Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Page 15
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/ -w ?" !<vi is, . so Sf. j.11 l__\ -\('r _All,- 17 "T"^ i 7 75; PW-1 too !h . * H ft" « 1 ? 7S; , Sf^O !b . 19 * BT ««fftn. Itsrf" mSfef,' A~l Carlson. si i . County R74-3 Harry Ar»v»>«t pen tft* esp, b«»w«n Aw. c *nd post to Oaartbe. low rruttw «n<i rnUpr. fSOO.-t7.SO, BuHs, g!»n<i jmfi rhoirp b*>»T, tS 50<S 10.75; cutter to mr-tllurn. »70Ooir980'" Vculrrs. milk fe!. jrrxx! sn^S chofcf *i.*j 00'- in r>n Rid ninrr.'tm, »8.50<- n no St., t>R"8A'WS " The O»K-tti- STTI.KS of n*w r»«it.«rr« to w- from—Cflppcr Clwl, R Storois nnrt Acoln. Torirs for Wylln *nd Rwd. the Trmtior Men' 313 R?.*t Third Bt rteg, wje^- fow reward Uru*. tlfiO. I,. H. A«ffl TRf ctioie*. Rii weighs*, pn common end rnKlh;rh. an.501* 11.50 20.000; hulk slow, wrufc to 2Sr lowrr; but* wpul f'rns and nallvrs, fl^.Sfi',/ 12 7r steady; fedrinft Isrrihs slow. CTOK! rind tlinlrr. 92 1J) down. iia.aSf 13.35; nvrtlum __ rull nmt common. «7.SOi,j 1 Ta* rnrfilum nnrl rtir>Icf. H2-1OO mwllum In rliolro, 150 flown, M-3.lflO.76. cull and eoinns «1.75«fi.QQ. F«vl*r inmh*. f;<xxl smrl eliOlc* 13.2.1. ings for p«p S .n4 » quick utert. K. P. f. Te««<-o Benrios _ Aw,, Roek OUUino ftnd fitoMin wsih"""«3ttipl/sto? Try tw. X* E. Third 8t. !e. t-hlnii . top table, rine china wt.' cix>!UnK utrtislls' unit othef Article* B53-J, IVORT beflroorn pylt*; Ixxl. and dre-wlng t*blp. springs nnd mnt- trrss, and other hotiwhold «.tu<l«* re«wonab!e. JOOS Bwond Av«. Phone S71 e«»ry day thla ww* un- Bt, e»r" dt>p«rtinent, ISff? "28 MAXWELI, wxJan thut n»llj loc'tai *nd nita fine, BOTCK with winter •S8 GOTVBQt,ET ton true*, cab and grain box body, »IK«I very JJUlc, st a big siTlng. s«e it. Bterttag nsttrrj _W«rt fourth St. , BSVBSAL reconditioned "Chryslers." . All guaranteed and serviced. OTHER CAR3, all styles, pries*. Remember S2& a day n»_... Jkm *vwy d*y thl» wees, come , early. Terms »nd good trades. MOTOR SAX-ES tfw«S C*T and wrrlc* departBjeMt, 1207 X. JPourth St. Salpfl dcpanment, «24 Ixrcust St, -O-BVfflo^-H _ E - 8 - 8 - B^" A 9SW OP OOB BPSCIAI, USED CAR BAHOAIKS _ ta«(nipM~ BorrtwS"^!*^^ 11 AOTO 6JLASS. W» ha?» pl»l* glswa in •tonfe for any «tyt« t»r. We Install glfcMI with itftctory ground edge, not the . m*kwihlft edge you have been accustomed to. Sterling Auto Body R«p*lr Shop, 413 Es*t Third Bt. HOW IS ~THl~TTitir"to" "hive ySIr wlndowji cleaned. We aliso clean wans ftttd wmU paper. Al«o h»ve an electric Sloor pollshw ami can take care of iroor floor "wuiuij. Coll City WXndow CleangpB. phone 372. Al Bmlth. L^ji'iiicAL "repaltliig of "all kinds; railed for »nd deUvwed: also wiring jobs. R. M. Wltmer. 1609 B. Fourth St. Phone 1237-M. CHINA CXX>BET~a*veinportr 'electric sweeper. coir>bln«t!on stove, ire box kltclsen cabinet, library table Call 649- R. , leather uphftleter- lac. b»Uoon tlrea. Sntire CAT IB la A. KOk JM7 OAEXAKD Lsvndau ooupo. An , esccptUButtty good looking autosBo- r bile in exceptionally good condition. TYPSWHTTEES tor rent. »okl or eT- changed. Repairing A specialty. Colored Coronas, MO. HalleU's Book _8tore. UAUUNQ with dump tnick7~Junk cars bought. Deed parts for sale. electric arc welding. Bogotfs B«p*lr fibop, rear of Sterling jO«rftg«. ----jljjijgjj™:^ GAS STOVE." hi pood " {-.omilUon"~»5 c*«h. 810 West Fourth Bt. Phone 388-R, WATER THDWKU'~WftRhln*""maciilnT Call «t B12 w. Fourth St. any day ' 12 and 1 o'clock. MujUteaf^frirrcnanfiise»rj - with over 50 rr cord «7 Rood new. BOB Eighth Ave.. Rock Fulls Plums 1140-J. . . Oct. 4—(A P.)--F,«.!lmat«l livestock receipt for tomorrow <"nttlc 2.000. HotTi lO.fKM). Sheep 16,000. . WOMAN'S - lar and cuffs, practically new. elssc 40^ A bargain. Call 1448-W. MEN'S " ' nils, H2.25 value $1.95. H. J. Mueller 310 kocuat St.. basrnicnt. Wanuo^i to PRODUCE , :. lira. O«t«rhotidt. Hotel 13l»-W. Employment HUneOS coach, balloon tire*. At lowsrt puce we Htw «w cStsted — —,—™— of oars ; OaMamS, Hash aud than OLTMAK MOTOa CO, SALEEMAH to selThljaj ''gMde lias el poultry feed and poultry srnpplJea dl- TCCt to tt* CatJiUSlftr. "HUB is « T9f\ opporUmlty for « live wire. Must pcMeas t> koowtodj* of poultry culture. Ta»#t&nr *• Cisaa and Bee Mr. Barton at Hotel Dium. HL, botweoa 7 And 1ft CA8B FOB DEAD Fboaa Bochell« 468 E*TOTM cltargra USAD AHIMAI, DIBPOSAI. COMPART CAStf for dead animala: Phono .„-., SL* 25 ' 1 *- Schroder's Kaadering «"~*i. Sterling. ^ I«r mtn to talw ftxid dslivef - ttt Hair opaniag''far jg-TT-o-8-o-K — E.S-B-H.X VALUES AU, Tma WHK: AT BOTCK— •as BUICK coacii, eitnt good In orery way. *36 KA8JS special «edsux, used v*ry llfe- f Ue, price is DO consideration, must • go this week. i *ft BTO11SBAKER <coacb, ta perfect ; cxouUtlon. Priced way below actual ' value, 1814 model six cylinder, tourlage, . .. fesaa »SOQ to M3S. Her* aw rail valttot. Don't ovarlccb ttuuo. TWOCODOE coupes at «21ft and 9370. (IXWXTX* sedan. sj& uausuiU valua at 'x ooupe, starter, motor good, »50. te oujr otfer- la « good " ,, -,—„ __„ roqiured. particulars write Aid* Ute. Co., _ jBo. Water 8t., Mr' ' JANrTOBTthorbughTy . who understands at«km and hot water plaata. Olve full taform*Uoij ami relercnoes in lottor. Wrtto H.O.-S2. Gazette. TWO lurnlshed houaeksepias room*". Bleeping room, board U desired la. «03 Fourth. TWO MODERN fumltS5 ~~~. .^ ^ht hoMekc^lng;, 301 Fifth Ave Phone •••-" - - — Chlc*go. Oct. 4. — (A.P.) — Today'r, produce market quotatloim are as folio ws: Live poultry weak: rccclpti 8 cars, fowls, 23,,: 27; springs, 25 1-2 £28; roostera, 21: turkeys, 25«30: ducks 22; geese, 21. Potatoes receipts 181 cars, on track *73 cans, total U. 8. Bhlpmenta 1074 CWB; trading alow, market dull. WlR- con»ln eacked round whites. 85fi90- few fancy. 85. Minnesota and North Dakota sacked Red River OhUw 85 et 00; sacked Irish Cobblers. SOeOO South Dakota sacked Early Ohloe 80 »M; few BO. Idaho Backed Rural*, 81.00Q 1.10; saefced Russetc, (1 so<» 1.60. Nebr<t*K& sacked Bli«,*i Tn~ umphm, 7Sc|»BO. accoidlng to quality CHOSEN TO UMPIRE THE WOELD SERIES modem. No children. 497 First Ave. outdoor work by locfel pataU «or«iCTn, Ooofi pnop- oslUoa for live hustler who taa a «niRll amount to Invest. Can start ** ''" 8 - Write O M J._. care maid „ work. Please furnish relereneeo. Call 1713 or write Mra. D. B. Bogaard. 305 W. Scveotb 8t . gJLlTXgRLY tAPY to car* for children during the day. Inquire 8Q1 W«rt KlglltlL "~ UODSKN furrushwl rooina for :. 807 SiKth Ave. Apa««efiit« ami rteta 74 UOOM'apaHSrent. tully modern", with garago, at 607 Ave. C. - POHT J»AUt to ta inft If at all CM. ,W® h»w coming in a«f at once. 7bia t» vour * crrr MOTOR ESP£KIEMCED single man to work on farm. Mark Tyne. i« miles west of JjafeJMls. ^ -:- HOUaE-TO-HOtfeK aaKapfeopte to s*ll Edlsoa Mazda lamp*. Apply at Free- inao's EteetHc Shop. f**m* ana lor E«nt ; KEW BABOAXHB Hf USED CAU3— * ~ • S948 OAKLAND Ij»adiu aftdaa. In every way. t J8« VOBp coupe. -4M» woftfa, II In the market call - ' - "AW. «« THIRD AVB. JPMOWK H88-W WH> CARS— CHSVBOOTT c«»ct. sUgbtly used » demottatnatar. I* perfect n»- PARii, 160 acres, northwest Sterling with ample B. O. posture and hay- land for stock. Very reasonable rent and term lease to right party. W. 8. jgcdoy. agent. ______ ttouaeg fWiiaui" '" H '" 77 MODEItN aevenTrbom house~on~iSev^ oath Ave. Double garage. Phone l&Ta-W. furnace, garage, dood location. Inquire 608 Fourth Ave.. Sterling. ~~ " ~StOOM I LEWIS DESIRES TO 1 DEBATE WITH BORAH i9£80*CA5tfiVTC£ J£ (Continued from page fourteen) NEW YORK TBODCCE New York, Oct. 4—<A.P.)_Todays produce market quotation* are as follows: Butter firm: receipts 8.946. Chficso nUady; receipts ca^ai. Biate whole milk fresh, fancy specials. a7 l-2<?28; ditto. June specials. Dressed poultry steady. Eggs steady; receipts 13,363. NEW X08K STOCKS under U»^'leade^lp . Highway. SIS per moatb, Gaulrapp and " .___ man wants In- rtcal exiwrtoaca. ta work in poenqr eters. c»u __ furolshad modem "home^neaf buaineas district. Write M,.. care ROOM8, modern and'"garage about one block from Elka club. In- 321 Ixjcuit St. raopUj, for qutek sate will take f] """" ~~"'~ utto. Vor'narkbMr'" Brown's Bfe. Ottawa, 4,500 abarea at 129, up 3 1-4 -,.- -n<* » new high record, and Btudebaker showed an initial gain of 18-8. The first sale of Bethlehem Steel wma a block of 10.000 shares at 87 1-4. up 1 3-4.. Universal Pipe also opened with a block of 10,000 shares at 29. up fractionally, ami a siew high recorfl.' - . » Early trading was In unusually heavy volume with the market dc*eloping Into a ruH-a-way affair Ot 3000 to 10.000 shares i«.-v hmn(la fit Sequent intervuln. with long Ktrlnga of transactions showing Epreada of 1 to 3 point*. Wew nigh records were established In the first half hour by Victor Talk- Ing Machine, International Nickel Barnsdall "A," Brlggs Manufacturing and National Dairy Product*, tue gains running from i to nearly 5 points. U. B. Steel common quickly ran up more than 3 point* to \61 6-8. duplicating the year's high record. Oen— Motora, A. UL Bycre afid Bethle- otcel were among th« many lat ^ ,*? eJEtea «lthelr opening gmtna to J points or more. Predictions la banking circles of lower call money before the end of U»e week also bad a bullish effect on speculative sentiment. Hagen Will Probably Meet Diegel, Sarazea And Al Eapinoaa InJ)rder I Si^^SL«5!!».*»»«ta« »«>una' -o. aeaarai the be«t — T ~... t the bulls were caJUng on ^tSkr^ serves among tbs inactive groupa to «*P tbe pcooetaton going forward i-*. reoewai wte Ior mu j^^ "• l«QP^lt»~a barKeABTMv; *' he * 1BB ewal rate for caOJ IDOEUI *S3* modftmTa^l toU, * tmded tKtta » to tj-3 pgr cent. By P. O. Vosburgh. (Associated Press Sports Writer) Baltimore, Oct. 4.—(A.P.)—Day by day the gninp is getting tougher for Walter Hagen in the National Professional Gqlf championship now in its quarter final round. A virtual unknown. Julian Blantton of Toledo, gave him a great run for his money yesterday and today th« 8*igv champion for the last four years, faced the prcmpect of playing L*o Diegel, Gene Sarazen and Al Espinosa on successive days. Th« three, like moat of the other pros we getting a bit tired of seeing Sir Walter nonchalantly romp off with the title year after year and would almost prefer beating him to winning the title if they had their choice, having downed Jim Barnes JWrterday Jay a-and -8-and beaten Bill Mehlhom 'the previous day "— Saraasa now draws ji leas "TEiown" aittag~onI»t~ttt""Vlv< of Los Angetes, lone BUT representative of the w It was Dudley who yestei " Al Watrous, 3 and 3. St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 4—(U.P > — J. Hamilton t<ewls, former United States senator from Illinois, has issued a challenge to United States Senator William K, Borah of Idaho, for a series of joint political debates on the issues of the presidential campaign. —The—challenge was made "public here through the democratic regional headquarters. Borah's reply has not been received. Both senators served together for several years in the senate 3nd are personal friends of many years standing. Borah is scheduled to address a republican national rally at Murphysboro. 111., Saturday night. OFFICIAL WELCOME EOOKFOEI> MEN LUSCH BOOM at KM rust at.. „«. Falls. Fully equipped and ready for Instruction taugb* toy Louis Belsbn. art|*$ GRAJM OUA1N &E11EW Oct. C— (A.P.>— frtiati ^,. to catru values tocU,y tollowed ot a« address by 8ecr«- house |pr <xuii future deUverlaa j«aa la e?ito«*, C^a**i»B *-§ to 7-8 eeat up, e«*» }*t«r ccare4 m*tejriil Jurthejr SM**. WJwat sil- MARKETS STERLING MASKKTS (Iteported by XHlloa Elevator) Corn, 82. ttata. 34. StJKEOONDED BY FOOD Milwaukee, W1&. Oct. 4—tAJP > ~ Edward Connelly, 38. a chef 'was surro«tKl«l by food for seven" days and yet, he said today, nearly starv- *4 to death. Connelly found himself locked in a bax-*sr which was sh U nt«l to a „„„ . - swung- The car was loaded vm temea of caused food, packed high all around^um. WheD, h|s poyiulkig on the door meue mtej-dAj, had fiKpioosa, the medalist, who has "gured as^ abjont tije beat man in^na upper half of the draw and a US&eJy finalist suffered a bad slump yssterday afternoon, winning from Bob McDonald, a fellow Chicago pro, by the narrow inargiii of 1 up ST holes after getting a live hole lead In the morning. «Jock JJutehisoti who shsre* with R, Sarazen and Barnes, the iSttoi* of behig a former cham New York. Oct. 4.—(A.P.)—An official welcome will be given Ber Hassell and Parker Cramer, pilot of the plane Greater Rockford. when they arrive in ttus country, Grove A. .Whalen, chairman of the mayor 1 reception committee, announced. He said the two fliers who were force< down In Greenland on Uieir flight froniTtdcTtlrod. "III. to Stockholm would be received by Mayor Walker at city hall __-_.-- THBEE HEN STUDENTS HAVE BEEN DISMISSED Champaign, m» DCS. «.—iUJP).- lliree men student* at the Unlver- *? of ?M?^* tavft been dismissed tbe coiiacir or aitoilnlstratlqji They will aot Iw allowed to return to Illinois durtcg toe present semester. • ' • Vou ... you ,,.!'• She was pointing a shaking- finger toward the door, like a tragedy queen in a melodrama. And the palm of her hand. ItchedJtor further contact. The ferret fondled his cheek. "You shall pay for this indignity," he told her, fuming angrily. 'The courts protect men from the tantrums of female tigers. I shall get a warrant for assault and battery." He leered at her evilly. "And what a story that will be for your swell friends. Gettin' dragged to police court like a common rowdy I guess tSiat wiu male 'tm laugh— the high and mighty ^MLss Sybil Thome up on an assault and battery charge!" Muttering darkly, he took his derby and departed, like a "villain" on the stage. Then Sybil, apprehensive of the trouble her temper ELEANOR EARLY might cause, hurried In town to relate the afternoon's developments to her lawyer. Mr, Felersoa Bstened"" gravely " but she saw the twinkle in his wise old eyes. cially when sfaes finished. "It takes an angry women to handle a musical comedy detective properly. You needn't worry about any warrant. He wouldn't let anybody know you struck him. for all his cheap talk. He will keep that right mider his tin hat-and he'll lie his head off about the mark on his face. But after this, refer all rats to mt. I don't want you taikins at all" '* (T» A* (Craig Newhall. Sybil's old sweetheart, hews rumors of the iajpsad- ing divorce, end drops in to talk things over. The stage is set for society's biggest scandal — In the next chapter.) A 1 just nosed out Pat Doyle of «xl. N. 4., 1 up. Soiton Smith, Joplin, Mo, and Perry Dei Veechio, together with Dudley are the sole surviving rep- resentaUves of the younger §enere- tioa of pros. Smith, who put out Wim» MacFarlane. I up, meets Del Veoeitio, victor yesterday over Qtena Spencer of Baltimore by i up in »t Quicfc to b*aem '« Sill U- State, Chicago. * *^_ J "T «r-—"—»•«• »*••«•* ««« A1K •««tw-terlsMir toto Ute" food "tie S*£ » ^tikt W thought he was »***«*«• Wtiect huner finally drove into Uu couU bexes. . tiequt utl J wew • Highest Uay tteiiveliaa yet this WSSSSJB w«n» The advance was ia tin I*CB of U AGAINSTT DAILV tod., Oct. Will b« IMit&S oJ oom lud t$ «a»t- the fifth gaiue of ihf " b*riw««u tiw la- Angeles, Oct. 4.-~(U.P.)—at' ijftwif successfully d« heavyweight wres jht whs» he woa fall* ll-niHJ Juc jp&nthcr. Used Cars £#ojfc Them Over at 203 Eftst Third St. 1929 Chevrolet Coach, run only 180 full equipment. At a big saving. 1927 Chevrolet Imperial Landau Sedan. 1926 Chevrolet Sedan, 2 Essex Coaches. 2 Dodge Tourings. 1 Ford Coupe. I Chevrolet Truck, stake body. 1 Ford Truck-, grain Jos. A. Lauff & Son m-HOi Swt TUrf Stntt . .: &>**&****»

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