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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 5

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
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MN THE NEWS AND 011SEIIVER THURSDAY thLY 14 1910 ow a RALEISH VISITED BY SEVERE STORM THE BANISHMENT Or BERTHA BROWN THE DAN 01 DEBI ON ID THE CONVENTION' HIGHER AND HIGHER 1 1 40 ON ID THE CONVENTION '1' 1 ilh HIGHER AND HIGHER 1 Ylit IV' 0607 ilt 1 al I kl iill If I 0 getIL1: 10 ----rit------ Girl Ahoy! 1 -4s ir II Nil- 1 --ater pm i 1' -J-Jq1P) riti iii Submits and Prayer For Judgement is Continued Submits ar Judgemen1 WAKE COENTY DELEGATES LEFT TESTERDAY ron CHARLOITE TO JOIN DEMOCRATIC roncrs Among those who left for Charlotte yesterday to attend the State Democratic convention which meets in that city today were: Messrs Franklin McNeill chairman of the North Carolina Corporation Commission A Maxwell clerk and Griffin stenographer for the commission Edward Britton city editor of the New and Observer Albert Cox IL Jonea Gold Jr Upchurch Herbert Norris ex-Govstnor Charles Aycock Judge Winston wAK corvr irETEs Fr TESTER DAY Iron MARLOWE IR A TIO roncus TO JOIN DEMOC Rain and Lightning Do Much Darnage AN HUHU RAINFALL We are building higher and higher every day Our service to customers is better today than ever before "Satisfied Customers" is our watchword Hundreds row their own skiffs paddle their own canoes and run their own motor boats in the 51IE WILL LEAVE THE STATE SHE will 11 4-iMIP-4b Thousand Islands WOULD ROOSEVELT SEE DEMOCRATS WIN King-Crowell Drug Co from Page One) dMAAi A thousand islands three thousand motor boats (more than any other place in the world) and thousands of girls and their fathers and mothers and you have brighter promise of a happy refined and profitable summer 1 :11 ate esr the ofit 4" ri 140 Ik Dike's Perongen Cream Timothy Woodruff chairman of the New York Republican State com mittee and a staunch organisation man wax in the House as Colonel Roosevelt explained his attitude So was Representative Charles Fowler of New Jersey who is a first-to-last insurgent During the day Colonel Roosevelt had talked with them both Governor Hughea had departed earlier in the day Colonel Roosevelt said that he had talked politics with all three and that he had gained about the same impreasion from Mr Woodruff as he had obtained pliterday from James Wadsworth Jr speaker of thp Aseembly Mr Wadsworth made it plain that so far as it lay Within hie power there would be no surrender on the part of the organization in favor of a dirert nomination bill such as Col Roosevelt and Governor Hughes urged In vain For his part Mr Woodruff said today that he was glad that Col Roosevelt was active in politica There Are Through Cars from New York to the Thousand Islands Saratoga Springs and the Green Mountains and through cars from Philadelphia to the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains Your local ticket agent will gladly give you full information or Let Lie Plan Your Vacation Urdu trill tell us the number in your party the length of time and amount of money you desire your holiday to embrace whether yott Want continuous triVeiint or not and rive some idea of your taste rearding surro aundings amuse- Monte etc we will propose ope 4tirrgliti-alim i waign ve41u or two trips for your con- -1 lidera 'on with complete Cil 6 l4 isit 111 nformtlatiMt Address kti i i A New York Central Linen 1 ill 1 dyz Travel Bureau Room al 4 Grand Central Terminal New York rork I tha Iplua local ntOT te and sr you not taste be A gentle harmless skin tonic which is readily absorbed and does not irritate Cooling soothing refreshing Price 25c BOBBITT WYNNE DRUG CO BOTH PHONES 10) 1510 ABIOS IN STATE MTH STATE FM MKS While there he was railed In in defend the boys The matter has stirred up the piece eonaiderahly but has missed somehow the newmpsper enn neetiom coming In liabt only today -0-4111114- TEACHERS' BIENNIAL INSTITUTE MECI1LEXIICRO LEADS WITH 171 MACHINES NEW HiNOVER HAS Mi Aocording to statistics given out by the corporation clerk in the Department of State there are in North Carolina 1510 automobiles with the exception of a few in New Hanover which are exempted from registration The county registering the most machines is Mecklenburg with 171 Others having 100 or more are: Gull iti ECK LEN BURG LEADS W11'U 171 MACHINES NEW HUNOVER HAS 58 to statistics given out by the corporation clerk in the Depart- ment of State there are in North Car- 1580 automobiles with the ex- ception of a few In New Hanover which are exempted from registra- Bon The eounty registering the most Machines is Meeklenburg with 171 Others having 100 or more are: Gull- Roosevelt on the one hand a 1 Speaker Cannon and Senator Aldrich on the other" GOT A ROUND POZEN Blind Tiger Boys Arrasted by the W1101(44'10 In Ilentlersoli by -Raleigh (aye Bail-- Durham lawyer Defends (Special to News and Observer) Durham July til--The Raleigh Detective Agency's arrest In Henderson of twelve white boys and two negroes on chargem of blind tigering called from Durham Attorney tient Lovenstein to make a defense of them The youngsters range In sges from eighteen to twenty-five anti are mill hands It Is said that the detectivea purchased whiskey from each one labeled the bottles with the name of the xeller and tueked eaelt away until fourteen had been rounded up Then ail were arreated They were placed under liondm of $it00 and S500 ten of them giving ball and going free until october term of court The stont Is that despite the anti-prohibition sentiment manifested sometime ago in the rally in Henderson none of the lawyers amid (le fen (1 the young fellows because of the prohibition feeling there Attorney DIV(' atein had been to Henderson prose-muting Register of Deeds Page for leaning license to a couple under age Stibield E3e Examination of Se hoot Children to he Taken and Typhoid (special to News and Observer) Lexington 1 My I the teachers' biennial institute to be held here the last of this month Dr A Julian of Thomasville will deliver a lecture on the subject Of examining children's eyes and on the Plibt of tubereulosis Dr John A Ferrell of Italeigh will lecture on the suhleet of the hookworm illustrating his talk with lantern slides Several CtiSf'S of supposed hookworm are being Investigated here at this time and the death from pellagra has b0(11 recorded This patient Wat4 an old man named tleorge Leonard Speaking of diseases Lexington hag been practleally free from typhoid fever StrieP VitY water drawn front RU SOO-foot well was installed Although there are SeVITSI eases on the edges of town there is not a case where city water is used Formerly there was more or less typhoid in till town Through Het Recent Marriage and I the PrOMI0 to Leave This Nolen one Charter ElleaPeS the Teeth of the Only to Pay Costs in the Clee0ther Cases Dig posed of in the Superior Court Yes terdae ra161gh Is to be rid of the notorious) Bertha BrOWn who was the most consplcueue and defiant fgurs in the Immoral cess-pool when the red-light district flourished in this city She was convicted before the police justice for Maintaining a bawdy house but in her defiance she appealed to the Superior Court and the cases against her were set for Friday Quite unexpectedly to the Neneral public the easel' against her were taken up yeeterday atternoon in the Superior Court and quickly dispoeed of The action of court practically banishes her from this city for judgment stands suspended which can be prayed at any time if she should re turn to Raleigh to practice her old time conduct on account of her recent marriage she eseAped the teeth of the law Yesterday afternoon about dye o'clock she came into court She attracted little attention There was no flesh of jewelry rustling garments nor be-jeweled fingers There was none of that old time defiant manner end mem- She was thin and pale of fate end was the persontneation of demureness She wag plainly dreesed uearing a white shirtwaist and a cream-colored skirt and a blaek hat She took a seat quietly In the bar end was represented by Col Harris Col Morrie stated to his heinor Judge Cook that his defendrint desired to submit in two eases He went on to say that Since the last term of court elle had been married and that It was her purpose to live a correct life with the man whom she had married That her husband wee a work ing man a boat builder That her hug-bend now had a contract In his line of work in South Carolina and that it was their purpose to tette up their residence there after the matter in Court here was settled That it was pot their purpose to repide here He said that as she owned property here she would return to look after disposing of it He further stated that as the house she formerly kept had been vacated the cantle of the trouble re-tweed and the avowed purpose of the defendant to lead a different life he thought that the law was sufficiently Fntisfied and he asked the eourt that Flie be allowed to go on the payment of the cotes in the cases Solicitor Jones referring to Col Harris' statement that the defendant would return to the city on business tripe wanted it thoroughly understood that she was not to Occupy the property and that her visite should conform strictly to looking after her property He preyed the judgment of the court Judge Cook said that he earnestly hnped that the defendant was sineere In her purpose to reform and wished her well He hoped that she would be able to keep her resolution Because the prayer of judgment was continued he told her did not end the ease That if she came beck and led the life she was charged with living Judgment could be prayed against her any such time by the Solicitor He said that he was Whined with the Marriage Prayer of judgment was suspended en payment of costs After a few whispered words to her enunsel the Brown woman left the court room It Is understood the costs amount to somethine over $200 The following other cases were disposed of yesterday: Sam Harris colored charged with carrying concealed weapon pleaded guilty Judgment $20 fine and costs George Pearce colored charged with carrying a concealed weapon pleaded guilty Judgment $20 line end costs Simon Clifton colored charged With embezzlement larceny and re relying Verdict guilty Judgment four months on the roads Adolphus Jeffries colored charged with resisting an officer Pleaded guilty Judgment 12 months on the roads Judgment was suepended in the case against him for carrying a concealed weapon Eugene Holder colored charged with assault with deadly weapon pleaded guilty Judgment four month) on the rends In another case algoinst him for resisting an officer Judgment wee suspended Samuel Pearce colored charged with carrying 00neARINI weapon Judgment $20 fine and costs Josh Freeman colored charged with trespass Judgment suspended on payment of (oats Charles Wilson colored called and failed ugh Her owl charectfr the Costs in the posed of In tit terday a161gh is to 1 Bertha Brown 1 conspicueul and Immoral ceol-po district flourish 'nes convicted Coe for Maintai but in her dell the Superior against her nen Quite unexpe( public the eat taken up yester Superior Court of The action banishes her fro ment stands sus prayed at any turn Raleigh to time conduct on account she eeeeped the Yesterday a o'clock she cam tracted little att flesh of Jewelr nor be-Jeweled none of that oh ond mean Sho fate and was th mureness She nearing a wh cream-colored a She took a seA a nd Was repres4 Harris Col Harrill Judge Cook th sired to submit i on to say that court phe had It was her purl life with the ma red That her ing man a boat band now had of work in Sou it Welf their pin residence there court here was pot their rum() said that as shf File would retu posing of It Ho the house she f( vacated the ca tnmed and the defendant to le thought that th satisfied and he he he allowed of the Costs in I Solicitor Jon Harris stateme would return ts trips wanted stood that she property and I conform striet13 property He the court Judge Cook I tiered that the In her purpose her well He bil able to keep Because the continued he I the case That led the life she ing Judgment her any such th said that he Marriage Pra suspended en After a few eetinael the 131 court room It la underato something over The folloWins posed Of yester Sam Harris tarrying a con( guilty Judgmt fleorge Peal with carrying pleaded guilty end costs Simon (lift With embezzler con ing Verdi four months on Adolphum Jei wit resisting guith Judgm roads Judgm the case again Certeeeled wasp Eugene Hold Ilth assault I pleaded guilt months on the atcsinst him f( Judgment was i Samuel Pea with carrying Judgment $20 I Josh Preem with trespass palllent of eo Charles Wile failed HOME COMING WEEK WILL BE A GREAT cntss ON NEW CREASED PREMIUMS Col Pogue secretary of the State Fair said yesterday that goodCproolina gress was being made on the new concrete building being erected at the Fair Grounds and that there was no doubt of Its being completed by September 1 contract time The Home-Coming Week feature of Fair week he said was meeting with ford 136 Buncombe 108 Forsyth approval The Board of Alder 105 Other counties registering ma- linen and the Chamber of Commerce chines are Alamance 32 Alexendel have appointed committeett to look at8 Anson 6: Beaufort 17 Bertie 131 Platten 3: Burke 10 Cabarrue 31Iter this feature and will soon start Caldwell 10 Camden 2 Catawba 25 an active campaign Secretary Pogue Chatham 3 Cherokee 2 Chowan 'requests that all persons having 11 Cleveland 5 Columbus 12 era- 'friends or relatives in other States to ven 23 Cumberland 18 Currituck send these names to him in order 2 Davidson 7 Duplin 1 Durham that they can be invited 54 Edgeeombe 40 Frarddinton 8 The premium list is being prepared Gaston 40 Granville 4 Halifax 26 for the printers and the premium list Harnett 15 Henderson 11 Hertford lilt larger than ever 3 Iredell 34: Jackson 1 Johnston Col Pogue says there were never 32 Lee 8 Jones 1 Lenoir 8 Lin- before so many applications in the con 10 Martin 2 McDowell 1 'special feature line Moore 10 Nash 23 New Hanover 2 Northampton 2 Orange 9 Pam- Officers- Installed lico 3 Pasquotank 11 Perquimans Manteo Lodge No 3 In1 Person 1: Pitt 15: Polk 2 Ran- stalled the following officers Tuesday dolph 4 Richmond 15 Robeson 57 night: Rockingham 14: Rowan 34 Ruther- Scott ford 3 Sampson 6 Scotland 84 Honeycutt stanly 6 Sorry 11 Transylvania 3 Rec A Oldham Union 8 Vance 38 Wake 58: NVar Titian Wilder ren 5 Washington 7: Wayne 38 Heine Wilkes II Wilson 44 Yadkin 2 Smith There are 23 counties that have no Medlin automobiles in their borders yet They Alston are: Allegheny Ashe Brunswick Car- Tonnoffskl teret Caswell Clay Dare Davie to Davis Gates Graham Greene Haywood to Koonce Hyde Macon Madison Mitchell to Reiman Montgomery Onslow render Stokes to Cross Swain Tyrrell Watauga Yancey It Perry that they can be invited The premium list is being prepared for the printers and the premium list is larger than ever Col Pogue says there were never before so many applications in the special feature line 4111 Officers installed Manten Lodge 3 installed the following officers TuesdaY night: Scott Honeycutt Rec A Oldham Finan Wilder Heine Smith Medlin Alston Tonnoffski to Davis to Koonce to Reiman to Cross Perry Pony Injure by Live Wire---ePolloe System Put Out of Commission Street Flooded Strikes Dwelling and Wire' A storm the like ot which IN seldom witnessed visited Raleigh add vieinity yesterday afternoon between four and five o'clock There was a down-pour of rain that flooded the etreete while the lightning was terrine striktng here and there at short intervals and filing the hearts of the timid with unspeakable fear The wind at One time during the storM reached vs locity of thirty miles an hour but thil was nothing compared with the elees tricity and the rain Lightning Strikes Dwelling Shortly before five o'clock during the worst part of the storm the lightning struck the roof of Mr Chamberlain's residence in Weet Rat eigh setting fire to the house but the flames were soon extinguished by the heavy down-pour end the damage WM only slight Live Wire Injured As a result of one of the blinding flashes of lightning a wire connected with the trolley wire at the corner of Hargett and West streets was burned in two and fell to the ground seriously injuring a pony that wrus being driven by a colored man It hi said that the pony was the property of Mr Jones on Hillsboro etreet For a time the animni was unable to move being stunned by coming into contact with the live wire end lay in the street but it was finally able to be had away Al the wire lay stretched across the street on the ground it burned and gpluttpred in the rain and it was necessary for a policeman to stand and warn the people against paseing that way Several wagons came near running over the wire before the drivers could be told to stop Fire Alarm Wires Uninjured When asked last night concerning the damage done the fire alarm system a member of a Raleigh fire company stated that the alarm system was not affeeted by the utorm Patrol System Damaged The police patrol system was slightly damaged by the storm A wire corner Bloodworth etreet and New Bern avenue was burned in two while several funee were burned out Many Phones Out of emuntiseitm It as stated last night that many 'phones were put out of commission for a while by the severe electrical atom which played over the wires burning out many furies The damage waa speedily repaired No Serious Damage at Power Romeo There was no serious damage at 1 the power house Several times the machine a were knocked out but the force was on the job and the street cars were not delayed to any great extent Remarkable Rainfall 1 The rainfall yesterday afternoon was one of the most remarkable in the history of the local weather bureau From 3:50 to 7:40 o'clock the precipitation was two and a Quarter inches most of the rain falling between four and five o'clock One-Half Inch In Five Minutes At one time over one-half of an Inch of rain fell within five minutes This exceeded anything that has happened ter many years Streets Flooded During the heavy rain the streets were flooded especially those in low places In front of the union station the water for a time stretched from curb to curb and it looked as if it would enter the doors of the station The postotTice basement watt flooded caused by the back water of the city sewer pipes The water was several Inches deep and came up to the flues in the hollers of the heating apparatus The cit4 authorities were notified Motorman Shocked While one of the cars was returning from the ball park the lightning etruek kae trolley and severely shocked the motorman but he was not injured' Several other persons reported having felt the electricity as the lightning would strike near them For a time the lightning was almost Incessant the whole atmosphere being charged with electricity In fact the storm yesterday was onet of the worst in years in every way Lightning Seta Wire A-fire and Causes Alarm The lightning struck a wire on Hargett street near the Masonic Temple For a time smoke andf umes filled some of the Ottlet8 and there was talk of calling out the fire companies The wire blazed away for awhile setting fire to a pole around which there was placed a sort of fence to keep the passers-by from touching it 40 400 CARD FROM NOMINEE FAISON Who Will Represent the Third District In the Next Congress' Tothe Editor: Allow me space I Ps In i I 1 i --mmosammaimom ognasoommom 1 4 i 1 IThrob I I i 4 i I I 1 I I I I 1 1 1 I 1 After PEI yIng that he had bilked polMen with Governor Hughes and his other gueets but declining to particularize Col Roosevelt made his statement an to nis attitude on the breed questions of national politics Then he eat eilont In his chair for a moment and rimiled reminiscently "You know the insurgents had cold feet when I came back from abroad" he continued "beeaume the first four men eith whom I conferred were Senator Lodge Secretary Meyer Secretary Wilson and Nick bong-worth "I had similar eXperIPTICPA when was in the White House When Pierpont Morgan came to foe' me they said I had sold out to Wail Street and when Samuel Gompers came they said I was going to hoist the red flag "But" he added "I didn't do either" When the talk drifted to Governor Hughes' vimit the Colonel was asked if they talked of a pnesible candidate for the gubernatorial nomination "Almomt every visitor brings the name of a candidate" was his reply "Many of them are vintthy men Yesterday and today I have talked over probably a dozen different names" The name Of Wm Loeb Jr collector of the port of New York was mentioned he said during the talk with Governor Hufthes but he declined to go into details He added that the Governor and he went over the politioal situation both State and National His attitude on the eelection of a candidate for Governor Col Roosevelt expressed clearly yet he preferred it with the words: "I don't know whether I shall take a hand in selecting a candidate for Governor" "My position in regard to the governorship this fall" he continued ''is that we must find the man best fitted for the pout and most acceptable to the rank and file of the Republican party and the independent voters shall do everything to see that such a man when chosen is elected" Mr Woodruff in departing said that he could not reveal the nature of his talk with Col Rooseielt Later he said: "There IS no question that Col Ronsevelea influence will he bent toward the succese of the Republican party There Is no question as to the weight of his influence Therefore am glad to have him see people and learn the situation All that militates to the advantage of the Republican party which is what we all seek" Representative Fowler left Oyster Bay voicing the same satisfaction with his visit that has been expressed by other callers of similar political views He in open and consistent in his opposition to Speaker Cannon and Senater Aldrich and this made him singularly fit to put Col Roneevelt in touch with the attitude of the more radical wing of the insnrgent move ment Wele more than pleneed" Mr Fowler said "with my limit We insurgents stend for the things cot Roosevelt stands for and we belleie that he is with us To my way of thinking no man now before the people offer a greater Contrast that Col No Heal Except Where Needed Hamilton Past IL Younger Nursing Mothers and Malaria The Old Standard GROVE'S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC drives out ma-lark' and builds up the system For grown people and cittldrert 10ote----- Mr Hotter Quito Sick Mr Sanford Rotter treasurer of the State Fair Association continues quite 'sick That he suffered a relapse will be heard by his friends with a great deal of regret 44P1''1': i 41 4 1 ot i 1 it At 41Ioiti r' 1 Dishes well i cool No 1 underdone 'Y overheated kitchen in 1: o' gtoo summer Everything hot At when wanted Heat un- i 1- der perfect control and concentrated The blue flame is all I dirt These are advantages in using the It' Pr ilt 124 11 i 1c -40 I I some of the WORK 24 HOURS A DAV The busiest little thing ever made are Dr King's New Life Pi Ile Every pill is a sugar-coated globule of health that changes weaknees into strength languor into energy brain-fag into mental power: curing Constipation Headache Chills Dyspepsia Malaria 25c et all drug stores ON Governor's Mother lie and Mrs littehin Left for Scotland Neck Governor and Mrs Kitch In left yesterday for Scotland Neck having been called there on account of the 11ltiPS3 of Governor Kitchin's mother The many friends of the GOVelllar and hie family will regret to learn of this and will continually hope for Mrs Kitchin's recovery mime If Tired Restless Nervous Take llorsfordl Acid Phosphate It Quiets and strengthens the nerveis and brain and induces refreshing sleep Mew Peractions 1000100W WOKS LAU 1143 FLA MI 10130006 01 1 44 tok-stove Notice The time limited for receiving bids to lay co4crete walks in the town of Smithfield has been extended to July 16th 1910 Address all communications to The Mayor Smithtieid 7-14-2t AT WRIGIITSVILLE BEACH It has a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot Drop shelves for the coffee pot or saucepans and nickeled towel racks It has long turquoise-blue enamel chimneys The nickel finish with the bright blue of the chimneys makes the stove very attractive and invites cleanliness Made with I 2 and 3 burners the 2 and 3-burner stoves can be had with or without Cabinet CenONART NOTE: le sere yos get this stove that the name-plate reads NEW Every dealer everywhere: it not at yours write for Descriptive Circulu to the nearest agency of the IOW ADOPT 2 1-2 CENT RATE Washiniet on and andentere Road Files Passenger Tariff The 'Washington and Vandernere railroad thirty miles in length which has heretofore been charging 3 cents a mile hat filed a passenger tariff and the rates have been reduced to 2 1-2 cents as the Coast Line owna the controlling stock Those Iles of Boyhood How delicious were the pies of boyhood No pies now ever taste so good What's changed? the pies? No It's you You've lost the strong healthY stomach the vigorous liver the active kidneys the regular bowels of boyhood Your digestion is poor and you Warns the food What's needed? A complete toning up by Electric Bitters of all organs of Liver Kidneys them They'll restore your boyhood Appetite and appreciation of food and fairly saturate your body with neW health strength and vigor 50e at all druggists Standard 011 Company Illommorated) Nannie Dulcet Dead Mrs Minnie Daker widow of the late Dr Richard Daker And sister of the late Dr Charles Johnson died at Dickory yesterday sister of the late Dr Charles son died at Hickory yesterday MN EIMEZE EN Delightful Desserts Deligl I Great Throng of Guests and They Are Having "The Time of Their Gives" There (Special to News and Observer) Wrightsville Beaeh July Practically every train into Wilmington has on board a large number of beach visitors with the result that there are thousands of pleasure seekers at the popular resort Praetically every room in the Seashore and Tarrymoor hotels were filled last night and the boarding houses are crowded A number of guests took their departure today having stayed their time and the rooms vacated by them were quickly taken by new arrivals Among the North Carolintas arriving at the Seashore Hotel yesterday were: Mr and Airs Crawford Rateigh Mr end Mrs HI ilyer Raleigh Misses Rose Maglenn Mamie and Annie Horton Sudie Lewis Lucy Lewis Raleigh The old volunteers fire department of Rome Ga now maintained as a social organization arrived today to spend ten days at the Tarrymoore Hotel The party numbers about 76 and includes members of the families of the former fire fighters The or -anization is composed of some of Bome's most prominent and influenSat citizens and they are always royally received at Wrightsville Beach where they have 'llsited several times in a body A large party is expeeted to arrive Friday from Atlanta Ga and will be at the beach for some time The weather at Wrightsville Beach is ideal now and the visitors are having the time ot their lives Mrs Nuwed Sr (to son after a family forget son that "a soft answer turneth away wrath" Mr Nuwed I know a soft question Of mine brought a lot of it on Smart Set anti many other pleasing dishes Can be made with and many Can be ma( Suit Reduction Sale Post Toasties Posi To please in your excellent paper to thank you for the pleasant expressions John-of my candidaey in your recent issue and to thank my friends and fellow- 411111111111 Democrats of the Third district for their support and their loyal support to their owfi candidates as they will REACHING THE SPOT now be equally as loyal to me as no better Democrats live than In the Third North Carolina district It Can He Done So Scores of Italoigh Not only the Demovraey of the Wt CitiZentil Say tion is solid against the Taft-Canron- To cure lin aching back Aldrich high protection Republican The pains of rheumatism policies which have so long robbed The tired-out feelings the people at large but even Roose- You must reach the at the vett has joined the insurgent Repub Cause liCEMB to defeat latch destructive poll- In most cases 'tis the kidneys cies and rescue the people Surely Doan's KMney Pills are for the kid-then the victory IS ours nays Let Democrats in Dixie close up Lewis 214 Haywood St 'nalfor the fight to the finish and all will eigh says: "I shall always speak be well Again thanking you and my in the highest terms of Doan's Kidney fellow-Democrats of the Third North Pills knowing them to be worthy of Carolina District I any praise For six years I suffered from Gratefully yours kidney trouble Tho pains across my JOHN IVf FAISON back were acute and some mornings Faison July 12 on arising I could hardly dress my- me self My back ached constantly and Dr Bell a Visitor: the trouble defied all rny efforts for Dr Bell a prominent physt- relief I was almost discouraged but elan and business loan of Wakefield when a friend told me about Doan's was in the city yesterday He said Kidney Pills 1 was induced to give that corn and cotton have improved them a trial I procured a box at very much recently but the tbacco Behbitt-Wynne Drug Co and they prospects were rather discouraging helped me wonderfully The pains were soon disposed of and my kidneys Exerutive Board Mete Strengthened" The executive board of the State For sale by all elealers Price 50 Hospital compoeed of Dr rents Foster-Milburn Co Buffalo dieton of Halloovillet Mr Daniel New York solo agents for the ratted of Littleton and Mr Edwin Smith of States Dunn met here yesterday for the Remember the transaction of routine buninesna' take no other We are offering our Men's and Boys' Suits at greatly reduced prices We still have some of the nobbiest Suits of the season left To get the very cream of this sale better come in today It will pay you prices We still have some of the nobble To get the very cream of this sale heti It will pay you CROSS LINEHAN CO CROSS LINEE A crisp wholesome ready to serve With fruit or berries it is delicious "The Memory Lingers" A little Thing! Made with Toast pack ages tells how Sold by Inc and 15e POSTUM CEREAL CO LTD Rattle Creek Mich A crisp WI ready to eq With ft delicious "The Me A little Made wit ages tells Sold by POSTUM That BEMEMER OUR CLOTHES rrt BEMENIER OUR CLOTHE! CURE THAT EACKACHE- Pain along tits back dizziness heamiclis and general languor blot a package of Atother (inky' At ST KALI A -LEA Ir for al I Kidney Madder red urinary troubles 1Vhen you feet ail run down tirmi weak and without energy you need a kw doses of Ude pleasant herb cure As a regulator it has no equal timber Orty's Anarraltan4wrif is srbd by Drnegists or sent bynnsti for 60 cents Sample sent Sktili Attires' Tao ilictber Gray Co Le Roy MI.

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