Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 11, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six ,. DAILY/; NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 11,19*4 KUN MAKER - - By Jack Sordj Ace Adams Put Out First Big League Fire Against Brooks This V That /VCP Ai!.-ir»i is one or the mainstays «!' ihi- -Vcw York 'liaat pitclt- , Inx stuff. '"It:: An- has developed into one of the bra relief pitchers in the Siranncly. wln-n thin hall player rani"' up to the majors he was lut[>- [>y iH-catisi- hi: fijturt-d lit- wouldn't liiiVf In pitch i:vi-ry thi-i'u days, Hr hiiil worki-d that ul'ten for tin; Xashvillt 1 Vol.-;. API; jiiiiiuil the Giants :il the .vtai-t of the I'.HI season. .Hi; h.ul .shuwn a lot of promise irj .sfX'i.'iK It";iininK a:ul was on tho Gian: lii-neh wheti the New Yorkers opened the season against the l.'it.i-d Kmoklyn Dodk'i'rs. Youn^;- Adarns squirmed 'ill over th" lif: !'li :iif In: iriwl to,tee e thinu ill ttte park at the uame tinn,'. U was ii. thi'illiriK moment for thi.-t rotikii.! pitol'.ei-. Tlie whole scone was so Impressive to Ad/iais that he pi-ut-ticul- ly foi-pit -ilxitit the hall Xiinic that wax ^(Ar\K on under his noio. Ha ntt.ln'1. rv-:t ntitici. 1 that tile J Hn.t>c- Ofs were pott riding the CliaiUs jiret- ty hard. Maiitixm- i:i!l Terry had sttirled 1'i-iru-i- Hal' Kcrumiai'hcr f>n :he mound .-in-.l it looked .is though .H-'il ;:till had some of the winter kink. 1 ; in hi-t ;ij-m. la no tiiiu :il till, J-Jil wa-i un , hi.s way tu th>- showi rs ami tonx. leun CliQ' Melton was st-nt in to pu; mil. th>' fin 1 . Hut Melton w.'mii't in slinpe, I'ithi-r. si) 'Tei'i-y ivilli-il on Paul J'I'HU. r-*aul hi:id lr.:(,ri tho minor hall' r>l' thi' (jivnt brother eunibiria- tiun nt' Pi/xy mill l.>al'fy Dean und was trying to climb back tu thu Ili'iKht;:. l-iut. .Koini'hni.^ l*-iul also had arm Irmitil" th.'i.l day. I [i- couldn't sei'tn to do much with the rampnj,''nK Ii'ortiiMaii'ly the niants also tiad on I lieu- t>:iui!i;? elulhi-s, so they wt'r-i 1 n I'h' d) Icei-p the BrooUs in .iij:ht. .-viiildenly, Tei'ry %ui tip /in d Hlialkinl up and down, the Giant briich. II.' planted his Xo. -t-s in fiortt nf ^Vce Ailaairf and said: "Okny, Adams, ^'o out to the hiillpm and warm up." Ace snapped out of Ills beautiful dream. 1U 1 shi"»k hi.i 'and n.sked in 11 jimall voice: "\VMii, mi-"" Ti^i-ry lot/ked at-It tin and snapped : "Yes. you. Get KoiaK." Wi'll. Ace "k'"t Kuinu" toward the di.itJinf iiiant Imllprn and whij)(ied ar-ross a few liarmup pitches. A fi-w ntimiti s l.'ilfi- he t;ot ilv svavr that put him In Ills first majui' Ii-airui- bull >-ame. It was the seventh inning and Pi-nil litid made no putouts. So Adam;-. Kot rredit for tussinK thce.' full inninj,'.". Tliey wei-o miirhty fine innings, too. He set the PudW' 1 ^ down with just Dm- Hei'jitch -sinsrU', Meanwhlh', the Glnats went >to J}y DUKK KA7.T.AUSKAS < (Sports Kditor) J 0+^f++^r++-f*^r^**++ff+3 IATI STAOt SMOW...»*T..mJtUH.jtlQi Agitation over the tftinis groats of all times and all lands revolves dnwii lo thi: argument ovur who has t!;<.' best biclt hand—the best l'uicl-.a:ul-- tho bi-.'t foul work. Ar.<! New York critics got around to picking the boys and girls—and muffing thorn in the right i-lcisscs, 'IVnnis is also a wartime ca-u'alty. with many of the be'-icr tvcfcet boys doing their lobbing with nior- lai-s and their lu-avy firing with 73 inilllnii.-tei-o. Bill Johnston Is credited with owning tlie bast forehand of all modern players. Hi-s was a tru- mi.-ndously-liar.-ili western topspin drive which nearly lifted Johnston • uid his 120 pounds right ^off tho court when he fired it. The bi.-st flat forehand tac-longod lo Bii! Tilden and lie al-'o had the host two-sided attack. Fred Perry used the top ruur-ing forehand with Henri Cochet, the I'rur.chmun, second by -M shoi-t nose, There 'are Jut-i thrae namosi around when you come to tii'.k of Nackluuuls. Bill Tilden. red-haired Don f-:udgt.>, ar;cl an old player i"lu>-i' vintage C'in be .'heckad by the fact that he was christened ,n'i>ui>ii Kuo.ii-vi'lt Poll. Budge's bfiekhund struck fear into the opposition- and Tildfii could crucify ii net pkiyur with his Ixickhund down tho line or ,-traight across. Virmip Kicliards iaiik.-i us tho most skilk-d volk-yi.>r. Tilden pre- '••rn'd to stay Ixick nujst of tho time—but he volleyed superbly. So .!(>•• i-iiint, l-'ri'd Perry and Bobby Rlggs, Don 1 judge and Ellsworth Vines «••!> two ;i[ riu- gi •.•utost sma.shei-s. Frank Kovans Is also nvi'i-hi'iid. This is uno ."--hot Tilden I'ouid net nxi-stor. .Rene LsiCi'Mti-. Bobby Riggs, Blt- sy Grant, Goorgo Lot;, and the Klimey brothers were princes of tup lob shot. Wallace Johnson used the greatest chop, And there is no Aligning Big Bill Tild-jn as the be.sit server of all—his car.nonbzi.ll aced [•'lank Kovacs !;" times in two sets, TikU-n playing at t,hc age of 5.1. So tennis 'holds 'over with this lUt, waiting to add to it or sub- .•itiuiiL' i.-:. the tromentious postwar boom tennis fans expect. Chemical Bows fo Rubco In Tilt For 1st Round Honors Browns Win Tenth Straight With 3-0 Victory Over Yanks Thu sixth-place Chicag-o' White SON .liavc Konc their %vay all season— lo.sirjx' frames and arousing little comment. Well, they lost •afrain yesterday—a 2-to-l to the Boston Ked Sox— but tlioy | aroused comment. They did it with a triple play. With tlie bases packed, Jim. Tabor lined to Al Hocltfin on third base. .Hodjrin stepped on third to double Pete Fox and then threw to Ed Carnett on: first to;h Bobby D o e r r. Rookie Kmmett O'Meill allowed the White Sox only three hits In winning his fifth K&inc. Myril Hon.K 1 sinjrled in L-ha ninth i^nin^r to break a tio a-nd wlvc the Cleveland Indians a. 5 to •! win wur the PhiladelphJa Athlc-tics. Juc .Mei'in^- was: the winnng- pitcli- for the .fndians— w.d Joe Berry the lusor I'or Philadelphia. The St. Louis Browns won their tenth straight f^nnic—and tlv-'ii 1 sec- nd in a row from New York. Denny Gulehotiso shut out the Yankees, 3 to 0. .Ernie BonlKtm lost ills sixth i^ame of the- year for New York.' Diw.y Trout won his 38th jjnme Jeatinf,' Washington, S -to 2, in ten innings. Tho Deti-uit win pushed the Timers alioad of the Va-,-;:kees — puttinLr them in third [.-lace in thi.' Ameriian league. I'rout allowed just five hits and outdueled John NipKClinj,', who lost us 1 if th .of tile year. It' took the Brooklyn Docisrers 0 inninys to do it, hut tliuy de- cnted the Chicago Cubs, 0 to -1, 'or their second straiKht win. Hube Meltoni, one of three Dodjfcr pilch- ;i's, was credited- with the victory. iili Nicholson and Andy Parka lit home runs for Chiuzijro. The -N'ew York Giants knocked lip Suwoll from the mound but' 'iltsbui-fth won the K<a.m:.-, 10 to -i. aclc Ere w e r, Swede Hansun. CwaUI f'yle. and, I'iaal.'y, Ace Adms pitched for New York. Fi-ank Colnian. with t.wo home runs, led he !•! hit Pirate attack. Bucks- Walter -tried for his 17th | victory but Red Barrett of Boston i allowed only two hits in beat'inj,'• Walters and the Hods, 2 to 0. J3ar- rett won his seventh ^ r an;e and W.-ilters lost his sixth, Mort Cooper of St. T^otiis shut out the Philadelphia Phillies u'itii just four hits in winning his ISth K'ame of the year. The score w;is li to 0. WJiitey Kurowski homered for the Card5. Naugatuck Hose Go. Meets Seymour Vols Tonight Famous Trophy To £e Awarded To Winning Team After Contest •f The Naugatuck Hose Co, and the Seymour Citizens' Hose Co. will Kuitfle this evening at Hopkins' lot on Scott struct near Andrew av- omic for the f 11.1110us "Kerry Dol- nn Trophy," a. beautiful Hte'rlinp silver cup. which is sponsored by tin! well-known local 'sportsman, Thomas Dolan. The cup will tic retired only Kifter it 'Ikis boon won fifteen con- iucutivc years by cither club. It is exported thrit W ti r d o n Leo Urophy will award the cup to the capUiini of the winning tomn after tho jranic, to be icupt until next year. Coiu'h Garry Crant and ' AM'JKllICAN IJCAGUIS Vesterilny'H St. Louis 3. New York 0. Cleveland !), Philadelphia -I. Boston 2, Chicago 1, Detroit a, Washington 2. Tlio Standing W. L. Pet. Si. G-l -12 . Boston ........ ....'..,, 57 -IS Detroit New York I'levelund hiladelphia Wa-sliinjrtoii 50 H3 SO 53 5G r,0 CO •17 61 •I-I Cl .CO-I .5-13 .0.19 .010 .491 .-I7G .48!) .•119 CIlKAi'JCK Al'l'J.ICS \Vasliingtoii, Aug. 11 — (UP)—The applo a clay will be a littii.- cheaper thnr. it was last yam; Tho OPA says now 1 !)•!•! coilinif prices on the applo 'Top will cut the avc'raga consumer pi-ice about onu-i'iutirter of n. cent a pound. The' prices will KO into effect next Wednesday and wiil rzingi: I'roni a low of •I 3-10 cents a pound To:' uiigradi-d bulk-appl-j.s to r, y-.10 cents for packed and graded varieties. Today's Games, Vllchcr* Detroit aL Washington < r.-i£hl> — Ovi-i-mii-e- 1(1-11) vs. Leonard i9-S). Cleveland at Philaduplilti (night) —Harder .(S-G) vs. Chi'istophtn' (710). S:.. Louis at New York—Jakucki ' 10-ii) v.i. Donald (llrS).- Chicago at Boston—Humphries tn-G) vs. Torry (5-S). >*ATIO>",11> I-KAGUE Pittsbui-ftll 30, New York -I. Bn.okl.yn (',. Chicafro -I. St. Loins 2, Philadelphia 0. Boston U', Cincim.ali 0. The SUmdlng Cattails, which grow hy <hfl i h o u s*! n d s in m;ir.-'.h!amls and which once- were looked upon as decorative hut useless plains, now arc doing their part in the war. Tho I'lo's has been found /.o be more buoyant than kapok and DO por cent :LS warm as wool. It is as filling used for cushions in t»m- pliibiou.-; joeps and cun servo us lit'o preservers jn case of ai'Ci- dents. St. Lnuis Cincininn.ti Piustmrnh Now York . (Jhi'"igo ..'. Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia L. 7-1 27 5.T 40 .l-i 45 50 04 4.C 01 43 5S •12 C2 3S CO Pet .733 .500 .040 .4 SI .•174 ,420 .104 Today'* Ganii'K, 1'itcliers Brooklyn at Chicago— Chajvman Chapman l!-0) vs. Fleming (8-7). New York at Pittsburgh (night) - •Feklman (9-7) vs. Strincevieh tS- 0), IBoston at Cincinn.iti —Andrews ni-D) vs. Hcusser (9-0). Philadelphia at St. Louis (night) —.Schanz (0-10) vs. \Vi!ks OO-l). Sil'.co 1D30. farm b.-inkrupti'ios in the U. S. have declined by more | l-linn SO per cer.t. work on the Brooklyn pitching :;t.;.ilt and blaHUrci out. a victory-a I'il'.st for Ace on his firs't day in the major lixigue^, Oroijnn's dairy industry amounts to about S'llJ million a year. ALCAZAR TODAY - SATURDAY "3 FACES WEST" and " Men On Her Mind" NOW PLAYING! "DRAGON SEED" Katharine Hepburn Walter Huston Aline MacMahon A kirn Tamiroff Turhan Bey EXTRA • A il'eti- Smith Short; MOVIE PESTS • MF.1V1O FOTt JOE • NKWS LOiUI'S POU 7i i GREAT OAK FARM lil) UOAl) Ti-l. 504!) * MILK — EGGS Delivery To All 1'nrts Of MIONin MIOtV MUDJtVO>&<.91 ROLLER SKATING TONIGHT Lake Quassapaug Park Nordhlll Nnupes put their heads together this morning- anil decided to start reUhcudcU Ed Calvin, the speedy underhniiiidod Iwirlnr, against' the Soymouritcs. It has been said that the ioc.-ils would hnvo a much better chance of winning it tlie reclhuiul were kepi ba- •liind the plate as umpire. ' Who will receive Calvin has not been' revealed a.s the brains of the outfit are iryimff to keep their lino- up a .secret from the strong Seymour club. The night shift at the flrchouse started a fire in tlio furnace early this morning in order to allow tho potential hurlcr to warm u-p beu/i-u the trame. Jim Quinn will coach on tho third base line, while Ecldio ISO- wards'will take care of the bat*. "Honest Max" L,i>oniliardL will call the balls and strikes. Tho fjamo 1st' -scheduled to tfo-t ^underway sharply at: 0 p. m. Red Branch To Face Colored Giants At Stadium Saturday "Sonny Boy"' Russell, former Black Yankee flingur will be on the mound for the Brooklyn Royal Giants when they move into Municipal Stadium tomorrow night to cross bats with Fred Davi's Waterbury Brasscos under the arcs at 8 p. in. Russell, who spent three years in the National Negro league with the Blnck Yankees, is sure to give the Davimen plenty of trouble with his baffling speed ball. In his three years with the Black Yankees Russell won 34 and lost 33, and struck out 2S3 batters during that time. I To date, Russell hns not been beat- Footwear Plant Capitalizes 051 7 Blows; Score 5-1 Losers Get Six Scattered Hits! Top Of Batting Order Does All Damage U. S. RuMx'r trimmed thf? Nau- k'.atuck Chomicul Co Tual night -it Recreation Pi'eld, 5-1, and with the irimmin/; annexed first round honors of the Na.u£.utuck Dusty Softball league. Bill Railo labored on the mound for tlic Footwear plant a.nd scattered six hits. Wally Stack received him. Tho Rubco squacj #ol their first run in the initial frame as Brownie _, , . Kara.b;:n walked, was sacrificed to c,n and only piteho.s for the Roy«l 8 ] socond bv Bol) Rhod(MI . and MOrod week-ends t.'uo to w:jr \vo?'lc, JD.'tvi, manager of the Brasscos, will most likely start Red Branch,; ex-Yankee, against thji h:ird ' on Tjufty Farrar's single. The y.umo w.-is stitched into tho TO con: Eo:ston, Aug. 11—-|1JP)—The chii:f of the Boston ordnance district reveals that the Axis is attemptinij to oopy Allied equipment. Lieutenant Colonel Whitney Sionc said that the German version of the Baxooka was a good example of enemy imitation. H<: added that study of captured enemy mnteria! shows few improvements that could be borrowed by American ordnance. . who will ' brouxo into a five-game winning Royals town with streak. It Is expected that nnothnr largo crowd will be on hand tomorrow night at. the Stadium to wr-lcomo back Cy Block, former Chicago Cub.s star, now playing wiUi the Brasseos. Block will return to second base and should .strengthen tin; BI'.'LSS City nine. Bill .Johnson, another ex-Yfinltci'. will hold down tin: third b:ise position. uic.'ial income for JM2 aver- I $3,227 per family. sack in tho third inning, as Sy | HeiburlinK's lads crossed the plate three times. Rhodes started things with a single, and pot to second as Pu^ Rawley was safe at first on an error. An intentional pass was issued to I-Vu'rar, inline the baj^s. f.ojda singled, a deed which sent Rhodes and Rawloy scampcrins; ,-icross the pl.i*t'»r. Karrar v.'ho had rounded third on the play at home plate, saw a loose ball and cyme in for the third run. In the seventh box, doubled and scored on Rhodes' single for Ihf! fifth and final run. Chemical scored its only tally in the sixth or. successive doubles by Gauges and Schnell. Schnoll however was put out at third on a beautiful pcs from Gcjda. In left field Fabcr and tJraskas hurled for Chemical, allowing onlynovcn hits which were bunched. ' The score by innings: Rubco ...... 1 0 3 0 0 0 •!— 5 7 z Chemical .... 000001 0—1 C 1 Rado and Stack; Faber, Uraskan and Booths. BASEBALL Tomorrow Night WATKRBURV MU.VICIPAI. STADIUM 8:00 P. M. Royal Giants v». Waterbury Brasscos I'rnmpt, Expert WATCH & .lEWKf-KY KEPAIRTNG William Schpero J«>.w«l«jr 180 CHURCH ST. — 1 Flijfht Cp — THE HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA POUNDING HOOF THROBBING KISS i UNDER ING THRILL! EVERY IN EVERY Lovely Women! Fati Horses! Proud Men! ^Fighting to Win ...No Matter ifte Odds!.Loving for Keeps...No Matter the Cost! ! CENTURY-FOX PICTURE featuring ION B RENN AN-McC A LUSTER-GRAIN CHAKLOTTt GREENWOOD-HAVER Directed by HENRY HATHAWAY Produced by ANDRE DAVEN Screen Ploy by Winston Mi'Ier _ Bosed on the Saturday Evening Post Story "The Phantom Filly" by Georg* Agnew ChamterlaS P i L U s ' rf ^^^^Z%£&£ZX&&&3Zttgf*y&f*&fjm SPINE TINGLING ROMANCE AND ADVENTURE CHARLIE CHAN in "The CHINESE CAT" 1 *u;i i. rt T^-V-WT »~^-«r r«tj-v ••• T-H-W*. ^ ^. . __.. . ^^^ ^* ^B . With SIDNEY TOLER _ JOAN WOODBURY •&f&**&%&%&&2^^ 10EUI P 011 STRnno yt^iiail LAST DAY RED SKELTON BATHING BEAUTY" — Plus — "PORT OF 40 THIEVES"

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