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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 2

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 2

Raleigh, North Carolina
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KITGHIrJ TA MONDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER i 1915 GLE1T0 BE CHIEF OF POLICE WALLS TO BEGIN SENTENCE TODKV After One Week of Freedom Here Watauga Man Enters Prison 7 Contracting Painter Accepts Pilgrim Jones To Be Tried For State Normal When It Opens Miss Florence Whitesides Popular Durham Man Laid To Murder Sidney Bass Likely To Go Free THE NEWS AND OBSERVER KSO WAKE COURT WILL BEGIN TOMORROW STUDENT BQDYTO EOENTOM STREET DEACONESS HEARD SIMPLE SERVICES AT STftGG FUNERAL DEFENSE PASS 00 MARK This Week Will Have Record-Breaking Attendance Makes First Talk To Congregation Yesterday Rest Yesterday Afternon In Maplewood Cemetery Army and Urged By Tender of Position By City Cornmlssloners IIAIIAL Miss riarenca Whlteatd th new tHtl I arts Kte 14 (nwnw rtenibora Apt Th student The September term ef Wake PROMINENT MEN 'ATTEND body of the State Normal and In deacenea of th Kat Street Methodist church made her opening talk from the pulpit of the church yesterday at the mernlng service Ml Whiteside spake en I he "Devel opmcnt and upportunltu of Deacon aa" COMES AS A SURPRISE Date For Appointment Not Yet Announced But Change In Office Is Expected To Take Place Before October 1 Koonce and Turneri It' Is Said Have Not Given Up On wek after his entne should have brun Rohert Walls en-teneed to thre and halt year In th State's prison from Watauga ceunty will enter th gate of th pngl Institution today as a prisoner Th only diffrnc in hi entry today and hi ttry on last Monday a week age I that today will hv with him Sheriff Moody of Opposed To Big Navy Program "War Traffickers'! FOR MORE SMALL CRAFT Will Not Vota for Increased Number of Dreadnaughts and Declares Our Army and Navy Are Stronger and in Every Respect More Efficient Joday Than Ever Before C- Bryant In Charlotte Ohwncr Washington ftept Reprentt-tlve Claud Kltchln who has been chosen by th Democratic gaumi to the leader th House of Inp' M'-tatlvea In the HlKly-foiirlh Congress will noj tupprrt bill ej provida lrg appropriations for th Army and Navy He say that If the President's national defenne nrrm csl's for an appropriation $10fnnenou ir the Army and Navy the Hnuee wll! pnsr a bill providing it lul tia wi'l not vw for itr Mr Kltchln has written out hla Mwa on national defense- Vnr years ha il a membero tha Houaa Committee on Naval Affalra and took con lderabl Intemt In tha Nuvy Aa leader of tha House ha la In portion to Ip National defense plana or hinder them "I am oppooj to tha big Army and f'avy (rogiMn nw being urged nml yitait by tl'O nr tr (flickers and jingoes'' ald air KKhln "I am In favor of avary tlra dollar ovar the usual program which tha government ku to appropriate In tha present Con- Jiraaa an tha Increase In tha Navy hang expanded on ubmrlnes torpedo destroy era and necessary auxiliaries Including aircraft and not for antra battleships- 1 have bean voting for one battleship and It la pusslbls that I might vota for two whan tha tune lomei next spring "I shall not support In this Congress tha eight all or four bsJtloillp dreadnought proposition the pis for an army of too 000 or 2 aor the plan to doubla tha pres-ant appropriations for tha Army anil Navy Whether Congress will vota for such Immensely Increased appropriation dependg an the president altitude If ha should Insist on that sort of an appropriation Congress wouli vota for it" Representative Kitch'n dlaouased al length tha quesiiun of National defense af the light of tha results of the European war ie present airti for larger Army an I Navy appropriations and tha Pri tl lent call fr Information from hscwlarles Uanls'n gnd Daniels "Since my potiltlM tnd statements en tha question National Uefu'iso have been ao liy tha press recently" said Mr Kltchln "It would seem not Improper for -me to atate my vlawa with mora clearnasa In compliance with a request from the Observer correspondent I never atated that 1 would oppose any appropriation exceeding 110000000 to 120-000000 for National defense- I have been voting fox tha lust several yare for appropriations In tha annual Naval bill exceeding 1 1 000000 unci fur 1100000000 in tha Military bill I never said that Congress would not vote for Increased appropriation for naval and military purposes I am confident that Congress will Vote tor large appropriations anil will not take tha position which I du I admit that I will be a minority oh that lmtuo 1 did not say that the present Kuropesn war haa demonstrated the uselewiics of tha battleship or dreadnought 1 aald and repent now that tin war has demonstrated beyond an dmib that our Navy is lacking in ittbma-rlnes destroyers scout ships unci other auxiliaries Including aircraft far mora than In battleships or in perls aourt is scheduled ta begin to day with Judge Cooke presiding but It Is not expected that court will be gin1 until Tuesday morning as no wt- neat were subpoenaed far Monday a at th time tha subpoena wars sent out It was expecud that today weuld be given over ta the spsnlng ceremonies of the new court house whioh have ilno been postponed An Important case ta com up will be that of Pilgrim Jen colored charged with tha murder ef Tom Clegg another negro Leo Hamilton and Fred Rlggabee two youth will be tried for robbing the horns of Mr Hnrgre Dawsll The evidence I said to be overwhelmingly against them It la said that part of tha stolen goods was found In thstr possession Tha solloitor doe not expsot to make muoh out of the cage agalnat Hldney Baa oolnred who ran away from Rougamont with Badla Bobblt a white girl It wa the purpose of tno solicitor ta a raw a pill against Ifaas for attempting to commit a criminal offense and he waa looking to th father of th girl to furnish him With the evidence for oenvlciinn To the iQllqitnr' astonishment Bob- bitt tne -girl ratner na secure counsel to appear In th girl' behalf The notion of bobbin which It ap pear will practically nullify tns ea agalnat the negro 1 very nauseating to the solicitor wno it is sata I liable to aay anm vary plain thing In open court and enter a nol psm court will bs held in the Montague building as th new court roohi pot ready Inventive Genius of Se lected For Naval Board (Continued from Fe One) Dr Whitney Schenectady creator and director of the re- search laboratory of the General Klectrle Company and I H-Haekeland Yonkers a native) of Hslglum famsd particularly for Invention of photographic paper American Initltut ef AmrU can Engineer Frank Julian Bprague New York an early assistant of Edison who directed the building pf th first successful electric trolley railway In the United States Ugly snd Germany and equipped the first electrically trained gun for the navy and Benjamin Itmma Pittsburg Inventor and hand of a committee which passes upon all Westinghouse Inventions American Mathematical Society Robert Simpson Woodward president of the Carnegie Institute air Washington and an authority on astronomy geography and mathematical physics and Pr Arthur Gordon -Webster Worcester- Mass professor of 'physic at C'lark University Inventor and the leading authority Hn America on sound American Society of Civil Andrew Murray Hunt -New York graduate of the United States Naval Academy and experienced In development of hydro-electric steam and gas plants and Alfred Craven New York chief engineer of the New York Tubllo Service Commission' American Institute of Mining Engineers William Lawrence Saunders New York Inventor and engineer former newspaper and magazine editor and former mayor of Plalnfleld and Benjamin Bowdlch Thayer New York metallurgist and explosive expert president of Anaconda Mining Company American Kleetro Chemical Society Dr Joeeph William Bloharde South Bethletvem Pa professor ef metallurgy at Lehigh University and Lawrence Addloka Chrome metallurgical engineer president of the American Klectro-Chemlcal 80- eiety American Society of Mechanical Engineer William Leroy Emmet Schenectady engineer and Inventor and first serious promoter of electric ship propulsion having ennduoied the recent epoch-making series of experiments on the naval collier Jupiter and Spencer Miller South Orange inventor of apparatus that ha lmpltfled eoallng nf ships and of the breeches buoy dsvtce now used by the coast guard service: Amertoan Hnoloty of Aeronau- tic Engineers Henry Alexander 1 wise Wood engineer and manufacturer student of naval aeronautic and regarded by many a the world' foremost authority on the engineering feature of the art ef printing and Elmer A Rperry electrical Inventor and manufacturer The board' first meeting will be held at th Navy Department Octo ber I lullson Head Board "Dealrlng to make available the latent Inventive genius of our eoun try to Improve our navy" aald Mr Daniel In making hla announcement 'a ahort while ago I reeuesttd Thom as A Edison to become chairman of an advisory board of prominent men who would make up the board Mr Kdlson with the patriotism charac- terlstte of American Inventors accepted the call to duty The plan adopted for selecting the members of the advisory- board waa aa follows I requested eleven great engineering and scientific societies to select by popular election two members and to represent them on the board The result ha hen moil gratifying I have received the nomination of all these societies and have accepted them and It only remains to have a meeting organise and determine the method of procedure in order to utilise to the hest advantage this mobi lization of the talent and genius of our country" Secretary Daniel ha declared great weight will given the board' recommendation not only In forming of tha administration's- recommends-Uon to Congress hut In th regular operation and development of tha navy- 1 1 1 i Put tn some good work for the boy and girls of Raleigh by voting for solium norms tnmorrnw Good 8ln for Tobacco Whltevllle New Reporter On farmer said Saturday that had already cleared HO on tobacco per acre This Beats -ccnt cotton two to one and again the crop wa Quieter to max and in th long run much cheaper The alms now are that the growers will corns out ahead witn tnein tobacco this season Special' Train Over Road of Which He Was Vice-President and General Manager Obsequies Conducted By Revs North and A Smoot Nw gad Observer Burtaa yl 'i 107 Market atreet 'j Durham Bept It Wealth a poverty mulU-mllllen air and lberr each equally gtirf-Itrlcken hawed In sorrow nd "hd a tem" on th grave that marked the last resting place of Jam Edwaet) i Bach had bee teflndd by th generosity and liberal aplrli of this Durham oitisan whoa remains wer burled In Maplewood emtry at o'clock thi afternoon Thj funeral aervlrea war condueted at th ham on Morehead avenu at 4 o'clock by Rv North pastor of MHiurii nismnam cpurvn assisted by Rev A pmoot Richmond formerly pastor of Memorial church A special train from Dunn travers ing the length of th Durham and Southern Railway was operated Into Durham arrlvina here at 'leek Th train was operated' for th bene nt of the employee of the road who wished to attend the funeral exercise of their honored official On hun dred and lfty passengers came on tha train among them being people a'0n4 th rout that hava known th vim- president of th road and had learned in lov him- Parties from Rai(h Henderson anJ ether points In th But cam by automobile pay a last tribute ef respect ta Mr Btagg He was for twelve year private secretary ef th late Col A Andrews Among the distinguished men nut of tewn attending the funeral war Jamee Duk W- Tom' iruiler ruller Duk i Cheatham assistant general freight agent of th Seaboard Air Un Kail way of Norfolk Vs Private 0pr' tary Mcuey to Henry yv Miner of the Southern Railway The funeral cortege meved from the beautiful residence Greystene something past 4 o'clock Simple services marked the ceremonial at tha neme from tn nous th funeral procession moved us Marehead ave nue into Vlekrs avenue and Chapel Hill street and thence to th cemetery Two American Tobacco Company trucks ladened two- decks high con veyed the Immense wreaths ef floral offerings from the home ta the grave The design of B- Lyon George lyon Jamee Puke B- Dux and Toms wre extremely beautiful and costly Other offerings wer tastily arranged and ware in profusion His grave was covered with a wilder ness of flowers The pallbearer ware Qorg Watte Capt i Parrlsh Jam Southgate Puller Puller Dr few John F- Wiley and A Erwln There were nc floral bearer The large concourse of friend and relatives that attended the funeral bore testimony that Jam Edward Stags "sided with th weak and with a willing hand gave alms with loyal heart and with the purest hand ne faithfully discharged all publie trusts" 14WRU 401444111 4a44444lPV- Henry Dlonyalu Lambert ef An gler Johnston county has been ap- Rot ted assistant agronomist In the orth Cnroltna Department of Agriculture Unofficial information wa obtained here today te the efieot that Secnetary of Agriculture A- Graham had made the appointment and would officially authorise th announcement early next week' Mr Lambert who is a graduate ef the I'nlveralty of North Carolina with the class ef 1914 ha been employed since last May In th department af agriculture as aoll survey expert His proficiency In thi work was a hlf recommendation for tho office which he is to hold in Raleigh as an associate of Dr Williams ef the Department of Agriculture Mr Lambert has lately been doing work in sell survey It Alleghany county ft was not learned when he will take held of his new Job Mr Iambert Is en of th most thorough student turned out by the department of geology in th Vl-verelty for many years His werh received the highest endorsement of Prof Collier Cobb head ef the department of geology Mr Lambert obtained two degrees from the University In four years 8 WINTER any expense that has been caused In earing for Mr Walls I will pay all the bills as I feel that I should de this" Last night Robert 1 Wall came alone to this office to ssy farewell to his newspaper friend There were tear tn hi eye a he talked and expressed his gratitude He was flven ohcwrtng words and told that hi food conduct in the prleen would help him Learning of Raleigh "The week in Raleigh has been mad very pleasant for me" he aald "and I have learned muoh about tha city that will glva me something te think about when I am in the prison The kindness of th manager of th Almo and Grand Theater In admitting 1 appreciated My vldts te these places nave helped ta keep me from thinking too hard ef things I appreciate the kindly help of the Prisoners' Aid Society But I long far th day te com When th three and a half year are over and 1 can go back horn to my wife and seven children They are my great thought all th time and I am going te try in the days to com to ma't it all up to them for thi time that I am way And I am consoled in th thought that I hav good friend In Watauga who will help look out for them And I will resver forget hpw good you have been to me since have been here'! There was emotion of the deepest kind on the fans of the man who on the morrow would lose hla liberty and enter the State's Prison He stood twisting his felt hat tn his hand as If at a less what el to say Then of a sudden he held out hi hand and with th gripping of hands said Imply: 1 "Good bye" Vote for school bond to narrow and vote early "a Selecting SdRtj Oersu teller City Orit One hour spent ia th field thlg fall selecting teed corn will be worth mar than day employed in ham election next spaing Select your need corn thi Xall from high yielding: dustrial College wilt pus th 700 mark during th cmn cMloa which open this week- A conservative prediction Pisces the total of the registration at Tit tusnia ef whom approximately lit will be student In passing th TOO mark th In crease will be larger than that ef any one year within recent years and last yea by an estimated It in ao rrark wa passed in iibt 1101 with an enrollment nf tift In 1101-ltAg th enrollment Jumped te HI and sine then th growth been tdy until It raarhed 1I1I-1IM and ii In 1IH-HU Elhty-lght counties of North Carolina three State and tha District of Columbia will represented In th student body Seven are tram South Carolina five from Virginia one from Tonne and on from Washington Guilford county ha the plac el honor In numbers sending 47 Howsn I cond with snd Mck lenburg third with It- Gsatsn and Wayns rountle hv It each Th attendant: from ceuntle I a follow IT Alexander 1 Alleghany 1 Anion 4 Avery 1 lleaufort llsrtl Blsdsn 1 tsunonmn 10 tturk 1 cabarrua 10 Caldwell Ti Carteret Caswell I Catawh Chatham Chowan Cleveland 1 Columbus Ti trtvin ia A lop 10 Davis Duplin Durham pngeenmue rorsytn rranx (In I Osston 10: Orsnvtil II Oresn I Guilford 47 Halifax it Harnett 4 Haywood Itj Hndn sop 4 Hartford I Hoke 4 Hyde 1 ireaeii Johnston 1 Jpnes i le I Lenoir Lincoln I Macon 4 Madison I Martin Mcpowet MecKlenOurg II Mitchell Montgomery 4 Moore II Nash li New Hanover It Northampton ti i'Mquntank fender I Per 3ulmna I Person 1111 II Ran olph II ftlchmond II Hobsaon Hooklnghajn Rowan II rtuineriori nampsen sscotisna a 1 ninu i a 1 Transylvania I Tyrrell Union 14 vance wake i warren 11 11' A nr it iimiUa wilsun 10 vaauin 1 vanoty Teutons Pounding Russians' Lines On Whole East Front (Continued from 1'ag One) trlana who continually are receiving reinforcementa arc endeavoring to force their way to the Dvina and the main trunk ef the Important railway lines Their offensive Is taking slow but stssdy headway particularly along the road to Slonlm and 1'lnnk The Germane' big effort however It I expected will be against Vllna and Dvlnak westward pf which town heavy engagements are being fought Having reached the Dvina at Fried- rlchstsdt th German are in a bet ter position to advance on Dvlnsk a there I no danger of an outflanking movement Th slownsss of the operations probably la due largely to the heavy roads Every day's delay ia giv ing the Russians a breathing apace and enabling them to prepare for greater realatanee on ehnsen lines pro tected by marshes and swollen river hew RiiHMun Move? Th Russian are inoreaalng their activltiea In the Caucasus and It 1 believed that th arrival of Grand Duk Nichnlaa will be the signal for more important operation lessening tne nurqen or tne aiitea at tne Dar danelles No report has been re eelved from th allied fore on the latter front for nearly a week but It la apparent from Turkish reports that there has been much fighting An optimistic rumor again I afloat probably due to the statement recently made by Lord Robert Cecil Under secretary for Foreign Affairs that th allies are not far from a great auc cess Artillery engagements con tinue on the western front A few Isolated attaoka by German Infantry have taken place but according to Pari have been repulsed and there nave been further air raid and much bomb-throwing Wau-h italkan Confab Diplomats still keenly await th out com cf the Balkan negotiations It Is aald Serbia ha agreed to cede Macedonia to Bulgaria If Bulgaria Join th allies and that the latter haa agreed In case of victory for the allies aeroia anait nav Bomia Daimstls (jrostia ana Hiavonla Wilson To Discuss Mexican Outlook (Continued from fag On) When the conferees meet they will also have before them In addition to replies from Villa and hi leader ac- cepting tne plan for a peace confer ence a Villa communication chal lenging Carranza'a claim and deny ing his charge that Villa waa bribed to desert the Carranza cause The military situation In Northern Mexico la being cloaely watched Car raxiXA' generals are planning a gen eral attack on vniag force at Tor reon Advices to the Villa ntrencv hre to day confirmed last night' denial of rumor tnat vnia had been killed dur Ing a visit to General Urblna'g ranch in ptortnern Durango PKACOX JONES HEIIK Fnrmor Ralrlrh Man Now With Sea iHiard at I'ortamouth Holds to "Uown Home" Visiting In the rlty last week wa Mr A Jones of Portsmouth who nmoni hl friend In this city 1 Known as "Deacon" lone Mr Jones while here wns th gueat of hla cousin Dr Battle and cam to Raleigh from loulaburg where he nan been on a vlalt to hie elster Mr Macon Mr Jones who 1 now In th claim department of the Seaboard at Port- meuth has been tn th service of that road for thirty-four years and each year since hie transfer to Ports mouth he mRkea a visit to Ralelah "It's home to me" he said la speaking of hi visit "and in Virginia they all know what I think ef Ha eh "While I wa with the Seaboard in Raleigh I waa in tha fraiaht and auditing office and I wa with th road in It very beginning in th day of the Raleigh and Gaston and the Raleigh aid Augusta I waa born tn a house which stood on th site of the present auditorium and whenever I come back on a visit I'm glad to that thi city my birth-plac 1 moving straight ahead and la growing creatar ard greater I'm a Raleigh man all through even if 1 00 live in Virginia and I'm glad oe gnown as a -Down Homer' Her talk waa In th nature ef an explanation nf th purpose of her work and as ah ha only recently arrived In this city from Pine Bluff Ark where she attsnded ehoo and received speolal training for thi work Th ooeon wa also th means of Introduction ta those ef her charge that had not met her before "Truly the line have fallen to me In very nleaaant nieces" Kit as Whit sides aid In beginning "I am very nappy 10 pa in your midst and to speak you that you may with me the extent and purpose of the (WW 1 WHIVII 4 fl 1141 a small part gnd th vt field of uss-fulne that it pressnt to th women of th church 'Th deaconess movement 1 not a new one It origin dates bank in Apestollo day have Scriptural authority for th statement that th deaconess occupied a very prominent piece in tne primitive church "The writing of th church father shew that ministry uf the dfnnsa waa an Important factor tn th life ef the post Apostolic church There waa no evldenoe that vow ef any kind war taken or that tha dearoneta remained unmarried fib worked en free and Independent line ana tn warn grew out of tne peed ef th day Th enly ptiiod In th church' history In which thi decnns wa not a fore wa th darkest period In th world history In the twelfth century 'Peaoonaas war first Introduced Into America In when four nurs deaconesses war brought to Pittsburgh Sine then the Uolacopal Congregational Baptist Presbyterian snd Methndlat dgnomlnutlon have recognised th valu nf th movement nd established th deaconess order In th Southern Methodist church about ninety deaconesses have been trained and consecrated ta the work "Awakened social consclousnsss of th church responsible for th deaconess movement Social eervloe Is denned a that form of Chriatlan service for th betterment ef man which seeks to uplift and transform him In community life "In order to be an efficient agent in accomplishing thi great work th deaconess must be trained trained not enly In Bible teaching but In personal evangelism "The deaconess Is a normal human being Her uniform 1 not only cloth There I a work for all In thi plac in meeting the needs of th hungry one Hunger I net so easily seen here as where it elothes Itself in the rg of poverty and yet there are hungry souls among and lonely one hungry for a word of cheer "Sorrowing one are hungry for comfort and restless ope are (pend ing their money for that which 1 not bread" in closing mis wnnesiaes summed up her experience In answering the call of Christ to th deaeoneaa work In th quoting of George MacDonald'a fnem "What Clilit Balrt tha last verse being as follows "Then Into His hsnd went mine And Into my hearr came He And I walk In a light divine Th path I had feared te sec" SECRETARY DANIELS BACK TO WASHINGTON Mr Josephus Daniels Secretary of the Navy left last night for Washington after (pending yesterday and the day before in Raleigh and Golde- boro Mr and Mrs Daniels who ar rived from Washington on Saturday went ta Ooldaboro to be with Mr Daniels' mother en her eightieth birthday which aha celebrated yesterday- The many friends ef the Secre tary' mother will be glad to learn that ahe la enjoying good health and wll) wish her many many more year of useful life Mr and Mrs Daniels returned to thi city yesterday afternoon and Mr Daniels spent a part ef the time with the News and Observer force Mrs Daniels will remain In the city a few day before returning to the national cap)tal THREE ARRESTS FOLLOW FIGHT IN EAST RALEIGH An affray en th back porch of th house of Blanche McCade 404 Green street In East Raleigh last night caused a hurry call to the po lice department and Captain Brown and a (quad of officer rushed to th scene and mad three arrests th McCade woman a traveling man who gave hi nam a McQee and a man named Jones the latter being taken as a witness Both men were re leased on bond for their sppearancs In th city court thi morning It appear that aa Mr McGs wa leaving the house he was met by a youth who It la aald Insulted htm and a fight ensued Th youth had gone when th officers arrived and Mo-Gee wa unable to give the officers hi pm Th MoCad woman gav her occu pation dressmaker Fights 60 Police 6 Hours Sui cide (Continued from Page One) The rooming house is in a populous section and thousands of spectators watched the battle Policeman Peter Hammond wa shot through th arms and legs by Nelson and Hugh Mac- Beth a lodger in the aame building as Nelson wa probably fatally wounded Hardly a square inch of Nelson' room escaped the raking fire With the coming uf daybreak the officers entered the building and burst Nelson's door He had been dead more than two hours Three auto-matlc revolvers tnd some ammunition lay on the table near the body-There wa a bad wound near Nl on' right elbow nd the police be lleve hi Intense suffering combined with th knowledge that daylight would result In his capture caused Mm to kin nimaeir 650 Out of 700 Houses Burned In Single Town On French Front (Continued from Page One) despair Against such despair the tuser Bgniav Alonxo Olenn ha at last accept ed the offer of the City commissioners to become the next chief of police of Haleigh Mr Glenn waa offered the plsoe five or elx week ago but re fused steadfastly to accept any proposition that would not give him absolute control of the force Mr Glenn id laat night that the place had been offered to him again last week and that ha had arrepted the new proposition made to him by the commissioners Just when the appointment will be made I not known That It will before the first of October seems certain Chief Charles Waltere the In- cumbent when he waa approached by tnenns on tne new turn arrairs na taken aald that he had not heard anything about the change that I certain to take place The other candidates Charlea Koonce and James Turner have not given up the fight It Is understood and will continue to remind Commissioner King of promises made to them Mr Glenn's appointment will put a nnlsh to one of the moat tantalising political situations that hag recently come Into rlty politic Mr King has kept whatever candidate he favoiad In the dark and Mr Glenn la a derided dark horse In the race Mohammed came to the mountain When Mr King offered the place a second time to Mr Glenn Mr Glenn accepted tha second offer because his business would permit him doing so now and because more eomplete control of the police department wag offered him Mr Glonn Is a life-long resident of ltnleUh and haa been Identified with the business life of the city since early manhood A painter by trade he 1 regarded a one of the best in the business Kor many years he wus a member of the firm of Glenn si Williams but since the death of the late Jessie Williams ho has conducted the business by himself Htrlct In hla business relations con sistent church member firm In his convictions and a strong advocate of the moral welfare of hi" city he la considered by all his friend as an ideal selection as chief of police or the city of Haleigh- The choice of Mr-' Olenn for chief nf police furnished the biggest aur- rise In connection with changes made the city administration Although there lfyvo 4een many rumor concerning the: appointment' of a new chief by Commissioner King of the various applicants mentioned ae Chief Walters' successor not a word has ever been mentioned of Mr Glenn Rumors and street gossip connected Messrs Turner and Koonca as the two strongest contenders for the coveted Job friend of each of these applicants were almost positive that one or the other would land the Job A prominent cltixen sad last night: "Mr Glenn will make Raleigh one of the beat heads of the police department who ha ever served In that capacity" CHARGED WITH WORKING "SPELL" ON LENOIR MAN IBpteltl Is TM Men ntswwl Klnstnn Bept -A peace warrant haa been aerved on Aretua Wor-ley of the southern part of Lenoir county tor the most unusual reason that one wa ever drawn--to prevent htm from working an alleged "spell" upon Anthony Davis a neighbor Pavia and a relative Dors Hill were the complainant According to the story told at th sheriff's oulce here toduy gross Ignorance and superstition caused the summoning of Wor-ley who is a prominent man in his neighborhood to appear before a magistrate here In the latter part of next week to see If bond ahall be required of him to prevent him from carrying out an alleged threat to take Davis' Ufa It Is aald that Worlay working after the manner nf "oonjure doctor employed a moit fantgstio so be me to put the Into operation- He drew with a crayon or brush a pto ture of Davis on a tree He made a (Ire of a doxen klnda of wood and herbs before the tree Then it I said he shot nt th picture the missile sunuosedly of silver passing through the amnka from the magic fire and lodging in one of the arms of the crude portrait The picture rep resented Davis it 1 said Now Davis haa a sore on hi arm It Is on a spot haa a sore arm It is on a spot that that corresponds In location Idantioal ly with the "wound" that Worley made on th picture Davis Is confident that unless some thing happens to break the spell he will die It la known that he has conferred with the Htate' Attorney here Solicitor Shsw would not be interviewed but laughed heartily at mention of the affair Worley prob ably will be taken before a mRgtatrate Xuturday The sheriff himself eerv- ea tne warrant on woriey wno ae clsred there was nothing to the accusation Davis told officers that the method used by Worley Is one employed by negro practitioners of "con juring" In which he says persons are known to have heonme affected from the spell and die from mysterious painless wounds In a few day' time Holiool Crowded At Monroe Monroe Bept li The Monro "public school opened with a full corps ef teachers and an overflow of pupil In the high school alone there are one hundred and sixty which Is an Increase of fifty over previous enroll menta In tht other achool th grades are badly crowded In the entire system there are at least one thousand pupils enrolled At present there are only twenty-four teachers but at the end of the first week more room and teuchera will be asked for The work this year Is in charge of a vary strong faculty with whom maay nf the patron seem particularly well a the Germsn fleet waa th combined battleship fleets of the world It located where the German fleer thin preat Britain alone had four aentroyera and two iiomrui for each of the big Warships of the Oer man navy i ROBFRT Watauga Th sheriff having heard of th predicament of the man who warded to begin hi service and could not arrived yesterday It waa rriday before Walla had communica tion with him But the sheriff was not worried because the convicted man waa not in the hands of offi cers He has sbundant faith in Wall and behave that th biggest part pf tn people or Watauga have too All thia week Walls ha bean wait ing for an officer from Watauga Coming down to Raleigh with his commitment papers made out and with hi bond still In the hands of the clerk of court Walla fnujtd hlm- seir confronted by an unexpected situation The prison authorities ad mitted that hi commitment paper were in proper chape and ao far they knew he might be the man Wall mentioned in them but the rule is strict Hs could not enter un accompanied by an officer It took aom lime to communieat with Watauga The telegraph telephone and mall services were called Into uae But it waa Friday before Sheriff Moody waa reached with a telephone messag from the News and observer Then Sheriff Moody requested that Wall remain here un til Sunday when he would be down to take charge of him Walla heard tne new with disappointment put he waited In the meantime his money had been exhausted and there wa a wife and seven children at home wtxp needed all the money available The man waa in tne straits upon request Superintendent Mann at the State Prison agreed that Walls might tnke hi meal at th prison and a Ra leigh newspaper man guaranteed hla logging expenses latter th Prisoners' Aid Society agreed to bear these expense and also to Bee that the family received aid to the extent ef lift monthly If thi were needed It Is very likely that an effort will be made tn present this caae before Governor Craig on petition for par don According to the sheriff and according to Walla' own statament of the crime he waa convicted for he slew a man In a burst ef passion and In eir-defene He waa convicted however by the argument ef the solicitor calling attention to the fact that after he had atabbed his opponent he went off to let him die The deceased wa supervisor of the road of that section and Walls was chairman of the road commts ston Because of alleged failure to perform hie duties properly Walla aecured the dismissal of the super visor The latter then abused Walla on several ocoasiona It is said and finally came to Walls' heme where Mrs Wall was in a delicate condi tion Continuing hi abuse Walls sought to drive the man away He drew a knife and made a lunge at Walls Then It was that Wall used hi own knife Inflicting the fista wound On th aland a physician test Irted that If aid had been ren dered the man shortly after the cutting death would not have occurred "Knew HCd Bo Here" Bheriff Moody andl Mr- Wall spent Sunday together looking over th city and during the day dropped in at the New and Observer omc to do talk over mattera with a member of the taff of this paner who had hrat in terested himself In the Wall case and had arranged for hi meal and lodging "Yes I was glad to Walls when I readied Raleigh" aald Sheriff Moody "though 1 waa not at all un easy for I knew that he would be here waiting for me- He Is not the kind ef a man who runs awsy The people of Watauga think a great deal of him and his family and there are fully ninety per cent of the people who axe ready to sign an application for hla pardon When It 1 felt that th proper time has arrived for this there will oe action taxen in watauga "Why did you aend Walla to Ral eigh alone?" waa asked ths sheriff Thoucht Nothing Unumial "Oh" he replied I had no Idea that there was anything Irregular In allowing him to come by himself for 1 knew that he would go to the State's Prison The lawyers at Boone thought it would be all right that there would be nothing wrong In Wall coming by himself I have never received any communication from Superintendent Mann saying that an officer must accompany a prisoner I have not been In office long and while my prede cessor may have been notified by Mr Mann I was not I was surprised when I learned that there was any trouble In admitting him "I was delayad In getting away from Boone aa court la in session with Judge Adam presiding and I In a hurry to gt back to my du ties But still' it Is a pleasure to Visit Raietgn even it i am on a rush Felt It Was All Right "I want to thank you" he said to the New and Observer man "for the Interest you took In the matter and In Mr Walls Aa soon aa I learned Miat a New and Observer man wa looking after the matter I felt that thing would go straight and always I felt certain of Walla He and hi family have th regard of our people and It it felt that the trouble with Murreu wa forced on hlro for Walls had not been having anything to do with him for two years As to dreadnoughts- Thle view concerning the lack of submarines and unialer crait many members of Congress Including myself held and expressed long before the Kuropean war Aa a member of tha Naval Committee of the House 1 Incited that tvjNnvy Department waa paying too much ul tention to and hai too much faith in dreadnooghta ani paying too little nt tention to and had too little faith In euhmarlnes torpedo destroyers eto I with otrer members of the conml'te urged in vain an Increase In such amaller craft In order to have a bit ter proportioned and more cmclunt Navy The war haa certainly demon strated the wisdom of this tmeUlnn "I assert that tha lessons uf the present war furnish many Aooj rea sons for the probability that tha wur will demonstrate that ornHCnouahte nine ef whioh wa have now under construction and authorised costing over 1110000 Son and which tha blr Navy propagandists Insist that the next Congress should largely increase will not hereafter be the prim wean en of offense and defense tr iaval warfare There is soma reasot a believe that they will become obsolete after the termination of thle war if not before A year ago Hie Percy 8cott one of England's ablest and wisest offtoers declared that tho sub marine waa the most effective uhlp for the navy of tha future and adviwl i cessation In the rapid construction of dreadnought and tha utilisation of money thus spent for building sub marine Thia was long before the two or three German submarines hud played euch havoe with the Uritsh fleet Haa not the war demonalwla I conclusively the correctness r( hla opinion and the wisdom of hu nd vioa? If report from tho lirihuh German and other belligerent ship yards are true are not Knglnnd llr- many and other warring nation nov taking hla advioe? Bo far thli wur haa proved that the moat dangerous naval weapon of offense and cr'ati )y the surest and moat athacins weapon of defense is tho submarine "When the real ra-gong si bin-rlne one that can go kind atUuk un enemy fleet thousands of mile from base many of which are now Imlnn built by Germany according tu re- porta la put Into this war it mny hJ probably will revolutionise the war-Ship construction policy of the wsiiri The last Congress whorixetl the construction of threr- pf these submarine for our Nav)' J'h dreadnought auvecete in this country depeslmliy aaaerta that the war has doipiuniMl the absolute uefitn and ef the big dreadnought or l)4tlehp that the superior battleship tliet i Great Britain and her allien nwtipt the German fleet and 'ierman coiniucvoe from the seas if Great ff-it tm and Ymr allie t'ad nut had a ba'tWoshlo Germsn commerce ttrf German flef-t would have oeon awepw fi'vm the lew aetly likq tliov weru Great Britain nd '-hee allies had encugh torpedoboaU gi 1 deatryyer ibd notuh submarine to have mint after M)h baulsshlp bsttl eruisne norAd cruiaer of th entire Qerman vy J0 and dem vyvs and three gubnwlneg enough ytiv destroyed or driven to Jmrb -t umler protection of eubmarlnon 6d mines.

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