Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on October 18, 1925 · Page 1
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · Page 1

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1925
Page 1
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THE DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT Weather Indication! AND LEADER Possibly Local Rain Today. SEVENTY-FIKST YEAR No. FOUR SECTIONS. DAVENPORT, IOWA, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 18, 1925. THIRTY-SIX PAGES PRICE' FIVE CENTS Off FLORID SHIP BURNS Bleachers at the Football Game Yesterday Collapsed STEMS E U.S. Business Interests to be Attacked Youth Given Life in Prison as Murderer Occupants Witnessing the Washington and Jefferson Contest Hurled inio Creek EUROPE FACES REAL PEACE IN FUTURE YEARS Sixty-Two Spectators Were Injured, Several of Them Seriously; Wild Panic Ensues and Frenzied Rush Made to the Scene; State Troops Took Charge of the Rescue Work; Practically All the Injured Were Residents of Washington, Pa; Game Was Called EAK THE TRADE IN STOCKS Gigantic Bubble in Speculation in Motor Shares Burst. NEAR RECORDSALES MADE rveport nasnea 10 nroKers ot the Market Breaking rtaaea to conrusion. S n. i.n,,.t p,. Now. York. Oct. 17 Wall street's gigantic bubble or 'speculation in Off. Washington, Penna., Oct. 17. Sixty-two spectators were injured, several seriously, when the east bleachers at College field collapsed dred spectators, enthused by way mark in the gridiron struggle, stamped their feet as tne imra period enaea. The vibration was too much for the bleachers. With a rending crash it collapsed, precipitating men, women and children into Catfish creek, over which the stands had been erected. uic motor shares burst with dra- Immediately a !anic ensued, matie suddenness today in the most Frenzied spectators from the other active bait holiday session of the I stands rushed to the scene, intent New York stock exchange in near-1 upon rescuing relatives or friends. )y twenty years. Several hundred of the bleacher oc- CJuoted values which had been I cupants were thrown into the wa-marked up one to seven points in ter under the mass of debris, tin: frenzied initial outburst ot State troopers, who were, pros-baying, rrdiupsr-ri two to ton points eat look rhnr.ee of toe r"Si:m- wirk. lrom their earlier high levels 'tin-: Fashionably drcwd o.koi and wo-dor the weight of a tremendous 1 men worked frantically wit 1: t.he of-toliime of profit-Caking sales. : fieers, .assisting in dragging tne in !"s'o: liquidation and boar belling. ' jttrctl from the cteek. Ambulances Total sales for (he two-hour ses-1 wore summoned, tout within a short su n, wore calculated at 1.-IS2.000 ' time pract ically all those' who h.arl by Associated Pros tabulator!", as , sutTorttd hurls were en route to ESTR jTen Persons, Seven Men I and Three Women, cn Board Missing. j PASSENGERS TAKEN OFF L .tAVt tKescue bteamer Asks lhat Doctors Meet hhip on Her Arrival in Port. .layport, Fla . Oct. IT. Tea peris are unaccounted for and a tuber of others are injured as the tilt of a tire winch practically d--oyed the Clyde lino steamship Copur.ueho six nob-', from this port tuc today. Survivors "lght. '1 not serlou Jackstimi fourth so could not tanker lii !; BIG CROPS IS BIG DRAWBACK FOR TIE SOVIET rrovrng wrote fcieohant Found Guilty in the First Degree Equally with the Man Who Fired Shot. OIvrn 1T.Iinnr SLAYER STILL AT LARGE Attorney for Thompson to Appeal Case to the Su preme Court. Toledo, I. IT. Manly Thompson, IS, was sentenced to life 'imprisonment on a first degree murder charge growing out ot the shooting of Frank A. Mommer, Traer. la., marshal, last Aug. IS. Thompson was sentenced this evening by Judge James W. Wiliett. The young man's attorneys Immediately tiled notice of appeal to trt tilts atternoon held ' ipson was equally guilty j s Piukerton, even tho ho i Mommer. Piukerton has not been apprehended. The two boys are al- leged to have shot ami hilled ihe night watch as he lay asleep in the office or Pinkerton's foster father. When arreste-.i Aug. till. Thomp - pleaded guilty to the criti rraignwl and todays hearing was o ascertain tho degree of bis guilt. COOLIDGES ARE PLANNING FOR SOCIAL SEASON Dates for Nine Big White j House Dinners Are j Announced. i "Washington. Oct. IT. President: and Mrs. Coolidge are preparing, for an active winter's social sea- j in-! Hons and immediately afterward tin-dates ot nine big dinners and receptions were announced. They constitute a full, regulation White House season beginning with the formal cabinet dinner Hoc. :; Year's New ' - , I 1 the Washington hospit Next Step in Evolution tor Peace is Disarmament Private Enterprise and Taxpayers Unite in Organized Effort. Washington, Oct. 16. A warning that the existing system within the navy department for handling aviation would be nnablo to stand the stress of war was, sounded today before the president's air board by Commander J. T. Towers, who arranged for and had personal command of tho trans-Atlantic flight of naval seaplanes in 1921. Opposing both a unified ajr s.orv-ice and a separate air corps within the navy. Commander Towers, who was assistant director of naval aviation during the war. said he was firmly convinced "that aviation must remain an integral part of the main lighting organization of the navy and that is tho line." Needs Shaping All Around. "If there isn't a good fit." he added, "a little shaping must be done, but this shaping should ho npplied to both parts, not to aviation alone." To this end,, he proposed the appointment of an additional assistant secretary of the navy to ho charged with responsibility for aviation only, with the principal duty of co-ordinating the bureaus concerned with aviation. Trouble Is in Department. Commander Towers said the present difficulty in navy aviation is almost entirely In the department, altho its effects extend out into the fleets and the air sta- "Further, I believe that regardless of the merits of tho case, the personnel In aviation put almost the entire blame for their grievances, real and imaginary, upon the bureau ot navigation," ho contin- "I believe there is also, a distinct feeling of disquiet in the bureau of aeronautics itself. Certuin individual officers seem to feel that the bureau is in a position ot being burdened with complete responsibility without complete authority. Most people outside the navy do not know of tho division ot authority within the navy department and look upon the bureau of aeronautics as entirely responsible for everything connected with'- naval aviation. Many naval officers are inclined to do the same." Snarl Regarding Officers. Commander Towers said it was necessary to ."untangle tho snarl regarding officers already in aviation" so that their interest In pro- m0 would be protected and to provide for the influx ot officers re quired to carry out the naval air program. He recommended that u limited number ot university graduates be commissioned as ensigns in the reserve, force, called for active duty for three years and then retired to the reserve, as a means ot building up a thoroly tralned reserve. ROBBER GIVEN FROM TEN YEARS TO LIFE TERM IN PRISON Des Moines. Oct. 17. Frank Var-verio. Kansas City, convicted of participation in' the robbery of the Cottage Grove State bank here last spring today was sentenced to the stalo penitentiary at For; Math , on for a period of from yea life. WILL BE A BIG TOPIC Likely to Overshadow Infantry and Battleship in Debate. SUBJECT jF TORIES Air Board to Report to the President and the Other to Congress. Twice in the last nine months its activities and potentialities have been passed upon by investigating bodies and the reports ot these two inquiries will furnish the basis of discussion. One, by tho president'"! air board, which closed open hearings yesterday, will be given directly to President Coolidge, but the other, by the house aircraft committee, will be turned over to congress itself. The president's air board met in executive session today to gp over preliminary plans for the drafting of its report which probably will be given to tho president aboat Thruout its inquiry, the board held to a policy adopted at its hrst meeting to seek tacts and information only and, as far as possible, remain aloof from personalities. In. its four weeks of work it examined practically all government officials charged with the conduct of aviation, niny aviators, representatives of the aircraft manufacturing industry and others .connected with the commercial uses of the airplane. 1 DRYS AFTER PR0SEG0T0R OF COUNTY Des Moines. Oct. IT John U. ' Hammond, former chief of police and recently appointed a special liquor investigator. It-it tonight for Waterloo whore he will assist in tho prosecution ot Conniv Attnmei William Cook, charged with ma!- administration in the enforcement ofthe dry laws. ,i v. t,uoit, Li a lvlMI ty attorneys ot this stale what their duties are in the enforcement ot th(f liquor laws." Mr. Hammond slated. "They are going to shoot square or not shoot at all." Judge J. II. Applegate of ( Center will preside at tho which begins Tuesday m Hon. Earl Vincent, slate '"':";! His steel bine ryes narrowed at the thought tor this birdman wants another fling at the arctic in spite of the extreme hazards ho faced I with MncMill.-ui. Navy planes and navy tilers ot I which Commander Hyrd was iu charge flew over 0,000 miles and 1 observed over ".0.000 square miles ' ot land, ice and water under tor- ' rifle weather, conditions. Xow Cora- mander Pyrd hopes that American enterprise and American titers will return to finish the Job. I "There are two objectives up I there tho pole Itself and lite 'lost I continent.' 1 think the dash bv air I to I he pole would ho thee.eioroti the two." he said. '.They can be j reached both by airship and by atr-1 plane. ! The airship project could best 1)0 ""dertnkou from Spitzhergc; continued on Pa0o Three. ! 1 ' i " I i ; ; Security Conference at Locarno Ends in a Blaze . of Glory. AGREE TO HVE TREATIES Great Britain and Italy to Act Against: the Violator. Locarno, Switzerland, Oct. 17. Europe's security conference ended today literally in a blaze ot glory. Thruout the night there were fireworks, music and dancing to commemorate tho initiating of five pacts which the allied and German statesmen have formulated with tho idea of a new Europe arising from the old slough of discord. Tho delegates have shown their belief that real friendship and cooperation and the burial of past dissensions easily can be achieved by continuing the good spirit which was given birth in Locarno. All IConflnu aBo Two.l ROMANCE OF THE POOR EMIGRANT GIRL IS ENDED Divorce Granted James G. Stokes from Rose Pastor Stokes. Nyack. N. v., mance of Itoso James Grahan: millionaire phila Oct. 17. The ro-'astor Stokei and Phelps Stokes, ithropist, came to an abrupt pocted end to- day when stokes was granted an interlocutory decree of divorce by Mrs. Stokes, who rose from a poverty stricken immigrant girl to 'a leader of tho Socialist, nartv be fore she mot her husband, was not present at the hearing which lasted only 30 minutes. A few minutes after the docree was granted, a lawyer who said he represented her, appeared in the court room and vainly attempted to have the caso re-nbened. Justice Tonikins declined to hear his argu - ment ami decree will be made linal in three montLs. Prior to today's action there had been no public knowledge, ot discord between Mrs. Stokes and her husband. Tho testimony. In which Mrs. Stokes was accused of misconduct with a hotel manager named Grossman, was briefly presented and the decree was immediately granted. Mrs. Stokes was horn In Sul-volk. Russia, July IS, 1ST9. After a childhood spent in London she came to this country and , tCor.tln Pace Tw.l SAD END FOR PILGRIMAGE One of American Party Killed and Two Injured in Airplane Crash. Wndhurst. Sussex. England, Oct. A sad ending ' . A,' ,,'V ," an airplane accident to one of the party and serious injury to two In the crash lot a large Cloliath airplane in which they were K-Vthnrtnn T!ri-o nf Vew Yo.V' ,'. I ll of;, rward. It. r brother, "doio slgnor Daniel Hurke. pastor of the Church ot St. Philip Xerl. of New-York, suffered a compound fracture of the leg. and Joseph Burke, another brother, had both his feet injured and his scalp lacerated.- A. niece ot the llurkes and throe British passengers and tho French pilot and nienhanlc escaped with only a shaking up. Just what caused tho accident is not definitely knowa ! today during the Washington the scoreless tie at the half Practically all of those hurt are residents of Washington, Penna., and Pittsburgh. lAmbufances were summoned from Washington and the injured were brought to hospitals he'rr. State police and firemen assisted in the work ot rescue, but tboy were hampered by the hundreds ot spectators who thronged about the debris. The first injured to reach the hospital hero, two women, had broken legs. The accident occurred as the second period closed and the game SIX ARMED MEN ROB. OFFICE OF HARVESTER CO. Secured $45,000 Payroll and Escaped in a Rain of Bullets. company payroll and escaped in The robbers surprised employes in the offices a 9 oclock nSsenger after an express had brought company's downtown offices. Each possible exit was blocked by the holdup men. who put the payroll Into large smashed a window thru which they escaped co their cair As the last man went thru the window, an auditor on the second floor seized a rifle and iired, but without effect, it is believed. Rewards totalling $4,000 were offered by the company. Police believe the holdup was an. "inside job." An employe and two' former employees were ar- COAST GUARD STEAMER BURNS Port Angles, Wash., Oct. IT. Wireless messages Intercepted by tho coast .guard cuter Snohomlss reported that tho tug Hope, amnil- Femdvk had leirnod in ilu w-uor-c etlre -ind ounlf Hie e-ew mnnl,, I Heavy fog htm - ovor the strait and all were asked to bo' on tho lookout. The Snohomiss set out at 10:10 p. BANK ROBBERS GOT $2,000; MISSED $15,000 Woodruff. Wis., Oct. IT. Approx imately 52.000 in currency and sil- as taken from the State Hank of Woodruff early today by bank-robbers who wore unable to' affect entrance to an Inner safe where nboot $15,000 was stored. It Is believed that the men, llvo In num. wero frightened away before their job was finished. j T''MannnnVeb iT"" aDd- Because of Railroads' In-new mnsler of'' ceremonies! ability to Move Them. l-Biy LAU?A KNICKERBOCKEF Moscow. o-c if '-- Ih'i ni po rcri Mot'-.'are proving a while elephant so- lot Kasha's hand.-, itoportt that then- will be lu.tMiii.Nuo urns grain for ox pun instead of Z Odu.i against the record Saturday high 1 oi i.uuu.uuu snares estaunsneu Aug. as high as l,7:i0.-)00 shares. No official ligures aro available. Break Due to Speculation. The break was not associated with anything in the day's news, but was regarded by experienced market observers as a natural sequel to the speculative excesses of the past week. Floor traders, usually quick to detect the turn in the market, discovered around the end of the ilrst hour that the buying power was showing signs of exhaustion. Out of the bedlam of noises on the 0' TZZ Truck" at whatever prices were offered. Dills were quickly lowered, but the Hood of selling could bo slaved as traders hammered 'one stock after another. Flash Break to Brokers. Word was quickly flashed from (he floor or the exchange to the brokerage houses that the market was crumbling, but this only added to the confusion because the ticker tapo was at least twenty minutes behind the market. Customers who bought or sold stocks market" learned later tin Hour executed one to four points away from the prices appearing on the tape when the or- until 12:30 p. m.. or half an hour after the market closed. Motors were the hardest hit, but NEW ROUTES FOR THE AIRMAIL Three Are to Be Established Soon from Chicago. Chicago, Oct. 17. With Chicago as the hub. three new airmail routes soon will be in operation, Postmaster General Harry S. New declared yesterday. "We shall advertise for bids to supply two of these on Nov. 21 and Dec. S," Mr. New said. "One of tho- contemplated routes would go south from Chicago to Birmingham, Ala., by way of Indianapolis and Louisville. Another would go from Chicago to Minneapolis and St. Paul and n third from Chicago to Detroit." , The definite date for the establishment of' tho service, lie said, had not yet been determined. Mr. New, In his address before the audit bureau of circulation convention declared that he was "well satisfied with the general conditions in, tho airmail," Coolidge Ready to Call Conference for Reducing Armies. EUROPEWOULDFAVORACT L Ready to Convoke Farley in Lase the fres ident Does Not. step in the evolti lion of worlt disarmament con ference or rather to be technically correct a confer ence to retl md limit the size jf standing armies and further limit tho use of. naval and air weapons. President Cool idge stands ready to call 'such a conference if the idea is approved by other powers. The League of Nations has prepared to call a conference, but there is little doubt that Europe would defer to the wishes of Mr. Coolidge if he eared to convoke the parley sooner than the one scheduled by the League of Desires Disarmament. The president has indicated Ids desire for reduction of armament in several speeches, but htjs always conditioned his promise on the making of a security pact between European nations which would make it possible for public opinion everywhere fo approve reduction In military expense with an assurance of safety. France has argued for a large army on two grounds: Germany's inclination to avoid payment of reparations, and the possibility of a German invasion when once France had disarmed." Now the Dawes plan has been set in operation answering the first objection and the Locarno conference at which France' and Germany have agreed ' on tho .neutrality of the Rhino zone and arbitration is an answer to the second objection. Economic Situation Great Question Most compelling ot all reasons, however, is- tho economic situation in France, where M. Caillattx, finance minister, is In the midst ot a crisis calling either for a levy of capital on the wealthy or Intenalvo taxation ot rich as well as' poor. If he could foreseo a material re- Continued "LO$T CONTINENT;' GREAT MASS OFll UNCHARTED LAND IN POLAR SEAS. IStyZB NO MYTH, SAYS COMMANDER BYRD ah, W,i.ea rioa. takes a piace leu ".m, :1RO :"tor I iei ' success were tan. l. J. fat. ":1ve R-v bassy staff retains his retains bis rank of , ; plomallc corps. ' TWO BROTHERS IN CAR KILLED; ! GIRL UNINJURED; oil into t remained right solo , ' J'"1 ft !Ml" Sl"lnp '"'e rtnr S1"' """""' somh portions, Illinois: Mostly cloudy Sunda: prohahlv showers bv night, sligh ly warmer; Monday generally f.-ii and colder. Weather for the Week, Washington. Oct. 17. Woallie J"l'"'k for tho week b.-ginuln Alonilay : ' I'her Mississippi ml Lone , J ..vjbimy ( WEATHER FORECASlSJj Iowa: Unsettled Sunday, possi-tily loc-il rains; .Monday partly doudyt colder Sunda 'In northwest lortion and at night in east ami occu'i women' t lately i em- i: He ! as predicted. Kamenev. ch; lfen.se !NAB LEADERS OF CRIMINAL BAND .'trilwtcil to the band bv the police Tho round up was eonrhlered ono the. most important. In many years. Other arrests are expected. RIGLEY. ConvriKlit. hy I nb Washington. Oct. IT -The "Lost Continent, a great mass or Ian rising from the uncharted areas c tho polar sea, Is not a myth but ' .v:'l aviation with tho MacMtllan ,i edition, just back from tho arc- tic, declared vesierdav. Uoth this 'mysterious land, never yet visited by man, and tho north polo some few hundred miles from it, can nnd will ho reached by airplane, lie said. . "Let me sit in the cockpit of an airplano circling T.000 feet above Cape Thomas Hubbard at the edge of tho polar sea on a clear arctic be able to sight this unknown 1 land," Commander Byrd said. i of showers at beginning anil again i ter mlddlo of tho week; tempera-jot turc mostly normal or above.

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