Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Page 12
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?ea«3»t t A... K. WH, OMn Sefnjtt «0i Mr. in MJMred Thorm,iJ»fc«it, *rt Wsgsw^ht, MIMred B«rh»m Brifss, Sternum Betwr Eowan, TTwor* Dtmnn, Wil Ahrw claw, ir!c*» president, and Prayer, R«T. W. F Bong. "Cw Banfwr, *i«l girls. "If t Only Durwurd Port, Henrietta. Thonnahknn. t*T Button, Mary Oshorne, Et,h«> B«.k«r. Merle 'FwMon. M«ri» Atl.jg M»«)TI. Daniel 'Helen Wll5lam«; c!ww ndvJsor, F. C. ' Thomas. Junior class, preuJdertt, Otarm vice-president, Florence Ahren*; secretary and tmunirtr, Harold Bown; clam advisor, Mrs, Tracy. B*r$for class, president, Mulcay; vlee-presktent, Hwsel now: secretary and treasurer. Hits Intertains Study Circl© Kri*. HI, Oct, 4.— nter. of the 8. S. Porto Tbf- c rlsrs nf . Tnrnplro rr<r>!P n OrOT.lp Dillon (!.»-!) jirr ?v-n 'Wf-Hy n prrH •if flJ'ptTcin; ion of hrr "rm^r^ to i\\ r rnrnp. Mf- \Vfltv tf- *.>!>h ft ti-orrl nJ 1 brinks. Oracles nnd nvmbrr*; of ?hf '. camps thrn cnvr ?hor? tnlks vhlch !bf crimp lirr was rxtln- sji.iishf'd All tlir- tvtii k n;' the rvp- nlrts wns donr by the Tntnpk-o cnmp. Both thf Tnmpiro ihrntrr-, whrro thr- mnvrnHon WPS hr-Jrl, mid thn Royal Nfichbnrs IncJen rooms. <R lierr fho six o'clock rllntirr w,->s srfv wrre very nlcrJy dtroratrd with the camp's color.'-, purple nncl whitr. it wns rrurrttr<l very much thitt Dr. Hada M. Carlson, supreme physician of Rock Islfind, wns unable to ho present nr p'annrd. Thr attendance at the convention wns 204. ANNOUNCEMENTS OF TAMPICO CHURCHES Tnmpico, I!!.. Oct.. 4.—cSprrlaH Sunday in Rjilly day nt tlso Bnptlr.t church. Bundiiy sciiool and c-hnrch f=orvico comblnrd. .Scrvirrr, Ix'pi nhsg Rt 10:30 (t. m. Rrv. L H. Korh' Icr. stale director of nlit:i(ius education, wilt RJVP (!((•• ni( ',;.,ii;i' nt that time, also In the ovcliiiu: at 7:30. The ctiTrinnmity rhnrr;: niRht Thursday evening will bo c.sporUilly for the whole community. :is that' is the • regular church nljilit. Dr. Alien of Rockford will rx> the .-ixaker. At Christian Church Christian church wrvicos Sunday are as follows: Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning worship and communion, 11 n. m.; topic, "The Cornim; Kingdom." Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m. Evening service. 7:30. TAMPICO BRIEFS beth Klount,; class Thomas, The first s<xx«r football gs«« be played on the former grminda, Millikan pasture, Friday aftwrwon. Other games: Oct. 11, Lyndon »t Hlllwlale. Get !», Erie at Lyndon. Oct. 28, Lyndon at Cordova. Nov. 3, Lyndon at Prophetstcwn. FUfD viriEANIS A LITTLE IMPEOVED Tampico, 111.. Oct. 4— (Special. 1 — Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Bwenson arc attending the annual Rock River conference in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs, H. E. Cain and family motored to Free-port Sunday and while there called on Fr. L. X. Du Four at St. Francis hospital. whom they report us being much ; entertained HOSTESSES AT BRIDGE PARTY WEDNESDAY Morrison, 111., Oct. 4.—(Special.) five tables of SrSm^r" 1 " 1 and PlCaSCd l Y? endS at a br 'dge party which was have them call. (given at the home of the former. A CHURCH SERVICE IN CHARGE OF BUSY BEES Tampico. 111., Oct. 4.—-(Special). —The Busy Bee class of the Christian Sunday school had charge of the church sen-ices Sunday evening with the following program: Song by the congregation. WALNUT BRIEFS Miss Vida Olassburn arrived here Pretty color scheme of nink nnrti S , K . y te ^nwegatJon. , employment at Sunday evening from a hospital in'white was carried out in the de-',.n 8crlpture rcadin ff- Harold Winch- (week-end with /"*V*I j>rt ("».n rtil^nv/k nV-,rt *j-,^l* *V.«»» yvn*^n*ln»k ^f A t>'_ i_ . . . . i-U. I^Tl"V R 1X7 Wrtf The Sweet Bye and Bye, atory by Bernadinc " ' Chicago where she took three coration of the home and "also" In The, -Worth of Christian son* T months nurse's training. She visited refreshments which were servedI Weir Christian Song, J. over night with her parents. Mr. I High honors were won by Mrs O £.! and Mrs, Ralph Glaisburn and then.Bristle nnd the consolation" prize went to Sterling hospital where she went to Mrs. Frank West Out nt • r^™,.* . ~i « "_• will finish her tramin,;. town Rl ,e,t.s who attended'the ia-' Throw Out' The Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Nr-wman, Mrs. • 1 i* nt afternoon affair were Mrs. Earl by Bernlce Rosene- Emma Newman nnd Miss Preiclu Jeweller, Mrs. Owen Beatty, Mrs. - - Rosene were Dixon visitors Wednes- , °- lna - s Stephenson and Mrs. Stan- day, i lcv Mi-Kee, all of Sterling. The Ladies of the Baptist Aid . TTTT T ~_- T __~ ' met Wednesday lii-.i rncnn r.t thr W-1JLL JPLAN EVERY home of Mrs Anna We:,!. The thru-; MEMBER CANVASS was devoted to 'Fntr'CjTriStiattHtjttfhr^—ArH trtft--ttt— -the church 'parlors \Vcdn< -,ciay after- ! Morrison. 111., Oct. 4.— (Special.) . limiting I — ^ meeting of the trustees and the finance committee of the M. E. Saved by Grace; story by MargarJ due.t by Julia Dletz and Evelyn La Due. I Gave My. Life For Thee, story Song, congregation. Benediction. Walnut, 111., Oct. 4.—Mrs. Frank Heaton and daughter, Beva. were Sterling visitors Tuesday. Mr..and Mrs. Glenn Bass and son were Galesburg visitors Sunday. Lee Hopkins was home from his employment at Springfield over the week-end with parents, Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Hopkins. Mrs. Henry Huseman was a Ster-1 ling visitor Tuesday. | Mrs. Prank Nellick-and Mis. Geo. Hilllken motored to Dixon. Sterling and Clinton Tuesday. Mrs. Gladys Weinman and baby of Chicago are visiting relatives in Walnut. Hev. Garner of Kasbeer was a business caller in Walnut Saturday, Mrs. Eva Risdon of Erie has been Lyndon, 111., Oct. 4—(Special.) — Theodore Blagg and Wm. England delivered a load of tile northeast of Sterling on Monday and while there they called on Jerry Hess, who lives with his daughter, Mrs. Harry John. They found Mr. Hess in about the same feeble health and unable to leave hla bed, yet In some ways showing signs of improvement. Mr. Hess, a Civil war veteran, lived alone in.his home here until he had an acute attack of rheumatism which disabled him so that he had to give up work and 1 went to live with Mrs. John last summer. He was more than pleased to see his Lyndon friends and Jokingly told them to have neighbor Sam Crelghton grease his old hand cart so that he could haul him down to the polls to vote. With Mr. Hess away. Chas. G. Webb is the only eld soldlfer of L.yndon and the last survivor of Orson K. Hubbard Post, O. A. R. M«tr»di«t church nwt .Tuesday evening In the horns of Mrs, Mury BhoacwdT* with 12 members present. Mr*. Dortf Burrl* gave a review of tfcus first two chapters of Awaktnlng Worlrt " bj Stanley High. This was followed by dtscusston. Miss Martha 8Wnner p»ve im Interesting nccmmt of her trip to Italy two yearn ugo, FENTON BRIEFS _ A. promotion-service -of classes was held following Sunday school at the morning service. noon and .spent thetimi John Kir.'t is assist mi; at the -- - „.. Cook's cafe this week. Mr. Kir>t c « ul ' cn of thi.s city has been called ! SOPHOMORES •lot- Friitnv nl»Vif nf «v.<. -.._,i. . I **»«»*j»j has .been ill ti thmu. Mrs. M. L. ] spent Tuesd.iy iness. Guy_ Laison \u:tk :; \vitli'-u:'iv; night of this week at' j which tune it is expected plans! -i-ce mid .-;in F.ddu- Wl11 bp made Ior the every man and' Dau nix.-rt on bus- WO!Ilal > canvass at a later date. This! a . big assistance to- Hev. | CLASS RING AND PIN Morrison, 111.. Oct.. 4.—(Special), ,-}.„.,„„.„,,-.- , — ' T1 >e fifty-nine members of the of Walnut- .visited >' UI ^v,eui, who. has pjroven so pon-^ sophomore t-lsss -of the-Morrison Monday at tin- E. R. Peterson home. "i ar *_« h . hl5 congregation that they! high school have decided uporTZ "^Mrl TheT M'' Krml rrar.pft thin mn»fo« »„» «:»,•!«» ~t .i.,™ i _<_ ». *^. . i ""*>• •uieo. M. &.ruse Forney the past few days. .. F, -A^_y/JhLt« return- od to their home in Canton "Thursday after a few days spent at the home, of his brother, I. M. White. Mrs. Lucille Kates returned Sunday from R visit to Latham. She was accompanied home by her moth er, Mrs. Hillyard. The Walnut friends of the Geo Alshouse family are sorry to hear The moving tin? KU Mr. and Rueben Abbot family are , ™ Sls £"*™** thls ma «w 'or j style of ring and pin they want and Chicago irom the H^rtMok huinc lQ llllin - 71ure W »J be no morning or have placed the order for them 'aranrt f roy-ho US e-,_-----.._ t^^^^il 1 ^ " r . v !*». o«'«K to ^One^slmpressed with'the 'beauty Mrl% Mis. Charles and' tne I 1asto r's absence from the city (in !i r'i"«ni i v\ * r\V nn ..« . _ . uccolmt of conference. son Roland of Mitsot, N, O;-.k.., ar-' rived here Tuestlay by motor for n '._-. ~ visit at the horn.- of Mrs. Kmmu FUNERAL RITES OF Steadman and Mr. ;.nd Mrs. Win. Waterhouse and other ii-!.iti\rs Mr. and Mrs. John (;•,-!dts and: family motored to Mmoni:. Ill, visited over the wei-k-cnd. Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold and Mrs. A. N. R!»B motored to Cam- blldge_6uiiday_and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. FfM.Mock. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hollo Murray. Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Quamtance and Mrs. Irene Brill motored to Lostnnt Siin- <3ay and attended tlut funeral nt a relative. Mrs. Hose Murphy nnd daughter Miss Anna returned home Tm-sday evening ii'orn a week's visit with lelatives in Su-ilinp. Mr. and Mrs. John Ma!<n;cv and family ' uccoinpiiniiiu Ijy^ Mr. x M^io- iiey'b parents, Mr. juuf Mr-' Win Maloney. were entertained Sunday at dinner at the lioun- -,: Mr. und Mrs. Gus .Vx-'U^iT ru 'J'honiuB 111 The afternoon w:i.-, sjicn; t;a:!a-nng walnuts. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Piterson mo- torert to Walnui Tuesday evening and visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Schrader, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. LaDue of Prophetstcwn wrie entertained at ., dinner Sunday evening at the home at thfiir daughter, iilti Halph Class- burn. John Strouss of Earlville spent Tuesday and Wednesday with his _ son J. E. Btrouss ant| uife. ERIE GIRL, AGED 2 Tampico, III, Oct. 4.— (Special)— and! i '" uneral services of Rita Jean, two- year-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs Vincent Burden of Erie, were held Monday afternoon at two o'clock nt St. Mary's church in Tampico Serv- , . . - beauty oi design. A diamond-shape raised mounting bears a neatly worked out design of the letters M.H.8. in black enamel with tlie figures "31 being worked out in the side engravings which are black enamel. The design is made up in yellow gold. These rings for the boys are slightly heavier than those for the girls. Those ordering rings are now having their individual finger measurements taken. Some of the class of the serious illness of Mr. Als- hbuse and his son. Howard. went to on Monday to atten? Chapter of the Eastern «€«> -conducted- by—Rev. —Fr. l «pe ordering pins;. . Lynch. Death was caused from cholera infantum. Burial was in St Mary's cemetery. Mr. and Mrs' Burden were formerly residents of Entertain At Bridge At Morrison Country Club Morrison, 111., Oct. 4—(8neciai) A tl f V •** Jt ******. t ° the retty fa!1 was «lven at the Mor- club W^nesda when * hl « h .*".««ended by twenty-five their friends. The color scheme Mrs. F. A. Neal arid Miss Josle Melhsner attended Tuesday ant Wednesday. Charlie Ross and family of Robinson were week end guests of her brothers, A. G. and E. J. Ross. Nels Rasmussen of Tampico wju a busines caJler in Walnut Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Ira White and daughters were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. MilU ken in Dixon. On Friday about twenty of the W, R. c. ladies motored to the home of Mrs. Morse lorson. north of Harmon and had a picnic ENTERTAINS CLUB AT COUNTRY HOME.""--,— -.„_.„ in the Will Robinson Corps in Sterling. The ladies report a fine time. R*v. W. E. Grose of Wyan£t was Tampico, 111., Oct. 4— (Special) The Helping Hand club of the Christian church met Wednesday in an all day meeting in the country at the home of Brs. Bert Batterfield. with a picnic dinner at noon. There were 16 members and one visitor. Two new members added to their club. were dfent of Tiuajjiaj. "caihe down Bock Fails Tuesday and visited farmer Mends and relatives, he ptam to visit a lew days in Aurora that go to CWcago for a couuk- of fcfeeks. Broke Elbow Bone XU,7"Oet' 4.—(Sjpecjal.) Matbfsw, who resides u» Mas Sprttig ViOto^ neighborhood 10*1 wfcite ia a tree Mwiday tte ^foisnd, {.UiiUi.^ his to Mi«b a. ajMiuasr that Uw church oa WeAtwsidiiy when Mrs. Mark Wright, Mrs. W. L Wright and Mrs. Floyd Reiuier of _ ,. , a - R Nelson and Mrs. here Wednesday. P. H. Simpson were winners of the, •=======*=======• high aud low score respectively Mrs. V. A. Bsll and Mrs. A. M! Cowan of Pulton were out of towa guests. MORRISON BRIEFS Morrison, 111.. Oct. 4—(Special.)— Charles Yohu is recovering slowly from an infection in his face. | MrsrHitniiBti'Knoi^liali "recently* returned"from "a VL-Jt to the Crystal? Lake home of her son Lloyd and family. E. D. McMullen is still unable to be at his place iu the Meyer barber v »op oa account of illness. Mis. A. Nygaard left ihU morning to visit friends at LaDroase, Served Many Lyutktsi, HI., Oct. 4.-~<Si*cial.) — '1'lu; JUdiea' Aid of It you arc di*c<iurajjea failure to put «m w*lyht build yourtulf up through Cod LJvtr Oil or ottiej-wiae. you ow« it to yourself to try Burka's Cod Liver OU&ud Jroa in nugzt c-os,f.<-,d tablets. Be to bK'cify Burks'* ia Oi'd«;r t« full 18 dajsw' treat»we«t for $l.W». Ouarautead Jo b««(sttt or i»i(fn«y refunded, JSVftd H, ih« t.?orisfcr IVy« Store, JUwunt a Walnut visitor Saturday. Rvr H. D. Dick went to Chicago Tuesday to attend conference of his church. The ladles of the Chrtetaln church held a rummage sale Saturday night in the Indian Head Oarage which netted them $300. Ttoe Community band played and a large crowd was irj attendance. Miss Virginia Ward has accepted a position as saleslady ia the Hatjahoppe oa First aveau*. Fenton. HI.. Oct. 4.— Mrs. Carrie Mason and daughter, Miss Vida were dinner guests Sunday in Morrison at the home of Mr. and Mrs. LJoyd Mason. Mrs. J. R. Collogan and daughters, Lola and Margaret, of Morrison, spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Florence. Mr. and Mrs. Coe Tervelt, and sons and Mrs. Kate Kerr attended a birthday dinner for Mr. Mina Tervelt of Morrison Monday night. Mrs. Bonny Stuger and son Lal- iard of Sterling gppnt Saturday and Sunday at the Bud Funderburg Dome. Mrs. Edwin Florence, and daughter. Mrs. Phebe Collogan. attended the funeral of little Ruth Miller. which was held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MiUo Miller, Friday afternoon in Newton. .Mr. and Mrs. L, D. Wright, Inez Warfleld. and Marion Presley were business callers in Clinton Saturday. ~i4rs_Carrie -Mason, -waa -a -visitor at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Pete Pyse north of town Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Coe Tervelt entertained for Sunday dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tervelt, and family of Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Zuider. of Lyndon, Mr. William Ralph, and Mrs. Alice Barto, both of Clinton, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Collogan of Morrison were callers at the Edwin Florence borne Monday night Roy Punderburg, who has been «oridngr wife the hard road gang at Leaf River, arrived home Friday night to stay. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Keegan. and son, Ralph were dinner guesta Bunday at the home ct Mr. and Mrs, Ed Come. Mrs. Bernard Sealer, and sons, Warren and Junior of Clinton were guests Saturday at home of Mrs. Healer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Florence. Mr. and Mrs. William Keegan and Erie, in.. Oct. 4. ~ M». Emm» Wright and son Irving and Mrs Maude Wright of Rock Island were Kucsta of their sister, Mrs. Payne Thompson, Wednesday. Mrs. Maude Wright's daughter. Mrs. Rudolph Taber accompanied them horos for a few days visit. Fred Olson of Tnmpleo and Mrs Anna Rosclltb of Prophetstown were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bennett recently. Mr. and Mrs. Wallie Bennett of Weaslngton Springx. South Dakota, are visiting the formers sister, Mrs Clevc Ferguson and other relatives. Tlie Ernest Bacon family have moved to tl>e Osborne farm, where Mr. Bacon will be employed by Frank Seger who conducts the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Montgomery who were formerly employed there have moved to Erie and are occupying one of the R. M. Wonser houses. John Moorman and son Jack and Mclvln Blcitz and daughter, Joan, motored to night and Springfield Tuesday spent Wednesday Verrtn May Calvin Eslint«r. Recitalitm, Wiltna R«dtstlon, Duet, Rev, W. P. Berge anrt Kaih- ryn K, A. Berg?. Kxerclae, "Some Boyi of the Bl- ble," Howard Spft,n«lfflr. Kmer Ma- Ihew, Harold Bpangler, Lelmrjd 8panfl«r, Junior Durwattl, Wsrren Matthew. • Recitation, "A L!We Helper," Arlene Montgomery. Mrm. ubert Both l>. O^Wlm of MwrtwMJ ww to Htwm Wedne^ay. Harry McCor»n.tek«s c«r orcrtara- Sunday momlr« on hte wmy M done to th« car, bat the Address, IrfvJ J. Null. Quartet, "Tlse Bible." Peter Howmrd Jamison, Allen Austin and Chsu-lea Ferguson. Address, Fred P. Austin. Song, "Reapers Are Wanti»d r " junior boys .ind fflris. Closing remarks by Sunday school superintendent, A. K. McCuUmgh. Concert reading. Psalm 23. Everyone is cordially invited to tojury. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Miner _._, ed ten »t dinner Sunday, att 1mm relatives of Mm, Miners. ^^ Mr. and Mrs, Qrs Shonte of Cssa* wnt Bundaj with Mm. %mm* tridgt. Mr. and Mrs. Omu: F*rl and daughter of Sterlitw also „ the day atthe Partridg® hows. j church. The committee in charge' of this special program i» composed i of Mrs. P. p. Austin, Mrs. James Green and Mrs. W. F. Berge. Mr. and aim Lawrenfia Boltm»ii and family epsnt Bnnday with Mr. and Mrs. George Hagerman. Mrs. Ella Lane and mother, Mm Gaulrapp spent Sunday with r»!a- ttvea in Hume. Mr. and Mrs. N. H. H*n« calk*! afternoon on Mr. and Mfs. with the former's wife who la ill in a sanitarium there. They returned Wednesday night accompanied by Mrs. Melvln Bleitz who had spent the past week with her mother, Mrs Moorman. Rev. A. B. Wlnuner. pastor of the Erie and Morrison Baptist churches, is in charge of the Junior department of the 4th annual leadership training school which is In session at Morrison this week. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Esslinger and children are visiting the former's relatives in Valparaiso, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ross of Rob- aon. m., and Mr. and Mrs. Francis BurcheU of Oregon. IU. were recent callers in the K. L. Bur- cheU home. Mrs. Rosa ia a niece and Francis JBurchell j* nephew of Mr. BurcheU. - HUME BRIEFS Hume, 111., Oct. 4—(Special.) — Tom and Jim Brotcan and sister Anna and Mike Williams of Sterling were callers In Hume Friday, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Rutnley entertained the neighbors «t & watermelon party Friday night Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baker of Clinton spent the week-end with Mm. Emma Partridge and sons. Mrs. Hubert Roth and sons Ren J. and Hubert spent the week-end in Peru. Mrs. Chas Sctdle of Coleta spent Saturday with her mother, Mrs. Chas. Harms. Mrs. Eablnda Becker. Mrs. Anna Johnson and son Harvey, A. C Leimbaugh of Sterling spent Tuesday evening at the Monroe Hand home. Clarence Alters was a caller In Dlxon Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Hand, spent Sunday with Mrs. Beth Arroyo In Rock Falls. Mrs. Glen Schutt and Mrs. N. Hand motored to Clinton Tuesday and spent the day. Mr. and Mrs. Drenner of Polo spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stelnchagur. Miss Henrietta Olds spent Tuesday ulgm in Rdcfc Palla with her aunts. Miss LUllan and Rena-Wet- Eel. ' LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon, ill.. Oct. 4— (Special) — Mrs. Ralph Hardy is entertaining a cousin, Amos Yates, of Ohio, nt F. H. Sell, of Hillsdale, is at the Theodore Blagj; home this week. Mr. Sell is putting a new roof on the Blagg house. —Oliver Qsfoorne-was a business visitor at Sterling on Monday. Theodore Blagg was in Cordova on business Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer French will leave Oct. 15 to go to a farm south west of Rock Falls. They have been working on the J. J. Johnson farm, Mrs. French was housekeeper. Mrs. Elmer Reran, who received ivy poison while berrying last summer is reported better. Mrs. Rorah suffered considerably for several weeks. .MM,. Elery fihepard is gaining, since an attack of illness in the spring which left her weak for a long time. Mrs. H. C. Riley has been suffering from a painfully swollen hand the causa for which had not been determined Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Frerichs sni family M Nelson spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hand. Mrs. John Dancy of Rock Falls was a caller on Mrs. Hubert Rotn Tuesday afternoon. William Cleveland of Rock Falls spent Tuesday at his home in West Hume. ' tJlass Heating v Erie, III., Oct. 4.—(Special)—Th* ««janers class of tha Methodtrfc church will hold their first social meeting for the new conference war at the home of Mrs. Mabel J3 rrtday afternoon. The newly ed officers who will be in arc: President, Mrs. Loi« B« vice president, Mrs. Doris ... second vice president. Mrs. DeSl Besae; secf-etary. Mrs, Aita Dail:^ treasurer. Mrs. Mabel Howell; press correspondent, Miss Enifl Hannon. W. C, T. U. WILL PEAY FOB AN HONEST ELECTION Chicago, Oct 4— (AP.)— for an "honest election and an hoaasfc count and a victory for prohibition * the national Women's Christian Temperance Union has issued a call for an hour of prayer oa the of election day. CORETHROAT Gargto »fch warm i Bad Legs Do YOHT Feet and Anales entertained Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, of Newton. Mrs. Kate Kerr of Clinton is spending the moat of her time now with her Biatw, Mrs. Coe Tervelt Dan Forth aM Mm JU D, visited L. O. Wright at a Clinton hospital Tuesday &ad Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Crocker, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crocker called on him. WOMAN FATAULY MUKT. Auburn. 111., Oct 4— (UJP.)— Mrs. Charles Paine. 48, Dhwrnon. was injured fatally near hare last uigfat us Motherhood May be made & "Mother's Friend" is a comfort to expectant mothers. Externally applied, it relieves prenatal distress by relaxing tight tissues and muscle*. Its daily use n a<r ftg the akin aoft and plieble. "1 am proatf .of .Mother-'* Friend. It saved my life," writes . g, Pat "My §S pound baby boy was bora a few miautes before the doctor and I didnt know I had ai. Start wdn s "Mother's Priend" tonight! ItissoldbyaUdrngatom. «^ ri * lt for J r '* kwfcbt oa "Thing* to Know Befere Babu Comet" (sent in plain Can Bartfty WaOif HAVE YOU VABIC0SB OB SWOLLEN VEINS AND BUNCHES WEAK ANKLE OK KNEB? To stop the misery, pain or Baseness, help reduce the dangerous swollen veins and strengthen the tegs, use Moonc's Emerald Oil Tni* clean powerful penetrating vet sate antiseptic healing oil la obtainable at all first-class drug stores. — In hundreds of cases Moone'n Emerald Oil has given blessed relief. Wonderful"for -Uteers.-~<Hd—8ore*r Eroken Veins and Troublesoraa Casss of Eczema. MOONE'S OIL AO kinds «f Sheet Metal aod TI» WortL ******* K^abttet «or ayMlalty Clutterhom Tin Shop | BaftaBtSai Ml Urtt Aw. Kie Thinkiag Fellew Growing Children sometimes* tMsquire a toole m do their ddflW * Them oaty ati« «* eiotb. rob ov*r tha wr A THR^DAYS 1 COUGH fS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL G your child the right cftanca to develop, and you aoS regret ifc in later years. Many children b«£om« ttader- nourisked due to lack of uppe- Mta. Ks«p titi apj^tiU, food nourishes the bodj Al«o watch Nature's changes in the »yst*ia. Skin roables—pinipleis, boitt and that •altow ewmple£ion~—&U foretell * body weakness. IB such c*seg, SJS.S. is tha |iro|»r tonic. It Improves tha iatlwbiood sustain ife* body. C REONULS /m Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. S tt>. Springers over .......... , J8e \ pet *»* *,* j mmem

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