Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 12, 1974 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1974
Page 8
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WEST AFRICAN TRAVELS. By Sylvia Ardyn Boone. (Random House, $8.95) This interesting travel book is a city-by-city survey of fourteen capitals and major cities in Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Upper Volta, Nigeria, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. Ms. Boone prefaces her "Guide to People and Places" with pertinent advice: use only your right hand for greeting, eating and giving as the left side is considered "strongly negative"; "contempt for African food" indicates contempt for the people; since jobs are scarce, accept the fact that many Africans work as servants. An accepting' attitude toward all African people is most important, she feels: condescension will only irritate. The history and significance of each city covered, along with specific information about hotels and restaurants make this an up-to-date guidebook for "the fortunate who can afford the trip. But curious stay-at-homes will benefit a great deal by perusing this candid, informal book about modern Africa. — George Carson novel already a bestseller in France and Italy and soon to be a motion picture. Because the characters' real-life counterparts are notorious, the book is long on action but if the dialogue is a facimile of jet set scintillating conversation, their parties must be Dullsville. Socrates Satrapoulos is The Greek, a billionaire shipping tycoon. His brother-in-law Herman Kellenberg is his chief competitor. They are married to sisters, both Greek, at the outset; Socrates, in between wheeling and dealing, courts a fiery concert pianist on his fabulous yacht, finally marries the wife of an American politician who was assassinated. Want to know how the-too-rich-to-courit-it live? They beat women, humiliate hirelings and forget their humble beginnings. What accounts for their success? Super-human drive and sub-human morals, with an assist from a clairvoyant. Occasionally your blood pressure (and your bile) may rise but after it's over you may able to count your own blessings. — Mary Ann Riley The Iowa Book Shelf *rarss» 9 High Interest is Even Higher «/ Mr Dirk's hnnk is fnrthpr NEW YORK (AP) —High but relatively few customers treasurer nf a wpll knnwnmiil- are navin? more thai Arcadians Host Several Guests ARCADIA — Mrs. Irene Mohr of Quincy, Mass., and Mrs. Gene Schrad of San Francisco, Calif., visited this past week in the Jim Schrad home here. Mrs. Agnes Berger of Omaha arrived Thursday to spend a week ia the Mrs. Marcella Berger home. On Saturday the two women and Mrs. Adrian Snyder of Breda, Irene Bruening of Carroll and Mrs. Clarence Riesberg 4-H News ARCADIA — The Arcadia Energetic 4-H Club held a fishing party June 3. The club members and leaders Lyle Vonnahme and Richard Ricke and Don Badding met at the Arcadia Park and traveled to the James Clark pond near Westside. Loren Dentlinger caught the record fish, a three pound one. Members brought sack lunches. The club's project night will be held July 1. Members will meet at the park at 6:30 p.m. and travel.from there to the ' various homes. attended the wedding of Barbara McCoy and Doyle Swan at Boone. Mrs. Steve Palmer of Omaha accompanied her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rowedder to Denison to attend the 35th wedding anniversary observance of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Erichs Friday evening. The next day, Steve and his parents Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer, Omaha, joined the Rowedders and Mrs. Palmer and all traveled to Alexandria, Minn., for a week's vacation. Mrs. A. R. Hesson and Leah of Willmar, Minn., visited several days with her mother Mrs. Louis Schroeder. HANDBOOK OF PSI DISCOVERIES. By Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. (Putnam, $8.95) If you are interested in ESP or have followed Edgar Cayce this book is for vou. PSI is the letter of the Greek alphabet used to define all types of psychic phenomena. This book covers many and the authors tell incidents of communications even through plants showing the actual response to kind words and words of reproof. Experiments with simple electrical appliances have given remarkable results. Tape recorders were used both in groups and individually to record voices taken out of the air that upon reading the tape were clearly understandable. The equipment used is so simple and the results so convincing that if you read this you may become a believer. — Genevieve Spaulding THE GREEK. By Pierre Rey. (Putnam, $8.95) Depending upon whether or not you consider it tasteless for a French gossip columnist to draw a thin veil of fiction over the lives of those in the international jet set, you may get a vicarious thrill out of this -0- THE APOSTATE ANGEL, A CRITICAL STUDY OF GORE VIDAL. By Bernard F. Dick. (Random House, $6.95) Gore Vidal is a major figure among the American intelligensia, a stature which guarantees the importance of this book. However, Mr. Dick does not present an adequate study. While his literary analysis is good, he fails to present Vidal's historical milieu, and from his conversations with this intriguing man one would expect more of Vidal's personality to be explored. Moreover, the author hardly mentions Vidal's brilliant debates with William Buckley and scant mention of his superb essays. Mr. Dick's book is further marred by his propensity to offer rather sophomoric observations about life and art. One's irritation is mollified by his literary analyses and his adroit plot summaries — a valuable service which informs and stimulates further reading of Vidal's works. In spite of serious shortcomings, Mr. Dick has introduced a provocative, prolific, and articulate man. Worth reading. — Maurice M. LaBelle Club Meets At Health Center ARCADIA — The U.P.W. of .the Arcadia Presbyterian Church held their monthly meeting in conjunction with a visit to the Carroll Health Center on June 6. The program opened with devotions led by the U.P.W. president Mrs. Joe Schweers. A playlet on the Lord's Prayer was given in which various colored candles represented portions of the prayer with a large candle in the center for the Lord. Taking part were Mrs. Henry Kasperson and Mrs. Schweers. Pastor Roger Williams followed with scripture and a sermonette. Mrs. Williams accompanied group singing on her guitar. Many of the residents participated and later enjoyed coffee and cookies brought by the U.P.W. BREHHY S MARKET WEST 3rd STREET - PRICES GOOD THRU TUESDAY. JUNE 18 GRADE"A" WHOLE FRYERS 39? WILSON Country Style Pork Ribs u> Wilton Smoked Picnics ib. Boston Butt Pork Roast ib. lean Pork Steak ,ib Morrell Smoked Ham Portions u>. Viatic Hamb. Chips ..32-oz. jar Open Pit A f^j, BarBQue Sauce . .is-oi. o9* Van Camp Grated Tuna ,...6-0.. can SKIN-ON Wieners $47? 4 5-Lb. Box Morrell Frontier jm f± + Bacon a, 49* U.S.D.A. Choice O O <* Cook-Out Steak IB. OO C Ground Beef 3-u* *2 09 All Meat Large Bologna Lb. Young Budget Buy m ^% . Turkeys Lb 49* CHIPOS 12-Oz. Without Coupon 89< Good only at Brenny'i Market thru June 18 1 coupon per family ' SNACK ITEMS 2 for Without Coupon 2 for $1.18 Good only at Brenny's Market thru June IB 1 coupon per family $100 Shurfresh Potato Chips jo-oz. Shurfine m t\j> Stuffed Olives r-oz 69* Hunt'* Ketchup 20-oz. Mrs. Grimes Golden 303 Can Corn 4 for Milwaukee Best £ • OA Beer , 2 PQ|C * | 89 Budweiser &O45 Beer 12 Pak * A Jeno's 14'/2 Oz. PlZZa w/cheese Box Kraft £ _ Velvetta 2 .ib,. ^ I Campfire 16-Oz. Mar'mallows. Costello Frozen Dessert ..</, cat. Rio Frozen 10-Oz. 3 for Strawberries. New B Size White £ . Potatoes lo-ib.. *l Prize of Iowa ^91\+ Butter ib. 79 C Shurfresh Buns 12 pak hamburger 10 pak hot dog 2 Pkgs. NEW YORK (AP) - High as they are, those rising interest rates being reported day after day are even higher than is immediately obvious, in some instances by very substantial, and for some borrowers, critical amounts. The situation is causing considerable fear and frustration among corporate borrowers and some lenders, too. And to some, real distress. The prime lending rate for the best corporate customers is now between 11.25 and 11.40 per cent at big national banks, but relatively few customers receive those rates. More likely they pay close to 14 per cent. The reason is a custom called the compensating balance that equires corporate borrowers to keep on deposit—earning no interest—between 10 to 20 per cent of the loan's face value. In theory, this compensates the lender for various services—advice, collection, bookkeeping and the like. The added expense for borrowers doesn't end there. The treasurer of a well known mul- t i n a t i o n a 1 corporation explained: "It is difficult for a company to maintain the precise compensating balance so you try to keep a bit more on deposit. And that means your effective rate is higher still." Interviews with bankers and borrowers indicate that rates are even higher for many companies. Sound but not prime borrowers generally must-pay 1 or 2 per cent over the stated prime rate. Thus, some concerns now are paying more than 15 per cent to Borrow from banks, and 20 per cent or more to borrow from big finance companies that offer loans secured by equipment and accounts receivable. Even at bank rates in excess of 15 per cent, many corporate borrowers still cannot be certain that rising borrowing costs end there. The cash register was invented by James Ritty, an Ohio saloon keeper, to keep his bartenders honest. JCPenney shirt and sleepwear sale * Remember Dad Sunday June 16th. Sportshirt sale. Save on a selection of short sleeve styles for men. Sale 3 15 to 11 20 Reg. 3.98 to $14. A great selection of knit and woven sport shirts for Dad. Find polyester & polyester/Cottons in fancy patterns, plaids, stripes, & solids, in casual & tailored looks. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Sleepwear for men at a big 20% savings. Sale $ 4 to6 38 Reg. $5 to 7.98. Men's pajamas in pullover or notch collar styles. Short sleeves or long in polyester/cotton. Choose prints or solids in sizes S, M, L, XL. Sale prices effective thru Sunday. Catalog Phone 792-3524 STORE HOURS: 9:00-5:00 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat. 9:00-9:00 Wed. A Fri. 1:00-5:00 Sunday OPEN WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY NITES TILL 9-SUNDAY 1 to 5

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