durst up. Wilson to Bottomiey. Ball one, low outside. around by- virtue of » lusty ham* run. Both wanned Alexander up nicely. and Old Plpgrass Alec was clear rapidly as game proached. The ground cutting the corners of the plate with his famous screw ball, while Pipgras was working a change of pace, first shooting a fast one and then float- UP a curve. The skies began to time ap- sweepers gave a final-touch- to the base paths and all was in readiness for the second game. The band played the Star Spangled Banner and thc crowd rose in silent attention. Photographers darted about the field taking last minute pictures as the umpires gathered around the plate to talk over ground rules. First Inning. Cardinals— Douthit up, , took a few final pitches in the box and Douthit walked to the plate. _!h«. sun was_naw shining - brightly and play began. Foul, strike one Ball one. low and outside. Foul strike two. This was a long grounder to the rightfield stands. Gehrig took Douthit's hot grounder beating the Card outfield to the bag. High up. Ball one, low and Inside Strike one. called. Foul, strike two' Ball two, high and outside, BaU three, low. A spectator made a nice catch of. Sigh's foul. Foul. Baw on . The fourth pitch being high inside. Fri&ch up. Foul a trU» one. Prisch lined a hot line foul oto eight Strike two. called. Foui r»«ll one, high outside. Ball two al«o high outside. Bali three, inside Foul. Foul. Frlseh also walked, the fourth pitch being high and wide Bottomiey up. strike one, swung. 8*W one. outside. Ball two, wide. almost picked Prisch off 'with a snap throw to Gehrig. two. swung. Ball three, out- fouled out to Ben " **»• ^ teWnd the "»>• Ball one, low. Thiawasafast of **• plate - Voul - »ouL Foul. This swung. sot up. Bottom- high hopper Foul, strike two. Friach at- GEORf.E PIPGRAS psru- spoeches In ns many towns nnd re- | dor!Vl11 "the three king.-;," In n ran- j unUervity for ecclesiastical'study" viewed nn historical nnd Industrial' * om note to thc father, confc.-wed to! pageant nt Ellzabethton. Speaks In Virginia His first; talk will be at Bristol, Vs.. where he will lie presented to a rear-platform audience by C. Bascam Slemp. national comitiltteeman. Tho address at Ellzabethton is regarded by some of Hoover's advisers ns one of thc most important of the entire campaign, and,- although it will be broadcast only over the south, it is intended for nation-wide consumption. Hoover will arrive at the rapidly developing Tennessee industrial town just before noon nnd after passing through the main streets he wiil be the guest of the Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon. He is to talk at 3 p. m. in a natural amphi- theatre and hts audience will include visitors from North Carolina. Virginia and Kentucky as well from Tennessee. The third speech of the day will be at the soldiers' home on the outskirts of Johnson City. He Will Oo As Par South Tennessee And Thea Chicago On Retara D. Harold Ollvrr cfl Press Staff Writ«r> Albany, H. Y.. Oct. 5. — (A.P.i -Tentative plans for OOT, Rtaith'w second stamping tour, «s ptrpamt by U» democratic natkmml commute*. were wrjdCT consideration by fifes KOVCTTWT today. He hoped to stnnonnee hts Jtiiwr-. sry. starting wrrt week from Nsw York, either tat* today or tor fire a-t Portumna Castle. Sport. Baltimore—Diegel defeats Hagen 2 and 1. Chicago—Cubs down White Sox to 14 Innings. — San Francisco—Pacific Coast League ends season with San Francisco and Sacramento tied for flag, Indianapolis—Rochester bows to Waikiki'und strangled him to death! Indianapolis in little world series had studied the methods of William Edward Hlckman. California kidnaper and slayer, and thow of Loeb and Leopold, Chicago's "thrill slayers." The slayer, who said he was motivated b ya need for money, Induced a school teacher to release the 10-year old boy to him on the pretext that Mrs. Jamicson had been injured. He took the boy to in a secluded spot near the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Reluming to Honolulu Fukunaga sent the ransom note demanding $10,000 to Mr. Jamieson. The father met him as turned over the promise the boy would be re" the note directed and $4,000 in currency on game. State, Ball two, wide. Durst's slashing hit into Koenig up. one, e»Jkd* fly «hfcH One Ewa, One Htfe No Errors. Tblril Cardinals—Fnacn up. -Strike one, called—Ball outside. tempted to bunt but fouled. Frlseh got >a single off Jjuaeri's hand. Bot- tomler up. Pipgras tried to pick Prison off first. Bal" stole second. Strike Strike two, swung, ned, swinging for the third "strike. Hnfey up, Pipgras nearly Frisch oft* second with a quick throw to Lazzeri. Koenig threw out Hafey at lirst, Erisch going to third, per up. Strike one, called. Ball one, high. The Yankees claimed _ Harper swung at this one. The umpire has called a second strike. Foul. He-Galls Hoover-Humorist For Praising Leaders Of Republican Party Foul. Har- third call- Ball one. high and wide. per struck out. taking a ed strike. It was a sweeping curve he let go by. No Runs. One Hit. No Errors. Yankees— Ruth up. Ball one, inside. Ruth had to duck away from this one. Bal two, low. Strike one, Strike, two called. over the Ruth Gehrig up. Ball one. .outside. Ball two, wide. Ball three, low outside Strike one, called. Gehrig got a base on balls, the fourth pitch being low. Meusel up. Strike one, swung. Ruth scored on Meusel's doubte tojeft, Oehrig holding at «w«~. ., ..^ up g^ one Jo ^ one. •- low, outside. Strike two, third. Laoeri outside. Ball Strike one, swung. Ball 'two, low, outside. out ing third. threw at first, CNshrig hold- Robertson up. The in shape again. Hefey struck ;"SStt!2^^^»p- of got the but the ball Ixmtiesd up. Koenig f uea oue Ruto up. Ball ooe, Ball two, outside, tali thiee, SUilh«ot & base 0*1 went into cen- »wJ, strike oa* beUMt optside. Qeh- Hwth and Cardinals lafielfi was stin In on the grass. Ball one, Inside, Ball two, wide. Ball three, Insid*. strike one, called. Robertson walked,, the fourth pitch being low end the bases were full. Bengougb up. Strtko oba, called. Oehrig scored on Bea«ough's single to right, w eus«l Btoppia* at third, and Robertson hodtog second. Alexander was taken from the box at this stage. Mitchell the onJy tefthandspitbaU twirler hi c&patlv- !ty or out, went into the box for the Cardinals. He warmed up for a minute or two. Pipgras up. Ball one, wide. Ball two, wide. Strike one, called. Meusel scored whea Pipgras was hit by a pitched baH. Robertson moved to. third and Beagough to second. Paschal batted for Durst. Paschal up. Strike one. called. Robertson scored on Paschal'* single to right, but Ben- Kough was thrown out at the plate. Douthit to Frisch to Wilson. Koenig tip. Foul, strike one. Pipgras went to second oa Paschal'a hit. Ball one. Ksenlg popped to Bottom- as leaguer. Douthit up. Strike one. called. Ball one, wide. Bengough had to dive to get this one. Gehrig took Douthit's high foul. _._Na Ruas, No Hit», On« Error. Yankees—Ruth up. Strike one, called. Ball one, low. Ruth jshol a long hit into center for two bases. Gherig up. Strike one, called. Strike one, called. Strike two, swung. BaU one, high. Ball two, low and wide BaU three, low. Gehrig sent up a high fly to Douthit back of second base Meusel up. Ball one, outside. Meusel filed out to Hafey Lasaseri up. Mitchell tosed out Laz- «rl. at first. " .... No Hiws, One Hit. No Ewors. Fifth Inning. Cardinals — High up. Strike one, swung, BaU one, inside. Ball two high. Foul, strike two. Robertj&tMj Wade a diving catch of High's ho grounder, jumped to hia feet aiu threw him out. Frisch up. Foul strike one. Foul, strike two. Frisch struck out taking the third call** Bull one Strike one Runs Affairs of City Of New- bnryport, Mass., From Cell In City Jail LEE SHEEIFF feto"tt».lgf|jii~~fjddi w. feat up. BttS'SSfcaS! IMaa StSiia. yftmitMr,' *••*•-*-*- S .r-S*^* aiivill^'s EroiJiKi^Kif i'' Wits safe. MltcJsJl lov.- strike. Bottomiey up. low, This was floater. ____ „.,„ called. Strike two, swung. Ball two high and wide. oBttomley struck out for the second time, swinging at the No Runs, No Hits, No Emu*. Yankees— Robertson was given a great hand as he walked to the plate Robertson up. Strike one, called. B&U one, low. Ball two, high and inside. Frisch tossed out Robertson at first. Bengough up. Frisch weat back of -second and took Bengough's high fly. Mpgras up. Pipgras popped to Marnville. Ems, No Hits, Ho Erretx. Murphysooro. Ill, Oct g. — (U-S») ie annual convention of the Illinois Sheriffs' Association adjourned here after selecting J&ctammrtjfc fof tha 1929 meeting and electing Harry H. Baldwin, Bodtfard, eb&ut of Winnebago county, a.s , Other off icers choseo tociuded "' '''''~~ treasus«f: Wiiliaxu , P&ysfaoio. Jackson county, Albeit E. iiiargirftf. Jyliet. Will toumy, T, MOUlei> Dixaa, 'l*e county, 8. Olmrk, Ottawa, LaSstlte couuly Ed * vice Salem, Mass., Oct. 5 ~ (AJ>.) — Andrew Joseph "Bossy" Oillis, spectacular mayor of Newburyport, was behind the bars today. Arrangements were made for him to conduct the executive duties of his office from the Essex county jail. Yesterday he was sentenced to serve two months hi jail and to pay fines totalling |45. because he established a gasoline filling tsatlon without a permit. The mayor has been convicted on numerous charges growing out of the establishment of the gasoline station. He appealed, but later pleaded guilty. He accepted the «m- tence without a murmur and started the Jail term immediately. Some of his friends have started plans to obtain a parole for him, In By Gordon K. Shearer. United Press Staff Correspondent.) En Route With Senator Robinson- Oct. 5—(U.P.)—Senator Joseph T, Robinson, democratic nominee for Ice president-crossed Texas today n route to New Mexico where ha •ill conduct a two day campaign. Robinson left Chickasa, Okla., last night after five speeches in Oklahoma in three days. His concluding address, delivered in what speakers called "a banner democratic coun» ty," was heard by chief Jasper Saunkeah and a group of other Kiowa Indians, some of them in na- however, and did not return., Chicago—Checker Taxi Company officials asked a special grand Jury to investigate the taxi war here, charging State's Attorney Robert E. Crowe is unqualified to conduct an inquiry because he is a stockholder abductor dls- O f the Yellow Cab Company. e vetUugT—crowdr TO MAKE Chicago—Prices for eggs reached the lowest level ha years, being forced down b ya wave of selling, figga i for November delivery dropped to 31 cents per doran while December declined to 81 1-4 cents. Chicago—Charlea Walz, 18, and Anthony Greece, », confessed »lay- Defios Doctor 'a Orders By -..Swinging Into northern Indiana Today era of policeman Arthur >u <ttur« live costume. Robinson's assertion that Roger Williams name will go down on the annals ef time long after his religious persecutors have been forgotten drew applause from the Indians though the candidate made no reference to the haven afforded Williams by the Indians. The Indians, many of them World war veterans, also were loud in their applause of a recital of Governor Alfred. E. Smith's action for New York's returned soldiers which was f^ted by Robinson in contrast with President Coolidge'a veto of the bonus bills. Robinson called Herbert Hoover a •-lorist for praising the courage-i leadership of the republican P«rty In recent years. ' "Where was the courgeous leadership, he asked, "during the veteran* Bureau, naval oil reserve.' alien property and campaign contribu- By Kenneth G. Crawford (United Press Staff Correspondent) En Route With Senator Curtis In Indiana. Oct. 5.—(U.P.)—Senator Charles Curtis resumed his vice- presidential campaign today with a strenuous "motor tour of northern Indiana, again defying—physicians' orders for complete rest. Refreshed by an afternoon of his favorite diversion yesterday at the Lincoln Fields horse races, he planned to make eight short addresses today and a long speech tonight. He was scheduled for appearances at State Line. Whiting.-'East Chicago, Indiana Harbor. Hammond Hobart. Lowell and Crown Point and a speech at Gary where republicans are planning one of the largest rallies of the Indiana campaign Will Rr Wood, veteran "Indiana congressman, was expected to pilot Curtis-, through the day's schedule. The nominee will return t»*Chl- eago -immediately after his Gary speech and lias promised to spend all tomorrow in bed as a concession to the doctors whose orders lie has persistently disobeyed since arriving in Chicago Tuesday. He plans to set out for a week's SZSS&2JS* "° rtfhw f st Bu ^ his first speech at D;, Tuesday, physical condition ft drug; store robfcery last April 27, were sentenced'to die in the electric chair, foUowlag conviction in Jude MjUer's court. Pi-aria—Mrs. Vernal^ Hatch, an Indiana farmer, challenged Mis. Ruth Hanna McCornjlck. republican candidate for eongressman-at- large, to debate on "farm relief as an issue in this campaign." Chicago—Two bandindits. police were todl, took $30.000 In uncut diamonds from Samuel Lewlston. a Chicago diamond salesman, after they had slugged him on an incoming electric interurban car from Jo- Het-.-Lewi6ton-told-police-the bandits herded the passengers in the front ofthe car and forced the motorman to stop. Montreal, Que.—A man who blew oft his head with a dynamite cap here is believed by Detective Ser- One day will be spent in New York coisf erring with party leaders tod the special train- Js. expected Jo -head. southward cither Monday night or Tuesday mornina. Some of hia su* ~-r'rters held thaft he is deferring announcement of hia second itinerary until the latt minute 50 as not to show his hand toa *<>©n to hi* opponent*. ...... : Many reports have it now that the nominee will travel southward through parts of Virginia and North Carolina for a day or two of meeting- and grecUng well wishers before making his first speech Wednesday In Tennessee. Hb second speech of the week, these reports say. will bs at Louisville, Ky., a week from tomorrow. To Visit Chicago It Is further understood that the nominee win spend hia second wed: of the next trip at CWeago afl&ft~ city in Missouri, probably going to Chicago first. ScdahX where thfera U a large enclosed llva stocfc pavtr- ion, is one of tha Missouri cttks prominently mentioned as a pocsi- bl* choice. __ been uppermost in the gossip for tho third week, beginning October 23. The final week is expected to !in$ the nominee shooting up and down tha Atlantic coast between BalU» more and Boston, with a speech per* naps every night Tho talk is that; the' tariff and prosperity questions will be the text for the Boston dress, white will hear hlbitton, R was a criticism of hij attittidd on that <juestiQn that drew emor ! oiit again yesterday with statement that if a state -wants pro* hibUiou he believed Jt should have it, with tho full guarantees provided in thc 18th amendment and Volstead act. geant Broduer to be an escaped prisoner from Rockford, 111. He registered at a hotel under the name of A. Alson of Montreal. New York Congressman To Ask Committee To Learn ' About G.O.P. Attacks The Lake, senator's reported much improved today scandals? "Then, President Cpolidge and his chief adviser, Hoover, were dumb as oysters," OAMPAIGN~DATA STOLEN FROM THE NATIONAL COM. Washington, Oct. 5— (UJP)--prt- ' <1 * Ji J „ i „. _ i i "»* «t * * the meantime, liowever, he is p'rts- 1 vate detectives were investigating , - oner No. 48, 886. and his first pri- ! lo <*y the mysterious dlwppemc* son breakfast was cereal, evaporat- ! °' campaign data from the desks ed milk, coffee and bread without of o^cials of the reoublican nB rinn_ jutter. He will be allowed to me a tete- Jhous and the prison rule on vis- ll t, Ufted for hlm - *» that » abteJto attejQd to ^y bus- dty of Ne «l>urypoi-t al committee. OJTIQ! of is recovering from me western Sweetheart of One Waa The Witness Against Slayers of Officer improving and his crushed right thumb is no longer painful. He still carries his injured hand in a sli&« rii'twret i/tii- ^** however. the organization generally was understood of the committee hnportant papers recently. of tt aaayor. city council, " be Awarded Plumbing Job Mttfrlsoa. —The "• " with m, of Oct. §.- which tlie ottlcial talct. of the matter was very important and cannot be replaced." Ottt-fjfthe desks looted was used J. Birown, as&istaat chief section of the have by Wort id to TAY PAY, FATHER OF COMMONS, IS EIGHTY TODAY London, Oct 5 — M.P.> "Tay Pay," Thomas Power O'Connor, "father of the house of commons" celebrated his eightieth birthday today. The last survivor of the Irish Nationalist party, privy councillor and a famous journalist, although a martyr to rheumatic aliments enjoys considerably better health than he has for some months past. "Tay Pay," as he is affectionately known everywhere, this being also hia cable address, de&trtbes hia weed as that of a realistic' optimist — re- Chicago, Oct. 5. — (U.P.) — The testimony of a 19-year-old boy's sweetheart has resulted In the passage of death sentences on him and hia 18-year-old chum. Charles Wai?, 18, and Tony Greece, 18. must die in the electric chair for killing. Policeman Esau when he walked in while they were holding up a drug store. Both youths wept when the jury brought ia its verdict of "guilty and death" last night. The defendants are about the same ages as Loeb and Leopold, the millionaires' sons, who were sent to the penitentiary several years ago for murdering Bobby Franks. Waiz and Grecco. however. _ much more schooled Ln the ways of Chicago crime than Loeb and Leopold. They killed, not for a "thrill" but to escape the penalty which threatened them for holding up the drug store. Evidence supplied by Mlas Dolly Kazar, Ottcco's sweetheart, was Uw: ">'•*"•- strongest testimony. She tolc with By Joseph S. Wasney (United Press Staff CorrespondentT — Waahiagton. Oct; 5.~Repi:essnta- tlve Loring Black, democrat, New- York, announced today he would request the house campaign funds committee to make a special' Investigation of campaign activities «f Mrs. Mabel WUlebrandt, assistant United States attorney general, and, of charges that the republican or- ganisation has injected the religious bisue into the presidential campaign. Black's announcement wa* made as the house campaign funds committee met at his request. He hwf a motion prepared asking that tha investigation start immediately. "There is some oa* high up la republican politics behind all the religious propaganda that has been spread."- Black said. "I have » number of pamphlets to show Uje committee aad waat them to -find out who sponsored them *&& who paid for them." ......................... ......... Black said he would ask the committee to subpoena Mrs. Wtllebnutdc and & number at other high officials in the republican organization. He said he would like to get Herbert Hoover, republican preiUten- tjal nominee, on the witness stand, but was uncertain this could be ar~ j ranged. The democrats, it was were Pointed out. are ia a minority on the committee. Black asked the committe* to have an open hearing but was overruled by three Representatives ' world; opttoi&tic Ui the sense that hs believes every man can boawthhig to relieve his sadness. "The hope of so doiog is tli* con- do of my age," he said, " , and the foundation of my that I may have some ye*irs to do my share of thi$ hope ruwre VOUTH fcOOTUJ BANDIT WIYil SOME LUSTY St. Louis", Ma, Oct. tougberty, 18, out of tha haiMl4af re- up *Ud *«purted tp jgtta*. listening to WaU say that he shot the policeman in the heart. An Indiana Farmer Is Held For Wife Murder South Betid, lad, Oct. 5.~<UJP) Grovettown. 40 iaJtei south of hex*! S*LS Mid by police today- to €oa&»e- Uo« with the death of his wife whose body was fouod i«a night ia a chiciceo house tto. Uietr farm. J-u^uutuus head 'had b««ni A thre« fswt ifou bar l&y ! blow, "It would to publicly 'Chfnd- tegrity oLaromineat ciiiiiiujan of tha ...... ..................... aalair to attacking the in- ~t*tat-- "You three vance everythiug secret," Btois Weil, tha vole is Uu*« you." we hase a it wiil be open* today have ocly a sad .h^a" The "thmj the coouuRtee the ttow'of ' to met Lu ad- tw to will white ««fe»«t««M.

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