Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 11, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1944 NAUGATITOK DAILY NEWS Worship Service Planned For Day Hostilities Cease plan* Jirr brin;,' nuado amone; tin I'lu.vsmr.'t chui-iilies . of Ts'fuifXa- lurk for a Union Servlco of \Vor' ,^ln|i ic I'K held the evening thai hostilities coase. Following tin !<iii:&.'i-stl<'n ° c tlio ^eileral Council of ChurchiM of Christ in Ann-rim ri'ininunitles all over the coun- .trv ;"''• making similar plnns Th I'lt'-i'iry '» " llf various churches ot N:iuj:atiK'k are taking the lead in !lnw plnn* because it is felt that ovt'i-yiim- will foel the no'-d of !h:i:ikS),'lvlu^ and -prayer to God. Tin 1 sorviiv will pj-olnihly b." held in ihi- Coiwwationiil church. i v .ie rli'i-f-'y f| f 'he (•onpurntlnj; church,.< i-i>::'lurtitiir the sarvlrp. It will hi- held at 8:00 p. m. of tho day when it is announced that hoxlil- itii-s have ceased, either In one ilM'.'iti-r "f «''ir or in all. filfGAUOtl AVfRAG* ROOM! G. C. Murphy Co. nr full time help, miilo i-. .N'u ••xperience necessary, CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street I1UV U'AJC KONDS AND STAAtl'S Story Of Man Who Long Eluded Japs Is Being Told Portland. Oregon, Aug. II—(UP —The radio operator w-ho hid uu from tile Jups for two and one halt 1 years on Guam island say ho would 'like 'to 'stick tirourid th Status for awhile whovo tliere' plenty of xood bread and Ijuttai'. ISutir.^; still ranks first, in tin furloujrh activities of Chief iladio man George- Tweed. Thu -12-yccit old Portland, Oregon, native is en oying hi., liuft week of ;l happy 30 Jay leave before beinn rea&iiKnei to navy duUe.s. Says Tweed: "1 it's all the samo to them, I'll jus ns soon slay away from the Con Li-nl Pacific." In spite of 31 months of livinp ike a hunted animal Tweed !«olctxi .an and yurpr.sinnly fit us ha chat,ed with friends at his mother's 10 me. The nma/.injr 'story ot' 'his life n the caves of Guam was released •C'Sterday. But details of his o.s- vi pe oarly i:i July remain :\ sc- ret. In a visit to the United Press F-ureiiu, the quiet friendly radio- nan told reporters liow he elucl- d a 00-man enemy searching party or nearly two years—to "rut urn om the dead." \V hen the invaded Guam throe days after Pearl Harbor, Tweed and another radioman e.sciiped by car to the hills. After two months of .hicliiifr, Tweed's companion struck off for himself and WHS icillod. .Meanwhile the Japs announced that any Americans hiding in the bush could SLirreifclei- ;uul be placed with other prisoners held on the island. But after 30 day.-, the captured force was taken to Japan and tlie Japs reported that anyone left in the bush would be killed. A number of Americans wore found and executed but Tweed maryifjed to el ml o the frantic sea"rch. After the first, year, he u-ave tip hope. Me spent his time in prayer. The Japs were out to get the price on hU head..,and several times he escaped patrols that discovered his hiding place—once by less than a minute. Now At The State Tony 1'iigtur unil his f:imoun l);dnl is the headline In person iittraclion iipixmrine <m .tlin sUico of the air-conditioned State tlu-atrr, llartfonl, i,o<lny, Sutur- duy and .Sunday. Tony IMstur liroscnts his- "I'ustorl7.<<il" style of swing Hint has iiuidr him rmtinn- ully fjiiiioiiK us 11 hiliul leiuli-r, iiild fcatiirrs lilg lovely sOnKStrvsK, V"ii-);iniii Maxcy; tin: sensational di'liMinirr-inari, Jiiliiiny Morris,'r Idiowii us ".rariuliUillu .lor"; Stubby Tustor, and others. Kxtrn. addc'd on the dill with Tim'y I'astor arc Monroe * Cnvnt in ;i si'iisHtloiiiil novelty attmc- tinn, "llaviiiK Their Ups iitul Downs"; llu! AVhii.iii'y Sisters, Urund»-:i.v'.s n c w « n t dilncliiK stars; and Morey * Eaton with .lii-lr trained iloir Trpr in a ifri-at iinn-dy aol. On the MilVrii is I.i-avc 11 To Till- Trisli" with .lames Uiinn uncl \Vmula McKay. The enemy finally pronounced him officinlly dead in April, IfM-l. Tweed said he hid in caves or took other shelter when it %y:us available. He reported, "t know I didn't have lon^ to wait when tho American fliers suu-tcd pounding at Guam." Me witched the raids from prood v.-uUajre poini's and one day \v,-i.s .able to iittmct tho ,-iltontion of a flier wlio arraiiKod his escape.. 34th .YEAR PRILLIG'Si™ FUR FASHION PRE-VIEW! Use Our Convenient LAY-A-WAY PLAN Select your fur coat NOW while the choice' 1 is at its best, A smnll clown payment will hold your garment for you. The bnlnncc may be paid In easy weekly or monthly Installments. 10}) SOUTH MAIN STREET — SINCE 1010 — OPEN THURSDAY UNTIL 9 P. M. Forester Tells p How Plants Should Be Put In Ground The recent summer-long dry spell has created much 'havoc among our treea, .shrubs, lawns am farm crops However, it brings to Die fore one principle ] for success in all plantings,' somewhaC ^developed during CCC days on, areas whei-o after-care, could . not be given, that of always- sloping the ground towards preferred' -plants or crops. In this way water.will-na- turally flow towards the plant, and .lodge there and toak In during-arid • following light showers—or-.from artillcial waterings,, ' f ._ ' 'To do this is somewhat'contrary l.o one's normal tendency unless He stops to consider. For when one brings in a plant, perhaps with a, ball of dirt attached'to the'roots; there Is more than enough soil, to 111! tho tree or plan hole lever/If this surplus be left heape'd '' -up about the plant stem umbrella-like, the flowfige of rainwater- or..ffOm sprinkling is away from the .plant. The plant will stand ,as it wei;e, in. a miniature desert. If, on the contrary, a natural saucer-shaped depression has been' made • Muring planting that leads water from surrounding terrains towards th'ei plant and holds it there, the roots will receive a double quantity of waier. This is especially important in critical dry spells. . In practice, either personally'or with help, I (Ind it very'difficult to 1 judge depth and plant at the proper levels, and to leave this "saucer depression" properly formed, u'n- ess prior to planting the surplus soil has been curried .away, ,The Linouni so carted away should be a Shovelful, or-a wheel'barrow or ..truck- load, dc'ponding'-,on-*the size of-.the plant cu'-lrcc. A'i-nearby de- .prcssion'or ;"gully can always be "found • in 1 :,which' thls- : "surplus Boll .can be deposited. The-rare exception to ; this.; rule is in -plantings on .boggy.^eround, where the levels of the plant Bite may have to be 'raised to avoid drowning—lack of soil acriatipn—among the roots. Of course there are other measures necessary for success in planting; the use: of good loam; root protection from drying- during transplanting; In difllcult Hpccies the -retention of a. firm ball of dirt held, If necessary, to the roots with burlap or a- "wooden flat" of proper size! The longest branches and tips of plants and trees should be trimmed back to where the cut is hidden by green aide shoots. This' trimming is done' to equalize eaf transpiration with the loss of fine rootlets, By the way, the. "saucer depression," as advocated for collecting and retaining water for the tree or plant, also creiitcii an area in which a ground mulch of leaves, peat or grass clippings-can be'-placed. This will lessen soil water tavaporation n summer and frost depth in wln- er. A few brunches laid'on lop will keep the loaves., from blowing about. The above measures are especially udvimible in autumn plant- it'- . -•;; • George A'i'Cromio, New Haven, Farm Forester southwestern Connecticut. Democratic State Central Committee Will M'eet Tonight Mew Haven, AUJJ. 11—(UP)-—The Democratic state central committee meets in New Haven tonight to pick a new state chairman The present chairman—John M. Dowe—will resign of his nomination as slate comptroller. The matter of choosing a succes- J''urinici; Phone Us! OI| - on Waterbury Heating Co. S3 S|irlii(f St., Wtby. 4-tH78 nor Is expected to brinp out a HtilT ll»jht among two strong factions within the party. 1 One faction is Headed toy former Governor _ Robert A. Hurley, who has been renominated for a second term, and who virtually controlled (he state convention. The other group Is headed by United States Senator Francis Maloney, former Stale Chairman J. Francis Smith, and former Hart- ford Mayor Thomiui J. -Spcliicy. Their candidates »l the state convention -loot out to the Hurley faction. . V. \ Mentioned an.pooible chairmftn- Khlp selection* arc Ch«rlcn E. Mahoney of . Wlndnor,' and John M. Gojdon of New Haven. About-JIJOO million life inxunuic* is written..annually for children under. 15 yearns of Alt':. INSURANCE ROBBED BY BOY Boston, Aug., 11—(U?)— Taxi-cab Driver John I... Durand of Somer- tlle got the surprise, of his life! vhen a freckle-faced youth hold Im up. Talcing the drivers wallet, vhlch contained no money, the outh explained; "I'm sorry to do ! his buddy, but my old man told i to." - ' NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK STORE CUSTOMERS! Duo to wur time condition*, .we lire compelled to clone our >Y gutuck Ktorc. CAM, US For the day our Route Man n l)« on your street. Free Telephone Service i For Naiigatuck Customer* Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX UuindcrerK — »ry Cleaner* 28 E. Main St., Wutcrfoury Main Office & riant, 22 Walnut St. K*t. Watertown — NuiiKuluck Middlelmry $ S U I D BY The Right Combination- An Endowment Policy anfl Social Security You can b« lining pretty at 6S with a Savingt Bank Lifo Insurant* Endowment policy maturing ot 65, plui your Social Security benefit*. When they itort, your Iniurance premium payment* will Mop. With tocial lecurity and the payment of the face value of your insurance (or a lib income if desired) you have the perfect combination for old-age security. At age 30 thif cotfi only $2.35 per month per $1,000. Other policiet SSSOto S3,000. Tne only lift f'niurance told in Connect/cut with fint y*or diridtnj and toA valum, without restriction. Mail coupon. No agent will coil. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK rluu OKI M vlltet •**«•• tanlw lito>M,H teM !»•«•! tal*]i tot Uk lewMev NAM6L-: _ CITY Comfort Bed Pillows . ..:'•' Made and tailored .ncie.ntifically -to give you '.the maximum of sleeping c'o'mfo'rt— each, one of" them — no matter what .the, filling'; Is covered with a (,'tiaranteed fentherpf'oof -ticking-.' ''" ---- Group 1.— Filled, .with' all g-obse feathers. . . • '" ' Group 2 — Filled with 50%, all . goose down 'and 00% goose feathers. $5.98 ea. .... Group S. — Filled with' all groose down. $8.98 ea. - - Knitted Slip Covers They fit like "Custom Made"—gives your home the freshening touch of something new, fashionable and colorful. We'll fit dozens of styles of chairs and sofas—it's our better quality now on display — ask for "Darlington." For Chairs—$5.98 ea. For Sofas—$10.98 ea. £"?- >s Are Here For This Fall and Winter we present All Wool BLANKETS by "Pearce" Af.-ule by America'$ oldest blanket mlil—in a iradition of craftsman- plii]j dating back to ISOo. See the deep, sol'v, du\vny nap—the clear, hmiinons colors—tlie beautiful last• in.^ bindings. They're all prc-shunk 7nn1;]]-prourod and color-fast. Pearce ."Patriot"—80% \vool. SQ.,98 Comes in solid colors ea. Fine Marqquisette Curtains A pretty style—dainty small, ruffle—picot edge— in a practical ivory shade. Full -width and length. $2.98 pr. Permanent F1n|»h White Organdy Ruffled Curtains Here's the nicest quality we've had in months— with an especially- full C inch finished ruffle— picot edge—Priscilla style—wide enough to crisscross—extra long—2>-i yards$6.98 pr. All White Sheet Blankets You'll <ise them as sheets under and over you : Oils coming Winter—they'll wash splendidly—eom«» ir an extra large size. •_' . is" in Pearce "Queene Anne"—100^ Virgin wool. Comes in . $"J A-98 solid colors ea. -•-" $1.98 ea. Waterproof Oil Silk Pearce "Pride" •— 100% Virgin wool. Cmnes in solid $1 O.98 colors *^ Decorative Organdy Scarfs For your bedroom—dainty and so. practical ; "for they're permanent finish. 36 in. longr—$1.19 each 45 in. longr—$1.39 each Vanity Sets to match—$1.19 set Handsome Chenille Bed Spreads The celebrated "Cabin Craft" quality—we have them in all white and white with colored motifs, - intric.-5i.ely designed and beautifully' made. It's just the type you need to complete your bedroom ensemble. •' - $11.98 each .;:.-. hy the yard We have it in solid 'colors—in pretty prints of white and black, peach, rose, yellow, blue,—Comes •1C inches wide—will make up splendidly into shower curtains or-window drapes. Pearce-"Nuplaid"—I007o Virgin wool. Cumcs in four plaid . $t £98 color combinations . ea. Our Collection of Cottage Sets Soc our wonderful display _ of them—these are made ot fasl color marquisette and others of voil«. In the "right" kitchen colors—full sized. $2.98 pr. 98c yd. Printed Sail Cloth If you're going to make your own'slip covers'or even draperies to match—here's a"n excellent assortment. All fast color. '•;.' ''••-.' 98cyd. Decorative Sofa Pillows" . For your living room—your bedroom—den—porch —in every shape imaginable—-round, .squnre.'bb- lonjr, etc. Covered'-with; sail cloth, repp, satin, chintz, brocade, "and; a" fdq/en, other materials. $1.98,to $3.49 Summer und Fall Bedroom Ensembles . The ever popular cotton p'ercales made up into an exceptionally pretty-style -using; a striped pattern. So decorative and .yet-ao easy to wuwh and stay color-fast, All to match.,.- ;.-'..;• " . Bed Spreads~$10.98 ea. Draperies—^-$8.98 pr. Vanity S]firts^$7.98 ea.:. Quilted Satin , : ! ;., You may buy any of these blankets with our August Lay-a-Way Plan. Our "Finest" Tailored Ninon Curtains An investment; in goo<l living— they're what you're lookiny for— l:lmsc .super niiions—sheer and stni'ily — (liey'i'o specially tire to keep their soft, fine finish. Here in the most important shades of the year—eg-gshell and white. You can have them in every size to fit practically all windows. .All 44 inches wide ${M9 SJJ.98 "Filmy" Quaker Lace Curtains Everyone knows of these—hemmed and headed, reay for use—fine and heavy mesh styles to select from. $3.98 to $6.98 pr. Bathroom Shower Curtains Our bettor quality—they've reason to be for they're scientifically treated to make them waterproof nnd still hold their lustre—full width nnd lenpth—in every color combination — black and white — rose, blue, peach, preen, orchid, etc. $5.49 ea. Window drapes to match, S.tlfl pr. Cork Place Mats Colorful and smnvt. for serving — practical for they wash so easily — come in fruit and scenic -dcsiyns. 29c — 49c— 59c ea. 63 inches long- 72 inches long 81 inches long 90 inches long $17.49 $7-98 . Complete Bedroom Ensembles You cnn make your bedroom ns pretty as a pic* Uire with these (jay decorations — from a drab room into a colorful one — especially w!O> such practical combinations of printed floral -sail- -• cloth and all white quilled- chintz. -All to mutch... Bed Spreads— $16.98 ea. Draperies^$10.98 pr. Vanity Skirts— $10.98 set YOU SHOE IN COOL COMFORT AT THE Ill BANK STREET

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