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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 2

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 2

Raleigh, North Carolina
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I THE NEWS AND OBSERVER wrNorSDAY MORNING DECEMBER 16 1914 2 COMMISSIONERS IN NEW QUARTERS AR VETERE GET CIIIIISTMIIS MONEY SURGEONS MEET IN MOUNTAIN CITY SUPREME COURT HEARS MOMENT A CALL TO WORK FOR PROHIBITION GERMAN CRUISER INTERNS g1 CIAM PLAN OF CONGRESS TO HIM BLOCKED Send Petitions to Congressmen at Washington Urging Passage of Hobson Resolution Cases From Last Judicial District The Twentieth Being Disposed Of Drs It A Royster and Long Prominent in Body of Southern Doctors Likelihood of Trouble Over The Question of Neutrality Is Dissipated Tangles Over Safety at Sea Convention and Colombian Treaty are Obstacles Quit Joint Arrangement With Auditor For More Peaceful Sessions Pension Vouchers Mailed To Ex-Confederate Soldiers from Nor lh Carolina STEP FOR BUDGET SYSTEM Commissioner Beddingfield Appointed Committee of One To Make Recommendations Prisoner Given Chance To Leave State Bible For New Courthouse The board of county has oeleeted new quarter for hulding Ha meetings In the future YeettrduY It aleultioned the room in whieh it has held its meetinim for yettre and which is oreupled by the county auditor and held JUI InUM1013 in the grand Jury room The move la understood to have boon made in the interest of more peaceful alleeltiOne A reason sonigned although the board took no unit-lel action was that the public having great bunt-'rem with the auditor the board thought that it could traneact ita bustneve more satisfactorily Its a separate reemx It also developed that there had been friction with the studtitor The meetins Yeeterdet warn an adjourned one from Deoember 9 A committee from the board watt appointed at the laid meeting at tha regime of a delegation from 'Wendell to visit that town and inspect the roads In that vicinity which the delegation declared needed attention and which had been neglected after they had assurance that the roads would bo attended to it was thought the poireibly this matter would up for action at this meeting but no report Wile On0111 The principal matter before the board warn the recommendations of the auditor which was made to the bowl while in executive session The matter of getting the county Seances on a budget nyetem has been dimwitted by the commissioners for some tirne and yesterday the first den nits step towards putting this eye-tern into etTect WWI taken Commis eloper lieddingnciti was appointed a committee of one to prepare a budget in the way of a roc lentia lion to the board at its next regular meeting Mies Martha Haywood eddreseed a letter to the board expressing a de sire on the part of the Manley Battery children of the Confederacy to preeent the new court home with a Bible The organization wished the commiodoners to designate the mixt The matter was referred to County Attorney Beek with illopkimi of Little River town ship was plated on the Hat of outside peer to receive 11 per quarter Ed Mangum a prinoner wee hired out to his father for the SUM of on the condition that he leave the State Rev Sidney Love secretary of the North Carolina Prisoners Aid Society appeared before the board and "aid that it was his pleasure to report that 'was the beat kept Jail of any in iurth Carolina and he spoke in the most complimentary terms of the keeper Mr It Jortan MOUlli 1411M4111 Attht Redding Ca4 Dec 16--Another eruption of IALOSOn Peak the 64th of the present merles occurred today The main crater remained quiet but a jet of vapor shot front a new vent to a height of three thomuuld feet Women Need Not i Marisa Vest invade's Ala writes b- I used one bottle of Dr Swan's Liver end Kidney Remedy end it did me more good than any other medicine I ever used" Most women's diseases are caused by inactive liver and kidneys Dr Swan's Liver and Kidney Remedy starts these vital organs to working properly and then other symptoms caused by them disappear Dyspepsia Biliousness etc cannot trouble those who ha-s a well cleaned-out system This Dr Swans Liver and Kidney Remedy will assure if taken regularly Every home should have a bottle on hand to keep all members of the family in the pink of health so cents at your druggist None genuine without the signature National Remedy Co New York Vats don't have to Stiffer With Rheumatism Neuralgia mud other painful affliction IL you use Era Oil (known tor years as The ondertuliapanese Oil) Nam I 1 LI Voucheri have been melted to 711 survivor" if the grandest army thet ever faeed a cannon and to $26 widows' of theme who fell in that contliet frum North Carolina repro eentatives of those who were "find at Itethel furthereat at Gettysburg and lest at Appumatex" a remnant of the onee proud army that laid down its' arms at Appostiutox fully nine yearn eight morithis end Wien daye ago to day a mere pittance that the great State of North Carolina allows its worn wit veterans and the widows of Globe veterans annually The vouch ere are mailed in time fur them to have a little extra money at Christ note Untila and while smell in amount stIll it hi thankfully received and will Sly cheer to many a pour gout during the glad holiday "Penton that other WINS would apend the day in abject loneliness' perhaps suffering This year there are 119 perosionerso of the first chose which la given for total disability and thsty receive () the 'second clams there aro 160 who will revolve 260 In the third class 293 will receive 849 while in the fourth chute there are 9230 veterans and 6326 whlowe of veterans' who will reemive 232 each The total number of pensioner's hi 15027 and the amount Of money called for this year to cash their vouchers le 8191712 The voisehora are mailed to the clerk of the fourt in the several mum time et the Mato and in turn kre die tributed to the clatintanta in the court Etvery year the number grows leafs and It will us but a few years at the most until the Confederate moldier in North Carolina will be but a memory Those having more than 8900 worth of property are not entitled to draw a pension from the iltate COLD WAVE ARRIVES IN ON SCHEDULE TIME instrt Mt 1Ad nu her nu Fe Omens 16 Dogmas Aisne Zero Atlanta has nothing on Raleigh when it comes to cold weather the wave having arrived here yesterday on achedule time anti allows no signs of abatement The instrument at the local weather bureau regintered teen degrees above zero yeeterdaY morning and the officials think that It will be as cold or colder this Morning Thin is the lowest notch the mer miry ham touched in the tirat fifteen days in December since 1891 when it dropped to fourteen degrees A remarkable thing about the weather is that Boston which is almost in tho arctic regions registered the same temperature yesterday at Raleigh After the sun came out yeeterday the cold Mill remained altheugh moderating somewhat but the ittercurY hovered 'trotted thirty-two degrees which is the freezing point throughout the day The weather bureau is supposed to know all about the weather both past present and future One man called up yestordayt and inquired if the cold weather was going to last very long as he wanted to slaughter his porkers while another 1 nottiry came floating over the telephone from a young lady In Raleigh sulking if Juno 17th next would he a fair day as that was the day on which she expected to be married 1CK IN CUSTODY A Weatherharton or PM County Did Not Appreciate Ills Pardon In September 1913 tinvernor Craig granted pardon to A Weathering of Pitt county who had been sentenced to serve a term Of six months on the roads and pay a tine of 9100 The portion was granted on condition that Vntherington remain a law abiding citizen and be of good behavior Ile gave a bond for 9500 that he would observe these conditions It seems that NVeathering has had a relapke and tiolicitor Abernethy has brought suit to recover thP amount of the bond The tlovernor has also written to the Pitt sheriff to take the man in custody and have him pay his tine and serve out his sentence 'VETERANS RECEIVE CHECKS Grim Reaper Reduces the Pay ito 11 in Amheville Dee I5--Veterans of the Confederate army fotind Santa Claub at the court lumme today where it 3- a30 is being distributed among them In the form of penmion cheeks which arrived from Raleigh yemterday afternoon The amount im almost $400 hoot than that of last year and there is a grim significance in these figures One pension of the first clams getm $72 four of the second clans get $60 PiX of the third clams get $43: 228 of the fourth close get $32 One lumdred and sixty-two widows of Confederate soldiers get $32 each Veterans are coming from all sections of the comity to receire the amounts awarded them by the State for their SerVICeS on the hattle fields during the days of the conflict PRICE ST RALEIGH I lir us Associated MUM) 'Washington Dec relations are presenting a serlatis to the plans of Democratic' Senate leaders for speedy completion of the legialation program Opposition to the Rarely at sea convention has reached a point where there ise little prompeet of a vote before the holiday recess The pending treaty with Nicaragua for acquisition of the Isthmian Canal rout and naval stations in arousing further connern Tomorrow the Foreign Re lationg committee will resume consideration of the Nicaraguan convention and Chairman Stone said today he hoped for quick action Several previous et forte to force adoption by the committee of a favorable report have failed Many Senators are known to be strongly opposed to the pact and even should the committee take favorable action a prolonged fight in the Senate seenos certain Some Senators pre-dieted tonight that the treaty would remain before the Senate throughout the 'session without a vote The Foreign Relations committee also has before it the Colombian treaty with its $25000000 compensas thin for the Panama Canal cone and Its exprmusion of "regret" for the method of taking it Opposition to the bill is 'even more vigorous than to the other treaties President Wilson today let it be known he wax anxious for early ratification of all pending treaties CHRISTMAS PACKAGES BEING MAILED EARLY Outgoing Mail Getting Practically All of Furniture tbr New Building Here The campaign waged for the early mailing of Chrtstmaa packages is more effective this year than it was last year Large numbers of park-ages were received by the postortice here Monday and yesterday marked "not to be opened until betties Christmas" Thin move will not only aid to prevent congestion but will aid the early Christmas shopping Ides The things that the poetottice is particularly anxious for the people to do is to mail the packages early wrap them securely and addreAts thent plainly giving complete address including street and number when being Rent to a city The name of the sender should also be placed on the package as no parcel post matter can go without such address In case the contents of the package le fragile or perishable It should co be marked Oh the wrapper Practically all of the furniture for the new postance is here tin is being put In position that in the money order and registry department being already installed Two portable rates are yet to ocine There is still some shelving In the vaults to be put in and some marble wainscoting to be put up There are 777 lock boxes in the remodelled building and quite a number of these will rent for $4 a year At present the cheapest box is $8 a year There had been contliderable demand for a cheaper box hence the smaller boxes were installed They are the same height as the other boxes but are narrower A BASKETBALL Contest Between Asstociatinn Team Drawing to Close IAA Game Thu rsda The fastest and last but one of the association games was played hat night Teams and A were the contestants From the time the referee's whistle announced the start of play until time was called every man was "in the game" These games which have really been a tryout for material for the team which will represent the A in the games with other teams throughout the State have shown very conclusively that there is every reason to expect a fast and we trust a winning quintet In last night's game Fancette for the Y's was easily the star of the evening being credited with six field goals for a total of twelve points The final score was twenty to eight Faucett's work alone was sufficient to defeat his opponents The final game of the series will be played on Thursday night between teams and This is really the deciding contest for in came the Ca are victorious they will' tie the A's for firmt place and another game will he necessary On the other hand should the M's win the banner goes to team A while and mist divide second and third between them The public is cordially invited and urged to attend the contests staged at the association buildiug as their co-operation and support are necessary to success The schedule for the coming season will be announced at an early date and it will most assuredly be an interesting one The standing of the teams is as follows: Team Won Lost 2 4 2 8 8 2 A 4 2 Lrrr En OF 1NE PORKERS Sewn Brothers and Sister of Rog Tribe Killed at One Time Wilon Dec 15--Ye8terday afternoon Mr John Herndon superintendent of the Wilson county stockade killed seven pigs three hundred and eighty days old of the Duroc and Po land-China strain that kicked the beam at 2207 pounds The heaviest of the bunch weighed 453 pounds the lightest of the same litter 1 This is a clear "pick-up" to the county am the pigs were fed nothing but slops until just before the slaughter when they were fed corn Let the Children Read the Advertising Very likely they are doing it anyhow for children are quick to see things But if not encourage them to do so It is good information for them and it may give you a clue to what they want in their stocking or under the sparkling tree News paper advertising is at all times good constructive information At this season of the year it is not only et its flood tide in volume but teeming with the things most calculated to excite a child's for Ch istmas ft eto Proas Washington Dec interment today of the German converted cruiser Cormorant and her twenty-two officers and 365 men at Guam an American Pacific ineular ponsession brought what promised to be troubleaonte questions involving observance of American neutrality In thil4 case to a prompt adjinament Am soon am the Navy Department learned that the Cormorant had put Into Guam option of coal food and water there was an Immediate die- tri octt tut Ihde rep xptieetni rw httut ehse In view of Guatn's rernotenees from any German port the decision to intern was expected hut Captain Maxwell governor of the far away naval station was imniediately instrueted to observe strict neutrality in all his dealings with the German commander Little le known of the Cormorant here except that she is a converted cruiser of 6000 tons displacement acquired by Germany from Itutetia It is supposed the ship has been employed by the tierniane as a commerce destroyer in the Pacific At first this vessel was believed to be the unprotected cruiser Cormoran a outset of only 1600 tons displacement but Captain Maxwells later message announcing the decision of the craft to intern corrected that impression This is the Second German warship to intern in American waters since the outbreak of the war The other the Geier Interned at Honolulu sometime ago Ill gOg KING ENS GUILTY IN COURT Police May Start Crusade For Alleged Liquor Sellers in East Raleigh That efforts will be made and some action taken by the police to break up some alleged disorderly houses in the section of the city called East Raleigh was hinted during the trial of Ada King a white woman who plead guilty to the charge of running a disorderly house at yesterday's session of the police court The King woman was sentenced to six months in the work house this judgment being suspended with a proviso of good behavior for two years and payment of the costs The names of about a dozen witneases appeared on the warrant but none went on the stand In the course of the trial Judge Harris made it plain that such alleged conduct in East Raleigh is without any sanction of his court and if reports are true such ought to be stopped A statement was also made during the trial that it is suspected that liquor is being sold in East Raleigh It is said a certain women in that section orders four dozen bottles of beer at a time and immediately upon receipt of the beer drinks one bottle to be sure that the police will not find her with any amount over the limit prescribed by law One policeman said that he searched this woman's house Just as soon as a new shipment of beer was placed in the house and found ust 47 bottles This way of escaping arrest he stated is only one of the many means that suspected violators have to circumvent any action on the part of the police A case against Jack Collett charged with running his auto with muffler open was not prossed upon recommendation of Chief Walters This man was running his engine on Fay etteville street and it was found that it was necessary in order to warm the engine before he could be able to move the car A case of exceeding the speed limit against Page of Gastonia developed a rather unusual state of cif cumstances The police who report ed the matter got the number of the car exceeding the limit and an investigation showed that the number be longed to Mr Page Mr Page in letters convinced the official however that he was not in Raleigh at the time The police think some one in Raleigh is using duplicate numbers or last year numbers in order to avoid detection Other eases were as follows: O'Bryan charged with as-molt not guilty Hubert Stegall charged with disorderly conduct no) prossed Euless Dunn alias Euless New land assault: $2 and costs Garfield Barber disorderly conduct discharged Melvin Chavis disorderly conduct 30 days on the roads Judgment being suspended upon good behavior for one year Will Curtis drunkenness and disorderly conduct $5 and costs Garfield Barber another case of disorderly conduct: $5 and costs Emma Lowery disorderly conducti discharged OBSERVES CAROLINA DAY Interesting Address By Formor-Judge Winston Caroiina Day was properly observed by the people of Garner last Friday an interesting program being arranged by the teaches of the Garner school Mr and Mrs Rountree and Miss Cobb Former Judge Robert 'Winston of Raleigh was present and made an interesting address to the crowd assembled on the occasion The earnest work of the Garner teachers has aroused much enthusiasm and interest in the school work in the communit and the people are taking a great deal of pride in their school IVIRE TAPPER IS CAUGHT Waxemburg WantNI for Swindling Charlotte Banker Nrew York Dec 19---Louis WILXemburg a member of the famous "Oondort Gang" wire tappers and confidence men is under arrest in San Francisco and is being held awaiting extradition papers from New York The local police were informed by wire today Waxemburg also known as Harris and Hobart is wanted on a charge of having Min died Edward Lee Baxter Davidson a Charlotte banker out of 110000 in a wire tapping scheme in July 1913 He was arrested at that time but was released on hail He Is also wanted for swindling Duncan Curry a wealthy Canadian out of 114000 in a similar manner Ritlimmul Lowers Itat! Richmond Va Dee Richmond Federal reserve bank today lowered Rs re-discount rates to correspond vitt those authorized tn Atlanta The North Carolina Suprente Court is on the lust hap of tha fall term this week being engaged in appeals from the twontitith judicial diatrict When the call of easels from this 'dig-Viet la completed and tiiitiimionis are handed down on cases already argued tilos court will take a recess until after the holidays Thtt following appeals were argued yesterday: Hutto va Ford from Cherokee wax areued by Attorney thinral Ilickett and Asabitsint Attorney General Calvert for Mtute and by As ley sand Witherspoon and Vitherspoon for do-fondant 11111111111 and Crow Co via Hyatt from Chitroltee Walt argtif'd lay for plaintiff and by billard and Hill sand Vitherspoon and Wither spoon fur dfondant Hoke vs Glenn from Haywood was argued tiliy Smathers and Clark and and for plitintitt and by Harkins and Van Vinkle for 'defendant Justice Hoke did not sit on thin Gum Patton vs Olmstead from Cruham was argued by IL Ls Chilling for plaintiff and by Tillott and Guthrie for dei tendant Hoke did not sit un this case iiihnore vs Smathers from Haywood wax argued by Merrimon Adams and Adams for plaintiff and by Bourne Parker and Morrison tiniathera and Ward and Morgan and NVard for de-fondant RALEIGH COUNTRY CLUB TO HOLD MEETING TONIGHT Members Will ote on Increase Of Annual Dues From $23 To 1130 The Raleigh Country Club will hold a meeting tonight at which time the members are expected to vote on an increase in the annual membership dues from $25 to $30 The expenses of the club have been considrably Increased lately and this is given as the reason for raising the membership fen The club has recently secured a new steward from Riehmond a new chef is to be employed and the cafe feature of the club Is to be greatly im proved and enlarged The golf course is one of 'the best in the South and since the 'greet car company put on a thirtyminute sehedule to the club grounds the place has become more attractive than ever Mr Wilson is presi dent of the club BEE CULTURIST INDICTED Prominent Ifoney Dealer Charged filth Wife Deiiertion (Bekaa to The News and Obaeteal Asheville Dec 15---Sensat1onal developments featured the hearing of Harmon prominent in local business circles yesterday when he was arraigned on a warrant charging desertion of his wife and five children and conduct of a disorderly nature He pleaded guilty to having improper relations with Ella Clayton and waived examination in the other hearing Harmon has conducted a bee farm and a honey store here for the paAt several years and ham contributed many articles to publications dealing with bee culture His arrest came as a ourprise here aA did his inability to furnish bond which resulted in his incarceration in the county Jail A warrant issued for the Clayton woman was reported unserved because of the inability of the officers to ascertain1 the whereabouts of the woman who is charged with the alienation of the affections of the defendant The defendant will be tried at -the next term of the Buncombe county criminal court Judge James Webb of Shelby presiding Agr BUNCOMBE CORN SHOW Big Oecasion at Court House Satur Speakers t4pe4 lel to The News and Observer) Asheville Dec were sent to handreds of boys and men throughout Buncombe county yeaterday ailing their attention to the fifth an nual seed corn show and awarding of prizes to winners in boys corn club contests at the court house Saturday morning The club this year is the largest in the history of the count and local organizations and firms have offered valuable and handeome prizes to the winners among the boys and among the men Many agriculturists are expected to participate in the annual competitive event and the show this year promiaes to eclipse all former exhibitions of the kind held at this city The participanta will be merved with luncheon by the women of the Ladles' Auxiliary to the corn club committee of the Asheville Board of Trade They also will be guests of the management of a local theater at a performance Among the speakers will be I Hill who is at the head of the boys' corn club work in the Agricultural Department at Washington FL Millsap and Browne of West Raleigh LOVE WINS COURT CASE Info bullets Husband and Leaves Court In Ilk Arms otoolio to The News chi Obscrverl Asheville Dec for the hearing of a criminal action which was expected to develop bitter feeling between husband and wife attendants upon the court 'of Magistrate Hurter yesterday saw a love feast when 13 Hutt charged with deserting his wife promised to turn over a new leaf the first of the year and Mrs fluff who paid the costs of the action and upon whose affidavit the defendant was brought to this city from NVaynesville agreed to drop the charge She evidently thought her better half was sincere and the man who had been dodging the prosecuting witness for many weeks it is said walked from the court room with his arm around the women who had been devoting her chief efforts to effecting the capture of the defendant NEW 110111 SPRINGS CITIZEN' Daughter Born to Mr and Mrs It Alford Tho News and Observer is in receipt of a dainty little card bearing the following inscrlptiont "Mr and Mrs Alford announce the arrival of Charlotte Pollard on De cember 13 1914 at eight o'clock weight eight pounds" Mr and Mrs Alford reside at Dolly Springs Sending Out Blanks Grand Secretary 11 Wondell 119 SPnding out blanks for the annual report to the subordinate lodges of Odd Fellows In the State anti the (Mice force Is quite busy at the present A new lodge will soon be Vomited at Boomer In Wilkes county The following call for active work behalf of national prohibition was issued yesterday by Superintendent It Davis of the North Carolina Anti Saloon League: "The Sheppardllobson resolution for notion-wide constitutional prohl bition will come up in the House of Representatives on Tuesday Decent her 22ncl and a vote will be reached before adjournment for the Christ note holidum Therefore it is very necessary that the people let their Congressmen know their deeireti in this mutter If you are fingious to see national prohibition and want to help it along write Out a petition in the following form get ail many pea ple as postoblit to aign it and mail it not litter than night will be the House of Pep resentittives care of your Congress man Watthingtion If sufficient petition II and personal letters and telegramos endorsing national prohl are sent to the members of Congrems this week I believe the House will paas this resolution next week "II DAVIS "Supt Anti-Sitioon League" 'Form Of Petition To the House of RepresentaCare of the Honorable- Washington We the undersigned citizens of North Carolina earnest iv petition for the speedy passage of Rouse Joint Resolution 168 by Mr Hobson of Alabama proposing an amendment to the Conetitution of the United Stated for nationwide prohibition of the beverage traffic in in toxicating liquors CAROLINA-VIRGINIA IN BASKETBALL HERE (S WINTERS) Chapel Hill Dec 'schedule of the basketball team of the State University haa been arranged and it provides for fifteen games the Drat on NVednesday of this week with the Durham A team at Durham The schedule gives three games at Chapel Hill and twelve games away from home with no long Wpm Six of the games are to be played in Virginia and three will be played in Raleigh It is expected that the stadium given to the State University by Mr Isaac Emerson will be christened and dedicated in the spring by some ape-dal event and the time when this additionto the athletic life of the University will be in use is looked forward to with keen anticipation The schedule of the basketball team Is: Dee A at Durham Dec A at Chapel Hill Jan College at Chapel Hill Jan Forest College at Feb i-Wake Forest College at Chapel Hill Feb of Virginia at Raleigh Feb Forest College at Wak Forest Feb College at Salem Va Feb College at Salem Va Feb and Lee at Lexington Va Feb Military Institute at Lexington Va Feb of Virginia at Charlottesville Va Feb Military Academy at Staunton Va Feb A at Lynchburg Va Feb College at Elon College GOVERNOR CRIM TO SPEAK AT FORESTRY CONVENTION Will Ile Held in Raleigh on January Thirteenth and Large Attendant Expected "Governor Lock Craig who has several times expressed himself as strongly favoring State protection for our forest resources has promised to make an address at the forthcoming meeting of the State Forestry Association in Raleigh on January 18th In view of the continued destruction of our forests by tire and the earneit efforts the Forestry Association has made to secure better protection this decision of the Governor to take an active part in the movement is hailed with delight and undouhtedly a htrge delegation from all over the State will be present to hear Governor Craig "The relation of the lumbermen to forestry is one not generally understood by the average citizen The North Carolina Floe Association whose membership includes most of the large lumbermen in the eastern part of the State has for several years been interested in the forestry movement and the RTITIOUTICeMPTIL that Mr Nathan ()Merry president of the North Carolina Fine Association will make an address at the forestry convention Is received with great satisfaction Lutnbermen as well as for estry enthusiasts will be eager to hear Mr O'llerry's pronouncement upon this subject HILL CLIMB AT CHRISTMAS Asheville Motorcyclists Arrange Boll day Affair (Special to The News end Observer) Asheville Dec I motor cyclists have arranged for a hill-climb which will be held at this city during the Christmas holdaya announcement being made yesterday that the South French Broad avenue bill has been secured for the occasion In addition to the local riders of the machines who will take part in the hill climb announcement Is made that Atlanta branches of motorcycle plants will send special representatives to this city to compete for records on the local incline WILsON CRIMINAL COURT Jail Two Cases of Intere4 on Docket swim to Norti anti Otmever) Wilson Dec Superior Court for the trial of civil causes convenes here next Monday with Judge 0 Ferguson on the bench The docket is contested with many appeals from Mayor Dickinson's court There are in jail thirtyfoiir defendants unable to furnish bond Only two canes of importance is on the docket viz: Lester Enos tolored tinder $1000 bond to anawer for the death of Wm Henry Dawes and John A Wigga chief of Wilson pollee who is under a $300 bond for entering the home of Mr and Mrs Mills None but tall CAMPS Wilt be tried at the December term after which court will adjourn for the holidayk (thoehli to The Neel MA D'ASITIN Asheville Dee 16---Col Chariee Richards A peakitig to the Southern Surface! and (JYnecoloilical Association at Ito annual convention here today explained the character of the dum dum bullet and told of the difference between the wounda sue-tallied by the soldir who participuled in the Spanish-Anterican war and those whirh are being Inflicted In the war which now is in profrem In Korope tither 'weaken' today included Dr John Wesley Long of Greensboro Dr It Mayo tif Itoehesiter Minn Dr lioward A Kelly of Baltimore Md Dr Jig Thell IC Thompson of Gelveitton Texas lir Mason of Birmingham Ala De Ilore ley of Richmond Va Dr It Jackson of Mobile Ala Dr Stuart Maclean of Richmond Va Dr Henry Marry of Walton Mass hr thoodgood of lialtiniore Md Two North Ciao 'infants who are play inn' an important part in the convention ere Dr John Wesley Long of Greetimboro and Dr Hubert A Hoyeter of Raleigh Dr Long is the president of the assoeintion end is the lima North Carolinian to hold this im portant office Dr Royster is chairman of the committee on entertainment and is finding a volume of work to do in looking after the wants of the vielting surgeons and the members of their families The Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association is unique in many respects Its membership I limited to 200 and on the waiting list are aS names from which seven or eight tnembers will be chomen at the ittehe villa meeting Many applications for membership are received each year although no new members are received except at the annual meetings when the council decides who shall be elected To allow the memberehip to run over 200 would be a violation of the by-laws and constitution No formalities are engaged in at the meetings of the meinbers and there was no addrees of welcome response or exchange of greetings today At the hour named for the first meeting the first paper was read without for-minty discussions followed and other papers were heard The same order of business will be followed during the time of the convention Surgeons on the program who are late in arriving at the hall or who are unable to respond when their names are call ed are not allowed to present their papers during the time of the meeting The association IR sectional in name only one-fifth of the members coming from the States of the North and West QUARTER MILLION IN THOMASVILLE DEAL Mr Pinch Purchases Cramer Furnituro Parhtun Itsek to Oxford Special to The News and Thomaaville Dec largest buniness deal ever consummated here waft concluded yesterday when Mr Finch purchased tho entire plant of the Cramer Furniture Company The purchase price was not made public but it involved a sum near a quarter of a million dollars Thin company are the manufacturers of chairs and own an enormous and meg niticent plant here It is largely own ed 111 Mr John Cramer of this city the founder and Mr Stuart Cramer of Charlotte The sale Was affirmed by Mr Finch this morning lie is a large manufacturer here and holds huge financial interests in other places The Cramer Furniture Corn pany has been managed by Mr John Ross of Charlotte and formerly with the Charlotte Observer was the sec retary and treasurer of the company and since making his home here has proven himself to be a man of marked business ability The factory will begin operations under the new man agement the first of the year The deal has stirred the business circles of Thomaaville because of the prominence of the parties involved and of the enormous sum involved in the transaction Mr It Parham an attorney at law of this city and well known throughout the State has signified his intentions of leaving here about the first of the year and returning to his native home of Oxford where he will resume the practice of his profession Mr Parham goes to Oxford where he will care for a widowed mother and two sisters Since coming here live years ago he has built an enviable law practice and has been prominent In affairs of public importance lie represented the county in the Legislature of 1911 being prominent in that body of lawmakers SOS0OWO006 (- lYtatkvi LOCAL OFFICE WEATHER BUREAU FORECAST Raleigh Dee 15 1914 For North Carolina: Fair continued cold Wednesday and Thursday moderato north winds Sunrise 7:18 a I Sunset 5:01 pm TEMPERATURE 8 a 161Rpm Highest temperature Lowest temperature Mean temperature Deficiency for the day Avera6e daily excess since Jan-January let 25 16 24 19 0 4 PRECIPITATION (IN INCHES) Amount for 24 hours ending 8 pm Total for the month to date Eseess for the month Deficiency Attlee January 1 s00 261 99 773 STATIONS AND WEATHER AT II TEMPERATURE Pi il '61 STATTONI il i '34 14 Abilene 361 8 Asheville 16 4 Atlanta 22 0 Charleston 88 28 0 Chicago Galveston 421 2 Jacksonville 441 Knoxville 4 181 2 Metnphis 24 6 Montgomery 80 0 Now Orleans 40 2 Now York 16 Norfolk 28 Raleigh 251 --8 Itichmond 241 Vicksburg 821 4 Washington 161 111'11044ton 30 Wytheville 6 86 4 28 40 32 22 4 12 $2 16 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 141-2 421 32 481 36 201 4 241 10 36 1 20 421 aol 00 22 10 00 80 22 00 31 161 00 28 16 00 ig oo 201 121 00 861 261 00 10 i 01 00 HALF--HALF-41ALF Do not pay more elsewhere when you can get your SUITS COATS DRESSES SKIRTS MILLINERY and CHILDREN'S COATS (S to 14) at HALF SWEATERS RAIN COATS FUR SETS ONE -THIRD OFF Shop now and avoid inconveniences of late Christmas shopping Great variety of suitable Xmas gifts at very low prices Don't cry hard times buy here and save half Ladies' andies That Store pieta aromod' Implies The Ladies' Store --All That The Name Implies 210 FAYETTE MX 1 (II 1 A- 0 IONt7111i vwvr.

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