The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on June 11, 1925 · 10
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 10

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1925
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S II ' NEWS AND OBSERVER RALEIGH N C THURSDAY MORNING JUNE 1 1 1925 10 I SCHOOL NURSES t IN SESSION HERE Plan Clinics In Thirteen Counties Beginning In Gates and Dare Medical inspection school nurses - under the State Board of Health met here yesterday to map out plans tor number work in conducting tonsil and adenoid elinics in thirteen - counties of the State During the past six years the nurses have held clinics in practcially every school district of 86 of the 100 counties of the State The new series of clinics will begin in Gates county week after next Dare will be the second county visited Other counties in the present campaign have not yet been announced During the six years of activity the elinics have given treatment to 11000 school children The nurses here yesterday were: Misses Birdie Dunn Geneva Sykes Ramie Williams Cora Beam Idell Buchan and Flora Ray Miss Cleone Hobbs another nurse of the group was unable to be present at the meeting because of the illness of her brother in Richmond Wilbur Speaks To Big Audience at Duke Finals - woman was banded her diploma by President Few President Few wasted no time in introducing Secretary Wilbur who Nag given an Ovation The cabinetJ officer defined common le 11116 AS being "the application of sound reasoning to comprehenaive knowledge" He told the graduates that the test of their education would not lie so much in the facts they have learned as in the ability to reuon correctly concerning the problems of life He warned them againet the practice of blindly applying formulas to the solution of problems declaring that always it is necessary to ttek "Is it reasonable?" More Laws Nec aaaaa y Ile took little stock in the great ()Wry that is being made against the constant outpouring of statutes and judicial decisions declaring that I the "lawyer who complains about all this is merely demonstrating his in ability to reconcile himself with modern progress and with modern requirements and is complaining of his inability to muter the whole problem" "There is no simpler law than the Jaw of the dead" he explained "The law of the living multiplies as life develops and enlarges The man who complains against the flood of judicial decisions is complaining against the flood of life for thesc-decisions present to the inquiring mind the investigations of trained -minds- Into the new problems of life" "The fact about it is that laws are complicated and decisions numerous and litigation is on the increase because civilization is getting more complicated because new questions are constantly arlaing" Secretary Wilbur had explained by way of getting around to the conclusion that is at variance with that of such distinguished lawyers aft Charles Evans Hughes He bad pictured airplanes colliding ten thousand miles up and homes bombarded by ragtime music over the radio aa indicative of the changed conditions that be said makes necessary new laws and new litigation Not legislation simply but changed circumstances were blamed for the 'multiplicity of laws and court decisions It would be as impossible to stop the flood be argued as it would be to restore life to the condition it was a centu ry ago This was his application of what the cabinet officer called common sense to the legal situation but he took a different tack when it came to religion Here he would stick to the fundamental'' and his explanation of why he would do so was interesting Believes In Resurrection "We need common sense in religion" he declared "If the Bible is the inspired word of God as we believe then Ile created the universe and left the record of that creation forever inscribed upon all created things There are at least two divine books—the Holy Bible on whose pageit are inscribed the doings and sayings of holy moo and the book of nature A part of this historical story is plainly written upon the geological strata which circumscribe the globe Common sense suggests that these two records be considered together and that to reject and atterly ignore either is equally foolish "I was asked the other day if I Crockett Arsenic Lithia Springs and Bathie—Crockett Springs Vs Opens Juno I Eiiti0 2150 toot Indicated in th treatment at sorrow prostration indigestion ma !aria Indoor choosers rheumatic and skin troubles Clears sod Munro's lb complazion Oa links Writs to portico Is ro M C THOM AS M a tumor 7 qt X :t '7' '' - a: ""' - : 11" -31-r! I IT! $7717"it Mar v It!! Mt rt 111 11 The Sea h Calling You The Inlet Inn BY THE SEA Beaufort N C Bids - you welcome Fine Bathing Boating and Fishing - We Specmhze On Sea' food Meals r 4t 0 4 4: km441k 2-3117 411w3 grk Tar tattlITArs'rtnrIst rtditltlAA'te':1!t:kMt4tTi believed in a future life and what proof there was of such life I replied that it took faith to apprehend and believe in a future life But there are ample proofs of a future life if we care to weigh them and the fundamental one around which all °there center is the retturreetien of Jesus Christ If Christ rose from the dead it proves that there is a future life What evidence is there of His resurrectiou I This desk behind which I stand this building in I whirl' I s:vak this institution in which you are trained and every Christian church in existence and eery Christian institutiou and every Christian in the universe now and since the day of Resurrection lei evidenre of the Resurrection It was this incident which trans-1 formed the eleven disciples from fleeing cowards appalled and dismayed at the crucifixion into inspired prophets who 'seeded the world single handed and sought in a generation to coevert all men to Christianity and to a belief in the Resurrection It was faith in this Resurrection that enabled men who had fled from mere rebuke or censure to calmly face a martyr's death To believe in such a transformation of the diseiples without an adequate cause requires greater credulity than to believe in the Resurrection and when they themselves asserted the Resurrection of Jesus as the source of their inspiration they furnished the explanation of their conduct and gave evidence of the truth of their assertion" Opposed to War He would apply the idea of common sense as a means of reaching solutions in other problems' notably in the solution of the problem of what to do about war He did not believe with Nietzsche that war is man's natural state and his sure means of advancement but that war both violates common sense and repudiates the Christian religion He would not do way with armies and navies because experience teaches that false doctrine may yet again gain supremacy in a nation - and that a great nation may do as Germany did and assail a peaceful and happy world 4 His appeal from start to finish was to think clearly and to reason correctly which has long been one of the cardinal doctrines taught at Trinity College He saw insane asylums filled because men cannot think correctly and prisons filled because men have ' lost their moral vision He would follow truth wherever it may lead and would avoid sin not only because it is wrong but also because it hampers mentally as well as spiiitually The world is suffering frfim crippled minds he declared He bade the graduates pray for the life more abundant for deliverance from ignoranee and superstition for an enlarged capacity and increased ability to understand God The 169 mentors were presented by secretary tiobert Lee Flowers of the Duke University corporation and the candidates for the master rte degree were rresented by Dean William H Wannamaker of the college of liberal arts the diplomas being awarded by i'resident Few who 1014O made the announcement of honors Those receiving degrees were as follows Baehelor of Arta itillgood Elmo Hertford Baker Fludle Ball Walter Conn ila'rnis William Speight Beavers Elsie Claire Beck Wade Hampton Boggs Sara Fay Bolich Percy (4ray Boyd Julian Parks Bradshaw William Gaston Bridgers Furman Anderson Brook Macon )soscue r--7oPi'-sENGRAvixG- 1 --- I titt ) i vo ' IN MY 11 i i tit — b e NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILROAD Passenger Schedules Effective Feb I 1925 From Raleigh N C Daily except as shown Leave For Arrive From 6:15 AM (a) Norfolk 8:30 PM 7:30 AM (I) Charlotte 5:15 PM 3 :00 PM Wuhington 1:05 PM 9:45 PM (d) Norfolk 705 AM (b)—Connecte week days for Fayette Title (a)—Parlor ear—Marsden to Norfolk (d)—Sleeper to Norfolk A B WESTER City Ticket Agent Phone 621 J E SINGLETON Depot Ticket Agent Phone 270 SOLTRERN RAILWAY SYSTEM Ambit! and Dr Oartere of P Der TWIN (Union Station) Ns Isiah N C No Trains Oepari 1 I 1 From Goldsboro—Salm 11:55 pm 112 From Oroeneborg—Ashevilte 4:00 am 21 From (Milano ti 50 am Is From 0 oro—Whistoa4e1em11 :12 a nt 17 From Onideboro—Selme $30 pm II From ereopenoraWinetoa-Salem 830 pm 13 From tioldenore 7 00 pm 22 From CinelanatiAohevIlle 11:30 pm No Trains Depart 111 Fee Oreensbore—Athestils 12 5 rm 112 For elma—Goldsboro 4:00 am 21 For Ashville—Cincinnati“ 1150 cm 111 For Selmo—Ooldeboro 11:12 sot 17 Per tireenekoro—Charlotto 330 pm II For Ooldebore-41111me 8:3n pm 13 For Otemoetioro—Winstookilalem 7 Al P m 22 For Selme—Ooldebere a 30 pm Cit7 Ticket °Mao W Datie St Phone 821 D P A Ciro 7 W Davie St Phone 621 Duet Ticket (Ms Phone 270 Low Rate Sunday and Week-End Fares via Norfolk Southern In connection with East Carlin: Transportation Company and Nort' River Line to Nags Head an Alanteo N C from Raleigh No Bern and intermediate ngeney sta tions to Elizabeth City Tickets sold for use on steamer of North River Line on each Sunday June 13 to September 131925 limited to date of sale such tickets being honored to destination on train leaving Elizabeth City at 10:10 p m Sundays Week-end tickets sold for use on steamer of East C10'0111111 Transportation Company Friday and Saturday of each week commencing May 8 continuing until September 26 1925 limited midnight of Tuesday following date of sale There is no Sunday service from Nags Head to Elisabeth City via East Carolina Transportation Company out tickets reading over that line will be honored Nags Head to Elizabeth City on Sundays by the North River Line Inc Excellent surf bathing filling and other imusements For tickets and other information inquire of any agent or write to J F DALTON General Passenger Agent Norfolk Va Brown William Rolf Bunn Jact son Howard: Burch Robert Al:C1124- ton Jr Carpenter David iVilliam Carlton Mary Louise: Carter Blanche Evelyn Chamberlain Joseph Redington Jr Chaprnar' George Vernon Cheatham Ida May Cheseon Ralph Raymosid1 elute Jasper Leslie Coolie Denni" Hargrov Coorer William Ernest Cotton Solon Ruesell Cox Gladys Virginia Craddock Elizabeth Jane: Er: Huila Jr Crca s ' cr Frank Nor-fleet Jr Curtin Anna Lou Daniel fon s eitna Downes Hay LH 'Hinton Alice' Wedell Lkridge Mary Elizabeth Farriee James Joseph: louts Dwig1 Lang Frost Lillian Mae Fuller Enion Bell Jr Garrard Annie Walker Gauee uholson Belie Curtin Gibbons Virginia Ware Glass Grace Oko- etta Manion Lucy Pleniing GodIrreY Banks Otis Graham Leonard Shaw Grant James Newitt Griffin Mary Lee Gulledge - Idalene Bernice Haddock Richard Abraham Hardaway Richard Traviz Harward Morata Beatrice Hatch Cullen Blackman: Hauser Jessie Eugenie licks Henrietta Virginia High Berta Lee Hix David Neal nonce Daniel Thtirstm Jr Howard Harry Williara Huckabee SVilliam Thomas Jr Huhn Edith Hinton Jernigan Chariton Coney Kale Sidney Maxwell Kale AViihem Arthur Karaes James Washington lienaall Charles Alexandr Kilter Fred Leander Kirkman Nancy Louise Kluttz Ethel Louise Klutts Katherine Levin Lagerstedt 'Edward Wm Howard Laprade Lloyd Stone Lassiter Her-ben Donald Lawrerme Marquis Wood Ledbetter Margaret Mel-vine Liles Willis Johnston Long Robert Erwin Mansfield Mamie Markham 101180 Helen Martin Robert Bruce Mason Vernon Claudius Jr Meacham Charles Thomas e Merritt James Samitel Moore Thomas Prank Morris Mary Mumford Lawrence Quincy Munyan Ida Catherine Murnick Annie Myer' Genevieve Helen Mc Call Alcoa Elizabeth McDade Robert Eugene McDonald Addie Reads McDonald Claudia McGrannaban Zilpha Mary McGregor Clifton Mix McNairy Clark Webster Nease Edgar Harrison: Nichols Lucy Thompson Noland David Riley Oliver James Milton Overton Ernest Golden Overton Fidelle Moore Overton Louis Marvin Padgett Miriam Clyde Parham Robert Alexander Phillips Edward Lindsey Pickens Marshall Ivey Pittman Charbtte Pate Erma Price Curtis Pridgen Lorraine Inley 'Reeves Hazel Fame Ripley Mabel Roberts James Edward Roebuck Gordon Wrece Rooker Bessie Alice Rome Marion Simon Rose Mark Spurgeon Saunders Etta Seaboit Louise Sherrill Charles - Kermit Sherrill Mary Rogers Sherrill D W NEWSOM Veal Estate and Insurance Durham N C Durham offers big opportunities In real estate investments Write rne your WANTS ROGER W BABSONnum on "WILMINGTON" says:0 r "Wi1MIngt0O tO my mind is one of the N 4 0 "Wilmington to my mind is one of the most excellently located spots on the Atlantic coast for a year-round resort Your winters are not severe and your summers are not hot Your location is probably the finest in the country as a resort" ' - Wilmington and it's four beaches— Wrightsville Carolina Wilmington and Port Fisher are truly the "Playground of the South"—an ideal spot for anyone and everyone to spend a vacation Come where it is cool and get away from the heat PR o i Every convenience end attraction awaits you hem— s garden spot easilt accessible by the A C L S A L and over North Carolina's wonderful highway system Write for detailed intonation to the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Wilmington N C P NB Wilmington N C at 31 geN :C13 ga :CM" 4tR11114- ' : ' ft I AllealVaca 4 ki SII:t: 1 aB "'A 1 ' I ly taar ain Vk 0 g olA A as- — iv -sb N a - u- Forjust a few& I 0 : — than it costs fol -1 Lir 0 csl nary vacation y 441 ri gr I all the way to fi (1 ' and enjoy the vaction treat You can take in Denver I rado and Salt Lake City 1 ditional cost A at I 129Y- Round Trip fiorn Raleigh Low fare side trips to Rocky Moun tam Yellowstone and Zion National Parks and Drys Canyon - Personally Escorted AllExpenso Tours to California also to Rocky Mountain Yellowstone and Zion National Parks Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks For Information reservations and descriptive books ask: W C Elgin Otte( Agent tln Won 374Z U Robert Shinn Franklin Harr Is Showalter Elizabeth Simpson Elmer Mitchell Sloan James Marshall Jr Smith Myrtle Lee: Smith Virginia Clay Sorrell Annie May Soutivriand Bessie Juanita stack Kormaa Leroy Stphena Erwin Duke: Stphens William Paul Stough Theoo Eliac Stubbs Mary Kathryn Swaringen James Wilson: Swa'ingen Roy Archibald Thompson Helen Edith Tucker Heber Olney Turner Aaron Ueno lasuka Vaughan Ruby Adna Waller Lucy Iwyne warren Hilton COLOW611: Warren Marion Weever Frank Miller Jr Whiz-want Joseph Carpenter Whitted Ella Howerton Viggins Fred Thomas : Wiggins James Arthur Jr Wilkerson Beulah Ruth 'Williams Eunice Adeline Williams Herbert Mid lVockly Florence Elizabeth Wynne Lemuel Bruce' A of the Class of 1921 Howler of Art Airheart Mary Georgia Boddie Leah Bradshaw Mike Jr Brantley Mary Powell Caveness Hugh Lynn Chandler Jani Gray Clarke David Arthur Cherry William Mix Coueh Daisy Jones Harward Lettale Lee Holton Samuel Matin Jones Ezra Maurice Jonee Rufus Sidney Kline Athalla Tabithrt Lee Clara Powell Oakes Albert Womble Peterson Jesse Lee' Rudge William Jerome Jr Sharpe Daniel :Monroe Shaver liaise Leroy Smith Charles Henry Smith William Simpson Stutts DeWitt Talrnagei Emstead Kate Goodman NValton Beulah Earle Walker Elizabeth Scott Degree conferred In absentia Honors for the various members of the different departments were announced as follows: Honore In Grodonting Clam' Summa cum laude Julian Parks Boyd William Rolfe Brown Magna cum laude William Spoight Barnes Furman Anderson Bridgers Velma Deyton James Joaeph Farris' Lucy PtemingGlasson Idalene Bernice Gulledge Richard Travis Hardaway Sidney Maxwell Kale Lawrence Quincy Itumford Ida Catherine Munyan Murnick Bessie Alice Rooker Bessie Juanita Southerland EI1a Howerton Whaled James Arthur Wiggine Jr Honors in Department" Honors in Economics—Elmo Hertford Alligood William Speight Barnes Edward Lindsey Phillips James Arthur Wiggins Jr Honors in Education—Lawrence Quincy Mumford Europe $345 To Paris Versailles Brussels London Write For Itinerary The Wicker Tours Richmond VA 1 Real Vacation aBargainPrice Forjust a few dollars mOre than it costs for an ordi nary vacation you can go all the way to Europe 345 To Paris Versailles Brussels London Write For Itinerary The Wicker Tours' Richmond Va watts you here-- A C L S A 11 highway aysthe :lommirce to41111±)c2C221 ia and enjoy the vaction treat of your life ' You can take in Denver scenic Colo rado and Salt Lake City without ad ditional cost Tickets are good to go via Los Angeles and return via San Francisco or vice versa Returning via Pacific Northwest costs only a little more and it's worth it Go this summer on the splendid Pacific Coast Limited - or the new St Louis Colorado Limited from St Louis or one of five other fine trains from Chicago Pie Sys 124 Healey Bldg Atlanta Pacific Honors in Engineering—Jasper Lesile Clute Highest Honors in English—Ida Catherine Munyan Bessie Juanita Southeriand Honors in English—Bessie Alice Rooker Ella Howerton Whitted Highest Honors in French—Furman Anderson Bridgers Honors in French—Lucy Fleming Gleason Highest Honors in Greek—WilDarn Rolfe Brown Honors in Hiatory—Jullan Parks Boyd James Joseph Farriss Sidney Maxwell Kale Ida lene Bernice Gulledge Nancy Louise Kirkman Annie Murnick Honors in Phyaics—David William Carpenter James Newitt Grant Highest Honors in Religious Training—Mary Elizabeth Eskridge Honors in Religious Training— Walter Conn Ball Grace Ogoretta Glass Richard Abraham Haddock Richard Travis Hardaway William Arthur Kale Marquis Wood Lawrence Edgar Harrison Neese James Wilson Swaringen Freshman Honors Helen Deane Chandler Lillian Alice Chandler Georgia Anna Couch Margaret Elizabeth Craven Alfred Franklin Hammond Jr Ern- i est Lee Haywood Hansel' Lindsa‘ Hester Alford Jesse Holton Ellei! Harris Huckabee Claudia Watktn Hunter Charles Atkinson Kirkpat rick Kenneth Raymond Lakerstedt Enjoy the cool breezes at the Ocean resorts of Virginia Beach Va Morehead City N C Beaufort N C Chesapeake Beach Va Belhaven N C Oriental N C Cape Henry Va Ocean Park Va Norfolk Va Low rate Week End Excursion Fares via Norfolk Southern Railroad From Raligh to points shown below To Fare: Beaufort N C 5630 Morehead City N C 6615 Cape Henry—Virginia Beach Va 6815 Ocean Fark—Chesapeake Beach Va $795 Belhaven N C 6600 Oriental N C MOO Norfolk Va 8760 Sunday tickets sold for use on each Sunday from May 31 to Septem ber 6 inclusive limited to date of sale Week end tickets sold for use on Fridays and Saturdays commenc Ing May lot and continuing until September 26 1925 limited to mid night of first Tuesciai following date of sale EXCELLENT SURF BATHING AND OTHER AMUSEMENTS For tickets information etc inquire of any agent ' A RE ErtgaTITLITE TIA 4 dk RAYL e 4s Established 1852 Offers preparation for btgger accorn:' plishments in college business and life Strong faculty:Pi Ideal and pleasing surroundings Over 1000 feet above sea level t 4850 acres in campus athletic grounds orchards arch farms Modern fire-proof buildings A 4 ' ' Courses thoroughly covering literature It science niusic teaching and bush:msg? 4 p !I1111 4 Excturtft CUISINE MODERATE PLATES 0 A 4At410 Writs Prince illuagrated eatolog144 11 I 1 JI Oak Ridge Institute - - — -- -- - oriouorn ure-proox count:Ling& A 'k 4 ' ' Courses thoroughly covering literature ' c1- It science rousic teaching and bush:msg? ' :4p 4:kt1 44 0 ) Excturrn Cmsnn MODERATE RATES ' $ A 10' Writs forittow u illustrated catologvm P '41 I ll IJT 11 Oak Ridge Institute' I i ' Oak Ridge N C! - Z"' ( 1 ' Itt ' 1 - 11 -410Fpeout - r I! ' ' '4' vto :At-01 -414 - A:------ : -4 34- — --JV: Norfolk Southrn Raikoad Asnouncee Sale of WEEK-END Tickets To :Actuada le Jackson Springs and Norwood On sale' Fridays and Saturdays of each week commencing blity 1 and continuing until September 28 19251 final limit to reach original starting point prior to roidniglrt of first Tuesday following date of sale For tickets information etc call on any ticket agent of the Norfolk Southern Railroad or communicate with— J F DALTON - General Passenger Agent Norfolk Va Seashore Hôtél NEWEST AND BEST HOTEL ' Wrightsviile Beach N C OPENS FOR SEASON JUNE THE 4th 130 rooms with private or connecting baths every room with hot and cold running water 500 feet of wide porches facing ocean- bathing boating fishing dancing golf and tennis Meals and service unsurpassed DAILY RATES $500 AND UP WEEKLY RATES $3000 AND VP Family Rates On Roquemt 1 -I ! WASHINGTON D C AND RETURN SPECIAL EXCURSION$800 RATE FROM RALEIGH $860 Via Seaboard Air Line Railway Tickets on WASHINGTON S C HIGH Phone 2700 ' City Ticket Agent Catherine Mills -John Wesley Morgan William Roney Morgan Jr Glenn Gilbert Morphew Edith Gibbons Parker Louise Pierce Parker Katherine Manring Phillips William Stewart Rogers Bess Virginia Thompson James Nardin Truesdale Charles Clinton Weaver Jr Cladys Ruth White Sophomore Boners-William Sutton Anderson ' Jr Frank Maleoini Biggerstaff Blanche McKinsey Broadway Blanche BenrY Clark Lizzie Loyde Cothran Ethel Davis Robert Grady Dawson Pau: Henry Fields Frank Ray File Donald Everette Kirkpatrick Sadie Marshall Lawing Florence Lewis Cecil McRae Julia Potts Clara Elizabeth Ramsey Mary Ethel Vaughan Jessw Giles Wilkinaon Jr Mary Kathryn Zimmerman II ry Degrees Given Presenting th three candidates for honorary degrees President Few made the following announcements: Doctor of Science—Dr Watoon Smith Rankin State health officer of North Carolina 1909-1925 now en Clark's 5 Famous Cruises Ow Owmaril none sow WI-Imonsers July It Summer Cruise to Norway and Western Mediterranean 53 days $550 to WOO Jan 20 Around the World Cruise westward 128 days $1250 to $3600 Jan 30 Mediterranean Cruise 62 days $600 to 1700 Feb 4 South Amerloa with Itto and Buenos Alma 50 days $550 to 31250 June 301925 Norway andWestern Mediterranean 53 days MAO to MOO Rates include hotels drives guides toes Longest expestenced cruise management FAtablished 30 years ra C CLARK Times PUg Now Verb tiCote4 0 Itts Or" 6r-ZwsroN1111111 ATLANTIC CITYISLI After being thoroughly modernized by the addition of a large fireproof building this i ideal American plan hotel will REOPEN i July First 1925 i 1 The clear view of ocean and Board- i walk over a well-kept garden is - still maintained Private sea-bething depamnent end trilltiffil nit knJ htytnopno 1 i ! ! I i I i ! ! ! a large fireprOof building this ideal American plan hotel will REOPEN July First 1925 The clear view of ocean and Boardwalk over a well-kept garden is still maintained Private sea-bathing deparunent End garage on hotel property WALTEIL J BUZBY I I i I I I eilligniallill101111111111110illiall1111111111111116 )9114iieftli-1(óte-41 o i ATLANTIC CITY ft I Sale Friday June 12th Oray—Limited for Return June 16th - DETROIT BASEBALL GAME JUNE 13TH Visit National Capital for Nice Week-End Trip For further information Pullman reservation etc call on— tering upon an even larger service through connection with the foundation recently established by Mr James B Duke through skilled application of scentillc knowledge and high devotion to th causes of his native State become the saviour of the heaith n d the life of thousands of his peOfle Doctor of Literature — Gilbert Theodore Rowe member of the class of IS88 a brilliant atudent from his youth a thinkerof great acumen and become in later years a writer with a message and with a gift for clear and vigorous expression Doctor of Divinity — Harry Maurice North of the class of 1899: teacher and minister: founder of The Davis Springs Hotel Iliddenite N C Tbe ideal place for yotir vacation Convenient location Comfortable Rooms the best of food' Reasonable 101 Telephone or wire us that you are coming E r- r- r- r- r- r- r- r- r- r- r- r- I RINCESS ANNE HOTEL v On the Ocean Front at Virginia Beach Va Good Food and Excellent Service SURF BATHING Christian Clitntele ' GOLFING RIDING rJr-IfirJr-17--JrJrJrJrir-J11--Jr--Imr On the Ocean Front at Virginia Beach Va Good Food and Excellent Service 1 LI SURF GOLFING i 1-mi r1 rJ r---J r1 1-J ?1' I 6 r:? : :4!:1:-44 tq310 --'- : ::: :: :: js: :: t-!-: rey:' 7 : 0'4 : 41x'111:': -: 1 : ''::?6: 7'''''''''''''''''-'7--ii'' ' IfFlf' re7:‘::::"::i --z::v P !' :14 y:':''?!t t-iiitl: f 'i ::::: ::::'1 r'1::-: 1:'kt1 : -:q14 Al - -'7vi ::':14:1w1r-' : 0v - : i 1: :17: 01:z::: -: T kl11: : : :- It : '-''' :J:14- : '' : 0' : ':0 :: :: -1I:':::''4':014 ::460- 4L-A-t-414:1i" I: - r The Gathering Place or4 HEAR US ON THt RADIO - - - -- - ' -11 : ' oll A c: ' ' : :: 4 2 : IT'Lli-gi— ' -1---- ''''' -'1' ' 1'1- '::: ''' -10-w-1 q f li- : ' :"::::! -- 4 vel1"Igli agar :ZZ":-::: : 7 ' —1t122C:1114:' 11: ' 1'47--4::! -:' 1 : r: e v2ii! - --' - i-i ----- --- -4- 1' 11 Itill ioli lettoomtriill elt-''''-i---k::4-1-17- All-fir 'Ir4--tA '"4tiii f71411M041P 'IP" - r14" Pr ' "' N A I LA AL :4 l' ------7:: - ' ------'---!r:-Z-t-'"-"'T'::-t'--- I CHATIONTE-HADDON ATLANTIC CITY CHALFONTE now has beautiful new Mcade Entrance on the Boardwalk and additional ocean deck HADDON HALL has new parlor and lobby floOra and 110 beautiful new guest rooms We hope thatyou willsoon imp these new features representing our latest effort for pleasure and comfort ofour guests American Plan only always open LEEDS and upPrNcarr COMPANY 1 1 Very Low Excursion Fares To -FLORIDA also via Seaboard Air Line Railway THURSDAY JUNE 18 1925 'Round Trip Fares From— To Raleigh N C Proportionately low Tickets limited to June 25th To points South of Jacksonville West Palm Beach Miami St Petersburg Sarasota etc1 final limit of ticket June 29th ' For further information schedule dates and rates apply S C HIGH C T A JOHN T WEST D P A It W Davie St Phone 2700 Sir Walter Hotel RALEIGH N C boys' school headmaster of Trinity Park School life-long promoter of ducation in responsible positions: gentle and persuasive preacher and beautiful exempler of s‘ Goal:we of Good Will THE' HYGETA Virginia Beach Vs Phone 9159 Centrally Witted on 90147t trxrt tarn verandas moment rooms relined atmosphere miter tent to Country Club golf tennis sod other amusements "only IIRS J E DYER Ownership lianaxement BATHING RIDING 1 r-T--1 r---1 -1-1 11 r-1 r71 r1 Day and night finds groups of prominent' men and women discussing the topics of the day HOTEL Sir Walter "Carolina's Newest Million Dollar Hotel" RALEIGH N C FREQUENT 1110ADCMI1ING-WPG SAVANNAH Ga Jacknonvi Ile $1200 To Savannah $900 rates from other points I ‘ HALL JOHN T WEST Division Passenger Agent " ! f i ' minent I r pies of (ter Hotel" p7:1 1 Aril 41111111 ' 49 ) I 1 ) I ' -71 1 111b

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