Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

S?-ratr. fT? * And Will Full *>' Hew r»« By Allan .?, Could «vpfi Prp-'s* Sport* Writ*-!-) fork. Oct.. 4. (A.P.M-No s*>rk:3 it complete wlf.rwut fta h»rt>—nr Its BTWt The wrsnth of s? -wild i-Msbem** is b«*sfo? glwrrce ovrr bnwbulj'it main rh*r , t*w frveaH, as Impartially R« (is Seldom hft,*r a world's wrl^s offer •••«! »,t much opporUuii'y for Iwro) stuff, as much chance for fh* !ow • rjr njbstnme, using vc-U-rnns or am k bftJfnj* ymms-jt/r to jump into th , Spotlight M does the current tussle bttween Die y«nk»f* fttid Cardinal* Will oti» of the slurp of othsr year repeat or Trill some obscure perform •er leap into the glare with n «rtn c&tch, horn*' run. (faring plsy 01 H»t*rtltw pitching femt? Rnth Can Testify. Babe Huth can testify A* to how It feels to have been the goat or « hero. Thfl Bambino was a "bust" in 1822 when his batting mark fel to a- miserable .11B but four later In m. Louis, the blsr fellow wm» acclaimed as he Brldom has ever be*»n when he laced out three home rum in one afternoon in the enemy stronghold , Mark Kacnlsr, in R much shorter career, has ako known the two ex- trcmcs. The sturdy Yankee shortstop, then in his first major league yenr. contributed the error that started thr Cardinals on their winning rally in the final game of the 1928 series. But last year, in the Xankec clean sweep over the Pi- Mark was the outstanding lending the n'^ulnrs of both clubs at bnt and shining afield. Old Pete Alexander. Old Pete Alexander, 41-year-old , pitcher, probably wouldn't make a Greek statue envious but the veteran was cast, In heroic mould in the great Cardinal victory two yew* Much younger in years but a veteran of five world's series, Waite } Hoyt, the Yankee twirling ace, has ^'known the glamour of being pro- •clatmed a world's series hero and ha Jj'ls ready to shoulder the main bur-'den again for the house of Hugglns. ;. PV WhUi> % these few erstwhile Inmates , of the hell of fame will be knocking l -at the door jigfttn oth*rs will 'be striving to climb uj> on the pedea- t tal. There's many a «Up on the way tip, as John Miljus found out last year by tossing a wild pitch and losing the final game just when tt looked as though fas woul« complete * heroic pitching stand. Of a» Cardinal clan there will! * be the picturesque little Rabbit Mar*' anville. back In the world's aeries 14 IKyears after no helped the Brave* upset =-tbe-AUitetica. It "would be dramatic touch for the Rabbit tt Wfcp* through. If jiot there's mnkla Frisch, capable Of super-stuff aroum second base, or Jim Bottemley aw Chick Hafey, the big guns "fit "Eat. 1AME0 THE/ YANKS •!926 *VAITE IIOVT MAINSTAY Of THE YANKEE PITCHING BABE- RUTH HIS NINTH WORLD •••SERIES- of hti sewn 1 *!!.' <hat h* wt MftTTim«- for six of tnjirry, vsrious Illtnoiit t««.ni won champisn^tlp. end n hae sdnpt* 8 *! ii. ( SPORT NOTES ti ' The sun rises at 6 a. m. sharp Friday and sets at 5:38 p. m. I 5 la repqrte dthat there are a few ducks on the ponds although not a • great many. " ^— Coach Woeber-toofc-his-eommun- "Ity high gridsters to Rock Falls last evening for a scrimmage with Coach Akey's Bock Falls boys. Both teams derived a great deal of goo^ oat of the scrimmage as the coaches were able to follow right along » with the teams and point out their «* defects. Prophotstown and Erie high jwhools meet tomorrow a/ternoon at Prophetstown In, the fiwt round of socc«r football in ihe :: Two-«lveBr6 cJoH^Breiiee: - Erie- played -the pua« last* fall and this may prove a big advantage of Prophetatown. Coach "• M. Blelema has announced the fol- members of the Prophetesquad: Leonard Gibson; L«s- Black, Donald Balle.rd. Darrell hel, Myron'Hill, DonaW Hill, n Wefeer. August Wasacnhove, Greene, George Hollo, morid Lyon. Gail Johnson. fcawrentte, Robert McNamara. l.lory Hull, Arlyn Dorathy and Don ald Graham. —•-- — The East Moline high school football team has been putting in a -hard week at practice Ja Hugglns, manager of Uie " " ' ~ — . ~. f~ t*fri~ ****.*.* Hi 1>AJ(J Wi&SSlC. AllP ng in his ninth series, and in Waite Hoyt, the only r one jwrles, la having his second experience with the & world series hero, he is expected to fc^**'>B»%^N^^^N,<-v*" ion for the game with Morrison on ne east Mollne gridiron Saturday. The team is being keyed up for this game. Charles Burnley of this city and Henry Hawkins of Springfield have picked up five head of race horses and are racing them this week at Chatanooga, Tenn. They started out for Carolina but on account of oad roads they stopped at -the above named place. Next week they will be at Corinth, Miss., and the next week at Memphis, Tenn. The Sterling township high school boy* ara coming along fine under the able Instruction of Coaches Beheld, Eades and Whaley and If they retain but ajpart of the football Information that has been Imparted to them during the past few weeks tne&wUJ go Into the game on Saturday at Princeton with an even Chance to win. They heed experience and of course will get this as the season progresses. We're counting on them to come through. s. HI re than ^ h ? m P 10RS are P^ced Jn Babe Ruth, piny- MvcKec hnlc,having led the Pittsburgh Pirates into **" ttnd ^ th a P lteWn « ^aff headed by a«5S ON THE SIDELINES Chicago. Oct. 4.—(U.P.)—con- derable aid was given to the comeback efforts of the Chicago Maroons today^ when jsuahman. Tsophomore "Hhemah", was declared eligible. It was reported "Buck" Weaver, »tar 240 pound guard, probably will finish his scholastic deficit In Uiae to get Into most of the Important lames. Chicago plays the University of Wyoming here Saturday. Minneapolit, Minn.. Oct. 4.—(UJ>.) Ilnneaote University* Big. Ten chances have been greatly Improved 8ljBoe tt« "discovery" of Wta-Brocfc- .jytr. a newcomer whose practlcf JHaformanoeii Indicate he will be selected to do most of the Gophers' Manager of Reds Thinks Cardinals WIU Win In About Five Gomes By Jack Hendricka Manger of the Cincinnati Beds (Written For The United Press) New York. Oct 4.—The 8t Louis Cardinals have a great ball club, and should win the world series, per- baps In five games. It would not surprise me to see them take four out of five from the New York Yankees who are most unfortunately crippled by Injuries. Naturally. I am- a National League fan. My heart and Interest are the circuit, but tula year I can see nothing except the prospect of i clean cut, convincing victory over the American league champions. My club met the Cardinals 22 :imes this year, and we know how most important factor in a world series, favors 8t. Louis by as much as two to one. I should say. There is no use In belittling the possibility of a Yankee batting rampage, and when it comes It Is one of the hardest things In baseball to stop. I think, however, that the Cardinals have Just what U needed to stop it this year, even if it fthowa up. The chances of the Yankees putting their full offense (strength Into the field are alight Indeed. On the other hand, the Cardinals will nave the team which fought ita way to the top In one of the greatest of National League pennant races, and had the stuff to stay there. Alexander, Halnes, Sherdel, Rhem and Mitchell, after what they ahow- cd this season, should be able to tie the weakend Yankees into knota. A St Louis victory seems inevita- fi; a victory in five games at ths outside is what I look for. SPORT TABLOIDS -™ T ^»| BSVIU*V\; iiirmt-i are - Pitching, always the any selections LaFayette, Ind.. Oct. 4.—(UP)— Coach Jimmy Phelan apparently still does not know what backfleld combination he will use against Depauw Saturday. Frequent shifts In the lineup during yesterday's practice Indicated he had not Birmingham. Ala.. OcL 4,—(TJ.P.) — The Houston Buffaloes today reigned us baseball champions of Dixie. The Birmingham Barons were unable to stage a comeback yesterday on home soil and the Buffaloes took their fourth straight game of the southern series 5 to I. Urbana, HL, Oct. 4.—(UP.)~Illinois University baseball teams may Invade Japan every three years In the future. It was Indicated today when officials issued statements praising the Japanese for the hospitality accorded the Americans during their recent tour. Chicago. Oct. 4. — (U.P.) — Jack Berg, English lightweight, began training today for his bout Monday nlgJit with spug Meyers, of Idaho. Chicago, Oct. 4.—(U.P.)—Alphonse Thomas will be the White Sox pitching selection today in their eUort to win the second game and even the annual city stries. The veteran Art Nehf. most reliable of the Cub mound staff, uill be on the hill for the Bruins. i Co*eh Gten Thtattatth* unmJ. that h« daw not fn place all of Wj»c»5iw!n'i horn** cm « sinirte "first* team. Tn- three fntl "first" team* will ready for action *n<! substitutions 5 be many. N«trf> Dtun« ff!«F f«-l the force of thto C-haJng* of fxilicy Bftturda? as it cla«n«i with the Badgers at Madison j.n th« important g?.me In the In adopting the plan. Coach Thlstlpthwalt? cit^d Ihe caw- of Illinois lust ytar, wltere 33' men won letters. Not only did it save the mm physically, but U gave tatter results, and more experteuoa to tho.te who will reptsrt for duty next y?ar. A defense against Notre Dame's shift and aerial attack Is being moulded by the Badgers, who are practicing over time for the game. Several of the varsity athletes are injurif*. Among; ttwm Shoemaker at center and Osman and Lusby, backs. The line conUoues to reccivo major consideration In most Big Ten camps as the teams prepare for Saturday's contests. Coach Zuppke armed the freshmen squad with plays of Bradley Polytechnic, Saturday's opponent for Illinois, and they scored two touchdowns alter taking the ball on the 20 yard line yesterday. Minnesota lost two more prospects yesterday when Al Arsenault and Earl Oallendar, backs, were ruled Ineligible. Both are sophomores. Coach Clarence W. Spears has decided to use Bronko Hagurski at fullback in the Crelghton game Saturday. Burt Ingwersea O f Iowa U keep- tog his ace. Mayes McLaln, in more or less seclusion. Th« Cherokee Indian fullback will not be used in Saturday's game with Monmouth, he has announced. BETTINa ODDS HAVE CHANGED BUT LITTLE New York. Oet 4.- COJP.)—Round town the betting odds remained unchanged during the day, with the Cardinals 6 to 3 favorites. There was lot* of other betting, eome of which was like this: Seven to 10 against the Cardinals winning the first game. Twelve to five that Cardinals do not win the first two games. . Seventeen to 5 that the Yankees do not win the first two games. Ten to 1 against the Cardinals winning the series in four straight games. Ann Arbor. Mich_ Oct. 4,—(UP. — Draveling. star punter of tlu Micliigan University eleven probably will not play in the Ohio Wesleyan game here Saturday. He ia not saf ficiently recovered from a shoalde injury to see active service. And So His Face Was Utterly Ruined Chaniplgn, m., Oct. C— CUP.)— co«h Zupi&e'g Big Ten champions are prActleiag dally this week agatort scarlat Jerseyed players In preparation* for the scheduled tilts with Bradley and Indiana. Teaffll frotn both of the«« achools wear red weatew. ...... ----------- ..... THAT'S k ...TAKE YOUR CHOICE.. IT'S EITHER OLD COLDS FOR You FROM By Btrrt* F«yij» • v x, et. *,— (ui»)— Ohio Stated varslty"ina~ reserve levens are bttag trained in a variety of offensive attacks tMs week of formations, ttie offensive »c- yesterday were coafined ta stfalfht football. Bloomlngtoaa, Ind., Oct 4.— (U.P > —Coach 'P»t I>age is devottag much tiisfte'tni? week to training hi* Indian* pridders to break up the pass atteok expected when Oklahoma Ublvemelty, or the Big Six Conference. luvadas Memorial Stadium Saturday Tor So* Big Ten's ftrst important intemcUonal struggle. HE, STILL MAS PACE... NOT A COUGH IN A LOAD 5eex TIMES YOU COUGH, 3EEXA TIME i CUT YCKI FACE !! I SHAVA MO' Dame, tad., Oct. *.-~(UJP.) —Somewhat In tee dark as U> what tll run up against in their with WtocoaMa, at Madison, ay, Holm j^me griddera this «re poHstitug up on all the » and «^feasive systems they *»*«« M»*4. * ssophoioare '8 North- the •» INK become P*«eiit tol* ap- LD jpyf ^% •» • . "^HSU^P" . _-__"^BB^F" ^^mffjfm ^^^tff Ihe Smoother and not a cough in a carfcad THE SOX in' Chicago, Oct. 4,—*,A p.t—,TfH» * Cwiw were one up todny MmcWnwm'n wriitr SOT their ftrtnuftl bsttSe for tl^ bn<r- ball championship of CTilr^.c:r». With P«t Mrnlorw bHn?insr'fh»» opposition with his speed IM!!, !hf C?i!js n«"ded only the flrrt inning to vln the first gufte of the series! 3 to 0 before more than 23.000 Makm<« was Sn grwt form. only m-<? srsttfretl hits and only an* of Blaeteurm* men got to third. LOAD OF H?y Tori:.. Oct. 4.—f U.P.I TWter th*" s*an<*,«, wa.fotw carioad of jpwbcni mtvA tMft~ to liswny )n »»rk»;. It's quite « job to p«.rk a mr!.-«5f} of pp«nnt«i Into tags, • particularly thr S*TP vt baps ttity u.s» for pennuU at the wrirMi nerfKn. I It the crowd succeeds in eating Its |c«rl«fld nf pp^nnts today, thersti be another carload re«dy for tofn«»T?>w. :Th« pmtnut ktnen mj tMt W,flS9 people o«ght to rat A ca,r3c*d a day Owy are rrady to provide, ttwm. For Factory Work The Burgess Battery Company has several openings for Women Workers who desire to earn good wages. Modern conveniences for the welfare and comfort of employees have been installed by this company. Applicants must be over 16 years of age. Make application in person to the Employment Department, BIWGESS BATTERY COMPANY Freeport, Illinois 416 Locust Street **. ****** «**9l*T. Many featons «pceLUl y re, a pteMim! to *• fecre - ***** TUBE PATCH OUTFIT >C JEiir» big, TIRE PUMPS High CTB^A, d*a4wd tin inunp^ batlt t« MVU* Off. SPAKK PLUGS .% in. Si* far matt &u*. HEAVY IHITV BALLOON Ttm PUMP &in«i« rft|M»riat0r to iaflstr »«w prrucr* tilt*. A rrml «L»»-v*to—~-$l*a Genuine Goodyear Top Dressing 37c REAR VIEW WIRRORS S Blo«lr uuhi* r««r »ad f^MCua 11.99 vain* 9S.e» value CLEANING SUPPLIES ' N'tt, 7 19c Gear Shift Batt U>» cad at BMUT cbltt tfitr. nc&autol tad «t. tractive. Cotaclala %sHh f-e*r Shift WfndshteJd Cleaners r. STCEL JACKS (or uff ot tturbi u0 OlBUiiulJ. l&tf «S_fltl »aj u «.,. BICYCLE TIRES $J.67 Tubas at Cyt Prices life.' «•<«/ 4*1

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