Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 7
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Let The Whole World Know The Good ^. Dr.Miles' Heart Cure Does H EART DISEASE, has Us victim afc a dLuid vantage. Always tiiuphl th>t heart cllscaso islucurublo, when tho symptom* become \rulldotlnod, tho patient becomes alarmed and n nervous panic takes place. But whon a aure remedy Is found and a cure effected, after years of suffering, there Is great rejoicing and di:silro to "lot . tho whole world know." Mrs. Laura Wlne- Inper, o! Selkirk, Kansas, wr-ltod; "I desire to lot tho wholo world know what Dr, Miles' T\f Mil PC* Heart Cure has done for JJI. IUUC5 mo . For ten years I had Heart Cure p ;aa ln m y heart - shortness of breath, palpitation, pain in my leftside. oppre3^ed fooling in my chest, \vcak and hungry *p<ill5 t bac! dreams, could not lio on cither side, was oumb and suffered terribly, I took Dr, Miles' Heart Cure and before I finished tho second bottle 1 felt ItsjrooA effects, I feo now that i am fully recovered, uud that Dr Miles' Heart Curosnved my life." Dr. Miles' Heart Curo is sold on Ruaran that flrut bottle buuotlu, or money refunded. T P. AZOTES. Traveling men are In .vltcd to send Items o Interest.to this column Personal notes will b ;lndly received. Matte should reach The Jour nal office by Friday night to Insur publication the following Sunday. * « * 1'OKt F. lias ouo huuilml ami Uvc- icniilicrs up to date. ,* * * The buse Iwill game with I'ost .\. a' Fr. Wayne, wlutah. Ims been «.> offju oiuwd, will bf played uoxt Smitlay MI re. Restores Health....,., THE Munson TvDewriter Is a Good Machine. Tlio -arjraiifealtl'Cm of the Travi'l rotoetJve Assodiitiou of AiiiuMlkvi d ni>on iMiluicipltVi of Illw loflliest ia.]i!'ty and Imbue your tl:'ade wit-li hhe fueling of uulldtwe MuiiC tli'.ire are btlliciT days wring, a.iKl finis oiieoiir:ige those \vhiu; re 'iiiiBJliie'd to be discoumgi'd. CoiHmt'i-e.lal travelers are, iisu-aUy not 1 1,-illy dbnfcouiuire.d . aiiul axe •I'iK'ilitt'U 1 t'tih Hie poAwssilfi>n of conisUlwublu of what tiho boys call "sum!." :ti:d wl;at men c-tvH "liea.rt" or plurk. IfyiMi lia-ve bccrn discoursed u-aJlin:: for l>iL-:l)iHeW to come your way !.luiM:a- becu fratojf to yoni* omnpNiiMir, jiisi tiliink tho ma'tnw over anil'yon.in,-iy ilnd t.lS'.t you. or probably you" r.ouse. .nri; to bhiim.'-l'OT :i large pan o-C it. * * * L'siia.'.Iy t;he MM voll ng imui iihvayjj speak-: from expwlancc ami without prejiuMee. I;' lie says a hotel te nut \vlia.t It ong!lii to be o-r the muraliaairt of uny piuticulsir i^ate lack emtiirprlso and judirmmtt. im t:Ue piu'dinso or goods. : t Is saite lo but. Mi.-u In u-hve wses out of tern lie In rislit. THE GREAT JOHN ROBINSO AND FRANKLIN BEOS. SHOWS COMBINED. ' Never Iui the lilslfiry of Tinted a mm, nutiuts has the world known ro vast a enterprise as tlic one made by tlie coa Wnlau of those t\vo gireat institution It Inw brought the c-ii'cus a eld Into •na\v era, a-ud placed 'circus exhlbltlOL upon ;•. basis that has never before eve been attempted. Two separate and d tljiet representative- circus compauiu lulled from tlie best that the world a. fords have beon Joined tocctlicr. Tw naissl-ve munasorios have been blende into oive ami the two magnificent pai idcis luive been so a.™iinped that lonble parade -Is c'ven dally m the eit where chowcoiniltiiu'd slio-.vs are H Xll'llrft. It requires the largest twits that h'av .-or been constructed to accomodate- :ils big a'imweiii'ent Inslltutlbn. and so nonnoais Jure bewi the crowds atem.l )ig. that ir lias b«eii'nc!<:ejss!iry to ang- loiit tlie sfiitlns ea.pacl;y. for it is not ie policy of these ^homs to so -limit :clir soathig capacity tin to -ninke those •lio'desire to see and enjoy !he wou- prfiil pcnforana'iices procure reserved srats. and whHe there liave been reserved opera chairs placed aroiiiul the arena for. the accommodation of those' dr.-'h-lns tlniMii-. fully niglit-ler.-tlis of Hie scuts arc free to the patrons. Their day r..f exJiibltilon In Logansport Is Aug.. IS and It will snu-ely be .1 gala day. THE CHURCHES. A hlgb BtanUtird ot exmlience. Manj njers, of me "JltiEsoD" consldet It . THE,BEST. lou win Ural It a vulunble assistant In lour of-. flee. Address lor partlenlars ' THEMUNSON.TYPEWR1TER CO eit L»ke St., CUcago, 111. ereatest Discovery or tne I9tt Century. ' Dr. lenfut't KZW RIHIDT Medicated Air ' for the Care ol . Catarrh, Aithm* and all ' . Pnlmonar/ Dlaeaiea, It bu DO equal tor Sick and Nerrooa Hi«d- acn«, 1,000,000 people die annuallj from the above named dlseawi. : Wbf inner and die, when Medicated Alt u goaranteed to core jou. ••dleatcd Air nod Drug Co., ' . Richmond, Ind., u. a. JL It !• the best remedy on earth (or Lm 'fafltpe. It will (Ire.Immediate relief •Ml .will effect a cure where all otber •Mtdlei fall. •old by B. F. Kee»llng. All of The bonellrs derived a.ud un- joyetl l>y, coniuwMtlsil .Uiivclers inlve ii aeconijiliisli'ed Uirouiirli; organilxn t.l'oii. Every niiiiii who "roles" a sample case, tsaoiilil give clijw aujut/ter se.rinns Hiouglatjmul if ho ivas not -attached liiiu- f ii,o one of tho ai<socirMiciiis Jie should lo so at onu-o. Bj' so doJng lie mnUos nils own calttnc moire safe aiid sure ami .hereby s'trongitilKms tilwj Anyone wlio oliservos a eoinpaJiy of travcltojr niciu as tlicy moot hi a hotel lobby anul travel toKeflner tmm place to place, will aproe tliat;«iO!c knlsrlits of 'die snip tlo busmcss au a lti'f.li plane. \Vaitoh tli'oui 'If'tlioy mecit..perluips couv trjihij; to soil die same local fltiul renllzlns -.that if one sells tlic cittior aeost soil Uinit mutili less. Lot overyane srpoak doubtfully of tlio cliaiMOtor of one of these follow sh'i!;,'- tor b.usimess, ami ho wflJ find tin, 1 fralleratiity re&Hy lo take up tlio Mend's cause and defcad Mm to t!;c last. It fa not to te supposed Hint those travdam have ivp.mfeinKkJist.iiu1- They-do. But they sodtile liiat cliinnitJclvos and to t.ho outsiOc a soilW front. WHERE TS ME? Tin yon ivMnciii'luM' f.lM> nitlni !! :l\VfllJ IlllMVll'llKt 1 Olf r.llO IlliCBt CT'.CUl '^.iHirS. wli.o Ml,n<:(,l a,roi!;ui(i r.nst Kttm T Mbi Wins Ifjs ln-ad in a pomrnntmi inaiiiM-'f inid (loc-lan-hLs rh.i: :,::-p ilroiiffli w;i-i ii|u: d'ijwt nisiiK of tlic iliscoverj of iiatiirrU 1 ^'as? You rciiiiiMiibM- in. Stilled Hunt jit wiis "u f:\tu naitnn 1 :" tlisi tlw r.onl nrvar linitaiidod likiit folks slio'iild have tJiinss xo iKianly and tamper wiUi iiiro SOCTON co-uitnfincil in t.hv lx)\vc.ls of -nlio nartli. Tli'cu'o- ^-ea~o mini lioiv! (»f I'hwij .nwn who iulv:iBWHl just su-f-li t.h«oiuL-s a:inl J u>y didn't all of t.lwni haive wood ito sail, oiltber. Tire nunici'Ous fixwliats of tili-is jiKij 1 . Jaivo re- aiioved l,lsi.s brood Oif sd'fflitM'.s toot lu all t.bo lo.ii'ffiili ami breaclrti of rtic la.ini. •I'liorc oiMio,t bo founid ciiue-nraiu \\flio w'll ataito tknt iisunnviJ x»s dfecov.ory was the c'.i.ii>?e of tli-o dry Mtojnftiw of In^t .voar. Like all ottlu.ii 1 biitls of 111 miie.n, IH> has sen-ell lite purpose Hand gone to jaiiu fhfl -liOTdc oil citlici'S. wOto.-liave boon pi'Ctccl wi'th the splmit of pr.ap>liocy for a aliort time and arc than ecli-pscd by. some later niiicl more Fti'A Cliurc.li vt Cln'ij'.t (Selcuitiste) At UiilveiwiJist flmix-li. today" at 10:." Subject "D-.n-ild's Vlt:toirJ*.'S." A' \ve come to all. Tliero wtll be the niiii;U survkrcs to day at tlio Euslteh Lu'tlmvmi 1'lie foup-i-Cffaliiom joins 1m liho 8orvlCK5 at Him rink. Sc.rvk>es at iilte A. M. E. cluirch Md;ij is follows: 11:30 a. ui.. seniioii by fli pastor; .'1:00 p. ID., Sunday frfiool, Trof '.j. E. Klnp;, supt.; 7:43 p. m-.. t>tiiiinoii ;lie jiasto.r. All ure welcome*. L. Ve\i< toixl, pn.srtor. s jd live MnUi fireet today a-t 11 a. jn. Sc.-niio.ii. bj l.-o pastor, Hev. T. S. Fraiwaii. Riibjcwl :s about tli.e Bible." SIUK'.-I.V rat 9:30 a. in.. G. N". Itenry, Snpt. ". T. S. C. E. a,t 0:00. AI-I are Imvttcd. Krondwjiy P-r-vbytcritui thiiii'di, cor- M' 0!' NJaiiM.1. iMUl Brr>:ulway—IlcV. M. LwKxxd Pwcival. pastor. No perv.'ci's Odiay. Snmliay soHool .iin'd Billjlc cl.-iswM f !):.'!0 a, in,. D. E. EMur, Supt. ,Y. P. C. E. at (1:30 p. m. Topee "TYj-si;]," ii'lssl'Oiinry nwjetiiui;.) JliiKs Elliel ryc-r. 'fcider. Tiio I'Migro, :\'i't<.'d io jol,n at rlie invliniii .« e rink at 7:-}'i p. in. At n!ie Baptist elnircli—SniKTay sei, at !l:-l."i a. in. ri-wi(.']i.ii!.i sm-vJce a.t a. ni. Suibjet't. "Savias lino E'l'i'h; .Imilor liwcititiisr air 3 |i. m. Pe,uriJi' .Liitr :i't (i:."0 p. m. .-\.t. tiiA-: iiK-flii'i •n.'pOTi's fruiiii -t:h;o MM \vaukce will be cmiieludcd. 'I'li.fc-s c-on.Trc,^::!:oi will inline iui tilie inii-r.ui nioatSnjr ai. thi riailc iui. i.lte evoiiiin,^. I", M..'Hueklt'bc"-r:, preachiii;.' «ai -Mac: on-asion'. Suli.iect "Chr.lsl.biti r/ibert'.v." WAIT FOR NOTHING^ • -World's - Largest - Possible - S| THEORE AT v. John Robinson - AND Franklin Bro': Enormous Shows Combined Vbsoliitery tlie mightlcwt amusement-consolidation ever st>i>n ill this or any| under the largest reiit* cv or constructed—water proof. SENATOR PROCTOR ON SEW ALL. Mariom Cluranilete: Mnjor S'teele is In •I'fiCtSipt of a Miter from SenatM' Procter. c,f Mntoe, Jm w.w«ii- lie says toe Js not a:t nil ailurmod a,t tlie Influonice.- S-e-wall' win beadle to exert hi bhalt State aarl New Eiiclaml. WhUe SewaHi icny clmw 'a few votes, rliey wilffl -uot y,i> onoilffli to do- anij 1 liaipm.', He thtotS' Ltio nonitaaitlon of some westeni mn* would luive- iiurt the RopuWLetmis. to Maine more; Ev^Ulenitiy tlie people of Jlaint* knoiv Jlr. Scwa-ll nail 'iwe not to lit fooJetl." .' ... FltEE COINAGE AND EAILROADS. Phllaili.'lpljla Press: The ri'nn«.vlv:niia Kallmail o-wes in ivund uunibprs $120.000.000 oil.pilil hbnils. Tlie in cliiWfre on tlii.s is alimu ?(;.000,00. It Is •IH>W pakl In frolil upon'die existing jrold stniiilard ot.' value. If free-Silver (.'olnayii U n(lb|)fi.'il. a.L'Oiit $12.000.000 wll-1 have ;o lie provided to meet tills hue'rcst cliarjrc. for the silver dollars paid Into tho roaii will e.-u-li on-ly buy -linK of n i;o'I(l' dollar. Tliis extra'$0.000.000 will have to he uiado up either 'by raisins rates for passengers and freJjrlit wltk-l) will fall heav- est'on tlio farni-s and factories of tlio State, or by rediitinpr wases all alons he line. One or fiie other will liava V> >e done, or a default entered on rlie.se fii, for soineliO'W and £oinewhci.'e iC.000,000 will have to lie found, and $(1.000.00 Is a pood deal-of money. : Until next November tire men employed .on the Pennsylvania lines, and the farms and factories whose value depends ou low rates from New York anil Philadelphia west to Chicago. Sr. Louis mid Cincinnati nml south to Wash Ington, ciiu be deciding wJieilier Iliey want ito have this '$0,000,000 taken out pC rJK?i;r wages and tli-elr profits by lower lug wages and raising rates, or .wlietli OK they prefer to keep both their dollar and t;he bondholders' dollars on t(i same existing gold standard. Living Pictures 2 COMPLETE CIRCUSES. •2. Separate Menageries. 2 Roman Hippodromes. Enchanting Stafnary! < 300 PERFORHERS 3< ACRES OF .TENTS 3 CIRCUS RINGS. - The Wonderful Horseless Carriage! The most glorious, elubiratf, expensive and comrrebcnsiv* GRAND FREE STREET PARADE STATE NATIONAL BANK /LOGANSPOHT. 1KB. . . OflPITflL - ®2OO,OOQ J. F. Johnion, Preildsnt. ' B. W. UUery, Vice Pr««Went H. X HoltbUnk. CMU«r. • DHIECTOK8. . - - j ' I. T. Johnson. & W. UU«ry. J. T. Elliott. W.M. EUIott- -W.H.Bnl«3er. Buy and tf'l Government boudi, Ooer an per»on«J wourltjr »nd oollnter- !•. Iiiua ipeolal certUloate* of d«poilti ' b«*rtn« 1 per cent tnter««t when left one 'r; 1 per cent par annum when depot- Depo«lt Vault* of thl* for th» depwlt of decdi, Iniurano* iw, mortcacM and- •tbir ralluablei, mnt«d »t from IS to III f«r year. . A PRODIGY IN HIS LINE. ' Wabash TaHbune: Arthur Giiffiifli, the Ifehtoiinc'cailoula'tov from lliltord, .tvho Js n.t present Hie invest of Ms numt, Mrs. "mil Bntnm, favored tihe Trlibunlo wltl: « plrasaut cnJl yei5tordny nod- dnsplla 'tin.- effoils 'of a uunibbr ctf ]ienso.ns to do\vn Wm on nuiitnirnetloai liio pa.sswT tAiraugh, tho'oistoil plrjusHy aiwl deni.oiisdraitod itlilc fnet Uiai lie is Indeed a yonta in'Wg tiinol Tlio lad's ablillity to mniTeloiis lie nppa.rciitly ff fta easy mnidtcr foir liiimilio^andio Mie most cofflpUcntcd.sumsi' He excels, h'owevof, .tn raultiipllicn,tl«ia and- 'will give -the aifts\veir, erem, tli/oaigh it'amcnm^s to soTOi'aJ 'inMltons tn nni) tacracllhily short space of Unw. By a system pe<niilliir, to JiilmsoIC It iaiimuoh. ciialor fen- liiira to inul- tlply numbers -wlioreiu nig-lcs OT nlOM pi-wlomltnin'tio .tlMim tihww ootniiosod of cmos, twos or tlu'ees.' Tlie boyte nercr so luippy ns wiliKn onffa,ire<r din tiluija ivorlr. 'but despdte h3s 'aisscaitkxn's to tte 'con- tary It appears to be n. strnto mi Uis. iwrvous system'. He nilil dxxurjitless-'bo one of tlie .tonitui'os of tlie'cttnrtoiir institute soon to be lie-Id In th;ls oWy. TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM ' Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, or ivhen the blood Is Impure b sluggish,. to permanently overcome ha bltoal constipation, to awaKe .the kid neys and Hv.er to a healthy activity without Irritating or weakening them to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers use Syrup of Figs.. . CONVENTION O.f Young People's. Christian Union, Omaha,-Nub., August 10 to 24, 1896. For this occns-lon, 1 the "Wabaau Railroad will sell tickets from all 'stations to Omaha, Neb., and return,', at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale August 17 and 18 limited for return" to and taSudling August 24*and 25i For full partlcuiiirs inquire of any Wabash Ticket Agent. ' ' ' '•'. ' ' KROEQER& STRAIN, Indertakers &Embalmefs. 610 BROADWAY. ICHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER x N* ta Mmrk.t BtrMt «tttn(I*<I. to promptly, CUT .0 I Union and Mutual telephone*. No. 16; Retldence, No. UL, .at K pituit on. fmanofMtuwr, rroa |2ow to |3000 6r- 1 7«foodMUlnr«rtlole I P«t«nl 4 Twbnlctl Burwn 1 ~- ' ' • There la more Catarrh In this section of tlie country than all other diseases put'together, and until the last few years Ib \vas supposed to' be Incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced It a local dls ease, and prescribed local rerne dlee, and by constantly falling' to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science bns proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and there fore requires constit'^Jonal treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure,'manufactured' by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on ,the market. It 16 taken Internally: in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They Coffer one utmdred dollara for any case It fails-to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0: f Sold by Druggists; 75c. It is a big tlidng to sny, but nevertli'e- less true, that a great mnltltude of people, hare crowned Simmons Liver Regulator, the "King of Uver Remedies." There Is nothing like It for Malaria, Rheumatism, ChJlls and Fever, Constl- pnUon, Biliousness, Sick Headache, Indigestion and all troubles arising from a sluggish or diseased liver. Simmons Liver Regulator Is the prevention and cure for these nllments. ' • ^ . CLEAN UP. : rmth-ose times when It .raius twice, a day-and three 1.1-mes'a-nljtht. when the weeds grow three 'feet an'hour and old Sol sours tJwMiiiHk in twenty minutes after you milllc Jt, and turns the boiled potatoes niMl baked beans and'fried chicken teps Into files and files' epgs and worms and wornw" eggs hi .ton seconds aDter you heave them out In the alley or the alley slop barrel, It .behooves ,u-s all to clean- up. Mow the weeds, bury the slop In a little trench m tlie garden, sprinkle 1 a little carbolic acid about the barn and buildings and then look to the Lord for Ills blessing. The rnlerolies will fret us once In a while .onyhoiw. but 1-f we-do our part faithfully, It-will uot.be so'very often. .. ' . ( . Those who enjoy a day's, outing •hould cot fall to take advantage of the esceodlngly lew rate to St Joseph via he Vandalla" Line.. . Train •twtlonlevery LIST OF. DONATIONS. . The (loimiticnis to -tlie Home for thi [•Ylenditws for .t!he uioa'th o.f ,7uly ire is follows: .,,.-. •Mr. Slebor, foitr (lua.rtsof mMfc. Mrs. Buchainnm two qnrartis of milk. Mrs. Overliolsor, two -quarts of stra\v- wries. .Todwii WiTvcih, one ]>le. Mr.. Wiler 10 dozou. nais sweat corn .Tob.gniiitih, ome-linif bughel potatlo,- A firiend, six hoadi? aibbsige. , Maxlukuckee Ice Co., tee. Xbo .Toumal, Reporter, amd Pharoo OK itgulaidy eon'trJIbufced. Thase aft tft an-e greatly needed nud^ap preoiii'ted by tlie Home ami Ms uian agers. • Ever seen. Coutalninff more. Grand Ne w Fwituros, more Sublime Sights, i Hpnses, ciore Cawi^lsi, inore Elephants , more men and -women, more cage»;'S chartots, Tableau cars, more bands of in nsic, more au'bomMfc music,' more beau^S tiifiil cosimimies, tliaii any other Show p ossefaes, basides a World of otter Sub- 1 Kme a«d startlliiK New a.nd Original In -iiortitious'so muchr Grander, Groaier, 11 Costlcr a-uid'imore'Mcritous than any o'. .(her possesses, ttalctypositton pcaWve-fJ ly pal os at'the tlKnipbt'of darliiR to dr earn of afttompdns even) the •wcakeatf tonltnfton of this All-overshadowing I ntrailucttan oif a Xsw^nd Mighty.i day Processlonfll iimazcttnent. • -• • The•;arandest, Richest, Rarest Street Parade! Eyeif] Beheld--pefying all Com petition—Every { " 1 Alorningvat Ten O'clock. •Doors open 1 hour, earlier, the dazzling Sun; to . ete Performances Daily at 2 and 8 P. M. : 1 Ticket -admits to nil. Coining as radiant u LOGAHSPORT TUESDAY A060ST18TH/ .fS.OO CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND' '..'•'."' RETURN. ' On-account of the G. A, R. Encamp- 'ment The North-Western.Line (Chicago & North-Western Railway) wJU'onAug- ust 31 and September 1,1896,'geli; excur-. slon tickets from-Chicago to St. .Paul and return at rate of |8.6p for the roiind ; trip, good for return passage until Sep-^ tember..l5, with privilege .ot further..ej:; tension to September' Sb; 1890, ;F ( or tlckejs and full Information apply to agents-of. c'onnectlng lines,: or acldri?ss A H Waggoner, T P A, T Tackson Place r Indianapolis, Ind ' HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the National convention of- Republican,League Clubs, August 23, 24 and 20, The, Nortb-Western '(Chicago & North-Western Railway) will sell .excursion-tickets .from. Chicago : to Milwaukee and return at rate of :one fare for the round trip. For tickets and full Information apply to ticket agenta of connecting lines, or address. W: B. Knlskern, G.-P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. What you want when you are oiling s a medicine that will cure yon. Try Hood's" SaiwparUla and be coi vlnced of Ita HALF RATES TO.,OMAHA. iVIa the :North-Western-LIne (Chicago & ..Northwestern R'y) -August 1C, -10, and 17, 1890 one trip, Onj August at veiy lc/w ra"tes wlU afeo be «olil Omoha Springs onnatlo i, tickets Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON kfbORDON. itent A**prn<

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