Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 9, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1964
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Local Notes Rummagt Sale April 10 and U, 9:30 to Corner 4th and State. Zonla Club of Eedlands. Ell's Sheet Metal Moving New location, 409 N. Sth St 792-1849. Repeal drdinanca No. 12291 Vote yes. Voter's Committee against Compulsory ' Rubbish Collection. Property Tax Deadline Tomorrow, April 10, is the last day to pay the county-city- school property tax bill with' out penalty. This is the second and final installment for this year — the new tax bill won't come now until next wm ter. The tax bill can be paid by mail or at the county tax collector's office on the third floor o£ the Hall of Records, Courthouse Square, San Bernardino, 1955 Chevy Bel-Air 2 door hardtop. Nice, dean 793-14C6 after 5 p.m. Style Beauty Salon needs hair stylist Apply in person. 418 E. SUte, 7924877. Registration Deadline A deputy registrar of voters will be on duty imtil midnight tonight at 1030 Campus avenue. Treasure Tones Paint, Park Free! Shop at Larry's Paint House, Winn Bldg., Colton at Qrange. We give S.&H. Green stamps! x 1961 Volkswagen 4 Passenger Pickup. A versatile, economy vehicle designed for many uses. Take the whole family or use it in business. Special S1295. Garvey Slortors, 415 Or^ ange. ' Swedish Sugar Rings Something good and new from the Goodie Shop, 24 E State. Marmeleie Dance The general public is invited to attend a dance at the Philip Marmolejo Legion clubhouse, 1532 N. Church street, this Satnrday, April 11, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. A five-piece group headed by Sal Vasquez trill provide music for the evening, according to commander Pete Zavala and dance chairman Joe Herrera Jr., who extended the invitation. Dietetic Cake Satisfies the natural desure for bakery fresh baked goods. No added sugar, no added salt Sucaryl sweetened, scientific formulation. Goodie Shop, x Rossiter- to Lecture "The President and Congress: 1964," an intensive study of the, respective obligations and pow-, ers delegated to the Executive and the Legislative branches of| government will be the subject of a lecture by Dr. Clinton Ros' siter at the University of California, Riverside on Monday, 8:15 p.m. in the university theater. Candidates face city's major requirements State street traffic, the need for new industry and creation of a local animal shelter emerged as the prominent issues among City Council can- didtaes during a grueling Qty Forum staged by the Redlands Junior Chamber of Commerce last night Differences of opinion among the seven council aspirants in Tuesday's election crystallized during the question-answer por-| tion of the three-hour forum at Grace Mullen Auditorium. An estimated 50 to 60 voters attended the public forum to compare the candidates-and to ask questions. Each of the candidates — William Hartzell, Jack Cummings, John Foy, Carl Giese, Larry Nowak, Charles De- Mirjyn and Louis Kalman — set forth their views in brief statements before the grueUng lV4-hour questioning period be gan. In his talk, Cummings appeared to urge the election ofj Hartzell, the incumbent, to one offithe candidates agreed. Each of the two Council positions be- mg contested. "I am campaign ing for the seat vacated by Mayor Parker," the young Uni' versity administrator declared, "I don't want to displace anyone now on the Council." Foy also conceded one of the two seats to Hartzell. Foy observed that incumbent candidates have always enjoyed a 50 per cent better chance for, election. "There is really only one seat open," he declared. Broaden Tax Base Broadening the city's tax base by attiracting new light industry to Redlands appeared to be the only issue on which all stated they would endeavor to lighten the property tax load by encouraging'industrial ex pansion. Whethei*- State street should be returned to two-way traffic was a recurring issue throughout the Forum. Most candidates had an opportunity to express their wews. Foy asserts that as far as be was concerned State street was the only issue. "Half the town is bang blighted by the pr^ent one-way pattern. 1 will do everything I can to help the Committee for Sensible Downtown Traffic make State a two-way street, he said. Ridiculous Situation DeMirjyn concurred, calling the present one-way traffic a ridiculous situation." Cummings stated that he believed the Council's action this week in creating another studyi committee was appropriate. Nowak said the problem should b? solved by the merchants themselves. Creation of a city-operated animal shelter was proposed by three of the candidates. The is sue developed as an apparent outgrowth of the city dog leash law controversy. City operations of its own dog pound was urged by Foy, Kalman, and Giese. All three were critical of the city's current practice of transporting animals to the San Bernardino shelter, which they described as unsanitary. Hartzell Disagree* In rebuttal, Hartzell related that the present San Bernardino shelter is being replaced witii a modem $70,000 facility. He said Police Chief Stanley R. Bowen has inspected the shel- ternow in use and is satisfied with its condition. "The dty pays $1,000 a year for use of the San Bernardino shelter seven days a week. This is one of the areas in which the Council believes joint-use ofj facilities is more economical than an individual effort," Hartzell sUted. Kalman, whose nomination is endorsed by the Voters Committee Against Compulsory Rubbish CoUection, was the target for questions rdating to the rubbish disposal controversy. Conflicting Statement* At least' two of his responses Iseemed in conflict with the initiative rubbish ordinance placed on Tuesday's ballot. by the Voters Committee. When asked about the provi sJons of the initiative measure which would permit the burying of garbage, Kalman stated: "I dont know why anybody should bury garbage. It 's not sanitary. I 've never heard of| anybody making a practice of burying garbage in thehr backyard." On a question relating to in creased collection rates for businesses, Kalman answered: "What ever the rates are now, that's where they should stay. To my knowledge, the ordinance makes no recommenda tion to raise the rates." Kalman urged the audience to vote "Yes" on the initiative measure, and asserted that the Voters Committee was not a "special group," and that it represented a cross-section of, the community. N.Y. Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) — Stocks closed siglhUy easier today as the railroad strike deadline drew closer. Bails generally were fractions lower. Southern Railway, one of two roads not involved the dispute, advanced a points. Steels generally were firm. Chrysler and General Mo tors firmed but Ford eased. Du Pont lost around 1 and Union Carbide gave up a large fraction. Barber Oil spurted more than 1 while Sun Oil and Union Oil of California made lesser progress. IBM pushed ahead more than but then eased back and was up only around a point. Con trol Data, Cenco Instruments and Minneapolis - Honeywdl made good progress but Motorola and Fairchild Camera retreated. Dow Jones Stock Average* High Low Close Chgs. 30 ind 827.51 819.54 821.40 off 2.79 20 rrs 194.99 192.68 193.47 off 1.12 15 uU 139.01137.59138.26 up 0.19 65 stk 286.99 284.04 284.95 off 0.88 Sales today were about 5.3 million shares compared with Doctors held BRUSSELS, Belgium (UPI) — charges of failing to treat a dying child because they were participating in a nationwide doctors strike. Weather March 8 65 Mlrch 10 66 March 11 70 March 12 51 March 13 SA March 14 76 March IS _ 77 March 16 _ 73 March 17 E: March 18 K3 March 19 73 March 20 78 March 21 63 March a S2 March 23 -17 March 24 53 March 25 6S March 26 70 March 2T So March 28 84 March 29 87 March 30 83 March 31 58 . 60 . 59 . 67 nalnfaU Temp. 24 Sea Boun son April 1 April 3 April 3 April 4 April 5 April « April 7 April 8 Aj>rU 0 . 58 . 63 . 76 . 83 . ES 34 •41 38 46 45 33 41 54 57 46 45 42 40 40 42 33 34 38 41 44 51 47 45 50 42 38 40 48 40 33 45 48 Tr. .12 8.99 .01 .81 .61 .19 9.00 9.81 10.43 lasi .45 .02 11.06 11.08 IS Moit ActlTa Slacki (Dow-Jone» Serrlce. CoarfeiT Leiter. S TOBB A Ca.) :0S E. SUte Volnme Cloia Clinr. 191,SM Chrraler _ 111.500 Canada Dry 70.800 . 47<i ._ SS',1 Tex. Gnlf Salpb. » 74,000 Tramilron 65,400 Xerox SMOO E»t. Air. _ 4.'.fl00 Stndebaker . 43.CT0 KCA. 41,500 Parlce Daria 45,100 Dan Elver _ 41,100 AKA Serr. _ 40.100 weit. au. _ 38,700 Gen. MolQM illl.lOO Crown Cerk 34.;»0 C3.S. 6',i . 90 . i;»i . 8 . S5'5 . M«i . 20>i . SI'.i . 40 . M'i snch + r._ - »i -f 4- _ » — '4 -f:> -r >L nncfa, +i ~ 'i •fl 45»« mnch. sijoo Beynotdt Tob. ._ 46'i + 'k Truck explodes LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A gasoline tank truck overturned and exploded into flames short ly after dawn today in the downto^vn area, injuring two persons and dama^g or dC' strojing three homes and 25 vehicles. The truck, driven by James Rowan, 48. (8620 N. Vicki Drive) Whittier, went out of control and smashed into the fuel pumps of a gasoline sta tion at North Broadway and Avenue 19. • Redlands. Carrfomia «»c«e 793-2441 — m. Dear friends. We think the custon of expressing syapathy by sending flowers is a beautiful one. There is comfort in these floral expressions. Those who say, "I prefer to give my flowers to the living rather than to the dead" should remember that flowers at a funeral are a great comfort to the living as well as a respectful tribute to the deceased. Respectfully", 1$ m '•••m<f<f Dr. Groom's 'Xommunism class still open It is still possible to register for the class entiUed "Our Best Defense Against Communism, which is being conducted by the Yucaipa Adult education program. Dr. John Groom of the Uni versity of Redlands faculty is presenting a series of 10 lec tures, of which 8 remain. These include "Power and Politics m the Soviet Union, "The Soviet Economy," "Soviet Society," "The Nature of th Soviet Union," "Soviet Foreign Poticy," "Soviet - Chines Relations," "Communism and Nationalism Around the World," and "Communism in America.' Registration fee for the 10 week course is $1.50 but individual lectures are 25 cents, according to Don Kelly, coordinator. The class meets Mondays from 7 to 9 p.m. in Rm. 43 at Yucaipa high school. No hammer, sickle, just initials DENVER (UPI)-The tiny in signia on the new Kennedy half- dollar might look like Russia's hammer and sickle, but mmt officials are quick to point out it isn't Mrs. Fern T. Miller, superintendent of the Denver Mint, said the insignia actually was made up of the initials of Gilroy Roberts, the mint's chief sculptor. The insignia appears at the base of the neck of the profile of President Kennedy and just above the word "We" in the Motto "In God We Trust" Roberts, who desired the profile, engraved bis initial "G" over Uie "R." Mrs. Miller said Denver mint officials had been deluged with inquiries about the "mysterious insignia." Steel firms deny price fix NEW YORK (UPI) — The nation's two largest steel producers U.S, Steel and Uie BeUi- lehem Steel C^. issued denials Wednesday to the allegations that they and six other steel producer bad fwed prices on carbon steel sheet Federal indictments issued Tuesday said the eight com panics had conspired to set prices between 1955 and 1S61. Bethlehem charged Wednes day in a statement that the iu- dictment was part of a government campaign to harass the industry. Bethlehem's \icc president, Edmund F. Martin, said the Justice Department was not seeking "to correct any illegal or improper present day situation bat only to harass the in- dustiy fcr practices which, even under Qie allegations of the indictment, have been abandoned." Aviatrix in Manila on solo flight MANILA (UPI)- American aviatiix Jlrs. Jerrie Mock, 38, attempting to fly solo around the world in a sujgle-engmed plane, said tonight she planned to depart for Guam Saturday morning. The housewife from Columbus, Ohio, said she was unable to get Philippine customs clearance today which is a national holiday, and had to defer her departure origmally scheduled for Friday. Mrs. Mock arrived in Manila Wednesday night after a 12- hour and 40-minute flight from Bangkok, mosUy over the South China Sea. She went on a sightseemg tour today around Manila and visited Tagaytay City, a tourist resort about 50 miles southwest of Manila. She was ac companied by a Filipino cup pie, Mr. and Mrs. Voltaire Ber nardino. KARACHI, PaWstan (UPI)-| Mrs. Joan Merriam Smith, 27, blonde American flier from Long Beach, CaUf.. arrived in Karachi tonight on her solo flight around the world. She said she expected to leave at 6:30 a.m. Friday "or as soon as daylight shows." Mrs. SmiUi left Aden for Ka rachi today. She arrived at Aden from Khartoum, Sudan, in her t^vin-engined Apache plane. At that pomt, she had covered 14,000 miles and had com pleted nearly half of her planned distance. She hopes to' be back m California by April 18. Clash over water in committee WASHINGTON (UPI)- Art zona and California clashed on an old battlefield today in their unceasing batUe over how the waters of the Cotorado River should be divided. Officials of the two water- short states collided before the Senate Irrigation subcommittee in renewed hearings on the long delayed Central Arizona Project (CAP). As before. Interior Secretary Stewart L. Udall was caught in the middle in the battle over the $1 billion Arizona project The Arizonans demanded that the CAP be given priority even if made a part of Udall's ambitious five-state Pacific Southwest water plan. They backed legislation by Sens. Carl Hayden (D-Ariz.,) and Barry Goldwater, (R-Ariz.,) calling for early con-] stniction of the Arizona project California Sen. Iliomas H.'Kuchel, senior Republican on the Interior (^mmittee, called for amendment of the CAP legislation to prevent any possibility the project might cut into Cali- fomia's claim to a minimum of| ,.4 million acre-feet of Colorado River water. Reports progress on City 's park projects Fun loving Redlanders can look, forward to the use of a new park and a refurbished plunge this summer. Public use of the Texonia neighborhood park at Texas and Lugonia streets is expected by mid-summer,. Park Superintendent Charles Dawson related. Except for planting' the lawn, Texonia Park is virtually completed. The lawn will be seeded this month and should be estab- Ushed well enough for public use within three months, Dawson said. Development of the park has been a Redlands Evening Kiwanis Club project Additional playground equipment and a barbeque pit have yet to be installed. Restroom facilities are finished, the sprinkler system has been installed and trees have been planted. Imprevammts Dawson also announced that major improvements at Sylvan Plunge have been completed This mdudes the renovation of both boys' and girls' dressing rooms, installation of new restroom facilities and drains and a coating of paint inside and out The improvements, costing about $6,000, should make the pitmge an adequate facility for the next 10 years, according to Dawson. Later this summer, Dawson expects the heavy use of Syl van Plunge to be relieved by completion of the two pools at Redlands High School Baseball City Park department crews have also been busy improving the infield areas of the baseball diamonds at the Commua ity Field on Church sti-eet Dawson is doubtful that Fish Pond Park in Reservoir Canyon above Highland avenue can be opened to the public this summer. Development of the park is a Rotary Club project Fish Ponds The two fish ponds have been completed and arc now filled. Final grading of the park property to create additional flat areas for picnic spots has been completed. Restroom facilities are now under construction. But installation of the sprinkler system has delayed the park project. Dawson said it is possible to open the park before the sprinlders are put in and the lawn planted, but he would prefer to get the lawn esUblished first Additional property acquired in a land trade with the Carmelite Fathers has been cleared and graded. Palm trees removed from oUier areas in Redlands have been transplanted to the park. For reasons of safety, the entire perimeter of Uie park has been fenced. Sections of the fence will be relocated when adjacent land now part of the city pumping plant is added to the park. Several large shade trees will become part of the park when this land is added, Dawson noted. Redlands Daily Fatfs Than, April 9,19M - 5 IN 'SWIM' OF THINGS — A mutual interest in swimming brought this recent chance encounter among Redlanders-on the Norton Air Force base flight line. From leit are Lt. Cmdr. Walt Anderson (USNR), high school counselor - who was catching, o flight to Bartlesviile, Okla. to attend a meeting of the Executive Council of the AAU (for swimming); Col. E. H. Epperson, chief of the Atlas System Support management division, whose son. Rick, is an active swimmer; Col. Will Brimberry, assistant executive in the office of the Deputy The Inspector General, who coaches the highly successful Redlands YM<^ swim team; and Col. Chorles B. SteWart, a former West Point swimmer, who was on his way back to Albuquerque where he is director of nuclear safety, USAF, Kirtland, AFB. City council approves recreation framework The legal framework which will butti-ess the new City Rec reation Commission was com pleted this week with City Council approval of a joint-powers agreement with the Public Schools. Previously okayed by the School Board, the finalized agreement establishes the mechanics for a coordinated recreation program combining city and school facilities. A five-member commission will govern the program. Initially, two school board members, two councilmen and a repreSeh taUve at-large will serve on the commission. Plans call for the liiriDg of a professional recrea- But, City Manager R. P. Merritt, Jr. reported that nearly all recreation funds in the current budget have been spent or are committed for other projects He said there may be some surplus funds available, and is to report back to the Council at the next meeting. Money for the Recreation Commission will be earmarked in the 1964-65 city budget. OUier actions by Uie City Council this week were as fol lows: —Approved a request by the Pbilhp Marmolejo American Legion Post for permission to close certain downtown streets SELL IT TOMORROW Witti low - cost Classified Adi' . STUART L POWER EASTMAN DILLON. UNION SECDRIHES & Co. MantKB-S NEW YOtX STOCK KXCHilNGB <290 Magnolia Avt., RivmMt (Plaia) Dial Optrator (Tali-PfM) for Ztnltfi 7.«500 Vital Records BIRTHE MENDOZA — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mendoza, 1114 SLxth street AprU 8, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. BUCHHOLZ — Bom. a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buchholz, 1334 Fairview lane, April 9, 1964, at Redlands Community hospitaL DEATHS OWENS — Died in Redlands, Calif., April 8,19«, Leigh W. Owens, 336 Sonora street aged 73 years, native of| Cleveland, Ohio, and resident of Redlands for 22 years. Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at U o'clock from the F. Arthur Osttaer ChapeL Rev. John D. Foerster, pastor of the First Evangelicalj Lutiieran church, officiating. In-j terment in Montecito Memorial Park. TOLSTEDT — Died in San Bernardino, Calif., April 7, 1364, Mrs. Lucy M. Tolstedt 221 N. San Dimas, San Dimas. Calif., aged 93 years, native of HL, and resident of San Bernardino for 1 year. Former resident of Redlands and Yucaipa. tion director to organize th program. The commission is to operate on its own budget vrith the city and the schools each allocating 50 per cent of the money. "This is money that is already being used for recreation. It's not new money," Mayor (Hiarles Parker emphasized. So far, the School Board has allocated $7,500. Councilman William Hartzell a member of the Recreation Commission, asked this^ week that the city now allocate $7,500 to the joint program. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES. April 9 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 5i$ 72t 8Ss First grade 7.50 6.96 6.41 Second grade.... 5.05 4.74 lUs 133* 7tit First grade 5.47 4.84 4.29 Second grade....4.20 4.25 — Ti-cnd: Higher. NEW YORK (UPI) — atms: Califomia navels 8 cars, half boxes $8.39. Deceased is survived by her son and daughters: Harold 3. Tolstead, Racine, Minn.; Mrs. Frances B. McClintock, Yu- cupa; Mrs. H. E. Rannestad, La Veme, Calif. Also 6 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Monday 1:00 p.m.. at the Emmerson Redlands Mortoaiy chapeL Elder Harold A. Crawford pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist (3iurch. Calimesa, officiating. Interment, in Erer-j green cemetery. La Veme, Calit REYNOLDS — Died in Yacai pt. CaBt, April 8. 1964, Lydia Edith Beyndds .'sses Acacia street. Yneaipa, aged M years, native of SGcldgaii and readent of Yucaipa for 14 years. Deceased is smived by hex daughter, Shirley Godkio of Yu- STRAICHT SHOOTER NORTH FREEDOM, Wis. (UPI) — Dale Maynard, 23, may not be the fastest draw in the West but he sure shoots straight He was in Baraboo Hospital today after firing bis .22 caliber revolver faster than he could draw and suffering a bullet wound from thigh to knee. caipa and the following sister, Mrs. Kennetb EUis of Florida. Funeral services will be held Monday at 10:30 a.m. at the Emmerson Yucaipa Mortuary, Rev. George Finche Jr., pastor of the Calvary Bible Presbyterian church, Glendale officiatine. Interment in Montecito Memorial Park cemetery. Y Boys swim team holds practice The Redlands Y3ICA boys swimming team holds final practice at 6 p.m. today for the last dual meet of the season against the San Bernardino Downtown YMCA in Saa Bernardino, Saturday. The Y swimmers go into their final dual meet undefeated with the Midget Prep and Intermediate divisions. May 2nd wiU be Uie date of Uie SouUiem Califomia YMCA swimming champion held at City College pool in Santa Mom"ca. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the kindness and sympathy extended us during our bereavement. John Wheaton family. on May 2 for the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. —Adopted a Traffic Commission recommendation establishing a four-way stop at Ford stireet and South avenue. —Set April 21 as the date for a public hearing on the annexation of property on Edgemont drive, south of Sunset drive, and Waldo Burroughs opposed the annexation. —Reappointed W. Eugene Malone and Arthur Gregory, Jr., to the Board of Parking Place Commissioners. —Adopted a resolution announcing the city's intention to vacate a portion of West Fern avenue. —Adopted an ordinance completing the atmexation of about 20-acres west of Alabama street between the Redlands Freeway and the Southern Pacific railroad tracks. —Ordered the closing of a portion of High avenue, east of Nmtii street —Deferred until April 21 the awarding of bids for five metal buildings and for 12 mobile radio transceivers. —Authorized the Public Works department to advertise for bids for the installation of a sewer line on Elizabeth stireet between Crescent and Burgess —Authorized the purchase o» a new truck for the Electrical division and a new tractor for the Cemetery department —Approved the hiring of a clerk - stenographer to be assigned to the personnel office and the city attorney's office. —Appointed the Watchom Lin- Lincohi Memorial Association as agent to invest and reinvest the Watchom Lincoln Memorial Endowment Fund. OaUvSteicb WnXIAU C. MOORX. FabUtticr. ntAinc K. MOORS. Editor. PubUibaa nvy maJaa (cravt Suaday) at r «ets tanfldlnf. TOO Brook- aid* .at-Cater. I>««1l«nd». CalUonia. romidad October 33, law, T4U> nar. Xntuad ai •aeoad daa natlar' October 33, IKO. at the Fort Office •t Radlaodi. QOUoraia. uader act of March X unu sinnaupnoir KATX On Adraiseet Br Carrier PeOnrr Ow Mnib f iM nra* Meallw 4M\ Six MMUU Oa* T»»r 1*M One Mnlk One Ttar _ Br Man _» 1-M ^Innouncemenf of Funeral Services WILLIAM PEAKE Services 11:00 a.m., Thursday, at the F. Arthur Conner COiapeL FOSTER B. LONG Services 2:00 p.m., Friday, at Uie F. Arthor Cortner Chapel. LEIGH W. OWENS Services 11:00 a.m., Satar- day, at the F. Arthur (Cortner ChapeL CORfNEK 221BinOIBIKIilL*PrMin Vlnffouncemeiit of Services HEBEBT, Mrs. Gertrude Requiem Mass: 9:00 a.m. Today St Frances X. CabriniCfanrch KENNEDY, Mrs. Mabel L. Noon, Today Redlands Cbapd KEETEB. James 2:00 p.m. Today Yucaipa Chapel REYNOLDS, Mrs. Lydia 10:30 a.m. Monday Yucaipa Chapel TOLSTEDT. Mrs, Lacy M. 1:00 pjn. Monday Redlands Ctaapd Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 7M MOOKSIDE AV5. 719.244'

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