The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 28, 1917 · 5
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 28, 1917
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- unnovenolor Woo& 1Mminommommommodi 71imeammEgammannmantmonowg 444 40 d IITI' 0101MIEINIMEMON11111000M0 VP DN SUM) kY monNING JANUARY 28 1917 THE NEWS AND OBSERVER IMCIEFIF 1 GENERAL AGENCY IS ESTABLISHED HERE IL C anti Frederick Aunspaugh Becomo State Agents For Northwestern Mutual The NorilAwesturn 31utua Life In sumo Company has recently an aouneeil tho establishment of a General Agency of the coinpouy with beadquar tors in Raleigh which will be in (llama eif Messrs IL C sail Frederick Ann Planet formerly district agents of the "ItrirnnY et Norfolk The iiiiiounceiticut made fsti the unic s of the Ageuey Superintendent at Illiwatikee in addition to being of in tercet to tlio ingiurtince men of North l'arolinit by resson of the crefinon of a Cener:11 Agrney with liettec1:—tts71 here rano coma in the nature of a deserved promotion to the Messrs Aunspaugh who have long been active for the coin puny The business in North Carolina has heretofore been under the direction of the Richmond office of the company but the increased business in North Carolina tlitititt 10 peeemstirs! to divide the business under two State agencies and aclection of the firm of R C and Frederick Aunspaugh whose offices are in rooms of the Commercial National Bank Building es tieneral Agents for this State SICKNESS FACTOR IN DEPENDENCY A strong plea is made for health ineurttnee on the grounds that whereas industrial meidents are R factor of dependeeey in one ease nickness is a factor of dependeney in six eaNNI says the State Board of Health In other worths alekness causes six times as much pover ty want and dependency as accidents yet most Stntes require insurance against incluetrial accidents but not yet against !holiness It is stated by the United States Public Health Service that 3000001)0 work-en in the United &rites Ion on an average of nine day every year for sick-mess and that this much siekness eon "'tiering medieal treatment at a dollar per day with loss of wages amounts to nearly $680000000 That something must be done to meet this great wastage is now the question confronting both business men and health workers Health insurance is believed by the American Association for Labor Legislation and by prominent health workers to be the answer to this question Germany and other European eonntries are mid to have found tho system effective end a solution to the problem The New York Herald speaking along this line nye: "Undoubtedly some such arrangment for the protection of work men and their families against the sufferings consequent to illness and accident must come as a development of the present social trend Already some dozen of countries in Europe have suetesafully instituted and maintained retch tonith insurance without in a single instance a confession of failure or abandonment of the effort to solve this serious problem" tiAllimillimillinuillimmummilnisimmililismssillin111211111111111111111:11111111111111111111111111111111:111ilimuillialiiii1111111111m - 1F- I ilm REGRET LOSING ila C gi EHB1 Elizabeth City Pastor Who Has Accepted Raleigh Call Is Generally Loved Elizabeth City is making much over the lose to their city In the acceptance by Rev C A Ashby of the pastorate of the Church of the Good shepherd in Raleigh Ile takes op his work here March 1 "Pastor Ashby served not only his own vestry well but served every institution every cause every Indiridual who needed a helper and a friend" says the Elizabeth City Independent With a front page st9ry of the departure of the Episcopal rdloster the editor of the Independent lays: "Elizabeth City loses o le of its most valuable citizens and atleigh gains a citizen of whom the Sttie Capital may well be proud Rev C A Ashby for three years rector of Christ Episcopal Church of this city has accepted a call to the Church of the Good Shepherd in Raleigh In his charecteristic unselfish way he declined the Raleigh call when more money was offered him than he is getting here He accepted the call when the Raleigh church offored him $2000 the salary paid him by the Elizabeth City church Ills salary was to have been raised to $2500 this year by Christ Church Mr Ashby will go to Raleigh March I This newspaper REV C A ASHBY Who Becomes Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd March 1 ailed Mr Ashby for a statement aslo why be will make the change lie said: 'I do not know that I can better express by sentiments as to resigning WY charge here thaa I did in my letter to the vestry which I quote: "After three years of most agreeable association with you and tits congregation I feel that it is my duty to surrender to you the leadership of this Parish which you so generously cozn mitted to me and to accept the call which bas come to me from the Church of the Good shepherd at fill high I tng1t discuss here the ground over which I have gone in reaching this concluaion but do not know that niy good would be served thereby I can only say that it is with reluctanee thtA titei this step and only do ito because I am convinced that one's duty and not one's comfort mit determine soli matters The Church of the Good Shepherd presents many difficulties which are real attractions to me They have a large debt a church which needs a towe to complete it a somewhat scattered flock and one which hos not reached its possibilities a town with mom? young men and young women which one ca n ilOpe to reach (there being about fio boys from Episeopal frimi lies at the A al M College alone) In fact I do not iteow any church which offers so much to a rector who wants to work I trust that you can feel that I am doing my duty' Christ Church which I leave is in a heolthy condition and will hare no grout culty in findirg a minister who will fill my ploce anti mare than fill it I am under many obligations to the people of the town who have made our stay here extremely pleasont and have made friendships which time will not sever' "The resignation of Pastor Ashby Read What This Satisfied Owner Scrip About The New Wa -tj Engine --4 I Alt 1611-111 Mt I --3 "---: Jr"' rit - Er-E h'1L N4i711 - 11 Er--- F----: ""'-' - i 116'X P'Illi ( 1 rl L-- i-17-1 ' s' 7:7----- ut ' ' :' " ' 'eV) 0 IN '' l'a 7 — 1------ 0-1— --- --- ' 41Illtr qik---16114?'' - -- :-- r----: ---- F-3' 12F1 r-zz II Raleigh N C R F D No 6 rti--- k- L-------: Vt: Januar'y 26 1917 F--a--- EF-" Dillon Supply Company :--- -1----- Raleigh N C -L9 tit1 Gentlemen' Replying to your letter about the results I t-- :- --1--: -: E-z: have had with my 3 1-2 H P New-Way Air Cooled En- t-7-2 gine I am pleased to state that I bought this engine at the ------- r----s -a ::-: State Fair nine years ago last October and it has given me rz FL-7- ------- -IT- no trouble during that time The only expense I went to m ---7-: was to buy a set of new rings the seventh year ----3- ?: ' --: The reason I traded the outfit to you this season was F-:-71 -7---: that I wanted more power and bought your 6 H P New -: ----- Er :---- Way Wood Saw Outfit complete --zi - : -- :74 i-- I will gladly recommend the New-Way to any one who ' 4 is wanting soline engine -- g gg El---- -- -z--- - H -7 - Very truly yours M ' M SMITH --- sx2117-1 Et: 0441410414mokommoanomk40Emommomonmelommommomolown F7E 4 Z' lin11111111MMEMM11111101111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111121111111111111i11111111111211111111111111111i111111111I111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114111111111ra ELF-7 -z--71 ---- --- --- A 4 et 4 J 4101XPn MMMUPIMIIIROP sh Tours° If nose Questions:1 I How can I get cheapest Insurance and greatest safety from fire? How can paint bills be eliminated? How can I get the coolest house in Summer and the warmest in Winter? T It will pay you to investigate I uild With How can I reduce repair bills to a minimum? How can I get greatest returns on my investment? All these questions have one answer: rick There are some few types of construction that can be uscd a little cheaper first cost than brick but they will not solve any of the above questions and consider what you would sacrifice for the future HRISORI&JHRISON 0 Raleigh North Carolina COAL : COKE : ICE : BRICK was a shock to the vestry and to the town Ile had come to be looked upon as Elizabeth City's pastor and not as a pastor of any particular organization Pastor Ashby served not only his own vestry well but served every institution every cause and every individual who needed a helper and a friend Under his ministry Christ Chureh nearly doubled its membership and paid off every dollar of its indebtedness The Poor look up to him as a Good Shepherd the yonng people of the town love him till have looked up to him as lead(r Ilia life ham been an inmpira lion nod a benediction to the community" PRESENT GOVERNOR WITH BIBLE AM) PEN liepresetitotivo J F Pegram Durham chairman of the legislative eommittee hich had in charge the or rangements for the inauguration of Governor T W Bickett yesterdny pro !tented to Governor Bickett on the port of the committee the hondsomely embossed Bille upon which he took the ooth of ofilee end a fountain pen with which he signed the oath The inseriptcon on the outside cover of the Bible is 'Thos W nickett Goy ernor of North Carolina inougurated Januory 11 1017" while the fly leaf eorries these words: "'Presented to Thomos W Bickett and used by him in totting Gott-oath of office as Governor of North Coro lino January 11 1917 Presented by the Joint Committee of the !louse and Senate for the General Assembly of 1917 tin the pen is the following inseription: "Governor T W kett inou tgurated January It 19 This pen was used by T W Bickett in signing the oath of office which officially made him Governor of North Carolina" REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Deeds were recorded yesterday in the office of the register of deeds as follows: William Henry Hayes to J W Bunn end R L Simms tract of 32 acres for 1410 mid other considerritions H B Bagwell find wife to C R ntrii sell Int of the "Highlands Farm" prop erty on Hillsboro road for rISO W Z Blake and others to W O Peott mid others property on Smithfield street for $100 and other considerations Raleigh Beni Estate and Trust Company nnd Jnmes IL Poo property on Whitaker's Mill road for $100 and other considerations II J Goodwin to A V Lftwrenee tract of two and a half aeres for $125 D F Crinkley and wife to Parker-Hunter Realty Company two lots on Lenoir street for $100 and other consideration& W J Gay to M C Chamblee and Sons property in Zebition for $2 SO - C E Lightner and others to J Calvin Matthews property in Raleigh township for t243 E L Bartholomew and Drury Partin to J D Will 31 acres in St Matthews township for COO and other considerations NEW CORPORATIONS Charters were issued from the office of the Setretary of Fitate yesterday for the following corporations to do business in North Carolina: Miss Sadie M King Inc of Raleigh To do general tailoring and dressmaking business Capital stock 00000 Subscribed stock 41000 Incorporators: Nrims &idle M King Mr Frank M King and Mrs Bessie Denton Koonce Broadway Amusement and Investment Company of Charlotte Capital stock 025000 Subscribed stock $45000 Incorporators: J J Craver G J Craver of Charlotte and F A Abbott of Asheville' OEM TOEING VOICES THANKS Writes To Officers and Men of First Infantry Soon To Be Mustered Out In a letter to the officers and enlisted men of the First Infantry which has been ordered to home stations for mustering out after several months service with the North Carolina Brigade on the Texas border Brigadier General Laurette(' Young 3-esterday expressed his great appreciation for the splendid setvieem rendered by the regiment The letter follows: "From: Brigadier-General Laurence W Voting "To the officers and enlisted Mr11 of the First Infantry "Subject: N C Troops in the Federal Service "I In view of the fart that orders have been issued for the return of the First N C Infantry to ite home station for muster out of the Federal service end that the regiment may entrain before I reach Clime Stewurt I desire to convey to you all expressions of my great appreciation of the splendid service rendered by you to your Nation and to your State "2 Suddenly called from your pursuit e by a message in the night you responded to the call of the Chief Executive in a manner whieh again tells in magnifieent story the tale of Ameriean patriotism and valor You promptly laid aside your businees separated yourselves from your homes and loved ones and offered your lives if need be for the common cruise of our country "3 As soldiers of North Carolina you have proven true to every trust imposed upon you rendered mervire the record of which every trun North Caro Union can point to with pride and have proven yourselves worthy SOFIS of a State Odell in every emergency has furnished her full quota for the dofense of this country "4 Hail the emergency called for the employment of our troops in Mexico no greater honor could hare been conferred upon any man than to have been privileged to lead you into battle for the common cause Of humanity "5 On this the eve of our parting I extend to you my heartfelt thanks und an "adios" which carries with it "God bless you" You can return to your homes and loved ones with a confidence which comes only with the knowledge of duty well performed "With best wishes for each and every one of you I am "Your friend "LAURENCE W YOUNG" NEW ENTERPRISE FOR RALEIGH ANNOUNCED Announcement is made of a new en terpriae in Raleigh's trade cirelc8'0 I ilopkins formerly connected with the firm of Boylan & Pearce in the capacity of buyer and manager of tho ready to wear department of that store will open in the near future an exclusive establishment featuring high class wear lag apparel for women This new store is to be located under the Yarborough Hotel on Fayetteville street and will bo open as soon as nee essary alterations to the building can be made Mr Hopkins is well known to local trarle as well as in the buying markets of the North having been in this line of business for more than ten year& VAGRANTS PROMISE GOOD BEliplOR Thirteen Mite and Seven Mu latto Women Make Compact The major portion of the police ourt's seesion yesterday morning was taken up with considering the disposidon of thirteen can against women of the underworld residing in East Rid eigh resulting in the promise made by the women through their counsel to become law-abiding citizens in consideration of which promise they were al lowed to go with a suspended Judgment hanging over their heads It was evident that Justiee Harris had given the matter no little consideration Through attorneys the thirteen women ho were in court yesterday plead guilty to a charge of statutory ca grancy and maintalning houses of ill fame upon which submission they paid the minimum costs of 885 and entered into the compaet to observc good behavior in the future Justice Harris told them that counsel they had ein ployed would translate for them his 'leaning of good behavior and "law abiding citizen" A violation of this vompact means that the woman will be either ordered to leave town or sent to the county jail In administering punishment Justice Harris took occasion to mnke some remarks about the need of a State reform utory If one existed he said he would 0 i send these WOMPII there To Pend them to another city would not be meeting the demande of justice and the court did not feel inclined to fine the offenders heavily Cases of a similar nature were disposed of against seven mulatto women In a like manner with the same admonition from the court The white women who submitted to the charge of the State against them and entered into the good behavior agreenient were Helen Howard Lonise Price Hattie Seott Ruth Daniels Annie Bigelow Gay Brooks Mabel Howard Thelma Earle-Strong Ada King Doris Fuller Ethel Howard Clara Lester and Louise Boyd E B Lumsden plead guilty to a charge of reckless driving und paid a tax of SRll5 - Cases ngainst W lt Robbins Jr end Walter Tucker were continued tmtil January 31 and a ease against M Ms Smith charged with assault and a ease against AL M Smith and William Byrne charged with foreible trespass were continued until Thursday Ladles' Aid Society The Ladies Aid Society of the Chris thin (Disciples) Church held an interesting meeting at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon with Sirs C F Piney on North street At the close of the bustness niesting refreshments wore served by the hostess Cli ) )4) See the Darling of the tla:10144cilk MARY PICKPORD 40i In sAeostiV "Leas Than The Dust" At The Alm° Tuesday and Wednesday Wty41o The First Sign of Spring in Our Showing of SPRING HATS See Our Windows CROSS AND LINEHAN The Clothiers - 111 16 0111111M1111 li e0------74":" --s- 14 --4 7ts - ( tlt 0 i i t' Jt''' ' ' ' 7: ' eiks1s'k''u— Ir-!4" t I :'''' li li 1:' (S:44 (I : 1'11 1 : t: i' 1 A tkitfit i t i ' f ''' ' $) at: Nr ' ' o l' I ' vp 11 pit40 Oit r : '11? drIrer r e '4 1 r m: 4 1 - — 1' "' ' - y'4s I' : ‘ 4fj - k 7 1' ' ' w I : 't Z 1 1 ' IA tr Rw ' f'- ' ' ''' ' 41 ' i ' - ts:t t Y ": ) - "'I' 4' fi- 0 - " I A 4: 4'1bw1 '1 -1T ' )?!fil r r -: ok-rb Oil 1 41- 0 ' 1 p ir '00 i 4 l't 11 Plr''' " e m -''' ' ' ir i r J ' 4 r i e ill far : : 1 to ' 7 1 ' ' t -r:'4 '' '1Y :' 4 o 4' 0 4 - () t - ' ti - ‘ Pe t I Jit -i- ' d- w - r ‘' t ' It1 4 ) 1 ' '' I -itt e if4 - N ' - t': ' f 4L l'4 t— : 4 4' b y '' 1t 2 00' 11111111 t 7 '4 41 cy leill ''''' 'I: 4 A - - -:11 4:-'' - 100001101 -404-t - ( - v h 410P'''----- 4 A 11- wekti - or- - as 11 40 1 ' l' "11 w 1 ' 0 48 e 14e: 9' a: A‘'' I' '4 ' 47 g t h ::10 1 111 il offl plfr -0 OD 4 li: : Agi ' ' w'''' I tlto1 t :"----7------- t I ' 1 I 4 41i 0 ifV II' f en I - 0 - (114: t 1?' -4:1 I II l ' '1 --- - lift 4 if i ' ' II : i ' ' D 1 i1 ' Oil : - 1 - ' I II - '-------7--0111 h L 1 I' (1 x r Ill r r -rD 0 I 11 :: ) 41 ---tri - t 0 u I ))1 116) tail rapt 61 o i : ''rq!"4PV1gPMrtJtAtOt3iC

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