The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on August 11, 1917 · 5
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1917
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1 -mimmmmi ftwwolm- S tTURD MORNING AUGUST Ile 1917 HUNTS GIVEN Mt SENTENCES only Four East Raleigh Wo men Answer Charges — CLEAN UP STARTED Those Convicted Senteneed To Terms Varying From Seven Ikt omits To Thirty Days Other a Take Advantage of Opportunity To Get Out of Town One Appealo Seven menthe to Rhine lie 7141-Cio le a like sentenee for Ruth thiniels nod thirty tinys emelt for Retie King and Alice CifIiu woe the juNtiee meted out to the feta Emit Raleigh women ivhe faeed Judge Barrie yeAerdily morning to enter phais of not guilty to vagianey charges' la lireferenee to lenving the city The trial of the WO Mlt wits of chief interest in peliee rourt eireles yesterday and telt usual crowd of onlookers wea magnified Revere' times Other women of that seetion of Raleigh officers stated had taken advantage of the opportultity given them and luel left town Vietor heretofore In praetically of her battles with the law Munch': Nie Cade yesterday emerged from the city tribunal slightly phased but un willing to admit defent na a result of the clean-up campitign in East Raleigh She WAS among the four who braved the storm and were the mole survivors of Raleigh's sporting chow zit Louise Price property OWUPF to some extent wits among those called and failed while Ruth Daniels Katie King Alive Griffin and the heretofore irrepresilde Blench° Me Cade were the quartette that appeared in city court on charges of statutory vagrancy The day was eivil day ordinarily and but one littlo dark town disturbance came up to mar the ealenilar previously arranged for the disposition of the cases against the women hiS bleCade woman who went to jail about 'ditty days ago when an old thirty day sum:ended sentence in pollee court was invoked is now out on bond awaiting a bearing in Superior Court on a minor charge Her freedom at that time was gained by her attorneys bringing into play various and sundry legal phraseology and Blarkstonian formalities She is regarded by the police as one of the worst offenders in the an derworld and her notice Of appeal from a seven months' sentence given her by Judge Harris yeeter4a3r WUA promptly flanked by a Coe bond She thus gets into Superior Court to answer all the counts against her The evidence against Blanche Mc-Cade was of the sazne nature as that given against the other women Oire cer Stephenson who was on duty in that section of the city obeerved visitors frequently at the house at night time and bad seen Blanche wearing a kimona on her front porrh The latter charge perturbed the defendant a great deal more than did the vagrancy count and she exercised her privilege of crow examining the officer by the query: "Have you ever (emphasis) seen me wearing a kimon-yert" Katie sing who is eald to have moved into Raleigh since the last iiholesale arraignment of the women plead not guilty in open court but after she was eentenced to thirty days in jail ad mitted her guilt and told the officer she was ready to take her medicine Of the quartette she was "diatinetively individual" and to all appearances mortified by her asaociation with her three co-def endanta Ruth Daniels bad no place to move Judge Harris arranged for her to Ppend seven months with the county where ahe WE HAVE Sunshine Biscuits 5 lb Bag Cake and Pastry Flour 5 lb Bag Graham Flour 5 lb Bag Entire Wheat Flour 5 lb Bag Gluten Flour 5 lb Bag yellow Corn Meal Have You Tea Troubles? 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' - " ‘ 1 11sroeee—lilf 1I - kel9081a0- '' '4 ' fwee:ifA‘emeembse ew ' -nvk ' : rAttito4 a pA' 11 le " - --- N"'-' 1 7-Z 4111111 i 0 F'''' -' — 1 : Ceitytitto MI by N C Cabo 01::I y 41yk P A Yeti' ' "ot t)-1464W I v4twa --t 4 t --:ek: ic—Reconinzenci R es inol to that friend with skin trouble If you hove a friend suffering with ersetna or other itching bunting eruption what greater kindness could you do him than to say t " Why don't you try Realm)l t know you have experitorntrd with a dwelt treatment but I believe liesinol is difirPor4 It dorm not claim to be a 'cure all' — simply a soothing healing ointment free from all harsh drugs that physicians prescribe widely it just Mir as yours Po get a jar today I" umnal nistsmont is sold 14 ill &sissies will have a fourth story birdoye view of the Yarborough Hotel Alive WHIN who in the language of the monies ranked nest to Ilinitche Me Cade VI LW fl the worst plight br kuy of the four but the mont fluxion' to beltin Nerving her thirty ilari—oho having de-tiered that nitich would be coming to her Judge flarrio wanted to defer h nentenee until Nionday in order that idle might try to get work somewhere end 10 ti It Iuuu tu she rebietatitly left the eourt room She has been boarding SOMP of the Emit iLitleigh women and udmitted that she would have nothinit to do now since they were till 'Cling away and told Judge Harris she was ready to "go 'erosa the way" So an far no the officers know the predicted eletintip ham worked in East Raleigh kitreet bilk in thkt the "chielien ' farm" women Helen llownrd and Doris Fuller are making final disponition of expo:Wee household outfittingn preplan tory to their departure But one thing in the language of that secjtott of the city remains to disturb an otherwise peaceful atmosphere and the nest term of criminal Ruperior Court will dinnose of that when the canes of the Hate ngninst Nowlin MeCade are called for trial IDLE LANDS MEAN SOIL ENIIAIISTION Director of County Dentonstra lion Work Urges Winter Cut tiration of Farms Idle land in winter means that the soil is being exhausted both ointer and summer—in summer by the growing crops and in winter by the rains leaehing out valuable plant food is the thought being put before the county agricultural agents by Nit C R Hudson' There is an economic ateceasity that all sgrieultural lona in the State have some growing crops on them this fall and winter but the Jenson that moat North Carolina soils sadly need a gond eontent of humus is one of the most Important from the standpoint of the farmer who wants to keep the fertility of his land to the highest point Humus comes from decayed vegetable or animal matter and from that only rover crops in the winter are nne of the best ngenciex for eupplying this orgunie matter This in turn is trident food and helps to mite other foods available for the plants It Oen improves the physical condition of the soil These cover crops also will this year help in the production of cheap feeds for livemtock Coneentratem and grain feeds Of all kindm are truing to be high in price searee and much needed by humans Where there is some growing crop a good reduction may be made In the amount of grain feedm given In most eases the animals may be put on a half ration of grain when thin supplemented by a green growing crap 1 Permitting thelsoil to lie idle through the winter is equal to robbing it of valuable humus This is because the rains take pleasure in removing all soluble material In mild climates like that which prey:ills in our Stnte during the winter bacterial activity gees on uniuterrupted except in ensem of extreniely cold weather these bacteria turn all available suppliem into a form that makes them easily disaolved by rain water and carried away If there was a growing crop to take this material up it mould be turned into the soil next year in a concentrated form by plowing under the cult or feeding it to nnimals an pasturege 1-1E EIMIN rEREDITH TO HAVE NEW CLASS ROOM Additional Building in Near Future 14 Kill 1 Preitient Breuer Viten ground was bloke' it few Autos ago for an additional class room 10 the main Vt k wits waited ion a buthliug program at Meredith Collage which in the near future sill menu the erection of It 111W building for the selloot of tousle Atka flight' r illtrill it WY W 1010 00 new class room is etpectost It) tw tUntllete1 III time for rwetipistrey during the approaching le rits the larger buildings will not be started until at lewd another year The rat ra plasm roma will Join this omit building lit the southern wing which nearly towhee the Fibireloth dot mitory Viten it is completed a passage " " 3'1111111g tho twri buildiligs wilt Ito added This will enable students to puss f root Ilse htinslot Is ball to 1 he main building without ransom's (hiring the cold weather The plans whieh President Brewer 004114 lis ria I Ito It Imo the nessea "arse funds Ste 0444mA involve Lo 11101114 of S 01'W ilisritinitsiry on the 111111 twitet ibilrinq of the rollive square and this erection of a aehtitil if mush with auditorium moil class room on the silt of the old McKee Iiiime The Pret inn of the new aloft' rif musk building would then enable the rill lege to have more ciao rooms Ire t he Isremmt aiolitortunt is located President Brewer feels that new buildings must Anon Ise treetest to meet the Merv:using enrollment 1st et silents at the eollege Last year the eapwity of the college was taxed awl ready the earoinient far the approneh log term erpials that Of inst year The number of Pit thili1101 03111011 tic doubled if I hPreo Wan added dormitories Tiro college needs more lodging quarters than anything else I COMPANY it !TINS LOTS OF APPLAUSE Raleigh Unit of Third Regiment On Parade Drill Lost Night - Executing difficult tottiniands from Lieut Parrish rommentling C pany it of Raleigh last night lulled with the ease and precision of seasoned troops before hundreds of spectatfirit olio linett either 'title of rnyetteville street oin 'king applause at times unbroken along the line of march from Niartin to Slorgau street Although drilling for their Veto till friends who came over in good outn berm the unit held the intense interest of Ai' eager throng of Raleigh admirers for more than an hour Lieut Parrish put thein through formation and 'tingle file marches the manual anti ma heavers until the men were perforce delighted to bear "At Ease" from their commanding officer The organization part Of the Third Regiment splendidly upheld RR reputation as One of the best drilled comptiniem in tho North Carolina National (Ward anti their outstanding efficiency and overshadowing regularity on parade last night justly en titled them to the tribute paid them by a New York gentleman during the past week Mack Mangum Dead Mack Mangum a negro for twenty years employed by W H Mann & Co groeers and who died Thursday night at St Agnes Dospital will be buried at St Ntattliewa A M E church East Davie Sundv afternoon at 330 o'clock Mangum is surived by a wife and four children lie was a colored man well liked by the white people of Raleigh for bin sober qualities and dependable charneteristim N The Weather Raleigh N C' Aug 10 1917 For North Carolina: Generally fair Saturday end Sunday light variable windm 5:28 am IStimiol 7:10 p — Temperature M a Tn 70 8 p tn 74 xi) tis 74 4 II iglieAt temperature Lowebt temperat tire temporatu re Deficiency for tile day Average daily defielency Ai nee Inn lin ry 00 Precipitation (in inchen) Amount for the 24 hours ending at A 17 Total for the month to date 25 Deficiency for the month I 91 Exceas mince Janufity 1 it 13:1 r NEWS AND OBSERVER POLLEN CHURCH HS NM PETOR k Rev R D Sfrphenoon Wolk at Baptist Church Su tidty lilt lag 'welt 2:11 months a ithout a !motor the Pullets Nleinitrial NOW chor's will welcome Sunday Auguat 12 nee R 11 Sitpitrittitin of Mi who aith a sermon Inioulity meriting will begin Ilia pastorate there Ile is regardful $2 0112 of the strongest Rad bent nualitied of tho ltaptint rnittia tern lit North Carolina Ile IN $ North I'ttroliniall Ntill Wilt held pantoratea In North Corollas Virginia and l4mills Carolina remit the latter Nato he etimell 10 North Carolina again Ile in it apeaker of power and effee tivenenn litiving been grudwit ell room Valo roreld College and the Louisville seminary Ile in held In high esteem Iy the Inipt!t leaders throughout the Mate The IiIltenl Recorder of thili viceit In weleiniting the thittleter to hit 'new Aurae hits thin to say of him' I are glint to IVOIroltir Brother R Stephennon bark home Ile wandored dT to South Carolina a few yearn ago hut lie lain repented and in coming back It) Pullen Memorial baptist ehurels Rob eigh Ile will begin hie pastorate ile2t Sunday and the church is ready to give him a most cordial rereption I ii this hundreds id friends lit tilos Mate will join" PHYSICIANS lint ilET IN GREENSBORO To Discuss A eeds of How awl Medical Reserve Corps Situation -- A meeting of the North Carolina Auxilinry Societica and the State Committee of National Iterene Nledienl Section will be held in tireensboro Monday August '29 for the dixentision of the needs of the hour and the niiIi cal reserve eorps dilution The ron feretwe will lie of the greatest import once accotiling to W Long of tlreensiorn Chairman State Colomittee Notional Itetense Nledical Section alio la ending out the roll At the flreenshoro meeting Pr A NV Knox of Raleigh SpN'iall meurnt Reserve Corpx Chairman of the Wake County Auxiliary Society and member of the NViike c minty Exemption Board will preside In addition to the dineussion of the Iteserxe Corps situation the pressing needs of the hour ocilisioned liy the war and the necessity for aervice on the wirt of the physicions of the Sttito be discussed by 'Nfrijor R E Noble U S A unit In Joseph C In Baggage You Should Get Durability As Welt As Good Looks In baggage you should get durability as well as good looks Every traveler should know that the selection of baggage is of far more importanee than the purehase of their transportation The railroad ticket is good for but one trip only while the baggage should last ninny and will if purchased tit this store Every trunk or other !dep of luggage that leaves this store carries our guarantee of sat isfact ion Capital Loan Co 207 South Wilmington St "‘111111116- 71 L 1 REV 11 D STEPHENSON -' A' 0 ' 1 'k 4 0 - ' " 4 - - 4f- ''44 - i ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ' 1 "' :4' ' ' '' ' ' ' s "4 1 ' t''- '' i'-' ''' t" '' i ' -' '! ''' ' f " 44 I i Os et ‘V Jo' t 4 4 - - 1 J 4 k ' i" 1' i '' 4 4 ' ' Si' i ‘4 i ' I ' i - -' i " t ' 1 t - - -' ' 1 i' " : '01 '' ' A "' ' ' '' ' 't 4 ' i : $' i4 i 4 -'t -'4 I- 's " - - "' ' i4 1' -jr10-!!4:" - A t - ' r - 4 - t ! 4 4 i ta 4 14 'I - ' -t : ' 14 -4- : 4- 44 ' 41 4 i 0 44 kf" "i 44' k 't?4' ' r 4 '"' ' r t "' '''''k A 4't 0 s':' ''' ' ''°e ''4 ' 01'1 "( ' '''-'14: t44 ' e'' A4 '' '1 ''t) A 1A' ' yo t N ''''se J '-''''A ° 1V "'1' '' '' 1-' 1 ' - ' ' ' 4 ' -''' '-'"14 '4' ' - 1 421("'! --:-' s 'ff 1N '''' - l''''' ' ' " Is--') 4--' 4t ' 'I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - -f 't--: -- - - ---- ' : N I-I-r:::' 0?4' ' :' " A '4 - ' - t - "5 '' -' '''t j i ''' - 14 tg -- - ' --- ' - V ' - 1 ot' t: 4ytN V" ' ' i ' ' '416°44 i4' ' 0" 4 ''""1' 4" 4°' '"4' ' ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ''' A:-t 7 0 J y ' ''' ' Y ' ' 4 gs e 4 '' 1' --- ' ': o:' AN' - 1'1' k ' ' ' - e 'I i " ' 2 -4 ! ' ' '-- ' '-- -4- -' 4- '' ' ' 4 -A- Ili----- 0 r'A 'S i $ 'V '”A 't '''t ' ' ''''''' k ' A ' ''" " ' 411 rt 1 "14-1--:4 1 ' - - ' f '‘ 1 i'l' i - 4 r 44' ''' -4-4 4' "- k s'ir — (4 p t 44 4"- 4'' 444 l'et4'"' '0'4" — ' "'! " ' r'' ‘ r ''' "!'" kr n ''' A ' ' c'-'4 f r ' ' 4 'It s4 ' t4-sN ''!4'' 7204444'' '''- '' '-'4' i 'is '''' 3 ç '' t — ' se'''''' ' 7 i'V''' - ' s t 4 s "'-'4 " '" 4 1 ( - t -- -N N - L — 1 - - 4 4 ' ) -'!"' k k ' v ' ' ' ' ' "N sv ' ' C ' "! 4 ' - - s4 '1 ) tR ' t k 0t' i t a -0 tr-re"-“-1: 'r' --' ' '''''"'---- ittit ' -'7' '' ': tr v'"' j'' s !--'4'r'i -) t- 1 -: -'A' -'' :ti klksk it-- - - '4 -- - z-40 '' È -- -t ( - -- $-:- 4 -4 -' f a- -- 1 c '' '' 1 I Y ' "t" ' ' 4V ' ' "'"' '' '41"p14''''''" IS''"I''' ' ' ' t " ' 4 ' 4- r i“ ('-d'-t' ' -4 a k ' '' r t ' - - - l' r' y "4 k - ' -- p ' '-' -' ‘ - I --- - v-- ' r 4t ' ' e e -- t i ' 4 -' ' 1 ' 1 '''I' - -' I '4' '' ' - 1 '- "") 1 -- -- 4 ' t 4-- -- ) - 4r 1 -4''' -'4 1'-'' - "1' ' i- 1-''''' s'''''' '-'''''''--4'' - ill 4 - ' A - t4 '' 4-4 V I' 'o'- ' iA2' :4" r ' ' 4 Brains Paatorat at Pullen Memorial ftsW It limilgood Chairman of the Southern t'ommitter for National Defense l'he State committee is urgent in its requests upon physicians in Mrs State to attend the meeting It is 'desired that every PiiiititY iii North Carolina be represented l'atieularly is the invd tation extended to the mbeers mid the netive workers of the County Auxiliary societies e y physician who lins been imminissioned ar shii has applimLfor a III lite Nti'illi al Reserve Corps or Naval Reserve Corps nod all other rtlytiiiiiitiS III tIit Si!itP it 110 Stti interested in sectiring an adequate sup ply of physiehois tor the army and bitty health service For the convenience of those tA110 lie in (lreenstioro only during tliP nMin the cow ference rescrvattling haVit been made at the Hotel where they may have a plave to) AA) HMI tvst It urged that those who will attend notify the ehairman Dr J W Long Dr J W Long is molting a patriotie appeal to the physiellins of the State urging them to vomply with the ile for medical men for at service "The nation looks to the profession" he ilerlared "because forsooth there Is nowhere else to look to furnish these men Brethren shall we furnish this patriotic duty ami do it now? To bill to respond to our country's call when VP aro so urgently needed is to confess our lark of patriotism Shall we send out soldier boys to the blood-soaked fields of France and not go with them to bind up their wounds to TelliiPT sue cur in their hour of distress Shall we sit supinely by thinking only of our own personal comfort niul tikifety while our boys are being sent into the maelstrom of deatli ? iluu the signillcone' of that benevolent society HOW being orgaiiired whih has for its purpose the bringing back home of the bodies of our AttiPtiCilli soldiers in battle iiceiirreil to you lirr:thren we fear that i40111e of us are asleep at the switch" INTEREq' MEN IN COLLEGE 7'ItAINING A and College Seeks To Keep Supply of Techni rally Educated Men The great demand for men technically educated in agr iculture engineering chemistry and the manufacturing luaus-tries anti the fact that this will cow thine for many ycara—thiring the war anti (luring the lierititi of relmililing which must follow it—la causing the North Carolina College of Agrieulture anti Engineering to make miecial efforts :it this time to create in the minds of young men not liable for niilitary r - (Copyright 1010 by It C Fisher Mark Reg U B Pat Off) 1 op t 4‘ I N - rt i - A 4 1400 Y ' A 4 11:2::f to :' 4 -1' Z A "- k -Ar A1 4 lie Ar- i'A O A '''''' :: 4 A-''""1' : 'I :‘ A 14 VI' A-- 41 - AA - -- -4' A ' k f - Ls 04 - 0 ' 1) ' '-c v ok t:: N :: 4 I i 'f ' ' 6 S6 r 4 ' '0 ft' At o( 'gA':‘ --41Ii k' È4110 4 ‘ r w 1rt - I tz ' 44Z ' 1 - ' Pouliot church Sunday ltlorning vire a desire for a teelinical education Itr Via Have Carl litddick lots issued a folder "Technieal Education the Pres nt Need" in which emphasis is laid on the fart that the young men must pro Pll re themselves to be lit the itosition to attain personal success as 'veil R4 telltier service to their country 111 1111- 'lit ion to this fl'ilder others have been issued (non melt department of the college in order that all phses of its itistruetion lolly be brought to the al lutition of students who contemplate going to rtilhge thi Thim eatiiiiiiiga is being made in view of the fact that many thousands of technically tinkled men have sit ready helm killed in Enrol''' Until the entrance of the rnited States into the war it oats Moen tlitit Hie problem of reconstrilation along all limit of inibotry anti! devolve oil thiA country Now minee our own country has entered the war on the Aide of the allies it is more than likely that a great number of technically trained men will lie (lilted mit ill also volunteer thus depleting the ranks of those who could be used It is absolutely ticcessury therefore that a great number of USSINtli II I M be turned I) ut to assist those older men who re not liable for military Nervice Itiddick calls the attention of the would-be student to extracts of letters by 101110 of our prominent men in stnte situ na timint life who are advocating the colleges endeavor to niaintnitt their courses 113 fair as possible on the usual basis Tito College of Agriculture and Engineering is itinking preparntions to go forward with ittwork as ustini thin fall The employee!' of the college extension service anti experiment station have nil spent it busy summer in connection with the increase of food products the work in the mummer mchcotil nod preparing for the hope nod girls' short course and farmers' convention With the close of these activities tint' the opening of the fall term of the college year to17- Iti proctially all of the instructors and assistants sill he on hand 8114 it is ex 'meted that ierk ill Is restimod sit tictid a normal condition us is possible under the circiiiiistanees Von Tirpitz brim iteehleot tot enter polities it im said The democratization of tiermany goes on mothated—Savannith News - What world of love the baby bringal Thousands of women for over three genrations awaiting motherhood have themrelvos given nature a heoping hand by the daily one Of the timehonored external preparation "Mother's Triomf" By its regular one the tendons and ligaments are tmtd einem) and the tendency to morning 'licitness is avoided wtretehing and bearing down pains usually are not felt 4! I ---- - - - ---r-- - - - -- - MLI LI J IIERNMID I9 RECRIMENDEll Gmeroor Name iliot To Sue feed Maj Ati Prop erty itit(11)611:rpilig Officer Major J J Iternard tor nearly I hirty yenta a Nti iwkat sus yete revotatavadiA by riov ertior litekett t U lirririt Major (00to Peterion tor reterut Property nal tiottour‘ing lOtticer The GO erti or's erototociotatioa t ttii 11111PrOlt (Ma yt4 tPrittly aria r1111r Atritt!int Itenerat Itr !trr atot i aeiritiog traroutikoton the war lirparttitent br enittiriwitten Pending a ruling on Niiiror IternarVo sIigihtl reittieqd ty the Ahpitatit ttenerara other Ntalor reterinea tif the tont ter onottieiallv wtor 'Relined 10 thviht 1 hitt the Wor I1 enntirta or I kora revouittielotat in Cutietali 11tr nip toil of the eitv yeterlav toot nothing coult1 he learn' froth low benrinit on the twitter 1 iw uplouotmetit it o tititeritood rural the to oily opprohrition Ienere' Iiiri' V itiromiliz Militant tienerol wpintly oat ifrietory III !thijior tE"IttlIO int ii terIli Iv 14111 r itt the Third N r I 14:atre a Cornier caplaw of the Raleigh row pr Hy awl hue heeir ii nietoher of tht N:it11111 ColiirI tor thirty Ilettior membet a the thin ut Iteri 1$111 I rertitiwt puhlie roma:int' owl 14 It' MUM of enmity entitinneinholoi er Wale comity It nag ttitiol yeiderlay that 'Ntalot Ptertrou hoe been oiderwl ti Green' ilk nit the iplarternitotcrar depart went noI liii I'Iurt ure vita tokritint the oppoiottoent or hie surrooeor Thi Governor hy long di-toner from nett reentninewbal :11:1Jor he? hard YetettlitY lin' the requeted rut ing of the War Department wit! to nutrlied nith a great olval of intrret III military eirelea SECOND CAMP MEN WILL HOLD MEETING TODA1 ----- The Raleigh niiplicants for the set on1 tiglettiorpe 'fraining Como for 011 eves who have received notice of thei II cceptance have been requested to nice 1"lin II 13011011dt at his office the Tucker ituibling this 'miming a 9:Ul o'clock Many are receiviiig notiticntion o sI ccessful examination snit the toile list will be announced by Major Alc4 ander tirent who was in elistge of et amintitions in this Fiat° today NtMED AS C S ATTORNEY IN CLAIMS Or EXEMPTIONI tgpeial to the Newa SIMI Oloserver New Win Aug 10—D E Ilendernot county attorney received mitiee yente day of hie appointment to reprener the government in the exemption eau appealed from the local to the dintrit hoard The uppointment wee 'receive through Governor Ifirkett It will be the duty of Mr !len4Iers1 to invemfigute all camps where rim hong have been made if there la tit leant indiration that tile party exempte IN not to he entitled to he relieved C Nervie If he find that in his opie ion the party ix not entitled to exemi tion er that fake affidavit have heck made lie will report it I" Mr J Nfaeltey x Jr who la ut the head of tl work of inventigations of exemptiort in this Hate IviLsoN couNTy TO HAVE SERVICES OF COTTON GRADE (peeial to The News and Observer Vilson Aug 10--At the last ntee' ing of the board of commissioners f Wilson county they nporoprinted neeesqary amount thst insures the ban' ers the eervices Of n cotton guider fe' the 'resent year The commissione' were divided on the pro1osition-0) vote being two nnd two and the elinit man :Mr Walter F Woodard knowin the results front last year's gralinn Irk e the tie by costing his vote wit the Yarmers Inughil loudest fit In ham never hod any himself and the murtelea relax easily erhen habit arrives Do not go a singia night twit out applying it Dy analating nature the (viola itt one of lean putts and danger As for a bottle of "Mother's Friend" at ymi druggittra today find write for valuabil hook brimful of information "Mtherhmsandthe Baby" it is free Addreas Bradtie itegulator Co Dept Lamar Building Atlanta Ga Trade By BUD FISHER' ir t te 1 b ot le d S 'It 1111i I 1 n b h ort ' tges) )0 5 ko 'LI' eatdly 'when behi linen) night Witte 'Wing nature the and danger Am I Friend" at 704 trite fnr valusadi (inn "Mtherhoe'ee Addrees ot tot a Ge FISIIERe 1r r UAW t altuoy sstqd-k I 1 PRIL: AM' tt 1 b n i 1 id le d d r 31 7 r' : x ' I 1

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