Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on November 8, 1925 · Page 30
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · Page 30

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 8, 1925
Page 30
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Sunday morning THE DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT AND LEADER November 8, 1925 Penn Holds Notre Dame to Scoreless Tie Drake Crushes Nebraska NITTANY LIONS STRONG IN MUD, STOP CATHOLICS -Rockneites Outgain East erners But Lack Punch in Pinches. TIELD HANDICAPS TEAMS Hoosiers Unable to Use Pass and Open Formations. .Notre Dame . Crowe Bo!and Hastings Weston Helbig. ,- Officials: Rerefee C. J. McCar Smith for Marrelti. R. Smith for Mayre. Oboyle for Flanagan. By KNUTE ROCKNE STATE COLLEGE. Pa. Xov. 7. The Xittany Lions of Pennsylvania State proved themselves to be great '.Mud" players liere to day when they held the Notre -Dame Irish to a nothing to no GOLF AS CHAMPIONS PLAY IT. IN A THERE 15 NO-MNAIXY FOR PLAYING By WILLIE OGG LITTLE SAINTS WALLOP LYONS ELEVEN 12 TO 6 King Winter Furnishes the Miftest Upposmon tor Both Teams. MAU6ET ISJA1NT STAR Blocked Punt Gives Lyons Chance for Her Only Touchdown. Halligan McDermott Chanoux Connors players on a side can decide be- i c,onwel.1 v.-een themselves who plays lirst j mnout the stroke being recalled ; ' r a penalty mcurreu. Bnouiu tne ipposing side play out o turn, the itroke cannot be recalled except on Grange Will Play his Last Home Game Next Saturday U They i tradit-'i "the Lions mud. they proved it this afternoon. "Hugo Bezdek's team played great footbad. Their defense poured on the Xotre Dame thrusts w a veugeanco They co ered the t: ni'U oil pah--:. Xmvr Dii.'ii.' o -gained Penn State considerably bur was unable to score. Both 'teams had an opportunity to score -a neia coal, out tn- com itum Hie ball, which was heavy with "mud and the treacherousness of the footing made the two tries fail ures. Xotre Dame's wide sweep- Lions Break Up Plays. . The Nittany Lions got to the Plays beiore they could oe torKeu. Both teams were lighting hard iliruout but the mud handicap proved to oe too much of an ottsta- ie. The Penn State offense was built close to the line and very few ulavs outside of tackle were tried. The most successful play that state Into a straight drive thru center. J hi play was responsible for at least no oi renn stales inre downs. The players slipped mud as if tliey were sliding on ice and lorward passing was practical!-.- impossible. A huce homecoming crowd gathered to watch the affair. A drizzle fell all thniout lhe game whicn adden :o the misery of the players. Penn Stat-; tackled hard and kept their heads up tnruout lhe encounter. -Notre Dame also played verv smart football. Break Favors Catholics. A break occurred early in the third quarter when Edwards puul-ed to the Penn St.-it" nsi'i-yaril lie where Vocdisch fell on the ball. Captain Cray, who played superb bail Ihruoii;. was forced to pant from behind his own goal Hue and he drove the ball to his own r.'-yard line. The Irish started a concentrated drive which was storped oo the nine-yard line. Penn State, in the fourth quarter, alio made a determined bid for a touchdown -hen M:ch3:-:-.e ;::nce i.-ai:ii.'vl ; Wapeiio. Mil Wl iOlf I':-:,-, L'.T.r-I lino. : reb. 12. Til? Irish held, however. v.;t. Feb. 15 laay Lion attack, aimed oirorily tournament atjiotball a I Bowling Scores Ruhl Officials: Tiese, Iowa, Ring Summary: touchdowns, Corbett, Conwell, Mauget. Substitutions: Lyons, Cottral for Fleming, Fleming for Paddock. Paddock for Cot tral, Brandenburg for Paddock; SL Ambrose, Larson for Shinzei, oan.i for Tuchfarber," Fanning for Halli RBAXA. 111., Xov. 7. Football is of the state of Illinois ill say goodbve to "Red" 1 o :uo- i! '!! J.:: mi!! ::xni o.-.ylo'H, next Saturdav. for on that date "Ited" will probably piny ins last iiomctootbali game for Illinois in the lilini stadium against Wabash's strong team. True, Grange will nlay against umo in tne last game of lhe schedule at Columbus, but few fans of this state will have a chance to see him m action there. ol ' nthusiasts plan to journey nerc to see lteu s lare- -.I :. ::.ie ,uid wtv :t io him for the last time. uaoash boasts a good record, .he Cavemen beat Purdue 13 to 7 ;iid outplayed the powerful Iowa team during the first half, leading i ui i ai nan time nut imany losing. Coach Bob Zuppke respects WabaSh- strength hichlv and will run no risks of defeat. up- is pointing the Hlini now but Wabash hardly prove a breath- r.VkMt '"s btmce- ouuer tied Wabash re-D h i I ' centIy and the IlliuI won 16 t0 R . Isky i victory over Butler. Wabash is ireree, coached by Pete Vauelm. old-time Princeton fullback, who has taken for rroy 1 r Ruhl. By LARRY MORK ,91 i put up 1 LINTON. Ia.. Xov. 7. Playing 111 WHICH Mng w inter nut up the stiffest opposition it the da t. Ambrose acad- rridders sent the Lyons high 3 1 school eleven down to a ii uu ' feat here today. The tilt was ' j ed in a voting blizzard and I field coiered with several inch RED GRANGE. u. lot of football work under Zuppke in the summer coaching co The Cavemen should put up a strong Daitie. There will be no reserved seats. The general admission plan will be in force at the gate. The stadium with its G9.000 seats will take care of all comers. TWO WEEKS DRILL EXPECTED TO PUT AUGUST AN A GRIDDERS IN FIGHTING TRIM FOR MILLIKIN .11 idseason rest over the week-1 used at the local school. From a r-.,L .t r.,.-.:. .:- n: ;iv annul randvlatf. Lutheran's card. The fact that no I odes not appear that Swedberg :;.-,;;! - s, nrnnlr-n :or vr u ti; v gave the Augies 'very little to re joice over, for tie Nebraska Corn- Lin. Totals Electric lron- Irch Smdcr ground and both t shes to goon anva 151 --5S4 625 SSI DATE FOR LOUISA CUUNTY TOURNEY SET FOR FEB. 19 be held in Wapello on Frid; Saturday. Fob. 1? and 20. It was decided this year to play the first round of the tournament on Friday evening and the second and third rounds on Saturday as three ios in one dav proved ton stron. uons for the teams participating.! school is as follows: 11. Columbus Junction at Columbus Junction. Dec- 3.. Letts at Wapello. Jan. 3. Morning Sun at Morning s o gain- QSItUwns v for kickers and but few "i boots went for better than 20 n yards. 3 Each aggregation made a touch- ! down as the result of a blocked 7C3 ! punt but the visitor's margin of vir-tnT-v wn onrned. jttaucet nulled ,43!off a brilliant 30-yard run around ion : the wing for the winning score af-JJJ'ter tie Saints -had succeeded in ji holding their opponents for downs. : Conwell Makes First Marker " ' ! The Juniors kicked off to the I:s J locals who immediately opened up ;'.;:with line-Dlunges and made three successive first downs before they were able to be stopped. Punts were exchanged.-Lyons got the ball and smashed to the Ambrosian 35-yard line. Here the Saint wall braced and Ashton dropped back for a place-kick. Conwell blocked the booL grabbed the pill and raced C5 yards for a touchdown. Yaeg-ctY. (imp-kick was wild. This ended the scoring for the first half but in the third perioi busker boss adhered strict!-.- tn tin de- tough training program he inaugur- ty-i ateti wnen ne started ins reg.me at a ! the Hilltop school in September, of j The Augies ptft in four nights on ! Ericson field during the week, per- iecting tncir piay ior me tougn go carded for Saturday when Millikin. one of the leading conference teams invades the Norse pasture for the annual classic. A -scrimmage with Coach Sencff's Moline high school outfit was one of the features of the week's work, with both teams profiting greatly from CochUpeterson will continue the pace during the coming week, with four drills carded on the Xorse field. Another scrimmage -rssion with Moline is a possibility, and by the time Millikin is due to appear here, the Lutherans will be in the best shape of the year to give them a warm reception. Following the Millikin game, one battle remains on the schedule, a go with Mount Morris, another conference school, the following" week. The game will be played on the local field. Cagers Busy, Too. Basketball took its share of the limelight at Augustana during the week, with Coach A. V. Swedberg running his frosh squad at top-speed. The Norse care mentor is drilling the first jear men in the the Saint fii downed m his tracks- The Juniors could not gain on line plays and elected to punL The boot was blocked and Lyons recovered on !! visitor CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA CALLGOLFERS Matches in South and the West -eii titarfl i.r.O the u.;. ..: plays J art be played by W rase of a bad day ,-nowing ap boih teams. What would haic h.ipjr-cd on a dry fiold is n ju-Mi"-i. Flato and 1h t.-ri-ful v.ay jn wbii'i bett punched the oval across on the second play but the try lor the extra point was blocked- Mauoet Brinos in Win Things looked bad In the last T nff . prf -,'-, 1 quarter and punts were frequently Tramp Utt to tTOteSSIOnal Jan. . Mcdiapoli at Wapello. I o,i one out of bounds on their own ! Jan. ,:. L1s at Letts. j - Jard line and the SainLs grain Jan. 1". Mediapciis at Modiapolis. j their oppcrtunitv to score. On Jan. 22. t;randview at Waprllo. the first pier Mauget went around ' Jan. 2.1. Columbus Junction at i the right side of "the line for a! apello- ; K.nchdown. YacgcT tried n drop- c"'-,rlY'i. , --,n Feb. Grandview at Grandriew. , 3;.;ci: but his allompl was Mocked, i 3:' T!: - Cvnwl.tei-.lVc- Assonant. ing crn at .apello. j Th,. game ended wilh lhe ball in : v- york Xov. 7. The rub So Writo ta fnmr t 'rlZ I' Klondike will bare nothing on The above tchedcie is fin- 3-ny-F i for th"o splendid fight UieyUhe migration of the professional girls basketball will vm p d-pito the bitter cold and colters to the South and southern e more than two or three upon whom he can count to fortify the varsity squad remaining from last season. Several of his veterans are putting in eitra licks with the frosh boys, rounding into shape for the general call to be issued within the next two weeks. Captain Xorling, Kullberg. Ma-honey, and Xowers are four letter-men on deck for the season, with Swenson, Woodward. Seidel and Gauley from the 1024-25 squad to back them up. On the whole the Augustana cage squad is the weakest in several years, and unless Coach Swedberg's squad is augmented by new men entering next semester, the prospects for copping a third conference championship In as many years, -will be very dim. Coach Swedberg is working on the cage schedule for tne year, ana nas several c; contracted for. Wartburg will be the opening game for the Xorse- men. earlv in December. Cornell, a Midwest conference team, will nonpar here Jan. Z. un uec. 1, the new Central Illinois Athletic conference, composed of the sis loartimr mpmbm of the "Little 19" will come into existence, and under ! the agreement entered into by tne members, two cage games will be played Between eaca scnooi. in addition to Augustana, the members of the circuit arc Knox. Monmouth, lllinou; College. Il'.ir.air. Wcslcyan and Eureka- CYCLONES HELD -T0TIM-9BY GR1NNELL TEAM Fans Cheer as Stars ol Old Get Letters T ... IT- 17 1 Inwa r p . i iwemy-rive rwrmer w I jo if lA I G"1" Heroes Honored the Last Half. Before Badger Tilt Iowa State (9) Pos. R.T. Iowa City, la., Nov. 7. The Iowa rinnell (9) stands rose and cheered fy the Niblo grid stars of earlv days when 25 Davis former Hawkeye football players Carl -jvere awarded "I" sweaters by Moyer'paui e. Eelting, athletic director, Seeland before the kickoft of the Ipwa-Wis- martin cousin game here loda harnweberj Twenty-five of the eighty-seven Stotts iGtter winners of the years 1SS0 to Meeter 1S97 were on hand to receive tbe g"c" -J awards, four captains being among Wm9 , those nresent. A special section in , 7 .: ' " " " " J the former Hawkeye grid stars. - - ' . Three ot tne men, r. c. coast oi lowa city, w. H. aremner ot aim- Krtgery Thornburg Mayer J. Behm (C N. Behm C.Hill Cory e by periods: Touchdown J, Behm; place kick J. Behm. Grinnell scoring: Touchdown Davis; safety Jj Behm. Officials: Referee Johnson Nebraska; Umpire Schulte Michigan. Head linesman Elliott ot liornen; neia judge Clyde Wi s of Iowa. neapolis and F. G. Pierce of Sioux City, played on the first lowa eleven. The men are: C. H. Bailey, Cedar Falls, guard 1S91; F. B. Blair, Manchester, quarterback, 1892; W. H. Bremer, Minneapolis, Minn., quarterback, 1SS9-90-91; P. C. Coast. Iowa City, Ames, la., Xov. 7. The Grinnell , m1 lss; L- Converse, St. Paul college Pioneer football team fonght Iowa State to a 9 to 9 tie! here this afternoon in the face of a MUDDY FIELD SPURS DRAKE TO A 14-0 WIN Corrihuskers Wilt Before a Determined Attack on the Line. Drake, 14 Henry Ambeland Amend Robertson Ewart Sloan Everett Cronkhite I Randal I La-.vsoi ills R. E. rushing snow storm that swept the field. Grinnell ended the half with the short end of a 9 to 0 count after J. Behm, cycibne quarterback and captain, had snagged a slippery forward pass from C. Hill, halfback, along the side line and stepped across the goal. The cyclone captain added an other three points to the count; later in the second period when he; booted a place kick. Gnnni II scored early in the sec-; id half when Uavis. Grinnell i tackle recovered a blocked kick fori idown. Meeter, Grinnell ide the extra point. The Pioneers evened the count when J. Behm downed the ball behind the ! line for a safety rather than risk j Kicking alter a ia-yaru penalty. Both teams fumbled badly because! Harlan, of the slippery field and resorted to defensive tactics thruont most of! the contesL The result of a horse race is published in England within two minutes after the finish, and thniout the world in ten minutes. halfback 1S94: A. J. Co: Iowa City, end 1890; F. H. Cutler. Waterloo, end 1890; C. M. Dutcher, Iowa City, end 1891. J. It. Gardner, Lisbon, tackle 1S95-C-7; S. B. Hall, Rock Island, 111., guard 1S91; A. P. Heald, Des Moines, halfback 1S90: R. B Het-zel, Avoca. quarterback 1S9C; Iver Iverson. Xorthwood. center 1S94-5-G. captain 1S90; E. C. Johnson, Governor's Island, X. Y., tackle 1S92; Wm. Larrabee Jr., Clermont, fullback 1S91-2. j K. E. Leighton, Minot. S. D... guard 1S94-5-6. captain 1S95; Victor L. Littig, Davenport, end 193-4; M. L. McKinley, Chicago, end 1S94; F. O. Pierce, Marshalltown, fullback, 1SS9-90-91, captain '91; L. B. Robinson. Glen Ellyn, III., end 1S93. P. E. Sawyer, Sioux Citv, quarterback 1S92-3-4, captain '94; W. O. Tyrrell Jr., Belmond, end 1S93: P. D. Van Oostcrhaut Orange Citv, tackle 1S92-3: and E. S. White, id 1S93. American girl swimmers estab-shed 36 new national and world ; records this, year. Miss Ethel Mc- tiary oi tne women s swimming association of Xew York, alone ac- j counts for new marks in 17 different events lists at San Francisco. Houston and Way stations. Meantime, there will be plenty of competition along the Atlantic sea board. Pinehurst will start the ball rolling soon with an amateur-professional tournament the latter part of November. This event will aavc a Prize list to tally at least 1.000 and the Princess Ann professional meet at Xorfolk. Va., to be held about the Isame time this month, will pay ont ! to the winners some S2.000. Then for Florida. During February and March aj numocr oi tournaments win ie held in Florida, In fact, with many of the stars scheduled to spend the winler in that state, thore will be plenty of competition right thru the -1 ha-.- J'.ind of a lirid The r -a " TTlll'l i:n- the flying snow. The tilt belonged j California this yoar. With!: TZ TT hVfhoT.in? Jii'S -T rtnihl " larirf or and Pritchord are roal barkSc 1 : snowy gridiron. TuchfaTber bnek-1 than two reore- will bocin the rush r-f-n ! vd th'- opposing wall lime and for gold that is a' bowed far v.-,-! 'r'r bis team and mub of th" than a dozen tonne bodies Ihrcowi 1ho g. o5i ' erlit.rj T.ilh :ue of 1ho ih 1-r-h -oct7J, By RAY McCAKTHY- 5-eason. In the latter liarl of Febru- arv the rlorida open championship1 lampa- uie loiiowjag wcck oujer touraament win oe nera in St. Petersburg which will pay the winners at least 55.000. SL Aogos-line will have a ?a.000 am In March and other Florida towns will soon announce a series ol events, lor the pros. Alter Anril 1. the nrofcssionals take in more I will be on the rclora .Journey from lat'j.jXorthward. making slops tit Pinc- ovojntwr amn nn i.-iu. uiai?.t ior tne annual .orui ana "lie-e to 5.-.".Kl(, m rnio mon y . Jv,;;!! orw-n which pays ont unit; ill reward the efforts of the, pros jtlian fl.W at White Sniphur .rwnato cnemgh to yhow in 1he -s-. Springs and at Washington. i on; touruamoai, tijf wint'tr- About tea jeara ago when jtro- Anceles will head the 1M 'fes-sioaal golf in this oountry was iih a JlO.vOO vnt whirh 3: ocl-Ju.'l starting to come in1o 11s own I xUit-ed loallrad the best Srfa that land things wre looking mj a Wt. ir .compered in Jh California for the men -who make their living' ln championship. The G-oldcn 'out of the sarnt. a jrorne erf JJ.fifip 'ale Tiromoters itc having thtlr.inas oqn.-iderod a faTrnltms scmonnt a the bfitkfiM. Th-o fonorr jdajv-ri iTonbloi la fitting He talcat ten Ior rmtosioital loonuoaest. Tn Kdwardi. for Noire lurn- handVo.l ' Conwell Plays Great Game liio i-arn verv nirelv. Xotre Corbett in the haekfield :.nd l-.-V hcad.-ui) rohev follow- rar1mi on h lino w. the , :nc the ball was tb-ir r'-.-J ving 3;!r I"-rfncers for lhe Lyons ag- ifoj.tnre. jiuro Hedck reie.?lo-l I Sfgaiico. Cm-belt displa-d real f-omo inT hatlfifM maarm ' '"v-p!-.ir.ging br.iiy aal made ihc ind hit loams line plar waj -oa-mr,ft 'T f:ites againi-t the !i-I'rful 10 watch. It was an even , Saints Igamo ihmrai. Xotro Darao ont-! ypT 1h" I'arfBjinrt 5eam Mangel gJi1rori y.r.n ?1a1o. l,o1h hid r;iT,or- w ' 'rnT w a gr-wt x ;i- ,t il,. 1 tore. hoT.otr. Ior Callfor- MtXaniara, r-etCTati jroftarforuil. al. nnrida. Jia- -Rfio nau Jtrs.U-f-n Ibe gaoe nzi& is nis1 of ine U'pnot-thtrt now m lhe nhirlpocil t Florida rtal MONMOUTH AND I CORNELL IN TIE TmhfarTtor sh"Tie -i-.i i0vjj 1 work in j-mashing the line. 1n Hie Saint line GarrUi ".it1 ."tiiiT,.l nerc 1b-" mm . OWE CEWT SALE , M07JDAV -id h-To mo,, 7T"1 M'.PTl'.ll ! ll.irr Vv I Mi'.- LHllan Harrison, t jfnl Arg'nilne fwlinm'T, t lry 1o swim 1he Kngllsh , back', fir In' , VT ill..-. !-. i ). i-J'-T t!d the tstnra i. Jim r.i.rn'-.. ,. t'l Jinfl ;;jte Sara sen as b-r'- will anions ine iMn wnrtl4t::-:-. Irt Cal.cm.a. The ' alifonua TfCtniTn'-til lie l.ll.ee 1b" 1lT1 Tl'll 111 Jam. 'ill Nichols and Akfl Smith di-1 idod JJ5 jot UnuOiiiiK two and ' itramament at si Oiro- s. Florida iati wbeT t.Jiiwjs ildd-'! drag V'cnly Jot the tHutt lotrrist ' 1 1is0" .-ind fcckins imblicJiy ihrti ; i the TD"dlom (d sjimls. nmitn- Hirm. 1 1 lb' vrv'A: moti'j in lhe i ariou iotit-- n: r,.ui h;.s 1,o,n ofms1d.Ta'Mi In raw-. l.ogt.r. Jiarltn'tilh -Ron )a1 tir :.'' the "ot 1. , ihT-e in 'ii.-ce.ti.oTi in;;;;, jv?;!)- f'T.iml o;-cn. .'l- e.,rrjii,g jolo TJio mSMwri) rry 1iatDTJnsMpii svlvanla got a tie in lid;, a-ml fol- li-t " -Kill V vlaj'"l at H-l "I the rariflc Ctrt wnltTMjp., !n 'lor-ed wlih 1-k-b tlrt'iri'ss. Tbtn .Sprteps. Art. There vUl hi uihtr ' -will be Jrtagofl jit Mosecnr. iaho. J yjirilntmi.n.'w.me itli W winning 'UnrJCim'.-nis mm jinranive jn-ize aov, . , ! A. Mandery Dailey tay quarters: Drake 6 0 0 814 Nebraska 0 0 0 00 Drake scoring: "Touchdowns, Soears. Sutherland (sub for Ever ett); safety, Ed. Weir. U1t.ci.-ils: Kderee, co. uocnrjn- of Kalamazoo; umpire, Denny of rown; head linesman,- Riley of Des Moines, la., Xov. 7. Playing thru a driving snow storm which at times assumed 'the proportions of a blizzard, the Drake university football team today defeated Nebraska by a 14 to 0 score in a game marking, the formal dedication of backlield ace. scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter when he scooped the snow-covered ball which had been fumbled by "Jug" Brown and sprinted 50 yards to the goal. Ed Weir blocked Everett's attempt to kick goal. The second-Drake touchdown was made in the fourth quarter. Drake recovered a fumble on Nebraska's 25-yard line. Sutherland Immediately broke away from a nine-yard run and a moment later carried the ball to Nebraska's one-yard line where he fumbled momentarily but recovered the ball as two Husker tackles hit him and carried him across the goal with the ball in his possession. The attempted goat kick again was unsuccessful. Drake scored two points late in the fourth quarter when Captain Ed Weir called back for a punt, was downed behind his goal line for a safety. Today's victory gives Drake a firmer grip on second place in the Missouri Valley conference race. Biown Beauties sters The Mechanic smokes Brown Beauties. He is a careful buyer a keen judge of value and a stickler on quality. That's why he sticks to Brown Beauties! He knows they are mild always rich in flavor always perfectly wrapped and always strictly quality. On or off the job, the mechanic is happiest behind Brown Beauties You utu7 jmd Birxm Beauties irncmcT good agon ere sold. The Peter X. jacobfrcn Cigar Com party i

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