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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 12

Raleigh, North Carolina
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THE NEWS AND OBSERVER FRIDAY MORNING DECEMBER 12 1919 12 under the Federal act Key Fred Col URGES PREVENTION OF eiga at the Puilen Memorial Baptist church up setting with no eotton or other inflammable material used for decoration CHILE APPROVES THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS school and scout's efforts to secure same by soliciting votes which were received at the door on this occasion The lins a prominent Baptist minister of CHRISTMAS TRAGEDIES fire place havo a fender or other protection about it before the children are allowed to gather around in their canton flannel or outing nighties to take down their stockings She recommends asbestos fiber and mineral wool and incombustible bells final count giving it to the school Ahoskie Mr Colline will be called on to strengthen the support and sympathy of the churches educational Women of State Are Asked To and other ornament Care and pre Inter-Koclety Debater Chosen Trinity College Durham Dee 11 The preliminaries to the inter-society CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years institutions temperance organizations anjl moral forces generally in the offices of the Federal authorities to make National Prohibition a success in North Colds Cause Headache and Pains Feverish Headaches and Body Pains caused from a cold are soo relieved bytaking LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets There is onlv orie "Bromo Quinine" GHOVE'S signature oa the box Adv Always bears the Signature of Carolina Mr Collins ia declared to be eminently qualified for this undertaking He lias preached recently in Eal- caution in the use of eaadles if they bare to lie used when eleetrie bulbs are not available She wonld have Santa Claua and his Inflammable outfit safeguarded and all candles removed from tit tree before gifts are taken therefrom for distributor Old Santa's aorc turns should she Warns be dipped ia a solution of four ounces phosphate of ammonia to a quart of water to make it anfc from fire bhe warns tliat there should be great care In handling gifts made of celluloid especially around Christmas trees and that there should be no cap pistols or Japanese sparklers or mechanical toys that require gasoline Give Co -operation in Fire and Accident Prevention Mrs Alderman representing the JCorth Carolina Insurance Department is Bending an appenl to the women of the State through the presidents of the Women's Clubs and other civie organizations for fullest co-operation in fire ajrd accident prevention in celebrating Iho Christmas season She would have ''The White Cross'1 of prevention accorded place at letst equally important as Ked Cross" of first aid so freely and rightly supported on every hand "White Cross'' of prevention being really an even greater national asset than the "Hed Cross" first aid Spening for Commissioner Young REV FRED COLLINS IS FEDERAL INSPECTOR debate between the Columbian and Hesperian Literary societies have been held within the past few days and the following teams selected to represent their respective societies: Columbian Carpenter Durham ti Harmon Moneurej 3 Jackson fouth Bend Indiana Hesperian Iiolton Durham Thomas Henderson and Pprirkle fieklsville The question for debate this year is: Bcsolved That the principle of the opcn shop should he adopted in American industries The Columbian team will argue the affirmative while the Hesperian will defend the negative The debate will be held December 19 res se tV iS ft-r-m wf Col I Sanderford director of Fed Do Your Xmas Shopping at eral Prohibition for Korth Carolina has nominated as one of the inspectors or kerosene for running them given to children Whatever else If left undone In the way of precautions she would urge that there be fire extinguishers of tonven-lent buckets of water to promptly extinguish whatever fire might start Furthermore she urges that every opea mm mm Wilson Mrs Alderman suggests precautions for preventing Christmas tragedies that BLANCHE M'CAOE ON TRIAL AGAIN IN CITY COURT British Statesman Returning From South America Dis-cuiaea Conditions London Not (By One of tlie greatest needs of the South American republies today is an immense increase of merchant shipping says Kir Ismnel Torornal head of lha Chilean Mission which has just been entertained in England "We tack ships for the trade in Europe" Honor Torornnl asserted fcV need ships in nhuiidaiu if we are to reach ths fall plentitudo of our mercantile power We are anxious to expand ur trade irith England and with Europe In general With America we haTe had important commercial associations and much machinery in Chile is of American or German manufacture "To turn to political matters the re-eent references to the Republic of Peru in connection with Chile in the European press) hare perhaps left unexplained the actual state of affairs or rather the origin of the question There is a treaty which must bo fulfilled and the Chilean government is ready to meet all its obligations After ouf tear with Peru and Bolivia JR79-1883 We received the province of Karapaca as an indemnity For frontier purposes we Were given possession of Tacna and Arica for at of ten years at the expiration of which a plebiscite was to be taken and whichever eountry was ehosen by the voters was to pay ft sum of money to the country which lost on the plebscite Up to the present' moment no plebiscite has taken place ow ing to the intransigent attitude of Peru to who shall have the vote Chile wishes everybody to be given the right to vote but Peru is not in aoconl with nhniit this That is shortly the root Charged with loud and boisterous cursing of Mr Arthur Watkins postal clerk at the Union depot on Wednesday nigh Blanche McCade stoutly pro follow in the wake of fireworks carelessly staged Christmas trees and home school and church celebrations She would have no sales of fireworks either in town or country stores since every Roman caiiHe and sky-rocket has its train of fire and sparks that may set fire to dwelling barn cotton gin or other property with attendant danger to lives Mrs Alderman warns that Christmas trees should be firmly fixed to prevent tested her innocence in city court yes SAFES Barnes Safe Vault 0 121 Bait Main Street Richmond Va HobU HaruM Plop and Mgr terday Graves testified to her language and declared that she used every oath in the Tocabulary Here vou can find useful and pleas Mr Graves became involved when ho turned around towards them being attracted by the many oaths Blanche then turned on him and gave him a worse tirade than she did Watkins Mr Graves testified that he never spoke to SQUARE WEIGHT AND SOUND MEAT ing gifts For men a new Overcoat Suit Hats Shirts Ties 1-2 Hose good "handkerchief FOR a Coat Dresses furs a new hat Gossard Corset Brassier Onyx Hose Hank's Bed Room Shoes Bath Mats Fancy Towels and- numerous other things Give us an early call and save being crowded at the last moment the woman either before or after she started on him The ease" will be continued until Saturday so as to have Mr Watkins present A subpoena was issued for Watkins yesterday Bonds of $100 each were given yesterday by Kitty Lucas and Thelma Car-now who were the first part of the week convicted of immorality The two girls were sentenced to three years nt the Industrial Home at Bnmarcund from which sentence they took an appeal to the higher court Just a our scales tell tie truth so our meats live up to our reputation for quality and wholcsomeness You of the question There is no danger of war however bctwene the two countries "We are on Tory good terms with tho will no be disappointed at any of our meat cuts You will not be embarrassed by having to apologize to other two A 0 Powers the frontier difficulties with the Argentine have been satisfactorily settled of course Chile your guest! for the inferiority of our Was the first South American nation to meats ORDR FROM US QUICK 1 1- submit to sirbitrBtion in 1903 when we aceeptod King Edward's solution of the diffienltles with the Uuited States "The Monroe Doctrine of which the When the bait is worth more than the fish it it time to stop fishing Father Time has to face smokeless powder in his battles with women world hears so much from timo to time means a continental policy for America North and South It originated it is said in the brain of the English states LI man George Canning- At the time of To) la the Holy Alliance in Europe he in SERVICE Hunnicutt's Market Wilmington St opais unu -jf l30 Ttt4a- 1L si3fj 0 Shu -fit Spats our specially designed Spat Pumpa lP I lH 0 "n9 Bea8ons mont popular combination The II Pump is made of Patent Leather with turned J0J Jj iole and covered Louis heel Price $964 Wm Shurfit SnaU Btructed the British Minister at Wash fe I ington to suggest it to the American i i government An exchange of letters followed between Monroe Jefferson and Madison in 1823 The Monroo Doetrine was the outcome Wihon's Shopping Center Raleigh "With regard to the league of Nations ii1l (iWH II nrMLi -StHVf Ui tVi A SJWT SW iBWT iW nX-Ki iWSi sWSs STWSI Kr STw MV Chile approved of the scheme without discussion We fully appreciated th3 noblo intentions of tho statesmen who conceived the mensurc If it helps even if only for a time to make the world tranquil it will bo of enormous utility Try Musterole See How Quickly It Relieves You just rubiiiusterole In briskly and Usually the pain la a delicious raothingcomfort comes to takeitsplace Musterole is a clean white ointment made with oil of mustard Use it instead of mustard plaster Will not blister Many doctors and nurses use Musterole and recommend it to their patients They will gladly tell you what relief It gives from sore throat bronchitis croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia congestion pleurisy rheumatism lumbago pains and aches of the back or joints sprains sore muscles bruises chilblains frosted feet colda of th chest Always dependable 30 and 60c jars hospital size $250 Today wo cannot judge it we must await results What we can do is to npprociato the spirit which animated those who brought it into being" Spenkr On Prohibition $400 II I I Spring Hope Dep Dr Onorse Morrow addressed the people of Spring III gm ''jA ft 1 sir wEMfr Hope last night on prohibition nt tho church here Quite a largo audience heard the gifted speaker who is well known in prohibition work lie gave the great evil a good chase and few people could refuse aid to such a worthy cause after hearing his argument A beautiful United Slates flag was presented to Iho graded school nt the close of tho service the result of the "THE LEADERS" Sine 1889 Since 1889 ft A -Happtj Ckristiiias This Laxative Is Now in Half a Million Homes They regulate their health with Dr Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Where there ate women and young children and elderly people is always well to have a mild gentle-scting laxative like Dr Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin handy This it a combination of simple laxative herbs with pepsin which does all that is required in constipation and does it with safety and comfort It it (res from narcotics and may be given to babies Half a million mothers have it in at many good American homes and these families art healthier lot it Every drug store sells Syrup Pepsin at SOe and $1 a large bottle the latter lot those who already know it! merits Jmtittoflhiftct IM Dr Ctldmll't Syrup Ptpsin Hit largest ttUint liquid lattlivt lis the world tktrl teinf tvlf million botttet tali rich yur many who need ill fcmjils htvt not yet used it If you htvt otttend your nam tnd address for fret Irfal bottle it tr iiiniiiiiiiiiiiirniiiiiiiiiinHiiiiiiiiniiiiiiinHNiiHiiiinniininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNii A Happij New Year A Happi Wkole Year And Mamj Happvj Years Thereafter Will be Assured to You With the Purchase of A Jesse Frencli Planer Piano Caldwell Sll Washington St Monti etllo Illinois DR CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN THE PERFECT LAXATIVE Railroad Schedules A ft! vi 1 ant ttiriur ef amnii (rln fttHVifc (Union CttJt) Tht loHowini trhtditU tlfurfj tublltbW InftrMallQR titd aot utrftnttt4 (tiittrn 8tan4nnl TlmM NORFOLK-tOUTNEItN RAILROAD AfTlM inn) 7: Nrrtrlk WtihlntttR BrRflllt ft 7:35 a Norfolk WiiMngton Orinnvlllt 13 AS Boihiivfn WaihlmUn il ion :0 1:15 Charlom Vtrlna Stir 7:10 i FiyattovHIa Lltltnitsn Fu may Sprlngi JAP FtytttlvlUff LHIinilftn Fu- uy ftwrinsi Fayttvill 9 KM ft a 4'40 ft) Fay'tUvlHt Llllint Fh euay rmg SEABOARD AIR UNI RAILROAD From Ltiva For It will talte "the spirit of Christmas" into yotir home and leave it there Hours of enjoyment hours of education in appreciation and understanding of better of happiness and freedom from care such as Music alone can give these are some of the blessings you can give to your home if you Make it Your Gift Your Family This Christmas Quality First Quality Jesse French Sons Piano Co (A Name Well Known Since 1875) Olivia Raney Library Building Phone 428 Few men have enough FINE SILK SHIRTS He Would Like One of These for a Christmas Gift One can hardly make a mistake in giving: a man a Silk Shirt for ChrisU mas They are as good for business as for dress occasions We have received a-new shipment of Shirts that are very attractive values Made of the most desirable silk fabrics in patterns that are neat and tasteful Many Shirts of silk as low as $050 and up to $1550 Madras Shirts iri a wide variety of designs and colorings $2 to $5 each Cross Linehan Co i 1 ft JackMnvlllt NnwVirt 1 :45 1:25 a Ntw York Jackionvin 540 a Norfotk 12 a I AO I Iaefcritivilia Haw York 3:00 si 10 Noflolh at Niw York Jacfueflytllt 7:10 SlMsInt car Hrvlu noHhbounl train to Wain- "THE LEADERS" Since 1889 Since 1889 Iftitoa 0 amy txttti naia no 4 Traai tflh 1:00 a a BOUT HERN RAILROAD LINES Arrl From Laava For OrMntfaora WaynmMla :32 a 12:40 a Durham Srrtbor 4:15 a 1045 a nt Durham Granbor 7:00 4:00 a Durham flrnibor 1:30 am 4:15 ftcltna fintiKbor 7:23 a 12:0 a Kctma Coldthor 4W) a 0 Xf a Sflma Crt'diboro 12:40 7 -IV ft Sal ma OoMvhr-n 10 4ft in UNITED RTAUS A 1 1 HO AO At? I ItSTHAl ION CONUOLIOATED TICKtT OFFICER BM F-honi 621 270 ftatvlan Pftonaa it70 4 021 tBuaday anly 0lly axeapl Sunday.

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