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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 8

The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina • Page 8

Raleigh, North Carolina
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10 THE NEWS AND OBSERVER I BUY WAR SAVINGS STAMPS 1 HELP HAIL SUFFERERS ME 11 0 I MAN AND WOMAN IN POLICE TOILS TUBERCULOSIS IS WAR TIME STUDY New Arrivals of WARRANTS SERVED ON WHITE WOMEN EASTERN ROADS BEING IMPROVED 1J111111 11111 1111111-1) glimming Brossos I In Silks and Woolens For Vacation Street or Afternoon Every express brings new and added wonders from the foremost designers of New York Lovely Dresses with that freshness imparted by real style and elegance Materials are Satins Wool Jerseys Georgette Taffetas Sbrges and Crepes Trimmings are refined and graceful Colors are all the darker shades and with all their beauty style and individuality they are very moderately priced We have done our utmost to keep prices iithin bounds flow well we have succeeded PRICES: $1950 $2450 $2550 $3250 to $5000 KLINE SE DEPARTMENT STORES WIMINI11EMEIIMMMEEMOMMENNOMMMOOMMAUNn Ice li Ice Today We are pleased to announce that we have secured a sup ply of Ice from Wil mington Our wagons will serve our Patrons as usual Powell 41 aut C6tut Cal I II Meares Here bode II Melt re Esq of Wilmington lAhere on profemional business Back From South Carolina Mr Knott has returned Von SoutIL Carolina where he has been engogedin the tobacco business Al Returns To Naval Base MrLee Knott of the' United Staten Navy rho is stationed at the naval bane at Jiampton Rouble who has been Lore on a several days' furlough left yesterdaytto resume his duties Mr Achim On Way To Atlanta Mr Herbert Acton who has been on a visit to Mr It 11 Knott at Farmville speint yenterday in the city on Ids way to Atlanta where he is cu gaged in businens OP At Bayleaf Tonight Her lb Brown will lecture at Beyleat this evening at 8:30 o'clock Mr Brown was fornierIy pastor of churehes at Hayleaf Falk of Neuse New liethndsand Mt Vernon- Lieutenant Urquhart Killed News wm received in Raleigh yesterday of the death of Lieut Douglas Urquhart a brother of Miss Helen Urquhart who was a niember of the faculty at St Mary's Sehool last year He was wounded in action in France on July 22 and died peven days later 4 Goes to Greensboro Mr Uorille who for some time has been in the liminess Department of the News and Observer has resigned his position Ile left Raleigh yesterday afternoon for Greensboro where be has accepted a position with the Armour Fertilizer Works He will take charge of the sales department for his new company DEATH OF INFANT Little Daughter of Mr and Mrs Barefoot Passes Away Elsie the infant daughter of Mr anti Mrs Barefoot passed away peace fully yesterday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of her grandparents it and Mrs Brown after only a few illness The infant was only ten months of age She was a bright and beautiful baby and ill be greatly missed by all who knew her Friends of the family deeply aympathire with the parents in the loss of their child The funeral will be held at the residence of the grandparents this afternoon at six o'clock Rev Potter pastor of Jenkins Memorial chureh officiating The interment will be at Oakwood come tery I The Weather Lurid Uthcs United States Weather Bureau FORECAkT ifitleigh Atigttmt 1 1 1918 For North Carolina: Fair Monday and Tnonday Sunrise 6:29 a tn Sunmet 8:09 Temperaturo Highest temperature Lowest temperature temperature Excess for the day Average daily eleVPIS Pince January P4 74 84 01 Proripitation (In Amount for the 24 hours ending at 8 00 Total for the month to data Aft Deficiency for the month 2 27 Deficiency since Januady let 093 "Colonels general and military men get looked up to considernbly" pays Mrs Tom Thompson "But any woman ean tell you right off the griddle that it's easier to control a hundred men than it is City star intended her to the 'end of the United States I yield to to man in loyalty to North Carolina and her loyal subjects extend from mountain to sea" of of an a in 6 Now Possible To Go From Oen tral Portion of State To Wrightsville In SingleDay 'WINSLOW TELLS OF GOODS ROADS MEETING (Text of Address Outlining Aimslof His Department of Work'l Italeigh'ssetts well at the Ilighway 11'18411m( IAA at WOmington ilast week Thirelegegation was tendered banquets by the camels of Wilming iton Wrightsville and the county of lianover Fevreat Raleigh dole gates were given platireof prominence 'on the various comnittates steeording to Mr 31 Winslow State Maintenaneo Engineer Mr Winslow alltS reports that for Ithe first time there isa gaid road from tother parts of the Wide to NVilenington LA few days ego a Isirty 41rowe from Asheville to Wrigfaisville Ile old retitil by Smithfield wail raYottowille to Wilmington is out of Ibe Ind is eo good as the new Aired route by wity of Raleigh SmithfieNd tioldshorn Warsaw Kenansville Wallace and Itur gaw to Wilmington This Victsthe roast Alin ono day of Raleigh at Wrighte 'vitt and ut Mocebesil City The chief diflieulty with the route hag been the condition of the raids in Poplin and Fender counties quite a 1 bit of work Las been done In these counties and it will be eontinsied vintift the mitts are in sfill hotter stitclot While at the convention Mr Winalami trade a speed in which he act forth tho and working program of his rortment of road work The speech follows: The Slid System of Maint The Legisintura of 1915 prowidotli that the State engineer may from time to time take over as as part of the State system sorb highwaya as are of iinportance to the State It did not provide any funds for this purpose "In 1917 in order to secure Federal funds it was necessary that this State pledge a permanent fund for the upkeep of all Federal aid yogik and for this purpose the auto reeeipts Were sreepted as satisfactory to the Federal authorities Whatever funds were in earess of the amount required were to be used for tho niaintenanco of a system of State roads "This system will take in about npo lk miles of road and the seleetion ofithese roads rests with the loeal and State 11 authorities It will conneet practically every county seat and ull large cities and townie Thus far this work has been muerte(' in 83 counties and is satisfac- tory to most of the countiee where 0 any kind of public spied exists "One of the first things done wee to 1 establimh eotinty line algae and also mile I markere measured from the eounly seat in nearly every caile They clock symiten i mimed toy which every road mist of north is numbered I and so 1 on around like the hands of a clock with the north line is reached The roads are thus numbered and with the I distance known it is easy to number end mark every bridge and culvert as well as any point on the road In ad dition the central highway is marked wit blue and white and the Wilmington44010sboro highway with white and yellow bands Other colors will be adopted fir other main lines "A State map is issued each month posting the month up to date for the traveling public "The State has been divided into districts independent of pelitienl lines and county and township lines ignored on maintenaen except in divisions of the founds ae the law provides All supervisors are provided with a special ly constructed auto to insure prompt attention to tho "stitch in time" Perpetual maintentinee will be insimted on es far as funds permit Tim men are eppointed oil their merits and the knows neither their politics or religion but they must know roads or give way to a men who does They are held re-It ponsible for as much of the road as they take over und must show results Daily reports are insisted on and failure to report every 24 hour' for a eatitfactory explanation or dismimied "Our greet problem has been labor and teams but we now have 50 tractor trucks or one for every two counties end these save eight mules and three drivers in each ease The patrolmen are thus able to cover greater territory and we are retaining only the best men "Many of the eceinties hnve assist eit us with extra money labor teams and materials The justice of the law le shown where wealthy counties use and destroy the rotole in adjoining and poor counties If the fonds are retained in a county or township then the auto should not run over the line either "We lose hundreds of dollars bemuse the automobile lows are not enforced empecially elmie to election Narrow tires add nothing to the life of a road during wet weather and unlees the snow is removed promptly the damage rano up into thousand "Few counties have paid heed to Chapter 24 page 80 relating to signs and if this law were enforced we would have force enough to work the roads from convictions alone This State should have power to purchase hind for a permanent base of supplies for rend maintenance as well ns a storage basis for road supplies and equipment instead of buying by the load or cubic yard and ei we would have space to build tool houses and lieds for equipment that now stand out all winter or we must rent all winter "The opposition comes largely from parties who have controlled the road funds and not from those who have the entire State at large in mind "Unless men take a broad view and pull together we will lose the roads The war is teaching us this leeson Loyalty to te State is what we need to learn rather than counties and township lines What ever emcees' we have had has been due to this on the part of broad minded employes and eitizens Where co-operation has prevailed this is a fact and the man who will not slip Dort the State and its laws has no place in North Carolina "Let us learn to think beyond county Iand township and North Carolina will take its proper place where God Seven Residents of East Raleigh Section Cited On Vagrancy Charges TRIAL SCHEDULED AT THIS MORNING'S COURT Police Start Campaign To Clean Up Three Women Leave for Other Parts hl police of this et Saturday night Martell their annual elean-up campeign among women of alleged disrepute in Fait Raleigh when Capt Warren sod Detective Tom Crabtree raided homes In that section and cited seven women to appear In city court this morning Then women each of whom is charged with statutory vagrancy are Lillian Arnold 035 East Davis street Ada King alias Al Pate of 4001 Green street Clara Lester alias Clara Allen of 043 Eut Cabarrus street Louise Price of 435 East Davie street Blanche 7ticesde Cl Watson street Louise Boyd of Watson street and (My Brooks of Green Street The women were otot arrested because the police wanted to give them opportunity to quietly leave the eity for other parts if thry prefer Similar action was taken last summer when women of East Ruleigh were rounded up upon charges of vagraney At that tinie majority of the women cited to appear court suddenly left Raleigh while others remained for trial Ono woman Kate King 'served a sentence in jail Vben the police activities in that see then of the eity had quietd down the women gradually returned to their for mer bonne' and again took up their residenee in East Weigh The charges against the seven women cited to appear in court have been under consideration by the pollee for some time Three other women according to the police were under sumpleion but gave the ollicera no opportunity to serve them with warrants and left the city several days ago women were Kate King Helen Ilowaril and Dorris Puller The hitter two left Raleigh Inst Blinifl let to escape prosecution it is said while Kate King served a jail sentence The decision to endeavor to elven out East Raleigh once more followed recent raids at the homes of Blanche Mc Cede and Ada King alive Ada Pate where intosiennts were found by the po lice At the King WOIIIIIII'S house 21 bottles of beer were seized but she was not garrotted because she was ill at that time Louise Price one of the women ebarged with vagrancy recently eerved a 30 day sentence in jail upon conviction in superior court tiovernoe Bickett otter ed her a petition upon condition that she leave town and rent her property to law-abiding people She refused the pardon and eerved her sentence The defendants are scheduled for trial at this morning's session of the city court However police Cr inclined to think that a niajority of the women will not appear in court but on the other hand will have left the city by the time court convenes BIG MEETING OF RALEIGH CITIZENS Chamber of Commerce Calls Important Gathering At 10 O'Clock This Morning Notices were mailed yesterday to members of the Chamber of Commerce calling them together in a meeting at 10 o'clock this morning to diseuss subjeet which may mean great things for the future welfare of the city Yesterday President Duncan stated that lie business men of Raleigh now have an opportunity of bettering conditions in this eity by a move that will not only produee assets for merchants but should be of vital interest to every man woman and child who are identified with the progressive tipbuilding of tho city Mr Duncan (lessee the meeting this morning as undoubtedly the biggest and most important ever held by the Chain her of Commerce this year All 1110Mbers aro needed and no effort will be spared to have a large crowd at the nteeting For peveral reasone which will be explained the nature of the meeting has not yet been made public President Duncan wants to epring a surprise upon the members when he explains the purpose of the gathering lie did not hesitnte in saying that it would be the most important meeting of the Chamber of Commerce this year BOARD MEMBERS UNDER 15 WILL BE EXEMPT Government Appeal Agents Will Also Be Certified As Necessary Menibers of local boards and government appeal agents appointed under the Plelective service regulations who are within the proposed extension of draft age limits tVi ll not be subjeet to call aecording to an announcement from the Provost Marshal General Tile announcement reads: "This department thoroughly appreciates the magnitude and essential courtesy of the work of draft officials and is keenly ally: to the importanee of retaining the services of members of boards and government appeal agents and to this end of granting deferred classification on the ground of necessary employment in the service of the United States to board members and government appeal agents with the new draft age limits who are certified by Governors as being necessary in the administration of the draft" At any rate we ean all speak well of the dead The censor keeps pretty close tabs on the living to Couple Giving Names As Chandler and Wife At' rested At Hotel WILL BE CHARGED WITH WHITE SLAVERY Couple Had Been Trailed By Federal Agents For Several Weeks I Arrested last night at the Yarborough lintel by Police Chief Barbour on a State warrant charging a violation of the hotel law by registering for im moral purposes a man and woman gig lug their novae ail Mr and Mrs I Chandler are being held in Jail pending a more aeriotia charge of white alavery The white altivery charge will be pre ferred against them today by United States officers following the arrival of papers from District Attorney Carr in Wilmington They am held now in de fault tA swo bond Although they claim that they are married United States authorities claim to have evidenee that the touple are not married For sonie time epecial agents of the Dcpartnient of Justice have been on the trail of the man end woman who it is amid have covered much ter ritory in North Carolina and N'irginia The charge of white slavery and also the ono against them for alleged viola tion of the State hotel law were brought against them upoit evidence which will show it is said that the man was using the woman for commercial purpoees According to United States author! ties the W0111111111 correct name is Susie Wade of Baltimore The man claims he is from Norfolk Va For one week the couple had been at work on the case for several days and hail them under surveillance continu ally The arrest wax plods last night at the instance of Deputy Marshal Wood ley when he learned that the couple intended to leave the city some time during the night The Federal authori ties had planned their arrest for today upon receipt ofthe proper papers from District Attorney Carr in Wil mington AUTO CRASHES INTO CAR TWO ARE BADLY HURT Wife And Daughter of Joe Copeland Colored Cut And Bruised The wife and little daughter of Joe Copeland colored were bruised and otherwise hurt yesterday afternoon Mica an automobile driven by Cope land crashid into a street ear at the corner of Martin and Blount street Copeland was cited to appear in police court this morning to answer a charge of reckless and careless driving The little child riding on the front seat was painfully cut about the face and arms she having been thrown through the windshield when the automobile collided with the street car Copeland's wife who was riding on the rear seat was not so badly hurt although she was thrown against the windshield too TOTAL CASUALTIES REPORTED TO DATE (Continued front Page One) and 718 mkrines The week's aggregate of 4916 compared with 1j430 the week before In the 20112 easualties total deaths including 291 lost at sea men killed in action dead of wounds disease accidents and other causes numbered 7716 6883 marines 833 The wounded aggregated 9048 marines 1826 and the missing including prisoners 1- 431 marines 91 of the week's inerease deaths -from all causes aggregated 1572 as compared with 651 the week before the wounded numbered 2610 compared with 732 the previous week and the missing and prisoners 734 compared with 74 the week before While the proportion of the deaths for the week as compared with the wounded was large attention was called today to the fact that the casualties being reported now by General Pershing reprement an accumulation as the result of the lighting which began July 15 and it is not to be assumed that the ratio of killed and wounded will be maintained when the final toll of the Marne-Aisne victory is complete Because of the fact that the Americans were brigaded in tho fighting with British and French forces many of the wounded were taken to French and British hospitals and the task of collecting their names was a difficult one The problem of securing the names of the killed and missing was said to be much simpler and this is taken here to account for the relatively large numbers of killed and missing reported till the first lists The summary of army casualties including today's list follows: Killed in action (including 291 at sea) 3574 Died of wounds 1105 Died of disease 10134 Died of accident and other causes 670 Wounded in action 9048 Missing in action (including prisoners) 1431 Total to date 17362 The marine corps summary shows: Deaths 833 Wounded 1826 In hands of enemy 5 Missing 86 Total to date 2750 WHEN CONGRESS MEETS NEXT WEEK (Continued front Page One) mittee and the author of the income tax law "We could raise $10000000 to $20000000 by a tax on gifts" he mid Kitchin Evolves Plan Chairman Kitchin did not go to the Capitol today taking a complste rest oin 1 Five Conferences Soon To Consider Measures for Coping With Plague Plans are now under way according announcement made today by the National Tuberculosis Association for Ave great conferences covering the country in rographical section from Atlentio to Nelda to consider prac licit measures for coping with tuber C14101111 all I vtar problem Starting in the northwestern states this series of gutherings will extend next to the southweetern group anti then work eastward taking in the South the Mid-die At section and ending with New England Means of providing adequate care for the thotiimnila of soldiers and PRII ors already discharged from the army and navy on account of tuberculosis and the atilt greater ntittiller rejected in the draft for the Jame reason willbe one of the main question discusited The elosely related question of educatlog the civilian population more fully regarding tuberculosis during the war and thus eonibatting its further spread in the community at large will also be eonsidered Not less than 1000600 per sone in the United Staten the National Tubereulosis Aosociation states are to day afflicted withis disease the annual death toll from which is upward of mo000 Anti-tuberculosis workers physieinns local state cod federal officials officers of the army and navy and ninny others will take part in these conferences The programs for each section -which will differ aceording to conditiona will be announced at an early date The meeting places and dates are as follows: Spokane Wash September 27-23 Denver Colo October 4-5: Birmingham Ala October II-12 Pittsburgh Pa October 17-18 Providence 1 October '2520 Among the North Carolinians who are expeeted to attend and take a leading part in the Birmingham conference which is for the Southern States are the following: Dr Chas Minor of Asheville former prvaident of the Nathine! Tuberculosis Association Pr Nicbrayer of the State Sanatorium former president of the Southern eonferenee Mrs Cuthbert Martin of Wilmington vice president of the conference SPECIAL POLICE FOR DRAFTED MEN Draft Executives Told To No' tify Liquor Dealers As To Law Draft executives of all States have been notified to direct "the attention of the liquor interests of your State" the act of Congress passed May 18 li17 which prohibits the sale of whiskey or intoxicating liquor to men in the uniform of the United States navy or arniy "The attention of this department" says the Provost Marshal Ueneral "has been directed to the fact that registrants have in some instances reported for entrainment in an intoxicated condition and that much disorder has resulted This condition should be corrected immediately" As a step in curbing the entrainment of men intoxicated inducted men will hereafter be placed in temporary uniforms and leaders and assistant leaders of quotas will be made special police Brassards will be furnished by the War Department for designating the special police appointed to "keep order" and vigorous prosecution where evidence can be obtained will he made against "liquor dealers" who sell intoxicating drinks to soldiers The order contemplates that a selected man becomes a soldier when he reports to his local board for entraintrent and as such is subject to military laws By the appointment of special military police infraction of milltory laws makes the offender subject to court martial Finest WOOLENS Best TAILORING Newest STYLES lightest WEIGHTS I I Only SKI75 For $10 Genuine Palm Beach Suits I I I pietlibae 5 op OT Hon LAZARUS 206440 WILMINGTON sr oF WAKEFORESTILU OPEN SEPTEMBER 3 Good Enrollment for the New Session Indicated Mill tary Training Wake Forst Aug new Pea lion of Forest College will open on Tuesday September 341 In the east of Wake Forest men now in the Platte burg Training ('amp 38 in number ape cial dispensation is allowed for en- trance after the close of the camp on Septeniber lath The present summer has brought thn heaviest office work in the history of present college administration and that indicates a good enrollment next sev Mon The college is in fine ohape serve the young men who come With the single exeeption of Freshman English all the departments of instruction are intact as last session Associate Professor Derieux in eons- murdcating his resignation said that if he were going to teach in any college outside NPW York City where he hau accepted an appointment he would pre fer Wake Forest The college moreover is responding to the program of the government to mobilize the young menhood be the country to meet both its military and its civilian needs As previouely announced a Students' Army Training Corps unit will be organized in the student body under the instruction of an army officer detailed by the War Department and equipped at the governments expense In this training corps students will acquire definite military status as in a training ramp advance their preparation for active service and at the same time continue their regular college work toward a degree The ten hours of work a week required in this department will be credited with equity on the degree and as much as four hours of the ten may be selected from the regular academie COUISCS Minor students will be required to- present the written consent of parents or guardians either to enroll if under eighteen or enlist if eighteen or over Except in ease of a nations! emergency when they may be called out on a day's notice it will be thepolicy of the government to keep these students in training until their draft age is reached and in certain cases even after their draft ago is reached If a lower draft sge is tire4 by Congress the plans of the War Department when they come to be an nounced will be in line with its educe Donn' policy above indicated In other words the lower draft age will be for purposes of registration not for immediate active service 1 From every point of view this is the time of all times for a young man te come to college that is if he is high-minded and serious-minded This is no time for the shiftless or the self-seek- ing anywhere But for noble-hearted boys boys who have the ambition to serve in a greet way boys who don't mind work and who have a mind to work such boys the call is loud and the horizon of opportunity is wide and irresistible Enlistment in the Studens' Army Training Corps with good work in it is declared to be the plainest road in the direction of an officer's commission the Best 10 HARGETT ST as readiness for the final week of the framing it the bill as he considers it If he has evolved a plan to make up the billion dollar deficiency in the estimated revenue that the bill as far as planned will produce lie has not made it known to the committee Ile will receive information early this week from the Treasury giving the estimated rem nue from the industries falling under the excess profits riroposed tax Dragnet Will Get 'Ent All It has been calculated that in the plan of an alternative system of excess profits and war profits taxes whichever would produce the higher revenue to be applied in any given cases 00 per cent of all American industries would fail under the alternative war profits tax and the other 10 per rent in the straight excess profits tax some members of the committee believe Chairman Kitehin will yield to the Treasury plan to let excess profits stand as under the pros cot law and it is claimed that revised figures show the bill then will be within 000000000 of the total sought More Elastic Provisions Wanted An effort will be made in the committee to write into the bill more elastic provisions as to exceptional business with the dual object to avoid breaking down any particular industry and to allow a latitude of action that would permit mixing more revenue than under too rigid language Members of the committee point to the proposal to tax gross sales of retailers as a plan Mr and Mn Yates Hem Mr and Mrs A Yates of Norfolk Va are spending a week's vaeation In the city Mr Yates who was formerly with the News and Observer pressroom force is now with the Ledger Dispatch NATIONAL LEAGUE At Chicago 54 rittaburah $6 At Cincinnati 3-3 St Louie 2-5 At New Haven: New York I Phil adelphis 3 (exhibition) AMERICAN LEAGUE At St Louis 5-1 Detroit 2-5 At Cleveland 3-6 Chicago 6-5 At Washington 3 Philadelphia I NATIONAL LEAGUE Pct Chicago 67 36 651 New York 61 13 '587 Pittsburgh 54 48 529 Cincinnati 48 54 471 Philadelphia 47 54 463 Brooklyn 46 51 460 Boston 46 57 447 St Louis 43 65 398 AMERICAN LEAGUE Pct Boston 63 43 591 Cleveland 61 47 565 Washington 58 48 517 Chicago 52 53 495 New York 50 52 490 St Louis 48 5G 462 Detroit 47 59 443 Philadelphia 42 63 400 Some mountains are judged by their volcanic actions and some by their tables WEATHERS) 0 Dr SPECIALIST OF THE FOOT 11r4 Fayetteville Street Raleigh North Carolina gil One of i 1 1 I Old Line Companies in America IMINIONIEMMI IMIIIMIIIMINIMO ilIMOMERNIMMinmine IMEMP Can use a few special men to introduce a special policy in Eastcrn North Carolina Men of character and ability to explain a high-class proposition with or without experience in the business will be benefited by writing in confidence to ATKINS 'State Agent DURHAM NORTH CAROLINA 4' E101WEMOWW 4mmvomp.

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