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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12

Raleigh, North Carolina
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SO 12 NEWS AND OBSERVER RALEIGH THURSDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER 25 1924 EVANS TELLS OF LOSE REALTORS NSURANCE mm FOR GROUP URGING DAVIS TO OUiSE PRICE IS CLEAREDBY JURY ANOTHER FILLING STATION ROV ON NATONAL UARD against death Lut disability as well If a member becomes totalty and presumably permanently disabled before the age of sixty the insure ance is payable immediately instead ot at death Tha scale of coverage is as follows Officers with rank of major and above 8000 commissi )ued officers $1000 Bon-commissioned officers' $3000 privates 20O0 North and South Carolina Units To Be Covered By $15000000 Policy Announcement was made here yesterday of the approval by the State authorities including the Adjutant General the Attorney General and the Insunnce Commissioner of a group insurance policy for the North Carolina National Guard approximating $7500000 The Aetna Life which has undertaken to write the policy at the same time announced a similar insurance policy for the South Carolina National Guard George Sor-rells Home office representative of the Aetna and Freeman of Kaleigh engineered the arrangement Under the plan providing for the payment of premiums through the State each member of the Guard so insured is protected not only 5th Around the World Cruiao From joth wewrd "Cslilof nla" 17000 4 monthe $1250 up Viuttat Panama Canal Lot Anaelei 18 daya japan and China Java option IS daye in India! Cairo Jeruaalem Athena Europe etc 21st MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE Jan 31 8 "Laeonta" 20000 tone 62 daya $600 not 17 daya Ecypt and the Holy Land Spain Italy Greece ate 600 to 700 peaaensen expected on each Tan croiee SUMMER CRUISE TO NORWAY And Mediterranean countries July 1 8 8 "Lin-caatria" 17000 tone 53 daya $550 up Liabon Spain Italy Riviera and Scandinavia Three cruise by apedally chartered new oil-burning Cunardera at reasonable rates including hotela drives guides fees etc and allowing atop-over privileges In Europe Longest ei pen-en ced management SOUTH AMERICAi Small party leaves Jan 21 Please Specify the Program That Interests Yen FRANK CLARK Times Building NEW YORK Residents Around Pace and Person Up In Arms Against Proposal Eesideii's of the Face and Terson street neighborhoods are up in arms against the proposal of the Stand ard Oil Company to erect a filling station on a lot at theb intersection Howison is beading a protest movement Permit for tho erection of a filling station was issued to Wclver Allen representing the Standard Oil Co Tuesday Yesterday residents who understood that they had the promise of the city commissioners to allow them a bearing before per mit should be issued were considerably aroused Under the city ordi nance the city building' inspector first passes upon application for permits Appeal from his decision is to the Board of Adjustment from which it may go to the courts The city commissioners it is pointed out have no Toice in the matter A petition signed by a hundred and fifty odd residents of that section has already been riled with the commissioners and has been turned over to the Building Inspector protesting against the filling station Safe Mill rlnfanti Invalid: Childrei The Age Jlch Milk Malted Grain art in powd' onnmakesThe Food-Drinkfor AllAge No Cooking A light Lunc Jways at hand Also in Tablet fom isk for "HorlicKa" at all Fountain rr rit-tiona Substitute ''laislM'ia Wwr mtw udson-Belk Co The House of Better Values 1 VISIT THE STATE Senator Simmons Invites Candidate To Speak at Kings Mountain The News and Observer Bureau 60U District National Bank Bldg By EDWARD BRITTOX Washington Sept 24 Senator Simmons is urging upon John Davis that he accept the invitation extended him in August through Chairman Shaver of the Democratic National Committee that he speak in North Carolina at the celebration of tho nnuiversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7 To day he wired Mr Davis at Locust Valley in the matter saying that he earnestly hoped that he would accept A Daniels and Herring of Wilson in letters to Senator Simmons seek his aid in securing admission to this country of two German girls who are wanted as domestic servants in their families They have been in correspondence with the girls whom they learned through a relative of Mrs Herring and have sent to the Holland-American steamship line $213 each to pay for the girls' passage The girls are held up by some regulation of the American consul at Muenchen and under these it will be several months before they can get their passage booked and leave for America John Effird of Polkton writes Senator Simmons that Rural liontc 3 from Polkton has been bi-weekly for 13 years that in that time la miles of graded roads are on the route the remainder in good shape and that there is a new township high school building in the commu nity Ho says tho progress has been sucli is to call for a daily mail and that the people would like for at least a six months 'trial of this Eighty patrons of the route sign a petition for this and Senator Sim mons will present same to the post offico department Silas Buchanan has been appoint ed postmaster at Minneapolis Avery county Mrs Olhe Wright who has been acting postmaster at Topton has been appointed postmaster Commissioner Joseph Eastman of the Interstate Commerce Commis sion today issued a notice that it would not be practicable to have oral argument planned for October in the southern class rate investiga tion and that lator notice will be given as to the date of hearing at which the results of the traffic test wiH be incorporated and setting the date for oral argument The traffic test by the railroads was made dur ing the month of April in the plan of securing data as to proper rates The railroads reported that it had proven a big task to get together the results of the traffic test and that they would not have these available until December 1 that extra help has had to be employed RALEIGH MAN NAMED DRUGGISTS' OFFICER Atlantic City Sept Sewell I) Andrews Minneapolis wns elected president of tho National Wholesale Druggists' Association nt the convention today Kueb-ler McKay Van Fleet of Memphis William Gary Ororgo Huff of Columbus Ohio and Page of Raleigh were chosen vice presidents How Fat Actress Became Slender Man? itncs ncnntti tmw rirneml ntlril tinntt Nannum j'rwripunn Tahlet for redlining i control Hun fat On Hptit artrec 'tells that she reduced Bipadily and rnslly by mine this new rirni tha ramoua Marmot PrMcriiitloH Now by I Ah ing Marmola Prescription TahlPta several tlmei a year nh kctj9 whisht just rliiht- All druftutsta irll Marmola VrtfKTlptlon Tablets at on dollar for a bni or If am urcrVr you can wouw them direct from the Marmola Co CJeneral Motors Bldg Detroit Mlrh If ml nave not tried them do to Tha mr yieanaiu iKKt aim en trot I tb The Souths largest supply and maehinTy house Manufacturers and jobbers of supplies for tho railroad mill mine foundry machine shop garage quarry contractor etc Your needs promptly filled Steam and Gas Concrete Mixers Pavers Scrapers Crushers Graders Lathes Drills Etc Write For Catalog 4-D-39 Announces Candidacy Cedar Eapids Iowa Sept Luther A Brewer former publisher of the Cedar Bapids Republican today announced his candidacy on the Independent ticket for the United States Senate Almost instant relief for Dr Hand's Colfc Remedy AfrTTrmn t- tt 1 Muinmo wno Keep ur nana wbrry about Baby'a colicl This gentle prescription of a famous children's specialist brings almost in stant relief to the suffering little ona and saves the Mother hours of wakefulness Contains no narcotics Used by careful mothers since 1885 Sold by Boon-Iseley Drug Co sajojB joio pny trtLOBHAND I jt Wear Stora Woman Fcund Not Guilty Renting House Owned By Hardy Mills Louise Price woman living in East Raleigh and who some years ago fur nished the leading case in North Carolina on prostitution in which the Supreme Court for the first time upheld the statute making the character of the house admissible in evidence wa yesterday acquitted by a Wake County jury on a charge of renting a house for immoral pur poses Ihe case was tried Tuesday but the jury did not agree upon its verdict until about six-thirty Wed uesday morning Ihe strongest evidence for tho defendant was the testimony of liardwick Mi prominent rtaieign business man that he is the owner of the house in question and that the defendant had nothing to do with the renting of it Ihe defendant testified that she owns 125 houses in Raleigh and controls 215 Much of the day yesterday was consumed by the trial of George Ray New Light citizen vlio was reported by two of his neighbors as having been seen coming from the direction of a whiskey still with "beer slops" upon his clothes The trial attracted many residents of thTj New Light section from where a considerable proportion of the whiskey cases of the country comesThe defendan tpresent- eu a number of character witnesses several of whom had figured in previous whiskey trials Ihe jury was unable to agree and a mistrial was ordered Fred Johnson a white boy from Caraleigh Mills received three sen tences of four months each for carrying a concealed weapon house break ing and store breaking He solemnly thanked Judge Horton for not imposing a greater sentence About ten clock last night Judge Ilorton discharged until this morning a jury that was unable to agree in tho case of Joe Lcvister Raleigh negro charged with improper relation with a negro girl under 12 years of ago GENERAL SAWYER'S FUNERAL ON FRIDAY Marion 0 Sept 24 Funeral servicej fpr Brigadier General Charles Sawyer who was personal physician to the lato President Hard- ng ind who died here suddenly csterday from heart disease will held from the Sawyer home at -30 o'clock Friday afternoon Secretary of State Charles Hughes who is to address the Re- iiiblican state campaign opening hero Saturday is expected to come on a day earlier for the funeral Messages of sympathy have been received from President Coolidge ind Secretary Hughes by Mrs Sawyer GOLDSBORO CHAMBER ENDORSES PORT BILL Golds'boro Sept 24 Following an ddress by Major General Glenn be- for several hundred members of tho 'hnmber of Commerce last night in which he explained Governor Morri son's port terminal bill the orgnni- ation went on rceord as endorsing the movement and will do every thing in it's power to put it across the November election For forty five minutes Maji General Glenn delved into every phase of the bill and attendants enjoyed every mo ment of his interesting talk I)ur- Hg the meeting four new members were elected to tho Board of Diroc- ors to fill vacancies and otlitr busi ness was transacted To produce tho electricity used New York 2000000 tons of coal re required Tliinqs to Know Before Baby Comes YOU my lesrn the probable date of baby'a birth What you should have and what baby will need Thrse and many other important thingB are fully explained in a wonderful booklet Bent free to ail expectant mothers Thi booklet also tells when and how to use "Mother's Friend" the much talked about rubbing preparation which relaxes the muscles and prepares the way for eomfortabU period during expectancy and for a more natural delivery at child-birth "I thtnk "Mother's Friend' aaved my life" i wrote one enthusiaatie mother "I was aick not over fifteen mlnutea" declared another You will find theae tinned lettera and many more in the booklet which you will receive "Mother's Friend" has been used by three venerationa of expectant mothers Get a bottle today and erpen'ence the wonderful effect "Mother's Friend" will giva you I 1REE BOOKLET Write Bradfleld Regulator Co Dept P-S Atlanta Ga for free booklet leent in plain envelope) Directions for uaing "Mother's iend" will be found with each bottle "Mother's Friend" is sold by all drug stores KLAMOWTH Says Membership Has Run Into "Millions" and That Money Is Ample Kansas City Sept Delegates attending the national Klonvokation of the Eu Eluz Klan here today heard Pr Hiram Wesley Evans I in perial Wizard outline the work and future aims of the hooded order and listened to reports of commit tees The Imperial Wizard in hie address (poke optimistically of the jjrowth of the Klan and dcelareo that it hnd triumphed over all oh staclrs He said that the membership hvl grown into "millions" and that fundi are beginning to be ''ample for our great work" With respect to the restriction of immigration one of the principal themes of his address Dr Evans said: "The nay without presumption claim the better part of the credit for the great achievement at Washington whielf guarantees fu ture protection for our citizens and homes "The Klonnvokation" he said "held here in the great Middle West is assembled on the battle field of tho immediae future Some of the Eastern states are today lost to true Americanism and must be re-won but the great American population of the Middle West of the South and of the Southwest are left to do valiant battle" The Imperial Wizard characterized the East as the ''stronghold of alienism hyphenism and un-American ism" Discussing the affairs of the organization under his administration Dr Evans said "We dirt not lose it single suit not one effective anti-Klan law was passed not ono serious charga ngainst the Klan- was proved the Klan was not shown to have Men responsible for a single riot not one imitating organization has beeti successful and there was not a serious defection inside the Klan" During the present year he said a school had been established for tho training of "Klengles" and speakers and the Klan press had been ''brought under control" "We have entered and are constructively at work in four new fields all vitally important" the Imperial Wizard continued "Two of these relate directly to the Klan itself one being an addition to our ritualistic life the other representing a practical and essential service to Klansmn I refer to the new degree K-Uno and to the Klan Insurance project There have been estBblishcd also with our blessing nnd assistance a boys' department and the women of the Ku Klux Klan" Dr Evans explained that the Klan got the idea of an insurance plan from the KnighU ot Columbus The Klan insurance is written by the Empire Mutual Insurance Company which was chartered undcf the laws of Missouri February 2 Inst Tho capital stocL is owned entirely by the Klan ADVISES NEGRoTaWYER TO SEEK OTHER REMEDY Judge Charles A Wood Bonior member of the Circuit Court of Appeals of the fourth circuit sitting in the United States District court here yesterday advised McC Andrews to go before tho clork of the Leo County Superior Court nnd seek to have revoked letters of administration granted to Uagland for the estate of Ernest Thomas his son-in-law and another administrator Eagland employed Andrews to bring suit for the wrongful death of Thomas Since then the plaintiff has employed white counsel in tho person of Hoyle and Hoyle of Sanford and Little and Barnes of Kaleigh The case cams before Judge Woods Tuesday on the motion of the new counsel to amend the complaint Andrews who has a contract for one-fifth of any recovery that may bo had objected to the amendment Judge Woods Tuesday reserved nc-tion on motion to giva time for a voluntary agreement Yesterday ho again reserved action in order that Andrews might seek a remedy in the Stule courts COUZENS ENDORSED BY MICHIGAN "REGULARS" Detroit Mich Sept Senator Couzens has the oflieial recognition and endorsement of tho Republican party in Michigan today for the first time in his publie enroer Charges that he is a "renegade" and an irregular were swept aside by the delegates to the Republican state contention and a resolution warmly commending him was adopted Ku Klux Klan forces- which had made some claims to strength were hopelessly swamped in the convention Governor Groesbcck and his friends were in complete control and the candidates for state offices bearing the stomp of administration approval unanimously were nominated- The convention went on record favoring rigid law enforcement a protective tariff for copper and the proposed lakes to the sea waterway GENERAL LEJEUNE TO SPEAK IN CHARLOTTE Charlotte Pepr Thursday is to be Military day nt the Carolina Exposition Major Ccnentl John A IxJeune commandant of the Marino corps" nnd General A Bowley commander of Fort Brogg and a contingent of KM) men from Fort Bragg will be here besides representatives of the American Legion post of the Carolines Double Killing Nashville Tenn Sept Will Boyd and Shad Boyd brothers sons of City Detective Hub Boyd were shot and killed early toriht In a road house iterated by Will lloyu at Brentwood nine miles from here Joe Page a telegraph operatrrf for the Louisville nnd Nashville railroad surrendered to the police after the hooting Henry Sharpe of Asheville Elected President of Association Durham Sept Election of of fieers a contest for the Boosters' cup and an address by John Bou shall of Raleigh featured the even ing session of the North Carolina Real Estate Association here Henry Sharpe of Asheville was selected as president for the association for the ensuing year with the following men to serve un der him: Knight Asheville secretary treasurer Frank Filing ton Jfaleigh and Kcphart High Point vice presidents direc tors for one year Dan Ka leigh and Moore Wilmington for two years 8 Wills Greensboro and 8 Noble Win- ston-Salera for three years Franck Durham and Hansom Charlotte The contest for the Boosters' cup each year is one of the outstanding events of the annual conventions The talks made by representatives of six of the cities of the State in tonight's contests were both humorous and full of boosting for the places represented by the speakers Moore of Wilmington was adjudged the winner The other contestants were: Albert Gris-nold Asheville Kuykendall Winston Salem Hiues Raleigh and Trotter Charlotte The attendance cup was awarded to Charlotte the winner being determined from tho number of delegates in attendance at the convention and the mileage While the Greensboro club had the greatest number of delegates distance traveled by the Charlotte men offset their advantage Winston-Salem wim awarded the cup given 4o the realty board in any of the cities of tho State show ing the greatest achievement in a civic way during the past year All of the reports showed tho associations to be active and working with the other organizations in their re spective cities towards their upbuild and betterment The day was busy one with a business session hold in the morning with addresses by George Wright of Asheville and Deal of Winston-Salem featuring During the afternoon a series of field events were staged for the entertainment of the realtors at the league bull park HAIL OF BULLETS IS FIRED INTO HOUSE Kentucky Tobacco Man Re- turns Fire and Believes He Wounded Attackers Lawrencelmrg Ky Sept A watch a sweater and a trail of blood were tho clews upon which Anderson county officers were working in an effort to determine identity of a bnnd of men who fired nearly one hundred bullets into tho home of John Seai prosperous tobacco grower nnd ndepondont buyer last midnight Members of Mr Sea's family es caped injury although windows were shattered and pictures on the wall punctured by bullets The trail of blood found in the yard indicated officers believe that when Mr Sea returned -the fire with a shot-gun and revolver he wounded members of the attacking party He followed tho trnil in tho yard to a point on a nearby road where automobiles in which the men came were (parked Mr Sea estimated (here were 35 automobiles and about l0 men This was the second occurrence of (his kind to be reported in this section within a week Fifty men were reported to have visJed tha homes of Cain and Searcy oper ators of an independent looso leaf tobacco sales warehouse nnd warned tlietn not to bold sales this season WORLD FLIERS WILL' RESUME TRIP TODAY Los Angeles Calif Sept The six Army world tliers were ready to night after a day of rest to start tomorrow morning from Clover Field Santa Monica near here In Crissy Field San Francisco The hree great world cruisers are in til shape and weather permitting tho glnne-girttlt will take ott about i'l eclocK in the moraing to 11 over anta Barbara Santa Marin" San tuis Obispo fnert Robles Salin-iF nd San Jose on the third from the nst leg of the official flight around he world terminating in Seattle COUNTY JAIL SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION i Lowell Mass Sept Si-The Mid llesex county jail here which ha had a dearth of prisoners for seven! vears was sold at auction todiv Tin- roperty was hnuaht lv Dr aim O'Connor of Lowell on holm 1 if Cardinal OVonnell No announce ment was made as to what use the miMing would be pet Officials sai'l the jail had been surplus plant since prohibition was enacted'' Denies Petition Pan Francisco Calif Sent 21- The state supremo court today denied a petition for a writ of man-dats to compel Robert Graham erk of Marin county to place the name or the Ia' Follette-Wheeler "residential electors on the Novem- ier ballot in California DDrand Insert Powder von 1 of harm mnthmg eirept Insect! Household Aires 15c and st70o McCORMICK CO Mm jiiii ni ynur uru(Bii ui roccr ANNUAL If! I Raleigh Lions Vote To Furnish Juvenile Periodical For The State School The juvenile Braille magazine pub lislied by the Lions Clubs of Ohio for the instruction and entertain ment of blind children will be furnished studets of the State School for the Blind by the Raleigh Lions Club The organization at its regular meeting yesterday nfternooa at the Sir Walter voted to have the magazine sent to the blind juveniles beginning with tho October issue The magazine is the onlv Braille periodical published exclusively for the entertainment and Instruction? of blind children of the ages of 7 to 15 years and it is regarded as the outstanding achievement of the Lions Clubs of Ohio Copies of the magn zines are being made available throughout the nation and even in other countries aud they have been wonderful source of interest and benefit for the little ones deprived of their eight Tim Haleish Lion ill furnish one magazine for each en pupils of the State school durine the school months and during the tnrce summer Tnention months will furnish each individual pupil with copy Ihe matter was presented lo the lub by Lion Pillsburv who sub mitted a report on the benefits of the magazine and the number of opies necessary to give tho students the State school an opportunity to reaa it regularly District Cover nor lalo Burgess supplemented Jir j'lllsliurv report with a stronir plea in behalf of the proposition and Jus motion tho club unanimously oiea tno appropriation with the sub- riptioa beginning with the next is sue As a feature in this connection the iud nail as its guest Dallas Lynn 11-year-old blind youth from Durham who is a sixth grade rmnil at the Stnto school The youngstor lost his sight in his infancy from an 'taetc of typhoid fer He rend the Pledgo to tho Flag" and the "Flag reed" from a copy of the Braille magazine and received a rousing ovation from the club members The oy was accompanied by IT Griffin principal of tho literary de triment of the school Besides be- ug arr adept student young Lvnn is bIso a piano pupil nnd a member the school orchestra Lion Polk Denmark presented the club the silver loving cup which it won for the best attendance in tha Fall Festival parade it being tho second successive vear tho Hub igh Lions have been awarded the rophy Lion Frank Cupps reported thai Misses Lillie May (Scruggs and Mar garet Moore of the senior and junior high schoola respectively were the winners in the essay contest fltnged-liy' the Liens fn connection ith the observance of Constitution Week Miss Moore ws awarded a 10 gold' piece and the award to Miss will be made in the near future The initiation committee trans formed II Herring and If A Mooneyhnm Jr into full-fledged Lions with appropriate ceremonies A committee of fivo Lions was named to attend a nioeting called by Dr A Bullu Wake county health ofticer for October 3 to consider the advisability of a movement for the purpose of building a county hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis The meeting was closed with a musical program The Kanoca Orchestra composed of Mrs Hester leader and pianist Carey Mnynard violinist and LcGwin Hester banjo player rendered "Souvenir" and "Mighty Luk a Rose" and several popular selections Lion 0 "Neil" Hester sang "Tho Holy City" "Voices of tho Woods" and "The Rosary" nnd with Mrs Hester rendered a duet "Song of Love" from Blossom Time the orchestra playing the accompaniments GOVERNORMORRISON SPEAKS IN SALISBURY Salisbury Sept It is coward ly and unpatriotic to fail to do what an opportunity is now offered to do to relieve North Carolina from unjust freight rates declared Governor Cameron Morrison to several hundred men and women here tonight In discussing the proposed port legislation 11a wns condemning critics of the proposed relief measure who themselves offer nothing but are coutent to let things remain as they ate The governor cited" incidents given by the port commission showing discriminations in freight rates owirrg to a lack of competitive rates and declared that the proposed development of our ports and terminal facilities will mean the saving of millions each year to our people Governor Morrison was accompanied here by Mrs Morrison He was introduced by Senator Waller Woodson DRIVES TO HOSRTAL AFTER BEING SHOT Mueon i Ga Sept 2J--Tust after lint in tho chest in the re- being sh gion of the hfrM A Long Jr wholesale grocery talesman stepped into his automobile lato today and drove four miles to a local hospital where he collapsed Doctors say he has little chance to recover Sheriff's deputies investigating tho case found that Bell grocery man one of ling's best friends laid a pistol on a counter in Beli's store in a suburb am the gun cceidentally went mY PEGGY JOYCE SETTLES MARITAL DIFFICULTIES New Vork Sept 24 Count and Countess fiosta Mnrqcr the latter known professionally as Teggy Hopkins Joyce actress have agreed to settle out of court their martial difficulties Frank Delaney attorney for Miss Joyce announced tonight He said that compact had been drawn up in wh'ieh the count agrees withdraw his suit for innulmcnt of his marriage Miss Joyce consents to withdraw her suit for separation Both are said to promise in this document never to renew these proceedings cither hero or abroad BLIND CH! EN 3000 HATS ON SALE AT VERY SPECIAL PRICES We are showing everything that ia new in Men's Felt Hats for Men and Young Men all newest shapes and colors 3000 Hats on sale at very special prices $195 $295 $395 $495 to $700 udson-Belk Co B'u l-R muM WmStimm'? mi 't II lilff Raleigh's Most Popular Readyto I I I I 128 FAYETTEVILLE STREET We Welcome the College Girls TO RALEIGH AND OUR STORE School days are always happy for Raleigh folks It means so many happy friendships" new and renewed We invite all the College Girls and Teachers to make this store their business home TODAY 1 Try Our Business Men's 50c-LUNCH-50c It is delicious You will enjoy our real Home Cooking COFFEE SHOPPE CAFE 225 South Wilmington St.

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