Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 21, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1973
Page 13
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•51 .11 til •3 it -II -1! /J • I In 1(1 11 SHORT RIBS BUZ SAWYER Gojcsburg l^aiste^MQ^^ III. SqtuftiQv^.Apfi^ }1, 1973 13 BLONDIE tlimet .••••I i>HL HAP A Kb is W«lt Disuey'i SCAMP BUGS BUNNY HLPBTUNIAl PICK UP 7H' TlMPa A UL, A KINd K0N6...y6R OITO'TIMe J WITH TH'MUSIC I Transportation Departura Burlington Northern Eastboond 34« Chicago (Moii.-Sat.) . 7:45 am 6 Chicago (Mon.-Sun.) 7:S9 ajn. (Stops at Aurora only) 346 Chicago (Sun. onW) 10:30 am. Bnrlington Northern Westbound 5 Denver-SJ*. 7:05 p.m. Burlington Northern Southbound 347 Qulncy ^ — 8:45 pjn. Santa Fe Eastbound 16 Chicago 11:36 a.m. 4 Chicago 10:10 ajn. Santa Fe Westbound 15 Hotuton -. 6:00 p.m 3 L.OS Angeles 9:35 pjn. BUSSCHEDLXE Westbound To West Coast 7:00 a.m. To West Coast 5:20 p.m, To Davenport (la.) and West Coast (FrI. and Sun.) 6:20 p.m. Eastbonnd To Feorla-Iiidlanapolis -.12:05 p.m. To Chicago-East Coast —12:05 p.m. To Chicago-East Coast 7:20 p.m. To PeOrla-IndlanapoUs 7:20 p.m. Southbound To Springfield (lU.), St. Louis (Mo.) and polntf south 12:05 p.m To Springfield (111.), St. Louis (Mo.) and points south (Frl.-Sun.) 4.05 p.m. To St. Louis — 6:20 p.m. AIRLINE SCHEDULE Ozark Northbonn^d 702 To Chicago* - 8:35 a.m. * (Except Suaday: 702 becomes 710 departing S:00 aja.) 810 To Chicago — 6:35 p.m. Ozark Southbound 803 To St. Louis —. 807 To St. Louis —. 10:22 a.m 9:42 p.m Jacoby On BHdge Watch That Omar Sharif! East and West were playing one of those fancy club systems in which a two-club opening showed a normal club bid with a good suit. The combination of this open- vovm 4Q10876 «6432 WEST 4kJ10» VJ105 • J92 4bQ1085 EA8T <D) ¥Q6 4K54 4bAKJ87 sorra *AQ876 VA98738 • A3 *Void North-South vulnerabl* We6t North Eait South 2* Sble S4k Pus Pass 5V Put 6V rau PM PaM QpaaIa8]Md-*S ing plus a barricade preempt by West got actor Omar Sharif to a really bad heart slam. Omar made the best of his horrible situation and made his 12 tricks by an extraordinary series of plays. It looks impossible, but here is how he worked it out. He ruffed the club; entered dummy with the king of trumps and ruffed a second club. Next came the lead of a spade to dummy's king and the ruff of a third club. Omar continued by cashing his ace of spades; ruffing a spade with dummy's four of trumps and ruffing dummy's last club with his last small trump. This left him with just the ace of trumps; two good spades and two diamonds. He cashed his ace of trumps and led another spade. West was down to three diamonds and the one remaining trump. He could do nothing better than to ruff in and lead a low diamond. Omar played dummy's 10 and was sure of the rest of the tricks irrespective of which diamond East played. We take this hand with a grain of salt, ^^mehow or other it looks too good to be true, Station WGIL Radio AM Schedule 1400 KIlocTcles SUNDAY A.M.— 6:00—News 6:05—Music 6:30—News 6:35—Music ,7:00-^New» 7:05—Music 7:15—Aviator's Forecast 7:20—Music 7:30—News 7:35—Music 7:45—The Truth That Heals 8:00—News NLS Sc Local Sports 8:1&-Weather 8:20—Bethany Bible Thoughts 8:30—Christian Brotherhood Hour 9:00—News NLS & Scores 9:15—Lindstrom's Records 10:0(^Headlines 10:02—Lindstrom's Records 11:00—News 11:05—Church Service P.M.— 12:00—News 12:15—Weather 12:20—Sporta 12:25-Music 12:30—News 12:35—Suggested Solutions 1:00—News 1:05—Music During the Afiernoen. News on the Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Music. 5:00—News 5:15—Bill Miner 5:20—Sports 5:25-Weather 5:30—News 5:35—Music At Night, News en the Hour and Hall Hour. Otherwise Music 9:05—Decisions Of The 70 '8 9:30—Lutheran Vespers 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—Church World News 10;30—News 10:35—Northwestern Reviewing Stand 11:00—News 11:05—What's The Issue 11:30—News 11:35—Labor News Conference ll:55-News 12:00—Sign Off MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.— °4:55—Sign On Portals of Prayer 5:00—News 5:05—Music 5:25-C3lllns Market S:30-RFD lUlnols 6:00—News 6:10—Music 6:30-New8 NLS & SporU 6:40—Music 7:00—News 7:1&-Music 7:30—News 7:45-Music 7:55—Aviator's Forecast 8:00—News NLS & Sports 8:10—Music **8:2(^Midwest Photo 8:30—News 8:35-Muslc 8:55-Pinlc and Blue 9:00-News 9:05—Speak Easy 9:30—News 10:00—I^ws 10:05—Mid-Morning Markets 10:10—Speak Easy 10:30—News 10:35—Problem & Solution ll:0O-News ll:05-Music 11:30—News 11:35—Music 11:55—Portals of Prayer P.M.— 12:00—News 12:05—Markets & Farm News 12:15—Extension Advisor 12:25—Weather 12:30—News 1^:35—News 12:50—Sports 12:55—Jack Anderson 1:00—News 1:05—Music During the Afternoon but Omar is almost as good a bridge player as t:^ is an actor. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With MaJ. Hoople LEANPER. LOOK^ WHATiS UP 9 HAi/ir4' BIKE ONASStS BfiOWM FI6UR55 HE'LL WIN OUST • BECAUSE HIS H/kS 20SPEEVS ^Np ^T^'PE ^ PECK.' , m woRCi LEMPER IS usm k SHOWMMSHIF TaCVBRCOMB ^ TUE EXPENSIVE ENTRi OF BMHER BROWN'S SON!! COULD USB 1UE HOOPLE ART/sr/CTVUCHTO CHANSE BUSTER'S VRECH JNTO A PER/OP ST LOOKS' KAOISE 1L .IKEA. CMATTV... , An.\ WINTHROP { NO... NCrrHANDflCM^E. ——o— no* CAPTAIN EASY LUCKVTHeyVBeOT NO^OfUdHT^ON JOHNNY HAZARD News on the Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Music 5:0O-News 5:05—News .5:2fr-BlU Miller—State Capitol 5:25—Markets at a Glance 5:26—Steve McCormlck 5:30—News 5:35—Sports 5:55—Jimmy The Greek 6:00—News ••* 6:05—Music At Night, News en the Hour u4 HaU Hour. OtherwUe Music 10:00-Nightcap News 10:15—News in the World Today 10:30—News ••••10:35—Music 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—Sports Scores ll :35-Music „ All Night Long News On The Hour and HaU Hour. Otherwise Music NOTE: •—Monday Only ••—Thursday Only •••—Sportsline Tuesday Only ••••—On Friday Night Sports Roundtable P.M.- Noon—National News, Farm Markets & News, & Extension Advisor Program 12:30—Noon News (Natl., Local) l:00-Country Music in Stereo 4:15—News 4:25—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sporta 4:30—Country Music In Stereo 5:00—News (Nat'l., Liocal) 5:30—The Ralph Emery Show 6:30—CountryMusic In Stereo WGIL-FM wlU broadcast sporting events of ares and national interest. Check WOIL's sports schedule In Monday's Register-Mail for exact tune. News from the American FM Radio Network can bo heard on WOIL-FM at fifteen after each bous. *NEEI7LEIN A6HCLEA»/E6 ZURICH... M .wrTH THiicry -6ix INNOcrENrrUIVEd IHANdlNS' OM THE CXnCCMVe OF Hl$ <<;ANT HOURS LATEK ,1N A CKIM Station WAIK Radio Program Schedule Station WGIL Radio FM Schedule SUNDAY A.M.— 12:00 Midnight—NlghUlme Music 5:00—News Headlines 5:05—Wake-Up Show 5:30—News 5:35—Wake-Up Show 6:00—News 6:05—Wake-Up Show 6:30—News 6:35—Wake-Up Show 7:00 News 7:05—Wake-Up Show 7:45—Christian Science Program 8:00—News, Weather & Sporta 8:15—Bethany Bible Thoughts 8:30—Christian Brotherhood Hour 9:00—News, Weather & Sports 9:15—Lindstrom's Records 11:00—Country Music in Stereo 9:0O^News 9:05—Decision of the 70's 9:30—Lutheran Vespers 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—Church World News 10:30—Reviewing Stand 11:00—News 11:05—What's The Issue 11:30—Labor News Conference 12:00—Sign Off WQIL-FM will broadcast Sporting Events of Area and National Interest. Check WOIL's Sports Scbeduto in Monday's Regi*ter>MaU. WGIL-FM has News at Fifteen atter the Hour from "The Anertcan FM Radio Network Note: Monday's schedule is the sane as Tuesday through Friday except that the station Is off the air from Midnigbl to 1:00 AM- TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Midnight—Nighttime Music 5:00—News and Sports 5:05-Wake Up Show 5:30-RFD In lUlnois 6:00—News, Weather & SporU 6:10—Wake Up Show 6:30—News, Weather & Sports 6:40-Wake Up Show 6:55—Complete Weather Show 7:00—Country Music in Stereo 7:30—Breakfast Edition of the News 7:45—Country Music In Stereo 8:15—News 8:20—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports «:25—Country Music la Stereo SUNDAY A.M.— 6:30—Unshackled 7:05—Searchlight 7:35—Apostolic Tabernacle 8:05—Pastor Paulson, Bethel Baptist 8:20—Sunday Sports 8:35—Dan Genisio 9:05—Jesus Name Pentecostal Church 0:35—Central Congregational Church 10:05—The Lutheran Hour 10:35—Viewpoint 11:00—First BaptUt Church 11:20—Bethany Baptist Church P.M.— 12:00—Sunday Noon News 12:15—Sunday Easy Listening 1:35—Viewpoint 1:45—ABC Sports 3:35—Viewpoint 3:45—ABC Sports 4:05—School News 4:10-:-Sunday Easy Listening 5:45—ABC Sports 5:30—Dinner Music Local News on the Hour ABC News on the Half Hour MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.— 6:00—Daybreak with Swlck tt Rog 6:55—Weathercast 7:25—Swick on Sports 7:30 -T -Paul Harvey News 7:35—Local News 7:50—Astrogulder 8:05—Weathercast 8:10—Memory Lane 8:35—Viewpoint 8:45—Town Crier 10:05—Farm Market Flash 10:06—Galesburg Reports 10:35—Tatar Quiz 11:05—Tradlo 11:30 Morning Music P.M.- 12:00—Paul Harvey Irews 12:15-Local News 12:30—Order Buyers Report 12:40—Swick on Sports 1:05—Just A Minute 1:10—Afternoon Music 1:35—Viewpoint 2:40—Job Finder 2:45—Town Crier 3:10—ABC Business News 3:35—Viewpoint 3:45—ABC World of Commentary 4:05 -F8rm Market Flash 4:06—School News 4:15—Mickey Marty Bowling Show 4:35-Club 36 5:06 Business News 5:10 Club 36 5:00—Business News 5:10-Club 36 5:35—Reynolds Commentary 5:45—ABC Sports 5 ;30—Dinner Music Local News en the Hour ABC News OB the HaU Hour r JA,A^aNHBK^^y WJT HE WILL ^ I HA7>NKC?«WeJTELL0& NOTHING:. I t f ICNOWWHEKV 10UTZA0«URE 0C 7 K:I5HEAPEC:/| VOO, TO HIM.. ^^^^ ^ ALLEY OOP „. MAYBE THIS GROUND'S TOO . SOfiGY FOR tM/ w ^ **** i THE BORN LOSER HOWA80UT N FUNNY BUSINESS COULD fm he. id -I ill H. -.1 1 • I,

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