The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on August 15, 1920 · 21
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 21

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Sunday, August 15, 1920
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The N e w§ ObS BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM IN NORTH CAROLINA and WATCH LABEL on your pkp Band rnnrl I dan fcrfort expiration and rold mining alncl copr erver PRICE: FIVE CENTS VOL CXI NO 48 RALEIGH N C SUNDAY MORNING AUGUST 15 1920 SUFFRAGEF1BHT CENTERS INTEREST !N NORTH CAROLINA Strong Support By President Wilson Governor Cox and Others Significant f DEMOCRATIC TRIUMPH WOULD THEN BE ASSURED North Carolina Women Point To Good Besults Achieved By Eaual Suffrage Elsewhere and Confidently North Carolina Lock To To Lend Helping Hand To The Women Because of the tremendous national Interest centered in the possible verdict of the North Carolina Legislature (in the subject of the ratification of the Federal suffrage amendment in its special session which convened on August 10 the State is occupying a place well £p to the front and center of the political arena The favorable action cf the North Carolina Legislature will form a most important contribution to the chances for Democratic victory Democratic leaden believe and for this reason the party's national leaders are concentrating their attention upon the Tar Heel" 8tate just now The strong support Riven the cam paign to bring about the ratification of the Federal suffrage amendment by President Wilson Goemor Cox of Ohio the party's Presidential nominee Josephmus Daniels Secretary of the Navy the National Democratic Committee and North Carolina State Democrats is an indication of the' impor tance attached to the completion of the ratification of the suffrage amendment by a Democratic Legislature Governor Cox has indicated by his action in Urging ratification in other Democratic Etates that he feels the great value of a Democratic triumph in the enfranchise inent of the women of the nation Such an achievement for the Democratic barty many prominent leaders declare will bring about strong support of the farty ticket from women in all States MKS T JAjUMliit JJiWMAJN Chairman State Batifitiation Committee Are You With Us? Are you alive to the good that has teen accomplished in the States where woman suffrage has been granted! Are you keen that the women of your State shall have the power of the ballot as well as tho women of Tennessee Wyoming Colorado Idaho Utah Washington California Arizona Kansas Oregon Montana Texas Nexada Illinois and New Yorkt ( Are you ready to fight in this great War for democracy by securing to one-half the people of your State a voice In their own government t GEBTKUDE WEIL President North Caiolina Equal Suffrage Association Not At Home ""Woman's place is in the home" Tou were out today! Were you at your children's school f Politics controls the school Were you buying your dinner! Politics controls pure-food laws and feiarket conditions Were you buying ready-made clothing! Politics controls conditions under yhich such clothing is made What controls politics? The ballot MABTHA HAYWOOD Women Mentally Competent Have you ever thought why your mother wife sister and daughter are not allowed to votef The only reason for not enfran chising any class of people in a demoe racy is because they are mentally or morally incompetent to vote The reason why women are not en Jranchised is because when our Constitution was made a hundred and twenty-five years ago women were considered mentally incompetent to vote One hundred and twenty-five years ago girls were not admitted to the pub' lie grammar schools women were not admitted to the colleges women were not admitted to many of the trades and professions married women could not own property and married women did not own their own children During the past hundred and twenty f ve years the status of women has completely changed " ' The mental competence of women is sow recognized in all phases of social responsibility — except that of the fran chise The time has eome to change the political status of women and to make it accord with the facts How long will our State tolerate the low political position of its women now that thirty otter btates are raising them to the dignity of citizenship and siring them the right to vote for Presidential electors this fall! ELSIE O EIDDICK For Increased White Supremacy Woman Suffrage in North Carolina will increase whit supremacy Population of North Caroliaa Over 21 Yeara of Age White Women 358583 Colored Women 159236 Therere there are 199347 more white women in N C than colored WlAia Women 358583 Color! Men and Women 303988 There are over 50000 more white women in N C than eolored men and women together Woman 8uffrag will greatly increase the white vote in all the states south of the Mason and Dixon line Popnlatioa ef IS Southern States Over 21 Yeara of Age White Women 106814)26 Colored Women 4354089 Tlereme there are more than twice at many white women in the South as eolored women White Women 10661926 Colored Men and Women 8643650 Thereftke there are over two millilon more white women than eolored men nd women together 11V WTTTrH fASF ARF YOTT?l I M± 1 T ¥ JLMJL J ---- M I L J I THE CASE FOR WOMAN SUFFRAGE ''Woman suffrage is vital to the right solution of the great problems which we must settle and settle immediately We shall need women in our vision of affairs as we have never needed them before the sympathy the insight and clear moral instinct of the women of the world "We shall need their moral sense to preserve what is right and fine and worthy in our system of life as well as to discover just what it is that ought to le purified and reformed Withuot their counselings we shall be only half wise" i (! Wilson "THE CASE AGAINST fed wSBi Lowest Infant Death Rate In Countries Having Full Suffrage Rights For All New Zealand First Country to Grant Suffrage to Women Has Lowest Infant Mortality Rate in the World Women Use Ballot To Further Legislation For Home and State In days gone by dire accusations were brought against women who dared nurse an ambition to have a voice in the government of their country- Every unlovely epithet in the English dictionary — and there are ev-eral— was bestowed upon them They were home-wreckers child-haters family destroyers But year by year woman suffrage was tried out country by country State by State and lol it was discovered that woman was using her vote not to wreck the home but to protect it not to the hurt of children but to their great good not to destroy the family but to strengthen and se cure it So widespread has been the discovery that opponents of woman suffrage no longer dare make these charges save in backwoods places — or places that they consider backwoodsy In view of the facts it is to flout the intelligence of a community to tell it that to give a woman the Tight to protect her home and her children by a vote is to make her hate home and children Every time and every where that woman gets a chance to vote she proceeds to use that vote for the benefit of home and children Consider the record: Over 300000 babies die every year in the United States before they are one year old The National Conservation Commission estimates that an individual is worth $2900 to society At this rate the 300000 babies represent a yearly loss of (370000000 to the United States Five Countries Below America Five countries have a lower infant death rate than the United States They are New Zealand with an infant death rate of 59 per 1000 births Norway 68 per 1000 Australia 7B per luuu Sweden 72 per 1000 and France 78 per 1000 The women in au nve countries leading the list now have full or municipal suffrage Women have had thn vote in New Zealand for 20 years and New Zealand has the lowest infant death rate in the world Tn the United States UUiiornia full suffrage State is the banner baby statu It has the highest birth rate in the Union and a very low death Kito One of the lowesi imam aeam rates in the United States 477 is in Rprkelev California Tn Portland Ore the imam ceam rata is 551 per 1000 births in Spo kane Washington 577 riansas has re duced its rate irom izv ro u since it ndopted a public nursing association in 1913 Washington gave women the rote in 1910 California in nan an fit! A Oreecn in 1912 When of all the civilied world the mmtrv that has had woman suffrage the longest has the lowest death rate and the countries wita tne next lowest Tate all have woman suffrage can the he a doubt that woman sunragi helps to bring about healthier living i-nnditions lor all tne peouiei Isn't it evident that when mothersj are represented in government ana their opinions and interests are consulted babies have a better chance f Isn't it proved that women with the (Continued on Page Two) WOMAN SUFFRAGE" BUSINESS WOMEN NEED THE BALLOT Resolution Favoring Amendment By Federation of Business Women's Clubs When the North Carolina Federation of Business and Professional Women met in Greensboro on June 10th reso lution was adopted and adopted unanimously by that body of women asking that the Legislature of North Carolina when it met in special session to ratify the Federal Suffrage Amendment Business women are In earnest with reforence to equal suffrage They realize the necessity of having a vote It is not a question with them of rushing to the polls to take part in an all-day voting contest (for we usually keep the shop open while the others are spending the day at the polls and have long since decided that it will not take us all day to vote) but they are out in the world to provide for themselves and in ninety-nine cases out of one hundred to provide for a family Many a busi ness woman is supporting mothers brothers and sisters — quite often fathers also — those who are not physically able to provide for their family and in many instances the nnfortunate and worthless parent If they are to be the providers for the family why should they not cast the vote for the family T Who represents the woman in instances where she is supplying the wants of fatherless children! Who looks after her interests! If capable of providing the necessities of the family why not capable of casting a votet My eiperv ence as a business woman has shown me clearly the necessity of woman having a vote It is 'nothing but justice that we should vote Then why doprive us of this great justcief It is useless to say women do not want to vote These business women in Greensboro expressed their desire to vote — other federations of women have done the same thing We hear men say women do not want to vote — but are they expressing the opinion of the wom en or their own opinion! More often than not they are expressing their opinion- and not the woman's desire When you undertake a canvass of how women stand on the question of equa suffrage (if they have an opportunity to express their opinion withput letting their husband know it) you will find a large majority of the women express themselves as wsnting to vote— or have an opportunity to express their opinion as to how the laws under which they live are to be made When a woman is capable of doing the same work as a man why should she not receive the same compensation for her work! Why should a woman stand the same civil service examina tion a man does — perhaps and quite often does get a higher grade on her paper than the man— and yet receive a position with much less compensation for the work than the man receives It has been decided by able and in telligent thinkers that women have jnst as much brain as men — but there is a difference onlv in that a man's brain is along the fighting line and that of a woman alone the line of protection This was ported out fb us by a young woman from Columbia at the meeting in Greensboro — this was not her opin ion but the result of much study on the part of brilliant people It is admitted by all that women are necessary in every business — she not only does her work but she does the housekeeping for the office We all know the difference in the appearance and atmosphere of any place of busi ness where women are not employed— there is tha little touch that she always ELECTION COSTS NOT INCREASED BY EQUALSUFFRAGE Officials of Practically All Full Suffrage States Agree In Statement MACHINERY REMAINS IN SAME STATE AS BEFORE Slightly Increased Costs In Some States For Registra tion But Women Also Pay Taxes Telegrams From Gov ernors of Many Suffrage States Refute Charges Logic is conspicuous by ita absence from the argument that to allow women the ballot would merely double the cost of holding elections without any bene fit in proportion to the added expense In the first place it could not double the cost of holding elections One set of election officials would still suffice for each voting place and there would dc but one set of registration officials The same machinery necessary to conduct an lection with men only voting would suffice if women were added to the elea torate It was computed in June 1919 that New York City eould vote all its women for just one-sixth of what it has been cost ing to vote its men It cost $300000 in 1917 to vote 691809 men It was explained by the election officials that an equal number of women eould be voted for an additional sum of (50000 making $350000 in all It had cost the city 43 cents each to vote its men but it would only need a per capita expenditure of 7 cents more to care for as many more women at the polls In considering this question it must be remembered that women pay their full pro Tata share of the taxation for election expenses and that they have been doing so for more than a century while deprived by law from casting a vote Why should not women's taxes pay for women's votes instead of for men's votos only! The officials of equal suffrage states in answer to a query declared that the voting of women has not appreciably increased the election expenses Testimony From Suffrage States The following telegrams wore signed by the governors or secretaries of state in answer to the question: Doee wo man suffrage greatly increase election expenses and make additional taxation necessary! Wyoming: "Woman suffrage has not increased taxes in this state nor cost j elections'' Colorado: "Only increase in cost of elections what naturally accrues from added number to electorate Idaho: ''Added election expense in finitesimal Washington: "Election expenses only increased by slight cost caused by effort to keep voting precincts under 250 voters1 California: "Increased cost of elec tions because of women voters very little" uregon: 'woman sunrage has in creased eloction exenses only so far as naturally they would increase pro (Continned on Page Two) SUFFRAGE ADVERTISED BY ITS GREAT ALLIES Friends and Supporters Include Practically Every Influen tial Organization A cause is known by its frionds Friends and supporters of woman euf frage are legion and include practi caily every influential organization state and national A partial list fol lows: Business Organizations American Business Women's Asso ciation Women Grain Growers' Asso ciation Grand Council of United Com mercial Travelers ftational American Letter Carriers Association Industrial Organizations National Women's Trade Union League United Mine Workers Amal gamated Associations of Street and Electric Bailway Employees of Amer ica Western Federation of Miners United Textile Workers of America Professional Organizations National Editorial Association In ternational Council of Nurses Ameri can Nurses' Association National League of Nursing Education Ameri can Federation of Teachers National Educational Association Association of Collegiate Alumnae Reigious Organizations Methodist Episcopal Church Gen eral Conference National Society Friends United Presbyterian Churches of North America Central Conference of American Babbis National Confer ence of Unitarians Jewish Congress Presbyterian Church oi the United States of America (General Assembly) General Sunday School' Convention of Universalist Churches Eastern Council of Reformed Babbis Fraternal and Bcsevolent National Order of Maccabees Inter national Orcer oi Good Templars Grand Lodge National Woman a Be lief Corps the Great Hive Ladios of the Modern Maecabees Woman's Be nevolent Association of Maecabees Agricultural Organizations National Grange Farmers' National Congress Women's Organizations International Council of Women representing over 7000000 women General Federation of Women' Clubs representing over 2500000 wo men forty state federations of women clubs Women's Christian Temperance NORTH CAROLINA E Amidst Shouting and Tumult They Wait Patiently But With Cheerfulness STRENGTHEN HANDS OF THE SUFFRAGE CHAMPIONS Employing No Spectacular Methods North Carolina Equal Suffrage League Has Worked Effectively Until To day It Sees Every Party In America Endorse It The history of North Carolina shows that she is "never the first bv whom the new is tried nor yet the last to ast the old aside" So in the 70 years that the suffrage struggle has been waging it is oaily in the last ten years that North Carolina has borne an active part Suffrage sentiment there war amnncr the statesmen educators ministers and loaders of thought in this State with u ever-growing group of women "pon-ering in their hearts on these thi until finally this quiet thinking was crystalized ten years ago into the North Carolina Equal Suffrage Association It wasi formed for the curnos of nrn claiming the doctrine of woman's obli gation to participate in the government under which she lives From the nrst its growth has been steady and sure Lmployine no spectacular meth ods disapproving militaney in all forms the only tactics it has employed have been educational and that "Sweet reasonableness" which met with ready response irora men and women in all walks qf life At each session of the Legislature since that time this organi zation has introduced suffrage bills of various kinds and has had the satisfaction each time of reducing the ad-verso vote until at the 1919 session its bill for municipal suffrage passed the Senate by a 36 to 12 majority and fail ed in the House by only 5 votes With the passage by Congress in June 1919 of 'the Federal Suffrage Amendment the North Carolina Association like those of its sister states realized that victory was in sight State after state raitfied until the honor roll of 35 had been reached and now only one more is necessary to complete the enfranchise ment of the women of this country With the possibility that North Carolina might be the 36th the State Association toot on new lifd With no change of methods save an increased energy in their pursuance they have watched the feverish activities of an Imported group of Northern Antis with much interest These have tried to in fluence race prejudice and by appeals to State rights to stir up sectional rancor but amid the tumult and the shouting" North Carolina suffragists pursue the calm even tenor of their way for by particular conjunction of the times and tide of events the fight has been lifted from the academic realm over to that of practical politics There are seventeen million American women already ualified to vote in the approaching goneral election many of this number will make their first party affiliation this autumn as they vote then they will in all probability continue to vote hence the desire of both parties to secure the major part of this group in the electorate With this in view both national platforms both Jforth Carolina platforms urge the immediate ratification of the 19th amendment knowing full well that the party furn ishing the 36th state will name the next President of the United States Party platforms take precedence of personal views and bene has come to North Carolina suffragists the unique position of seeing their cause spoud and carried high on the banners of the contending parties They will strengthen the hands of those that do battle for them since it has passed out of their hands to wage the contest themselves With perfect confidence they wait the result of the wheels of progress move ever onward and it is unthinkable that with all the English speaking women of the world enfranchised North Carolina should keep hers out Holding the same ideals that her men hold governed by the same traditions and to a large ex tent of the same political household of faith North Carolina women expect enfranchisement at the hands of their North Carolina men MBS PALMER JEBMAN HOW SUFFRAGE SPREADS IN SOUTHERN STATES Arkansas and Texas have primary suffrage Florida has municipal suffrage 'n charter eitios — (abouA-12 cities) A bill for primary suffrage passed one house last vear Tennessee has municipal and presi dential suffrage Georeia women have suffrage in the Atlanta primaries This was conferred bv the Democratio party committee Louisiana had a state referendum last February which earried the state except for a comparatively small adverse vote in New Orleans about 4000 In North Carolina a bill for municipal suffrage passed one house last year and was defeated by only four votes in the other house In thirty states women are entitled to vote for the next President These states eontrol 339 of the 631 votes in the electoral eollege They contain 17500000 women voters Suffrsn and Child Welfare Woman suffrage is a natural and inevitable step in the march of society forward and instead of being jneonv patible with child-welfare it leads to wards it and is indeed the next great service to be rendered for the welfare land ennoblement of the home— Julia I Lathrop head of the United States IM N CONFIDENT OE SECURING VOTE WILSON PAVED WAY IN SUFFRAGE FIGHT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS I 1 WHAT SENATOR SIMMONS SAYS "There la a persistent belief that Republican leaders fear the effect of women's participation In this year's elections while Democratic leaders believe their participation will be to advantage of the Democratic party However that may be It Is certain that two great questions each of vital nation-wide import both of which In their higher human aspects concern women more deeply than men will be Involved In this year's elections and npon those questions it Is believed women wonld naturally sympathise with the attitude of the Democratic paryt "Moreover 1f women are allowed to vote this year their affiliation In the approaching elections will largely determine their future alignment In politics" Opposition of Democratic States May Defeat Party In National-Councils "The indifference or opposition of Democratic states to the ratification of the Federal Suffrage Amendment would not only prevent the election of a Democratio President in the next elec tion but would result in the defeat of enough Democratio caididates for both houses of Congress to leave that party in the minority in both houses "The ratification of this amendment by a sufficient number of states is now a foregone conclusion This will within a very short time enable millions of women to vote Their support will be either attracted to or driven from the party by the failure of Democratic states in granting or refusing the right of suffrage No newly enfranchised have ever failed to show their appreci ation of the party enfranchising them by giving it support or their enmity to the party opposing their admission to the electorate by voting against it "The indifference or opposition of Democratic states which would prevent or ilefor the ratification of this amendment so as to withhold from women the right to vote in the next presidential election would not only incur the dis pleasure of women who have the right to voe but would also incur the opposition of that large class of male voters who are in favor of equal suffrage Wherever equal suffrage has been granted in a state it has the effect of making the mule voters of the state adherent of equal suffrage for not to give their adhertnee would be political suicide for them" From interview with Cnpt Frank 8 White former United States Senator from Alabama WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS That any work that needs doing is woman's work When the men are late corring home from market she does tht chores When thoy are busy with the hay she milks the cows When an extra hand is needed with the harvest she helps in the field And she knows that her dignity does not su 'er and that she loses none of her womanliness When the taxes are duo she draws on her butter and egg money hidden away in the blue sugar bowl To holn pay off the mortgage sue spends long winter evenings putting patches on the boys' trousers Does this not prove that the farmer and his wife are partners! They work togother Why not vote together! ALABAMA SENATOR SHOWS NECESSITY Perhaps PERHAPS if you paused to consider that when the government extends the privilege of voting to a citizen it only says to him "We do not compel you to appear at the polls we simply give you the liberty to vote or not to vote as you may desire" but when the government refuses the privilege it says "we compel you to remain away from the ballot box whether you wish to vote or not to vote you shall not" you would see that woman suffrage is only one phase of the eternal warfare for human liberty PERHAPS if you knew that every excuse offered for the disfranchisement of women had done service in turn for every proposed reform in women's conditions viz: the higher education property control public speaking the right of organization etc you would the more readily perceive that each excuse is but the shadowy creation of unreasoning prejudice set up to affright the morbid imagination of the timid and you would not be frightened PERHAPS if you knew that the over-whelming testimony from the most prominent responsible and respected citizens of the suffrage States agrees that woman suffrage has resulted in better candidates for office cleaner polling places quieter elections and improved legislation and that women have grown more intelligent self-reliant respected and womanly under its influence you would feel it your duty to work that such results might come to all States Democratic Party Consistently Endorses Movement In-Na-- tional Campaigns of ' 1918 and 1920 NATIONAL CONVENTION ASKS FOR RATIFICATION Suffrage Plank Adopted at San San Francisco Unequivocally Urges North Carolina Ratify Amendment National Committee Appealed To Democratic States To Call Special Sessions To Give Women Right To Vote In Next Na tional Election 1 Chairman Homer Cummings Among Ita Ardent Supporters President Wilson voted for woman suffrage in New Jersey in 1915 Ha spoke for the National American Wom an Suffrage Association in 1916 By public declaration he helped the Netf York victory in 1917 His cabinet en cepting Robert Lansmg Secretary ot State had all declared themselves for woman suffrago beforo the final New York State vote on suffrage in 1917 On February 12 1918 the executive committee of the Democratic national committee endorsed the Federal suffrage amendment On February 24 1918 the Dorjcratiu national congressional committee 4'laeed itself on record as being in favor of submitting the Federal suffrage amendment- On October 10 1918 Representative Scott M Ferris chairman of tho Dem ocratic Congressional committee claimed that the Democrats had gained these four important steps for woman suffrage: A committee was appointed on wonn an suffrago Suffrage was passed by the Hous by two-thirds voto Suffrage lacked but two votes of having two-thirds in the Senate The President went to address the Senate in person for suffrage On February 27 1919 the National Democratic committee endorsed the Federal suffrage amendment On July i 1919 Homer S Cum mings chairman of the Democratic national committee said: "I am strongly in favor of prompt ratification of tin Federal suffrage amendment and I hope that a sufficient number of State Legislatures will bo called in special session to insure the ratification of the amendment so that the women of our country in every State may be able to participate as voters in the presidential election of 1920" Suffrage plank (adopted at San Frani cisco- July 1920— "We endorse the pro posed nineteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States granting equal suffrage to women We con gratulate the Legislatures of 35 States which have already ratified said amendment and we urge the Democratic Gov ernors and Legislatures of Tennessee North Carolina and Florida and such States as have not yet ratified tho Federal suffrage amendment to unite in a neffort to complete tho process of ratification and secure the thirty-sixth State in time for all the women of the United States to participate in in the fall election We commend the effective advocacy of the measure by President Wilson" Democratic Nntional Committee May 3 1920— "The committee calls on Legislatures of the various States for special session if necessary to ratify woman suffrage when the constitutional amendment is passed by Congress to Continued on Page Two) tmoa "Children's Bureau)

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