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0 04t--- Tnr NTIV AND DECEIMETZ THTMSDAY NIA HMI 30 1911 11 30 1911 8 go -0CmagiMPm PPotirA RESISTERCIL it II I rmorbommot- 4--7'A i I I ---Ni ----L-7-----------: 7 ------S le iti '''''lls- -------VP'---47' t15'' 17-7 t' i 1----------- votAkot mam14 i I 0- iik I dee A ros i 4 dri la ESISTERCIL 100 IS i EVER WATCHFUL RED LIGHT womEN HT OMEN PAST LINGERS IN pARIsIAN tal then drove them out mid were 'afterward ell hut annihilated by him riihnlollial i i- he at tn drove theut mot were 'afterward ell hut annihilated by hint is a The wont of those terrible times thrilling chapter in the book of human history Who these Aztecs were no ono knows To them Mexico owee her coat of Arms and the (lesign of The Most Delightful Hair Dress- her money They saw a golden eagle Nrith a nahe in ha bill percned on Be 11105I wiLa- with a nahe in perciled On LOSE THEIR CASES THEIR CASES MINIS OF PRESENT SAGE sAGE ft prickly nem In obedience Pi that 1 'Peculiar Charactens ing Crower and Beautifier Piign they built their eabital of Tent- chtithin there and afterward changed reconar Lnaractensuus leh'iltlan there and afterward changed A New Phase of the Prohibition Law Phase of the 1 I Thc Origin of Roystcr Fatilizcrs Parisian Sage soaks Into the its name to 11exco after their -War peetrates Into the hair root and not I God of the Mexi cans I only tiestroys the dandruff germs but: Although engaging the practice of furnishes to the famished root just the i idol worship and being the greatest -4------- hind of nourishment needed to practitioners of human sacrifice In all le hanory the Aztecs Were yet a peo- tiot put Parisian Sage in the i ple who recognimal a Lord of the cooNTHI of coNTRA315 niName Haps 1-nwith ordiaary commercial I Universe and addressed him in their tos irlAtin Sage is a combinationt prayers as "the God by whom Ave of renwilles that eannot fall to bene- live" "that knimest all thoughts and lit the scalp and hair no matter what) glveth all gifts- the invishle IncorDorsal one 4)0d of perfection and POESai one Ciad or perrecuon ana Mr Royster believed that suc 1 DECISIONSSUPHEMECONT A Little Care Will Save Many Raieigh Readers Future Trouble Watch the kidnez secretions Hee that they hdve the amber hue of health The discharge not excessive or infrequent Contain no "brick-dust like" sediment Domes Kidney Pills are for disordered kidneys They strengthen weak kidneys and cure them when they are sick Mrs Moore 311 Person Ste Raleigh Hayti: "My baCk ached intensely and I had pains through my loins I was restless at night and I had a great deal of trouble from the kidney tleeretions When a friend recommended Doan's Kidney Pills to me I got a supply from the Bobbittwynne Drug Co and tised them according to directions They gave me relief at once and containued use improved my condition in everY way" (Statement given January 30 1008) Confirmed Proof Mrs Moore was intenlewed on December 2 1910 and idle said: "I value Doan' Kidney Pills as highly us ever and can still recommerd them have had noneed of a kidney medicine during the past three years" For sale by all dealers Price 50 cents Foster-Milburn Co Buffalo New York sole agents for the United Ststes Remember the takeno other I ic a (tf 1i 14 1 4t I the trouble it grows hair amps hair from fall-: purity under whose wing's we find our in-r out era1leatt4 dandruff puts fl sure defense" They had a feast in end to sidittilig all in two which they mixed blood with flour weeks or money back and baited It into cakes which the) Parisian Sage does more it turns- Passed to idl the people who ate it doll lifeles faded hair into brighti with evidenee repentenace and hu'estrous hair ond for that purpose is militV doelar og it to be the flesh used by Wu Ilit'S and 'nen a )10 to he the Me Tho head nod lips of plate in beautiful end luxuriant hair their children were WS ell ed With It is the most delightful and refresh-I is Ille fro glen their names exodus from Atzlan finds a par- ing hair dressing tver put into a bottle Their awmber i aliel in the exodus of the Israelites and shonld be used by every of the family not only to banish all from EgYl't TheY Its well as many hair worries but to preserve the hair! Other people hi Mexico had their Killmrmx and the and keep it beautirUi a TA 11111 of life sturY of Eve and the serpent of Noah of the immaculate Other itiblical beliefs Parisian Sage is sold by ell Drug Co and leading' druggistsi CnneePtl" "lid diff ering only as much as one woutd everywhere for only cents a large' expect thLm to differ in a thousand bottle The girl wit the Auburn veal' ta rptellitur bottle 1 tie gill lilt 1 ff year of re-telling Women of fled Light blAriet in Raleigh Lose Hard Fight---Comieted In Three Court--31any beds loas Handed Down by the Suprentel Court Yesterday The casesi ttgainst the somewhat notollous Nancy Cotton and iNlarie Turner of red light fame In a11r-c1) Nwere settled yesterday by the cluprent3 Court These women were first convicted in the police court under the vagrancy act of 1907 making the keepers and inmates of disorderly houses subject to the penalties imposed on vagrants They appealed to Ulu Superior Court of 'Wake cOonty and were again convieted and appealed to the Supreme Court Thi Supreme Court by a per coritun decision cess awaited the Manufacturer of Fertilizers who would place quality above other considerations This was Mr Royster's idea Twenty-seven years ago and this is his Idea to-day the result has been that it requires Eight Factories to supply the demand for Royiter Fertilizers ROYSTER GUANO COMPANY SALES OFFICES COLUMBIA MD COLUMBUS (1A MONTGOMERY ALA rations This hair in On every bottle awl The Conquistadors tire responsible Mail orders tilled charges prepaid l)3 1 for the loss of the history of the the American makers the throux Mtg Co Buffalo 'remarkable people who inhabited pwvn in thn roPtit rm pj remarkable people who inhabited I i alexico in the centuries before Cor- OLO IN MEXICO People Are in Sympathy With Insurrectionists i Sympathy ectionists IMMIIIMIII was presented to Cortez and became his mistress and Interpreter had borne Ima a son many a year before little Virginia Dare's lirst stnall cry was heard on Roanoke island Mexico had a university before Elihu Yale John Harvard or William and Mary were born and a hospital before jamestown and Plymouth Dock appeared upon tho map 4 1atoxioct Aecient (amntry 'Dating Itaek 1111111Cr Than the When-ledge of la it (ironing Belief to the Elfect That the Cradle of the Raee le to Ite Found in the Southern Part of Mexico (fly FREDERIC alexice City alareh 29--With its capital built on the site of an aneient istitec capital Avail its cathedral Ilitanding in the Identical spot where same awed an eliorignal tetnple with evidence everywhere of prehistoric chrilisations (ring back so ter that tven tradaion is mute concerning ahem: with prelitetorM Peet and 11Ong Present commingled in the blood of it people united in the names of 'ate cities its mountains and its lakes gwith no Middle ARKS among tts pee- i Pie Mogen from the Ito Grande to ithe Samhiate from Yucatan to lower: ICalifornie is indeed a land tif ro rnance a country of contrasts neounted centurion parade their sreepective types before the traveler Itt the Mexican highways When he (reaches ittexco City In a modern edectric-lighted Pullman he Is met at the train by a eargador Nylio carries 108 littgglAgil on his limit exactly as the Aztee forefather earrkd hig bur-glen in the days when neither the horse per the ox were at hs command The gargador carries the baggage to a he which wao built by a Spanish grandee end afterwards became the palace of an emperor The sleepy Monkey of the Past trots along the vame street with the motor car of aim Present The palace of imperial 'Montezuma Is now the castle of Republican Diaz and overlooks a mod irrn Yankee amutiement palace i Effigies of Judas Isetirot to be Tunched to pieces blown to Moms for hanged by the neck till dead are pold in the same stores as Paris kerns and Ameriedn art ware rho WI Tina built of concrete nnd American ateel is with: earshot of the magnificent American colony and the sound of perfervid cheering as the favorite totAnder executes a brilliant pass and the hand responds with a diana may he wafted into the very precincts Of the embassy of the United States The veered Mountain of Amovampett castn It henedietien over a modern American railroad yard Ignorunt ectegeMarian Indians who know less of lien3amin Prankln than their sorrowful looking dogs know of the 131 holidays on the Mexican calendar peddle newspapers on the street Often one beholds all human progress at a gle 'sweep of-the eye-e-a modern automobile a railroad train a carrhige an ex cart a caravan of donkeys and a band of laden Indiana all 'within distance Of a shade city block -And then Mexico is ancient Con- 'tulles before Christopher Columbus ()mined his eyes upon the world he was destaied to enlarge there was an the prehistoric eity of Paleneue marble tablet depicting a cress with worshippers before it tlenerationm 'before Europe dreamed there wag a land beyond the-eee Chinese! inseripDone were being -plared on liYrillidde In Mexico which are half as 'large as these of Egypt and of a design which tells of the Wiley') Of their tillild0111 to the PeoPIO of ton land oT the Pharaohs These pyramtem were per tho ox were at hs command The I rargador carries the baggage to a which Wan built by a Spaniel grandee and afterwards became the palace of an emperor The eleePY elookeY of the Past trots along the PaLMP street tvith the motor car of he Present 'rho palace of imperial Is now the castle of Re- rublican Diaz and overlooks a mod lent Yankee amtatement palace EffigieS of iticerot to be Trundled to pieces blown to atoms for hanged by the neck till dead are in the same mtorem as Paris horns and Anterlean art ware rho bull ling built of concrete etnd American pteel It! earshot of the magnin- rent American colony and the sound or perfervid cheering as the favorite truttador executes a brilliant pass and the band responds with a diana maY be wafted into the very precincts Of the embassy of the totted States The lietered Mountain of Ameettmeett cagth Itmi benedietlen otera modern Ameri- can railroad yard Ignorunt octege- Indians who know less of Pen- 3amtn Frankin than their morrowful looking dogs know of the 131 hell- days on the Alexican calendar peddle newspapers on the street Often one beholds all human progress at a sin- gle-weep- err thtveytta -modern all- a -railroad train a carriege ox cart a caravan of donkey ond a band at laden Indium' all within- the distance of siegie city block -And then Mexico is ancient Cen- turiee before Christopher Columbes opined his eyes upon the world he was to enlarge there was du the prehistoric city of palpateue a marble tablet depicting a cross with worshippers before it HeuerMons Europe dreamed there wee a land beyend fhttsea Chinesainstirip- tionm were being -plared on pyramids In Mexico which are half as 'large Its those of Egypt and of a design which tells of the kineltip Of their IbtlihiOnt to the people of tne land of the Pharaohs These pyrandes were 0 A 0 1 tex came Uhl historian declares that they found the Mayas possessed of many historical works books relating to such sciences as astronomy medi- MOSt eine geology chronology and theology and of a fipolon and written language which permitted them to express the most delicate shades of thought What treasures may have perished when a bigots torch burned the literature of Mayan civilization! lie VI One 1s ever and anon mtumbling irr upon -remiders that some things were done by the prehistoric Mexicans that 'Veal catutot be dime In the boagted days Not of enlightenment of the twentieth century Tempering copper was an mim art that perished with them They tihtgreo Without solderng Col to a perfection not vow approached Februt It was the Mexican Indian who dis- leo covered that the female cochineal 400 could be used in makiag indigo rival-in gthe Tyrian purple and only the 00 Ing the Tyrian purple and only the Franci chemist has produced a substitute for that i It The India of central Mexico were able to make woolen serapes ic that would turn ani tropical shower advent The Quaintness of the country adds his at much to its charm and its romance ranch At Cuantia one alights at the oldest hacien railroad station In the world It once milica was'a chureh At 'Jalapa he may Pet him With hy the oldest clock in being In Cuernavaca he may we a dynamite tree whose seeds burst Ithey with a loud report and make' it Mtn- serous for the bystander At La he I mmo fexeneo be iindS the natives catching at tbf Lift eating the repulsive looking tar- a genera vat lizard known as the ajolote found which becomes HentilitY mature but and ti never passes out of the larval bile a condition existent nowhere VIse and the se Moo a nondition still unexplained At and other places he finds the natives gather and t' a aPecies of fly eggs and make caviar hia gu from them The tiles themselves are Late caught mashed up and wrapped in were I corn husks and sold as a Mort of chili Carlos cenearne house name Archeologt amonE cal I Owen reit Most He Trevino Not Col February cilate 000 Francisco that He did adventures his ranch hacienda which being way they ulte at the found and the and and his Later were Carlos" house name among Visited Senor Francisco Gonm les Who Was in Raleigh Last Insurrectionists Are Pi Rowers But Take Only Ammunition Fired A Olds who early in made some trips into Mexico one of these being to the great or ranch of Benors Trevino acres' of irrigated land has told Gonzales Trevino has told story in The News and Observer not tell however some of the which befell him whilo on automobile tour to this famous which the Spaniards call the headquarters buildings the Americans in the West animunition At the custom house known as the hacienda On the some Insurrectos were met but were very polite and had only desire it seemed this being for ammunition- At the custo mhouse Mexican border a brigadier-general of the Mexican army was with an escort of cavalry he they being in American automobiles and they Jed the way across semi-desert going like the wind were followed by Colonel Olds two or three friends who were guests the general and his escort found at the hacindads of 'Ilan (in other words the ranch of St Charles) that being the of this noted estate which is the largest in Mexico and on which the owners have spent mil the owners have spent mil Gonmles 3 in Raleigh Last rrectientete Are Take Only Am- is who early in trips Into Mex- in to the grtkat ee Senors Trevino ed land bag told Trevino has told kali and Observer ever soma of the fell him ke-hilo on to this famous Spaniards call (meters buildings ins in the West custom house hacienda On the were met but ite and had only id this being for custo mhotthe rder a brigadier- xican army was at of cavalry he Imerican automo- the Way aCrOSS ng like the wind Colonel Olds iriendit who were I and his escort lacindada of "San words the ranch 0 that being the estate which is Mexico and on have spent mil- 1 to kill him Whether it is excusable and whether the defendants engineer by keep ng a proper lookout etc could not have avo141 the injury 8110 his negligence was not the proximate cause of the killing Is a matter whicif should have been passed on by the jury The opinions handed down yesterday were as follows: person vs Person from Franklin I affirmed Exum Ts A Railroad from Edgecombe affirmed standard SupPlY Co vs lineh Person from New Rollover reversed- Summlt Silk Co vs Kinston Spin- ning Co from Leneir no error Hardy As Aetna Life Ins Co from Lenoir no error Kinston Cotton Mills VS Rocky Mount Hosiery Co from Lenoir mod lined and affirmed costa fLgal nst fendant St3te vs Thomas Denton from Wake no error Miller A Railroad Co from Wayne affirmed Huggins vs City of Goldsboro from Wayne renninded: costs divided between plailitiff and defendants Waters and Borden Lee Godwin vs New Hampshire Fire ins Co from Harnett mod'fied and affirmed costs against appeihnt State Vii Faulk from Robeson reversed Bowen vs Perkins from Columbus new trial Currie vs Gilchrist from Scotland dismissed for failure to file brief- Goodwin ve Norfolk Southern Railroad Co from Wake affirmed Shading vs Goldsboro Traction Co from Wayne affirmed State vs Nancy Cotton from Wake affirmed State vs Marie Turner from Wake affirmed Ste'nmets vs Kilpatrick from Dup lin affirmed 41 4110 NARROW ESCAPE FROM FLAMES the sentence wh 'eh In the workhouse Several riles- Bons as to the competency Of eel- TACTORIES AND 1 NORFOLK VA a TARBORO dence of the character of the li elAeONOA BALTIAlc mier SPARTANBURG they occupied being a disorderiy house were raised on the appeal but the- opinion being per curia there is no discussion Of these questions in the opinion the Judgment being af- esee Al firmed einews 1 Another criminal ease from Wake county which was decided is State vs eibility and Persons answerci Denton for Felling whiskey The eel- leth 1906 that "just us soon as the dence watt that a man named Hodge dry kiln vets I operation 1 will see brought a basket filled with liquor i II I bode 3 to Denton house or the pur- that your bill is paid" Because of of selling the liquor and later not brought promise suit was the pre nee of Denton and with against Finch Held that there was a ties 3e his knowledge sold some of the whim binding contract or guaranty on the key The trial judge Instructed the Part of Persons the promise not to Jury that it the liquor was brought bring suit for a definite time on a valid there for that purpose and sold with claim eonsteuting a sufficient Denton's knowledge in hi a presence eration for a guaranty and with his consent he would be gurity ee aiding and abetting the sale miller Railroad Wayne County Judge Brown who writes the opinion Affirmed Brown for the Supreme Court states that any- one who aids and abets In the comfits- 1 Demurrer to complaint over- sion of a misdemeanor is guilty as a ruled Complaint alleged that injury principal ant that it was not error was received in Virginia Demurrer for the trial judge to instruct the jury attempts to raise the issue that no in the manner he did The other as- recovery would be suiltained in Vita that some in- genie Held that the issue cannot element of error was tructions were given the jury when be raised by demurrer but must the attorneys for the defendant were raised by answer and the burden of not present The Supreme Court proof Is on the defendant to show states that when a Jury asks for add- that plaintiff is not entitled to re-he tional instructions if the attorneys cover are not present it must rest In the -Os sound discretion of the trial judge Mills Hosiery Co benoir County whether they should be sent for un- Modified Alien 1 less there is unusual reasons for send0 ing for them This is a power con- 1 Suit for breach of contract and upon the Superior Court judges for balance of purchase price for goods under Rule 27 of the Superior Courts delivered under contract Defendant Judge Hoke dissents in this case on filed counter Maim Jury found no the ground that there was not shown damages for either party for breach any participation by Denton in the of contract and for plaintiff for sale amount of goods delivered Defend-by State vit Faulk Robeson County Re- ant taxed with costs only of cause of ard quality Plaintiff moved for judg- vereed Clark 1 Defendant was Indicted under ment held that under the statute the common law for cursing etc on all legal co ph sts ould have been taxed a public highway Defendant moved against the defendant as the plaintiff to quash on the ground that the in- recovered dictment should be under chapter 125 2 Defendant admitted in his an- Laws 1908 Motion granted and State ewer that that he had recewea 18000 appealed Held that at common law pounds of the yarn upon the promise it must be alleged that the offense committed in the present of div- an! uality Plaintiff moved for judge era persons being then and there as- was that the remainder would be of stand- sembled and the acts were repeated ment that the defendant could not so as to become an annoyance and In- refuse to receive balance of yarn be- cause of defects in that denvered Held that motion Nvits property denied bi dtieffncteoofestthaebtdsehfenpdearnfotrtmhtattneteheoptiatihne- contract on his part en was de- nied by the answer Reid that correepondenee be- tween another mill and the Plaintiff complaining of the yarn was corn- petent and corroborative of the eel- dence fthe defendant that the plain- tiff was marelfacturing defective yarn and as contradictory of the plaintiff's otaternent as to the kind of yarn manufactured Esum i 'Railroad Edirecombe coun- ty Affirmed Brown 1 Suit for damages for negligently ctliosheids work Ville Ilinetteightaolt)es killing intestate Motion to non-suit granted The evidence die- olsrastingtodineg- tolfendant Was a man of 34 years of age in sound bodily contlitiom was on the i main line of the railroad knew the schedules et' the trains the right tif 1 way along and between the tracks was used as a walkway by employes the regular shop train ran overe tied killed him Reid that the motion for a non-suit was properly granted Tee diav of the nlaintifre Intestate killed him held that the motion for a non-suit was properly granted The duty of the plaintiff's Intestate FACTORIES AND NoRFOLK VA TARBORO MACON OA BALTIMORE SPARTANBURG 1 How far back into the uncharted he pamt existence of Mexico dates mortal man (1001 not know There im a growing belief to the effect that lite cradle of the race is to ho found 'in the southern part if Mexico It Is conceded generally that there were civilizations in Waite' before the Tol'Montezuma tees and is agreed that they made their advent itito the land about 648 A The capital of tho Toltec TM (ion is eatid to have been upon tho to of the PleSCIlt trtiggillig village known as TUN which is only 'two hours ride from this city It was here that Quetzalcoatl tile Fair God appeared emong the Toltece and taught them the tuts of husbandry and war and -then sailed away in a boat built of sinake skins promating to return eteme day Tntdition mays the Fair Otal west the reincarnetion of St Thomas while history believes he VHS POMO shipwrecked Viking who had bee blown across the sett After hl depatture he was defied nutny monumea is were fleeted to his metnMarian ory and altar fires kept burning for hint One Of the first things Cortez learned Was the titory of fjpetzacoatl and he immcdlately nasumoil the role of the departed god The 'relieve dwelt in the country of Atinhuac until the eleventh eentomobile turw and then like the Arabs "fold-an ed their tents and milently stole away" There traditioln however that in the reign of Tepancaltzln eigth king of the Toltees Papantzln his kinsman having seen a field mouse knew a bole in the center of a grow'- ing maguey or century plant tasted the juice that flowed front the plant He was delighted with it that he sent 90110 or to his imperial kinsbefore Mitn by his beautiful daughter Xochith Thtu king was delighted with the Imitate and so pleased with the girl that he Waved her in his harem To this day there are puleuerias---saloone dispensing of pulque--do be found In every town and city where puleue is sold which bears the name "1st Her-built "by the compass" long nefore motia Nochill" which means beautiful Aristotle had proved that the earth flower is round Cities had been ituilt and After the Toltees came the Chichitvere flourishing centuries befere Erb meett a barbarie horde fietn the the Red Tghted Cape 'Farewell Aztec northwest It is generally believed astronomers had built an observatory that they were the people who gave on the Hill of the Star et Churtibus- to the Mexican Indian his dietinctly co where Americans now play golf east of feature They and tennis leng before Europe boast- were followed by the Aatece and other ed of the tirst One at Pranlenherg people and here began the rise' of blalinche the Indian slat nm Wilf) tilC nation of the litontezutnas that GEM G0571 "P17 elP17 r--7 1 1 1 VON i lions of dollars to secure irrigation and An Attack of Atipendleitts Ito equip it with the nest kinds of farm machinery and stock At the (ranch house the general's escort took ration 11012110 tne general scort LOO etre irrigation and he best kinds of stock At the terales escort took (Special to News and Observer) Wilmington March throughout the State will regret to learn that Mr Louis Moore city editor of The Evening Dispatch suffered an attack of appendicitis Sunday necessitating an operation whiebwas performed yesterday at the Janus AValker Memorial Hospital by Drs Thomas Burbank and Bellamy He experienced some symptoms of the disease Saturday but attributed It to indigestion But he grew worse Sunday and physicians diagnosed his suffering as that of appendicitis Hundreds of friends In WI 411111001 and elsewhere throughout North Carolina will hope for his speedy recovery The Home of A Phomfeion De- 44 qtroyed by denco Burned (Special to News and Observer) Kinston March A Thompson and family had a narrow escape from being burned :4 death in the fire which destroyed their home Mr Mt Moore who was sleeping in an adjoining residence had a similar experience The fire had made such headway When Mr Thompson awoke that he barely had time to get himself and family out before the roof and walls fell in Th4- firemen responded quickly to the alarm but the tire had made such headway that neither of the buildiags could he saved Mr Thompson car-red only WO insurance Thu miler residence 'Was owned by Mr Barnes and wasnot insured 1 Cbmommommowemomm no chances but mounted guard in all convenience to the public The act of 1908 is not a substitute for the directions this though ne insurrectos degree of the 'tame the act providing common law offense but is a lesser were In eight that it shall be unlawful for any per All this now becomes of interest 8011 to act in a disorderly manner by because last Sunday a large band of being drunk or using profane obscene itaturrectos visited this ranch and in or boisterous language on any public effect captured it No doubt all they road in Robeson county It was et-- wanted st-tas food of which of course ror to quash the Indictment tt II ti el er se o'5fa1 oar ngr erai rice tiePtPelYbgerineagt grown there Bugging Goldsboro Wayne County Remanded Brown tieneral Trevino one of the owners boro from Walters It was equipped Plaintiff letteed a hotel in Golds- is a near kinsman of Francisco Ma- tern who is the heml of the Insur recites end Mr Trevino tvith bath tubs etc It transpired alter eel was not connected with the city who visited Raleigh last November the' lease was affected that the drain- sewerage but was a private drain run- ts a cousin of Madero On this great build- ning over tho land of Borden Bor te)stel ayteed thaenrtet tairtee neactyt n1 5e Vt oTittlern Inge maehinery etc is remarkable den Cut the drain on his land and line'l stopped it up rendering the hotel unThe thin Nvhich put up the Simp tit for use A suit was brought against kilts cotton gin here last year Is the city of Goldsboro Waters and building two of these gins on this vast Borden A not pros was taken as to estate to handle the cotton grown from the city of Goldsboro and the ease the North Carolina seed agaiat close of plaintiff's ecidence Held against Waters and Borden lion-stilted Colonel Olds had the pleasure of being the gnest of Mr Francisco that under the contract of lease the Trevino at his eharming home in implied coven () ent ant ot quiet enj N'' Monterey: One of the chief cities of extends to those easements an purteminces whose use is 1 -ary aP- and nteess 1 Mexico and found 'the home life in this vulture(' family to be of most essential to the ertloyment th premises But if Borden mg- lie found that the insur in Mexico had almost para- and the I In the com 1 I 3' g'' a nt he was a trespasser wrongfully and Megan a elle -d I by Alyzed that republie And IA'S assured merleans who had lived there for mpted covenant of a quiet 1 3eetaars 0 et tattle anri ni aPnts3 tPheer of a lessor does not extend doe re But if Borden's acts were right to the of trespassers and wrong 1D'az government which has been I then there has been a brette11 of Not make out a vs lid defense to that such covenant unless tho lessor Waters have their hearts set on a real re I Public but (tti course the mass of in i surrettos are the peons or poor labor- cause of action The case is remandtiFt than whom few people aro more ed that the plaintiff may elect which down Mexicans simply wtnt 'cause of action he Will prosecute as I It Square deal and a chance to own i each cause of action is destructive of lilted guard in all convenience to the public The act of 1908 is not a substitute for the gh nO ineurrectos common law offense but is a lesser degree of the same the act providing that it shall be unlawful for any per- of interest a large band of being drank or using profane obscene aan to act in a disorderly manner by his ranch and in No doubt all they which or boisterous language on any public road in Robeson county It was er- hich of course Iv great 1pp at quan- etc being grown ror to quash the indictment Huggins Goldsboro Wayne County me of the owners Remanded Brown of Francisco Ma- 1 Plaintiff lemied a hotel In Golds- eml of the insur- boro from Welters It was equipped e' lrantieseo terevied kith bath tubs etc It transpired alter it last November th lease wa affected that the drain- tee On the great ag was not connected with the city kr 1500 men ern- sewerage but was a private drain run- -Aliment of build- uing over the land of Borden Bor- stopped it up rendering the hotel un- is remarkable i den cut the drain on this land and aosrobrlig ahtteirtsg nal itilsdti eitette ultittstt heyeSairrn pis- 1111 the for ocri tillseo A gins on this vast Borden A nol pros was taken as Lott011 grown from the city of Goldsboro and the case( seed i against Waters alleBorden non-suited the pleatittre of at clost of plaintiff's ecidence Held if me Francisco that UnliPr the contract of lease the arming home in implied covenant ot quiet enjoyment he chief cities of extends to those ease InPri and ap- the home life in purtenances whose use is necessary to be of most and essential to the ertloyment of the ta that the Inger- teased premises But If Borden act- Death of an Infant 1Special to Nm's and Observer) Wilmington March Ma Laurin Mills the 18-trainths-ohl daughter of Mr and Mrs Clarence died at 12:20 o'clock yesterdaY I morning after a brief illnema of bronchial pneumunla Mrs Mc Laurin wife or former United States Senator Laurin of Bennettsville mother of Mrs Mills was with her when than sad death occurred The little (laugh ter was the only child of Mr and Mrs Mills and the parents Were tenderly devoted to It hether a licensee or trespasser was to keep a vigilant look out If Injured while on the tracks It IR imputed to his negligence unless there is same bodily infirmity Clark dissenting The bare fact that the intestate was walking on tho track of tho railroad in cor porate litnits does not as a matter of law give the defendant the right 4 t01- LOUGH ESOR00614 IS '44 IMF CAPT COLE '10r" I aiza AMAJ eAacit 124 CAVAL 1011 pi04-1: 4e1 ik 41 MOUTITITI6 FIELD 4 4- 4 -o ARTILLERY 4 ss oi C' irtok yr IX ki4 :5 Is it-4 f- i 's 4 4' 141 oh 1 trt 44 4 0 l' i' 5e' IK)' 1 ri 4 I i' t'2S -4- 4o 1'' '4'4' -1-111 3 11 IS-4 -ep-ti 1 vt pi 1-- 4 1 vit 1- 0441' sok tts Is t4 6 i a' '1114 4" la I I tA 1 Irf i i' it 1 AWj It Wat: IL A''' 1 'Y 4 4 17' 1: s' 'A 1 "i k' to :2 i A 0 I till' I ------70 14 i' 1 0 1 1 A t'l 'fP' 84 ''St I1N:" o' 1 d' s' iti tv 1101440 4 i 1 k171: ''f At'4 4141 4 7 74 ki''' 1 IL i'I i 4 4 44 4 1 'I '4 Itk l'i ore 1 I's' 4 ip41 '''-'Zit 1bl? l'' 1 '''4' t't' ') -e- :1 '1-' 1 ''is'A 4-' f'''g 4 i 'or int- -4 A -iiivsksiest I ro-c 1 ts i 4 "4410 4t474 1 it 4 lit1 1 $4 4 I 4 1 rat i id I ji -pi 4 4 i0: 11' 4 1 '-'-k 1) i4 i 1 7 44'4 4 7 044: 4 '''''cit' '244t ---'0 '1A tk i -4 ''-k ttr4t4 Itcs: le h00014414011 '007 1'4 44ot 4 -4114 kt Tv 5 OLs LOUGH ESOROOGI-I IS IMF rs-------1--- mAJeAacit tilt' CAVAI Wil 1 pulivalc2-04641- my Amtpc-1 AssocivttN CAPT COL lesr" I 0 i i land nna have some say-() as to the reeovery under the other I government As it matter of fact in many methods Illexico is a thousand Lee Insurance Co Harnett County years leehhed the United States for it Affirmed (luk ll has whet may truly be termed "Lords I Three separate policies for 81000 and Serfs" todaY 1 each wsre Issued to Lee for insurance Colonel Olds found insurrectos were on a hotel In Dunn the policies being numerous near Ilionterey and they payable to Godwin co-plaintiff am his' interest as mortgagee on the property made a raid on a great smelting plant eear that city directly after he had might appear Later one of the corn-Olken a look at it An A ntEvtcan in patties irssued a $3000 policy as a subl lienterey said he would not be sur- stitute which was accepted by Lee but Prised to see the li nsurreeto cap- container no clause making any part that (11Y and now they IWO an PsVaole to Godwin Lee accepted the IL There am silent ingot not return the three pot- rectos and militant ones and there policy but di would he a great many more of the ides before the hotel burned Godwin and Wag not a party to the transaction letter if there were more alms anu inmunition whereby the one policy for 11000 pay- able to Loa was substituted for the i itatows I A campaign win three one thousand dollar policies ucceed There was no suggestion of any fraud held that upon these facts Lee was telreensbere Telegram) entitled to recover on the $3000 pot- icy end Godwin WaS entitled to have Judgment entered for one-third of his The riPW51 from Raleigh indicatss that the A campaign Ss loss against etteh of the three original ea to prove a success illore than one-third of the necessarY sum of companies which shall be satisfied looney Wag raised in two days 8011115 upon the payment of Lee to hint of the amount due him of the $li(000 policy of the livelest and most progressive and most influential men of the capital Godwin Is entitled to this aa he had no ki no led and did not assent to the I are leading the campaigh and they I release of the original companies are oorklow with thsk will which wins and most influential men Of the capital are leading the campaign and they orking with the will which WC Mebane Bedding Comp-any Mebane --wslobr ear Mfg a 51tebene 'gyring and Mattress Sleep on them sixty nights if at the expiration of that time Ion ere not entirely satisfied return Mem to your dealer moncy will be cheerfully refunded Prices on Mebane goods within tench of all Talk to your dealer about them li rsaesseunttihfeb eePriltilkn to i me Their guarantee is as I I it The as a Government bonds ti i 0 "Kingsdown" Mat I I tress one of the Mebane lin is made of uniform layers of white 4e cotton soft springy Never gets mushy in spots and lumpy in I 't its shape perfectly Built for long life t' The "Majestic" Double Deck 1 Spring is another of the Mebane ke Interlocking patented construction prevents leaning or turning over Never sinks in middle or sags at edges No sharp wire points to rip and tear the mattress or bed clothes Absolutely noiseless For wood ot iron beds oar Tweeping guarantee AMON 44r illiliEllDea 515a iNti ii can guarantee the Mebane 44' line of 135Platorictynurgos'ersu' Mbgecaauttrouresaesseanithe'eePintiltilaenomw: 1: 7 me Their guarantee is as I Th i 1: Th good as a Government bond" tMlit 1 '014 'e "Kin gsdown" Mat I 1 1 1 tress one of the Mebane line op its made of uniform layers of white 10 oe cotton soft springy Never gets mushy in spots and lumpy in i ol 1 I '1 its shape perfectly 1 i Built for long life The "Majestic" Double Deck pA Spring is another of the Mebane ke Interlocking patented construe- tion prevents leaning or turning over Never sinks in middle or sags at edges No sharp wire points to rip and tear the I mattress or bed clothes Absolutely noiseless For wood ot iron beds Oar guarantee 2f Nebone Spring and Srattrese Sleep on 1417711) them sixty nights Pat Me expiration of that time 1 IOU ere not entirely satisfied return them to lour --N-Y dealer money will be cheerfully refunded Prices on Mebane goods within tench of all Talk '''1114110'1111111rim4-' ooltontosoloonmasm to your deader about therm 0 tf 11110 tliejilliffil C' Mebane Bedding Comp-any 4 4" 1111 -t Etv411r4v Molutne Cs utr-z -e -W1---- lrdgz- -2-'-- wmureneterelessesower iV em Sucs h4 undoubted4r assured One of Greensboro's leitding citizens honored by being culled upon to help inaugurate the A 'Move in Raleigh and the othor friends nf the organization In this city are us interested In Raleigh's success as lion Hood Greensboro will rejoice with Raleigh when the announcement is made that 865000 has beau secured to give the capital city I an organisation and a building to house the Young l'k1en4 Christian As Noci salon Supply CO 'Flitch New Hanover County Revcried Hoke -1 Suit for amount doe for goods sold anddelivered to Finch Judg inent recoveredagainst Finch The evidence disclosed that a draft had been sent to Person and he refused it Mating that received money due Finch and paid it on 'h is order but there was no rum in his possession to pay draft The supply cemnany wrote Persona that they had sold the goods to Finch uroTurersons" rerpon PHOTOS OF PROMINENT ARMY OFFICERS NOW AT SAN ANTONIO TEX TAKEN ON FIELD AND ARTILLERYMEN AT WORK PITOTOS OF PROMINENT ARMY OFFICERS NOW AT SAN ANTONIO TEX TAKEN ON FIELD AND ARTILLERYMEN AT WORK Ihnellemiwonnom10 Anereesseesweensous 3 44 I i 1 t-r----- i ANr MIMEMil r11MEiiik 4111101111EMMIM111- sm kmah Imo OM 6010111001tAblealOWINMMOIMEOF.

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