The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on December 22, 1928 · 8
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 8

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Saturday, December 22, 1928
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I - -- 0 -- — --- NFW5 ANI) OtiStliVEK KALLIUH N C bA I IJIIIJAY mumNiiNtJi t --- - ----- November Election Vote il THREE HURT WFIEN CARS COLLIDE AT HILLSBORO CORNER Il History Was Heaviest in is ory 4- '' yz:-4J-5 f v$4 - r "I' : '' : ''' ':'' - ::' ::::: '''''' :: ::!::::'':':: r 1 O ':::'Iit '44 ' 41P ef' ::1':' ::::: 'H? — : i':::: i':1: ' 1 Hoover G o t 21429109 T11 - - ::i::::: : :!: :::::4::::-:::: g: :: -7:::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: t Votes of The 36798669 3 (IHOWS TRAGEDY ''''''''' r I Cast In The Nation - f 444 ) : : : 4443tRIVVONOPP ' XS14 V I nil Irrnr AnTnn - o ::::::::f-zob'--:--07431:::::-::::- :1 AL SMITH GOT TOTAL s1 4::A e::i::m::i:::L 111 Lir t ur Fib I UR :i:'1-' t g :701 :t OF 15005497 VOTES :::''i''::i! :1:1 1 -1:04Y' — ':-:: t -1::—' 44:-:':::::":::z:' p ures By States Over Family Affairs Em- i Hoover's Plurality Not As t ky 't To:::ok4:1::: ::N:p:NZ4'k::i:iklcxrt:er- - Large As Coolidge's Fig Theodore Roberts' Bitterness :44::E : - 44v::::::- :i::i: ::::: i'4' r ' : 1 ' :: : 0 7 ' ' ' ' :':': 4iV M :::: ':''S:::::': ::: : :' ''''''':::'': I '::: :: : t:::-- - - i (Copyright 1)28 by the Associated bodied in Will fi:!: : : I Press) Los --(AP)--Dis- la :: '''' - 02!' - 4:::4:i:t ::i::-::::::::-4:: 'I:::::'''1:r' ':::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1::::!:!:1!::::ice:'''::-1 1 Washington Dee 21-- Angeles Dec (AP)—Of agreements between a 21mother and a :-:' :?::-::::::::::t:: :::54::-::: :i':2-4'''MIii::i::::$n:1-!:i:::iiiiiiwivi::A: the 36798669 votes Qin in ' the father and a talented son brewed a t'4i ggr) ::-5:':::M::-E4is1:i::::i:!:::::::i!::::-':::xi:4 i':P:::'pftfx:$::iti:"r1!-Vii:i:i':4i:' I ! 4 November election the largest num- bitternesa in the life of the late 4 : - 47'::X': :AJ:::::::::::i:-3-44 :::::: 'T t'- VS7) W':'::-1:i0' ' '-:'':::::::::::::::A::A:iii::-?i i bar in the history of the nation tler Theodore Roberts - which ne er soft --- 41: " 4 v k-::A:A: ffli14 '444-:--:-:::::::::i::::::4': bert Hoover received 21429109 and ened in the years between youth and 40 0 '"t: '''''' '"IA 1 L2:4': :::::::f:::::-:i:'-'':'f':::: $ - 44 Alfred E Smith received 15005497 old age Edward Robert Higgins told ::::::iA -- 6if:'---'''4''' tNy5:a::kVC:441:- i the ssociae Press today Hie- '''7 ':: :)- v The Republican candidate's plural- --e A td - ' - ::i::::' ' 4-""'s0-44' I '' r r: : x---:::: - ' " - " " ':: " - - " gins a commercial illustrator from ::::i::H -::1': :':'-""': : ' 2-'''''::::::-'::::::ii::::-t41::r' I Ity' over that of his Democratic oppo- New York Is a nephew of the late ''''''1'::: ' nent was 6423812 on the basis of Thespian He came to Los Angeles of : -: -- "f 41 '- 5 4 -5:xv : these figures gathered by The Assn to arrange the the actor's affairs 9 °771:177 :: -y -d f ' r ' '' :04 : : :I elated Press from the election eel who "suffered like him as '10'"P' 77''!'r r14' w t $:'- 'C'e -‘"" ''-:: t1- ' e' Candidates --'''''' '''' itti As one eels of the 48 state an exile from heme" Higgins was be x?-4' Ill j3 11' 4 "f' ' '''A' : IF'A04674001A g I er- 1 ' aniaes et' minor Parties ve- nA3 "more than -7 '': 0 i' 0 ''- '' '4' 1::" 10::' -tir:::- --2- eis -: ueathed the eatat A ? ' 7 ' '' " Vx rool51 -f4:! ' 1 eeived the 384063 votes aside from $10000" of the "Grand Old Man" of 7 ite 4- i:s' 4wl :w- Iwy 471 co - - - 4 ' those for Hoover or Smith ae fol the screen the will filed tor probate :t:' r Foster orkers 228 i "71' - - -'? 'II-MP: 1 lows: Thomas o - : i11 -:::: : I Seialist 267835 W 48 neyn ds day after an illness of several Socialist-Labor 21181 Varney Pro- disclosed today Roberta died last :: J:- 0 Fri - - - years r:F ::::Ai::::!:::::' '100010C- 4 hibition 20 101 We Aft 4i:- : ':?73?17eeC?6 a?---!-i:-0!e16f w- '''- !?-i to 1 :: ' 1 b b Farmer- Labor 8391 (scatteredi 327 ' which will was a three-page document -- r 4' -- :- Irw:1 e::'::::::-:i:114iIi! in ich the actor told of a rift :1i:8 T: - -!1-p--:':::::-:-z:: - Despite his large plurality Mr i family relations which never T n : :4 r:' r1: :: -! :"?'""eA$kko equal the plurality of 338 4izi- Hoover failed by 901 :'1''! 1 914 votes to 4 ceoled from the day he chose a 0 ' :'"'' '''' 4V'''''''''''' '' T:44::ii::17''4- T f ei 1 7513 given career that conflicted with his pa- err ow t ! - T'''C' -- - V: 7ssN reuts' wishes It drew a lengthy -7i:: "::-'''e -- :)::::il lette- Calvin Coolidge over John W Davis tale from the nephew or a secret ':::'-:-i::A A'i: ' ' " f : I in 1024 but at that time the La lot- - 41 x ' I i Wheeler independent ticket re hich the famous smile - heart ache w ':4'C411 ::4i: ' ::64 ' '-- 4- 1 ceived 4 822 856 vot '-' ' k?4 - of the actor never betrayed t " es In that year '''?''WVe it !? Ate : :: "It a ges back e pas gen- :UmOlfF ( 1 'l -'r :'':':1"''"z'''' 14$11:ti ' 1: 'Y i the Republican vote was 15725018 ll ' - - - - eraticus" o bk t the t Higgins said "I do not ':4''4''''':':' " While the Republicans carried 37 "an il 4 i: I 4 ' :::::i::::qhi:: states in 1924 believe Theodore s will is Intended t they garnered 40 In - east Imputations upon those who are 00:: 4 1 1 ' r the recent election This represents ":!:A''':''- l living today 11 ')' '''' ' ' ' the meet overwhelming defeat ever "I like Theodore left the nest S'''''tt ''' ' f('$4' i:40$" : sustained by the Democratic party in ''''V e arly in life and the thin both have known among our gs that - the electoral college Governor ''f'-i ' I '''''A we ''''''':A"6'44 Smith's popular vote however ex- both have not always been pleas- -- It po1 ceeded by 6828994 the 8380503 - s an' -r1i:'54 '''"wsm - l':'F lled in 1P24 by Davis "Theodore's mother wanted bim to a i:::Vi:::::':'ir:?:: The totat November vote east ex- 4 (0: :: -77c-071:44 r )) : ': ? 4) ( 11v00Pxo:::V:::: I enter the ministry while his father ' :!--n -::- r :LA ' November Election Vote Was Heaviest in History Hoover G o t 21429109 Votes of The 36798669 SHOWS TRAGEDY Cast In The Nation AL SMITH GOT TOTAL IN LIFE OF ACTOR OF 15005497 VOTES Hoover's Plurality Not As - Large As Coolidge's Fig Theodore Roberts' Bitterness ures By States Over Family Affairs Em (Copyright 1928 by the Associated Prens) Washington Dee 21—(AP)—Of the 38798669 votes tiast in ' the November election the largest nutri ber in the history of the nation tierbert Hoover received 21429109 and Alfred E Smith received 15005497 The Republican candidate's plurality over that of hitt Democratic oppo' neat was 8423812 on the basis of these figures gathered by The An elated Press from the election officials of the 48 state Candidates of minor parties received the 364063 votes aside from those for Hoover or Smith as follows: Thomas Soeialist 267835 Foster Workers 48228 Reynidds Socialist-Labor 21181 Varney Prohibition 20101 Webb Farmer Labor 8391 (scatteredl 327 Despite his large plurality Mr Hoover failed by 914901 votes to equal the plurality of 7338513 given Calvin Coolidge over John W Davis in 1924 but at that time the La Fol lette-Wheeler Independent ticket received 4822858 vetes In that year the Republican vote was 15725016 While the Republicans carried 37 states in 1924 they garnered 40 in the recent election This represents the most overwhelming defeat ever sustained by the Democratic party in the electoral college Governor Smith's popular vote however exceeded by 8828994 the 8380503 polled in 1924 by Davis The totai November vote east exceeded by 7707252 the total of 29- 091417 east four years ago Much of the increase was accounted for in the Southern states where approxirnately 33 1-2 per cent more votes were cast The increase for the nation al a whole was slightly above 25 per cent Votes for the two major parties in the once traditionally Democratie "Solid South" totalled 3004145 with 1406488 going to Iloover and 1- 697657 to smith the states conmidered being Alabama Arkanman nor-Ida Georgia Louisiana North Carolina South Carolina Texas and Virginia Of this group however Hoover carried Florida North Carolina Texas and Virginia which had suported Democratic presidential candidates since reconstruetion days until the recent election — UNITED PRESS GIVES STATISTICS ON ELECTION Chicago Dee 21—(UP)—lierbert Hoover's plurality over Governor Alfred E Smith Watt 8690256 the first official tabulation of the vote in the Presidential election November 6 made by the United Press today shelved The total vote for all Presidential candidates reached the now record of 36732818 The vote as tabulated from official records in the offices of the seeretaries of the 48 state sshons the fol lowing totals: Hoover Republican-21938569 Smith Demoerat-14988313 Thomas Seelalist —211787 Foster Workers (Communist)-35- 948 Reynolds Socialist-Labor-11835 Varney Prohibition-12109 Webb FarmerLabor-9077 The vote by states: Alabama 1207:25 Arizona 52533 Arkansas 77751 Californi4 1151021 Colorado 253872 Conecticut 296014 Delaware 08986 Florida 14410q Georgia 99308 Iawo 023818 Indiana 848290 Idaho 90580 Illinois 1804141 Kansas 513071 Kentucky 558054 51160 Massachusetts 775566 Maine 179923 Maryland 301479 Montana 110738 Michigan 905390 1issouri 834080 Mississippi 27101 Minnesota 560977 N Hampshire 11504 Nevada 18327 New York 2191344 New Jersey 925283 New Mexico 09618 Nebraska 343745 N Carolina 349013 N Dakota 131441 Ohio 1027541 Oregon 205341 Oklahoma 394044 Pennsylvania 2A15 Ilhode Island 117522 S Carolina 5223 R Dakota 157003 Texas 367030 Tennessee 193388 Utah 94756 Virginia 164 009 Vermont 90404 West Virginia 333551 Wyoming 52744 Washington 302311 Wisconsin 544205 127796 85537 119196 614793 133131 252040 35354 101764 1'29602 378936 562691 52'288 1313817 193003 381065 164655 79'2758 $1179 223626 77330 396762 667631 124598 396451 80175 14090 2089863 616162 48095 197959 286407 106648 864210 109223 219174 1 06756 118973 57340 102600 340237 157343 84 914 140146 44440 263784 29299 142603 450259 Totals 21458569 14088133 SENATOR SMITH TO SEEK COTTON PROBE Washingten Dee 21---(17P)—Scsator Smith South Carolina Demoerat VA the Senate tolay that after the Chriatmas mem he will seek authority for another cotton investigation Smith said the agriculture department over-estimated the 1928 cotton crop la Angust and caused a slump from which the market has never recovered He aaid the Investigation would be for the purpose of placing the blame —6— Mahogny is said to have been Arai brought to England by Sir Walter Raleigh Theodore Roberts' Bitterness Over Family Affairs Embodied in Will Los Angeles Dec 21----(AP)--Disagreements between a mother and a father and a talented son brewed a bitternesa In the life of the late Theodore Roberts which ne--er softened in the years between youth and old age Edward Robert Higgins told the Associated l'ress today Rig- gins a commercial illustrator from New York Is a nephew of the late Thespian He came to Los Angeles to arrange the the actor's affairs As one who "suffered like him as an exile from heme" Higgins was bequeathed the estate of "more than $10000" of the "Grand Old Man" of the screen the will filed tor probate disclosed today Roberts died last Friday after an illness of several years The will was a three-page document In which the actor told of a rift In family relations which never canted from the day he chose a career that conflicted with his pareuts' wishes It drew a lengthy tale from the nephew of a secret heart-ache which the famous smile of the actor never betrayed "It all goes back to the past genartifices" Higgins said "I do not believe Theodore's will is Intended to cast Imputations upon those who are living today "I like Theodore left the nest early in life and the things that we both have known among our familien have not always been pleasant "Theodore's mother wanted him to enter the ministry while his fattier felt that his son should learn a trade preferably navigation They lived In a great old Louse in San Francisco then and the family was wealthy Theodore's wish to go upon the stage was a shock to his parents and they protested but the son was resolute and when but a boy he left his home "That was the first of a life of family unhappiness The second in stance came some years later when the father once a wealthy man grew old and his fortune dwindled There was a brother Martin Martin had not the capability of Theodore and Theodore felt that if his father's estate was left in his own charge be (mold gather the frag tents together and possibly rebuild it for all of the family "This proposal lie 'made to his father and I understand it the the agreement was reached that The-adore should administer the cctate Theodore was fairly successful now and the scope of his talent began to shape up Ile went away from the family home In San Francisco and I imagine they didn't hear from him very frequently Anyway when the fattier died his entire estate went to Martin and Martin In the years that followed lost the remainder of a once comfortable fortune "The disinheritance was a great dis4pointment to Theodore who suffereC as his parents had when he left home The differences were Irritated over other minor things but these two stood out "An unhappy marriage which ended when Theodore spent Eix months in the old Ludlow Street jail in r-ew York because he cefused to pay alimony added to his life's sorrows "When his mother passed away and all of her personal effects were kept from him Theodore's bitterneas was acce—hted "i himself had long been successful by that time and money meant little It was the loss of the family ties that hurt around the whole family circle" ' Higgins will remain in Los Angelo until the late actor's affairs are closed FRIDAY WAS SHORTEST DAYLIGHT DAY OF YEAR - Yeaterday Deeember 21 was the mhortest day of the year Moreover it was the first day or rather first night of winter Winter officially began at four minutes after nine o'clock according to the Weather Bureau and there's just three more months of it ahead Since the twenty-first day of last June until yesterday the days or rather daylight grew shorter and shorter Now they grow longer and longer until June 21 next The sun yesterday rose at 7:21 and set at 5:03 Today will be ovet a minute longer Just as a sample of what' ahead winter brought in freezing weather Yesterday's low was 30 high 43 EMPLOYES PRESENT WATCH TO FRANK PAGE - Highway Commissioner Frank Page was the recipient of a handsome watch last night at a Christmas tree party In his honor by high way employees of the Raleigh and thstriet offices over the State The party was held on the second floor of the highway building which was appropriately decorated for the occaalon A number of employees from over the State were present --- CREDIT COMPANY SUES W J AND J M BRYAN - Suit was filed in the Wake County Superb ° rConrt yesterday by the Commercial Credit Company Inc of Baltimore Md agaiLst J M Bryan and W J Bryan for $555 and costs alleged to be due the plaintiff through the failure of the defendants t) pay this balance on a promiseory note issued to the C C Motor Company The note the eomplaint charges was for payment for a Chrysler automobile which was subsequently wrecked -e - The West Indian maiden plum plant yields a milks juice which on exposure to air becomes indelible Liack dye NEWS AND OBSERVER RALEIGH N C ITHREE HURT WHEN Eugene Sinclair of 3100 I1sboro street driver of the bottom and Catherine Jeffers who were in tho top ear were injured When Street and Oberlin Road yesterday morning GREAT RIVERSIDE CHURCH IN RUINS Partly completed $5000- - 000 Rockefeller Edifice Destroyed By Fire - New York Dee 21—(UP)—Fire that started in a workman's charcoal brazier deetroyed tonight the partlyI completed Riverside liaptist Church a 5000000 structure that was tt: have been one of the finest in the world A brisk freezing wind from the Hudson fanned the flames Enveloping the ecitifold they soon made teel building a magnificent torch thlt lighted up the fashionable erive fot miles and attracted thousanis of people not only from Manhattan to the seene but brought residents on the New Jersey side of tha river to the opposite !bore Before long the heat of the flames caused great stones to be loosened and they made a deadly rain among firemen who handicapped by toe bitter cold were fighting it By 9:45 four alarms had been sounded and at that time the lire had spread to two adjoining structures The church was made possible by the generosity of John D Rockefeller Jr and it was to be s dream come true Ile and Rev Barre Cm Fosdick pastor of the Rockafeller Park Avenue Baptist Church had conceived the idea of building on the beautiful drive one of the great churches of the world Architects wont throughout Europe studying the finest cathedrals and obtained most of their inspiration for the new building from Chartres Cathedral in France $o serious did the fire become that two more alarms were turned in The streets became a mass of ice from the streams of water which were thrown ineffectually towards the highest portion of the tower Firemen were forced to let the tower burn itself out and confine their attention to the main body of the church and to the adjoining buildings Fire Chief Kenlon made a preliminary estimate of $1000000 damage with the idea that by extensive cleaning the stone of the main building could be salvaged ---- VACATIONS WITH KY FOR POSTAL — EMPLOYES New York Dee 21--All employes of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company including messengers who have been in the service of the company for one year or more are to receive vaeatione with full pay This was announced yesterday by Col A II Griswold executive vice-president of the company Col Griswold explained that the company in the past had granted vacations with pay to many of its employes but beginning with January 1 1929 the plan will be expanded to Include all Under the new plan those who have been in the employ of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company for one year will receive one week while those who have been in the company's service for two or more years will receive two weeks' vacation Those who have not completed their year but who will complete it by July 1 1929 will be eligible for a vacation at that time – CUTTER LEAVES TO AID IN RESCUE OF BARGE Savannah Ga Dee 21--(AP)-- The United States coast guard cutter Yamaeraw left this afternoon shortly after 5:30 o'clock to give the steamship Gulf Coast aid in resetting the barge Iroquois which is broken in two but is still floating Position of the barge was given as artproximatey 130 miles southeast of Savannah lightship CARS COLLIDE AT HILLSBORO CORNER THREE HURT WHEN TWO CARS CRASH AT CORNER — Young White Man and Two Negro Women in Wreck Both Cars Turn Over Sixteenyear-old Eugene Sinclair of 3100 Hillsboro Street was painfully cut and bruised and two Negro women Jesaie Williams of 2211 Joint Street Oberlin who was driving and Catherine Jeffers of 615 Camden Street were more seriously injured when two automobiles collided at the corner of Hillsboro Street and Oberlin Road yesterday morning 'Both ears were turned over When he crawled out of the overturned ear Mr Sinclair was bleeding from cute about the head and neck received from broken glass Hie injuries were treated at State College hospital Jessie Rogers had her hand badly cut and both legs severely bruised Catherine Jeffers suffered bruises about the head end it was feared she might have been injured internally Both were taken to McCauley'! Hospital where last night it was reported that they were doing very well though it was too early to report whether or not internal injuries of a serious nature had been sustained The women were coming in from Oberlin Road and young Sinclair was driving west on Hillsboro Street Witnesses told police officers that In an effort to avoid hitting the light coupe which the women were driving Mr Sinclair swerved to the left and was himself hit broadside by the other car The coupe als turned over SEVEN COUNTIES GET SPECIAL - TERMS COURT Judge Clayton Moore To Pre side Over Two Weeks' Term Civil Court Here Governor McLean yesterday called speoial terms of court in seven counties to meet in January or the first week in February A two weeks eivil term In Graham County was changed to January 7 and Judge liarnood assigned on account of a conflict Dates of the special terms and judges assigned were: Buncombe County three weeks mixed term beginning January 17 Judge Townsend Nash one week criminal term January 14 Judge Lyon Harnett one week criminal term January 21 Judge Lyon Wake two weeks civil term January 14 Judge Clayton Moore Durham two weeks civil term January 21 Judge McRae Johnston two weeks civil term January 23 Judge Devin Anson two weeks criminal February 4 Judge Webb 'WANDERING MOOSE' IS ON WAY TO CONVENTION "The Wandering Moose" who has tramped some 37000 during the past five years and hi sb dog Spike with 6000 miles of tramping to her credit and a Moose button on her harness wandered intoBaleigh yesterday on their way to Jacksonville Florida for the Moose convettion on January 21 The wanderer—he says he's tramping for his health—also boasts membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Be hails from Binghamton N Y Ills oecupation is to boost the works of his two pet organizations 0 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SHOPLIFTERS JAILED First to be arrested of the Christmas shopping rush shopliftera Nan ey Covington and Salathiel Leggett two Negro women were jailed yesterday The women were found with goods that bad been stolen in several totSi roliee officers recovered f20 or 30 worth SATURDAY MORNING qha enr and two Negro women Jessie Rogers the cars collided at the corner of Hillsboro WHALEN ABOLISHES HOMICIDE DIVISION - New York's New Chief of Po lice Continues His Reor ganization Work' Now York Dec 21---(AP)--Police Commissioner Grover Whalen today wiped out the homicide squad the police arm which had direct charge of the investigation of the slaying of Arnold Rothstein Broadway gambler and retired its commander Deputy Inspector Arthur A Carey The failure of the squad to clean up the Rothstein case brought the administration of former Police Commissioner Warren under fire just prior to his resignation Whalen announced that Carey was Invited to retire but preferred not to do so "so 1 decided to retire him under the 60-year law" "The record of the homicide bureau shows that from January 1 to December 20 1928" Commissioner Whalen said in explaining hie action abolishing the homicide squad "228 cases of violent homicides were reported to the homicide squad for investigation and the records show arrests were made in only two cases "A record of that kind doesn't deserve any consideration And some of the arrests made in those two cavn were made by precinct detectives Therefore the homicide squad is abolished and a homicide squad will be established in each borough supervised by a competent officer" - FUNERAL SERVICES FOR JOSEPH D MAAG TODAY - Funeral rites for Joseph D Mang well-known Raleigh citizen who died Thursday night at his home 806 Vest South Street after an extended illness will occur at the Sacred Hearth Cathedral this morning at 10 o'clock with requiem mass to be conducted by the pastor Monsignor Thomas P Griffin The services will be concluded at the grave-side in 1 Oakwood Cemetery Mr Mang was a native of Baltimore but had made his home here since 1916 Ho is survived by his widow who was formerly Miss Anna Dughl of Raleigh and a brother and five sisters Among those from out-of-town for the funeral are Miss Mary Mang and Frederick C C Maag sister and brother respeetiv4- 1y of Baltimore and Mrs W J Murphy of Roanoke Va The pall bearers will be as follows: B Streb P B Edelen J L Parham P P Biggs C T Rand and Neil Hester SCREAMS SOUND FROM CLOSED - PICTURE SHOW "Help! Help!" Muffled cries sounded through West Martin Street about 11:30 last night Young men eager to come to the aid of any dam in distress stopped and looked about but no one could find from where came the desperate screams Finally one went over to the dark and locked Capital Theatre "Whose theret" he cried "It's me and I wanna get out" answered Zeke Chaney 12-year-old resident of Cabarrus Street who had been in the wash room when the lights were turned out and the theatre closed "I heed hollering and hollering I thought I was going to have to stay here all night" Makes the Body Strong Makes the Blood Rich Grover" Moto lama Chill TCLITIC DECEMBER 22 1928 7r UNGER SUDDENLY GIVES UP BATTLE Narcotic Figure in Rothstein 1 Case Must Now Talk or I Serve Twelve Years New York Dec 21—(UP)—Joseph Unger a shrivelled little man of middle age sat in a cell tonight without the solace of his opium pipe and started to study the big prob:na of his beetle life—whether to IA vie the lid off the Rothstein ease or spend his next and maybe last 12 years in prison linger pleaded guilty today suddenly deciding to "take the rap" to charges involving his attempt to take -2000000 worth of assorted drugs to Chicago Ile had pleaded not guilty and promised a fight when his trial open ed He had been a most uneatiefaetory prisoner to questioning detectives cynically silent or philosophically talkative but with such unhelpful replies to intimations that he faced a long terms as "Oh well it'll nil be the same a hundred years from now" Unger's arrest and the seizure of the drugs—besides the seizure since then of an additional $5500000 werth at other sources—resulted from federal examination of papers It ft by the murdered gambler Arnold Rothstein revealed in death as the head of the greatest drug smuggling ring in history Unger's plea of guilty came suddenly today The judge fixed January 4 two weeks from now as the date of sentence Federal attorneys said they would ask the limit-12 1 years 1 But it is understood that Unger has one way out That is to tell what he knows which is believed to be almost everything about the criminal activities of Rothstein and his associates Unger confessed while under arrest that he himself as often is the ease had been a user for 25 years of the drugs he also marketed at somewhat higher prices—usually about 1000 per cent higher Opium was his way of painting a resv tinge on his life In jail he cannot "hammer the gong" and it is understood author Hies hope that without his pipe he may view lest complacently the prospect of a long stretch in a pen itentiary Before he coulee up for sentence he will have two full weeks on plain healthy unromantic food alone to think out his position If he does decide finally to "take the rap" it will be a long one If he talks he may find himself treated with surprising mercy when be comes up fcc mevenee That brings the alternative problem of what will happen if he do s tell what he knows about the dont market Some of his associates may go to jail in his place: those who dm not Or friends of those who do may be waiting for him when he reaches freedom In the 14 days he has to reflect will come Christmas day and New Year's Day Pictures that will form themselves In his mind as he gazes Rt the walls of his cell a Christmas tree and toys a drunken orgy in a cabaret in celebration of Christ's birth or a quiet hour alone on a couch with his pipe may decide him to face the more remote alternative of gangster revenge and seek his early freedom from the law that has him hostage Makes Her Debut Philadelphia Dec 21— (AP) — Hope Ilampton stage and screen star made her debut tonight in the title role of Massenet's "Manon" with the Philadelphia Grand Opera company She was enthusiastically received rum 7'llk HELP 6110104:1 404ritrl'iltd""'") YOLIRSELF (' 41t fi' 31:011q01111:1 1 I I '41 ' 1 WIGGL :kt 401 Fmk A 7'7? 114:76 E-11 40Pdi S "Just Around the Corner" VL-a rt-- -I rt - - !- al taTt!nt V Ultrrt V "Just Around the Corner" That Days of Days "Christmas" is just around the corner PIGGLY WIGGLY is full of these things that go to make this the one day of the year to be re membered "Around the corner" you will find your 'Own Raleigh Ingg ly Wiggly" ready to fill your every need for those things that will make your day more enjoyable Swansdown Cake Flour pkg35c All Flavoii 3' pkgs Stewing Figs 3-113 bag 42c FRESH FIGS on I MINT JELLY 10C No 1 can 4ALIC C-nz jar Apple Butter 38-oz jar 25c PITTED DATES 22c I liW43 R E 1 9 7z can 18c Strawberry Preserves 12-oz jar 24c Pure Pork Sausage "Our Own" lb 25c HENS Fresh Dressed lb 42c Sugar Cured Hams whole or half lb 28c ENDS ITS PROBE OF OIL CONTRACT Interior Department at Same Time Let's Contract for Salt Creek Field Washingto'nDee Senate Public Lands Committee today eloaed its investigation into the renewal of the contract of the Sinclair Crude Oil Purchasing Company on the Salt Creek Wyoming oil field coincident with action by the Interior Department in contracting with the White Eagle Oil and R fining Company and the Texas Com pan y for sale of oil from the field The contract for this field was held by the Sinclair Company from January 1 1923 until October of this year when the Attorney-General held that the renewal of the agreement from January 1 of this year for another five-year term was invalid The government will receive 21 3-4 tents per barrel above the highest posted field price The field price was the rate at which the Sinclair contract was drawn The bid of William L Walls of Cheyene Wyoming was 42 cents per barrel above the posted price but all bids were thrown out when Walls was unable to satisfy Secretary West of his financial ability to handle the contract and today's sale followed as provided by law in this event At the Capitol Erward C Finney First Assistant Secretary of the Interior told the Senate committee ' 1 1 ' e""' ' ''1'grtlie ii l ---' 1 '44144! ! : ':i irpri i - NI Alio : i tivelli ''--- II 'I 0143 Ato 'w: I -11 itill L ' - rt--- A -ri 2 7 ?etk T lt Mill f4( 1?f':::::jk °BEL'S A ' ' l' ITra-- 9 I i 015gIbilS ::7::::(P::::::::::: : ::::::::::::: :1:dit seLp-RISINO ::::- : : t:- r::'- :::::"':? ": PLASH v :' n All s Re a'h é -::::::' - 0 471171: c::- sf :::::: 'if::!:::: !:: a :::35:- 1:::::: :-::::: ::: ::::: :::: :::::::: H:: fteg0040004waveeeemi mac1?'0iiaeima Tr ingtrittlaTZCZCZACMCCOVVVVVZVM If Hudsoilelk Co o F ' The Big Christmas 0 4 U Store 1 P 1 te Open 8 a m to 9 pm v -- 1' 1 Here Today v Shop y I A fizt-zatzatzmaaatratzmatztxtitzmad t t 25cl Vr1131'15 'HEY INA that be thought the optional renews al clause in the Sinclair lease was valid and added "in fact that I still think so" - Senator Walsh Democrat Montana questioned him regarding the opinion by Earnest O Patterson department solicitor in which Patterson gave his view that the law allowed the Secretary "discretion" to provide a renewal provision in the contract Finney said the opinion was "not an exharvtive review" of the matter FUNERAL YESTERDAY FOR MRS FRANCIS FRAZIER Funeral services were held yester day afternoon from the First Vanguard Church for Mrs Francis Frazier aged 77 who died Thursday at noon at the home of her son J lFrazier 555 East Martin Street Rev C J Hollandsworth pastor conducted the services assisted by the Rev Mr Oldham pastor of the Baptist Church of Wendell Interment was in the family burial grounds near Kilightdale The following grandsons acted as pallbearers: U H Pool G C Pool G L Pool L U Pool O D Pool and W H Pool Mrs Frazier is survived by 22 grandchildren 22 great grandebildren two sons J B Frazier of this city and H H Frazier of Knight dale and one daughter Mrs J H Pool of Knightdale Weathers Storm Norfolk Va Dee 21—(AP)—Dat tered by storms for 28 days the four-masted schooner Paul Thurlow arrived in Hampton Roads today to seek a cargo The vessel was 28 days making a voyage from Sears port Me but was not damaged and did not Jose any of her sails COCOA 29c A Aaj I 0 I

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