The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on October 5, 1918 · 10
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 10

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Saturday, October 5, 1918
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-OE -- - - I avomuwo00kmA100t34W-W A 1 BUY LIBERTY OP mop -00wW t To Prohibit Public Gatherings In State Dr Rankin Advises Health Officers To Take This Step To Combat Influenza EIGHT THOUSAND CASES ARE REPORTED Governor Bickett Addresses Appeal To Medical and Nars ing Professions Urging Vol unteers in Emergency Dr Rankin Goes To Conference of Health Officers in Atlanta - In the fuee of Dm rolpiti advanee of ( the epidemic of Stoutish influenza in North Carolina Dr W N Rankin 14re rotary of the State Board of Health instructed all cuunty health offieers North Carolina yesterday t hut upoe PrpolltSillet of grippe or Spauish enza in ploy eity town village or t thickly nettled eommunit Mere ohoultl ho token It) prohilOt Ok'boots Muting idettire shows fairs eireuses and ether public gat herings leeludiok retitri serviette HO1 Orliook tooter I Chapter 62 hildie Lawn of 1911 See films to PI 11 and 13 In 11111ition Governor Willett has issued an apoeal for &Ours awl nurses to aid its Wirt' t work To flute approximately eight them 14 and! rases of Spanish Wittenit int‘e been repttitrol in North Caroling' with P I new' &Ohs re-011611g front pneunioniti fellowing the influenza exceeding fifty The situation elintitotten neoto I ii east 1 ern portions or the Stifte with Din cpi&MO! Vtendily adinneing into new ter- I ritory A pproxi on et ely nix t heuenntl elloen htte nee nrre1 iii tht city of Wilinitiate's and the territory in the imonedante vicinity of that city has nut- 1 teml wow than any other seetion pn far It was on nceoulit of the unprecedented epillemie mot the rupiti work which it hue involved a lergo per cent- t ago of the population unikieg it impos 'tilde for local metileal it miming pro- feesions to render the necelootry aid to the sick that Dr W S Rankin State Ilealth Officer recalled the Olivial ittl vice given two days ago to the effect Out sehools moving pieture nhowm fairs and other public asnemblages should not be closed or prohibited Dr Rankin Instructions In recalling this ativiee Dr Punkin Petit the following inetructions to the health °Meer' of every county of the State: "After eonference anti with the hearty approvul of Goverufft Diekett the State $uperintendent of Publie Instruction Dr J Y Joyner the Than of the State Council of Defense Dr D II Dill and Nlajor Kinyoun of the United States Army I now strongly 'Ovine that on the appearanee of grippe or Spanish influenza in any city town village or thickly settled To rot stetion nehools moving pieture plums fairs eirenses and other public gutherilign 1m-to4ing chureli services and Sunday wheels be prohibited under Chnpter 62 Publie Laws of 1911 Sections 9 10 14 and 15 "It is urged by Iliff State Superintendent of Public Instruction flint where the twhools are dosed on :would of the epidemic or where the eelmole have not opened teachers entt render a vitni service by volunteering as lay nurses "Move promptly Human life is at stake" Two members of the executive staff f)r the State Donn( of Health are now in the field directing relief work in the sections nuzet in need Surgeon General Blue of the United Staten Public Health Service has been asked to send at onee four experts from his departtnent to assist -A ntimber of nutmeg have been furnished by the Southern division of the Red Cross and a number of volunteer physicians in the State have been amsigned to etrieken districts and are now on the job Governor Ash Volunteers There is however need for additional volunteers Of both doctors and nurses In addition local units of the Red Cross are being asked to organize the members who lime bitten the course in first aid and hygiene to serve as assistant )purses Itt many eases every member of families hnve been stricken snit have suffered front lack of proper food and ordinary attention 'Our State is in the throve of the worst epidemic' wo have hail for more than a genefation Spanish has rendered several of our eastern comities helpless Ninny communities and thousands of patiente are unable to scone doctors or nurses and the situation is rapidly growing worse am asking for volunteers from the medical and nursing professions to render aidin our serious emergency Any doetor or nurse who roll poomibly spared from his or her community' even for only a few days can do valaable service for the State in this time ef great need If you can serve notify the State Board of health by wire giv ing the date and length of time for Which you will lie available Traveling expenses and salary at fifteen (lot-lane per day will be provided for each doctor and the usual compensation for ' nurses I earnestly urge you to re spond for this patriptie work" Dr W S Rankin left last night fur Atlanta where today there will he a conference of health tinkers of the Southern States together with the southern division of the Red Cross to devise ways anti means of affording the greatest pessible amount of aid in relief work durieg the emergeney The State Sanatorium for the tubercular at Sanatorium ' N C has an flounced that it would be closed to visitors until the epidemic of influenza 11811 submitted There are several hundred patients there being treated for tuberculosis No eases of influenza has developed at the institution yet W C T U Convention Called Off 'Sire T AtIllaido4ioo4no president of the North Carolina Woman' s Christian Temperance Union announeed yesterday that the State convention of the W C T IL which was to have been held next neek in Charlotte had been called off on account of the epidemic of Spanisp influenza BONDS NEW CALL ISSUED FOR TECHNICIANS Includes 200 White and 280 Colored Registrants of This State WHITE MEN GO TO UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA Colored Registrants Will Re port To Agriculeural and Technical College The Adjutant General yesterday an otounced a rail to the local boasts of the State for 200 while men awl 20 colored men of grammar Nehru)! elbow lion and specie! aptitude for medaldeal Vork to reeeisr ft:lining as technicians for alloy scrs ire The white registrants who will re1 ceivo training at the University of glow us auto mechanics' HMI will be etitreined on Itetober cotored regiatranta ilI receive training am carpeuters horseshoer awl truck drivers 111111 alil entrain on the AIIMP 1111111 for the Negro Agrieultural and Technocui College tireelosboro N C "11111 men seteeted for MI servieer Nip the bulletin from the teleettve Senieo Bureau Adjutant Generers PurIment to the Went boards of the "ill receive a course of training at government expame (citing them to serve in any positions both at the 'Irma and behind the lines The men will be assigned to that kind of 1110 chanient training for which grratest Deed C11111N la 11111 time of the rail At tho end of the room they sill be es-signed to various brandies er the per- vico in accordance with in needs of the army l'hey allrl to recive no too surance of assignment to any particular braneh of the service This is an ex ceptional opportunity fur tpuditied Dien" County Allotment's The allotment of the tan hundred white melt among tho boards under tins rail follows: Anson 3: Beaufort 4 Mane 1 Buitrombe No 1 6 Bullt011ibe No 2 6 Cabarrus 4 Carteret 6 Cutawba 4 Cleveltinl 5 t'olumbits 2 Craven 2 Cumberland 2: Davidson 3 Poplin 2 Durham 4 IVinnlon-l-lalem 8 Forsyth 4 Gaston 4: Granville 2 Guilford No I 1 Guilford No 2 6 Guilford No 3 1 Halifax 2 Harnett 2 Haywood 2 Hertford 2 Iredell 4 Lincoln 4 Niaeon 6 Madison 2 Martin 3 Mecklenburg 10 Charlotte 12 Montgoniery 2 Moore 2 Nash 3: Northampton I Pamlico I: Person 1 Pill 4 Randolph 2 Richmond 3 Robeson No I 3 Robeson o 1 Roekingham 5 Rowan 5 Rutherford 2 Sampson 3 Scotland 1 btanly 5 Surry 3 Union 3: Vance 3 Wake No I 6 Wake No 2 2 Watauga 4 Wayne 2: Wilkes 4: Wilson 2 Allotment Colored Men Tho allotment of the 240 colored men under this call follows: Aamance 3 Anson 4 Illaden 4 Brunswick 3 Buncombe No 2 3 Chatham 6 Craven 13 Cumberland 110 Duplin 5 Duritani 3 IVinstonSalem :10 Franklin 8 Gaston 14 Granville 5 Greene 3 tibilford No 2 5 Guilford No 3 3 Halifax 20 Hoke 2 Maeklenburg 25 Charlotte 0 Nash 18 Northampton 5 Pitt 1u Richinond 7 Robeson No 2 5 Staub' 15 ‘'anee 9: NVake No 1 13 Wake No 2 5 Varren 8 NVayne 7 'Wilson 6 MANAGER UPCHURCH CANCELS FOUR SHOWS Closed Academy 2 Days Ago He States Also Delays Opening of Strand' Manager Sherwood Upchurch of the Academy of Music yesterday announced that twp days ago he closed the theater during t he epidemic of influenza by can-ceiling four attractions and also post polling the opening of the Strand Theater a new vaudeville house which was Nvbeduled to open next Monday The shows which were cancelled are "What Is Your Husband Doing" which featured Fred 1lowers "The Love Mill" a musical comedy hooked for two night performances and "Business Before Pleasure" a farce comedy with a east of 24 people Simultaneously with the :losing of the Academy he stated that he wired the booking oftices in New York of his cancellation of the Bu?r shows and also a delay in the opening of the Strand Theater If the epidemie is cheeked sufficiently by October 14 Mr Upehurch plans to open the vaudeville house on October 14 or 21 "1 did not announce the closing of the Academy before the action of the reminissioners because 1 did not want to jeopardize the other show houses in the city" he said yestirday Even bread and butter and jam don't tempt me svys a0066y as Ions uc- as' I can have (4-1 POST TOAST1 ES (MADE OF CORN) THE NEWS AND OBSERVER BUILDING AT CAMP TO START MONDAY 111FMPMMMl Holliday & Creuse of Greensboro Have The Con tract ABOUT 3000 MEN WILL BE ENGAGED - Major Lang Wants Housing Accommodations Outside Raleigh Construction work on Camp Polk will begin Worley with the arrival of a hirer force of workmen lio have been employed to build tlie frank training school here An annoutreenient made yeterrilly Afternoon by MAJ Louis M Leng emistructinn quertermaster was to the effect that work would begin Mortally Mild go forward as rapidly as rernstistroillif ions could be provided for workmen Huts will bp built between tho cams) herders' end the railroad between Raleigh and Cary to areommodate white workmen while arrangetnents have been made to cern for the colored orkmen among the populetion at Method Between to and three hen fired men in ntirlifien to the enlisted Wier will arrive Monday The contract for building Camp Polk is held by Holliday and Cremes Corn finny of Greensboro and their equip ment hes already arrived here for the job As many ns three thousand men will be employed on the werk and they will arrive just as Peon as housing fLcilities can be arranged Major Lang lest night orpreorsed the hope that necommorlatiope for some of the rum her entibi bet 'had in the entraller tower' near Raleigh ill which e)ent he would et-range for epeelat train's to bring them to and carry them from work The contraetors have assured the ems) authorities that the labor gimelion will not be rine to worry with Carpenters can be bad in any number almost they have stated and there in very indication that the work will Le pushed as rapidly as it is possible Construction will start on a basis of residing necomniodations for 7500 noir' within the camp The field engineeru have staked around the entire 16000 acres stnI the committee front the Chamber of (om mere() has announced that there will be no difficulty in consummating the blanket lease between the government and the holding company that covers tho camp area It has been estimated that fifty per rent Of the cotton erns) within the crimp area can be saved Appraisere have been named by the Chamber of Commerce to pegs upon the velure of those crops in the trections that building will begin on before harvest and settlement will be made for the crops government MORE POWER PLANNED FOR CAROLINAS SOON Power Companies Asking War Industries Board For Authority To Proceed The City Commissioners yesterday endorsed the proposal of the Cnrolina Power and Light Company the Yadkin River Power Company the Carolina Gas and Electric Company anti the Palmetto Power and Light Company for the construction of an electric transmission symtem connecting the existing transmission system with the new dro-eleetric plant of the Wateree Power Coinpany on the Wateree river near Camden 8 C and these concerns are making application to the War Industries Board for permission to proeeed with the work and asked the endorsement of the city of Raleigh to this entl The object of the proposed work according to representations of the power companlea is to distribute approximately 20000 horsepower in the companies The proposal involves the construction of eighty-two miles of 100000 volt double current steel tower tranamission line from Laurinburg to Wateree near Camden neven5y-five miles of 22000 volt wood pole distribution lines for the purpose of connecting Laurin-burg N C with McColl and Burnsville S C anti the Wateree plant a number of short distribution lines approximately from ten to twenty miles connecting the prospective consumers the construction of transforming switching and distributing sub-stations at liartsville Florence Marion Darlington and Timmonaville Camden McColl Bennettsville S C anti Laurinburg N C It is estiinated that with the 20000 additional horsepower will mean a saving in the territory involved of not less than 150000 tons of coal annually and the release of 3000 coal cars annually which have been in service hauling coal Moro than half million dollars has already been spent on this project LATE Mr L P CHILD OF CHICAGO BURIED HERE -- The retuning of the late Mr L P Childs Of Chicago were brought to Raleigh for interment yesterday morning Mr Child was a resident here for many years and married Miss Lena Stitt of this city daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Buckner D Stitt who stirViVell him Mrs Child is a sister of Mrs WiViam Bailey of this city Funeral serviees had been held in Chlrego and the commitment services in Oakwood Cemetery were eonducterly Rev C A Ashby rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd NB Child Wag educated at St Paul's school Concord N II and wits an earnest communicant of the Episcopal Church The pall-bearers were Judge W A Hoke W J Andrews Ed: Chambers Smith M Rosenthal Edgar Haywood S Brown Shepherd Chas Root F P Haywood Edwin McKee Among the out of town relatives here for thi interment were Mrs Lewis P Child and Miss Child of New Canaan Coln and Mr IL D Childs of Asheville 11MilMIIM SAYS COUNTY JAILS ARE UNSANITARY Inspectors of State Board of Health Make Report On Twelve Institutions NONE IS OBSERVING REGULATIONS IS CLAIM Bunoombe Jail Stands Highest In List With Score of Eightptive and Half Inspectors of the State Board of Health LIM just completed the inspec tion of the county jails of the Hate and in the report made publie by the Plate Board of Health yeatertinv it is P hone that not one wait found which is observing the health regulations re quired The names of twelve tounties appear in the present report the others basing appeared in a list made public during the SUMMOr Of the twelve in the present list Bun emetic county Manila higheat with ' core of 85 12 while the county jail of 4'ftuufnrt lorated at Washington ranks lowest its peer° being 58 1 2 Nearly all the report show that pris oners are not examined phyeically when rommitted to jail Thin rumination la a part of the dutiem of the county health oftieer 'Ninny take no precautions egaitist vermin while others fail to provide neeessary bedding anti clothes and bathing faellitie There are still jails in tho State where there are no proteet ivo measures taken againtit flies and piosquitoen) the prim OHM'S being Ubjeetml to the danger of being infected with the numerous diseases which are spread by the inserts The inspections which were made during the month of August phew a total of seventy-two primmer COnflotol in the twelve eoutitiee Three of the counties had no prisoner at all end tan Of them had only one each The names of the counties and the scores of the jails of each follows: Bunrombe 85 1-2 Sampson F41 Bladen 12 Columbuo 77 1-2 Greene 76 1-2 Rutherford 73 Martin 71 1-2 Washington 71 1-2 Robeson 63 Craven 61 Madison 61 1-2 Beaufort 58 1-2 INSTRUCTION BOARDS HEAR AUGUSTUS NASH Representatives of Organiza tions in This Part of State Meet Here Mr Augustus Nash ' of Cleveland Ohio representing the Provost N1111411:0 General's Department yesterday laid before representatives of boards of histruetion recently appointed throughout the State to ai1 and assist p'reinducted regietrants plans whieh may bring the best results and make the registrants more fit to progress with their training after having been sent to ramp Thin was the second tneeting of representatives of such boards held in the State the other having taken place at Greensboro when a large number of board members in that section of the State were present Among those here yesterday for the conference were: Messrs Jones Fuller Dnrbam A Ti Clark Allmon E F Young Harnett K Johnson Wake No 1 'Wesel' Bartholomew Nash: D G McKinnon Craven A M Maupin Raleigh B B Williams Warren C L Blackwell Vance R J Mattock Green N C Duncan Halifax A J Wilcox Wayne F P Strong Lee W A Stanbury Wileon J II Reade Tyrrell C C Winston Franklin E F Murray Scotland J B Atwater Chatham J L Reade Chowan G Waring Moore Captain Bennett Nooe Chatham Euclid McWhorter Orange B B Adams Johnaton NO CHANGE TO BE MADE IN COTTON SEED PRICES Later Analysis of Cotton Seed Show Content Much Higher Than First Samples State Food Administrator Henry A Page yesterday afernoon announced that no change will be made in the price of cotton seed in Union Anson Richmond Scotland Robeson and lloke and Moore counties the seed from which were recently reported to be bringing a phenomenally low yield of oil The crushers of that territory bad appealed to Mr Page for relief claiming a difference of approximately five dollars per ton between the basis upon which the present price of seed had been figured and the value of the actual product of a ton of seed Reports from chemists received yesterday by Mr Page indicated that While the first seed were quite low in cil content the later seed are measuring up approximately to the standard of former years and a continued improvement in oil content is shown The only change of price in cotton seed that Mr Page will consider will be to go upon a basis of seed analysis taken semi-monthly in accordance with which the price will be revised upward or downward as often as the seed contents may warrant DR EDWIN B FEREFIIE NOW IN RICHMOND VA Associated With Dr J Allison Hodges at Hygeia Hospital and Sanatorium Dr Edwin B Ferebee of Raleigh who was given an honorable (Pcharge from till military service following a severe attack of pneumonia while he was on duty at Fort Oglethorpe Ga has since that time been doing advanced work at Johns Hopkins University and tho University of Pennsylvania and is now associate professor of nervois disOtis diseases in the Medical College of Virginia In addition having entirely recovered from the illness which nearly proved fatal he is now associated with Dr J Allison lodges in Richmond Va at the Hygeia Hospital and Sanatorium CLOSING ORDER IN EFFECT IN RALEIGH Commissioners Stop Schools Churches Theatres and Mo tion Picture Shows IN CONTINUES TO SPREAD IN CITY Situation Still Improving at State College and St Mary's School All publie gathering churthee "chortle motion picture pitons and theaters of Raleigh sere ordered closed until further antics by the city cam miseinners yeeterdax as a means Of ectribtiting the influenza epitlemle new developing in this city The order however provides that colleges and schools may remain open to students remidittg on the premises but eloped to atudents living in the city Tito order RN passed ehortly after 3 o'eloek yes terday afternoon and went Him cffeet imtnedietelY motion picture shown ties lug their doors about an hour after sterile The raid of tho commiselonere closes the churches of the city for the first time in Raieigh's hintery as a reetilt of an epidemic but schools have been rms praded several times in the past on thie 1 aceount — In looming their order the eommissinners ritarneterize the nitwit ion se one eeriouely threatening the city with an 1 epidemic Aecording to physteinns the dioesse ham already remelted an epidentie Maim New cases are being reported eery day over the eity and health offieiniti point out that many eases are not being reported through the proper ehannels No far only Rimed 150 taxes have been reported officially in the city but it fit' extimated thnt there are at least 300 rases in Raleigh The theease is gradually moving east from West Raleigh while a large numbir of people from Petersburg and Norfolk Va have been stricken since arrivine here One Ptutlent from Trinity Col-1 lege was taken ill in the city yesterday 1 while on route- to his home in Eliza: beth City Improvement at State College The situation at State College and St Mary's School where influenza first boeame epidentio is improving caeli duty and at the former inetitun the spread of the disease apparently has been checked Only three news cases were reported yesterday while a large number of cases have been diseharged President Riiitlick stated last night that there lire about 10 cases in college anti Pomo of them are serious but the situation is improving very satisfactorily At large number of students at St Mary's who were ill with influenza have resumed their 'Mulles while atilt others are convaleecent The number of cases is gradun(y decreasing More new cases were reported at the State School for the Colored Blind and Deaf and new 162 student' at the lestitution have influenza The epi&mid has reached its most oterious slime at the sehool and Br Plummer ham again called upon colored women of the city to aid 4n nursing the sick Meredith College Peace Institute and the Soldiers' Home are three Institutions in Raleigh which have so far escaped the epidetnic Not a ease has been repotred from one of these places All the veterans at the Soldiers' Rome are under strict quarantine Clewing Resolutions The renolutione providing for the clotting of all public gatherings Belton churches etc are all follower "Whereas the city of Raleigh in corn 'non with other cities of the State is seriously threatened with an epidemic of la grippe or influenza and for the purpose of taking every precautionary 171PIIMITO to prevent this as far as possible now therefore be it Resolved by the commisisoners of the ffity of Raleigh That until furthernotice all public gatherings including schools moving picture shows theaters churches etc be ordered closed provided colleges and schools of the city whose students reside on the premises will only be required to clone to those students who do not reside on the premises and as this ordinance is for the public good that same go into effect at once" plt aut Qt1414t Mt Cati) Liberty Bond Meeting Mr Santford Martin and Mr J M Broughton will speak at Mount Morin It School house tonight at 8 o'clock in the interest of the Fourth Liberty Bond issue Leave For Greenwood MrW Furman Betts evangelistic singer left last night for Greenwood S C where he will have charge of tbe singing at a revival to be conducted by Dr J R Jester New Patrolman Elected Mr J M Boyd a former policeman yesterday wits elected a member of tie Raleigh police department to succeed Patrolman A L Foster roFigned Foster has quit the department to enter other lines of work Ito lins been on the force for about three years Lieutenant Carr Promoted Lieut Wm L Carr son of Mr and Mrs H H Carr of Maryland has returned from France whore he has been forthe past nine months Lieutenant Carr was in tho battle of Chateau Thierry during the second battle of the Marne Since his return to America he has been promoted to first lieutenant and assigned to duty in 49th field artillery at Camp Bowie near Fort Worth Texas ' Organizing Safety Leagnen Mrs W H Hollowell Of the State Insurance Department has just completed travels through Cherokee Swain Macon and Haywood counties visiting schools and organizing among the school children North Carolina safety leagues Her work in these counties was most successful the school children and the school authorities falling in line readily for this organized safety first and fire prevention effort - BUY LIBERTY BONDS g b — — — — b I Immg nemal ommommommA i DER IN Klina Lazarus RALEIGH Raleigh's Thrift litore-4 Big Departments 'Wm v kvelliU4 " 11011h peo010 !eosp anSdchMo oo : ls Shows Men's Sunday )17 ' ' I P IINUES IT - i V EAD IN I CTY - atproving at - SUS kizi 1 and at ' SUITS lk" '''':' 1--s --'-'iA100-1 --- lool 'A-0 - ing ehurthee 1 pitons and thea $1500 to S3' 0 00 i ordered closed II r the city cam as a means of If you are one of the fellows who 111 r a epidemic nem 1 think you must pay a great big price for ‘t ty The order your new Fall suit spend about five t colleges and minutes of your time around here look- open to students tea but eloped to ingover our new Fall clothes You'll eity Tito order be paid well for your time and you'll get 1 or 3 o'elneit yes a suit that will please you and your ven Hilo o effeet pocket eture shown 14 book too ' t t an hour after rntn e in a nti lAt lit alletur vnil lull n Kline8c Lazarus 4-(111 Baleigit's Thrift Ittoro—S Big Departments Men's Sunday SUITS $1500 to $1100 If you are one of the fellows who think you must pay a great big price for your new Fall twit spend about five minutes of your time around here lookingover our new Fall clothes You'll be paid well for your time and you'll get a suit that will please you and your pocket book too Come in and let us show you what beauty $2000 will buy And iay fathers bring your boy with you We are headquarters for boys' clothes MEN WORKING ON JOB AT HAND Demonstration Agents in Wilmington Aiding Fight Against Influenza The women home demonst rat ion agents of the Avricultural Extenison Service are showing their pntriotient and ability by givhig their entire time In attention to the job at hand As the canning season drops off mnny of them are now busy teaching lessons of eoneervation and better home niaking by means of community fairs anti by work with the schools It is their job to aid the people of North Carolina ntates Mrs Jane S NicKimmon the State agent and none are proving this more successfully than are Nliss Bennett and Mrs Grant the city and county home dent4stration agents of Wilmington and New Hanover county Right now these two enregetic ladies are devoting their entire time in establishing soup kitchens over the city for the benefit of the victims of the epidemic of Spanish influenza From 200 to 300 gallons of soup are being prepared in theee kitehens etkeh day By this means the ladies are ehowing that a good knowledge of foods is of valuable practical assietnee in time of nee(L Other agents all over the State are holding community and county fairs end reports show that there is a strict cotformity in exhibits to the conservation ideas promoted by the Agricultural Extension Serviee anti the Food Admin istration Most of the agents report to Mrs MeKimmon the) there is noticeable absence of laye1 rakes and icings in this day of sugar shortage and in the place of these there appears the 'old reliable" ginger breads es1 melee Fes Cookies Cory' bread and muffins take the place of white loaves and where big booth need to display all kinds of tine fancy work there is now a Red Cross flag hanging over this in which women in uniforms are making bandnees pads and hosiptal garments The agents repOsii that there is a real desire to conform to the government's request and the communities in most every section are showing just what they are doing in conservation and how they are measuring up in patriotism At many of the community fairs a Liberty Loan speaker to asked for and these gatherings are proving to be the ideal place for calling the attention of the people to the government's war aims The Governor at Shelby Governor Bicketes speaking appointment at Shelby is Oct 28 anti not 21 as stated in yesterday's paper I FOR HEADACHES (Also Aches in Back and Limbs) CAPUDERIE The Liquid Remedy—Easy to Take—Quicker Relief No Acetanilide to Deprem the Henri Trial bottle of 2 doses Pk—Family size 30c and 60c-- and by dose at Drug Store Fountains tin IIMMMIIMMIONIMEMMMINEmlumemimmilmmi Now Is The Time To Begin - FALL 'HOUSE CLEANING Everything in Polish Wm Brushes t Paints and Enamels—Ask the Man— He will tell you the best way THOMAS H BRIGGS & SONS The Big Hardware Men :: Raleigh N C moarmmwal Nr MAKE PROGRESS ON REGISTRATION Ten Local Boards Complete Registration From 19 To 36 Years JO IVdI - Ten lora' boards in North Carolina have complete(' the classification of the September 12 registrants between the ages of nineteen and thirty-lox wording to reports receive(' by the-Adjutant General's department Eight have cont pleted one-third of the classification and ten have emoplted two-thirds Those boards showing one hundred per cent classification are: Catawba Cherokee Greene Guilford No 3 Lee Wilson Culdwell Martin Pasquotank and Vance Those boards which have completed two-thirds of the classification are: Chownn Colunibus Craven Forsyth Franklin Granville Guilford No 2 Lenoir McDowell Orange Those boards completing one-third of the chissification aro Beaufort Buncombe Cabarrus Davie Henderson Mitehell Pitt' ROWIlit Al! the local boards in the Stnte have been celled upon to furnish weekly re ports to the Adjutant General's Department on the progress of the elasstileation which aceording to the ached-tie of the Provost Marshal General will be entirely ermipletegl by the first of January for the September 12 registration FUNERAL THOS W PARK CONDUCTED YESTERDAY The funral serviees of the Into Mr Thomas W l'ark were hold at noon Friday at his late residence in the Woman's Club conducted by Dr W Mee White pastor of the First Presbyterian church of which Mr Park wan a member The remains were taken yesterday to Jamemburg N J and were accompanied by his widow mother and father Tho burial will be In the family lot there Mr and Mrs Park had made their home in Raleigh for the past three years and made ninny friends here Numerous nad beautiful floral designs attested the esteem inwhich Mr Part was held The pall bearers were: Messrs E II Crow V St Cloud L A Shirley T L Creekmore F R Perdue J Ir Pay tor Robert Wyatt J M Sherwood James Holbrook and Jame' Briggs Sr Death of Mrs Victor Wood A message was receive(' here yester day telling of the death in Norfolk yes terday of Mrs Victor Woodwho for merly lived in Raleigh Her death fol lowed an operation at St Vincent hos pita' 11111111MMN amimolome I 1 ) U

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