The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on January 18, 1950 · 23
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 23

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
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.,U-4 pwtinwMi initr-vipiimrw ww w THE KANSAS CITY STAR. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY IS. 1050. 23 ' 4 ' & -A-yFF 1 At The Movies INTRUDER IN THE DUST MIDLAND. Drama, tereen play by Ban Mad-dow, baaed on the novel , by William Faulkner, produced and directed by Clarence Brown and released bv Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. with the following principal players: John Oavln Stevens David Brian Chick Malllson Claude Jarman, Jr. Lucas Beauchamp. . ..Juano Hernandez Nub Cowrie Porter Hall Misa Habersham. . ..Elizabeth Patterson Crawford Gowrie. Sheriff Hampton. Vinson Gowrie. . Aleck. .Charles Kemper Will Geer . . . .David Clarke . ..Elzie Emanuel IN delvnig into the complicated and inflammable field of racial prejudice, the movies progressively have been coming closer to grips with the subject and exhibiting an increasing fortitude in the process. The exploration, started with Home of the Brave and continued with Lost Boundaries and "Pinky, reaches a high mark in Intruder in the Dust, adapted from the novel of the same title by William Faulkner. For, upon close inspection, this pulsating recounting of how an indomitable, individualistic Negro, unjustly named in the slaying of a white man, is saved from mob law. Is at once an accusation against the narrow, bigoted persons of a small Southern community where the action takes place and an indictment of a system that permits the forces of hate and injustice to function so dangerously. To some screen play writers, producers and directors, the plight of the victim and the attempts of the misguided citizenry to exact vengeance would be logical topics for soap-box treatment about brotherhood and the rights of all people tinder the Constitution. But that thankfully has not been the idea of Clarence Brown, who both produced and directed, and Ben Maddow, who composed the script. Through the administration of these two, Intruder in the Dust becomes a frightening, realistic and honest drama in which conversa tion is held to a minimum and preachment is avoided. The pictures message and development spring from the movements and ex pressions of the characters. And to augment the feeling of naturalism. Brown has made fluent and searching usage of the cameras not alone in mirroring life in the town of Oxford, Miss, where most of the story was photographed, but also in bringing into exacting focus the tangled emotions of the char-acterg. The directors understanding touch is especially evident in the scene wherein the rural folks come to town for the expected lynching, where the frightened and bewildered Negro families are aroused at night by the sound of horses hoofs and motor cars $n the county roads and where music flares from a loudspeaker on a store on the jammed town square as the mob forms to break into the jail. Incidentally, this booming outburst from a record player is all the more startling because the director has left "background music off the sound track. As a .result, the sounds so necessary for the dramas full impact and for the various moods are completely challenging. In selecting the players Brown exercised as fine judgment as in other phases of the production. The dominant role of the apparently doomed Negro is played with imposing authority by Juano Hernandez. Through his expressive eyes, erect body and resonant voice, he is a symbol of dignified, iron-willed manhood. Besides the Negro, the chief protagonists of this stark, forceful drama, whose terroristic moments produce more chills than a Boris Karloff thriller, are a white boy, a young lawyer who reluctantly agrees to defend the prisoner, and a spunky Southern woman unafraid to defy the mobs will and to fight for decency and humanity. Claude Jarman, jr., handles the vexing assignment of the boy whose friendship for Hernandez outweighs whatever bias he has held against the Negro race. The youthful actor reveals much of the charm and ability he displayed in The Yearling. In the role of the attorney David Brian gives an excellent performance, as does Elizabeth Patterson as the courgeous woman. There also are laudatory portrayals by Porter Hall as an embittered father, Charles Kemper, as his worthless son and Will Geer as the sheriff who works out a plan to trap the real murderer. Intruder in the Dust belongs among the Hollywood classics of this era. C. E. C. PARAMOUNT. ROOMY.. i 'toryi The Heiress, the movie version of the successful stage play, with Olivia de Havilland, Ralph Richardson and Montgomery Clift in the starring parts, has been given a second weeks engagement at the Paramount theater. SCHOOL FUND ATTRACTIVE Monterey, Calif. (UP) Someone likes the cooking at the Monterey high school. 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STARTS WED., JAN. 25 LOEWS MIDLAND PEGGY DOW -JOHN LITEL-TAYLOS HOLMES Scrwnplsy by OSCAR SAUL Dinctxl by MICHAEL CORDON Produce! by MICHEL KRAIKE IOWER8UPJ.OWN9EAIRWAY Iwthh end McG 37th 0 m4 efado 14 Downtowns Most Intimate Atmospheric Cocktail Lounge Tonll Enjoy the Music of mutECMy Pianist of 1,001 Tunes ... Open Daily from 4 p. in. No Amusement Tax . . . ZEBRA R00M--N0TEI ALADDIN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN LAST DAY REGENT 13th ft Walnut 0:30 Open Til 4 A.M. OPEN ALL NIGHT Johnny Mack Brown Bob Baker Fussy Nirht OKLA. FRONTIER MICHAEL T URBAN SHEA BEY PAROLE, INC. SUMMIT WARBEN JANE DOL'GLAS FRAZEE INCIDENT eemNcmy FATHER WAS A FULLBACK nancy gijlo BLACK MAGIC 17th ft Summit ORSON WELLES 7:00 10:20 S JO I mini resanwes mis Ml 1 1 8AITM0RE . 1521 k? F iwvt at , . I ONISTAGE Musical Comedy Favorite ot Broadway's Oklahoma I" -j) CELESTE new overn 2nd week! I m-PERSori with SONGS & FUN Galoro Heading a GRAND, NEW it STAR-FILLED REVUE with The 5 ANTflAXS. 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Floor 3.00, 2.50 2.35; Bale. 2.50. 2.00. 1.50. 1.00. RUTH SEUFERT CONCERTS 1412 Waldheim Bldg. GR. 2790 MIRIAM HOPKINS MONA FREEMAN VANElSARROWM f-ft DwaJ I,wuil wruot iTONlTt AT t MAJOR STUDIO: An Advance Showing of One of the Big Laugh Hits of 1950 . . . Three Top Stars ... The Producer wants & Midwest Audience Reaction But Will Not Allow Us to Advertise the Title. PLUS REGULAR FUTURE BEFORE AND AFTER PREVIEW 1 .... .. Last Times Today ... at all Performances DANCING IN THE DARK Mark Stevens, Betsy Drake, William Powell TECHNICOLOR Continue it from 1:30 c. m. TOWER Twelfth and McGee "Danei'ita- 12. 2:50. 5:45. 7:30. 10:30 Shotas 2:15, 7. 9 Dancing" 2:40, 7:25, 10:25 Shows 7 and 9 " Dancing " 7:15 and 10:30 UPTOWN i FAIRWAY 37 th and Broadway 50 Highway and Belinder Road , PLAZA 47th-Wyndott Shows si 2:1ft M 7:15-9:17 IN THE FUNNIEST Latest News PICTURE IN YEARS! 2 ACTION-PACKED, STAR-FILLED ALAN KUM .MS PONNA REED F ICIO JUNE HAVOC - lMh rsnffflZ FREE FOR ALL 85 CLAUDETTE COLBERT - ROBERT YOUNG BRIDE FOR SALE JUNE HAVER - MARK STEVENS TECHNICOLOR YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL ,u.u . . i j ISIS & Iroo i APOLLOi GEORGE BRENT 3227 TROOST DOORS OPEN 6:45 EXTRA! IN THE NEWS! ROSE AND SUGAR BOWL GAME HICLIGHTS. Starts at 7:10 2 SMASH TECHNICOLOR HITS! BRING THK KIDDIES Doors epcn 6:45 WALT IfUADOH nnJ MR TflAH FOX rm Rockhill Troost at 46th IBROOKSIDE 63RD ft BROOKSIDE STARTS 7:00 ; WARWICK 3937 MAIN STARTS 7 P. M. mar. ICHABOD and MR. TOAD SUNG BY BING CROSBY AND TOLD BY BASIL RATHBONE ass- BLUE LAGOON s HUMPHREY BOGART TnifVft 'I FLORENCE MARLY lUIVlUJUC on,T HOWARD DUFF. SHELLEY WINTERS. DAN DURYF.A 7:00 10:00 JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON FLORENCE , TOKYO JOE TONTilAVtR. MARK ST1.VFA. AIll OH. YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL fife New Show Tonite K Ichabod and Mr. Toad 10:io features With Binr Crosby and Basil Rathbone Telling Two Tall Tales . JEAN SIMMONS TUP Dl lC LAGOON 8:30 TEC H- 31st ft Prospect DONALD HOUSTON 1 nE LftUUUll 7:15 10:10 NICOLOR 8:40 only BOTH Oak Park 3935 Prospect Starts 6:55 with Feature . TECHNICOLOR HITS! WALT DISNEYS I JEAN SIMMONS ICHABOD 10:00 DONALD HOUSTON 8 20 AND MR. TOAD Florence Jeanne Crain Ethel Barrymore W. Lundiean, Ethel Waters PINKY Humphrey Bogart. Marly, Sessue Haykaya, Alexander Knox TOKYO JOE Come as late as for both features. Come ms Iste as 10:15 for Pinky. HURRY! HURRY! POSITIVELY ENDS. TONIGHT! Southtown 12th & BALTIMORE VI. 8521 The fzMsrRcTuREiN Ththuminu senamed thW crim9..but ttity told only half the story. '754W' 8? VGffT" FARLEY GRANGER CATHY ODONNELL 12.50, 4:20, 7:55 HELD OVER! 3rd TERRIFIC WEEK! ITS THE KINO OF A PICTURE s YOULL WANT TO SEE AGAIN and AGAIN! TROOST AT 57TH FREE PARKING Cartoon N ews CARY MYRNA SHIRLEY RUDY GRANT LOY TEMPLE VALLEE Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer w DANA MERLE ETHEL HOAGY ANDREWS OBERON BARRYMORE CARMICHAEL NIGHT SONG FEATURES FAMILY NIGHT TONIGHT!!! FIESTA 20c 8:50 Only 33 3 FEATURES ITS HERE ! ! ITS NEW t I FUN FOR ALL DONT MISS IT TONIGHT ONLY Dennin, LADY AT MIDNIGHT Troost at 40th 1,100 SEATS Richard Frances Rafferty GENE AUTRY STRAWBERRY ROAN Penny SINGLETON Rond;. Arthur LAKE DIOntUB Hits 7:00 10:45 8:00 the Jackpot 9:35 THEHAPPIEST COMBINATION SHOW IN YEARS! GLEN ' 1309 W. 43rd Color Cartoon ES 4 GREAT STARS Whata Lady What, Nlht BARBARA HENRY STANWYCK FONDA LADY EVE J MARY LUE 5915 PROSPECT FREE PARKING DONT MISS THESE 2 Dick Powell - Sirne Hasso TO THE ENDS 8:18 OF THE EARTH onlv BIG ACTION PICTURES! Bob Young - Marguerite Chapman, in color RELENTLESS 6:45 10:07 BALTIS 35th ft Indiana Ample Parkin, Show Starts 7:00 ENDS TONIGHT TIVOLI 24211 INDIANA FREE PARKING STARTS 7:00 BETTY HUTTON VICTOR MATURE 7:10-10:00 RED, HOT AND BLUE HOWARD DUFF SHELLEY WINTERS 8:35 JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON JEANNE CRAIN PINKY WILLIAM LUNDIGAN 1 11 Ilk i 8:45 Only LATEST NEWS COLOR CARTOON S.S! RED HOT and BLUE.!- COME AS LATE AS 8:45 TO SEE BOTH FEATURES COME AS LATE AS 10:27 TO SEE RED. HOT AND BLtE GARY COOPER 9:i5 JANE WYATT WAYNE MORRIS LINDA SIS? TASK FORCE PRESTON BELITA RUSSELL HICKS THE HUNTED 3mi MYC3E tPusHATURI JOHN AGAR-ADEIE MARA. FORREST TUCKW SHOWN AT: 12:40, 3:50, 7:00, 10:05 Mfc It Fun Galore! HOLLYWOOD VARIETIES ROBERT ALDA 4 ngsunui it u MOTION PICTURES EAST SIDE MOTION PICTURES EAST SIDE f f Gigantic! Hoi National INVISIBLE INDEP- MAN HARDESTY R I T Z Gii-antic! Horrifying Shudder Show of the Shentury! - . Frankenstejn Meets Wolf Man LON CHANEY 9:4 BELA LUGOSI 3301 E. Free Parking CLAUDE RAINS UNA 0C0NNER CARY' GRANT. 8:20 ANN SHERIDAN I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE MARIA MONTEZ CHARLES RUGGLES BILL WILLIAMS. 7:00 BARBARA HALE. 10.05 THE CLAY PIGEON ADMIRAL 8th Sc Tracy Show St a rts 7 VISTA Indep.-Prosn. JUNE HAVER 7:00-9.55 BAY BOLGER COLOR LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING MAE CLARK 8:55 ROBERT ARMSTRONG STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO TOKYO JOE 8.35 only 7:00 HUMPHREY BOGART ,RJOHNNY STOOL PIGEONLJf w?ALTS DISNEYS Ichabod and Mr. Toad ..... John E, d BLUE LAGOON John-Elmwood . . - ini ADULT ADMISSIONS FOR PRICE OK 1 TONITE BRING AD. iGIadstone St. John-EImwood COLOSSAL, ALL TECHNICOLOR. MUSICAL COMBINATION SHOW! PIC 86th& Prosp. STRAND THE LITTLE DREAM HOUSE on Troost at 36th DENNIS MORGAN MY WILD 9:15 IRISH ROSE ESTHER WILLIAMS THIS TIME FOR KEEPS 7:30 4-4 -4-4 COLOR CARTOON REVUE BETTY HUTTON VICTOR MATURE RED HOT AND BLUE JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON Dan Durvea Howard Duff BAGDAD TROOST AT 27TH COLONIAL MY FRIEND IRMA JUNE HAVER 7:00 9:55 8:40 only 8:30 7:00 10:05 8:10 39TH S ft WOODLAND , COMEDY HITS MURRAY 3306 E. 21 wne of We Gills MARIE WILSON JOHN LUND 10 BIG COLOR CARTOONS 10 3 STOOGES MALICE IN THE PALACE ABBOTT & COSTELLO WHO DONE IT 2 EAST SIDE KIDS FUNFESTS Neath Brooklyn Bridge ?:i7 1 Trouble Maker RAY BOLGER 8:55 9:40 8:35 GLEN FORD 7:00 IDA LUPINO 10:00 LUST FOR GOLD il 3306 E. 27th Home of Weaterna THE NIGHT HAS 1,000 EYES EDWARD G. ROBINSON S9tb ft Bell 7:00-10:00 BRUCE JOAN DAVIS I GENTRY1 MAKE MINE cuaVndR LAUGHS I CARTOON 'ILLEGAL ENTRY HOWARD DUFF 8:40 onl GILLHAM (John Calvert, 8:30 only 'Devils Cargo YES SIR THATS MY BABY ,g::gg ROBERT CUMMINGS THE BLACK BOOK only 71 at PROSP. ARLENE DAHL 11 - U BELMONT 5607 ST. JOHN STARTS 7:00 STATE LSth Prospect ASHLAND Nth Sc Elmwood ALADDIN 6044 Truman Rd JOEL McCREA Cha. BICKFORD 35c 4 Faces West JON HALL ADELE JERGENS 3 Mutineers ALLAN LANE WYOMING BANDIT WALTER BRENNAN THE GREEN PROMISE BAD CAPTAIN AUDIE MURPHY LOYD NOLAN ALAV LADI VICTOR MATURE Richard WinMark STREET WITH NO NAME maHMS. GUN SMUGGLERS Duncan Renaldo As Ciaeo Kid VALIANT HOMBRE CONGO BILL' CHAPTER 6 4-4 -4 -4 COLOR CARTOON . 8:40 BOY CAUTION ONLY 7:00 10:10 25c TAX IRC. JAYHAWK 18TH ft CENTRAL BENTON Indep.-Benton dana'andrewT SWORD IN THE DESERT GREEN PROMISE 8:35 Onlv 7:00, 10:15 Ends Tonite MOTION PICTURES N. K. C. MOTION PICTURES N. K. C. MARGARET O'BRIEN, HERBERT MARSHAL!, KHMAITD IN WORLD-FAMOUS BOOK ARP.U.ftTHE SECRET GARDEN 7:00 9:00 KANSAS cTtyTkAS. DOWNTOWN, KANSAS CITY. KAS.. DOWNTOWN TOO LATE FOR TEARS DAN DURVEA ! GRANADA gIoRAFL OUTPOST IN MOROCCO ft 8:45 onlv 7DO 10:25 Ends Tonight AUN H I C A G O VIRGINIA MATO P TV GEOBGE RAFT TV C. KT DEADLINE LIGH T LAOT DAY! GARY COOPER nm a mn HELEN HAYES STATE FAREWELL TO ARMS LORETTA YOUNG EDW. G. ROBINSON HATCHET MAN FiTTTRIP - .-.THE GREAT LOVER LLuU 1 llltJ Glen Langau Treasure of Monte Crtsto 13, 2:55, 7:00 10:00 8:37 only CONT. NOON TO MIDNIGHT ff 1:20, 4:15. 7:10. 10:05 5:5. S:45 W CIT'SraELTTAElUERlTON OTRO a IViJj CON JORGE NEGRETE. GLOR1 A M ARIN 813 W. X9TH ..-rj.y ,. LOW. G. ROBINSON 8:30 Oi ITAPIfP GAR COOPER LORETTA YOUNG VOGUE tFAREWTXL TO ARMS I HATCHET JHAr LULU BELLE ft SCOTTY. 5:00. 10:30 Barn Dance CENTRAL Slst ft Indiana 10c 35c Village INGRID BERGMAN IN TECHNICOLOR. 8:33 UNDER CAPRICORN nicrn ROBT. STERLING. 7:00. 10:00 GLtN.N ruKD.LVLI.XNr JML ROUGHSHOD Mr. Soft Touch GLENN IORD. F.VELYN KEYES 8:30 Only KANSAS CITY. KAS. NEIGHBORHOOD KANSAS CITY. K AS. NEIGHBORHOOD 7:00 10:00 VOX , 140.7 S. W. Blvd. Georxe "HUMPHREY BOGART TOKYO I0F AT HIS TWO-FISTED BEST lUlklV dUH D.E.S 5SSN2 GUYS From TEXASLV8y LINDA DARNELL. 8:30 only " JACK CARSON Raft, 7:00-10-00 RED LIGHT EVERYBODY DOES IT PARK 3712Strone MIDWAY Andrews, Marta Tornt 8:30 THE DESERT VERA ANN BORG 7 00-10:10 I Dana MISSISSIPPI RHYTHM (SWORD CARTOON THE WINDOW 7th ft Cen tral OSAGE 840 OSAGE Barbara Hale, Bobby Driscoll, Franchot Tone, Jean Wallace, JIG SAW JIMMY LYDON. 7:00, GRF.G PECK, AVNE YELLOW SKY BAXTER 8:15 only TUCSON 7:00 9:30 8:25 10:00 1st ft Quindara TENTH ST. 10th and Central THE DRAMA TIUT HAS SHOCKED A NATION BEATRICE PEARSON-MF.L FERRER LOST BOUNDARIES JOHN PAINE. ELLEN DREW, CROOKED WAY 8:40 7:00 10:20 GAUNTIER 13th ft Oulndaro CLARK GABLE 8:34 WALTER PIDGEON ONLY ' COMMAND DECISION ROY ACUFF 7:17. 10:38 My Darling Clementine Its Smart to Read and Use Star Want Ads i - ! i : ! : I

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